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Big Brother Spoilers: Final HOH Results Revealed!

Big Brother aired its usual pre-finale clip show Sunday night, meaning fans were left in the dark over who won the first two rounds of the final HOH competition. 

Thankfully, both rounds played out on the live feeds ahead of the episode, meaning we know who won which competition, and the plan for the live finale. 

Big Brother's Final Three

Ahead of the first heat of the competition, Tyler and Kaycee chatted about possible scenarios, and Kaycee admitted that she sucked at the mental competitions. 

Tyler said that he liked his chances against JC in one so he would drop out of the endurance competition to allow Kaycee to beat out JC and himself. 

However, when it came to the actual competition, JC dropped out first, leaving Tyler and Kaycee. That's when Kaycee made a signal for Tyler to drop. 

He ignored it and ultimately won the competition. His fellow ally quizzed him following the conclusion of the competition. 

Tyler Crispen

Tyler's response?

“I was going to wait for a jolt [from the comp] and then act like I slipped,� he explained of his decision to keep holding on. 

“As soon as [JC] fell, my arms were like Jell-O,� Kaycee said in response of her decision to drop out. 

While Kaycee wondered why Tyler would act like that, she still trusted him because he was loyal to her all summer long.  

“Without a doubt, I have got this next one,� Kaycee said. “We could not have him win that one.�

It's certainly alarming that Tyler didn't trust Kaycee enough to drop when he said he would. There's every reason to believe he was worried she wouldn't follow through with her end of the deal. 

Kaycee Clark

When Saturday rolled around, Kaycee and JC went head-to-head, but who won?

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Kaycee owned the competition. 

JC is not a force on the competition front, and he won just one competition the whole summer. 

This means that Kaycee and Tyler will compete against each other in the live finale on Wednesday night. 

Both have been vocal about wanting to be the final two, but it will all depend on whether they actually want to win. 

JC Monduix

A case can be made for either of the two to win. But either one of them could win against JC, so they would be wise to consider that. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Who do you want to win?

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Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction & HOH Results Leaked!

With all of the drama going on with Julie Chen stepping away from The Talk, many have wondered whether she's about to be evicted from Big Brother. 

While we still don't know whether the show will even exist at this point next year, there is still a game to be played, and Wednesday's special episode will feature a Power of Veto, an eviction, an HOH competition, and a nominations ceremony. 

Julie Chen Hosts Big Brother

Thanks to reliable Big Brother Spoilers guru, REALvegas4sure, we know what will go down in the episode, and we're about to discuss it all. 

If you want to be surprised when you watch the episode, you should probably exit this page. 

When Sunday's episode concluded, Sam and JC were on the block, and Sam was the target. We already told you that Kaycee went on to win the Power of Veto competition, her fourth time winning that competition. 

As expected, she opted to keep the nominations the same, meaning Sam and JC were left on the block for eviction. 

Angela was vocal about wanting Sam out of the house on Sunday's episode, and she got her wish:

Sam has been evicted!

Sam Bledsoe

But who went on to win the next HOH competition?

That's where things get super exciting. JC has been good at the manipulation side of things, but as far as competitions go, he's struggled to compete. 

That all changed with one of the most crucial competitions of the summer. Tyler, Kaycee, and JC played, and JC secured the win!

It's a shocker, for sure because it means that the others will be split up ahead of the final three. JC knew he had to make a big move, so he went with putting Tyler and Angela on the block. 

This likely means that he's trying to pull Kaycee over to his side by saying that Tyler and Angela are in a showmance and will only look out for each other.

Angela Rummans Promotes Big Brother

The power to evict this round will go to the winner of the POV. Will Kaycee win for the fifth time and have to choose which of her allies to take out, or will one of the allies win?

We have no idea, but all of that will play out on Thursday's episode. 

What are your thoughts on these spoilers?

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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Will Angela Send Home?

We're down to the final five houseguests on Big Brother Season 20. 

Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Sam, and JC have defied the odds and made it to the final weeks of the game. 

But who is being evicted in fifth place, just one week ahead of the season finale? 

Angela Rummans Promotes Big Brother

Angela secured the HOH win, and that meant Level Six had the power to control the result of yet another eviction.

This was a crucial HOH to win because JC was planning on targeting Angela and Kaycee, so it would have been fun to watch whether he actually managed to pull it off. 

