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Isabel Rock: Showered With Roloff Family Love on Her Birthday!

Happily, former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff is engaged to Isabel Rock -- his longtime girlfriend and even longer-time friend.

Though Jacob was estranged from his family until quite recently, they've mended fences and embraced each other with open arms. They've embraced his girlfriend, too.

In fact, the Roloff ladies took Izzy out to celebrate her birthday -- and shared sweet photos to commemmorate the occasion.

Audrey Roloff, Tori Roloff, Isabel Rock, Amy Roloff

Proud mother and mother-in-law Amy Roloff shared this photo of Audrey, Tori, Izzy, and of course her beautiful self.

In the caption, she wrote:

"So wonderful I got to hang out at Bushwackers, getting our country on, w/ my beautiful DIL’s and soon to be celebrating Isabel’s birthday!"

That was followed by a series of ice cream cone and balloon emojis.

"I'm so blessed by my son’s wives. We had a blast!"

It must be nice for Matt and Amy -- though Molly doesn't live nearby, the children who do just keep collecting new family members. And, sometimes, giving birth to them.

Isabel Rock and Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff shared this photo of just her with the birthday girl, and included the caption:

"Happy Happy Birthday to you Isabel. So excited we can celebrate YOU today."

Awww, that's sweet! She continued:

"I hope your day is as wonderful as you! Lots of love."

To be clear, this is Isabel Rock's 22nd birthday.

That's no surprise to anyone familiar with the details of Jacob Roloff's proposal, because Izzy had mentioned that she was a year older than Jacob back when they met.

And, of course, Jacob Roloff turned 21 just last month.

Jacob Roloff Celebrates Isabel Rock on Her Birthday

Speaking of Jacob, just because his fiancee was out partying with his mom and sisters-in-law didn't mean that he ignored his lady love's birthday.

He shared this sweet photo of the two of them together with their sweet, precious dogs, writing the caption:

"Happy birthday to this gem of a lady, my fiancee."

He follows that with a heart eyes emoji.

Jacob hasn't been shy about sharing his opinions in the past, but he's also been reserved about putting his personal life in the spotlight.

But the 18-year-old boy who stormed off of Roloff Farms decrying his family's reality series (honestly, the contentions ran a little deeper than the show) has grown into a 21-year-old man who's not afraid to show the world how much he loves his fiancee.

Jacob Roloff, Isabel Rock, Amy Roloff

It must be so nice for Izzy to receive this outpouring of love and support from her soon-to-be new family.

But she's been bonding with them for months, folks.

This photo (above), from back in November, was of Amy Roloff -- and Jacob, of course, but that almost goes without saying -- visiting an art gallery showing of Isabel Rock's paintings.

What's more, some fans believe that Isabel may have ended Jacob and Audrey's feud -- if there ever really was a feud to begin with.

At the very least, Izzy and Audrey seem to get along pretty well. Izzy even helped promote Audrey's brand on Instagram. What else is family for?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Valentines 2018

Isabel Rock isn't the only person who doesn't have the last name of Roloff around whom Amy Roloff's been spending time.

Just earlier this month, fans couldn't help but wonder if Amy Roloff and Chris Marek had just broken up. when he appeared to be conspicuously absent from Amy's photos, right before Valentine's Day.

Good news, however -- those assuming that they'd split were mistaken. The two had a lovely Valentine's Day, at least part of which was spent on the beach.

So romantic!

Jacob Roloff Talks Family Feud: Does He Hate His Parents or What?!?

Jacob Roloff has come a very long way in two years.

It wasn't THAT long after all, when the Little People, Big World personality chose to remove himself from his family's narrative.

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

Sick over the way his loved ones were choosing to be portrayed on their reality TV show, Jacob didn't merely walk away in July of 2016.

He walked away from the series while also slamming the production in the process, exposing his parents and siblings for the type of liars they had become.

"For the sake of 'the episode' and ratings I've seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives," Roloff wrote at the time, taking the very unusual step of outing his own show as scripted and fake.

He added:

"The family that is filmed is not my family.

"They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself."

Pretty harsh and to the point, huh?

With that, Jacob faded away from the spotlight for several months, taking road trips with his girlfriend and dogs around the Pacific Northwest and scarcely posting on social media.

Jacob Roloff Outside

But now a few things have changed.

For starters, Isabel Rock is no longer Jacob's girlfriend... she's his fiancee!!!!!!!!!!!

Moreover, Jacob is on strong terms once again with his family, as his Instagram page is filled with photos of himself, his nephew, his siblings and, yes, his parents.

For whatever reason, however, some Internet trolls refuse to believe that Jacob and his relatives are getting along so well.

They continue to perpetuate talk of a feud, so much so that Jacob has finally taken to social media in order to respond to this chatter.

"You know that feeling of dread when someone is scrutinizing you and you think, “hey, this might be true about me,” until they slip up and say something totally bonkers and wrong, and you sigh with relief because they are *so* off base?" Roloff asked as a caption to the throwback photo below.

He then continued:

"I feel this every. single. time. I see a headline regarding ‘rifts’ in my family. It is just so simply and surely untrue!

"This is a good picture of a pure, early, easy, fun time in my life."

Roloff Throwback Image

Jacob proceeded to share an excerpt from his upcoming memoir about Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff.

It reads as follows:

My parents have always been pretty amazing. They both succeeded in life, had a family and provided for and gave their kids all that they wanted, within disciplined reason.

My dad taught me practical, mindful things like chess, how to build a fire, and other sorts of exercises in basic critical thinking to a degree that I still carry the lessons with me today.

He was also a great storyteller, sitting all of us kids by the fire and telling stories of “dark, windy nights.”

My mom, always making sure we knew we were loved, supported all our efforts and hobbies as often as she knew about them, even coaching all of us kids in soccer in our early years.

She also instilled in us a very good sense of manners and respect that I find myself appreciating more and more everyday.

So much for this being a bitter and angry tell-all, right?

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

Jacob's book will be titled "Out to See" and will be available to purchase on May 1.

To drive the point home that everything is great between himself and his mom and dad, he also included an old image of himself and his siblings on the beach via Instagram, posting along with it yet another memoir passage.

