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Grey’s Anatomy Fans, Stars React to Epic Finale

Now THAT'S what we call a season finale!

And, incredibly, that's what we call a happy season finale.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24, Sarah Drew said goodbye as April and Jessica Capshaw said goodbye as Arizona.

But did the series kill off these character, as it has killed off so many before them?

Scroll down for a summary of these sad farewells and then for a rundown of how various stars and fans have reacted to the shocking developments from the finale...

1. A Double Farewell

April slash zona
With Capshaw and Drew's firing announced weeks ago, fans were prepared for the worst. This is Grey's, after all, so everyone assumed the characters themselves would be terminated. Literally.

2. How Did April Leave?

But... shocked! The show did not kill April off last week. Following her near-death experience, April chose to quit her job to do "God’s work," helping the homeless.

3. And Then!

Sarah drew on greys
After Jo and Alex’s wedding was a disaster, Matthew actually got down on one knee and proposed! And April said YES!

4. And From There!

The couple didn’t just get engaged. They decided to get married right then and right there... with Jackson (Jesse Williams, pictured here) and Arizona there to watch and support them.

5. What About Arizona?

Jessica capshaw promo pic
This one was a little bit less shocking, as Arizona realized how unhappy her daughter was in Seattle and chose to move to New York so the young girl to be closer to Callie.

6. Wait... Callie?!?

Callie slash zona
Yup. Sarah Ramirez did NOT appear on the finale, but Arizona hinted strongly that she'd be open to a reconciliation.
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 Recap: All of Me

For an episode that was supposed to be dealing with the exits of both Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew, Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 was actually a happy affair that helped all of the characters make big decisions. 

There was a necessary time-jump thrown in for good measure, and during the break, April had quit her job and was helping communities that needed her. She regained her faith. 

Oh, and she was also getting jiggy with Mathew once again, so there's that. 

Alex and Jo's wedding day kicked off with a thud when Jo learned that she had been accepted on the fellowship she applied for in Boston. This frightened Meredith because she was scared at the prospect of losing Alex. 

In a selfish move, Mer offered Jo a job as an attending surgeon, and Jo took this as Alex asking her to do it and flipped the eff out. When Jo realized the error of her ways, she and Alex made their way into a shed (I think!) and had some pre-marital sex. 

However, they were both stuck in the shed ... with a decomposed body. 

Justin Chambers on Grey's Anatomy

But it was alright, their friends and co-workers were at the wrong wedding anyway thanks to a technical glitch with the link April sent out. As they geared up to leave the faux wedding, the bride's mother took a heart attack. 

Bailey led the mother to the hospital because she knew what was going on and she was greeted by Teddy, who was back ... with a big secret. 

This whole incident made Bailey realize that she needed a break from the hospital to live her life and she offered Teddy an interim role as her replacement. 

Teddy revealed to the bride's mother that she was expecting a child just as Amelia realized she harbored feelings for Owen. 


Sarah Drew for ABC

When the wedding planner ate shrimp and took an allergic reaction, the doctors had to keep their wits about them in order to save her life. They managed to save her, but the wedding did not go ahead. 

Instead, it took place on the ferry and Meredith ordained it. No, we're totally not kidding. 

April, Jackson, Matthew, and Arizona were ominously missing, but we learned they were still on the island. Matthew admitted to April that he loved her and was happy to be back together with her. 

Camilla Luddington for ABC

They subsequently got married at the place Jo and Alex were supposed to get married. So, yeah, there were three weddings in one episode!

Arizona was gearing up to leave town to open her own clinic with Herman, and she smiled every single time Callie sent her a message. 

April and Arizona got happy endings, and it's probably for the best. Could you imagine ABC HQ this morning if one or both of them were killed off?

What did you think of the big finish?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey's Anatomy returns in the fall.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Did April Kepner Die?!

With the news that Sarah Drew is exiting Grey's Anatomy, it seemed like her character, April Kepner was going to die on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 23

The official teaser for the episode found the redhead in a bad way, but did she really bite the dust?

When the episode kicked off, April was still planning Alex and Jo's wedding, and even sent out the invites for it. We were then treated to a flurry of scenes showing the characters reacting to the big news. 

But disaster struck when Matthew was wheeled into the hospital after a car crash and started mentioning April's name. This made the others wonder whether April would be with Matthew considering their past. 

When Arizona confirmed they were indeed back together, Owen led a team out to the crash site to search for April. It turned out that Matthew was telling the truth. 

April was found in bad shape, barely clinging to life and suffering from hypothermia. She was rushed to the hospital, and the doctors fought tooth and nail to save her. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

Jackson was kept out of the loop because everyone thought he would struggle to save her given the circumstances, but one of the interns accidentally slipped up about the surgery going on. 

The most interesting thing about it was that they all agreed to pray because that's what April would expect of them given the dire prognosis. 

