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Presidents Day Fashion Face-Off: Lincoln v. Washington!

Happy Presidents Day 2018 from all of us at The Hollywood Gossip, as we come together to honor a couple of true American heroes.

The truest of heroes, really. The truest of the true.

And the Winner is?

They were both A-plus chief executives, but which U.S. President do you love more, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? That's what we wanna know! View Poll »

It's time we determined who among these United States legends is worthy of being called the greatest of all time. OF ALL TIME!

In a Fashion Face-Off for the ages, that is!

Yes, we realize that styles popularized by Abraham Lincoln and George Washington haven't been popular with the mainstream in ages.

Like, ages. Industrial Revolution style.

By the same token, when you're a titan of history, you never go out of style, are we right?! If you got you a national monument, 'nuff said.

Pres Day 17

Take the first President of the U.S., George Washington. He led a rebellion over Great Britain, then oversaw the birth of a new nation.

Four score and seven years later, Abraham Lincoln valiantly preserved and paved the way for a more perfect union against long odds.

Overcoming similarly huge obstacles, redefining what was possible and then fighting to preserve it, both patriots delivered for America.

In their respective eras and now, giants among men.

Ones who make all of our lives seem more than a tad mundane and pointless all of a sudden. Kind of sad if you stop and think about it.

Pres Day

Anyway, comparing achievements and legacies by people in such rarefied air is impossible ... but we can at least pick a fashion winner.

Would you rather rock George's 18th Century Colonial garb or Abe's 19th Century Civil War-era attire? Talk about the toughest of calls.

Make it. It's your duty as an American.

Gigi Hadid Epicly Shames Her Body-Shamers

Body-shaming is always wrong. When it comes to body-shaming a gorgeous model like Gigi Hadid, it's also absurd. (Well, it's always absurd)

Gigi Hadid is fighting back after haters tried to attack her appearance at New York Fashion week, posting to Twitter about why her body looks the way that it does but telling people off for asking in the first place.

And she's not mincing words.

Gigi Hadid at Fashion Week

Just recently, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid posed naked together, which earned some ... mixed reactions from folks who found it a little squicky. But this criticism is of a very different nature.

In a thread of tweets that has earned praise from fellow models Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid

"For those of you so determined to come up w why my body has changed over the years, you may not know that when I started @ 17 I was not yet diagnosed w/Hashimoto’s disease."

Hashimoto's thyroidism is an autoimmune disease, which as many as 5% of people face during their lives, and it's much more common in women than in men. Long story short, it results in gradual shrinkage and destruction of the thyroid gland.

"Those of u who called me “too big for the industry” were seeing inflammation & water retention due to that."

Hateful that she was referred to that way.

Gigi Hadid with Fun Hair

She continues to defend herself against body-shaming trolls in further tweets:

"Over the last few years I’ve been properly medicated to help symptoms including those, as well as extreme fatigue, metabolism issues, body’s ability to retain heat, etc ... I was also part of a holistic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out."

Of course, though her shamers years ago thought that she was "too big," contemporary haters feel that she's the opposite.

"Although stress & excessive travel can also affect the body, I have always eaten the same, my body just handles it differently now that my health is better. I may be 'too skinny' for u, honestly this skinny isn’t what I want to be, but I feel healthier internally and (cont)"

She continues, reminding everyone that she's 22 and her body is still changing.

"(cont) am still learning and growing with my body everyday, as everyone is."

Gigi Hadid on the Runway

Finally, she puts her foot down.

"I will not further explain the way my body looks, just as anyone, with a body type that doesn't suit ur 'beauty' expectation, shouldn't have to. Not to judge others, but drugs are not my thing, stop putting me in that box just because u don't understand the way my body has matured."

Basically, she shouldn't have to explain her gorgeous figure to anyone, whether she's retaining water or not.

She expresses a plea for people to, you know, be less terrible.

"Please, as social media users & human beings in general, learn to have more empathy for others and know that you never really know the whole story. Use your energy to lift those that you admire rather than be cruel to those u don’t."

That's sound advice.

