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Sophia Bush Opens Up About Fighting To Leave ‘Chicago P.D.’ & Being Assaulted In A Room Full Of Men

Sophia Bush has braved some seriously harsh elements working in showbiz.

The Chicago P.D. actress appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast this week where she opened up about her decision to quit the crime series after realizing it was affecting her health.

Explaining how the conditions of working in the Windy City’s extreme weather was excruciating and people were getting sick all the time, the activist said she always thought she was simply “being the tough guy” by showing up to work and programming herself “to tolerate the intolerable.”

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But eventually, Bush realized that she was prioritizing “tugging the ship for the crew, for the show, for the group” over her own health — and her body was “falling apart” because of it. So, she decided to quit… only she had to put up a fight for that, too.

When her bosses told her there was “no way” she’d be able to pull out of her seven season contract, she gave them a cold choice:

“I said, ‘OK, you can put me in the position of going quietly of my own accord or you can put me in the position of suing the network to get me out of my deal and I’ll write an op-ed for The New York Times and tell them why.'”

Sounds like Chicago P.D. could use some Chicago HR.

Bush went on to claim that her complaints were hidden from former NBC president Jennifer Salke. When Salke did find out, she was completely understanding and told the actress they’d never try to force her to stay.

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When Shepard brought up that the actress was also on a toxic set during her stint on One Tree Hill, Bush clarified that the two were “very different experiences,” since showrunner Mark Schwahn wasn’t on the North Carolina set with the cast, but in Los Angeles.

Apparently, that set involved all different types of abuse. She said, without naming names:

“One was like, a guy who we’re like, ‘Oh God, he’s back.’ And one was a consistent onslaught barrage of abusive behavior.”

She then added:

“You start to lose your way when someone assaults you in a room full of people and everyone literally looks away, looks at the floor, looks at the ceiling, and you’re the one woman in the room and every man who’s twice your size doesn’t do something.”

Yuck. We wonder if this is a reference to the time Schwahn allegedly “grabbed” her ass in front of six producers? Or is it yet another unsettling anecdote?

Either way, girl has been putting up with abusive environments for quite some time.

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Jada Pinkett Smith & Ellen Pompeo Get REAL About Race On Extraordinary ‘Red Table Talk’! MUST WATCH!

What a great conversation!

Red Table Talk has been home to consistently frank and fascinating discussions, but this one may be the most important so far.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris welcomed Ellen Pompeo for discussion about race, and it is SO refreshingly honest!

Photo: Will Smith Is So Sweet To His Momma-In-Law

The Grey’s Anatomy star talks her interracial marriage, her own line-crossing controversies, and what people need to do to solve racism — really! One important step?

“I think that a lot of people are uncomfortable talking about race because they’re not around people of color, they don’t spend time — so they get awkward… One thing I do think that would be productive for everybody to do is just try to make different friends.”

What a great point!

In case you just came here for Grey’s goss — yeah, the question was asked. Are Ellen and Patrick Dempsey still friends after he left the show? And she gave an answer, explaining:

“We haven’t spoken since he’s left the show, if that’s… I have no hard feelings toward him. He’s a wonderful actor and we made the best TV you can make together. That’s a talented man right there. He did 11 amazing years.

Typically, when people leave the show, they need to sort of find themselves, who they are without the show, because the show takes up so much of your life. You need that time to figure out who you are without the show, we have not spoke, but I will always have a place in my heart for Patrick.”

Well, there you go. The Shondaland scoop. HOWEVER…

We recommend watching the entire episode (below)!

Interracial Marriage with Ellen Pompeo

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo opens up about her interracial marriage and the challenges of raising bi-racial children.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Thursday, December 6, 2018

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Twitter Is Having A Field Day With THIS Julia Roberts Headline All About Her ‘Holes’!

How, how, how did this headline make it to the printer?!

A local newspaper in Jamestown, NY has become the center of conversation, and the victim of a slew of puns and memes, after running a headline about actress Julia Roberts with a typo that raised a lot of eyebrows.

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Twitter user @NeilMcMahon posted an image of the Post-Journal‘s newspaper article whose headline read:

“Julia Roberts Finds Life and Her Holes Get Better With Age.”

Yeah, you read that correctly. LOLz…

The article goes on to discuss the Academy Award winner’s latest role playing “Holly Burbs” in the recently released film Ben Is Back, as well as the real-life relationship she’s formed with her costar, Lucas Hedges.

