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Dennis Shields: Final Words Shed Light on His Tragic Death

Just a week ago, Dennis Shields was found dead in his Trump Tower apartment.

Though the ex-boyfriend of Betheny Frankel's cause of death has yet to be officially declared in an autopsy report, we now know his final words.

And his final statement may shed a lot of light on what preceded his unfortunate passing.

Dennis Shields and Cookie

TMZ reports that Dennis Shields was able to speak a few words to EMTs who arrived and attempted to save his life.

Sources say that, in those final moments, he told paramedics and police that he had taken his prescribed oxycodone and Vicodin and a sleeping pill.

His intention, he revealed at the time, was to address the pain from his back injury.

Though his assistant had already administered Narcan before emergency responders arrived, everyone's best efforts were unable to save him.

That combo of drugs turned out to be tragically lethal.

Dennis Shields and Bethenny Frankel Sited In New York City

As TMZ notes, that combination of drugs can be dangerous and even potentially deadly.

Doctors and other medical experts strongly advise against mixing opioids with sleeping pills or any type of sedative.

Taking these medications in what are individually safe amounts can become unsafe, due to interactions between the powerful medications.

Had this been a simple overdose of oxycodone, perhaps the three doses of Narcan -- two from his assistant and one from EMTs -- that Shields received would have been able to save him.

This is so heartbreaking.

Dennis Shields

TMZ's law enforcement sources report that they did find prescription pill bottles scattered throughout his house.

They did not find any ilicit substances or drug paraphernalia which might be associated with them.

If you are overdosing or experiencing another medical crisis, it is always adviseable to be honest with the people who are trying to save your life.

The "pill bottles scattered everywhere" image might seem suspicious for some, but it's not uncommon for folks to accidentally hold on to their empty prescription bottles.

(They may cling to them as a reference, or forget that they have them, or decide that they want to remove the label for privacy before recycling them)

Dennis Shields, Wife

Earlier this week, The Real Housewives of New York City star and Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel broke her silence on Shields' death.

Though they were not dating at the time of his passing, they have had an on-again, off-again relationship for ages.

Bethenny is mourning his passing. At his funeral, she broke down in tears.

On Instagram, she shared a throwback photo of him and her late dog, Cookie, back-to-back.

Both Shields and Cookie have since passed.

"Rest In Peace," Bethenny captioned the image. "My sweet babies who gave me endless unconditional love."

Bethenny Frankel Looks Sullen

It is important to stress that the medical examiner's office has yet to announce an official cause of death for Dennis Shields.

It is always possible that the dangerous combination of drugs that he took in a desperate attempt to quell his back pain were not the cause, or not the sole cause.

The medical examiner is likely waiting for the results of a toxicology report. Those can take time, especially when investigators are checking for every possibility.

We hope that Shields' loved ones, including his four children, can find peace and closure after this tragic loss.

Angelina Jolie ORDERED to Give Brad Pitt More Visitation With Kids!

Brad Pitt sure is getting a lot of child visitation time for a guy who allegedly barely even pays child support.

But will it last? A report says that a court date for him and Angelina Jolie is looming -- and it's just days away.

These questions of custody, child support, and visitation could be resolved sooner than either estranged ex could imagine.

Angelina Jolie BAFTA Pic

Until the next court date, which is scheduled for August 21, Angelina is being forced to send her six children to spend time with Pitt.

The court has ordered her, The Blast reports, to hand them over for "four hours every other day on school days and twelve hours every other day on non-school days."

The order that they spend twelve hours with him every other day on non-school days is staggering.

Additionally, as we previously reported, she was ordered to surrender her children's cell phone numbers to Pitt.

She was also instructed that she is not to monitor their communications with him.

Brad Pitt with a Question

As we mentioned, Angelina has accused Pitt of being a deadbeat dad.

In court documents, she alleges that he has made minimal contributions towards their children during the two years since their split.

This, she says, has forced her to shoulder the bulk of the costs of caring for all six of them.

It is not that she cannot afford to care for her children, but that it is the responsibility of both parents to support their children.

Pitt did not care for being called a deabeat -- if not in so many words -- at all.

Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs

Brad Pitt accused Angelina of "media manipulation," though her complaint was filed in court documents.

He then went on to claim that, actually, he's paid more than $9 million in child support.

That sounds like plenty to contribute to six children. More than plenty, really.

But Angelina's team replied that he was deliberately distorting facts to make it appear that he was providing for his children more than he really was.

He had apparently given Angelina an $8 million loan after he insisted upon keeping the family home and the belongings within it.

Brad Pitt Says Hello

Obviously, a loan is not the same thing as child support.

The loan was given to help Angelina secure a new home, and he is reportedly charging her interest on the amount.

It is possible that Pitt's attorney will argue that since the loan is for a home that the children also occupy, he was helping them with it. That would make his case pretty weak, however.

It is difficult to imagine how that argument would work in court unless Pitt forgives the loan, and even then.

Hopefully, an official amount for future child support payments can be determined soon -- perhaps in a matter of days, if the August 21 hearing goes well.

Angelina Jolie BAFTA Pose

Many suspect that the court will make a new ruling on child custody and visitation -- though that could, at least potentially, go in favor of either Angelina or Pitt.

Perhaps the court can also clear up who has paid what to whom during the past few years.

Hopefully, the court can do so in a way that does not allow one side or the other to misrepresent the truth using numbers and payments.

What everyone should want is whatever arrangement -- in terms of finances and custody and, well, everything else -- is in the best interests of the children.

Steve Harvey: Accused of Harassing, Stalking, Bullying Essie Berry

Family Feud host Steve Harvey's ex-wife is suing him for a slew of things including torture and "soul murdering."

He is also being sued by the widow of a famous actress.