Gigi Hadid Looks Great

This is not the first time that Gigi Hadid has spoken of her medical condition. A little over a year ago, she told People:

"My metabolism actually changed like crazy this year. I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s a thyroid disease, and it’s now been two years since taking the medication for it."

Medication can really make a difference.

"It’s now been two years since taking the medication for it, so for the [Victoria’s Secret] show I didn’t want to lose any more weight."

She has some goals for her own body.

"I just want to have muscles in the right place, and if my butt can get a little perkier, then that’s good."

Gigi Hadid at New York Fashion Week

First of all, it's awesome that Gigi smacked down her critics the way that she did.

This should also be inspirational to others who face body shaming.

Sure, most can't relate to a supermodel who is gorgeous beyond reason. But if someone like Gigi Hadid's appearance is getting picked apart, both by people who find her "too thin" or "too large," that should tell people who face fat-shaming that trolls will never be satisfied.\

There's nothing wrong with Gigi's figure and there's nothing wrong with anyone else's, either.

It's sad that she had to say what she said, but we're so glad that she did. Gigi Hadid, you're doing amazing.

Joy Villa Dons Fetus Dress, Makes Pro-Life Statement at the Grammys

Joy Villa did not win any Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

But the little-known artist did win many headlines following the event, considering the very unusual dress she chose to wear on the red carpet.

That's what happens when your attire features a fetus.

Joy Villa Abortion Dress

Yes, a fetus.

One year after surprising attendees by strolling around the Grammys in a Make America Great Again outfit, Villa once again turned head via her strong fashion statement.

In Sunday night's case, it featured a hand-pained "Choose Life" purse, along with a white gown on which a rainbow was drawn in the shape of a womb.

On Villa's head was a crown and inside the womb was an unborn child.

She told Fox News that she painted the designs herself and then explained her motivation for this ensemble on Instagram.

Joy Villa Grammys Dress

"I believe in loving the child and the mother, and I am proudly #ProLife," Villa said, adding:

"There is so much pain out there, but I choose to spread love and hope.

"I hand painted my @pronovias gown with a hand painted (by me) recreation of my daughter portrait I painted in 2007 at 20 years old 8 months pregnant with my beautiful daughter, whom I adopted out to a wonderful family."

Yes, Villa says she got pregnant and then gave the baby up for adoption.

"I'm incredibly blessed to have given life, and I hope to encourage anyone in a similar situation to choose adoption," she continued.

Joy Villa Pic

Since posing on the Grammys red carpet a year ago in her pro-Donald Trump outfit, Villa has visited the White House and appeared as a Fox News contributor.

She has used her platform to espouse her conservative values and plans on doing so as long as she can.

(The artist also sued ex-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in December, alleging that he smacked her twice on the butt at a Washington, D.C, event in November.)

Speaking to the aforementioned cable news network about the event and about her stance in general, Villas said yesterday:

"I'm a pro-life woman. This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do. I'm all about life."

Regarding Trump and his first year in office?

"I love what he is doing; unemployment is down. I am totally for President Trump, and it's only been one year. I can't wait for the next seven years!"

What do you think of this outfit?

What do you think of Villa's decision to use red carpets in this manner?

Wrong time and wrong place?

Or this is the epitome of America, one having the freedom to express one's views at any time and place without legal repercussions?

Grammys Red Carpet Fashion: Who Hit the Hottest Note?

We all know the point of the Grammy Awards, don't we?

It's not to impress the crowd with your performance or your acceptance speech...

... it's to impress the crowd with your red carpet attire!

Which star accomplished this feat in the most fashionable, ummm, fashion?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Lady Gaga

Lady gaga at 2018 grammys
Lady Gaga was at her usual stylish best on the Grammys red carpet. Don't you agree?

2. Cardi B

Cardi b
Yup, the singer attended with a flower in hand. And this dress on her body!

3. Kesha

Kesha looks tremendous on the red carpet. And she better not listen to anyone who tells her otherwise.

4. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly clarkson
She is one of our absolute favorites. Kelly Clarkson shines here on the red carpet.

5. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy teigen and john legend
Slay, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Slay! The former is pregnant, of course, in this great photo of the couple.