April was saved and wheeled into a room with Matthew. Could this be the thing that makes her decide that working in the hospital was not the best career move?

It certainly presents a difficult situation: She has a kid with Jackson. Is she going to remain in Seattle off-screen, or will she skip town with her new man?

We have no idea, but it's sure fun to speculate. 

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy

This also gave Ben time to return from Station 19 if his friend passed away. It came around the time Bailey was worried that he was going to die in a fire. 

Meanwhile, Arizona continued to make her decision about the future and even told Miranda that she was exiting her role to move to New York to be with Sofia and Callie. 

Miranda admitted that she thought Arizona was going to be a terrible, terrible doctor when she first laid eyes on her, but she was surprised at her growth. 

Jessica Capshaw Pic

Then, Arizona opened up to Nicole about her decision to leave town, and the former doctor was against the idea. Ultimately, she wanted Arizona to bring her crash carts to the masses, and that could be done from New York. 

Could a happy ending for Arizona be on the horizon? 

It sure seems that way. 

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments!

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC!

Sarah Drew to Grey’s Anatomy Fans: Be Nice to Kelly McCreary!!

Just last month, Sarah Drew departed from Grey's Anatomy

Since then, some of her fans have apparently been harassing her friend and colleague who continues to act on the long-running ABC drama.

Sarah is speaking out ... and pleading with her fans to be kind.

Sarah Drew and Kelly McCreary

Taking to Twitter, Sarah Drew writes to her followers:

"I need to say something to some of you."

Note that she is not blaming everyone for the actions of bad apples.

"I say 'some' because I know that many of you are not participating in this."

She acknowledges that fans are, of course, passionate about the media that they consume.

"Look, I know these characters mean so much to you -- believe me, they mean a lot to me, too -- but I do not feel defended when you attack my friends."

Sarah Drew tweet

Some of her fans have been giving Kelly McCreary a very hard time.

"My beautiful, loving, loyal sister, Kelly, is a brilliant, fiercely talented team player who ALWAYS shows up and dedicates herself to the stories she is asked to tell."

Actors should not be attacked for the roles that they play. Obviously.

"Please stop attacking her for doing her job."

She implores them to remember that the actors are friends.

"When you hurt her, you hurt me."

She hopes that people will support McCreary as they supported her.

"When you show kindness to her, you show kindness to me."

She then has a message that we should all take to heart.

"Please be Kind."

Sarah Drew Promo Pic

See, Sarah Drew's character on Grey's Anatomy, for those of you who haven't watched the series since the Bush Administration, was in a relationship with Jesse Williams' character.

A lot of fans, as they watch a show, grow attached not only to characters but to relationships. These fans are known as "shippers," whether the relationship that they adore is canon or exists only in their hopes and dreams.

Now that Drew's character has departed from the series, Kelly McCreary's character is in a relationship with Williams.'

Though these fans, of course, are perfectly aware that these are fictional characters played by actors, sometimes, when you're passionate about something, it can be easy to blur the lines.

And they'll send real hate to real people.

Drew is absolutely right for speaking up in defense of her friend. Obviously.

Dr. Kep

One of the problems with the ready accesibility of actors these days is that they can see their fans at their worst.

For every few dozen people who just tweet politely at their faves, there is some bad apple who tries to ruin social media for everyone else.

A lot of people don't realize that they are sexually harassing their favorite celebrities. Telling your friend that you're crushing on a hot actor is one thing. Tweeting to them what you'd like to do with them is ... something else.

Livetweeting can then become a hazard, because people might tag an actor as they tweet their hate at a character.

That's not appropriate. it's harassment. It's toxic. It's also, quite frankly, embarrassing.

Sarah Drew for ABC

It may be that what has fans really upset is the shocking departures of two beloved actors -- and their characters.

But that wasn't McCreary's fault.

There were also people who tried to blame series star Ellen Pompeo, claiming that her hard-fought salary increase was responsible for the series thinning its cast to save money.

That has been widely dismissed as absurd.

Sometimes, when fans are angry, they blame the wrong people.

We just wish that social media did not make it so easy for them to lash out. Please think before you tweet.

Please be kind.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 22 Recap: Fight for Your Mind

Alex confronted his past on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 22 as he realized it was time to face up to his mother. 

Jo went along for the ride with him because she did not want him doing it all on his lonesome. Alex's world was rocked when a neighbor confirmed that Helen was not at home ... she was at work. 

This was surprising because his mother struggled with schizophrenia throughout his life, and he wondered why she never called him. 

As such, he confronted her at her work. Helen maintained that she wanted to reach out, but the only thing keeping her sane was sticking to a rigorous routine. 

That was too much for Alex, so he went to play baseball and blew off some steam. Jo listened as he whined about how bad his life was. However, he did admit that she gave him one good year. 

Talking about it made Alex realize that his mother is unwell through no fault of her own and that he should be happy about her moving on. 