Angela wasted no time in nominating Sam and JC for eviction. She admitted that she got a lot of blood on her hands and that there was no way the jury would vote for her to win against either of them. 

It made sense, but there was still a veto to play. That played out on Saturday, and Kaycee managed to win. 

With that, it matched Kaycee's fourth veto win of the summer. It's no easy feat, but Kaycee definitely started playing the second half of the game. 

Kaycee Clark

With her win, it meant that Level Six also had control of the nominations for the week. Simply put, the majority alliance has been steamrolling the competition all summer. 

That does not look set to change before finale night. 

As things stand now, Angela wants to send Sam out of the house, and Tyler and Kaycee seem to be on board with that. 

There was a bit of pushback from Tyler because he wanted JC gone over the way he reacted to Brett's exit. 

Tyler has been playing everyone in the house, offering up final two deals like they're going out of fashion, and JC is on to him. 

Sam Bledsoe

The feeds will likely go down on Tuesday as the special Wednesday eviction is filmed, but we're looking at a 2-0 vote to evict Sam unless anything changes. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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Big Brother Spoilers: Did Faysal or Haleigh Escape the Block?

Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher will go down as one of Big Brother's worst showmances. 

It's been very one-sided, and that's because Haleigh thought that getting into a relationship with a man she's known for weeks was absurd. 

For Faysal, he treats Haleigh like they're a married couple. It's made for some awkward moments on the live feeds because CBS tends to cut most of the action out. 

Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher on Big Brother

As Sunday's episode of Big Brother concluded, the duo realized that they were actually big targets in the house. Well, Haleigh already figured as much, but Faysal naively assumed they were safe. 

With Angela as Head of Household, she admitted to the duo that she could not make a deal that holds weight with two people who never wanted to work with her before. 

It makes sense. Angela has been so closely tied to her allies all summer long that it would be difficult for her to work with anyone else. 

The veto played out on Saturday, and with the whole house against Faleigh, the chances of either of them winning the veto were pretty dire. 

Kaycee Clark

Kaycee managed to secure the veto win, and given that she is part of the Level Six alliance, she was not going to entertain any deals with the couple. 

Despite pleas, Kaycee opted to keep the nominations the same, meaning that one of them will be leaving the house on Thursday night. 

All hope is not lost for the couple. Thursday's evictee will face off against Bayliegh, Rockstar, and Scottie in a battle to get back into the house for a second chance at the game. 

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the couple was split up, only to get back together after the battle back? 

Haleigh Broucher

It would make for a fun few days on the feeds, especially if there were a safety power thrown in for one of them.

The best bet would be to send Haleigh out because she's proven that she's one of the better competitors and has known about the alliance working against her for a while. 

Faysal cannot make a decision when he's in power, so it would be silly to assume he would change things up now. 

He sent his own ally home on his HOH, so we think it goes without saying that he's a few tomatoes short of a salad. 

Faysal Shafaat

What are your thoughts on the latest spoilers?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.

Big Brother Spoilers: Faysal Makes Another Dumb Move!

It wouldn't be a round of Big Brother spoilers without some major shade being hurled at the alliance that goes by the name of The Hive. 

The alliance, consisting of Faysal Shafaat, Haleigh Broucher, and Scottie Salton had the opportunity to change the game a few weeks back when they had more allies. 

Faysal Shafaat

On Sunday's episode, we learned that Faysal put his own ally, Scottie on the block next to Brett Robinson. It was a ludicrous move and one that solidified the fact that he does not have a handle in the game. 

It's becoming increasingly obvious that Faysal is playing for Haleigh's heart as opposed to the $500,000 prize. 

The moment JC Mounduix conspired with Level Six to get Faysal to put Scottie on the block, it seemed like the plan was never going to work. 

Then again, we've clearly been giving Faysal more credit than he deserves because his ridiculous decisions continued into the weekend. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

Haleigh, Tyler, and Angela were picked to play in the veto competition, which played out on Saturday and featured the return of Zingbot. 

Let's hope the robot managed to make enough quips at The Hive to make them realize they needed to switch things up or they were going to be extinct. 

Brett managed to secure the win in the competition, but it came with a major caveat: If he was to come down, he ran the risk of one of his allies going on the block. 

