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Marie Avgeropoulos, Star of The 100, Arrested for Domestic Violence

Marie Avgeropoulos has a last name that is difficult to pronounce.

But it's easy to see the sort of trouble she may now be in.

Marie Avgeropoulos Mug Shot

The actress, who has been a regular on The CW's The 100 since its premiere in 2014, was arrested in Los Angeles last week and charged with domestic violence against her boyfriend.

According to TMZ, who broke this news, a man called the police early on the morning of August 5 and claimed that he had been struck by his girlfriend during a verbal dispute.

The the cops arrived on the scene, the man had marks on his body and Avgeropoulos was taken into custody.

As you can see in the mug shot above, it appears as though Avgeropoulos reacted in tears to the incident.

She reportedly urged the police not to take her away once it became evident that an arrest was likely imminent.

Marie Avgeropoulos Picture

An insider also told TMZ that Avgeropoulos was on a new medication and mixed it with wine at dinner prior to the couple's alleged altercation.

This mixture "resulted in a bad reaction."

This same boyfriend had called the police in the hopes that officers would "diffuse the situation rather than arrest her," TMZ reports, revealing he also "begged cops not to take her away" and "even bailed her out."

That may be true, of course.

But it may also still be true that Avgeropoulos broke the law.

Marie Avgeropoulos on The 100

The 32-year-old Canadian actress has yet to address the alleged incident via her social media accounts.

She did not attend the 2018 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, where The 100 was nominated for Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show.

Avgeropoulos was released on $50,000 bond.

The 100 chronicles the surviving population living on a space station, called the ARK, which sends a group of 100 delinquents down to earth.

These individuals set out to see if earth might still be inhabitable because supplies are running low on the ARK.

Avgeropoulos has also appeared on such other television programs as Cult, Human Target, Fringe, Supernatural and Eureka.

Shaun Weiss, Ex-Mighty Ducks Star, Arrested for Bizarre Behavior

How the Mighty have fallen.

Literally and depressingly so.

Shaun Weiss, the child actor who portrayed goalie Greg Goldberg in The Mighty Duck film franchise, was arrested over the weekend for public intoxication. 

Shaun Weiss Mug Shot

According to TMZ, People Magazine and other outlets, Weiss was allegedly high on drugs and acting very strangely with a flashlight at the time he was taken into custody.

He was picked up by police officers who discovered Weiss and a trio of othermen outside of a closed business complex in Oroville, California.

After speaking with the others in his contigent, authorities determined that Weiss had to have been on some kind of controlled substance.

The ex-actor was held behind bars for a few hours until he sobered up and was then released without charges.

Reports indicate that Weiss was “witty” while in custody and no blood sample has been ordered.

It sounds like Weiss caught a break and will not face any legal repercussion for his bizarre and possibly dangerous actions.

weiss as goalie

The star was also arrested last year possession of meth.

That incident came just five days after he had been sentenced to 150 days in jail for stealing $151 worth of stuff from an electronics store.

He spent just 12 days at the time behind bars due to overcrowding, with his manager saying the stint would serve as a wake-up call for the actor.

Sadly, though, this appears to not have been the case.

In a Facebook post, the Oroville Police Department said Weiss was arrested on suspicion of “intoxication only” and “no further criminal proceedings are desired at this time.”

Still, it's his depressed and disheveled mug shot that has fans concerned.


"Of all the depressing mugshots in all the world, this one hit me the hardest," one social media user wrote in response to the photo above.

Added another:

"Seeing pictures of Shaun Weiss are really sad. I grew up loving The Mighty Ducks and even to this day my friends and I make Goldberg references. I hope he gets the support and help he needs."

And another:

"Damn, this is really sad. #ShaunWeiss was such a talented actor in his day. I knew of Weiss from his hilarious role in Heavyweights before I saw him in Mighty Ducks and Freaks and Geeks. I hope he finds #recovery soon."

We strongly agree.

In addition to the Mighty Ducks franchise, which featured three popular installments, Weiss also has had roles in Heavyweights, Freaks and Geeks, The King of Queens and The Tony Danza Show.

Charlie Sheen: I’m Broke AND Being Blacklisted!

Forgive us for the very obvious opener here, but...

... Charlie Sheen is most decidedly NOT winning these days.

Some might say he's losing even more than the New York Mets, in fact.

Charlie Sheen and His Shirt

The 52-year old filed requests to modify his child support payments to ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller yesterday, explaining to the court that he simply cannot afford to continue doling out the previously-agreed-upon sums to these women.

The former Two and a Half Men star, who is living with the HIV virus, who shares two daughters with Richards and twin sons with Mueller.

He alleges he doesn't have the necessary cash flow to keep up with his monthly payments because he’s “been unable to find steady work, and [has] been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry.”

This is quite the accusation, of course.

Being blacklisted implies that there's a concerted efforts by a multitude of people in Hollywood to keep Sheen from earning a living.

There's a conspiracy against him, Sheen is claiming. 

Sort of like how Donald Trump and his associates willfully teamed up with Vladimir Putin and company in 2016, there's collusion at work here.

Sheen and Richards

That's possible.

But it's maybe more possible that Sheen is simpy unemployable because he's an accused woman beater who may have lied to sexual partners about his disease and who spent like a year ranting and raving like a mad men.