This one reads as follows:

I’m just so happy my parents believed in life enough to have four kids. My brothers, both with their own wives and a daughter and son respectively.

My sister, with her own husband and booming life in Spokane, Washington.

I, too, am now entering the open sea of life and have gotten myself engaged to a wonderful beauty of a girl, and have begun a commitment in profession.

This - the farm, our next generation of families - with its many reverberations in all of our individual lives, and those of our children, comes due to my parents and their dedication to the family, and belief in life.

Doesn't exactly sound like someone who has anything but love and affection for his family members, does it?

Isabel Rock: Did She End Jacob Roloff & Audrey Roloff’s Feud?

Little People, Big World fans are still reveling in the happy news: Jacob Roloff is engaged to girlfriend Isabel Rock.

This good news is compounded by the happy news that Jacob, once the black sheep of the Roloff family who left home with a lot of anger, is mending fences with his family -- even with sister-in-law Audrey.

A new and very telling Instagram post suggests that this may have been the doing of Jacob's fiancee, Isabel.

Rock and Roloff

As you'll see in the photo below, Isabel Rock -- full name Isabel Rock Garretson -- is cuddling up to Tori Roloff and Audrey.

Tori being in the middle may very well be because her hair stands out. Everybody likes a little balance ot their composition, folks.

Seeing the three so cuddly together is kind of important. Well, Tori gets along pretty well with most folks. It's seeing Isabel and Audrey getting along so well that's a relief to many people.

The biggest deal of all is that Isabel used the photo to promote Audrey's online shop.

Hawking goods for your future sister-in-law is one hell of an olive branch.

Isabel Rock, Tori Roloff, Audrey Roloff

Isabel wrote this in the captions:

"I'm so lucky that I gain three sisters by coming into this family. To receive encouragement from, endless support and to always have them to lean on Love you ladies, just missing you Molly."

She's with Tori and Audrey, of course, who are both tagged in the sweet, sisterly pic.

Molly Roloff, of course, does not live on Roloff Farms, and sometimes misses out on family photos for just that reason.

(That's life)

But to understand the significance of this photo, we have to backtrack a little and talk about how Jacob and Isabel haven't always been super close with Jacob's family.

Multiple Roloffs

Jacob stormed off of Roloff Farms, blasting Little People, Big World as scripted.

He was angry with his family for forcing him into doing a reality show. He's since expressed that he felt that he didn't have a lot of choices growing up -- which is, in many ways, true.

Last year, in a move that was heralded to fans with a photo of his dog being affectionate with his mom, Amy Roloff, Jacob returned to the area and started the gradual process of repairing his relationships with his family.

He didn't come back alone, however. He'd been traveling with long time friend turned girlfriend, Isabel Rock. And now they're engaged.

(We still can't help but smile as we think of the details of Jacob Roloff's proposal to Isabel in Iceland)

But just because Jacob came home doesn't mean that there weren't any bumps.

They're Engaged!

In December, news of a Jacob vs Audrey feud erupted when fans realized that Jacob had unfollowed his brother's wife on Instagram.

Sure, Audrey plugs her own products a lot, but considering that Jacob was willing to let his mom "exploit" him to sell stuff online, we don't think that it's a huge issue for him.

People instead point to Jacob and Audrey's ideological differences.

Audrey, like a number of the Roloffs, is a devout Christian. One of Jacob's gripes about his childhood -- one that is hardly unique to him -- is that he was not given a choice regarding religious adherence. He is now agnostic, which is a pretty far cry from Audrey's worldview.

But then came Jacob's 21st birthday (gosh, that's incredibly young to get engaged, but he and Isabel have known each other for 7 years), where we saw Jacob and Audrey bury the hatchet.

Happily Engaged Twosome

So ... what happened?

Fans think that Isabel happened.

After the news of their engagement broke, Audrey Roloff seemed the shade Jacob and Isabel with a sex-shaming post about people "dabbling in sexuality" before marriage.

But now we see that Isabel's response is to not only embrace Audrey as a sister, but to promote her clothing -- she tagged her own sweater with Audrey's online shop, folks.

Jacob may not have demonstrated the sociopolitical maneuvering skills to make nice with his sister-in-law on his own, but it looks like Isabel has him covered on that front.

If her response to what looks like an epic vaguepost aimed at her is to go out of her way to be even nicer, then yeah, we can definitely see Isabel being responsible for helping to repair the Roloff family.

If so, we look forward to seeing Jacob spend more time with his precious little niece, Ember Jean.

Jacob Roloff Proposal: ALL the Details!

Love is in the air at Roloff farms! And in Iceland. And basically wherever the former Roloff family black sheep and his lady love are.

Because Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock are engaged!

And now Izzy is telling fans all about how that beautiful proposal in Iceland went down. These details are amazing, and the twists really kept us hooked.

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

In a How He Asked post for The Knot, Isabel Rock describes exactly how Jacob Roloff proposed to her on their Iceland vacation. Get ready to believe in love again.

"Jacob and I met in 2011, on the school bus when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore in high school."

The two were practically neighbors in Helvetia.

"He had gone to private school his whole life up until high school, so we never met until then. I thought he was so incredibly cute."

There's no crush like an adolescent crush.

"And so, being the naturally outgoing person I am, I’d always sit next to him on the bus and strike up a conversation."

Most of us have been there on at least one bus route or another growing up.

"Being the naturally quiet person he is, he would always hesitantly pull out his headphones and say 'Hi' shyly."

Most of us have formed plenty of friendships simply by befriending the most attractive classmate or fellow bus-rider. (Or is that just me being shallow?)

"As time went on, more small chat on the bus lead to us becoming really good friends. We talked almost every day throughout the years."

Rock and Roloff

Their bus ride friendship turned into one of those more voluntary friendships where they both made an effort to hang out, which happened more and more after Izzy graduated.

"Jacob and I started hanging out more often. What was a simple friendship turned into a best friend-ship really quickly. He and I spent almost every single day together that summer."

And yes, there was more to her friendship with Jacob than his cuteness at this point.

"He was incredibly easy to talk to, so sweet to me and every time we would hang out, it felt like such an adventure."

And now, of course, they're in a relationship.