But that was okay, Level Six along with Sam and JC could vote however if they wanted this week so long as one of them did not wind up on the block. 

Sam Bledsoe

Sam immediately got scheming, proving once again that she can play the game when she wants to. We're still expecting her to reveal at the end that she's been strategizing all summer long. 

In any case, she told Faysal that he should target Haleigh for eviction. This immediately made it seem like Sam was against The Hive alliance. 

One would think that it would then be enough to get Sam on the block, and even Haleigh was happy about the prospect of that. 

Tyler, as usual, swam under the radar when Faysal should have taken his chance to get the competition beast up and out of the house. 

Kaycee Clark

When Monday rolled around, it seemed like Sam was going on the block, but Kaycee was revealed to be the replacement nominee after Brett took himself off the block. 

The Hive could have stayed competitive if Fessy just put two Level Sixers up from the get-go. Instead, they're losing another one of their own. 

Scottie is definitely going home on Thursday. Haleigh will likely be the only vote to keep him in the house, and next week will likely find both Haleigh and Faysal on the block. 

At this point, Level Six should all be declared winners. They're killing it!

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS!

Big Brother Recap: Who Did The Hacker Nominate?

The Big Brother house was rocked by the hacker twist last week, but did it have the same effect Sunday night? 

When the latest episode kicked off, Sam Bledsoe was storming around the house, complaining that people were making fun of her behind her back. 

She turned to the new HOH, Haleigh who was happy to tell her Angela was reminding her that Sam put her on the block and the reasons for it. 

Angela Rummans Smiles

While Haleigh teased in a diary room session that she was putting Angela up, the comment had an adverse effect on Sam. 

Sam started yelling that she was done with the game and that everyone in the house was psychos. She then threatened violence. 

Poor Haleigh had no idea what to do, but she handled the delicate situation like a champ. As for Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela, well, they admitted they were done with Sam. 

Sam threw a vote at Bayliegh on Thursday and was being off with Tyler aka the closest person to her. We quickly learned that Tyler told her about his power ahead of the eviction and she was so mad about it she claimed that he was lying. 

Sam Bledsoe

Yes, it sure seems like the ship has sailed on their friendship, and it wouldn't be a bad thing if Tyler and his allies managed to get her out of the house. 

As we headed into the nominations ceremony, Tyler flat out asked Hayleigh to put him on the block after the veto, and she laughed about it in the Diary Room. 

She thought Tyler was blowing up his own game. In reality, he was making sure he still had his cloud power app to use for later in the week. 

Haleigh nominated Angela and Kaycee for eviction, and there was immediate unrest in the house because the hacker competition was just around the corner. 

Haleigh Broucher

The winner of the competition had the ability to change a nomination, pick a veto player and cancel one eviction vote. 

Kaycee realized there was a fire under her butt and secured a win. This made Angela, Brett, and Tyler very happy because it meant they only needed to win veto to keep Level Six safe for the week. 

Haleigh worried because it meant her nominations could be rendered useless and one of her allies could go home under her HOH reign. 

Her fears were seemingly confirmed when Rockstar replaced Kaycee on the block. We might as well call her Blockstar at this stage. 

Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

At least, that's what Sam was calling her immediately after he nomination. Rockstar, however, complained in the Diary Room that nobody is here to play the game if they keep throwing her up. 

It was a hilarious moment, but also made us question whether Rockstar knew what she was doing. She's won nothing and been nothing more than a vote for much of the season. 

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Sound off below!

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Got Blindsided?

Bayliegh Dayton's power app has been the topic of the conversation in the Big Brother house ever since Brett Robinson threw her under the bus for it during Thursday's live eviction. 

The power in question allows Bayliegh to hijack the nominations, and put two people of her choosing on the block at the nominations ceremony. 

The major caveat with the power is that she has to use the power before the reigning HOH announces their own batch of nominees. 

Big Brother 20 Cast Poses

Bayliegh was quick to turn to Angela Rummans, who is the HOH for this week, to tell her that she will not use her power because she knows that she is safe. 

But Angela is working with Tyler Crispen, Brett, Kaycee Clark and Sam Bledsoe, and knows fine well that Bayliegh and her power is a huge threat. 

With the hacker twist being thrown in, and Tyler being thrown on the block, Angela was quick to float the idea that Bayliegh was the hacker and wanted to mess up the game. 