She accuses Harvey of harassing, bullying, and stalking her -- among other things.

Steve Harvey on Family Feud

Essie Berry is the widow of the late Fred “Rerun” Berry, an actor and street dancer best known for his role as Rerun on What's Happening?

RadarOnline reports that, in March, Essie filed a lawsuit against Steve Harvey. She is seeking $5 million.

She is suing him for damage to her reputation, harassment, witness intimidation, and infliction of mental anguish and emotional distress.

Harvey is denying it all.

In fact, he is alleging that Essie and his ex-wife, Mary Vaughn, are conspiring together in a "quixotic campaign" to take him down.

Steve Harvey on Set

"From 2013 to August 2018," the affidavit reads. "The Defendant and known affiliates have harassed, bullied, stalked, silenced, threatened, and intimidated Ms. Berry."

This has included Harvey allegedly having people post threats against her on YouTube and other sites, resulting in a loss of potential income.

"Furthermore," the affidavit continues. "The Defendant went at great lengths to make Ms. Berry’s life a living hell."

"The Defendant manipulated media and entertainment outlets with his mistruths," the suit alleges. "And caused intentional harm to Ms. Berry’s health and likeness without any apparent justification."

In other words, it sounds like he allegedly badmouthed her and, also allegedly, sabotaged her career and livelihood.

The suit says: "She lost contracts and wages as a result of the defendant’s actions."

Steve Harvey Sort of Sucks

Steve Harvey's team hit back: "Mr. Harvey promptly filed a demurrer to Ms. Berry’s rambling and incoherent original complaint."

"That challenge was mooted," Harvey's team asserts. "Days before a hearing when Ms. Berry amended her pleading to assert new claims and theories."

"Through the present demurrer, Mr. Harvey seeks to end Ms. Berry’s continued misuse and abuse of the judicial system," Harvey's team claims.

"Her operative pleading remains woefully deficient under even the most relaxed pleading standard," the rebuttal continues. "It purports to plead claims that do not exist."

Steve Harvey on Stage

Essie Berry's team, however, asserts that this is definitely not something that she's making up.

"Ms. Berry filed numerous reports to local enforcement and other reporting agencies to restrain the Defendant from constant harassment," Berry's team replies.

Of those filings, there was one "which was granted in the State of Arizona in 2013 prior to his retaliating attempt at a restraining order that was in direct violation of the protective order granted to the Plaintiff."

"On two occasions in 2017," Berry's team says. "The Defendant sent an unidentified male to Ms. Berry’s family members home after business hours."

If that was intended as a threat, it sounds absolutely chilling.

Steve Harvey Sits Down

So it looks like two different women are accusing Steve Harvey of being life-ruiningly awful, and they are each suing him to the tune of millions of dollars.

This comes on the heels of the revelation that Steve Harvey does not like to interact with his own coworkers unless he has to, after a memo that he posted went viral.

Sometimes, public figures who appear to be very congenial and admirable turn out to be very different people behind closed doors.

That said, we do not yet know if either woman will be able to prove her accusations in court.

Ramona Singer: If Luann Were a REAL Addict, She’d Need More Rehab!

We know that this will surprise exactly zero viewers of The Real Housewives of New York City, but Ramona Singer has some strong opinions about one of her fellow Housewives.

Specifically, she gets asked how she feels about Luann de Lesseps going to rehab again following a relapse.

Ramona thinks that it couldn't have been for long enough, and thinks that Luann is sending a harmful message to "serious" addicts.

Ramona singer on e

The hosts of E!'s #DailyPop asked Ramona Singer how proud she is of Luann de Lesseps.

Ramona hesitated before even answering.

"I think someone who gets out of rehab after two weeks," Ramona says, trailing off. "I mean are they really well?"

Her words and tone suggest that she believes the answer to be no.

"What kind of message," Ramona asks. "Are you sending to other people who have serious alcoholic problems?"

Ramona singer is not impressed

Ramona has doubts about the efficacy of a two-week stint in rehab -- like the one that Luann took after she relapsed and got drunk.

"I don't think anyone can get better after two, three weeks," Ramona says dismissively.

Ramona does acknowledge that this was not Luann's only time in rehab.

"Obviously," Ramona admits. "She went in a few months ago for 30 days."

Ramona says that she worried at the time that it would not be enough, telling E! that: "I said to one of her friends, 'Please have her stay for two months.'"

Ramona singer bethenny frankel spar over potential boyfriend

Ramona also addressed Dennis Shields' tragic death and how Bethenny Frankel is coping with the sudden passing of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

"I just feel bad for the children," Ramona says after a moment when asked about the situation.

Obviously, children are the least equipped to process tragedy and trauma -- and they are always, always the innocents.

"He left four children behind, and that just breaks my heart," Ramona says. "It breaks my heart."

The hosts ask her if she has spoken to Bethenny on the subject.

"I've texted her," Ramona says of Bethenny. "I texted her my condolences."

Ramona singer nearly cries

Look, we're no experts on addiction or recovery or rehab or sobriety.

But ... neither is Ramona Singer. Sorry, not sorry.

Different people respond to treatments -- of any kind -- at different rates.

And there is a massive difference between someone's first visit to rehab after realizing that they need to change their life, in contrast with someone heading back for a stint in rehab after a relapse.

That said ... studies have shown that just two weeks without alcohol can allow the brain to recover and make changes to being without booze.

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic

There is also a huge difference between someone going to rehab to change their life -- which is what Luann did -- and someone going to rehab to save their life.

Luann's issues with alcohol could have killed her, but it sounds like she was more concerned about her health and behavior.

In contrast, some attend rehab because they are worried that their next dose of a substance will be their last.