"Jacob and I have been together three years now. Easily the best three years of my life and on August 1st, our three year anniversary, I had no idea it was about to get even better. Jacob surprised me with something special: Plane tickets to Iceland!"

They had always talked about visiting famously beautiful Iceland. And, in December, they went.

Isabel Rock, Jacob Roloff

"Iceland is an incredible place, and it is super romantic. We explored as much of the country as we could in eight days, and spent a lot of our time in the city of Reykjavik, which is Iceland’s [capitol], and the most amazing city I have seriously ever been to."

She actually mentions that Reykjavik is Iceland's capitol more than once, which we'd hope that most people know. But it's nice of her to make that clear in case anyone's confused.

"Something I found interesting about the trip was the butterflies I kept getting at various times throughout. On Christmas Day, though, the butterflies wouldn’t quit and I just knew something amazing was going to happen!"

Sometimes, when a couple is really in sync with each other, it's almost like they can read each other's thoughts.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

She says that they parted ways to get each other different gifts, and though she already knew what she wanted to get him, that nagging feeling of excitement wouldn't go away.

So, just in case, in an artistic card, she wrote a message:

"Jacob went out to buy my gift and while I waited at the hotel, I wrote in the card, 'I can’t wait to spend forever with you, fiancé', because I just had a hunch what was about to happen."

This is actually a classic magician's trick -- keep a card hidden on your person in case it comes up, and then pull it out to give the appearance of certainty when really you were just guessing. This is a very romantic application of that technique, though.

"I figured if I ended up being wrong, I would just keep the card in my pocket and he’d never have to know!"

Isabel Rock

As it turned out, they went outside and took in the beautiful scenery for their exchange of gifts. You don't have to have those "butterflies" to know that Jacob had something more for her than a neat new phone case or whatever.

"My heart started beating so fast. He handed me my gift; a tiny black box, inside of it a tiny bag, with a stunning turquoise ring."

Turquoise is gorgeous.

"I slowly pulled it out, and to my complete surprise, it was a ring we had seen earlier that day -- a handmade Icelandic ring that was my favorite color."

All sorts of rings can be engagement rings, but she could tell immediately that this was not.

"But it was definitely not an engagement ring! Tripping over my words I said, 'Oh.. it’s.. it’s beautiful', because it was, but I will admit I was completely thrown off!"

Sneaky, sneaky Jacob wasn't done, though.

Happily Engaged Twosome

"Within seconds, he started smiling mischievously, obviously catching my confusion. Right then, Jacob spun me around and said, 'Alright, one more gift…'"

It sounds like he gave her the first ring in a surprise box to gauge her reaction. If she'd seemed terrified by the ring and relieved to see it was turquoise, he could have kept the engagement ring hidden away.

"And that is the moment he got down on one knee and asked the question I’d been longing to hear, 'Will you marry me?' He asked with a ring box he had hand built out of real wood and my dream ring."

She didn't exactly have to agonize over the decision.

"I said 'YES!' and leapt into his arms to hug him and we both cried."

Jacob Roloff on Instagram

Remember that card that she wrote earlier, calling him her fiance?

"I snuck the card I’d written him out of my pocket, which he read right there, and then exclaimed, 'You knew?!' Which just made us both cry more."

He hid the ring and she hid the card -- it sounds like these two are a perfect match!

"He told me that he had been wanting to do it the entire trip, but he was simply waiting for the right moment to do it. Jacob had apparently had the ring in his coat pocket for five days as we traveled around Iceland!"

Hey, if you're gonna hide a ring in your pocket, it might as well be winter in a country so cold that it has "ice" in the name.

Tori Roloff Sends Every Best Wish to Jacob Roloff, Fiancee

Tori Roloff knows she's a little bit late.

But it's better to wish your brother-in-law and his relatively new fiancee well wishes late than never to send those wishes at all, right?

Tori and Company

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock confirmed last week that they had agreed to get married, ending weeks of questions and speculation while announcing they actually got engaged in Iceland around Christmas.

"So much love for this beautiful soul @izzysofia_ . Here’s to many more Christmas’, you n me," Jacob wrote on Instagram at the time, along with some pretty photos of the couple back when they were on vacation.

(Check out these images below.)

He later added:

"Excited for a lifetime filled with travel, growing together and trying new things with you @izzysofia_"

The day after this announcement was made, Amy Roloff congratulated the couple on their huge personal news.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

"I couldn’t be a happier mom!" she wrote on January 29, adding simply:

"My youngest- Jacob and the beautiful Isabel are engaged. Love them both and excited to see where life will take them in their marriage."

Jacob and Isabel have been together for years.

They spend a great deal of time traveling around the Pacific Northwest, often camping out or hiking around with their two dogs.

They often keep fans apprised of these adventures via social media, including many videos on YouTube.

All of this brings us back to Tori Roloff.

Typically considered the most well-meaning, loving and generally kind member of this famous family, Tori didn't say a word about Jacob's engagement at first.

Happily Engaged Twosome

We had been wondering what she had to say about it...

... and now we have the answer!

"So. This is so overdue," Tori wrote to open her latest Instagram post, acknowledging her late well wishes.

"I’ve been anxiously awaiting Jake and Izzy to announce their engagement and when the time came we realized we literally had no photos of just the 5 of us," added Roloff.

She included this as a caption to the first picture posted in this article.

(And it is worth noting that Jacob and Isabel have been engaged since December; so Tori may very well have known about it for weeks and congratulated them in private awhile back.)

"I consider Jacob and Isabel some of my closest friends and I’m so thankful to have them in our lives," continued Tori, gushing over her loved ones.

"I’m especially thankful to Jacob. He is such a wonderful uncle to baby j and I honestly never expected to see their relationship grow in the way it has and I’m so thankful baby j has uncle j lookin out for him."

They're Engaged!

It's true.

Jacob was estranged for many months from his family, but the ice between him and his relatives has clearly thawed.

This is evident in just how many pictures Jacob has shared of himself and Tori's son, Jackson.

Concluded Roloff:

I’m also so thankful for Jacob because he is bringing Isabel into our family. I already consider this girl a sister but i can’t wait for the day it becomes official.