At the veto competition, Angela slid into victory, meaning she actually got to have all the power for her HOH reign. 

Angela Rummans Smiles

She tried her best to keep Bayliegh under the assumption that she was not putting her up as the backdoor target. 

Bayliegh wanted Scottie Salton put up on the block because she claimed he was untrustworthy. However, unbeknownst to Bayliegh, Tyler and Angela told Scottie everything Bayliegh and her side of the house said about Scottie. 

Angela even cut a deal with him to keep him free from the block if he votes with Level 6 and keeps her safe if he's in power next week. 

Scottie was happy to do so, and Angela blindsided Bayliegh by removing Tyler from the block and putting the flight attendant up in his place. 

Bayleigh Dayton Is Not Amused

In the immediate aftermath, Angela locked herself in the HOH room, and Bayliegh rushed up to find out why she was lied to. 

Angela kept the door locked and yelled through that she did not want to talk to her. A frustrated Bayliegh made her way downstairs to pack her belongings and complained that Angela thinking her being the hacker was ridiculous. 

FYI: Bayliegh had no idea that Haleigh was the one who won the hacker competition. 

Bayliegh then turned her attention to Rockstar, saying that helping her get off the block was the reason for her being on the block or something. 

Bayleigh Dayton on Big Brother

Kaycee struggled to keep it together because she felt bad about the way things went down with Bayliegh. Kaycee walked around the house crying, and Bayliegh ultimately lets her know she was not mad at her. 

Tyler was then cornered by Bayliegh, who said: “I swear I’m not that Hacker and it was ever my plan to backdoor you.”

In all honesty, Bayliegh is playing the innocent card when viewers (and the other houseguests, for that matter) know she was scheming to get her own way. 

Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh still has the power to eliminate one of the votes, but Level Six will still have the majority and Bayliegh will be heading out the door on Thursday. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

Hit the comments below!

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Getting Evicted?

It's been a terrible few weeks for the Level Six alliance on Big Brother. 

The loss of Winston Hines dealt a big blow to the alliance two weeks ago, and they will be losing another ally on tonight's eviction episode. 

We started the week off with Rachel Swindler and Brett Robinson still on the block after Tyler decided against using the veto on either of the nominees. 

Brett Robinson

Despite Tyler being aligned with them, he knew all about Bayliegh's Power App that allows her to steal the identity of an HOH, and that was not a chance he was willing to take. 

He worried that Bayliegh would target him next week for eviction with her power. To be fair, she probably would go that route because she feels like she and Tyler are good friends in the house. 

The main issue with Rachel being on the block is that she's become an emotional mess. It's sad, but this is a social experiment, and she's been someone who held it together well until this week. 

Bayliegh, Faysal, Haleigh, Scottie, and Rockstar want Brett gone, but with Bayliegh unable to vote, it's likely that this vote is going to be super close. 

Bayleigh Dayton

The reason?

Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Sam, and JC are planning to send Rachel out the door to keep Brett in the game. JC wants to pin the vote on Scottie, so Bayliegh takes pity on him and sends Scottie out with her power. 

That means the vote will likely be 5-4 to evict Rachel. The positive for Tyler and his puppets is that it will rattle the Foutte alliance before the next HOH competition. 

The competition sounds like it's going to be the "Before or After" one because the houseguests have been studying the days and timing of events. 

Rachel Swindler

Okay, so Rachel is likely heading out the door Thursday night. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH? Did Rockstar Get Revenge?

Last night's episode of Big Brother sent Winston Hines out the door, but before we got to that Brett Robinson made up a lie that Angie "Rockstar" Langtry offered to keep him safe at the eviction. 

It set off a huge argument between the pair just as Winston was walking out the door.

The reason for that was Brett's lie, coupled with the fact that the votes did not go the way Faysal, Kaitlyn, and Bayley expected, it looked like Rockstar had gone rogue. 

In reality, Brett pulled off the trick to conceal Tyler's true vote (to keep Brett), and it successfully caused a whole lot of drama. 

Big Brother Endurance Competition

The Head of Household competition played out live on the feeds, and it featured the houseguests holding on to a tree for dear life as they were hit with terrible weather, honey, and other crazy things. 

Angie dropped first and burst into tears as Scottie comforted her. She then sat down, and wished good luck to "everyone but Brett."

