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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Won?

We reached the conclusion of Celebrity Big Brother Season 1 last night, but which celebrity secured the win?

After a season that found much of the houseguests against one another, only one person could win. 

We picked up with the penultimate Head of Household competition, and you could tell Ross knew he needed to win. 

Julie Chen Crowns a Winner

Omarosa wanted him out of the house, and it was coming down to who would strike first. 

With that, Ross continued to be relentless and secured the HOH win. Omarosa knew she was the target, so she tried to fight to get the target put on someone else. 

However, Ross won the veto, and it effectively sealed Omarosa's fate. Ross had promised Ariadna that he would not send her packing at this stage of the game. 

He also had a deal with Mark that he would not put him on the block. That meant Marissa would have to be the other person if Ross did not win. 

Omarosa Is Fierce

Could anyone really imagine Ross turning on Marissa at this stage of the game? Not really. 

As such, Ross kept the nominations the same, and Omarosa was evicted by a vote of 2-0. 

Yes, Lady O departed the game in fifth place, but that gave her a lot of pull with the jury as she went on a mission to make sure Ross did not win the game. 

We then made our way to the final HOH competition of the season, and it gave the lucky victor the most important power yet: Instantly evicting two houseguests to leave us with our final two. 

Celebrity Big Brother F4 HOH Results:

  • Round 1: Marissa gets a point
  • Round 2: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 4: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 5: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 6: Mark & Ross get a point
  • Round 7: The Final HOH is Marissa!
Marissa Winokur

It was a shocker for sure because Marissa has been speaking of winning competitions all season long, but she never really managed to secure a win. 

Until now. 

Marissa stuck to her guns and took Ross with her to the Final Two. That meant Ari and Mark were let go from the game. 

The Jury Votes:

  • Mark votes: Ross
  • Ari votes: Marissa
  • Omarosa votes: Marissa
  • James votes: Marissa
  • Brandi votes: Ross
  • Metta votes: Ross
  • Shannon votes: Marissa
  • Keshia votes: Marissa
  • Chuck votes: Marissa 

That meant Marissa was the winner of Celebrity Big Brother Season 1!

Marissa Jaret Winokur Before Photo

Yes, it was a bizarre turnout and showed that there was a bitter jury at play. Ross played the better game, but he cut too many people close to him and let them go out on bad terms. 

Elsewhere, Ross won America's Favorite Houseguest. 

What did you think of the result?

Sound off below. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Made Final 5?

Double eviction nights are among some of the best in Big Brother history, and Friday's episode which sent two celebrities back to the outside world was not short on the drama. 

Julie Chen Evicts Two Celebrities

When the episode got underway, Brandi was quick to make her feelings known about Ross making too many alliances in the house because. 

Brandi reasoned that she and Ari were faithful until the end with Marissa and Ross. 

“It’s beginning to feel like there’s no loyalty here,” Brandi said as she contemplated the genuine possibility that she was departing the house next. 

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

Just when it seemed like things were going to go her way, Brandi opened her mouth and caused yet another argument between the whole house. 

“I’m excited to send you home because you’ve treated me with more rudeness than anyone else here,” James yelled at Brandi, fully aware that he was kicking her while she was down. 

That's when Brandi opened up about saving the former Big Time Rush star twice, and well, he was not having any of it. Brandi has been rude to James since the first night. 

Brandi Cleavage

Her hatred towards him has been bizarre, and the pair have been at odds ever since. Brandi did admit that James was too cocky, and if anyone has witnessed his DR sessions, that may not be far from the truth. 

Brandi's game imploded further when she turned on Marissa. Brandi's paranoia was right on the money because her former ally had turned on her. 

“Brandi went so crazy, there’s no saving her now,” Marissa said to the audience when she decided it was time to move on from the alliance. 

Omarosa Is Fierce

When it came to the veto competition, Omarosa decided to throw it because she felt like she was safe from the block for the week. 

That allowed Ariadna to take the win, and remove herself from the block. Marissa was thrown up in her place in order to have the votes to take Brandi out. 

“I’m 90 percent sure my experience in the Big Brother house is over,” Brandi said in the aftermath of the competition. 

Brandi was the first houseguest of the night evicted, and James gave her a nasty goodbye message. Brandi was in good spirits and said that she had made a nastier one for James. 

James Maslow Is Cool

Sadly, we never got to lay eyes on it. 

During the live Head of Household competition, Omarosa secured the upper hand and chose to nominate Ross and Marissa for eviction. 