Anyway, though.

Per these legal documents, Sheen has been making child support payments to both of his ex wives since the summer of 2016.

He was ordered to pay $55,000 a month to Mueller in August of 2016 and $20,000 a month to Richards in June of 2016 and...

... wait, what?!?!

Sheen has been shelling out $75,000 PER MONTH in child support for two years now?!?

We don't feel sorry for the guy or anything, it's just... wow. That's a crap ton of money.

Charlie Sheen on Bravo

Sheen also pays both exes 9.5 percent of his gross annual income from all sources in excess of $2.1 million.

Due to his deal with CBS (for Two and a Half Men) and then with FX (for Anger Management), Sheen could pretty easily afford those aforementioned payments, as significant as they may be.

Now, though?

"I have been unable to find steady work, and have been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry," Sheen writes in the documents, adding:

"All of this has resulted in a significant reduction in my earnings."

Charlie Sheen Waves

As a result of being out of work, Sheen says he he no longer has "sufficient income" to pay the court-ordered child support amounts.

And he's probably telling the truth.

Is he really in "dire financial crisis," however, as he also claims?

Documents show that Sheen made an income of $37,631 last month and that his assets total about $5.8 million.

The latter figure would put him in the upper 1%, of course.

But remember, he's paying $75,000 a month and that can add up quickly.

Sheen married Richards in 2002 and they separated in 2006. 

He then married Mueller in 2008, but the two broke up in 2011 after an ugly few years marred with allegations of infidelity and violence.

The actor also has a 33-year-old daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez, from a previous relationship with his high school girlfriend Paula Speert.

PewDiePie Apologizes for Offensive Demi Lovato Meme

PewDiePie has issued a mea culpa for being a misguided, insensitive, offensive moron.

Three days after Demi Lovato was hospitalized for a drug overdose, the YouTube star thought it would be funny to make fun of the singer and her situation.

How could it not be, right?

This is a young woman who has batted self-esteem issues and mental health issues for years... who had admitted to having suicidal thoughts at the age of seven... and who nearly died after a night of hard and dangerous partying this week.

Talk about prime material for a joke, right?!?

Yes, according to PewDiePie.

Here is the since-deleted image that landed the online "celebrity" in a world of trouble:

demi meme

Shortly after news broke about Lovato's overdose, PewDiePie (what kind of name is PewDiePie?!?) shared a meme online that depicted the trouble artist asking her mother for money in order to buy a burger.

After receiving the money, however, Lovato turns around and buys heroin instead.

A couple of quick thoughts come to mind:

FIRST, this simply isn't funny. Like, at all.

If you're going to go out on an offensive limb to crack a joke, you better make sure it's a funny joke.

Demi Lovato Honors America

This is just dumb and non-sensical. (Why would Lovato need to borrow cash from her mother? The whole thing makes no sense.)

SECOND, what the heck is wrong with you, PewDiePie?!?

We weren't the only ones asking this question, as the YouTuber was forced to take down his stupid meme and then issue a statement in the wake of severe backlash.

"Deleted meme," he wrote to start his apology, which concluded as follows:

"I didnt mean anything with it and I didnt fully know about the situation. I realize now it was insensitive, sorry!"

PewDiePie says

Please, dude.

You knew that Lovato overdosed on heroin (it has since been reported that the substance actually was NOT heroin) and you went ahead and posted that meme.

What misinterpretation about the situation are you claiming here?

Lovato, tragically, was found unconscious by her assistant around 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

This assistant then dialed 911 (listen to the call HERE) and paramedics revived the star prior to taking her to the hospital.

Demi in NYC

It is believed that Demi will soon head to a treatment facility somewhere far away from Los Angeles, but this has not yet been confirmed by the singer or anyone close to her.

It is simply what various anonymous insiders have reported.

In the meantime, practically everyone in Hollywood has sent his or her best wishes, as an entire industry worries about a young woman who has been so open over the years about her substance abuse issues.

We are all just praying she gets better.

And hoping she knows how many folks out there love her.

Big Brother: Meet the Most Controversial Houseguests

Big Brother has been on the air since the year 2000. 

It is filmed 24 hours a day, and fans are able to watch a live feed online that keeps them up to speed with what happens inside the house when the show is not airing. 

That means some of the houseguests forget their surroundings and say some crazy things. 

What about the others? 

Well, some of them did not seem to care and had no filter. 

We've rounded up the most controversial houseguests below. 


1. Rachel Swindler - Big Brother Season 20

Rachel swindler
Viewers who watched the Big Brother live feeds were shocked when Swindler compared her tan to her black fellow houseguest Bayleigh Dayton.

"My stomach is as dark as Bay," she said.

2. Angela Rummans - Big Brother Season 20

Angela rummans
Angela was also part of the conversation about Swindler about skin color and said the following: "I’m looking ghetto here with the skin coloration.”

While viewers never got to see the duo getting a warning from CBS, Angela was seen on the live feeds crying.

3. Kaitlyn Herman - Big Brother Season 20

Kaitlyn herman big brother season 20
Herman's stint in the house resulted in her boyfriend apparently cutting ties with her. She was all over Tyler Crispen, Brett Robinson and Faysal Shafaat.