That sort of situation can lead to a much longer stint in rehab, as a single relapse could easily be fatal.

In Luann's case, she drank in response to a sudden and painful stressor, and then she checked into rehab. She was being smart.

Ramona singer if luann were a real addict shed need more rehab

50 Cent and 6ix9ine Flee for Cover After Shots Fired on Set!

Rappers 50 Cent and 6ix9ine were filming a music video when the sound of gunfire sent them fleeing for cover.

It wasn't a sound effect -- someone really opened fire. Police are investigating.

And to think that it's only been weeks since 6ix9ine got his ass kicked. The world of rap can be dangerous.

Curtis Jackson

TMZ reports that, on Tuesday night, 50 Cent and 6ix9ine (also known as Tekashi69) were sent running for cover when they heard gunshots on set.

The two were filming a new music video in Brooklyn on Tuesday at around 10:30 PM.

A vehicle described by witnesses as a white Porsche with New Jersey license plates opened fire just a stone's throw from the set, firing multiple shots.

Shell casing evidence indicates that the shooter was using a 9 mm semi-automatic weapon.

Casanova and Uncle Murda were both also present on set.

6ix9ine Teeth Pic

A spokesperson for the NYPD spoke to HollywoodLife about exactly what went down.

"Tekashi 6ix9ine and 50 Cent were filming a music video in Brooklyn," the statement confirms.

They were in the middle of production "when someone fired shots a block away."

When we're talking about gunfire, that distance seems insignificant.

Ultimately, police collected evidence "and eight shell casings were found."


"The police doesn’t think anyone was hit," the spokesperson reveals.

That is such a relief. But it does not make any of this less frightening.

"But," the statement acknowledges. "They’re canvasing hospitals."

Sometimes, someone gets shot and goes for help without contacting law enforcement. There can be many reasons for that. Some of them are even innnocuous.

But so far, this appears to be a crime with no direct victims "and no suspects have been identified."

6ix9ine on instagram

50 Cent has been shot nine times. Thankfully, this incident was not one of them.

(Yes, 50 Cent blaming Terry Crews for his own sexual assault was incredibly douchey, but he doesn't deserve to be shot for that)

He's not the only man there who has been on the receiving end of gun violence, however.

6ix9ine was recently robbed, pistol-whipped, and basically left for dead. Like, very recently.

On top of that, 6ix9ine is believe to be an associate to a person of interest in the Chief Keef shooting.

50 Cent in a Cap

Despite all of that, sources close to the music video's production believe that the shooting was unrelated to the stars.

Police, however, are unprepared to rule out that this was some sort of warning or intimidation tactic aimed at someone involved.

They hope to know more after they speak to a suspect.

In the mean time, 6ix9ine may enter prison as a registered sex offender after violating his parole following an incident in which he, an adult, was "partying" with a 13-year-old girl.

Though he may yet be able to weasel out of it at his new hearing on October 2, he likely has larger concerns on his mind than a possibly random, possibly victimless shooting.

Still, wouldn't it be nice if there were fewer guns and this sort of thing happened less frequently?

Lyric McHenry: Family Releases Official Statement

Tragically, producer and reality star Lyric McHenry died this week. Friends and fans alike were shocked upon learning the circumstances of her death -- that she was found on a sidewalk.

Investigators are still looking into her cause of death. It is unclear if Lyric knew she was pregnant.

Now, her family has released a statement sharing what they know.

Lyric McHenry

In a statement made to Us Weekly, Lyric McHenry's family says that they appreciate the well-intentioned support they've received from loved ones.

"The McHenry Family deeply appreciates the many communications of support," the statement begins.

The family writes that they received this support "from Lyric McHenry’s many friends upon learning of her untimely death at approximately 6:00 AM the morning of August 14th, 2018."

They want to help make the timeline clear, based upon what investigators have told them, in order to clear up confusion.

"Despite the speculation in earlier reports," the family says. "At this point in time the cause of Lyric’s death has yet to be determined"

Lyric McHenry Instagram Pic

"In contrast," the statement continues. "What is factual and known is that Lyric who just turned 26 last week on August 6, was a brilliant, creative, and lovely young woman."

Lyric, they write, was a woman "who shared a deep passion for writing, film, and a long-standing commitment to social justice."

She was, and they would prefer to celebrate her life than speculate about her death.

"She was a Christian who grew up in Los Angeles and attended the Center for Early Education," the statement shares.

"And," the family writes, Lyric "graduated from the Marlborough School in Los Angeles."

Lyric McHenry Pic

"Lyric graduated from Stanford University in 2014," the statement continues.

"Where she studied in Paris, France for a year," Lyric's proud family writes. "And spoke fluent French."

Lyric was politically active even before she was old enough to vote.

They mention that she "worked on numerous social justice issues."

Notably, Lyric volunteered for the Obama Campaign from 2007 to 2008 and then volunteered again in 2012.

She helped to make the world a better place.

Lyric McHenry and Michelle Obama

"Lyric produced and raised funds via crowd funding for her first film," the statement shares. "Which won several film festival awards"

"And," her family reminds the world, Lyric "was a Producer and member of the cast of E! show EJNYC."

Lyric is well-known for her reality career, but there was so much more to her.

"Currently," the statement shares. "Lyric was working on packaging and development of several well regarded film and TV projects."

"She was also interviewing for several West Coast Media jobs," they reveal. "Having returned to L.A. in February from working in NYC for several years and preparing her applications for a business school MBA Program."

Lyric McHenry Photo

"Lyric’s warmth, compassion, and energy will be missed by many," the statement acknowledges.

"And the family would appreciate that all speculation surrounding the circumstances of death cease," they request.

Because she was found dead less than fully dressed on a sidewalk, some fear that Lyric was murdered. Others wonder if it was an overdose.