She is such a light in this world and her enthusiasm and love of life is simply contagious. I love you both so much and I can’t wait to see what amazing things you guys accomplish together.

Wow. 3 sisters. God is good.

Humorously, Tori added "#theyneedahashtag #wefinallygotaphototogether" to the end of her caption.

Multiple Roloffs

Jacob and Isabel are yet to announce a date for their wedding.

We don't know the location, either, or if any of this will be covered on Little People, Big World.

Roloff isn't really a cast member on that series any longer, having quit in a huff back in July of 2016.

But there has been chatter he may make some appearances on the new season, which gives us another excuse to yell at TLC:

Go ahead and air new episodes please! We're tired of waiting!

Isabel Rock Just Made Us Cry All the Tears Over Her Engagement to Jacob Roloff

No way, readers.

We aren't crying.

YOU'RE the ones who are crying.

Actually, to be honest, Isabel Rock is the one who is crying - and you're about to find out why...

Happily Engaged Twosome

Over the weekend, following many weeks of rumors and Internet chatter, Rock and Jacob Roloff confirmed the news we'd been hoping to hear for so very long:

THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob apparently popped the major question back in December during a trip to Iceland, sharing a photo from the couple's adventure on Instagram Sunday evening while announcing the special development.

"...we got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas," Roloff explained as a caption at the time, while Isabel added a diamond ring emoji on her page and the following confirmation:

"We are finally ready to share with everyone... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!"

Amy Roloff reacted to the engagement with major excitement, as did fans who practically watched Jacob grow up on Little People, Big World.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

Isabel, meanwhile, just explained to followers why she reacted with a different kind of emotion.

Of course she's over the moon happy to eventually be Jacob's wife, but there's a very specific reason why this is a bittersweet moment for her as well.

In a text message exchange Rock shared on her Instagram stories, a family friend let her know that Isabel's late mother, Toni Garreton, would have definitely approved of her fiancé.

"I know you've probably heard this a lot already but your mom would be really happy," the friend texted, adding for emphasis:

"She would've LOVED Jacob."

"Oh my gosh that makes me so happy especially because you knew her so well and you'd know more than anyone," Rock responded.

rock message

Isabel lost her mother to cancer in 2014.

She's been open in the past about how difficult it was to say goodbye to this loved one, partly because her mother would never have a chance to meet the love of her life.

In a blog post titled "Happy," which Rock published in July of 2017, Isabel reflected on how important it has been for her to keep her happiness even in the wake of such a major loss.

Then, in October of last year, Rock shared the following picture on Instagram:

Isabel Rock, Mom

She wrote as a sentimental caption:

Captioning this photo "I miss my mom" is a bit too obvious and repetitive to all of the posts I've ever written about her. She was my best friend.

I know everybody says that about their mom but I mean we did everything together. Friends would ask me to hangout and almost always I would've rather hung out with her.

Now I know why, I didn't have much time. I especially miss the deep talks about life, singing in the car, house hunting on Sundays where we'd go to all of the super fancy open houses and pretend we were going to buy them.

I'd always say "I call this room!" and we'd giggle and laugh the car ride home.

I remember one time in particular after one of those days I said to her, through tearful eyes, "Mom, I know you are sick but you have to grow old enough for me to write my book, and then I'll have the money to build your dream house. It'll be just like those fancy ones but better, exactly how you'd want it."

She'd just smile her warm, comforting smile.

I still want to build you that dream house, Mama. Just now you'll be able to appreciate it in a different way.

Beautiful stuff.

We send the very best to Jacob and Isabel on their engagement.

Amy Roloff Congratulates Jacob Roloff & Isabel Rock on Their Engagement!

On Sunday, fans of Little People, Big World were so pleased to see that Jacob Roloff is engaged to girlfriend Isabel Rock.

It's big news for Roloff family's (former?) black sheep. And his mom, with whom he's recently repaired his relationship, has taken to Instagram to offer big congratulations.

Amy Roloff's persistent haters will be pleased to know that Amy Roloff isn't "exploiting" Jacob to sell bread ... this time.

Jacob and Amy Pic

When Jacob Roloff began to reconnect with his family, the first big clue was when he began hanging out with his mom again.

Fans knew that Jacob was back in his mom's life because Amy Roloff shared a photo with Jacob Roloff's dog. At the time, it seemed that Jacob wasn't ready to be part of the family brand again just yet.

Now, he's come a long way.

Jacob Roloff had a birthday celebration with his mom Amy and the whole family (except for Matt).

He even buried the hatchet with sister-in-law Audrey Roloff, more or less quashing the feud rumors that had followed them both.

And if you worried that Jacob's dad missed his 21st birthday altogether, fear not. He just wasn't there for the early celebration at Amy's.

In fact, Matt and Amy set aside their differences to celebrate Jacob's birthday. Not exactly the wild party that most people picture for a 21st birthday, but maybe he did that, too.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

But the big news, of course, is that Jacob is now engaged to his girlfriend, Isabel Rock.

Back in September, Isabel made reference to a "life-changing decision" on Instagram.

That could have meant all sorts of things, including a reference to spending more time with Jacob's family.

But many fans wondered at the time if Isabel was referring to an engagement between her and Jacob. Marriage -- and the engagements that lead up to such a union -- is definitely life-changing.

However, they didn't get engaged in September. They also didn't get engaged over the weekend, even though they shared the news on Sunday.

No, Jacob and Isabel got engaged while in Iceland. That sounds like a beautiful place for a proposal.

Amy and Isabel

Amy took to Instagram and celebrated the news in her captions.

"And this happened! I couldn’t be a happier mom!"

Of course -- Jeremy is married to Audrey, Zach is married to Tori, Molly is married to Joel (don't forget Molly and Joel!), and now:

"My youngest- Jacob and the beautiful Isabel are engaged."

21 is very young to be engaged, but it's exciting nonetheless. And Jacob and Isabel are so sweet.

Amy's over the moon about it.

"Love them both and excited to see where life will take them in their marriage!"

They're Engaged!