Justin Chambers on Grey's Anatomy

He returned to the library and said that he was happy for her. He also asked for a library card because he said he would come visit her. It was a heartwarming scene, but Helen did not feel like she would be able to attend the wedding. 

In her own unorthodox way, Helen was better and doing her own thing. 

Elsewhere, Amelia was trying to wean Betty off the drugs, and the pair debated about how she should feel. But Betty was not ready to fully commit to recovery and escaped through the bathroom window. 

This made Amelia attend an AA meeting, and she admitted that she was trying to save a troubled teenager. But she never managed to locate Betty before the episode was over. 

Arizona Has Been Ghosted

Meanwhile, Arizona had to contend with a woman who was scared of having surgery. It stemmed from her father dying during surgery when she was 5-years-old. 

The case helped Arizona realize that she needed to put Sofia first, and that paved the way for her to call time on her relationship with Carina. 

Arizona closed her arc this week by calling Callie and saying that Sofia needs to go home with her and that she would be moving to New York. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

The other big storyline revolved around Meredith doing her presentation for the mini-livers. She decided to confirm Marie Cerone was the one who helped Ellis all those years ago. 

But Meredith was not ready to deal with Marie. The reason? The woman tried to destroy her a few months back over what happened in the past. 

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

Watch Grey's Anatomy online right here to get caught up with all the action!

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

Ellen Pompeo Warns: The End of Grey’s Anatomy is Near!

Grey's Anatomy recently received some very welcome news:

The long-running ABC drama has been renewed for Season 15.

But Ellen Pompeo is now here with a bit of less welcoming news.

Ellen Pompeo Close-Up

The lead cast member says fans ought to enjoy each renewal as much as they can...

... because there might not be too many more in the show's future.

“We’re getting there," Pompeo tells Us Weekly of ending Grey's Anatomy for good.

Referencing the series creator, Shonda Rhimes, the beloved actress continued:

" Shonda and I will make that decision together.

"I think that one of the biggest lessons that this show has taught me and being on this show for so long has taught me, is that relationships do change. And they do grow. They take work. Like any marriage, friendship. You gotta put in the work.

"You have to accept other people’s flaws, and accept your own flaws and try to change and be a better person. But I think everything is worth the time and effort.

"And things get better.”

Meredith is Listening

There's a lot to unpack in that sort of rambling response, isn't there?

Overall, however, it shouldn't come as a major shock that Grey's Anatomy won't be on the air for another decade or anything.

Our best guess is that the series wraps up following Season 16, considering Pompeo recently signed a new, massive two-year contract.

She did so not long before producers announced that veteran stars Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will not return next season.

Fans reacted in dismay, although cast turnover as been a consistent aspect of Grey's Anatomy for years now; from the departure of Katherine Heigl to the departures of Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey.

“There is an end and it’s nearing," Pompeo admits here.

Ellen Pompeo on Season 14

A major reason to this inevitable conclusion is that Pompeo needs a break.

She has a family at home with whom she'd love to spend more time.

“I want to be more involved in my kids’ lives as they get older. And they need me more, and this world is such a crazy place," she said to the aforementioned tabloid.

What might Pompeo do when this amazing ride is over?

“I am really into producing, I love producing,” she said, “It’s like one problem after another, it’s problem-solving 101. It’s like a great experiment in problem-solving.

"Acting is … it’s a young girl’s game. You’ve gotta travel, you’ve gotta be away. [You’ve] gotta go here and work at night in the rain. I’m not saying I’ll never do it.

"If there’s an amazing opportunity I’m sure, of course I’ll do it.”

Ellen Pompeo Thinks

How will Grey's Anatomy actually end?

Pompeo hinted in the interview that she does have an idea, but she won't say.

Instead, she'll conclude by talking about the recent cast changes and how hard they have been on everyone, cast and crew included.

"We are a family and it’s super awkward. It’s not like films where you work for three months, and you’re not going to see the people, or you’ll see them at the junket and that’s it.

"We really are together, through births, through deaths. Every day, sickness and health...

"[It’s] an odd family, that we’re thrown together with. So, when these things happen, there’s a lot of tumult.

"Inside, there’s chaos and feelings – sadness and anger, and it’s a lot to deal with."

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8/7c.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 21 Recap: Bad Reputation

Harper Avery may be dead, but his legacy came crashing down on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 21

When the episode got underway, there was a media frenzy because of the truth coming out about a string of women who were allegedly assaulted by the deceased surgeon. 

This put Meredith in a difficult position. She and her mother had won Harper Avery awards and while they were once seen as royalty, they are now seen as the remnants of terrible hierarchy. 

A Medical Emergency on Grey's Anatomy

So, Meredith returned them because she did not want to be associated with the company, and rightfully so. 

But she found herself at odds with Jackson when she learned that he donated the $100 million for the medical greatness surgeries. 