Another instance that landed her in hot water found her using the N-word while quoting Drake's "0 to 100."

4. Paul Abrahmian - Big Brother Season 18 & 19

Paul abrahamian on big brother
Paul dressed in black facial cosmetics as he targeted black houseguest, Dominique Cooper for eviction.

He went on to say that his makeup was called "blackface." Yikes.

5. Jason Dent - Big Brother Season 19

Jason dent
Jason shocked live feed viewers with his comments about raping fellow houseguest Kevin Schlehuber's wife after tying up all of his daughters and making them watch.

He was not ejected from the show.

6. Frank Eudy - Big Brother Season 18

Frank eudy big brother season 18
Eudy went too far when he groped Da'Vonne Rogers, and called her a "slut."

Understandably, it all got too much and Da'Vonne hit up the diary room to let viewers know how she felt.

“I don't want my daughter to see that and think it's OK for guys to hit girls on their butts and guys to call girls sluts,” she sobbed.

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Michael Cohen Says Donald Trump Lied About Mysterious Russia Meeting


Michael Cohen has just dropped a bombshell on America.

Might it serve as the first step toward the impeachment of President Donald Trump?

President Trump

On Thursday night, CNN reported that the President's personal lawyer of over two decades is willing to testify to special investigator Robert Mueller that Mr. Trump knew in advance about a meeting in Trump Tower that took place two years ago.

In this June 2016 sit-down - which Donald Trump Jr. and other advisors close to then-candidate Trump have admitted to attending - Russians were expected to offer the campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Emails dug up by The New York Times about a year ago proved that Trump Jr. was made aware ahead of this meeting that the Russians wanted to discuss ways to bring down Clinton.

He responded with enthusiasm to that possibility.


After the meeting was exposed, Trump Jr. and other administration officials went on record with multiple claims that Cohen is now willing to dispute:

1. That the meeting was fruitless and no information about Clinton was brought up.

2. Far more damaging, that President Trump had no idea the meeting took place.

Cohen alleges he was present, along with several other inidividuals, when the elder Trump was informed of the Russians' offer by Trump Jr.

By Cohen's account, per CNN, Trump gave the green light to this gathering between his campaign staff and representatives from a foreign adversary.

To be clear, Cohen does NOT have any recordings that can back up his claim.

He is simply willing to testify under oath that he witnessed Trump give his son the go-ahead for the Russian pow wow.

This is pertinent because the attorney did tape Trump on numerous occasions back when he met frequently with his famous client; one recently-released tape features Trump and Cohen discussing payment to keep quiet a story about his affair with Karen McDougal.

What is discussed in the video below may violate campaign finance law. Take a listen:

Trump himself has repeatedly pleaded ignorance about this infamous meeting between his advisors and shady folks from Russia.

He has one said on more than one thousand occasions that there has been NO COLLUSION between his administration and the Vladimir Putin-led regime.

Contacted by CNN, one of Cohen's lawyers, Lanny Davis, declined to comment.

As always, however, Rudy Giuliani was very happy to speak out and to make things a million times worse for his client, President Trump.

"He's been lying all week, he's been lying for years," Rudy Giuliani said to Chris Cuomo on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" on Thursday night.

This is really the only approach Giuliani and his team can take, we suppose, but it's an ironic one.

Donald Trump: An Image

They are saying that the President's personal attorney and close confidante is a liar.

One can't help but logically wonder, therefore, just what is was lying about and for whom he was doing said lying.

"I don't see how he's got any credibility," Giuliani added in response to Cohen's allegation about this Russian meeting.

Several months ago, Cohen's office was (legally) raised by investigator in New York who had obtained a search warrant.

He's under scrutiny by federal prosecutors in Manhattan due to all the dealings he has been responsible for as the lawyer for Trump.

Donald Trump as The President

The June 2016 meeting at the center of this scandal was arranged after a publicist who knew Trump Jr. told him that a senior Russian official "offered to provide the Trump campaign" with damaging information about Clinton.

This email also said this information was "part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump."

Trump. Jr. responded as follows, in a message made public about a year ago: "if it's what you say, I love it."

At the meeting, Trump Jr. was joined by his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, who was Trump's campaign chairman at the time.

The President said on July 12, 2017, that he "only heard about it two or three days ago."

A week later, Trump repeated that he "didn't know anything about the meeting" because "nobody told me" about it.

Now, however, Cohen is saying the opposite, that Trump played a key role in approving this meeting and in pushing his staff to collude with the Russians.

Strap in, folks. The ride may just get even bumpier from here on out.

Demi Lovato: Loved Ones Beg Troubled Singer to Seek Help!

Just two days ago, Demi Lovato was hospitalized after an overdose. This came only weeks after she revealed that she had suffered a relapse in her struggle with addiction.

The overdose after 12 hours of hard partying was a shock to many fans, but it wasn't a surprise to those who have been close to Demi.

A new report sheds light on a recent attempt at an intervention. Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears.

Demi Lovato Looks Wonderful

TMZ reports Demi Lovato was the target of an intervention that her team attempted to stage for her.

Unfortunately, the report says that she blew them off.

Weeks ago, her team apparently noticed that she was in a bad place. They confronted her about it and even offered to help her take whatever steps she needed to become sober again.

But addiction is a vicious illness that can make it difficult or even impossible for someone to seek help.