Amy included numerous, perhaps excessive, hashtags in her captions:

"#amyssecondactcontinues #engagedtomarry #forthroloffwedding #love [two red heart emojis] #wonderfultogether @moniqueserraphotography"

Even if Amy or any of the other Roloffs have private objections -- maybe Jacob really is too young, after all -- it's always best to be encouraging.

If things work out, you're not the bad guy. If things don't work out, you can say "oh no!" and still not be the bad guy. It's win-win.

But we don't think that Amy's biting her tongue. She seems genuinely enthused. And why wouldn't she be? Jacob and Isabel found each other and now they're both in Amy's life.

Multiple Roloffs

Some, however, feel that Audrey Roloff's new Instagram post was an epic vaguepost about Jacob and Isabel.

"Some words on dating from a Christian perspective..."

That's exactly how fans familiar with her brand would expect Audrey's post to begin.

"Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached."

That sounds like ... what dating usually is.

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

"The main problem with this scenario is that it blinds you to red flags. It’s the classic 'love at first sight' trap."

I can't say that I always see eye-to-eye with Audrey, but ... she's not wrong about that part.

"You begin to see the person you are dating as the “the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe” (If you don’t get that reference, please go watch The Lego Movie after you finish this book. It’s sure to solve all your dating problems)."

If this is a thinly veiled attack on Jacob and his fiancee, it might be the first vaguepost we've ever seen that references The Lego Movie.

Her advice at this point is just to listen to your friends and family when they warn you about the person you're dating. But, like the words of one's friends and family, that's as likely as anything to fall on deaf ears when somebody's head over heels.

So ... is Audrey really vagueing about Isabel Rock?

Hanging in Nature

Well ... she could be, sure.

Or she could be making a jab at Jacob, the one with whom she's (allegedly) had issues in the past. Maybe she tried to warn Isabel that Jacob's "no good." And she does write this advice as directed at women.

But, quite frankly, we have no idea and we shouldn't rush to conclusions.

Audrey may have not even thought of possible parallels to her family when she wrote this. Remember, she must have known about the couple's engagement for a while, now.

And surely, if she were going to throw shade, she'd be a little more subtle about it.

... Right?

Audrey Roloff: Shading Jacob Roloff Engagement in Passive-Aggressive Instagram Post?

With Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff engaged to Isabel Rock, fans of the famous TLC family are by and large thrilled.

And, just as predictably, his sister-in-law Audrey Roloff is being accused of trying to upstage Jacob and Izzy's announcement.

Jacob and Audrey

Some fans quickly accused Audrey of igniting controversy and trying to sabotage the happy couple with her most recent post on Instagram.

Did she really do such a thing, though?

This much is true: Jacob and Isabel had been engaged - publicly, anyway - for all of a few hours when Audrey posted her latest message.

In it, she offered relationship advice (as she often does), specifically about not rushing into a relationship, which raised some eyebrows.

The notion that she somehow posted this particular message as a shot at Isabel may be a stretch, but the timing was curious.

Audrey Roloff captioned the image below:

Audrey and Jeremy on Instagram

"Some words on dating from a Christian perspective..."

"Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached."

"The main problem with this scenario is that it blinds you to red flags. It’s the classic 'love at first sight' trap."

"You begin to see the person you are dating as the 'the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.'"

"(If you don’t get that reference, please go watch The Lego Movie after you finish this book. It’s sure to solve all your dating problems)."

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff, Climbing Date

"As time passes, your friends and family may raise concerns, but you won’t be able to rationalize with them because all you will see is perfection." 

"This is a titanic problem," she goes on.

"The recipe for a healthy dating relationship calls for generous servings of insight from the people who love and care about you."

"Don’t be that girl who started dating someone and then fell off the face of the earth. Couples who do this are usually hiding shame, guilt, fear, or pride."

"Allow your friends to see into your relationship and speak truth and affirmation. Allow them to raise red flags."

"Their honestly may sting, but it could also be what prevents some deep wounds. #beating50percent #journeyofjerandauj

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, Throwback Pic

Audrey's messages can come across self-righteous and preachy, and often rub fans the wrong way. This one was no exception.

“Would be great if Audrey would not destroy the moment with her dumb post on IG,” said one fan, pointing out the timing aspect.

“The timing when she posted (right after they announced the engagement) and what she said there sounds like it’s about Izzy.”

“Hope they will be happy,” said another fan about Jacob Roloff and his fiancee. “Because someone [is] clearly not happy about this.”

Yet another Roloff Instagram follower accused Audrey of “always trying to upstage others and sabotage people’s happiness.”

(Audrey has reportedly blocked these two followers.)

They're Engaged!

Still more critics accused her of deleting comments that portray her in a negative manner and "liking" Jacob's post after the fact.

As in only as a minor form of damage control.

One disgruntled fan even went so far as to call Audrey “very egoistic girl” of whom their opinion “completely changed after that.”

To be fair, most of Roloff's fans showed their appreciation for her words of wisdom on Instagram and did not jump to conclusions.

While Audrey gushing about her lifestyle (using God to make money, critics might say) may be off-putting, perhaps that's all it is?

In other words, maybe it's not about Jacob?

There have been rumors floating around for months that Jacob and Audrey don't get along, allegedly due to contrasting views on religion.

Audrey is all about her faith, which goes without saying, while Jacob does not appear to be as strong a believer, at least publicly.

Still, they were all smiles during Jacob's 21st birthday recently, leading us to believe they had quashed any beef that existed.

What do you think of her message?

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff: ENGAGED!

The vague rumor has been made into an exciting reality...

... Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock are engaged!!!!!!

They're Engaged!

Little People, Big World fans first suspected this could be a possibility back in September when Rock referenced a "life-changing decision" on Instagram.

We can't say for certain that she and Jacob were talking about marriage at that time, but we can now say for absolute certain that the two have agreed to become man and wife.

Why? Because Jacob himself has told us so!

"...we got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas," Roloff confirmed today via social media, adding of his brand new fiancee:

"So much love for this beautiful soul @izzysofia_ . Here’s to many more Christmas’, you n me."

Jacob included the following cute snapshot with his announcement:

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

He also shared a photo of Rock wiping away tears, which he said was snapped a few moments after he proposed, followed by a handful of videos.