Brett fell not long after, and Angie acted like a kid at an ice cream store. She cheered and essentially said, "In your face, bish."

We kid about the last part, but you get what we mean. 

Sam Bledsoe

In the end, Sam emerged as the winner, meaning she is safe for the week. This is good news for Tyler because he's generally the one pulling strings and Sam is his ride or die. 

After the competition, there was paranoia around the house as Kaitlyn, Faysal and Bayliegh wondered what happened with the votes. 

Kaitlyn then proceeded to through Angie under the bus, saying that she believes she flipped and that they should target her for eviction. 

However, Faysal and Bayliegh wondered whether Kaitlyn was the one to flip and was trying to conceal it. Haleigh offered up a theory: 

Kaitlyn Herman - Big Brother Season 20

What if Sam had the power to flip two votes?

We can confirm, that was not the case, but what happened after Haleigh floated that idea will go down as one of the funniest moments on the feeds thus far. 

Kaitlyn claimed that her intuition told her that was the case. Yet, it was Haleigh that said it mere moments before. 

Will Kaitlyn ever give credit where credit's due?

As for the nominations, Sam revealed that she has two people in mind, but she's keeping it well under wraps. 

Tyler Crispen

Okay then. That's not so good for live feeders, but whatever, we're sure she'll open up to Tyler over the weekend. 

What are your thoughts on the latest round of spoilers?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS!

Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Results & Target Revealed!

Scottie Salton being crowned the third Head of Household on Big Brother Season 20 was always going to make for some uncertainty. 

He's never been tied to an alliance. Instead, he's coasted along the middle of the house and has lied to everyone about the way he's voting. 

When Sunday's episode concluded, Scottie nominated both Brett and Winston for eviction after he realized that they were both lying about voting against Steve in week one. 

Winston Hines

The Level 6 alliance immediately turned their attention to the Veto with the aim of keeping their group intact for a while longer. 

Scottie, Winston, Brett, Rockstar, Tyler, and Rachel competed for the Veto on Saturday. Before the competition kicked off, Scottie was vocal that if anyone took either of the men down, he would put up the closest ally of the person who won Veto. 

Luckily for Scottie, the competition went in his favor, and he secured the coveted Veto medal. This only made the Level 6 alliance worry, and they got to work trying to throw Kaitlin under the bus as the ceremony loomed. 

But Scottie confirmed he would not be replacing a nominee and that the bros would remain on the block through to Thursday night's eviction. 

Scottie Salton

The conversation quickly turned to Sam's power and whether she would be using it to save Winston or Brett on Thursday. If it's not used this week, it will automatically be used next week. 

Sam has been a wildcard, so there's no telling what she has planned, but some of the other houseguests think the producers are trying to get her to use it. 

The power chatter has also paved the way for Kaitlyn's game to unravel. Her former allies wanted to get some intel on why she sided with Tyler to take Swaggy C out of the game. 

Kaitlyn lied, saying that Sam's power sketched her out because she could use it to get someone evicted who is not on the block. 

Kaitlyn Herman

Bayliegh took that to Sam, who laughed the claims off. Sam reiterated that the power would benefit her or someone of her choosing, but stopped short of telling her when the power expired. 

With everyone starting to figure out that Kaitlyn is a serial liar, it's becoming clear that she will be targeted in the coming weeks. 

What do you think of the latest round of spoilers?

Who would you like to depart the game this week? Should Sam use the power?

Hit the comments. 

Big Brother Recap: Who Did Scottie Nominate for Eviction?

Going into week three of Big Brother Season 20, we have distinct divisions in the house. 

The first two evictions have been split, and with Scottie as the HOH, it was always going to be interesting to see which side of the house he picked. 

When Sunday's episode kicked off, nobody was mad about Swaggy C's demise. In fact, everyone was mad about a stray vote that meant Faysal, Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Kaitlin were all worrying about what was happening. 

Scottie Salton

Scottie decided to switch things up on Thursday by casting a vote to evict Swaggy, and he denied it, meaning that everyone in that side of the house wondered where the vote came from. 

Haleigh has not been featured much in the episodes because she's not exactly been playing the game. She's trying to coast through the first few weeks before winning anything. 