So Demi, despite having confessed to her relapse with her song, "Sober," tried to make it appear that everything was fine.

And then she went right back to partying.

Demi Lovato and Her Freckles

The attempt to urge her to enter a rehab program somewhere was not successful, and it was costly.

Demi Lovato fired her longtime manager, Phil McIntyre, who had been involved in the intervention.

It is not clear why she fired him, but given that TMZ confirms that he was part of the effort to restore her sobriety, many believe that she pushed him away.

More recently, Demi fired more staff and temporarily shuttered her website, which a lot of fans feared was linked to her relapse drama.

It's hard to help someone who is struggling with addiction when they themselves are not ready to be helped.

Demi Lovato: Another Selfie

To make matters worse, Demi was spotted hanging out with G-Eazy recently.

It's one thing to alienate those who care about you.

It's another thing altogether to then start hanging out with people with a reputation -- and criminal history -- for substances like cocaine.

Reports about the partying Demi was doing prior to her overdose say that the people with whom she was associating this summer were not her real friends.

They apparently did not have her best interests at heart.

Demi Lovato Swimsuit Selfie

It's heartbreaking that the intervention didn't work, but most of them don't. Addiction can keep its victims from seeing people's intentions for what they are.

However, there is good news -- Demi Lovato is going to enter rehab.

Whichever facility she enters, it won't be in L.A. ... and it will also be a place where she does not expect to be the center of attention.

L.A. has too many triggers for her -- which makes sobriety very, very difficult.

She needs to be able to experience rehab as a patient, not as a celebrity. That will be tricky.

Demi Lovato Will Beat You Up

It is important to remember that addiction is not a choice, and there are many factors -- including genetics and environment -- that determine who becomes addicted and who does not.

Demi has been open about her mental health struggles and also about her body image issues -- both of which can and often do lead to self-medication with various substances.

This is why Demi's struggle to remain sober -- off and on -- has been so challenging. She's fighting an uphill battle.

It's great to hear that she was surrounded by people who cared enough about her to risk (and, for some, lose) their jobs in order to encourage her to get help.

We hope that she surrounds her with similarly supportive people in the future.

NXIVM: Frightening New Details About Sex-Slave Cult Emerge

We all know how Smallville actress Allison Mack became a leader in a sex-slave cult. But she and cult leader Keith Raniere were not in this venture alone.

NXIVM, the sex-slave cult that lured women into its ranks under the guise of a women's empowerment, was financed by heiress Clare Bronfman.

Bronfman has now been busted for racketeering and other charges in connection with her involvement.

Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman is a Seagram's liquor heiress and the daughter of the late Edgar Bronfman.

The 39-year-old is a wealthy philanthropist and she is also known as a dedicated equestrian.

She is also very much under arrest after the police say that she used her inherited wealth to bankroll NXIVM. They say that she was one of the organization's leaders.

On Tuesday, she was busted for racketeering and a number of other crimes.

She plead not guilty to conspiring with Raniere to steal the email passwords of his (perceived) enemies, place charges on the credit card of his deceased ex, and launder money in order to help a non-citizen gain fraudulent entry to the U.S.

Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman

Clare and her sister, Sara, were both involved in NXIVM, but it sounds like Clare is -- for the moment -- the one facing criminal charges.

Prosecutors say that Clare and Sara financed NXIVM, helping to lend it credibility as a self-help organization. Which, in turn, helped Raniere to lure more alleged victims.

As you may recall from last November's explosive report when Allison Mack was outed as a "master" in a sex-slave cult, the allegations are that NXIVM functions like a pyramid scheme, in which women are expected to recruit new members.

Unfortunately, the allegations say that these women must surrender blackmail material in order to advance, and are then branded with Keith Raniere's initials.

According to reports, these women ultimately answered to Mack, who was entrusted with selecting which women would have sex with Raniere.

Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

Unfortunately, this is said to have gone far beyond mixing roleplay with sex.

First of all, former members of NXIVM and its internal organization, DOS (dominance over the slave women) have come forward and revealed that they ddi not know that they were going to be branded.

Second of all, the blackmail material existed to discourage women from balking at Mack's orders.

Additionally, it was said that physical punishments, from sleep deprivation to even violence, was wielded to encourage the "slaves" to toe the line.

Sex is not consensual if you're being threatened or blackmailed into saying "yes."

Clare Bronfman Image

On the NXIVM website, Clare Bronfman claimed: "neither NXIVM nor Keith have abused or coerced anyone."

Interestingly, she did confirm that DOS exists within NXIVM.

"W]hile I am not and never have been a member of the sorority," Clare wrote. "[It] has not coerced nor abused anyone."

"In fact, the sorority has truly benefited the lives of its members, and does so freely," Clare claims. "I find no fault in a group of women… freely taking a vow of loyalty and friendship with one another."

She says that these women do so "to feel safe while pushing back against the fears that have stifled their personal and professional growth."

"It’s not for any of us to judge how they, or anyone else, choose to advance their lives and values," Clare rights.

Keith Raniere

If the choice were truly up to these women, she'd by right. People can have whatever kind of consensual intercourse that they like.

But prosecutors are after Raniere, Mack, and now Bronfman for alleged criminal activities.