Ross managed to win the veto competition and took himself off the block. Yes, it looks like Omarosa is going to have to try harder to get him out. 

In a shocking turn of events, James was put up on the block, and he was mad. He was sent out of the house right after Brandi. 

James Maslow Poses

Julie dropped the bomb on the houseguests that the final Head of Household would be allowed to evict two houseguests instantly. 

Let the scheming begin!

What did you think of the two-hour extravaganza?

Celebrity Big Brother concludes Sunday on CBS!

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: An Unlikely Victory

Did anyone ever tell Brandi Glanville that she needs to keep her mouth shut if she wants to make it far in Celebrity Big Brother?

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star continued to turn her mouth on the latest episode of the CBS hit, and it may have cost her the $250,000 grand prize. 

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

When the episode kicked off, we learned that Metta wanted to leave the game just hours before Friday's live eviction. Omarosa begged her friend to stay in the house. 

But he wanted to go, and she had no choice but to grant his wish.

In the aftermath, a new alliance that included Mark, James, Marissa, and Ross was born. The latter two are determined to work both sides of the house. 

It's going to come back to bite them soon enough, but for now, they are part of The Roomie Squad. Yes, we're not even kidding about that name. 

James Maslow Is Cool

It was the best of a bad bunch. 

James admitted to his new alliance that leaving Omarosa in the game, and splitting up Marissa and Ariadna would be the best course of action. 

This created conflict for Ross because he knows Omarosa is gunning for him. But what can he do to change things up? 

When it came to the HOH competition, the houseguests had to make their way across a red carpet and hold on for dear life. It came down to James and Mark. 

James allowed Mark to take the win because it meant he could play in the next competition, and it did not go unnoticed with Brandi. 

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

She wasted no time in running her mouth and calling Mark and James out. If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will know to reach for the popcorn when Brandi is clutching a bottle of red wine. 

While Ross, Ariadna, and Marissa stayed out of the conversation, they seemed to distance themselves from Brandi because they knew her game was combusting before their eyes. 

At the nominations ceremony, Mark nominated Brandi and Ari for eviction. Brandi was thrown up because she had been trying to get James out the house, and Ari was guilty by association. 

Brandi Cleavage

The true test for Marissa and Ross will come when it comes down to putting up a replacement nominee. They could show their hand and turn on one of their alliances. 

They are playing a dangerous game, and it looks like things are going to get crazy as the next eviction looms.

Okay, what do you think will happen? Does Brandi have any fight left in her?

Celebrity Big Brother continues Friday with a double eviction!

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: A Twist Rocks the House!

It was only a matter of time before Celebrity Big Brother threw in some more twists to shake up the house. 

The latest of which involved a viewer vote that decided which special power the veto would possess. 

Julie Evicts Another Celebrity

When the crazy episode kicked off, Omarosa's plan to plant seeds of doubt around the house was working. 

This resulted in the mother of all arguments when Brandi accidentally exposed her four-person alliance to the rest of the house. Marissa was furious, but she had to just play along with it. 

What could she really do without painting an even bigger target on her back? 

The Veto competition found Brandi, Marissa, Metta World Peace, Ross, Omarosa and Mark McGrath duking it out to try and win. During the competition, however, it became apparent that Metta was not even trying. 

Omarosa Manigault

Instead, he was throwing his blocks around instead of creating the puzzle. Just when it seemed that Omarosa was going to slide into victory, Ross won. 

Thanks to the viewer vote, Ross could take a second person off the block. He took himself off and left Brandi up there. 

It quickly became clear why: Metta had already told the house he wanted to leave that night. If you keep up to speed with the live feeds, you will know the sporting champion has already attempted to break out of the house. 

Omarosa put Metta up next to Brandi on the block. Metta thanked everyone and pleaded with them to send him out the door. 

Omarosa Is Fierce

Brandi refused to campaign because she knew Metta was going. What followed was a dull elimination ceremony.

“I just want to say… Thank you, Metta, for wanting to go home,” Brandi said with a laugh. 

This is the second time a houseguest has wanted to go home. This eviction should have been fun because it was going to split up the four-person alliance. Instead, it was a dud because another houseguest wanted to quit. 

In any case, everything is up in the air as we head into the latest HOH competition. Omarosa will likely be left in the game a little while longer as the majority alliance will likely target James. 

James Maslow Is Cool

It sure seemed like James, Mark and Omarosa were not working together. James and Mark seemed to be agreeing to work with her to save themselves, and it was only a short-term deal. 