While we don't know if she has the capacity of winning anything, we do know that America is not impressed with her lack of gameplay. She was gifted with an app, but not of the power variety. 

Haleigh Broucher

It meant she had to read a novel to her fellow houseguests on-demand. Oh yes, Big Brother is not messing around this season. 

As for the Power App, Bayleigh was the lucky victor and won an app that allowed her to steal the HOH's identity in the first half of the game to nominate two people. 

This was music to her ears, and she quickly checked in with Scottie to make sure she was not a target. Thus, she decided to keep her power close to her chest. 

Scottie admitted off the bat that he wanted to take down Winston and Brett because he felt they were both lying to him about who they voted out in week one. 

Winston Hines - Big Brother Season 20

Winson's game imploded when Sam told Scottie she knew for a fact that Winston voted to keep her and not Steve. Brett tried to turn the tide back in their direction by offering him everything under the sun. 

But it was all for nothing as Scottie put Brett and Winston on the block for eviction. The only thing that could save one of them is the veto or if Sam uses her power to keep Level 6 intact for another week. 

Sam finally told Kaycee and Tyler all about the power, saying that she had no idea whether she wanted to save the boys or keep it until next week when it will automatically be used on whoever is sent out of the house. 

Sam Bledsoe

Things are getting interesting after a slow start to the season. The Level 6 alliance is dominating the game, and everyone else knows it. With Bayliegh having a power, she can help shake up the game. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest developments?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 

Big Brother Spoilers: And the Replacement Nominee Is…

It's not very often a plan comes to fruition in the Big Brother house, but it seems like Kaitlyn Herman's scheming with Tyler Crispen could spell the end of a big target's game this week. 

Kaitlyn was originally in an alliance that included Swaggy C, but she quickly changed focus when Tyler told her all about Sam's secret power and that they could use it to their advantage. 

Big Brother Week Two Nominations

That's why Kaitlyn was the swing vote to send Steve out of the house, keeping Sam and her power in the game for another week. 

Kaitlyn is part of the FOUTE alliance which includes Swaggy, Bayliegh, Faysal, Rockstar, and Haleigh. In the immediate eviction aftermath, everyone in the alliance tried to figure out which of them flipped the vote. 

Kaitlyn was lucky in that she won the HOH competition because her name was coming up several times, and she ultimately opened up about her decision. 

Kaitlyn Herman - Big Brother Season 20

She told select houseguests that she was ready to take out Winston, while she told others that Swaggy was her target. Despite this, it was not really clear what she was really planning to do. 

When Saturday rolled around in the Big Brother house, Scottie and Winston were sitting pretty on the block. 

The two nominees, Kaitlyn, Faysal, Rachel, and Tyler competed in the Veto competition. The feeds were off four hours as the competition took place, but when they returned we learned that Tyler emerged with the win. 

Kaitlyn was dead set on her plan, but she wanted to keep Winston on the block alongside Swaggy. This rubbed the Level Six alliance the wrong way, but they ultimately decided to allow her to do what she wanted. 

As such, the Veto ceremony took place on Monday and Swaggy replaced Scott on the block. The most surprising thing about this is that Swaggy wound up on the block. 

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

In past seasons, the houseguests have struggled to execute plans because the target usually pulls out a win that allows them to stay in the game. 

While the Foute alliance was shocked to the core by the news, Swaggy maintained that he had four days to try and turn the tide back in his favor to take Winston out of the game. 

Will Winston or Swaggy be sent packing on Thursday night? 

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother Recap: Who’s Going Home?

Less is more in the Big Brother house, and Sam Bledsoe realized that on the latest episode of the hit CBS reality series. 

If you've been keeping up to speed with all the latest events, you know that Sam has been ruffling a lot of feathers in the house. 

The reason for that is that she's paranoid she's being sent out of the game. However, she was given the secret power to give her the chance to return to the game, and it made her realize that she could build bridges and craft a good game out of her time in the house. 

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

She wasted no time in letting Tyler know that she was still his friend despite him being the one to put her on the block. She extended the olive branch by opening up about her power to Tyler. 

The good thing about her strategy was that she never went into detail about the power. Instead, she left a lot out so that she knows Tyler cannot go running his mouth about it. 

Elsewhere, Swaggy C continued to try and distance himself from Bayliegh, and he got on the wrong side of her when he suggested they should stay apart. All of this happened after he told her about Tyler saying she could be the replacement nominee. 