Jackson admitted his part in it, but had to later beg Mer for forgiveness. In his eyes, he was doing something great and had no intention of rigging the contest. 

The pair joined forces to help a kid named Diego from Venezuela who had a tumor on his face. Jackson wanted to go for a less invasive surgery, but Meredith wanted to take the whole thing out.

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy

Before they got into surgery, the religious group who were funding the hospital pulled out because of the allegations against Harper. 

Meredith shut them down and said that Jackson was the best surgeon around, and even claimed the hospital would foot the bill for the surgery. 

So, the surgery went ahead, and the boy was saved. But that was not the end of Meredith and Jackson's storyline. 

They came up with an idea to change the name of the foundation to Catherine Fox, and allow all of the women who were silenced to return to be retrained and rehired. 

The crisis managed balked at the idea, but Jackson's mind was made up, and everyone agreed with him. 

Elsewhere, Nurse Olivia returned to the hospital with her son and wasted no time in calling Alex out. At one point, she asked Jo whether she had contracted gonorrhea from him. 

But Alex and Jo were trying to plan their wedding, and April decided to step in at the last minute and help out. All they had to do was give her a budget and she would sort the whole thing out. 

Justin Chambers on Grey's Anatomy

Alex disappeared when he checked his account, prompting Jo to think he was broke. The true reason for it was that his mother had not been cashing her checks, and he thought there was something amiss with her. 

Finally, Owen took Leo to the hospital and met up with the kid's biological mother in the process. The kid confided in Amelia that she bought a dress for the event. 

Amelia picked up on her using drugs and asked about it. The kid admitted she became addicted after an injury and was prescribed opioids. 

Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Amelia asked Weber whether she should help the kid, and she decided to. Owen unsurprisingly told the pair to move in with him and it would give Leo the chance to have his mother in his life. 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

Ellen Pompeo Says Goodbye to Departing Grey’s Anatomy Stars

Grey's Anatomy did not come to an end last night.

It was a different Shonda Rhimes-produced series, Scandal, that aired its final episode.

Ellen Pompeo on Season 14

However, the careers of two veteran Grey's Anatomy actresses did actually come to a conclusion with the latest Season 14 installment, as both Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew wrapped up their impressive runs on the beloved show.

It had been announced in early March that the stars would not return next year.

ABC cited creative reasons as the basis for letting the cast members go.

At the time, Pompeo expressed her surprise and sadness over the development, while also fighting back against talk that her new contract was somehow to blame for the decision.

On Thursday evening, however, after Capshaw and Drew were written out of the show, Pompeo once again took to Twitter in order to pay them tribute.

“Boom… @thank you @jessicacapshaw for bringing it the way you have brought it for 10 amazing years… what a blessing you are and what a contribution you made to television history,” Pompeo wrote about Capshaw.

The actress portrayed Dr. Arizona Robbins for 10 seasons on Grey's Anatomy.

cap tweet

Concluded Pompeo in this sweet message:

“Lit that screen up with your glow on the LGBT community… making a difference and making it all look so easy… GOAT #representationmatters #loveyou."

(Arizona was a lesbian, it's likely worth noting.)

As for Drew, who played Dr. April Kepner for nine seasons, Pompeo thanked her for being “sugar and spice” on the long-running ABC drama.

Along with heart emojis, fire emojis and star emojis, Pompeo penned the following about Drew:

THANK YOU to this lady....@thesarahdrew you served up the sugar and spice for 9 years and it's been a blast.

Your passion and talent for storytelling has touched so many people provoked thought and Greys is a better show because of it and you. #japrilfansdontplay

to drew

Upon learning they were being let go from Grey's Anatomy, both Capshaw and Drew responded with classy statements.

First, this is how Drew reacted publicly:

Thank you for all of the love. I know you’re sad. I’m sad too. I haven’t really had the time to process this information.

I’ve been with it for less than 48 hours, so I’m not ready to say my thank yous and give an all encompassing statement about my 9 years here. That will come later.

For now, I’d like to say: I love you, and I love April, and her story isn’t over yet.

And the really good news (for me, at least) is that I’m here on set shadowing one of my favorite people, Kevin McKidd, with my beloved Grey’s family all this week and next, so I get to process all of my feelings surrounded by the community that has nourished and nurtured me for almost a decade.

For that, I am grateful.

Sarah Drew for ABC

And then Capshaw:

For the past ten years I have had the rare privilege of not only playing Arizona Robbins but also being madly in love with playing her.

Arizona Robbins is kind, intelligent, funny, insightful, bold, playful, fierce and really good at her job.

She was one of the first members of the LGBTQ community to be represented in a seres regular role on network television. Her impact on the world is permanent and forever. Forever.

I am grateful that I have gotten to bring her to life and for the life that she has brought to me.

I am sad to see her go but I am consoled by the idea that she will continue to live on and on in all of our consciences and our imaginations. Shonda, thank you for the ride on this incredible rollercoaster.