What did you think of the latest episode of Celebrity Big Quitter?

Who do you want to win the game?

Sound off below. 

Celebrity Big Brother Continues Wednesday on CBS. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Did Omarosa Save Herself?

Brandi Glanville threw a hinky vote towards Shannon on Friday's eviction episode of Celebrity Big Brother. 

This immediately cast a dark cloud over her life in the Big Brother house. 

Omarosa Is Fierce

“I’m feeling very sad and very disappointed,” Ari revealed to viewers at the top of the latest hour. “I’m not sure I can trust Brandi anymore.”

Ari wasted no time in telling their allies all about Brandi's vote. It was shocking just how quickly everyone turned on the former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Back at the HOH competition, Omarosa knew she was the next big target in the house, and she wanted to fight to stay in the game. 

Omarosa Manigault

“Shannon has just been evicted,” Omarosa revealed in a  confessional. "Which means the house will be looking for a new target. I want to make sure that target is not Lady O.”

The houseguests battled it out and held on to a wall in the first big endurance battle of the season. It came down to Brandi, Omarosa, and James. 

This had the potential to put Brandi back on good terms with her alliance. It's not like they would have trashed her if she had the power to take any of them out, right?

Brandi Cleavage

Unfortunately for Brandi, it was not meant to be. She dropped off of the wall, and Omarosa and James got talking. Omarosa recognized that she and James were in a similar spot in the game. 

She promised she would keep him off the block because she had her mind set on some other targets. This was enough for James to let go and throw the competition to the former Apprentice star. 

After the competition, Brandi is put on blast by her fellow allies. They figured Brandi was trying to secure a jury vote from Shannon. Jury management is everything, you guys!

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

Brandi decided she was done with everyone and claimed she wanted out of the alliance. 

“You’re the one that did something; we didn’t do it,” Ross tells her. “We need a second to digest this.”

What followed was Brandi isolating herself from her allies because she was mad. In her eyes, she hadn't done anything wrong. Shannon still went home. 

Her allies realized they needed the numbers so they had to go and make things right with Brandi. They did so, and all seemed to go well.

Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother Season 1

While this was going down, Omarosa was busy wheeling and dealing to craft an alliance with her, Metta, James, and Mark. Omarosa is after the pairs, so even with the looming veto twist, she should be able to break one of them up. 

"If Mark is a floater, then Metta is an oversized rubber ducky,” she revealed. “If I don’t tie him down he’ll float away.”

Omarosa chats with Marissa and Ari, and the two ladies throw Brandi's name out there. Yes, the alliance clearly is not in good shape. 

Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

Omarosa nominated Ross and Brandi for eviction. 

Who do you want to leave?

Hit the comments. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on CBS. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Brandi Glanville Asked Omarosa WHAT?!

Brandi Glanville is not one to follow a crowd. 

That's why we rolled our eyes when we heard she had been cast on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. For better or worse, she's managed to find herself in a good spot in the game. 

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

She's in a four-person alliance with Ross Matthews, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Ariadna Gutierre. In short, the four are calling the shots in the house because they know the game. 

Going into Friday's eviction spectacular, we knew that Shannon Elizabeth was public enemy number one, and was likely headed back to the outside world. She played too hard too soon, and it came back to bite her. 

But Brandi decided to change things up at the vote, and you can tell it's going to cause a lot of drama between the houseguests. But that was not her craziest moment in the episode. 

Brandi Cleavage

At the top of the hour, Brandi decided it was time to get some insider facts about Donald Trump. That found her asking Omarosa whether she had indulged in sexual relations with the President of the United States. 

"Hell no!” Omarosa replied, clearly disgusted. “That’s horrible.”

Brandi admitted that a rumor she heard a rumor that Trump slept with a contestant during filming for The Apprentice. It was a hilarious moment that almost made me want to sign up to watch the live feeds. 

Omarosa Manigault

Shannon realized her game was over, but Omarosa was not about to let her go down without a fight. Omarosa and Shannon buried the hatchet and decided to be friends. 

That's when Omarosa realized she could create paranoia in the house. To do this, she went to James and told him that things were changing and that he was the target. 

It was apparently a tactic to make James look crazy to the other houseguests. It failed, however, and the four-person alliance admitted to Omarosa's face they thought she was lying about not doing anything. 

Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother Season 1

We then got to the Veto competition which found the houseguests in a dark restaurant and trying to get out in the best time. Shannon took an early advantage, but James emerged as the winner. 