6. Katie Holmes

Katie holmes
Holmes rocked this unique look for the event. And we totally love it, don't you?
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SAG Awards Red Carpet: Who Was Fashionably Great?

The Screen Actor Guild voted on the best television shows and movies on Sunday night.

But those results are not what we're focused on at the moment.

We're here to ask readers to vote on the following red carpet dresses and tuxedos.

Which film and TV stars dressed the best at the 2018 SAG Awards? Scroll down to find out!


Justin hartley
This Is Us? More like this is him, looking handsome!


Noah schnapp
We love him on Stranger Things, and love him even more in this dapper ensemble.


Alison brie
The actress stars on GLOW and she has us all aflutter in this outfit.


Dave franco
The funny actor was dead serious about looking handsome at the ceremony.


Allison williams
We loved her in Girls and in Get Out and also in this dress.


Giuliana rancic
What do you think of this E! personality's gown?
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Critics Choice Awards Fashion: Who Won the Red Carpet?

There was a lot of color at the 2018 Critics Choice Awards.

Following a Golden Globes ceremony in which nearly every star dressed in black to show support for sexual assault victims, it was back to "normal" on Thursday night in Santa Monica.

Who cares who took home the actual Critics Choice Awards, right?

We've listed the fashion winners below. Who rocked your favorite dress?

1. Angelina Jolie is Here!

Angelina jolie is here
It's always a big deal when she shows up on a red carpet; this time, all dressed in white.

2. Kaley Cuoco Doesn't Need a Bra

Kaley cuoco doesnt need a bra
Kaley Cuoco flaunts her body, and for good reason, in this photo from the Critics Choice Awards.

3. Laura Dern is Ageless

Laura dern is ageless
We don't know what Laura Dern eats or does everyday. But we need to just follow her around and find out.

4. Allison Williams Gets Fancy

Allison williams gets fancy
Allison Williams shows off her Dolce & Gabbana shirt on the red carpet. What do you think?

5. Octavia Spencer Believes in the Color Purple

Octavia spencer believes in the color purple
Or "eggplant," some might say, to be exact. We're down with this look.

6. Allison Janney Loves Sleeves

Allison janney loves sleeves
The veteran actress covered up at the Critics Choice Awards, but still donned a body-hugging gown.
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Blanca Blanco: Slammed For Revealing RED Dress at the Golden Globes

There were many winners at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night:

Nicole Kidman. Oprah Winfrey. Anyone associated with the movie Lady Bird.

In the aftermath of an event that celebrated female empowerment, however, one clear loser has emerged. Her name is Blanca Blanco.

Blanca Blanco

Yes, Blanca Blanco.

We're guessing you haven't heard of this actress, considering her IMDB page for projects in 2017 includes movies titled Spreading Darkness, Fake News and American Romance.

She isn't exactly an A-Lister.

But Blanco still managed to make many headlines at the Golden Globes because she walked the red carpet in the ensemble pictured above and below.

Pretty much everyone on the Internet has noted both the dress color and the abundance of skin Blanco flaunted in the outfit, both of which went against the evening's theme.

As detailed in the photo gallery down below, nearly every other celebrity at the ceremony was dressed in black as a protest against the sexual harassment endemic that has plagued Hollywood for decades.

But not Blanco.

Blanca Blanco Picture

She thumbed her nose (and exposed her cleavage) at this convention, rocking a seriously red and revealing ensemble.

And social media definitely noticed.

Some folks replied with humor:

blanco note

And others with a critique of Blanco, both for defying the all-black fashion statement and also for the actual dress she chose.

To wit:

Blanco image

Still others, meanwhile, thought it was hypocritical to call out a woman for what she was wearing, considering the entire point of the "protest" at the Golden Globes was to show that females are strong and powerful and independent.

Doesn't it run counter to that point to drag a woman for choosing to wear whatever she wants?

As for what she was thinking, Blanco spoke to Refinery 29 about the controversy and said:

"I love red. Wearing red does not means I am against #timesup movement.