It is entirely possible that Bronfman did not know that blackmail and violence were being used. It is not uncommon for people in cults or organized religions to trust their religious leaders absolutely.

If Clare comes to realize the sort of operation that Raniere was running on her dime, perhaps she will turn state's evidence.

If convicted on all charges, this heiress could potentially face 20 years in prison.

Offset Arrested For Gun Possession; How Much of His Baby’s Life Will He Miss?

You know, there are constantly storries about celebs getting secretly married. They sound fake ... until we remember Cardi B marrying Offset in a secret ceremony and waiting like a year to tell the world.

Well, we wonder if Cardi might B having some second thoughts about that union ... because Offset, the father of her child, was just arrested.

We hate to sound judgmental, but ... why did he need to drive around with all of these guns?

Offset Mugshot

TMZ reports that Offset was arrested on Friday. The arrest followed the vehicle being pulled over just outside of Atlanta.

We should note that, while TMZ reports that the Migos rapper was pulled over for tinted windows, CBS 46 reports that the vehicle was pulled over for an improper lane change.

Whatever the reason, officers discovered three firearms in the vehicle -- alarming under any circumstances, but worse for Offset who is a convicted felon.

Offset now faces four charges, two of which are felonies.

The charges include possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a weapon during a crime, which are both felonies.

Offset is also charged with possession of marijuana (one ounce or less) and an improper lane change.

Offset Image

Offset is reportedly being held without bond.

It is probably important to note that Offset has a lengthy criminal history.

At only 26 years of age, he has posed for more than a dozen mugshots since he turned 18. He is currently serving 5 years of probation.

One would hope that a successful career as a hip hop artist and, more importantly, welcoming the birth of his daughter with Cardi B just two weeks ago would have discouraged him from further criminal activity.

Unfortunately, based upon the charges that have been filed against him, it does not appear that he has learned that lesson.

(That said, obviously the marijuana charge, like all marijuana charges, is bogus in that plants shouldn't be illegal -- and, though we don't have all of the details, some say that a lane change should not land a guy behind bars)

Cardi B & Offset Image

Offset, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, was pulled over with his bodyguard.

In addition to the three guns, he was in possession of $107,000 in cash.

That isn't criminal and may be standard in the hip hop world, but it's something that many police are trained to consider suspicious.

The traffic stop took place in Jonesboro, which is about 20 minutes or so outside of Atlanta.

The vehicle in question was a 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera.

Cardi B Rolling Stone Cover

Cardi B and Offset just welcomed the birth of their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, earlier this month.

And ... we might not love Wendy Williams, but we absolutely believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Months ago, Wendy Williams predicted that Cardi B would be raising her baby alone.

As heartbreaking as it sounds, a lot of fans cannot help but wonder if Wendy was right after all.

Being charged with two felonies and a couple of other charges while on probation is ... not ideal. Especially when you have a rap sheet like Offset's.

Cardi B and Offset

That said, Cardi B is a rising star, and Offset is no pauper, either.

It seems likely that his attorneys will be able to get the charges reduced, at the very least.

In fact, if it weren't for his status as a felon on probation, we would predict that he wouldn't serve a day in jail after bond is posted.

But he is a felon, he is on probation, and he's being held without bond.

This situation may be familiar to Offset, but our hearts go out to Cardi and to their daughter.

Papa John’s Worries Founder John Schnatter Will Try a Hostile Takeover

On July 11, Papa John's namesake John Schnatter admitted to having used the n-word in a conference call and resigned as chairman of the company's board.

The company has removed his license from marketing. 

Unfortunately, some at the company fear that the man who has dragged the company down with him through multiple controversies will return -- with a hostile takeover.

John Schnatter

John Schattner is no longer the chairman of Papa John's board of directors. But he is still on the board.

It was only six months ago that he resigned as the company's CEO after making other controversial remarks -- which, by the way, were also laced with (less explicit) racism.

Will the company finally oust him and try to save the brand?

Right now, they're taking steps to at least limit the damage -- by adopting what is known in the business world as a "poison pill."

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Papa John's board voted to prevent John Schnatter from increasing his stake in the company beyond its current 29%.

John Schnatter Image

The fear, you see, is that the company's founder and former CEO will purchase enough stock to obtain a majority share in the company -- anything over 50%.

If he does that, then he would possess a controlling interest in the brand.

That would be a real coup for him, but absolutely devastating to Papa John's stock, which has continued to fall in recent months.

That is why they have introduced this poison pill -- or, as they called it in their statement, a "limited duration stockholder rights plan."

The board has already removed Schnatter's office at headquarters and, on July 13, made the wise decision to stop using his image in promotional materials.

John Schnatter Photo

This latest development stems from a July 11 report that claimed that John Schnatter had used the n-word during a conference call in May.

That word, which is unacceptable for use in any context, was allegedly accompanied by graphic descriptions of violence against racial minorities.

The fallout was swift, with the pizza company losing its media agency over the report and a swell of public outrage.

CEO Steve Ritchie (who replaced Schnatter just months earlier) released a statement: "Racism has no place at Papa John's."

Schnatter did admit to having used the slur. He resigned his position as chairman, but remains on the board.

John Schnatter Picture

An attorney for Schnatter has whined that the company is treating the founder as a "scapegoat" for struggles with investors.