As expected, he used the Veto on himself, and Mark was thrown up on the block next to Shannon. 

When we got to the vote, Shannon decided to speak about animal rights instead of pleading her case to stay in the game. It was a classy move, and it showed she wanted to use the platform to promote animal welfare. 

Eviction 3 Results:

  • Ross Mathews votes to evict: Shannon 
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur votes to evict: Shannon 
  • Omarosa votes to evict: Shannon
  • James Maslow: votes to evict: Shannon
  • Brandi Glanville votes to evict: Mark 
  • Metta World Peace votes to evict: Shannon

Shannon is evicted!

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

The houseguests seemed surprised by the hinky vote. It looked like Brandi did not want Shannon to go out with a whole house against her, so she tried to give her a vote. 

We left the houseguests as they participated in an endurance HOH competition. 

What did you think of the episode?

Should Shannon have left?

Hit the comments below!

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Veto? Who Is Going Home?

It's been a tense few days in the Big Brother house ever since American Pie actress, Shannon Elizabeth was nominated alongside Big Time Rush star James Maslow. 

With the pair growing closer, the target on both of them has ballooned of late, and with Ariadna Gutiérrez in power, they were both sent to the block at the nominations ceremony. 

Shannon Elizabeth On Celebrity Big Brother

Brandi Glanville, Omarosa, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Matthews have been gunning to get Shannon out of the house for about a week now, and they got closer to their plan over the last few days. 

Before we got to the Veto competition, Omarosa started chatting with Shannon about where they both went wrong in the game. It resulted in the two ladies making up with each other. 

Omarosa then agreed to try and find a way to save Shannon from eviction. The reason? Omarosa has been vocal that she does not want the men to rule the game, and she fears that is about to happen. 

Omarosa Manigault

Despite Omarosa's pleas, everyone seemed against the idea of saving Shannon from elimination. The common consensus in the house is that Shannon is going to win if she sticks around. 

Ari, James, Shannon, Ross, Omarosa, and Brandi. It was the Black Box competition that found the houseguests performing a solo task inside a dark room. 

James secured the veto win, and it seemed to secure Shannon's fate as the next evicted houseguest. Last night, however, Brandi (of all people!) started to wonder whether it was really worth sending Shannon home. 

James Maslow Poses

This seemed brought on by the way James was parading around the house boasting that he won a competition. James even floated the idea of using the Veto on Shannon if he had the votes to stay in the game. 

Brandi headed to bed, but not before she told Shannon she might have a plan to save her. Yes, we are very shocked to hear this, and so was Ari. Ari tried to shut Brandi down, but if you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will know there is no way to stop Brandi from talking. 

With that, Metta even offered Shannon to work with her if she miraculously stayed in the game. That's huge, but we'll need to tune in on Friday to find out what James does with the Veto. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

There's also the possibility that viewers will be voting instead of the house during Friday's eviction. Julie Chen confirmed on Monday that viewers would be voting on a game-changing twist shortly. 

Shannon is likely a big draw for the show, so we would not put it past the producers to try and keep her in the game. She and Omarosa rising to power would make for a fun second half of the season. 

What do you think of the latest round of Big Brother spoilers?

Sound off below. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Did Brandi Glanville Go Too Far?!

Keshia Knight Pulliam may have left the Big Brother house on Monday night, but we got more insight than ever before into her big decision to get the house to send her packing. 

We flashed back to the hours leading up to the eviction, and Keshia revealed all to her alliance about the depleted breast milk. It was the first time we have ever witnessed an expression on Brandi Glanville's face. 

Ross Matthews, Shannon Elizabeth

She was annoyed because this was supposed to be the time to send Shannon Elizabeth out in a backdoor eviction. Brandi ran her mouth like she was still on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, before ultimately making peace with the decision. 

Before the HOH competition got underway, Brandi chatted about the way she spoke to Keshia and said she knew that they would be friends when they reunited on the outside. 

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Brandi. This is a game, and it should not be made personal. Brandi has been catty all season long and has wanted to get Shannon out for no apparent reason. 

Brandi Cleavage

Shannon seemed confused about why Keshia was trying to blow her game up during her eviction speech. Those who thought Shannon Elizabeth was a great player should probably exit stage left. 

During the HOH competition, Shannon took an early lead, and everyone aside from James looked annoyed. As soon as Ariadna emerged victoriously from the competition, everyone was a little too excited for her. 