"I applaud and stand by the courageous actresses that continue to break the circle of abuse through their actions and their style choice.

"It is one of many factors leading women to a safer place because of their status in the acting world. I am excited about the Time's UP movement because true change is long overdue."

After giving props to designer Atria Couture for the gown in an interview with Fox, Blanco also jumped on Twitter and wrote:

"The issue is bigger than my dress color. Red is passionate. #TIMESUP."

That's true and fair.

But should people passionate about the issue of sexual misconduct across Hollywood and other fields fault Blanco for her decision?

Sound off below, while you check out these snapshots:

Golden Globes Awards: All the (Black) Fashion!

The carpet may have been red at the 2018 2018 Golden Globes Awards, but nearly every celebrity who walked on it was dressed in black.

This was their way of making a statement in support of the #MeToo Movement and, especially, in support of all victims of sexual harassment of misconduct.

Who looked best in his or her outfit?

Who actually smiled for once while making a public appearance?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Heidi Klum at the Globes

Heidi klum at the globes
Heidi Klum rocked this black dress at the Golden Globes. What do you think of it?

2. Dakota Johnson at the Globes

Dakota johnson at the globes
Fior Dakota Johnson, it was Fifty Shades of Sexiness at the Golden Globes.

3. Chrissy Metz at the Globes

Chrissy metz at the globes
Chrissy Metz donned this black dress to show support for sexual assault victims at the Golden Globes.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Globes

Catherine zeta jones at the globes
Catherine Zeta-Jones also went all black in honor of the #MeToo movement at the Golden Globes.

5. Kelly Clarkson at the Globes

Kelly clarkson at the globes
Kelly Clarkson is one of our favorite celebrities around. Full stop.

6. Tracee Ellis Ross at the Golden Globes

Tracee ellis ross at the golden globes
Tracee Ellis Ross stands behind victims of sexual assault victims. Hence, her outfit at the Golden Globes.
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Meghan Markle vs. Kate Middleton: Engagement Photo Face-Off!

It's totally on once again between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

At least here at The Hollywood Gossip.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engagement Pic

A few weeks ago, shortly after Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement and then made their first public appearance as a betrothed pairing, we pitted the actress against the Duchess.

We asked readers to vote on which beauty looked best in her engagement dress.

And the winner was... FIND OUT NOW!

On Thursday morning, meanwhile, Harry and Markle unveiled their official engagement portraits, reminding our staff of two things:

1. Just how gorgeous each of these stars happens to be.

2. What Prince William and Middleton looked like in their official engagement portrait.

Seriously, are these four of the best looking people on the planet or what?!?

It's only appropriate that they've found each other.

Kate Middleton Engagement Dress

Markle and Harry posed for fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski this at Frogmore House, Windsor for their portraits, with Lubomirski saying the following about the shoot:

"It was an incredible honor to be asked to document this wonderful event.

"But also a great privilege to be invited to share and be a witness to this young couple’s love for one another."

Harry and Meghan will get married on May 19, 2018, which is just a month or so after Middleton is due to give birth to her third child.

So these two couples will remain linked for a long time to come.

We hear there's a bit of tension between Markle and Middleton over the former sort of stealing the latter's spotlight and thunder.

Is there any truth to this chatter?

Did the quartet recently go on a double date to squash the growing beef?

Meghan Markle Engagement Photo

Expect plenty of questions along these lines, and plenty of rumors surrounding Markle and Middleton, to keep circulating online over the coming weeks and months.

It's only natural for websites and/or tabloids to put the women against each other.

Which, we realize, we are about to do below.

Just in good fun, however. We adore both Meghan and Kate and are just legitimately curious whose engagement photo you like best.

Are you ready to play along?

Are you ready to make this pressing decision?

Compare. Contrast. And cast your VOTE now:

Fashion Face-Off!

It's a battle royal between a pair of royals: Which of these women looked better in her engagement photo? View Poll »

Meghan Markle vs. Kate Middleton: The Engagement Dress Duel!

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are so much more than fashion icons.

Let us make that clear.

But try telling that to a majority of the free world, which has been picking apart Middleton's style for years and will undoubtedly do the same to Markle now that she's engaged to Prince Harry.