They are only making this request "until the real facts are determined during the current investigation by the NYPD and the City of New York."

"The Funeral Service will be held in her hometown Los Angeles," the statement concludes. "At a date to be determined."

Rest in peace, Lyric. We hope that her family finds closure.

Meghan Markle: I’d Talk to My Dad If He’d Just Shut Up Already!!

Meghan Markle, like so many royals in ages past, is under siege by members her own family. In modern times, at least, they're using interviews, not trebuchets.

Her idiot dad's cruel comments continue to be a thorn in her side during what should be one of the happiest times in her life.

A source explains why she has not tried to reach out to him to plead for his silence -- and why that wouldn't work anyway.

Meghan Markle Unhappy

A source close to Meghan Markle tells The Daily Mail that Meghan has a very good reason for not speaking to Thomas Markle.

"The only reason Meghan hasn't spoken to her father yet," the insider reports. "Is because she's yet to hear from him in a respectful manner."

In fact, most of what she hears from him is just him blabbing into any microphone within arm's reach.

"Thomas," the source says. "Is speaking to the press more than he's reached out and spoken to his own daughter."

That's not just cruel and embarrassing -- it's sad.

Meghan Markle's Father

The insider says that Thomas' whining has been in bad faith, because he could have quietly gotten in touch with his daughter if that were truly his intention.

"If Thomas truly wanted to speak with Meghan," the source says. "He could easily have sent a letter to her mother."

The two may have broken up when Meghan was six, but they're believed to be in contact.

And Meghan's mom, at least, has enough dignity to play a role in her daughter's life.

Thomas could have sent her a letter, the insider says, "and asked her to pass it along" to Meghan.

Meghan Markle: An Image

The individual close to Meghan suggests that they know why he didn't take this route after Meghan got a new number.

"Unfortunately," the source says. "That wouldn't sell papers."

Thomas' constantly whining to the press works well for him -- he gets paid interviews -- and for the outlets who grant the interviews.

The insider notes that him acting reasonably would not pay well "or fit into his fabricated and salacious narrative."

That sounds harsh ... but also true.

Thomas Markle Photo

If you read betweent he lines, it seems pretty clear that Meghan can't trust her father enough to just call him.

Why? Because if her pleas failed to convince him to stop, he would then have one more thing to use against her in new interviews.

What's more is that she can't know for certain that he won't secretly record her.

It's one thing for Meghan's awful half-sister, Samantha Grant, to deliberately say cruel things about her. That just seems to be who Samantha is as a person.

It's another thing altogether for Meghan to feel like she can't trust her own father, with whom she was very close.

The New Duchess

A recent report has said that Meghan will do anything to make her dad shut up, and that the Palace is condiering changing its policies.

That could mean that Kensington Palace might, instead of sidestepping these interviews and stories, actually counter with their own narrative.

It also means that they might establish a secure backchannel through which to extend an olive branch to Thomas to bring this nightmare to an end.

Some fear that this embarrassing saga will deter future royals from marrying commoners -- or marrying Americans.

Still, this is the royal family we're talking about. Harry's ancestors had arranged marriages to their cousins in order to prevent wars. This is, historically speaking, barely an incident.

Selena Gomez Teases "Very Honest" New Album!

Selena Gomez is so much more than the queen of Instagram

In the video that we have included with this post, Selena confirms that her new album is in the works, though it's not quite finished yet.

She even teases some details about her new songs. This is, if you'll pardon our pun, music to the ears of fans.

Across multiple videos on Instagram, including some guest appearances with friends, Selena confirmed that she's working on a new album.

This will be a follow-up to Revival, which debuted in 2015.

Selena teases a few details about the nature of the album.

"It’s very honest," Selena says. "But playful."

"And," Selena continues. "I felt like creatively it is in a really great direction,”

Selena discusses the inspiration for this album.

“I just wanted it to feel like what is going on in my head," she admits.

"Which," Selena admits. "Was a lot."

Revival came on the heels of her revelation that she had been undergoing chemo as part of her battle with Lupus.

Since then, Selena has undergone a life-saving kidney transplant.

We imagine that she has no shortage of personal inspiration for her music. For many artists, art is how they process and cope.

As you will see in the video that we have included, Selena's friend shoots down her efforts to reveal more about the album.

The friend even refuses to name a track from it, despite Selena's emphatic permission to do so.

"I’m just so anxious because I want to play my music,” Selena admits.

Selenators, of course, are also very eager to hear it.

Selena tells her fans and followers: “I can’t wait for you guys to hear it."

She is usure of how to describe some of her music without revealing too much.

Her friend Raquelle says: "I like the fun ones that we can dance to."

Plenty of Selenators agree, but you don't need to have listened to Selena's new, unfinishe album to know that. That describes a lot of good music that Selena has produced over the years.

"I’m just anticipating like what," Selena says. "I don’t know what people are going to think."

"Like," Selena says, voicing her concerns. "Do you think they are going to think it is the same thing?"

That anxiety sounds very normal for any artist.

Obviously, we're all incredibly pumped about Ariana Grande's Sweetener dropping on Thursday night.

But contrary to what some hardcore fans -- both Selenators and Arianators -- seem to believe, it is possible and even ideal to enjoy music by both artists.

Selena has dropped a couple of singles since Revival, but as much as we enjoy "Wolves," having a whole album to consume will be a lot of fun.

Selena, who just turned 26 in July, has produced some bops over the years -- from "Naturally" to "Stars Dance" to "Kill 'Em With Kindness."

We can barely contain our excitement for whatever she comes up with next.

Selena is one of the most talented singers in human history.

Selena gomez teases very honest new album

Lyric McHenry: Did She Know She Was Pregnant?