That remark struck some as funny, given that Schnatter had complained that Papa John's stocks were falling as a result of NFL players protesting police brutality.

Papa John's was, at the time, the official pizza of the NFL, for whatever that's worth. They have since been replaced by Pizza Hut.

Schnatter also made waves for the company -- in a bad way -- in 2012, when he lashed out at the Affordable Care Act's requirements, and stated his intentions to pass on those (minor) costs to the consumer.

The man lives in a comically large mansion in the middle of a golf course. His complaints about "onerous" healthcare costs did not go over well.

John Schnatter Pic

It is possible, even likely, that Schnatter's fondness for stirring up racially charged and even explicitly racist controversies is not the only problem ailing Papa John's.

Their pizza is notable pricier than that of some of their competitors. A Domino's coupon can get you two medium two-topping pizzas for less than a Papa John's large specialty pizza costs -- also with a coupon.

Customers can do math. But a bad reputation can really sour a brand.

When it comes time for people to order pizza in groups, whether they're going to watch a sports game or play Dungeons and Dragons, no one wants to be the first to suggest the company that, in some minds, has become synonymous with racism.

The company itself is not to blame, but they have a lot of damage control work ahead of them.

And all of that will be for nothing if Schnatter ever does succeed in a hostile takeover.

Anthony Anderson Responds to Allegation of Assault

Anthony Anderson is under criminal investigation.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that it received a report against the Black-ish star, with The Blast writing that Anderson is accused of assaulting a woman last year after an event she catered for him.

Anthony Anderson Picture

Inside tell the aforementioned website that the unnamed victum met with Anderson a second time after the event to discuss future opportunities.

This is supposedly when the assault took place, although no other details are really known about it at this time

Sources tell The Blast that the woman reported the incident months after it allegedly happened, as she was inspired by the #MeToo movement to finally speak out.

“We have a crime report listing him as a suspect in a crime. It is an open investigation," the LAPD has simply said in response to this story.

A spokesperson for the star, meanwhile, has issued a statement on Anderson's behalf.

Anthony Anderson in 2014

It reads as follows:

“It’s unfortunate that anyone can file a police report, whether it is true or false.

"The authorities have not contacted Anthony or any of his representatives about this matter. Anthony unequivocally disputes the claim.

Back in 2004, Anderson and assistant director Wayne Witherspoon were accused of raping an extra on the set of the 2004 film “Hustle & Flow."

However, the charges were later dropped when the judge ruled that there was no probable cause to try the case.

This has no practical bearing on the latest charges, we're just reporting a few facts.

Anthony Anderson as Andre

Anderson was just nominated his fourth Emmy Award for his portrayal of Andre Johnson, the patriarch on the ABC sitcom Black-ish.

He is set to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame later this year, as well.

On the small screen, Anderson's resume includes appearance and/or starring roles on Guys with Kids, Treme, Psych, Shameless and The Shield.

On the big screen, he has had roles in The Departed (2006), Kangaroo Jack (2003) and Transformers (2007) and Scream 4 (2011).

Anderson is married with two kids.

We'll have more on this story if/when news breaks.

James Gunn: Dropped from Guardians of the Galaxy Franchise Over Offensive Tweets

James Gunn has been fired as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

The decision to remove Gunn from the project arrived on Friday after conservative uncovered old tweets by Gunn in which the filmmaker joked about controversial topics such as pedophilia and rape. 

James Gunn

Gunn has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump over the past several months and, some believe, had been targeted by Republicans such as Jack Posobiec.

But that doesn't change the fact that Gunn did write the Tweets in question.

"The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values, and we have severed our business relationship with him," Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn said in a statement announcing Gunn's departure.

Gunn directed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and was hired awhile back to helm its follow-up.

The very old Tweets at the center of this scandal have since been deleted, but Internet users posted screenshots that appear to show the director had written jokes about assault and other subjects.

A sample: “Laughter is the best medicine. That’s why I laugh at people with AIDS.”

Another: "The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped and it’s like ‘whew this feels great, not being raped!'"

gunn samples

On Thursday, in response to this growing scandal, Gunn Tweeted:

"Many people who have followed my career know, when I started, I viewed myself as a provocateur, making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo.

"As I have discussed publicly many times, as I’ve developed as a person, so has my work and my humor."

He continued:

"It’s not to say I’m better, but I am very, very different than I was a few years ago; today I try to root my work in love and connection and less in anger.

"My days saying something just because it’s shocking and trying to get a reaction are over."

Most of the inappropriate messages were sent in 2008 and 2009.

They were dug up by conservative outlet The Daily Caller.

Gunn issued a statement on Friday afternoon, saying that he "regretted" the tweets in question and stressed that "they don't reflect the person I am today."

gunn apology

The director added in his lengthy response to the flap:

Regardless of how much time has passed, I understand and accept the business decisions taken today.

Even these many years later, I take full responsibility for the way I conducted myself then.

All I can do now, beyond offering my sincere and heartfelt regret, is to be the best human being I can be: accepting, understanding, committed to equality, and far more thoughtful about my public statements and my obligations to our public discourse.

To everyone inside my industry and beyond, I again offer my deepest apologies. Love to all.

Gunn has been penning the script for Guardians 3, and the film was expected to begin shooting in Atlanta in the fall for an expected 2020 release date.