Jessica Capshaw Pic

To watch Grey's Anatomy online and see how Robbins and Kepner left the series, click on the video below.

But do so with a box of tissues handy.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 20 Recap: Judgment Day

What seemed like it was going to be a quiet hour quickly dialed things up and it resulted in one of the wildest hours of this series yet. 

When Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 20 kicked off, the doctors were preparing to present their ideas to their peers. 

Arizona was on hand passing out some cookies a patient left behind for her, but she was shocked to the core when the patients returned and admitted they left her the wrong ones.

This meant Arizona had given cookies out to the staff that included marijuana. Bailey, April, Alex, Maggie, Catherine, Jackson and Vik were the unlucky group who were struck down with a case of the giggles. 

The presentations were brought to a halt as the doctors tried to regroup, and conclude how best to deal with the situation. 

Meredith and Jo gave the interns the go-ahead to take on more roles, but Vik lied, saying he did not touch the cookies. 

This came back to bite him when he got paranoid when a patient flatlined and tripped over a crash cart. He wound up with a scalpel stuck in him, and in a hospital bed. 

He came clean when Webber went to give him diazepam because he knew there were complications mixing drugs. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

Webber was mad and fired Vik on the spot. Oh yes, the interns are dropping like flies this time around, but most of them are annoying as hell. 

Elsewhere, we finally got to find out the truth about all of the NDAs with the former Harper Avery employees, and it turned out that Harper Avery himself was quite the dirtbag. 

Catherine revealed to Jackson that his grandfather had sexually assaulted staff members in the double digits and ruined their careers by making them sign NDAs. 

Catherine admitted that she made sure the women got payouts because she knew they were never going to work again. 

April heard all about it and reported back to Bailey, and then Meredith found out the truth. It was crazy, but it made Meredith realize that her whole past had been a lie. 

Meredith on the Finale

Before anyone got a chance to do anything about it, the women all went to the media and said they were done being silenced. 

Will the hospital ever be the same again? 

Meanwhile, Owen's decision to foster a child was fast-tracked, and he was given a baby boy, but he had no idea what was expected of him. 

He turned to Amelia who took him to Meredith's to steal some of the junk she had accumulated over the years with her own children. 

Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

At the end of the episode, Amelia decided to stay over with Owen for the first night and help him look after the kid. 

Could there be light at the end of the tunnel for these two? It sure seems that way. 

What did you think of all the developments?

Hit the comments. 

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19 Recap: Beautiful Dreamer

The Grey Sloan Memorial team will stop at nothing to look after one of their own. 

On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19, an ICE agent showed up at the hospital, intent on finding one of the interns. 

With much suspense, we learned Sam was the person the agent was looking for and Bailey and Meredith kicked off an elaborate ruse to stall the operation. 

Deciding Sam's Fate on Grey's Anatomy

It turned out, Sam went through a red light, and apparently, that was grounds for having a meeting and the potential of deportation was high. 

While Meredith tried to find a way to save Sam, Miranda realized the agent had an irregular heartbeat and set out to find out what was wrong. 

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you will likely remember Miranda has a brush with death earlier on Grey's Anatomy Season 14. She knows a lot about heart attacks. 

Maggie stepped in to help the man out, but it turned out he needed immediate surgery to unclog his arteries. 

Jeanine Mason on Grey's Anatomy

This allowed Meredith to get Sam an internship with Cristina Yang in Zurich. Yes, Grey's Anatomy is all about honoring the past, but it does so with great subtlety. 

In any case, Sam is gone, and that means DeLuca is single. FYI: Jeanine Mason has booked the lead role on The CW's Roswell reboot, so her involvement in future seasons will be contingent on that show going to series or not. 

Meanwhile, Matthew returned to the hospital with baby Ruby and Arizona struggled to come to a conclusion about which heart defects the kid had. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

Enter April, who urged Owen to take a look at some other things because ruling the heart as the cause of all the kid's medical woes is too easy. 

As expected, there was a stomach condition at play, and Matthew seemed a little too happy to be sitting with April in the church in the episode's closing scenes. 

Could April and Matthew become a thing and leave Seattle behind? That's a possibility. 

While Arizona continued to worry about the mothers who died post-birth, she decided that having a crash cart on all floors would allow the doctor on duty to have access to everything needed to save the mothers. 

Arizona Has Been Ghosted

She tried it out on a patient who reacted well to it, but was that a win for her? 

The big twist, however, involved Jackson turning to his mother about a deal made with his grandfather and a doctor of another hospital. 

Amelia needed to get the doctor on board to help out with Kimmie, but one thing led to another and Jackson tried to find out why the woman signed an NDA with the hospital. 

Jackson's mother revealed at the close of the episode to Richard that they were all in trouble and should watch out. 

This happened right after Richard's sponsor died. Is the show seriously trying to send him back to the alcohol? 