But who could get to the meat of the article when the headline has us doing a double, triple take?

It turns out the headline was in fact a typo, and a correction was tweeted out explaining that the original title was supposed to read “Julia Roberts Finds Love and Her Roles Get Better With Age.”

Ahh, that makes way more sense. But leave it to Twitter to do what it does best, and have way too much fun roasting the misprint. A few replies read:

The 51-year-old has yet to respond but honestly, we think the Internet and the correction pretty much said it all!

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Cardi B Is Reportedly ‘Very Torn’ Over Whether To Get Back With Offset

Will she, or won’t she?!

Cardi B is the one in charge right now after her (former) man Offset publicly pleaded to get back together with her over the weekend… but will the Bodak Yellow rapper actually go through with it??

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On Tuesday, a source revealed to E! that even though Cardi is “standing firm” in her decision to remain apart from the Migos rapper, she’s also “very torn” over what the future may hold for the pair.

Noting that the separation has “been really hard” for both Kulture‘s parents, the insider revealed more about a possible reconciliation:

“Offset is trying to win Cardi back [but she’s] not on board yet … They haven’t been spending time together and Cardi expressed she still wants her space. She is very busy right now with her work and is focused solely on Kulture.”


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And speaking of their daughter, the source has a lot to say about that realm of this breakup saga, too:

“She has her up and down moments where she thinks there could be a chance they can salvage their relationship, but then Cardi is also very upset over the cheating situation. She is very torn and is trying to stay focused on business matters right now. But, she doesn’t want to have to co-parent Kulture, but isn’t quite sure if they can make their relationship work.”

Wow! Sounds like things are truly up in the air, for a lot of different reasons.

Perhaps the most telling part, though? According to the source, Cardi has NOT yet started official divorce proceedings, because there’s “still a chance of reconciliation.” That might be all we need to know…

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Should Cardi take Offset back?? Does he even deserve that level of forgiveness?!

Let us know in the comments (below)…

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Nicki Minaj’s Sex Offender Boyfriend Was ‘One Of Her First Loves’ From Years Ago…

This ain’t it, Nicki Minaj

The 36-year-old rapper has been courting controversy lately after it was publicly revealed that her new boyfriend, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, is a registered sex offender previously convicted of attempted rape.

But that’s not all he is — turns out there’s a long history with Nicki here, too.

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Petty, who first spent time in New York state prison in the late 1990s after being convicted of first-degree attempted rape back in 1995, goes back a LONG way with Minaj, all the way back to when the two were both growing up in Queens.

Per TMZ, Minaj first had a relationship with Petty when she was 16 years old, well before the fame and fortune… and she still calls him “one of her first loves” because of that nostalgic old connection.

Nicki clearly knows about Petty’s troubled past, and the whole registered sex offender/convicted attempted rapist thing — but per that source, she apparently believes so strongly in second chances that she’s willing to overlook all that and move forward with Petty.

That’s all good and fine, of course, until you realize it’s not just the rape conviction hanging over his head… Petty also copped a guilty plea over the shooting death of a man named Lamont Robinson back in 2002.

The charge in that case was originally supposed to have been second degree murder, but it was downgraded to manslaughter after negotiations — and, again, Petty owned up to it and did more than a decade of time for it. He was released in 2013 — all according to The Blast.

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Look, second (and third… and maybe fourth…) chances are fine if you understand what you’re getting yourself into when you hand ’em out like this… that’s Nicki’s call, and she’ll have to answer for it as a public figure dealing with all this.

Just sayin’ it makes more sense that she’d be so forgiving now that we know these two have had chemistry together for a LONG time. Old love dies hard?!

What do y’all think about all this, Perezcious readers??? What’s Nicki doing?!

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Nicki Minaj Continues To Flaunt & Defend Relationship With Convicted Rapist Despite Social Media Outcry

Nicki Minaj is unbothered.

A day after making it Instagram official, the rapper continues to flaunt her relationship with Kenneth “Zoo� Petty, a registered sex offender in the state of New York.