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

Oh yes, the drama is ramping up!

Bayliegh cried her way through the rest of the episode because she felt like she was being iced out. To be fair, she came into the game and played too hard from the get-go. 

But Swaggy said he would keep her safe, and he wanted to do his best to win the veto competition to keep the nominations the same. In the competition, Sam garnered an early victory, but it ultimately came down to Faysal and Tyler. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

Faysal took the win, and reiterated his stance that he wanted to keep the nominations the same. He and his allies were gunning for Angela, but the moment Bayliegh's name was thrown out as a replacement, they seemed to settle. 

While Faysal may have been winning competitions, he was not winning over the viewers. He was the least trending houseguest, and that meant he had to get "Hamazon deliveries" that meant he had to eat meat on demand. 

It was ridiculous, but at least it did not ruin his chance to win the veto. 

Sam Bledsoe

Going into Thursday's eviction episode, it will be a close call in the voting department whether Sam or Steve are evicted. Steve is tedious because he thinks that everyone will keep him safe, while Sam is a bit all over the place. 

Alas, we will find out how it all plays out on Thursday night. 

Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Results Revealed as HOH Sets Target for Eviction

As we enter week two of Big Brother Season 20, it's becoming clearer than ever that the house is divided. 

On one side of the house, we have Winston, Angela, Rachel, Tyler Kaycee, and Brett. On the other, we have Kaitlin, Haleigh, Bayliegh, Swaggy, Faysal, and Rockstar. 

There are players in the middle who are not doing much to benefit their games, but the most prominent are Sam and Steve aka the two nominees for the week. 

Steve Arienta - Big Brother Season 20

After Tyler nominated Sam and Steve for eviction, Faysal and Swaggy got to work on Tyler to try and get one of the bigger players out of the house so that the week was not a wasted HOH. 

Tyler was clear about his intention to keep the nominations the same, and that complicated things somewhat when it came to the veto competition, which was played on Saturday. 

Sam, Tyler, Faysal, Scottie Swaggy C, and Steve competed in the first veto of the summer, while JC got to present. The feeds went down for over three hours, and we learned that Faysal scored a victory. 

Faysal Shafaat - Big Brother Season 20

Things continued to get heated between him and Tyler because Tyler claimed that there was no way he would allow one of his nominees to be removed from the block. 

Faysal wanted to save Steve so that his side of the house would have another vote, but Tyler shut it down when he said that Bayliegh would go up in his place and out the door. 

That's why when it came to the veto ceremony, both Sam and Steve remained on the block, meaning one of them will exit the Big Brother house on Thursday. 

Robo Sam on Big Brother

The Level Six alliance are voting to keep Sam, but they still need a vote from the other side. There's a lot of time for scheming between now and Thursday, but plans do change in the house in a heartbeat. 

The good thing for Sam is that she has a bonus life and will walk back in those doors the moment she's evicted and will live to fight another week. Tyler is in the know about the power but wants Sam to keep it for further down the line. 

The reason? She can use it on any of the first three evicted houseguests. It's a game-changing twist for sure, and one that could get her in good graces with some of the others in the house.

Winston Hines - Big Brother Season 20

There's a genuine possibility that Sam gets to keep her power this week and save herself another week if the Level Sixers continue the scheming. 

What are your thoughts on these latest spoilers? Would it be a wise move for Sam not to use her power this week?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.  

Big Brother Recap: Two Alliances Form as a Romance Hits the Rocks

Big Brother is slowly picking up the pace, but there are still some big issues with this new season. 

The casting is way off, with several unlikable players. There are a few that genuinely seem like they are there to win and that's problematic. 

We picked up moments after current Head of Household; Tyler nominated both Sam and Steve for eviction in week one. 

Sam Bledsoe Wins Some Power

Tyler was a bit too emotional about making the decision, but we quickly learned this was all part of his elaborate plan to lay low. The good thing about Tyler is that he knows how the game is played. 

Sam was mad that Tyler put her on the block after she opened up to him about being on the outs with everyone. Like Tyler, Sam was playing the long con and making people think she was upset. 

While that was all going down, Kaycee was struggling to come to terms with her punishment. It was ruining her social game because the producers were mostly able to keep her in one room for as long as they wanted. 