As previously reported in terrible detail, Lyric McHenry was found dead early Tuesday morning in New York City.

The former E! reality star, who made appearances two years ago on the only season of EJNYC, was discovered around 5 a.m. -- only wearing underwear and a pajama top.

But that wasn't all.

Lyric McHenry Instagram Pic

Authorities have confirmed that a small ziplock bag of cocaine was also found on McHenry's person, leading the police to presume that she died of a drug overdose.

However, an investigation is open and more information will possibly be revealed in the coming days.

Perhaps most shocking and disturbing of all?

McHenry was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

A multitude of social media images and videos from the night before her passing make it clear she was out partying, although we can't confirm whether she was drinking or not.

Then, of course, there's the issue of that cocaine.

This is all a preamble to the following question...

Lyric McHenry Pic

Did Lyric McHenry know she was pregnant?

One would assume so, based on how far along reports have claimed her to have been.

But a friend named Etienne Maurice tells Radar Online that he was very close to Henry and he had no clue about the impending child.

“Nobody knew,” says this pal. “I’m trying to figure out how. I’m completely blindsided."

Maurice goes on to say that he doesn't believe McHenry was aware, either, emphasizing that she wasn't showing a baby bump at all.

(Women, of course, have a very distinct way of knowing whether or not they are pregnant aside from the size of their stomach.)

Lyric McHenry Photo

McHenry, based on everything we've read so far, certainly wasn't acting pregnant.

But the sad truth is that some people do not treat their bodies well even when they are aware that a fetus is growing inside.

Aside from the pregnancy issue, questions continue to swirl around the manner in which McHenry was found.

Could she have been murdered? Did she overdose and then get dumped on the sidewalk?

Maurice previously told Radar that McHenry left her friends on Monday night outside of a club and got into a car with someone none of them knew and cannot now identity.

Lyric McHenry and Michelle Obama

McHenry was a Stanford University graduate who interned on the Obama campaign as a teenager; hence the photograph above.

Her father, Doug McHenry, who has produced films that include New Jack City, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and the House Party franchise, issued a statement through his publicist on Wednesday describing his daughter as “a brilliant, creative and lovely young woman who shared a deep passion for writing, film, and a longstanding commitment to social justice."

And the family as a whole said the following yesterday evening:

The McHenry Family deeply appreciates the many communications of support from Lyric McHenry’s many friends upon learning of her untimely death at approximately 6:00 AM the morning of August 14th, 2018.

Despite the speculation in earlier reports, at this point in time the cause of Lyric’s death has yet to be determined.

Lyric McHenry Picture

The lengthy statement concluded as follows:

In contrast, what is factual and known is that Lyric who just turned 26 last week on August 6, was a brilliant, creative and lovely young woman who shared a deep passion for writing, film and a long-standing commitment to social justice.

She was a Christian who grew up in Los Angeles and attended the Center for Early Education and graduated from the Marlborough School in Los Angeles.

Lyric graduated from Stanford University in 2014 where she studied in Paris, France for a year and spoke fluent French...

Lyric’s warmth, compassion and energy will be missed by many and the family would appreciate that all speculation surrounding the circumstances of death cease until the real facts are determined during the current investigation by the NYPD and the City of New York.

The Funeral Service will be held in her hometown Los Angeles at a date to be determined.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha: Married!

It was only last October that Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown confirmed his engagement. Rhain Alisha went from being his girlfriend to his fiancee.

Exactly two years after they met, the couple took things to the next level.

On Wednesday, August 15, Noah Brown married Rhain in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Noah Brown, Fiancee

Speaking to People, Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha made their first official statement as a married couple.

"We are so excited to start our new life together as husband and wife," their statement reads.

We would imagine so!

"And," their statement continues. "We look forward to building new memories as our own family."

That's exciting! It sounds like they are already making plans for their life together.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha, Black and White

Noah and Rhain also gave a shout-out to fans who have supported their whirlwind romance over the past two years.

"God bless everyone," the couple says. "For all of the love and support."

Two years ago, on August 15, Noah and Rhain met in Hoonah while Rhain was traveling through Alaska.

The next year, on April 17, Noah proposed to Rhain while the two of them were hiking in Juneau.

It was months before he officially confirmed it. Unlike most of his siblings, Noah has not continued to be part of the world of reality television.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha

Together with Rhain, he is forging his own path.

But he is still close with his family. In fact, most of the 25 guests who attended the couple's nuptials on Wednesday were family.

"I tried on a tux for the first time ever," Gabe Brown admitted to People. "That was weird."

Gabe's mystery girlfriend was revealed earlier this year, leading many fans to wonder if him wearing this tux might be good practice for a wedding day of his own someday.

"It’s been so hectic and crazy because we’ve had to go get these fancy clothes," Billy Brown added. "We haven’t had time to think about it today."

Noah Brown and Rhain at the Zoo

Ami Brown was reportedly holding back tears as she spoke to People.

"We are so happy for them," the family matriarch announced.

Ami Brown's cancer is in remission, but she has probably wondered more than once whether she would get to see Noah's wedding date.

We are so glad that she did.

Ami also said: "We wish them years of happiness."

Of course!

Noah Brown

Curiously, People did not include a statement from Noah's youngest sister, Rain Brown.

Maybe that was because she's 15, but ... she also did not post anything about the wedding on Instagram. Not as of Thursday morning, anyway.

Perhaps she is saving the social media celebration for later, but fans have noticed that she also does not follow Noah on Instagram.

Rain is the family's de facto spokesperson on social media, but she's been a little less active in recent weeks.

And considering how Noah slammed Rain as "childish" and a "preteen," we would absolutely understand if she still harbors hard feelings.

Still, congratulations are in order for Noah and Rhain! And, of course, for their families.