That did not do much to make Shannon's paranoia disappear. She knew there was some backstab in the works, and that's why she tried to speak to her supposed allies about what was coming. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

However, her allies made sure Ariadna was never alone without either Omarosa or Metta, and that made it difficult for Shannon to get an answer. 

Before the nominations ceremony, the penny dropped for Shannon that she would never find a role as big as the one she had in American Pie. We're totally kidding about that last part. 

Shannon figured it all out and said some words right before Ariadna confirmed who was on the block. Brandi countered that Shannon was cutting deals with the others. 

Ariadna Gutierrez Poses

Shannon balked at this idea and was subsequently put on the block next to James. It looks like Shannon's time in the Big Brother house is coming to a dramatic close!

In any case, it looks like the producers are trying to give Shannon another chance. The reason? A game-changing vote is coming our way in the next few days. 

Wouldn't it be great if it affected the next eviction? What if the viewers could vote instead of the house?

Shannon Elizabeth Smiles

That would shake things up and give Shannon a fighting chance. 

What do you think about all of this?

Hit the comments below. 

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: HOH Winner, Nominations Revealed!

Celebrity Big Brother is airing on an accelerated schedule on CBS. 

With just over a week left to go, there are still nine houseguests. That means we should get some double evictions thrown in for good measure. 

Omarosa Is Not Impressed

Monday's episode concluded with Keshia Knight Pulliam becoming the second houseguest to be evicted from the house after wailing at her fellow celebrities about missing her kid. 

That was around the time the idea was being floated to have Shannon thrown up on the block and kicked out of the house via a backdoor eviction. 

Then-HOH Ross struggled with whether to put Shannon up because he worried that he swung and missed. That would have been a big mistake for his game. 

Ariadna Gutierrez Poses

After Monday's eviction, Brandi, Ari, and Marissa secretly continued to float the idea of having Shannon put up next. This was music to Omarosa's ears because she wants the former American Pie star out. 

When it came to the next HOH competition, Ariadna secured a victory, and apparently beat James by the skin of her teeth. 

Shannon was glad because she thought she was safe from the block. Over the last few days, however, Brandi and Omarosa did not allow her to be alone with Ari. 

The reason? The two women did not want Shannon trying to change her mind about the plan. Ari wanted to give Shannon a chance to fight for safety, so she decided to James up with her. 

Shannon Elizabeth Smiles

That meant the two of them were essentially targets and that the houseguests would get one of them out. That would split up another powerful duo in the game. 

Ari followed through with her plan, and both James and Shannon were nominated on Tuesday. 

Shannon figured it all out before it happened based on the way things played out with everyone, but she reiterated that she did not want to speak to the others because they lied to her. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

Surprisingly, Brandi told Shannon not to feel like she's alone in the game because she will speak to her whenever she wants to. It was a surprisingly classy chat from the woman who has been catty as hell since last week. 

The veto is still up for grabs, but one of James and Shannon will be leaving the house next. Maybe there will be some last-minute twist thrown in to give Shannon a reprieve. 

The next eviction is scheduled to air on Friday, so we will have the truth about who is leaving around that time. We will keep you up to date on what to expect before the episode airs. 

Brandi Cleavage

What do you think of the latest drama?

Hit the comments below. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Did Shannon Elizabeth Get Blindsided?

There was a lot at stake for the houseguests on the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother. 

When the episode got underway, Omarosa and Keshia were on the block and wondering which one of them would be exiting the house. 

Julie Chen Evicts a Celebrity

While it seemed like one of those two houseguests were leaving, Ross, Brandi, Ariadna, and Marissa floated the idea of evicting Shannon via the back door. 

This was fueled by paranoia because everyone was growing concerned that Shannon was getting closer and closer to working with James. 

Not helping matters was Omarosa, who was vocal to Ross about not being mad that he threw her up on the block. 

Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa knows how to manipulate situations, and that's why she's such a big threat. She and Shannon are about as scary as each other. 

The odd thing about all of it was that Marissa was getting excited about the prospect of even taking Shannon out. They knew each other before the game, but they don't seem actually to like each other. 

“I really Rthought that we would make it to the end together,” Marissa said of Shannon. “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I want to backdoor Shannon.”

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

The veto competition played out live, and Marissa slid into victory. Just when we thought that Shannon might be getting put on the block, everything changed. 

Keshia was missing her child and decided the game was too much for her to deal with. She made an emotional plea to Marissa to keep the nominations the same. 

Somehow, news of Shannon being backdoored was doing the rounds, and everyone thought it was going to come to fruition. 