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On Monday, Cardi B‘s rival shared the (above) ass-tastic photo with the caption:

“Oh they wanna talk? Let’s give’m smthn to talk about… *Shania voice*”

That same day, the Pink Friday musician responded to a fan who made comments about Petty’s rape case. According to Miz Minaj, Kenneth was 15 when he engaged in a “relationship” with his victim:


See more pics of Nicki and her controversial new man (below):

According to The Blast, he also spent time in prison after pleading guilty in the case of Lamont Robinson‘s shooting death. The original charge was second degree murder, but his attorneys were able to get the charge downgraded to manslaughter following negotiations. This occurred in 2002, and he was released in 2013.

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Nick Cannon Calls Out Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, & Sarah Silverman’s Arguably Anti-Gay Jokes Following Kevin Hart’s Oscars Exit!

Following the outstanding drama surrounding Kevin Hart’s old anti-gay tweets, Nick Cannon has exposed three more comedians who definitely can’t host the Oscars.

As we reported last week, Hart stepped down as host of the 2019 Academy Awards after critics dug up homophobic jokes he tweeted from 2009 to 2011. The comedian said he chose to “pass” on the apology the Academy was asking him to make because he felt he had already addressed the issues in the past. (He did ultimately issue a “sincere” apology to the LGBT community along with his hosting resignation.)

A day later, Cannon defended his longtime friend and pointed out the hypocrisy of Outraged Twitter by reposting old tweets from Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman that could also be perceived as homophobic — and asking where the backlash for them was.

VOTE: Now That Hart’s Out, Who Should Host The Oscars?

He shared:

The response was mixed, with some users challenging the Nickelodeon alum to audit his own tweets  — to which he replied:

Another Twitter user pointed out that the Wild N Out host blasted black men for being “homophobic” in the past, allegedly asking in 2012:

“Honest question: why are we as Black men so homophobic? If your best joke includes ‘gay’ or ‘F—’ you should be kicked of [sic] Twitter this ain’t the 3d grade!”

We should also point out that all three comediennes Cannon named have already gotten their fair share of backlash for their jokes at one point or another.

As some repliers noted, Silverman addressed her old jokes in multiple interviews before Cannon’s Twitter expose. She recently told Variety that it’s important for performers to hold themselves accountable so they can prove they’ve evolved, explaining:

“I feel like unless you can admit to those things, you can’t be changed by them and you can’t even forgive yourself for them.”

Hart said something similar in his initial non-apology video last week. 

The Sarah Silverman Program star didn’t directly respond to Cannon’s inquisition, but she retweeted a series of tweets from gay author Greg Hogbern, who argued that there’s a big difference between a noted LGBT ally (like Silverman, Handler, and Schumer) making an innocuous gay joke and a comedian mocking a community he has no history of supporting in jokes that “felt malicious” to many gay men:

Where do U stand on this, Perezcious readers? Are these jokes comparable?

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Thomas Markle Says Daughter Meghan Markle Is ‘Demanding But Never Rude,’ Even Though She ‘Won’t Speak To Me’

Embattled Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is going through a few sustained weeks of bad press related to her supposed temperament and personality… and her dad sure isn’t making things much better.

That’s right! Thomas Markle is out speaking to the media again, and even though he probably believes he’s helping, he sure ain’t doin’ much to support his daughter during this little bump in the road.

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Speaking to The Mail On Sunday this weekend, Thomas revealed his surprise over the alleged feud and lasting rift between Meghan and Kate Middleton that’s been reported across the globe the last few weeks.

While admitting he hasn’t spoken to his daughter in months, Thomas told the outlet:

“I don’t recognize this person. The Meghan I know was always sweet, kind, generous. She was always demanding but never rude.”

He continued on, too, telling the publication that he made sure to bring Meghan up to appreciate those working behind the scenes — whether in show business, or around her in life:

“Meghan grew up on set. I taught her to have respect for the crew. They can make you look good or awful … I don’t pretend to know what she’s like now.”

Hmmm… this all could be kind of insightful, but that last part really nails it, doesn’t it?!

After all, the man openly admits he hasn’t spoken to his daughter in months, and it’s no secret that the pair hasn’t been close for a long, long time that goes back well beyond when they even were speaking a little bit…

So while recent reports may be somewhat out of character from the Meghan of the past, how could Thomas even know… anything at all?!

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He self-sabotages throughout that interview with The Mail, too, later revealing that he even hand-delivered a letter to Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, asking why he can’t reach his daughter:

“I even hand-delivered a letter to Doria asking her why our daughter won’t speak to me. I have sent several texts. Her number hasn’t changed and they haven’t bounced back. I’ve pleaded with her to pick up the phone. I wrote her a two-page letter and sent it by certified mail via her representative in Los Angeles. I asked her why she was believing the lies. I have made dozens of attempts to reach my daughter via text and letters, but she and Harry have put up a wall of silence. I have been frozen out and I can’t stay silent.”