"After a delicious dinner and thinking the night couldn’t possibly get any better, we saw the Northern Lights together and took our first pictures as fiancé and fiancée," he wrote at one point, adding:

"Just a completely surreal night. The Pleiades & most of Orion with the Northern Lights crossing over... And the night after all of that, we saw them again not 20 feet from the front door of our guesthouse, even brighter and reeeally dancing this time.

"It’s still sort of settling with us how magical a place Iceland was. So many times all we could do is look at each other wordless. 

"Excited for a lifetime filled with travel, growing together and trying new things with you @izzysofia_"

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

Rock and Roloff have been dating for years now.

The latter resigned from Little People, Big World in August of 2016 and then hit the road with Isabel and their two dogs.

He has since reconciled with his famous family members, but continues to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors with his long-time love.

The two often write blog entries about their adventures and and also run their own vlog.

Does this mean Isabel is pregnant with her first child, as has also been rumored?

Not necessarily, of course.

They could just be in love!

Hanging in Nature

Jacob’s mother, Amy Roloff, shared a photograph of the kissing couple on Instagram on Saturday, writing in celebration:

“And this happened! I couldn’t be a happier mom!

"My youngest- Jacob and the beautiful Isabel are engaged. Love them both and excited to see where life will take them in their marriage!”

What exciting times for the Roloffs.

Over the past year alone, Molly got married... Zach welcomed a son... and Jeremy welcomed a daughter.

We send our very best wishes to Jacob and Isabel!!!

Matt Roloff & Amy Roloff: Celebrate Jacob’s Birthday Together Despite Feud Rumors!

Just a little over a week ago, fans unfairly slammed Amy Roloff after they assumed that Matt Roloff was banned from his son Jacob's early birthday party

We talked about how undeserved the hate that Amy received was, and Matt Roloff himself decried the rumors when he saw them.

But if you still need proof that Amy and Matt Roloff aren't at each other's throats, look at how they came together for their son, Jacob.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff are divorced.

Even though they live so close to each other and star on Little People, Big World and will always be linked by their children (and grandchildren!), they don't have to be joined at the hip.

Amy Roloff has her boyfriend, Chris Marek, and Matt Roloff has his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. They've both moved on. That's life.

But that hasn't stopped some fans from reading too much into their separate lives and then assuming that the two can't stand to be in the same room with each other.

Like they did just a little over a week ago, when Jacob Roloff celebrated his birthday with his mom.

Roloff Family Gathered for Jacob Roloff's Birthday

Jacob Roloff is now 21 years old. Several days before his birthday, the son who was once the family "black sheep" spent quality time with his mom (and not just to sell bread).

Matt's siblings and their spouses and even his little niece and nephew (his niblings!) gathered together for an early celebration at Amy's place.

One of the results was a precious group photo -- a rare sight, since the Roloff children are all adults now and not all of them even live in the same state.

Matt Roloff was conspicuously absent, which ruffled some feathers by fans who seem to resent that Amy Roloff has her own life.

A report claimed that Matt didn't even receive an invitation ... but he was elsewhere with his girlfriend, so it really shouldn't have been controversial.

Matt Roloff and Family

Some reality stars try to avoid reading gossip about themselves. That can't be good for your stress levels, right?

Not so for the Little People, Big World patriarch. After seeing coverage that claimed an epic feud between the exes, Matt Roloff slammed the "fake news" about his family, writing:

"Fake news is alive and well.. how sad. The roloff family just keeps hanging closer and closer together despite these broken misleading headlines ..."

Not to be nitpicky, fake news would be if some accused Audrey Roloff of selling human organs out of a nonexistant Burger King attic. Rumors would be people seeing separate exes and assuming that they're feuding.

(Still, Matt Roloff's version is still better than Trump's, since the orange man uses the phrase to refer to news that he doesn't personally like)

Matt's post continues:

"Matt, amy, Jer , zach Audrey, Tori, molly, Joel, Jacob, Izzy, Chris and caryn. All working together to surprise you all at how an American family can function together despite a few minor differences."

That's sweet. And then he teases the new season of Little People, Big World:

"Wait for it...... a few short months."

Jacob Roloff and Amy Roloff and ... Bread?

If you feel like you can't wait "a few short months" and you also can't take the Roloffs at their word (for whatever reason), would it help you to know that both Matt and Amy were at Jacob's actual birthday party?

Unlike on Thanksgiving and Christmas and numerous other holidays, and perhaps for the first time (that we've seen) since Molly's wedding, Matt and Amy were together at the same place, at the same time.

Because Jacob is their son, folks.

Among the videos from Jacob's 21st birthday party shared briefly on social media via Instagram stories were shots of Amy and Matt with Jackson and Ember, respectively.

So, yes, they were at the same party. They can definitely stand to be in the same room together. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and stop making assumptions.

Multiple Roloffs

It may have not been the wildest 21st birthday party on record, but it was a wholesome family gathering.

Speaking of alleged Roloff feuds and that party in particular, Audrey and Jacob buried the hatchet -- if there ever really was one.

(It's long been believed that, perhaps over religious differences, the two don't see eye-to-eye. Maybe they don't, but it's clearly not too big of a deal)

We think that what causes all of this unfounded fan speculation is that we're all starved for more information about the Roloffs because Little People, Big World isn't back yet.

But, as Matt Roloff says, we just need to wait a few months. Whatever real conflicts that family has will probably be shared with us.

Jacob Roloff Turns 21, Buries Alleged Hatchet with Audrey

Go ahead and raise a glass to Jacob Roloff, readers.

Just be sure to give the former Little People, Big World star a sip as well... because he's now old enough to drink alcohol.

Multiple Roloffs

Indeed, Jacob turned 21 years old yesterday.

This is a pretty special occasion for any young man, but it's perhaps extra special for Jacob because he really has come a long way over the last few years.

It wasn't that long ago, loyal TLC viewers may recall, that Jacob didn't just quit his family's popular reality show, but SLAMMED his loved ones along the way.

He called them fake and phony and said he wanted no part of them going forward. 

Jacob said all this just a year and a half ago.

As you can see above and below, however, Jacob has made amends with his parents and siblings.

He came together with them to celebrate his birthday this week, as father Matt was clearly moved by the unique gathering.