Shannon Elizabeth Smiles

Eviction 2 Votes:

  • Shannon Elizabeth votes to evict: Keshia
  • Ariadna Guiterrez votes to evict: Keshia
  • Brandi Glanville votes to evict: Keshia
  • James Maslow: votes to evict: Keshia
  • Mark McGrath votes to evict: Keshia
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur votes to evict: Keshia
  • Metta World Peace votes to evict: Keshia

Keshia is the second evicted houseguest! 

Keshia Knight Pulliam, Pre-Baby

Omarosa can breathe a sigh of relief, but will she be able to get the houseguests on her side to try and get Shannon out?

We have no idea, but something tells us the producers will be glad Omarosa is still inside the house.  She is TV gold. 

We still have another two weeks left with the houseguests, so the evictions will likely be ramped up to leave us with our final three. 

Shannon should watch her back because Omarosa is going to be gunning for her in retaliation for everything that transpired between them. 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues Wednesday night on CBS. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Is HOH? Who Is the Target?!

The inaugural edition of Celebrity Big Brother is well underway, and things are getting crazier by the day inside the most famous home on television. 

When the episode got underway, we found out that Keshia and Omarosa were not impressed with the last-minute vote flip that sent Chuck Liddell out of the house. 

Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother Season 1

We flashed back to right before the eviction and Ross, Marissa, Shannon and James agreed to join a Final 4 alliance that would help them in the game. 

However, Ross revealed in the diary room that it would be better to confirm he is in the alliance, but he's not definite on whether to stay with the alliance. 

Omarosa was ready to lose it with Shannon because she was left out of the last-minute flip, and the two women got ready to have it out with each other. 

Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa knew there was no way that Marissa or Brandi could spearhead such a move, and that meant Shannon was the next person in line. Shannon was forced to confirm the truth about her deal with Omarosa to the rest of the group. 

When Shannon came clean, it meant the target on her ballooned to dizzying heights because they knew they would need to get her out of the house in a swift manner. 

In a sad turn of events, Metta was confused about the eviction process and actually sent home Chuck instead of saving him. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

Shannon then started chatting about what she wanted to do about Omarosa, and Omarosa heard all about it. She said that Shannon was being sketchy and tried to find a way to sort it out. 

In the end, Ross came out top trumps and won the HOH competition. 

Tensions flared up in the aftermath of the HOH competition when Omarosa disappeared. She went to the hospital because she had to get checked out for an asthma attack. 

Ross felt like the safest option was to throw Omarosa and Keshia up on the block because that's what the house wanted. 

Omarosa did not want to hear the speech, so she told Ross to forget about it. She was over playing nice and wanted to proceed with the game. 

Keshia Knight Pulliam, Pre-Baby

Keshia was unimpressed because the female alliance had fallen apart, and wondered whether her days in the game were numbered as a result. 

There's a good chance Shannon could find herself up on the block because the POV is playing out live right before an eviction. 

That would give her no time to dig her heels in and get the votes. 

What do you think of all the drama?

Who will leave?

Hit the comments below.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Was Evicted?

We think it's fair to say that Celebrity Big Brother has brought the drama throughout its first week on the air. 

We've had Brandi Glanville causing trouble, Omarosa wailing to Ross Matthews about how she would never vote for Donald Trump again and a big twist that allowed the head of household to be overthrown. 

James Maslow, Chuck Liddell

The first big event of the episode was the Power of Veto competition, and if you've been keeping up with our Big Brother spoilers, you will already know how that played out. 

Keshia, James, and Chuck were players by default. Mark and Ari were picked by random draw, and Keshia chose Shannon to help her try and keep the nominations the same. 

Omarosa was tasked with hosting the competition that found the houseguests spelling the biggest word. Shannon emerged as the winner, successfully spelling out "responsibilities."

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

That means Shannon won the first two competitions of the season and needs to dial it back a little if she has any hope of making it much further. 

Proving to be a competition beast in week one can be detrimental to your place in the game. It's a good thing Shannon is in that all-female alliance because they should all keep each other safe. 

James and Ari came in the last place in the competition, so they had to wear baby costumes for 48 hours. They came to play Big Baby, it seems. 

James Maslow Is Cool

The nominations were kept the same, meaning James or Chuck would be going home. This meant James was the likely one to go, but there were some last-minute discussions that made everyone question the target. 