Johnny Depp: One Time Amber Heard Took a Dump on My Bed as Payback!

It may be that Johnny Depp is broke after blowing his fortune on a weird, random collection, but he still has a lot of friends.

And one of them has come forward with a story claiming that, during his marriage to Amber Heard, she pooped on their bed. As a prank.

Honestly, this might be the least upsetting story about their marriage that we've heard. But it's still very gross.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: Throwback Photo

So, remember Depp's recent claim that Amber supposedly punched him because he was late to a party?

Well, someone close to him came forward to the Daily Mirror to say that Amber retaliated against him for being late ... by defecating on their marital bed.

Though Amber apparently said that it was one of their dogs, this claim was dismissed because of the size of the excrement.

The source claims that there was some sort of "strong, photographic evidence that connected Amber to the feces."

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Picture

The incident, the source says, seemed to be a "prank."

On a more serious note, it was allegedly during a fight about this incident that Depp is said to have thrown a phone at Amber's face.

That is definitely not the worst of the accusations about Depp from the time of their marriage, but it's upsetting.

Oddly, this source also says that the bed defecation incident was a factor in their split.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in Black and White

The Daily Mirror says that Amber's rep responded to their query and explained the incident.

"Boo has some serious bowel control issues," the rep says, referring to one of the couple's small dogs -- whom Amber won in the divorce.

"There was never a joke," the rep clarifies. "It wasn’t something done to be disrespectful."

"It was an innocent thing, it’s what pets will do," the rep continues.

"We don’t have anything else to say," the rep asserts. "Ms Heard is moving on and we do not want to engage in this nonsense."

Amber Heard at The Adderall Diaires Premiere

This is gross, but it's also a gross story that dates back more than two years.

And, unlike allegations of abuse, it's nothing more than disgusting. If it's true, it's yucky and unsanitary. If it was the dogs, it's still yucky and unsanitary.

So why, some wonder, is this coming up?

Our best guess is that this is because Depp has been facing some really bad PR lately and perhaps he or someone close to him is trying to somehow deflect.

But that's just a guess. Honestly, who can say?

Heard and Depp

Johnny Depp looks like he's dying in recent photographs, but that's just a small part of the story.

More seriously, Depp is being sued for allegedly punching a dude and then offering that man money to hit him back in some bizarre fit of aggression.

That story did not come as a surprise to those who believed Amber Heard when she accused him of domestic violence.

Or to those who remember Depp's hotel room-destroying antics from the '90s.

But it sounds like the fallout from Depp's abuse accusations is really getting under his skin.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Pic

A number of diehard Harry Potter fans have vowed to not see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald -- because Depp is in it, and because JK Rowling and the director defended his casting.

Some have even taken to nicknaming the film "The Crimes of Johnny Depp."

These fans wish that Depp would stop ruining Harry Potter, as they believe that to be JK Rowling's job.

Depp has seen some of this coverage, which is apparently what motivated him to -- years after their court battle -- accuse Amber of having punched him in retaliation for him being late.

It sounds like -- whether it was one of the couple's dogs or Amber herself -- the story of this defecation was shared in an effort to deflect attention from that.

Farrah Abraham: I’m Playing a Cop! In a REAL Movie!!

Farrah's in a movie! It might not be that movie JJ Abrams is making about Farrah's life. But we're sure he'll get started right away after he sees ... this.

In the video that we've included, Farrah shows off her police uniform.

See, she's landed a movie role.

Farrah abraham police photo

"Well the tables have turned," Farrah jokes in her caption beside a photo that shows her in a police officer's uniform.

Farrah is referring to her court case over an alleged assault on a hotel employee. Farrah pleaded not guilty just days ago.

Farrah then bosts that: "The Irony in my life is better then watching 'COPS.'"

We're not going to delve into the definitions of different types of irony. We'll just let that one go.

(We're also, even more reluctantly, leaving unchallenged the suggestion that COPS is somehow a paragon of entertainment)

Farrah is going to appear in I Got The Hook-Up 2. She plays a police officer.

Farrah abraham i got the hookup 2 caption

"Watch Full video now on my #youtube channel! Vlog," Farrah invites her followers.

See our attached video if you want to witness Farrah's totally professional nonstop livestreaming from the set.

"On set behind the scenes," Farrah teases. "#IGOTTHEHOOKUP2 coming soon!"

The first film, whose stars included Master P and Ice Cube, came out a few years ago.

"Love @masterp & all of production @ko_creative," Farrah concludes. "ON SET SCRIPTED VLOG FARRAH ABRAHAM "I GOT THE HOOK UP 2"

Farrahb abraham photoshop fail

Back in July, Farrah's talent agency (ugh, can imagine what kind of torment it must be to do that?) praised her.

They described her casting accomplishment as "booking a leading role in a SAG film."

Well ... it sure is a SAG film. It doesn't look like she's playing the main character, however.

"In this next scene, I gotta admit I thought I was playing the lead principal role, and then I woke up this morning," Farrah says at one point in the video.

Oh Farrah.

Farrah abraham weight loss lollipop

After overcoming her distraction, Farrah resumes her story.

"Messed up," Farrah tells the camera as she continues to livestream nonstop from the set.

"So basically I did a whole acting coach and memorized the whole thing," Farrah reveals.

So she learned her script. Like actors are supposed to.

"And now," Farrah continues. "Totally different role."

Farrah abraham poses in intimate wear

Farrah isn't blaming Master P for this hate crime worthy of Viacom.

"That was like an executive over like the company," Farrah says, explaining whose call it was to make her play a police officer rather than the lead.

Farrah seems uncharacteristically chill about getting demoted.

Maybe she's just very, very excited to be appearing in a movie that does not involve things going into her orifices.