It sure seems like it!

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below. 

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 18 Recap: Hold Back The River

The outcome of surgery cannot be predicted. 

That became clear on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 18 as Amelia, Koracick, Alex, and DeLuca worried that they were going to melt Noah's brain stem. 

His mother reluctantly agreed to try out the procedure on her son, but it seemed bizarre that Amelia kept quiet about it being experimental surgery. 

The surgery was trickier than ever could have imagined, and Amelia wanted to continue heating up the tissue, but Koracick knew they were already tempting fate. 

Koracick declined Amelia's request to heat up the head one last time, and she started vomiting because she realized just how difficult it all was. It probably gave her several throwbacks to her own experience with a tumor. 

In the aftermath, the kid was not waking up, and they all wondered whether they ruined his life. But the next day, he woke up and was happy again. 

Alex then walked in on a meeting between Koracick and Amelia. They were discussing the fact that Kimmie's surgery was being pulled because they could not guarantee her safety. 

Ameilia On Grey's Anatomy

Old Alex appeared, and he tried to attack Koracick. It was bizarre, but it showed Alex has gotten far too close to the case to be objective about it. 

Meanwhile, Richard struggled when he learned that his sponsor (Olive) was in the hospital with a DNR. 

“There are multiple options for dealing with liver failure,” he said as she admitted that she was ready to pass over to the next big thing. 

Richard turned to Meredith and Maggie and tasked them with saving her life. But Olive continued to worry about what Richard would do when she inevitably died.

“I need to know that he’s gonna get through this without a bottle,” she admitted to the siblings. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

In the final few moments, Meredith learned that one of the lab rats grew livers without the use of a polymer. Could this surgery save Olive's life, or will it be just as difficult as brain tumor experimental surgery?

Then there was April was on an apology tour. She spent the hour walking around the hospital apologizing to everyone she had been rude to over the last few weeks. 

She stopped at Maggie to say she was not herself and that she even tried to sleep with her ex in the hospital. This presented a conundrum for Maggie because Jackson kept it all quiet from her. 

The final big story of the week focused on Owen and Arizona joining forces to take down a horrible cancer doctor who was misdiagnosing patients with cancer. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

They posed as a married couple and went to his surgery. He said Arizona had breast cancer, and the pair rushed back to Grey Sloan to learn that he was lying about the whole thing. 

Owen went to rough him up and called the cops, so the man was arrested. It was a wild storyline that proved there are some sick people in the world. 

What do you think of the latest twists?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17 Recap: One Day Like This

Moving on after a traumatic event is always difficult, but Meredith, April, and Teddy tried to do just that on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17.

Meredith's New Love Interest

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you will already know that Meredith has struggled to move on since Derek's death on Grey's Anatomy Season 11

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy

She did have a connection with Riggs, but all of that fell apart when Megan Hunt returned from the dead. The moment Meredith started chatting with Dr. Mars, it was clear she was going to be saving his life for much of the hour. 

They had a lot of chemistry and were each trying to find out everything about the other. It was cute. In any case, they are family oriented and have no baggage, so that's always a positive. 

But Meredith worried because Dr. Mars had a kidney transplant and it seemed like his body was rejecting it. He told Mer a tale about how his mother died while waiting on a heart. 

When the results came back inconclusive, Meredith realized there was a tumor in an artery, and she set out to fix it. Dr. Mars thought he was dying, and urged Meredith to tell his niece how to get the deed to the house. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

He pulled through, but Meredith then recognized the fact that he worked and lived in Minnesota. Yes, there's no way Meredith is ever going to get a happy ending at this rate. 

However, she decided it was time to move on from everything that happened and that she could love again. 

April Find Peace In an Unlikely Way

When the episode kicked off, April was passed out in a bar and being kicked out by one of the workers. How far was she going to fall before someone stepped in to help her?

At the hospital, April was shocked when a rabbi showed up and found out that his skin was separating from itself. It turned out the reaction was linked to Bailey prescribing antibiotics to him three times as opposed to going through with surgery.

Bailey worried because she felt she was the one to blame for it, and April agreed. April dropped Bailey like a hot potato and Jackson had to pick up the pieces. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

In one of the series' most emotional scenes yet, Eli passed away as April pretended to be his wife, Elyse to give him comfort in his final few moments. 

Is There Hope for Teddy and Owen?

Owen surprised Teddy in Germany, and the pair wasted no time in making up for lost time. They had sex, scoffed comfort food and had the biggest argument yet. 

Owen was all about moving on with Teddy, but she was skeptical about his intentions. This only got worse when she realized he was sleeping with Amelia the day before, and she decided they were not right for each other. 

Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

She kicked Owen out of her house and told them that whatever was going on with them was over and that they had no future. 

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 16 Recap: Who Will Save April?

Jackson and Maggie should have probably opened up about their relationship sooner. 