"Happy 21St bday Jacob," wrote the patriarch as a caption to the picture below, adding:

"I guess we get to go turn it all over to you tomorrow... are you ready. ?! It seems like you progress over the past 3 years has been incredible:))

"Amy and I are very proud of our baby J. And his amazing gf Izzy."

Together for Jacob

What many fans likely note about both pictures featured so far is the presence of Audrey Roloff.

There have been rumors floating around the Internet that Jacob and Audrey don't get along well, allegedly due to their contrasting views on religion. 

(Audrey is all about her faith; Jacob does not appear to be a believer.)

But everyone is all smiles in these images, with Audrey's husband (and Jacob's brother) even penning a personal message to Jacob.

"Happy 21st birthday, Brother," wrote Jeremy Roloff on Thursday via Instagram caption.

"I’m glad we live closer, it’s been great being able to hang out more. I think Ember likes it too. Cheers to books, games, and talks. Love you! See you in a few minutes."

jr wishes

In the time since Jacob left Little People, Big World, he has created various platforms with which to express himself.

He has his own blog and YouTube channel, for example.

In August last year, the reluctant reality star also wrote and published a book entitled “Verbing,” which is a compilation of essays about life and family.

A few months later, he announced that he’s working on his second memoir, “Out To See.”

More than anything, though, Jacob has been spending time with his two dogs and girlfriend, Izzy, traveling around the Pacific Northwest.

As a tribute to her boyfriend (or her fiance?!?), Izzy shared the following image yesterday and included with it the following caption:

Our first ever picture together at Crater Lake. On our cross country road trip. Our trip to Iceland. Happy 21st birthday to my very best friend, adventure buddy and partner in crime.

Jacob, I mean... look how far we've come and how many places we've seen together. You're such a dream, such a dream come true. There aren't enough hours in the day to tell you how much I love you.

Thank you for being you. Today we all celebrated you! And I will continue to every day for as long as I'm kickin'.

izzy pic

So there you have it.

Ignore the chatter and shoot down the haters.

Jacob and Audrey are apparently NOT at odds and the entire family is once again on the same page.

The only question that now remains is this:

When will TLC air new episodes of Little People, Big World?!?

We're hearing some time in March, but we'll confirm with viewers as soon as we know for certain.

Matt Roloff: BANNED By Amy Roloff From Jacob’s Birthday Party?!

Right on the heels of unfair accusations that Amy Roloff was exploiting her son Jacob, she finds herself under even more scrutiny.

Yes, followers and so-called "fans" are finding yet another reason to give the Little People, Big World star some grief.

Roloff Family Gathered for Jacob Roloff's Birthday

This time, they're apparently enraged that Amy held an early birthday party for her son, Jacob, and invited her kids to celebrate.

Notably absent? Her ex-husband, Matt Roloff.

Amy Roloff shared the above photo of a wholesome family gathering together for the occasion, adding the caption:

"This gathering happened the other day, all of my kids were at the Farm house to celebrate Jacobs 21st birthday early."

That's so sweet! It's especially nice to see Jacob, once estranged from the Roloff clan, bonding again with his loved ones.

"What a fun and blessed time being all together!" Amy added, unaware that this would spiral into yet another controversy.

Jacob Roloff and Amy Roloff and ... Bread?

With adult children all leading their own lives - and Molly living out of state - it's a rare opportunity for Amy to get to see her kids.

Let alone so many members of the Roloff family in one place at one time.

"Of course this momma and grandma was happy and loved it!" Amy added.

It's a precious photo of a sweet family gathering.

One, it's nice to see Amy so happy. Often, photos that she shares are of her grandbabies or of her social life, rather than of such a large family group.

Two, it's great to see that so many Roloffs were happy to celebrate Jacob's birthday.

Jacob Roloff on Stairs

He was, for ages, the "black sheep," and now we have photographic evidence that they've been successful in mending fences.

(And seeing Audrey positioned so close to the birthday boy will go a long way towards quashing those rumors that Audrey and Jacob hate each other.)

Some of Amy's Instagram followers, however, focused less on what was in the photo as they did on what was not in the photo.

Or rather, who was not in the photo.

Matt Roloff was absent. Though he and Amy aren't married anymore, a number of followers took issue with his apparent exclusion from the family photo.

"With everybody but Matt, so sad," one said.

Matt Roloff Drinks

"Matt should’ve been there with his girlfriend as these are his children also," said another.

Yet another commented: "Aww, Matt should have been their no matter what."

"He’s the farm and created that farm for his family and when children came!!!!! Sad he doesn’t have to sit next to Amy!!!!"

Some fans, however, had enough sense to jump in in defense of Amy not inviting her ex-husband. Writes one:

"This is Amy's house... they're divorced & he has his own place & can have them over as well. They're not obligated to invite each other over for anything..."

Very true.

Amy Roloff Exercises in 2018

Similarly, Amy Roloff probably won't be invited to Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler's engagement party, if and when that apparent inevitability happens.

"Perhaps he has the kids over without Amy. They’re divorced. This is her house and her picture. I am sure he does the same," another fan wrote.

It's not uncommon for divorced families to see parents celebrating occasions separately. That can mean that every kid gets two birthdays.

And Jacob's actual birthday isn't for another week.

We'd like to offer an alternative explanation, as well. Not that it's something we know any more than you do, but it's a theory we're considering.

Amy and Her Kids

Beyond, you know, who gets invited to whose birthday parties not really being our business, strictly speaking, we think that a lot of these people making arguments missed a pretty big point.

This is Jacob's birthday party. He's 21.

(Or, again, he will be in a week)

Jacob's been repairing his family relationships, sure. But a lot of that has involved his siblings and his mother.

It may be that Matt wasn't there because Jacob didn't want him there. That is, at least, worth considering.

But no, people love to bash Amy Roloff. Can't she just catch a break? For once in her life?

Amy Roloff: Exploiting Jacob Roloff to Make Money Online?

For some reason (or many reasons, most of them invented), certain "fans" of Little People, Big World like to take aim at Amy Roloff.

Usually, it's for nothing more than imagined misdeeds.

This time ... well, they're not imagining anything.