Maybe she's just excited to be appearing in something that has an actual script.

Compared to charging fans $10 to touch her, this does seem like a step up for Farrah's recent career.

And honestly? She should be excited.

Plenty of actual, non-terrible actresses get their start in minor roles in a random sequel films.

And the first I Got The Hook-Up made more than 8 times its budget at the box office.

Farrah abraham im playing a cop in a real movie

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel: It’s Over! For Good This Time!

Earlier this month, it looked like Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel were over. But in the space of a day, Ashley insisted that they were now back together.

Now, however, the embattled Southern Charm star and the extremely confrontational nurse are over. Officially.

Ashley broke the news herself.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel at Dinner

In a tearful Instagram Live session, Ashley Jacobs revealed that she and Thomas are over. For real this time.

"I don’t want to comment but there are just some things I’m trying to handle privately," Ashley explains.

“Before I say too much, I love Thomas and I’ll always love Thomas," Ashley clarifies. "I’ll always care about him."

Not everyone feels that way now that Thomas Ravenel has been accused of rape by a couple of women and others have come forward to share tales of upsetting behavior from him.

"I’m still trying to work it out," Ashley explains. "Not work out getting back together, but I’m still trying to figure it out."

Ashley Jacobs is Sad on Instagram Live

"I think everyone’s been through breakups before," Ashley says. "But it’s hard."

It is difficult. Emotions are a curse.

"It’s not easy," Ashley admits.

"Sometimes," Ashley says. "You just want to stay quiet and figure out what the next move in your life is going to be."

That sounds very smart.

Ashley explains: "I’m just trying to take care of myself the best way that I can."

Ashley Jacobs Winks

"You guys know some eligible bachelors," Ashley jokes. "Hook me up.”

She then goes above and beyond to assure her followers that she is not a gold-digging famewhore.

“They don’t have to have money," Ashley insists. "I’m okay with that."

Ashley's willingness to uproot her life after five dates to live with Thomas across the country, and the fact that she seemed to flirt with other wealthy men on Southern Charm, gave a different impression.

"I just want someone to love me for me," she says.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel

Again, Ashley insists: "It’s never been about money."

There were also rumors that Ashley Jacobs is an escort, which she found hurtful -- though, of course, there is nothing wrong with sex work.

"Like I said, I work hard," Ashley continues. "I wouldn’t quit my job."

Ashley is a registered nurse.

"I drive my cute little Honda," Ashley says, reassuring fans. "I’m okay."

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs

Ashley posted something much more vague to her Instagram page.

"I am who I am today because of my failures," Ashley writes. "I am compassionate because I’ve failed."

"I am understanding because I’ve failed. I am more emotionally aware because I’ve failed," Ashley continues. "I’m smarter because I’ve failed."

"And I understand the values and beliefs of the things that matter in life because of those failures," she explains.

Ashley Jacobs Selfie

"So I would never take them back," Ashley insists. "I would never go back in time and change a single thing."

Ashley tagged her post: "#NewMe"

You know what? She may have been a Southern Charm villain, but we're strangely happy for her.

Go live your life, Ashley.

Lyric McHenry: Could She Have Been Murdered?

When you get right down to it, there's only one thing that really matters about the death of Lyric McHenry:

That she is dead.

We're not being glib here and we certainly aren't trying to make a joke.

We're just saying that McHenry is tragically gone and no new information that comes out surrounding her passing will bring her back to her loved ones.

Lyric McHenry Pic

This said, it remains understandable while both the authorities and those who knew McHenry well would be desperate for some answers.

The 26-year old was best known in entertainment circles for having appeared on episodes of EJNYC in 2016, a Rich Kids of Beverly Hills spinoff that centered on EJ Johnson, the gay son of NBA legend Magic Johnson.

She was found dead on a sidewalk in the Bronx at 5 a.m. on Tuesday.

She was only wearing a pajama top and underwear at the time.

She had a small ziplock bag of cocaine on her person.

She was 20 weeks pregnant at the time.

These are the very disturbing facts that have come out over the past several hours, all of which have contributed to reactions of shock and sorrow from those close to Lyric.

Lyric McHenry Photo

McHenry was transported to Bronx-Lebanon hospital after her body was discovered, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

The assumption, based on the scene described above, is that McHenry died of a drug overdose.

But the New York Police Department is waiting on an autopsy report before it makes this official and says that McHenry's death is under investigation.

An official at Public Affairs Office told told  Radar Online on Wednesday that investigators are “looking at all possibilities” in the case.

This same website quotes a friend who confirms that McHenry was out partying with her sister and other acquaintances on Monday night.

After she exited a club, she reportedly got into a car with... someone, Etienne Maurice tells Radar.

Lyric McHenry

“All we know is she left in a white BMW,” Maurice says. “We don’t know who was driving that car.”

Maurice says he's equally perplexed by why/how McHenry ended up sprawled on a sidewalk near the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, someplace she had no reason to visit.

We don't want to irresponsibily speculate on such an important topic, so we'll just leave all this here.

We don't feel comfortable openly wondering whether McHenry overdosed or was actually killed by this unnamed and unknown individual.

Lyric McHenry Picture

After news of Lyric's death broke on Tuesday, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star Dorothy Wang took to Twitter to write:

"Rest In Peace Lyric McHenry. You were an angel amongst us."

She also clapped back against anyone who painted McHenry in a negative light, based on the circumstances surrounding her death, as did Maurice, who concluded to Radar:

“She’s a Stanford grad, she was a volunteer for the Obama campaign, she was a great spirit, and my most loyal friend."

EJ Johnson is yet to commend on this awful news.

We continue to send our condolences to the family members, friends and loved ones of Lyric McHenry.