We know that last part is true… **rolls eyes**

But seriously, Perezcious readers, what do U think about all this?! Thomas knows every time he speaks about Meghan, the world will listen… even when he has nothing insightful to say!!


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‘KUWTK’ Finally Addresses Kanye West’s Controversial Slavery Comments!

Kim Kardashian West will always have her hubby’s back!

As we saw in the since-deleted KUWTK preview clip for Sunday’s episode, the momma of three defended Kanye West‘s controversial comments about slavery, saying “he never said” it was a choice.

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On last night’s finale, we finally saw how Kimmie and co. wanted us to see the drama.

With Kris Jenner relaying to Corey Gamble, the momager revealed her daughter didn’t want her talking about the controversy during a scheduled appearance on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show:

“You’re not the person who’s qualified to talk about Kanye. You’re just gonna make it worse.”

But as Kris insisted:

“My loyalty really lies with Kanye.”

When it comes to Mrs. West though, she explained Ye’s feelings:

“When he gets ramped up, he can’t control what he says. He can’t let it go. But he loves getting ramped up. As a wife, it’s really frustrating to see the media take everything and run with it.”

He said what he said.

As for the reality TV starlet’s thoughts?

“I obviously support him and will always, but he likes to speak for himself and I like to speak for myself. As his wife, I just have to express how I feel and have those private conversations with him and help him better communicate what he has to say.”

What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

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Meghan Markle Loses Another ‘Key Member’ Of Her Staff Amid Rumblings Of Her Being ‘Difficult’

Not a great time to be around Meghan Markle‘s staff, apparently!

The Duchess of Sussex is losing yet another “key staff member” in the coming months in what could be a major shake-up for her family, according to a new report out this weekend in the Sunday Times.

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An insider revealed that Meghan and Prince Harry‘s interim private secretary, Samantha Cohen, intends to leave her post by the time Meghan’s baby is born next spring.

The insider revealed (below):

“[Cohen] has let it be known that she intends to leave after Meghan’s baby is born next spring … Sam will be a huge loss. Going forward, Meghan might need someone cut from a slightly different cloth to traditional courtiers, who is not a career civil servant or royal insider.”


Cohen — who is sometimes referred to by her nickname, “The Panther” — had previously worked for the royal family for more than 17 years, most notably as Queen Elizabeth II‘s assistant private secretary.

She had originally resigned her post last summer, but then negotiated a deal to stay on and help Meghan transition into royal life with the baby coming on the way, per the reports.

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All this keeps coming back to Meghan’s rep, though, as she’s suffered through a few notable weeks of bad press that’s seen “insider” sources busy revealing alleged details not too flattering to her overall profile and reputation.

The fact that Cohen is leaving — and abruptly so — certainly may not help.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)…

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Fighting Child Support Payments, Chief Keef Reveals He Actually Has NINE Kids!

Who knew Chief Keef had NINE children?!

The rapper was known to have five children, right up until he showed up in court this week to fight child support payments, where he revealed FOUR more new children in court docs!

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The four children — all from different mothers — are all under the age of five years old, and all the mothers are seeking child support from the rapper and (prolific) father, per TMZ.

Those new court docs are also revealing that Keef is supposed to pay each woman $564 a month in child support, beginning in January.

That might be difficult, though, considering the Love Sosa rapper claims he makes about $9,000 a month… while also having about $9,000 in expenses.


What do U think about this little revelation, Perezcious readers?! That’s a lot of Christmas gifts to go buy!! Ha!!

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Donald Trump’s Chief Of Staff, John Kelly, Will Be Leaving The White House This Month

After weeks and weeks of endless speculation, we finally have an answer…

John F. Kelly, the retired Marine general who became Donald Trump‘s unlikely Chief of Staff in the White House last year, is finally leaving his position after a tumultuous last few months trying to keep the President in control.

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Trump himself made the announcement of Kelly’s imminent departure on the White House lawn on Saturday afternoon, telling reporters (below):

“John Kelly will be leaving — I don’t know if I can say ‘retiring,’ but he’s a great guy. John Kelly will be leaving at the end of the year.â€�

Hmm… Kelly has long been seen in some circles as the one person who (tried to) keep Trump in check and avoid the President’s poor instincts and bad impulses.