He had been keeping fans apprised of his progress via social media messages such as the following:

gunn script

Marvel has not yet announced a replacement for Gunn.

Do you think he deserved to be fired for these Tweets?

Edgar Hansen, Deadliest Catch Star, Confesses to Sexual Abuse of Minor

Edgar Hansen, one of the stars on the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch, pleaded guilty in court late last week to the sexual abuse of a 16-year old.

Edgar Hansen

According to The Seattle Times, Hansen confessed to a charge of fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation on Friday.

In exchange for his plea, he received a 364-day suspended prison sentence and was ordered to undergo a sexual deviance evaluation.

He also received two years’ probation and various fees and fines totaling $1,653, with an additional $4,800 fine suspended, court records show.

Hansen will not serve any time behind bars.

The 47-year old fisherman is the deck boss and key crew member of a Seattle-based crabbing boat helmed by his older brother, Sig Hansen.

The siblings have risen to fame and fortune due to their popular Discovery Channel reality series.

As for the details of this ugly case?

A 16-year-old girl told her therapist in October of last year that Hansen sexually assaulted her at a suburban Seattle home on September 30, 2017.

The aforementioned newspaper cited a probable-cause affidavit filed in Snohomish County District Court to back up this allegation.

This teenager also relayed to the police these same allegations.

deadly catchers

In a brief handwritten statement accompanying his guilty plea, Hansen acknowledged “touching [the victim’s] private areas … for the purpose of my own sexual gratification.”

He added:

“I committed this assault... I am very sorry for that conduct and I have commenced treatment to ensure that nothing like this assault ever happens again.”

The victim (unnamed because she is a minor) said Hansen “kissed her on the lips, touched her vagina and had her touch his penis,” prosecutors said in their probable cause affidavit.

Investigators also spoke with Hansen’s wife, who said she “confronted him” after learning of the abuse.

He “initially denied” it, but “eventually admitted that he kissed [the victim] and touched her inappropriately.”

Edgar Hansen Picture

Edgar Hansen’s guilty plea comes just weeks after his famous brother, Sig, was sentenced to probation for spitting on an Uber driver last year.

This Deadliest Catch caption was given a deferred sentence, ordered to undergo alcohol treatment and placed on a year of probation.

Sig told People Magazine at the time that he was "terribly sorry" and "very embarrassed" for his role in this incident.

eh pic

Sig Hansen is also currently awaiting a decision from the state Court of Appeals over a King County judge’s ruling that would allow a sexual-abuse lawsuit brought by his estranged daughter, Melissa Eckstrom, to proceed to trial.

He has denied her claims referring to Eckstrom’s law suit “an old-fashioned shakedown."

Also of note, in regard to Deadliest Catch, Blake Painter, a former captain on the show, died in May of a suspected drug overdose.

Neither Hansen sibling nor any Discovery Channel representative has spoken yet on Edgar Hansen's crime.

Corey Sligh, Ex-Young and the Restless Star, Convicted of Child Molestation

Corey Sligh, an actor who formerly worked as an extra on soap operas such as The Young and the Restless, All My Children and Days of Our Lives, has been found guilty of molesting a young girl in Georgia.

According to local news outlet The Cherokee Tribune, the 30-year old was found guilty on June 28 of inappropriately and illegally touching a child younger than 10 years old.

Corey Sligh Mug Shot

The actor and model is also awaiting trial on similar case in Florida.

Bill Bishop, chief assistant state attorney for Okaloosa County in Florida, says Singh faces one count of lewd and lascivious molestation, which carries a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

For the current conviction, however, Sligh faces five to 20 years behind bars.

No sentencing date has been set for him just yet.

Sligh was arrested in his hometown of Canton, Georgia in November of 2016.

At the time, he was charged with the two counts after the parents of a young girl reported to authorities that the actor allegedly touched their daughter and forced her to touch him inappropriately.

The alleged incident took place in March of that same year and was reported to the police in September.

Corey Sligh Photo

It is unclear just how many times Sligh allegedly molested his victim in Georgia.

"Corey Sligh maintains his innocence," his lawyer told E! News, adding:

"The jury found him not guilty on Count 1. The jury compromised to guilty on Count 2 after deliberating for days and requesting to be hung and released from service."

The part-time actor recurred on the aforementioned dramas as a waiter and a bartender.

However, Sligh is also known for an unusual, violent incident that made him a victim back in November of 2014.

In this instance, Sligh claimed that he and his girlfriend were randomly attacked while delivering Thanksgiving meals, resulting in serious injuries and a hospital trip for the star.

This is a photo he shared of himself afterward:

Corey Sligh Picture

Weeks after his Georgia arrest, meanwhile, Sligh was arrested and charged with one count of lewd and lascivious molestation stemming from another incident involving another girl under the age of 10.

It's confusing to follow, but...

Florida Police said her mother told authorities that her child said Sligh touched her inappropriately and forced her to touch him while they were vacationing in Rosemary Beach.

It was basically the same actions he was accused of  in Georgia.

"There is an allegation in Florida by the same person alleging the same conduct," his attorney explains.

"The Florida evidence was presented in the Georgia trial to further bolster the State's case. Corey had 30-50 family and friend supporters in court every day during the trial.