Catherine and Richard learned the shocking truth on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 16, and it resulted in a string of awkward scenes. 

Upon being caught making out in a room, Maggie wanted to run and throw herself down the stairs. She had no idea how to process her feelings, but she did so in hilarious fashion. 

"Good with your vagina," she said to Catherine as she raced off to find something else to do. The comment was about the surgery Catherine, Richard and Jackson were working on. 

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you will know they were gearing up to work on rebuilding a vagina for an old family friend named Michelle. 

Catherine seemed to want to put all of the drama to the side, but then she started talking about how "family is family," and it was apparently a dig at Jackson and Maggie potentially being step-siblings. 

Jackson wanted his mother to recognize that they were not siblings and give her blessing, but that was difficult to get through for her. 

Jackson, Catherine and Richard on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 16

Richard, on the other hand, did not want to be involved in the drama and kept it all rather low-key. 

"You have my blessing,” he told Jackson, “but if I hear you hurt Maggie, I’m coming after you.”

Okay then. 

But all of the family drama made its way inside the OR, and Michelle picked up on it in an instant. Would you let a feuding family operate on you?

In the end, they all sorted it out, and Jackson admitted that his mother could take Maggie's side if the relationship were a big flop. 

Elsewhere, Owen, April, and DeLuca wanted to train the interns about trauma and how they could help deal with it. 

But April was still going off the deep end and lashed out at Levi when he asked the hard and fast rules for saving people. 

“This is real life, Blood Bank! In a harsh and uncaring world, the only rule is, there are no rules,” she replied in the most condescending tone ever.

Sarah Drew for ABC

Later, April had a meltdown over the traumas that had rocked the hospital over the years. Her battle with her faith continues to rage on, and it was heartbreaking to watch. 

Jackson knew there was something off about his baby mama, so he asked for some information about her feelings. 

“When did you decide that I’m not here for you?” he said, but April took that as a romantic moment and tried to kiss with her ex. 

“You can’t fix what you can’t face,” he responded, but this only annoyed April, who told him he was looking after their daughter that night. 

Arizona Has Been Ghosted

Meanwhile, Arizona took Sofia to work with her because the kid was hurting over having missing Callie. 

Arizona helped a young, pregnant woman, but everyone worried about her son, Noah's random laughing. Amelia and Alex were shocked to learn that he had an inoperable tumor. 

The solution?

Using lasers to blast the tumor away ... much like the situation Kimmie is in. 

What do you think will happen?

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Grey’s Anatomy: Have Fans Actually Enacted a Boycott?

At this point in the nearly 14-season run of Grey's Anatomy, you'd think fans would be used to cast turnover.

Over the years, viewers have been forced to say goodbye to such series regulars as Katherine Heigl, Isaiah Washington, Sandra Oh, T.R. Knight, Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey.

Just to name a few.

Sarah Drew Promo Pic

Last week, however, producers confirmed that neither Sarah Drew nor Jessica Capshaw would return for Season 15, prompting some major outrage from loyal Grey's supporters.

The former has portrayed Dr. April Kepner for nine years and the latter Dr. Arizona Robbins for a decade.

"The characters of Arizona and April are permanently woven into the fabric of Grey’s Anatomy thanks to the extraordinary work of Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew," wrote executive producer Krista Vernoff upon announcing this stunning news.

She continued at the time:

"As writers, our job is to follow the stories where they want to go, and sometimes that means saying goodbye to characters we love.

"It has been a joy and a privilege to work with these phenomenally talented actresses."

Both stars released statements in the wake of their dismissals, each handling the decision with grace and maturity.

But not all viewers have reacted the same way.

Jessica Capshaw Promo Pic

Last Thursday's installment of Grey's Anatomy, for example, earned a series low rating.

Last night's installment of the drama, meanwhile, ticked up a slight bit... but was still a significant drop from previous outings this season and last season.

Does this mean the push for a boycott from a handful of fans on social media is working?

At one point over the past several days, the hashtag "#BoycottGreys went viral, as fans came together to protest yet another example of cast upheaveal on this long-running program.

Moreover, many of these same critics believe Ellen Pompeo is actually to blame for her co-stars getting the boot.

Sarah Drew for ABC

The show's lead signed a new $20 million contract in January, prompting some folks out there to think no money was leftover for Drew and Capshaw.

There's no evidence of this, of course.

ABC has said the stars were being let go for "creative reasons," while Pompeo wasted no time at all shooting down this rude and unfair chatter.

"Its unfortunate that @DEADLINE chooses to try to pit women against each other on #InternationalWomensDay #shameonyounotme," Tweeted Pompeo a week ago, addressing a website that implied Pompeo's salary was related to Drew and Capshaw's fate.

Vernoff was similarly upset over this insinuation.

As Arizona

Wrote the producer on Twitter:

The suggestion … that our cast changes are in any way related to Ellen Pompeo‘s salary renegotiation is wrong and hurtful and misguided.