And the Winner is?

It's a Royal rumble! Compare looks and decide which couple dressed best for their engagement pics? View Poll »

Yes, it's true:

The Suits star* and the very handsome member of Great Britain's Royal Family are planning to get married in May.

(*Well, ex-Suits star. She has confirmed that she's moving on from acting now that she'll be living the life of a quasi princess.)

Shortly after Kensington Palace announced that Harry had popped the question, the Prince and his soulmate made their first public appearance as an engaged twosome.

They held hands. They smiled for the camera. They made small talk.

And everyone started talking about the ensemble Markle was donning.

This is just the way the world operates.

Here They Come...

Bundled up in a white wrap coat from Line the Label - a Canadian brand that’s based in Toronto - Markle rocked a green dress from the Italian brand P.A.R.O.S.H. underneath this outer garment.

“It’s... modern," fashion expert Hilary Alexander told People Magazine, adding:

"This is stylish and continental. It’s easy chic, you throw it on and wrap it round, it’s very European looking.�

Middleton, meanwhile, wore nude heels for her engagement photos alongside Prince William, along with a royal blue wrap dress from the now-defunct brand Issa London.

The dress sold out online in a matter of minutes.

Remember this beloved number?

The Future King and Queen

Thus far, Markle's outfit of choice has not garnered the same sort of appreciation.

It's not being discussed nearly as much as Markle's engagement ring, for instance, likely because this ring is comprised of diamonds that once belonged to Princess Diana.

But we still think Markle looked beautiful during her photo shoot. Don't you?

Did she outdo Middleton, however, who said on Tuesday she's "thrilled" for Meghan and Harry and excited for their future as a couple?

This is what we're asking you, dear reader.

Take a close look below at Markle and Harry's pictures... analyze the former's style... and then VOTE in the poll above:

Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton: Who dressed better?

Fashion Face-Off: Jessica Biel vs. Jennifer Garner

Jessica Biel might soon be single. Her and boyfriend Justin Timberlake are reportedly having problems.

But that turmoil is the least of Biel's issues right now.

Her and fellow actress Jennifer Garner have been spotted out in the same Diane von Furstenberg shirtdress. It's time for readers to decide which beauty looks better in it.

Good luck to each combatant. Here's a look at Biel and Garner donning the outfit. Compare, contrast and then vote in our poll...

Jess vs. Jen

Who wears this outfit better?

Jessica Biel
Jennifer Garner
View Results

Christian Audigier Denies Jon Gosselin Fashion Partnership

Despite reports - and quotes from Jon Gosselin himself - that he and Ed Hardy fashion designer Christian Audigier spent the weekend finalizing a deal to launch a children's clothing line, the designer's rep now says no such project is happening.

"Christian is absolutely not starting a kids' clothing line with Jon," the rep said. "As of right now, there is no clothing line in the works between them at all."

Hmm. Think Kate pulled the plug on this endeavor when she saw Jon Gosselin and his new girlfriend parading around France in the celeb gossip tabloids?

Gosselin - an Ed Hardy fan - and his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman spent the weekend on board Audigier's yacht in St. Tropez in the French Riviera.

On Sunday, E! reported the father of eight and Audigier met up in France to go over a possible business partnership. There were pics of them together.

"We would like to do a line of children's clothing," Audigier told E! News.

Jon Gosselin Fashion

Jon Gosselin hearts his Ed Hardy t-shirts.

When asked about the collaboration with Audiger Sunday, Jon was all about it, and said his new girlfriend was supposedly going to be involved as well.

“She’ll have a lot of input with Christian,” Jon Gosselin told People about Hailey Glassman and her contributions to their new fashion foray. “And I will, too.”

So both Audiger and Jon Gosselin are on record with reputable sources about the deal, so it wasn't just a rumor. Yup. Kate had her lawyer squash this real fast.

Oh well. At least Jon can keep rocking his Ed Hardy t-shirts (with Bluetooth of course) back in Pennsylvania and give Audiger some free advertising that way.