May she rest in peace;

Dane Cook Jokes About Gross, Potentially Illegal Relationship with 19-Year Old

It's not exactly groundbreaking news to state that Dane Cook isn't funny.

Typically, however, our response to his terrible jokes is to roll our eyes or shake our heads.

When it comes to Cook making quips about his relationship with Kelsi Taylor, though, we need to be restrained from calling the police.

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor

Cook, you see, if 46 yeas old.

Taylor is 19 years old.

The pair went public with their inappropriate relationship in January, at which time Cook referred to Taylor as a "gift."

This week, meanwhile, in an Instagram Q&A with fans (We know, right? Who knew that Dane Cook had any fans?!?), the so-called comedian responded to a number of inquiries about his unusual romance.

How did they meet, for example?

"At a game night I host at my place," Cook replied. "We were friends for a while and soon after fell in like with each (other) and then upgraded to love."

Kelsi Taylor Picture

So... they were friends for awhile?

And they actually started dating when Taylor was 18?

Which means Cook was in his early 40s and isn't just sleeping with a teenager, but he's sleeping with a teenager who he knew since she was maybe a sophomore in high school?

That is disgusting, borderline illegal and most definitely not a subject to joke about.

But Dane Cook has never met a bad joke he didn't tell, so he continued...

What advice can Cook give to others in a relationship that involves a large age difference?

"The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart," he wrote back.

cook joke

Do their families approve of the relationship?

"I love her family and we are pretty close and go to dinner and hang," Dane responded, adding:

"My family pretty much all died years ago but @_courtneycook_ my sister likes Kelsi a lot."

What do they like most about each other?

"Kelsi is smart, kind, creative, loyal & honest. As for me I think Kelsi would say I'm tolerable."

Dane Cook, Girlfriend

Back in February, in an Instagram caption, Cook noted that Taylor "is warm hearted, smart, sincere & more than anything else we just click."

He added at this time:

"I have to say I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time in both my career & personal life."

Kelsi is an aspiring singer who just released her new album, "Fear of Yourself."

She has also performed background vocals for Grammy nominees such as Demi Lovato and Little Big Town.

Cook, meanwhile, has dated such stars as Jessica Simpson, Nicole Scherzinger, Julianne Hough and Raquel Houghton.

Kelsi Taylor and Dane Cook

If Taylor makes him happy, that's great we guess.

And it is conceivable that two people at these stages of their lives could find true love with one another. Once again... we guess.

But there's also something sketchy and flat-out gross about a grown man sleeping with a teenager. There just is.

Anyone out there disagree?

Selena Gomez: Justin and Hailey’s Engagement Is Messing With My Head!

Now that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged, many diehard Selenators are hoping that Selena Gomez can finally be free of him once and for all.

Unfortunately, a report says that Selena feels like she's unable to move forward with a new relationship or delete old photos from her time with the Biebs.

It sounds like Justin's engagement is messing with her head.

Selena Gomez Turns 26

A source tells HollywoodLife that Selena is struggling to date in the face of Justin's engagement.

"Selena feels like right now dating is not in the cards," the insider reveals.

That's interesting -- there had been speculation that Justin was dating Hailey to get revenge on Selena for Selena's own rebound.

Maybe the Caleb Stevens thing was never as big as some people believed.

"She thinks that it is hard to find someone because of her celebrity," the source explains. "And its hard to meet people organically."

Selena Gomez on the 4th

There is, unfortunately, more to it.

"Plus she always thinks how it will be perceived to be with someone in the outside world," the insider admits.

Dating someone is one thing. Publicly dating means inviting the scrutiny of millions.

The source explains: "She hates being defined by the people she doesn’t know on who she dates or doesn’t date."

We can absolutely understand that.

Selena Gomez in Bikini

Additionally, Selena apparently resents the amount of speculation that follows her every association.

"She can’t hang out with anyone without it turning into something," the insider laments.

"And," the source continues. "She knows it scares away the chance of love."

That sounds so grim!

It's a real obstacle, the insider explains, "because there are so many more layers to break through for any suitors that might want to be with her."

Selena Gomez Bathtub Pic

Selena also worries that her fame and personal history drives away the sorts of men she would most like to be with.

"People don’t want to be with her," the source fears. "Because it comes with so much more baggage."

That is so unfair!

"She is trying to figure that out for herself," the insider affirms. "And once she does she will be more prone to start dating and putting herself out there."

That is great to hear.

"Its a process she wouldn’t like to deal with," the source admits. "But she knows that it is her life and she has to manage it appropriately."

Selena Gomez in Pumas

Another insider tells HollywoodLife that Selena can't delete her Bieber pics.

"Selena’s friends," the source confesses. "Caught her looking at old selfies of her and Justin on her phone."

As the Nick Joseph meme says, oh no baby what is you doing?

"Selena says she has tried to delete a lot of their pics," the insider reveals.

"But," the source continues. "She just can’t bring herself to get rid of all of them."

Selena Gomez Strikes a Pose on Instagram

"The pics are sweet memories," the insider explains. "And Selena likes to look at them once in a while."

That's normal. And nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

The source says: "Seeing pics of Justin and her smiling, happy together, remind Selena of the good times she had with Justin."

"She gets emotional when looking at them," the insider spills. "And does not want to get rid of them."

This apparently remains the case "even though he is preparing to marry someone else."

Selena Gomez, Stunning Selfie

Look, nobody has an easy time letting go of the good times in their past, even if they've become bittersweet.

But it is nothing short of tragic that one of the most talented, beautiful stars on the planet is being cock-blocked by her own history.

We hope that she is able to overcome this hurdle soon.

Selena deserves all of the happiness in the world.

And Justin has never let his dating history or fame hold him back. Not even a little.