Now that Kelly will be gone by the end of the year, though… well, don’t be surprised if 2019 is as crazy (or crazier) than 2018, y’all!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)…

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‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Reveals He And Catelynn Lowell Are Living Separately

This can’t be the end for these two… can it?!

Tyler Baltierra has just revealed that he and Catelynn Lowell are living separately while they continue to work on repairing their long-time relationship.

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The Teen Mom OG stars have had a rough go of it lately as they deal with mental health struggles and relationship problems, and after deciding to step back a bit lately, they’ve gone their separate ways — for now, at least.

Baltierra revealed as much on a radio show on Friday morning, saying the split is NOT “a separation” or “a hall pass,” and adding  (below):

“Literally we just dive into therapy [when we’re apart] …We both kind of decided when we did this, we were like, ‘Listen, we’re gonna do this and then we’re gonna come back to the drawing board after this little self-reflection time and see where we stand.'”

Gotta put in the work!!

Catelynn also called in to the show, and added more (below):

“[Tyler] spends the nights quite a lot … We’ve been seeing a couple’s therapist and things like that and I’ve even asked Tyler like, ‘Do you think things are getting better?’ Cause I feel like things have been shifting and changing and he’s agreed with me.”

Here’s hoping things work out, then!

A trial split — and lots of therapy — can be a very difficult time, but if these two put in the work, they still have a shot!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

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Cardi B Steps Out In Public, Looks Happy As Can Be Without Her Engagement Ring — Look!

Cardi B is living her best life!

The Bodak Yellow superstar stepped out publicly at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday night for iHeart Radio‘s Jingle Ball concert — and she looks as happy as can be!

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Check out the pictures HERE — Cardi is all smiles and broadly flaunting her hand sans engagement ring! A LOT less bling — and clearly she’s not too worried about all that relationship drama going down with Offset!

Sorry, dude… Cardi is ready to move on!!!

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Kanye West’s Tribute To Rapper XXXTentacion Is Raising Some Eyebrows…

XXXTentacion is still rapping from beyond the grave, with his upcoming posthumous album Skins, which was released this month.

And while it’s drawing attention on its own because of the rapper’s untimely and very violent death back in June, Kanye West‘s appearance on the album is ALSO drawing attention… for all the wrong reasons.

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In the pair’s collaboration called One Minute — which leaked ahead of the album drop, BTW — Kanye raps VERY defensively about what appears to be the sexual assault, domestic violence, and false imprisonment allegations XXXTentacion had faced before his death.

This particular part of Kanye’s rap was extremely eye-opening (below):

“She wanna give you the cookie, you Famous Amos
She gave you the pussy but you ain’t pay for the anus
Now your name is tainted, by the claims they paintin’
The defendant is guilty, no one blames the plaintiff”

Uhhh.. that sounds a TON like victim-blaming, doesn’t it Kanye???

Of course, XXXTentaction had previously been charged with domestic violence, sexual assault, and more serious charges after being caught discussing it on a leaked audio tape, so this is not a great look for Yeezy…

Thoughts, Perezcious readers???

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VOTE: Now That Kevin Hart’s Out, Who Should Host The 2019 Oscars?

Back to the drawing board!

As we reported, Kevin Hart backed out of hosting the 2019 Oscars on Thursday due to his anti-gay jokes from long ago resurfacing, causing an internet uproar, and putting him in the awkward — and clearly very traumatizing — spot to say he was sorry.

Now that Hart’s out, the Academy is back on the search for a host who is both funny and without a history of questionable homophobia. Someone engaging and controversial — but not too controversial! Network TV controversial. So, like… Ellen DeGeneres.

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Thankfully, social media is bustling with suggestions. Twitter has already nominated the likes of Billy Eichner, Tiffany Haddish, Patton Oswalt, Kristen Bell, Wanda Sykes, and Dwayne “The Rock� Johnson. (We’d also like to throw Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in the ring as co-hosts!)

Other contenders, like Busy Philipps and Ricky Gervais, were not subtle about letting the Academy know that they, too, were avail.

Which of these stars do YOU think should host the 2019 Oscars? Or do you think NO ONE should host it? That’s fine, too! Cast your votes (below)!

[Image via Apega/WENN/The Academy]

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