It smacks of an old, broken, patriarchal notion that women must be pitted against each other and that one woman’s success will be costly to others.

Ellen Pompeo has not only advocated passionately for her fellow cast members, she has taken the time to educate women worldwide as to how to advocate for themselves and that must not now be twisted.

The real question in the wake of this ratings drop, of course, is this:

Will ABC actually renew Grey's Anatomy for Season 15?

It has not done so yet.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15 Recap: Old Scars, Future Hearts

Even after 14 years, there's still a lot of information we don't know about some of our most-loved Grey's Anatomy characters. 

That much was made clear on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 15 which found the characters continuing to try and continue their careers and lives at Grey Sloan Memorial. 

When the episode got underway, Meredith was trying to learn more details about her mother's relationship with Marie. 

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you will know that Meredith needed the patent for polymers from her mother's old friends, but she had no idea Marie hated Ellis before she died. 

So, Meredith researched through all of her mother's old journals with the hope of finding out the truth, and hopefully, saving her research project. 

“Are you even going to let me license the patent?” Meredith asked when Marie arrived at the hospital.

“There is nothing petty here,” replied Marie, clearly irate at being generalized as a villain because Ellis totally went behind her back. 

That's when Marie opened up about Ellis winning her second Harper Avery with work both woman had worked on. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

“When she betrayed me, it was unimaginably painful,” she said. “She broke me.” Marie then left Meredith with an ultimatum: Tell the world the truth, or no polymer. 

After conversing with Weber, Meredith declined, and Marie said she would be working on the procedure with a team of talented doctors. 

And just like that, Meredith's research went out the window. 

Elsewhere, Alex worried about his relationship with Jo when it emerged that she was applying for fellowships across the country. 

Camilla Luddington for ABC

Alex felt like Jo was exiting their relationship, but she felt a sense of freedom. She had run from Paul for so long that she didn't know what freedom felt like ... until he died. 

Jo, however, wanted to seal her relationship with Alex in a big way. So, she proposed to him with his own engagement ring. 

It was heartwarming and proved that this Grey's couple will be together until the bitter end. 

In flashbacks, we got to see Alex's troubled relationship with his mentally ill mother. He struggled to make friends or build connections because he couldn't take anyone to the house. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

The one time he did, his mom tried to bash his skull in with a hammer because she forgot to take her medication. 

Meanwhile, April continued her downfall, and that meant she continued to get romanced off of Tom. Tom revealed his son died and it made him question his own faith at one point. 

This brought them closer, but Jackson is definitely starting to worry about what's going on with his ex-girlfriend. When he dropped their kid off at the house, she had no idea what day it was. 

Yes, this is going to get pretty dark. 

What do you think of all the latest twists and turns for the characters?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 Recap: Games People Play

It was one extreme to the next on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14, which found our favorite characters in some crazy situations. 

Let's just get one thing out of the way beforehand: Every single scene with Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew seems pointless now that we know they have both been let go from their roles on the show. 

They are both popular actresses, and their characters have a lot of fans. Losing them is going to change the show forever, but it's not like it will spell the end. 

When the episode kicked off, Maggie was in her element. She had a hot new man named Clive, and he was helping take her mind off of Jackson. 

But Maggie wanted to keep the element of surprise in the relationship, so she wanted him to sneak out the house before anyone else got up. 

Sarah Drew on Grey's

We subsequently found out that Maggie and Clive were not exactly being quiet about their lust, and it made Amelia, who has been single since splitting up with own, want sex. 

Something odd happened: Amelia was thinking about Owen, and even in the elevator, she was thinking about getting hot and heavy with him. 

As the day went on, she witnessed Owen lashing out at a group of football players who were causing drama in the emergency room. 

They made April accidentally cut a girl's ear off because they were throwing the football around the room. This put April in a difficult position because everyone questioned what was going on with her because of her excessive drinking. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

That only got worse when Maggie, Clive, Jackson, his girlfriend and Amelia's doctor friend showed up at the house to play games. April took all of her rage out on everyone and confronted her friends at every turn. 

Ultimately, the real party crasher turned out to be Clive's wife, who showed up yelling at Maggie for having it off with her husband. This gave Jackson the ammunition he needed to dump his girlfriend and pluck up the courage to tell Maggie about his feelings. 

Just when they were about to have fun, Meredith returned home in a fit of rage. The woman she had over about the polymer was an old BFF of her mother's, but they became enemies. 

Ellen Pompeo Thinks

The woman stole Meredith's idea and made her way out of the hospital under the pretense that she was retiring to her hotel. 

Meredith got played!

In the closing moments, Amelia admitted to Owen that she wanted to have sex with him, and he went along with it. 

So ... they are now friends with benefits. 

Ellen as Meredith

Okay, what did you think of this wild installment?

What do you think is coming?

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