Eviction One Votes:

  • Brandi Glanville votes to evict: Chuck
  • Ariadna Guiterrez votes to evict: Chuck
  • Omarosa votes to evict: James
  • Ross Mathews votes to evict: Chuck
  • Metta World Peace votes to evict: Chuck
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur votes to evict: Chuck
  • Shannon Elizabeth votes to evict: Chuck
  • Mark McGrath votes to evict: Chuck

By a vote of 7-1, Chuck was the first houseguest evicted from Celebrity Big Brother!

Chuck Liddell

He was furious, but it was a last-minute blindside that will likely come back to haunt some of the players. 

Omarosa voting to evict James seemed like a strategic move to cause some unrest in the all-female alliance. It seems a bit early to be doing that, but we all knew she would be causing as much trouble as possible. 

The power is back up for grabs, and we cannot wait to see who has been crowned the next HOH. The results and should be announced today at some point. 

Omarosa Manigault

What do you think of the results?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Was the Recast Twist Used?

Julie Chen always says to "Expect the unexpected" when it comes to twists on Big Brother. 

The celebrity edition of the hit series is no different, and we picked up with Shannon Elizabeth's big win becoming a big question mark. 

Celebrity Big Brother Competition

That was because one houseguest had the power to overthrow her as Head of Household if they had the right swag in their golden bag. 

“Normally, I give my gift bags to my housekeeper because it’s full of crap, but this one I might actually want,” said Brandi with a grin. This woman is not pleasant. 

The women worried that their grip on power in the house was drawing to a close, so they reeled Ross Matthews into their alliance. 

For those keeping score at home, a 7-person alliance almost never works. But maybe the women and Ross can prove otherwise. 

Omarosa Manigault

In a surprising turn of events, Mark offered Shannon to be a pawn, and that made things a whole lot easier for her when it came to nominating houseguests for eviction. 

Metta already wanted to go home, so the ladies realized they could throw him up, and if the opportunity presented itself, they could backdoor James and send him out of the house first. 

Marisa decided against using the recast twist, and it proved she did not want to get blood on her hands so early in the game. She's one of the more analytical houseguests. 

James Maslow Poses

With most of the women asking to use the recast twist, it was revealed during the nominations ceremony that Keshia was the lucky victor. 

But she shocked everyone when she put James and Chuck on the block. What was the point in her not putting the others up?

Maybe it was to try and act like she was not in an alliance with all of the women, but it would have made so much more sense to go for Metta and Mark. 

Why give Jason the opportunity to play for Veto? He's already a threat and has clashed with multiple of the females, so why not make sure he goes home?

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

Obviously, the women have all the votes right now, but much can change in a few days in the house. James is going to manipulate his way off the block.

Aside from the gameplay, Omarosa and Ross had a tearful chat about the White House. Omarosa confirmed that she would never vote for Trump again and that everyone should be worried about his power. 

Things took an explosive turn when Keshia asked about the White House, and good old O thought she was being confronted by someone. 

Keshia Knight Pulliam, Pre-Baby

Omarosa brought up Keshia supporting Bill Cosby during his multitude of sexual assault cases, and well, both women retreated. 

We are just two episodes in, and the cracks are already starting to form. 

Who do you think will be evicted first? 

Hit the comments below. 

Click below to find out what happens next. 

Omarosa Breaks Down, Is "Haunted" by Donald Trump Tweets

Give Omarosa Manigault at least a little bit of credit:

She has had a career unlike the career of any other human being in history.

We're not even really exaggerating here.

The reality star went from a contestant on The Apprentice... to actually working at the White House... to being fired by the Donald Trump administration... to returning to reality television on Celebrity Big Brother.

She made her debut on this CBS mainstay on Wednesday night and immediately went to work spilling all the Trump-related tea.

Speaking at one point to fellow random personality Ross Matthews, Omarosa was asked the following question:

“As a voter, a citizen, I never got it, why you went to the White House with him."

The obvious answer, of course, is because Omarosa is a selfish, close-minded idiot who only cares about fame and fortune.

But this is not the answer she provided.

“I felt like it was a call to duty, I felt like I was serving my country by serving him," she replied, impressively managing to keep a straight face while doing so and adding:

"It was always about the country."

Omarosa the Real and True and Committed Patriot.

My, how we've underestimated her this entire time!

"I was haunted by tweets every single day. What is he gonna tweet next?” she continued in her chat with Matthews.

Welcome to the world of every single person on the planet, O.

“Does anybody say to him, ‘What are you doing?'” Matthews asks in the following clip.

“I mean, I tried to be that person, and then all of the people around him attacked me,” Omarosa replies, breaking down into tears and alleging she got iced out by the administration.