The good news for her is that she's part of the Level Six alliance which also includes Winston, Tyler, Brett, Angela, and Rachel. Together, they will be able to dominate the game. 

Tyler Crispen

But all of that depends on whether they can remain loyal to each other. Big alliances always have a weak link who gets too paranoid about the hierarchy of the alliance and ultimately wind up spilling the beans to everyone else. 

For Tyler, this alliance was golden because he knew it was filled with competitors who could keep him safe in week two after his HOH reign comes to a close. 

Then there was Swaggy C and Bayliegh who seem poised to be hot and cold all summer long. Showmances are a big no-no in the Big Brother house because it means you're playing the game as a pair. 

Swaggy is concerned that Bayliegh is a distraction from him, and he has a point. But then again, Bayliegh is the only one who knows how to keep him quiet when he's shouting the odds at everyone in the house. 

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

Swaggy's issue, however, seems to be that he's as dumb as a bag of rocks. He wants to get the floaters out of the game early on, and that's silly. The floaters are the most impressionable players in the game. 

They can be swing votes further in the game. Despite this, Swaggy wants to use his "brains" to form an alliance. 

As we previously reported in our Big Brother Spoilers, Faisyal won the "Hamazon" power in the Big Brother App Store, meaning he was given ham on an almost minutely basis. 

But due to his religion, he was given a substitute. Sam emerged with the bonus life power which allowed her a shot at returning to the game if she was eliminated in the first three evictions. 

Sam Bledsoe

She is also allowed to pass on the power. It does, however, come with a huge caveat: If she does not use it in the first three evictions, the fourth eliminated houseguest is automatically handed it. 

Okay then. 

What did you think of all the latest twists and turns?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 

Big Brother Spoilers: First Showmance, Viewer Vote Winner Revealed!

Big Brother Season 20 has gotten off to a rather lackluster start. 

With a bunch of new twists thrown in, the show is starting to feel like Big Gimmick instead of the show waste so many hours every summer watching when we should probably be doing other things that are way more productive. 

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

Julie Chen confirmed on Wednesday's launch show that viewers would be able to influence the game more than ever this time around. 

Viewers are allowed to vote to give specific houseguests a good power or a dangerous power. Thanks to the lid being lifted on the live feeds on Thursday night, the game is starting to take shape. 

We learned that Faysal Shafaat received “Hamazon Delivery” app, and that's by no means a good thing. He was gifted with a game-changing twist, and it could come at the expense of his tenure inside the house. 

Faysal Shafaat

The more troubling thing here is that Faysal barely got a moment on-screen in the two episodes that have aired so far, so it probably means the others have come across better. 

Will we get to see another side to him on the live feeds? Quite possibly. 

In any case, he is being force-fed meat boxes that are being delivered at a quick pace. It was originally supposed to be ham, but it was swapped out with vegan ham because of his religion. 

We are still awaiting confirmation on which houseguest won the extra dose of power this week, but based on fan reaction; it sounds like Sam could be the lucky victor. 

Sam Bledsoe

Ever since entering the game, she has been at a big disadvantage. She lost out in the first competition and was turned into a robot. This means that she is taken out of the house at times, and the houseguests can only communicate with her via a robot. 

This appeared to hurt her game Thursday night when the first HOH competition found the houseguests trying to throw her out of the competition by filling her tank with balls. 

In the end, Tyler emerged as the winner. He had a conversation with Sam and understood that she was having a tough time of it in the house. 

However, he rewarded her by throwing her up on the block alongside Steve, so there's that. If one thing is becoming clear, it's that there is no loyalty in the Big Brother house. 

Bayleigh Dayton

As for the first showmance, that comes in the form of Chris "Swaggy C" Williams and Bayleigh Dayton. Bayliegh was the one who talked Swaggy (yes, the name is ridiculous!) down from his high horse after winning one of the first competitions. 

On Thursday night, the pair were flirting like crazy on the live feeds. Hell, at one point, Bayliegh even said that Swaggy would look good under her tree at Christmas. 

It's risky getting that close to someone in the house so soon in the game, but we're sure we will find out whether they have any lasting potential in the coming weeks. 

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

Okay, Big Brother fans!

We have the veto competition coming up, as well as the winner of good app. 

What are your thoughts on the first round of spoilers?

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