We, including his wife, stand behind him still. We hope that Corey's exemplary reputation and character prior to this allegation will be considered in sentencing.

"The conviction will be appealed regardless of sentence."

We'll update this gross story with more details as they come in.

Charlamagne Tha God Accused of Raping 15-Year-Old Girl

Even if you don't live in the New York area, you're probably familiar Charlamagne Tha God and his wildly popular syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club.

For millions of fans, Charlamagne (real name Lenard Larry McKelvey) is one of most trustworthy media figures in America today -- but most of those devotees are likely unaware of the allegation that's been haunting the 40-year-old for the entirety of his career.

Charlamagne Tha God Photo

Long before his rise to national fame, McKelvey was accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl named Jessica Reid.

Charlamagne first spoke of the charges in a 2013 interview with Breakfast Club co-host DJ Akademiks.

“Whoever touched her, it wasn’t me,” he said at the time.

He hasn't spoken publicly on the charges since, but this week, Reid told her side of the story for the first time in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“When Charlamagne did the interview with DJ Akademiks he said he was throwing a party for his cousin’s graduation (from college), but he told me it was his birthday party and that’s the only reason I went because I wasn’t going to go at first,” recalls Jessica.

Charlamagne Tha God

She says she was raped by Charlamagne at a 2001 house party.

“He used to call me his little sister and he convinced me because it was his birthday and said, ‘You have to come.’ So the story about his cousin is bogus. That was a lie.

“Once we arrived, we went inside and there was nothing but guys everywhere,” Jessica says. 

"Only two other females were there ... I had an intuition that I should have left, but being only 15, I didn’t listen to my intuition.

But Reid says she was reassured by Charlamagne, who told her that she was under his protection. 

“Nothing is going to happen to you tonight. I got your back. I’m going to take care of you tonight. You’re going to be fine," Jessica recalls Charlamagne saying.

Charlamagne Image

Reid says that both she and her 18-year-old friend Malika accepted soft drinks from Charlamagne.

When Malika began vomiting, Jessica retrieved napkins to help her clean up and immediately realized she had been drugged.

"I was dizzy and I didn’t feel like myself. I stood up to go to the bathroom to give myself a moment to feel better and when I got up I collapsed," Reid says.

It was then, she claims, that Charlamaagne instructed the other male guests to carry her to a bedroom:

“Take her ass upstairs," she recalls him saying.

“They did not penetrate me, but they violated me. When they were done they left me there. I was laying on the floor crying," Reid says.

Charlamagne Photo

“I don’t know how long I was laying there for, but then Charlamagne came in the room. He opened the door, came in, then closed the door. He got on that bed and started taking my clothes off.

"Meanwhile, I’m still at a state where I can’t move and I can’t do anything."

Reid claims that Charlamagne once again reassured her that he would protect her -- before proceeding to sexually assault her.

“He took my clothes off and then he had sex with me, but that’s not all he did," Reid says.

"He actually had oral sex with me, as well. And then he left the room and I’m just lying there in the room.”

Jessica and Malika were eventually able to make their way out of the party and were offered a ride home by a stranger while they were sitting on a nearby curb in shock.

Charlamagne Pic

The stranger contacted Jessica's mother, who had already called 911 after others who were concerned about the party informed her her daughter might be in danger.

Seventeen years later, Reid says she's still haunted by the incident. 

Despite years of therapy, she remains deeply disturbed by the sight of her alleged attacker.

“Seeing him on TV all the time, I can’t get away from this guy,” she says.

Charlamagne has yet to respond to Reid's latest comments.

Billy Knight: Former UCLA Basketball Star Found Dead Amidst Child Sex Scandal

Former UCLA basketball standout Billy Knight was found dead on a road near Phoenix this week.

He was just 39 years old.

Billy Knight

News of Knight's death comes just weeks after he was charged with six felonies in connection with his alleged sexual assault of a child.

TMZ reported this week that the girl who accused Knight was just 9 years old. 

Knight's cause of death has yet to be determined by a medical examiner.

However, Phoenix police have noted that there were no signs of foul play, which in this case, would seem to indicate that Knight took his own life.

According to initial reports, Knight was found unresponsive just before 3 am on Sunday.

He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Just days before his death, Knight -- who played for UCLA from 1998 to 2002 -- posted a YoiuTube video called "I am Sorry Lord."

“This is probably my last message on Earth,” Knight said in the video.

“I just want to say that I lived a life of sin. I lied. I cheated, and I stole from many people. I was a taker. That’s why my life ended up where it is now.

“Life is not a game,” Knight said. 

Billy Knight Photo

“You can’t play around with life."

"It’s serious, and I wasn’t honest with a lot of people, even my mom, my brother and my family members.

"I isolated myself from my family members. I isolated myself from my friends, and that’s not something you should do.”

“I’m lost in life, and I feel like there’s no hope,” he continued.

“I have no friends with me here. I have no wife, girlfriend."

"I have nothing, and I just feel like I can’t continue on.”

UCLA has issued a statement on Twitter in response to news of Knight's death.

“Our hearts are heavy after learning Billy Knight has passed away,” reads the statement, which was released before the charges against Knight came to light.

“We ask that the Bruin family keep Billy’s loved ones in their thoughts during this difficult time.”