We really are so sorry for everything negative we ever wrote about you, Omarosa.

We had no idea you were trying to be the one hero in all of this.

“Who has that power to say what’s going on?” Matthews asks.

“I don’t know. I’m not there. It’s not my circus, not my monkeys,” she responds. “I’d like to say not my problem but I can’t say that because, it’s bad.”

“Should we be worried?” Matthews asks.

And that's when Omarosa says the words that should scare us all.

Click PLAY to see what they are!

Omarosa breaks down im haunted by donald trump tweets

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Omarosa Forms an All-Female Alliance!

From the moment Julie Chen introduced us to the Celebrity Big Brother house, it was clear this was going to be a season like no other. 

Julie wasted no time in introducing us to the houseguests. They are Metta World Peace, Ariadna Guiterrez, Ross Mathews, Brandi Glanville Mark McGrath, Omarosa, Marissa Jaret Winokur, James Maslow, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Shannon Elizabeth.

Celebrity Big Brother Premiere

Yeah, it's clear the producers scraped the bottom of the barrel with some of them, but Omarosa made it clear from the get-go that she was in the house to play. 

Her dress was just too much, but it showed she did not care about what the others thought of her. Omarosa wanted to have an all-female alliance to get the men out. 

In doing so, it revealed a glaring flaw in the format. There were six females and five males when the season kicked off. It's certainly an odd number. 

Brandi Cleavage

Before Brandi entered the house, her stylist said she would need to keep her mouth shut, or she ran the risk of becoming an early target. She did not take that to heart and immediately started dragging James Maslow for speaking about his vocal range. 

Brandi felt like Mark McGrath should have been speaking about vocal range because he was in the business for a longer time. This rattled James, who told Mark he needed to win HOH and put up Brandi. 

Omarosa spoke to Shannon about creating an alliance with the ladies, and it became a reality a few scenes later. The men were too busy messing around to notice the women becoming a force to be reckoned with. 

At the HOH competition, Omarosa won immunity from the first eviction, and it allowed her to step out of the competition for the week. 

Omarosa Manigault

The houseguests had to hold on to a supersized award for dear life. The women dominated the competition, and it came down to James and Shannon. 

James was visibly struggling and tried to cut a deal with Shannon to keep him safe, but Omarosa interjected, saying that James was close to falling so a deal would be unfair to Shannon. 

In a confessional, Omarosa dished that she knew she did not want to align with James and that's why she shut down the dealmaking during the competition. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

Shannon won the first HOH of the season, but Julie dropped a bomb of epic proportions on the houseguests. They all had to pick a gift that would have some Big Brother swag or a game-changing twist. 

That twist would allow the lucky recipient to overthrow the HOH and become the one in power for that week. James knew the odds were stacked against him, but the episode concluded before we got down to it. 

James Maslow Is Cool

What did you think of the opener?

Will you continue watching?

Hit the comments below!

If you want to find out what happens next, have a look at the spoilers below!

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Going Home?!

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday, February 7 on CBS and thanks to the power of the live feeds; we already know a lot about what has happened the first few days inside one of the most famous houses on the planet. 

It's hard to believe that it's been 18 years since the civilian series debuted and the network is only now attempting to capitalize on a celebrity version. 

In all honesty, none of the people in the house are A-listers. In fact, they are all Z-listers who are using the show as a last-ditch attempt to stay relevant. 

Okay, let's run down the spoilers for week one, which first appeared on Reddit. Be warned; if you like to be surprised when you watch the show as it airs, you should probably look away now. 

You have been spoiler warned!

1. Who Won Head of Household?

Cbb hoh
The first head of household competition can be the most important.

2. Shannon Won Head of Household

Shannon elizabeth smiles
Former American Pie star, Shannon Elizabeth emerged above the rest and won the first Head of Household competition of the season.

3. An All-Female Celebrity Alliance

An all female celebrity alliance
Shannon Elizabeth, Omarosa Manigault, Brandi Glanville, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ariadna Gutiérrez are part of the all-female alliance! How long will it take for Brandi to start accusing her allies of sleeping with her man?

4. Who Was Nominated?

Cbb nominations
Shannon had some decisions to make as she aimed to remain competitive.

5. James is Nominated for Eviction

James maslow poses
James was the first houseguest nominated by Shannon for eviction.

6. Chuck is Nominated for Eviction

Chuck liddell
Shannon took Chuck to task and put him up on the block next to James, but there's still veto...
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