Fashion Face-Off: Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Nina Dobrev

According to readers, Nina Dobrev is not cuter than Kristen Stewart.

We understand. The star of the upcoming CW show, The Vampire Diaries, must earn herself a spot among Hollywood's young elite.

But give Dobrev credit for getting up, dusting herself off from the aforementioned defeat and taking up another battle.

Last week, the actress was spotted out in the same Rebecca Minkoff dress that fellow rising star Michelle Trachtenberg was seen in. Compare the looks below and answer our poll question that follows:

Michelle vs. Nina

Who looks better in this dress?

Michelle Trachtenberg
Nina Dobrev
View Results

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman to Launch Kids Clothing Line

Just a few weeks after splitting from his wife of 10 years, Jon Gosselin is back in the spotlight with a new career and a new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman.

Hailey, the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate Gosselin’s tummy tuck in 2006, accompanied Jon to the French Riviera over the weekend.

The reason for the trip? So Jon Gosselin could finalize a deal to design his own clothing line for kids (really) with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier.

The best part? Party girl Hailey Glassman, whose mug shot was leaked online earlier today, will also have a hand in creating the kid-friendly fashions.

“She’ll have a lot of input with Christian,” Jon Gosselin told People when asked about Hailey’s involvement in their new fashion foray. “And I will, too.”

Jon also said that his eight kids, who spent the weekend with Kate Gosselin at the family’s Pennsylvania home, will model his designs in ads for the line.

Nice to see that the tabloid frenzy, contentious separation and the hiatus of Jon and Kate Plus 8 haven't stopped them from pimping out their offspring.

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman take in the St. Tropez scene.

Christian Audigier says he approached Gosselin with the idea after noticing that the TV dad often wore his tattoo-inspired T-shirts on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

“He’s huge,” says the French designer, “Everyone knows this family. And now everyone will know our clothes. They’ll be fun, easy clothes for kids.”

During the weekend aboard Audigier’s yacht, Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman lunched at the Tahiti Club before cruising around the bay in a boat.

The hot couple went shopping at some high-end boutiques around St. Tropez, including Hermes and Prada. “They couldn’t take their eyes off each other,” a friend of Audigier’s says of Jon and Hailey. “They looked so happy to just be together.”

According to E!, Jon later ditched jet-lagged Hailey at the hotel to party.

Jon partied with Audigier at the glitzy nightclub Les Caves du Roy, where he drank champagne and danced until 5 a.m.: "Their bill there could have been as much as $50,000," says a club source. "They looked like they were having a lot of fun."

After sleeping in Sunday, the couple did some shopping in St.-Tropez port. That night, Jon Gosselin left Hailey Glassman at the hotel again and went to a late, boozy dinner with Audigier at a friend's private villa.

"He looked drunk," says a source who saw Gosselin arrive.

Bruno Fashion Show: What’s His Best Look?

As a series of Bruno quotes prove, Sacha Baron Cohen isn't afraid to say anything when under the guise of this character.

Similarly, as numerous television appearances and movie premieres over the last few weeks have depicted, Cohen also lacks any and all inhibitions when promoting the film.

Gayer than Adam Lambert and even more fashionably absurd than Lady GaGa, Bruno is a sight to behold wherever he goes.

Compare a few of his more ridiculous outfits (click on each image to enlarge it) below and let us know your favorite:

Bruno FashionKnight BrunoIn the ArmyAll LeatherSpace SuitedYellow SuspendersBruno Picture

Which is your favorite outfit on Bruno?

Pink bunny with exposed penis
In shining armor
In the army
Clad in leather
Yellow suspenders
View Results

Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Heidi Montag vs. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently said she wants to see Heidi Montag naked.

She's referring to The Hills star following her lead and taking it all off for Playboy, natch. But would she be as excited to learn that Montag is kopying her style?

Montag stayed stylish for a recent flight in Rich & Skinny jeans. Too bad Kim Kardashian hit an AXE launch party in the same "Devastated Superskinny" pair.

Who wore the look the best? Tell us in the survey below ...


Who looks better?

Heidi Montag
Kim Kardashian
View Results