Amy Roloff Exercises in 2018

The Little People, Big World matriarch definitely staged a photo op with her previously estranged son, family black sheep Jacob Roloff.

And she used the otherwise endearing photo to ... sell bread.

As we all remember, Jacob Roloff has been taking baby steps towards repairing his relationship with his siblings and parents.

And while it looks like Jacob Roloff and Audrey Roloff still don't see eye-to-eye (and, quite frankly, may never), he's definitely been bonding with his family.

Particularly with his mom. They've shared some of their touching moments over social media over the past several months, which has been great to see.

But this particular photo isn't sitting too well with fans:

Jacob Roloff and Amy Roloff and ... Bread?

On the surface, Amy and her youngest son are just eating side by side at the table. Okay, with some very prominently displayed bread. 

Like, remember the old timey food pyramid and how like a quarter of what you were supposed to ingest was bread?

This is that amount of bread.

Amy's caption raised some eyebrows when she wrote: "I just love when I get to hang out w/ my youngest son Jacob."

Sweet ... and totally innocuous.

So far. Then she writes:

Amy Roloff Selfie

"Even more so when having some of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen Snickerdoodle Bread, Coffee, and hearing all about his Iceland trip w/ Isabel."

That's ... that's such awkward, cringe-worthy product placement that most movies would turn down the money for it.

"What a blast! Check out my January bread and other offerings at and Order some today! Enjoy! "

Don't even get us started on her ridiculous tags at the end of the caption, which included the following tags:

"#snickerdoodle #amyroloffslittlekitchen #amyssecondactcontinues .#lovetocookandbake #mylittlekitchen @AmyRoloffsLittleKitchen"

Amy Roloff Facebook Pic

Honestly, and we don't say this to be mean, but it's possible that Amy Roloff doesn't know how tagging on Instagram works.

If you take a group photo and somebody says "tag me," it means, like, on the photo. Like Facebook tagging has worked since not long after Hurricane Katrina.

The issue, of course, was that it seemed wildly disingenuous to a number of fans for Amy to turn what looks like a normal social gathering into a painfully awkward commercial for bread.

Especially considering the reason that Jacob parted ways with his family in the first place.

A couple of years ago, Jacob Roloff decided that he didn't want to be on Little People, Big World anymore. In fact, he didn't want to be around his family.

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

He had a number of issues with his family - normal teen angst, combined with some very real grievances about how he was raised.

Not everybody likes growing up on a farm. And the agnostic Roloff didn't like being raised with zero religious choices, either.

The final straw was the show, which he blasted as "phony" when he departed.

If Jacob doesn't like phony shows, how does he feel about staged get-togethers with mom?

Clearly he agreed to it -- sometimes it's hard to say "no" to mom -- but fans really let Amy have it in the comments.

Amy Roloff, Chris Marek Looking Cute

"I love my son but i also love my bread...both of which are for sale," parodied one fan.

"Can you ever take a picture without selling your expensive products. You are tooooo commercial!" This one sounded less like hate and more like feedback.

"It's awesome to see the 2 of you together, but does everything have to be a commercial?" That one's definitely said lovingly.

There were plenty of nice comments, too, and others defending Amy. Even Jacob stepped in to speak up for his mother, writing:

"I’ve actually never said filming ruined my childhood, only that it (obviously?) had, and continues to hold, a massive impact on my person now."

Jacob Roloff Outside

"In any case," he adds, "being rude about a thing you want to change won’t do anything in the end - so please cool it, my moms bread is dank (that means good)."

Of course, not everyone likes Jacob, either.

One commenter wrote in response:

"He's a little juvenile delinquent hates his family sorry SNOWFLAKE if you don't like my post truth hurts"

Our takeaway? People who leave internet comments can sometimes be nasty people who say cruel things that they'd never say in person.

Groundbreaking stuff.

It's crystal clear that Jacob is fine with helping his mom sell bread, and more importantly, he values their relationship.

He's trying to repair his bond with his family. So let's not create additional problems where there aren't any, okay?

It's bad enough that some fans want Jacob to cut his (great!) hair. Now you want him to cut ties with his mom again?

Chill, everyone.

Just chill.

Jacob Roloff: Expecting His First Child!?

Many Little People, Big World fans out there think Jacob Roloff  is expecting a baby with girlfriend.

We're just not entirely sure why.

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

You'd think such a rumor would get started because some photo surfaced online of Isabel Rock with an apparent baby bump or something.

But nope. That's not it.

This rumor is circulating because of what Amy Roloff wrote to her followers over this past holiday weekend.

Along with a cute photo of herself, boyfriend Chris Marek and some other acquaintances on New Year's Eve, the Little People, Big World matriarch wrote the following:

"New start to more beginnings, more opportunities, more adventures, love, family, good friends and so much more.

"I hope whatever the past year was for you, the new year is full of hope and off to a new start. Let's do our best to make it a good one. Thank you for allowing me to share with you."

That was it.

Did you catch it? Did you catch the reason why TLC viewers now think Jacob and Isabel are about to become parents?

Hanging in Nature

It's because Amy used the word beginnings.

Seriously. That's the only reason why these viewers are under the impression that the Roloffs may soon add yet another baby to their brood.

(In 2017 alone, Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed a son; while Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed a daughter.)

lpbw question

As you can see above, some social media users interpreted Amy's message to mean Jacob was expecting.

And others interpreted it to mean Jacob already had a baby!

jacob baby

Jacob, it should be noted, is not even married to Isabel.

Granted, this doesn't mean she can't get pregnant with his baby, just look at, like, any female member of the Kardashian family.

But we're going to wait until there's a little more evidence than what's offered here before we jump to any conclusions or offer any congratulations.

The better question may be whether Jacob and Isabel are engaged.

Isabel Rock

Back in September, Isabel raised a few eyebrows when she wrote the following:

Have you ever been faced with a life changing decision? If you choose one way, your life will change drastically.. but if you choose another, your life will also change drastically?

Certainly sounds like someone considering a proposal, doesn't it?

Alas, nothing really came of Isabel's post. We don't know to what she was referring and we see no diamond ring on her finger.

Looking forward, we'll continue to monitor both Isabel's belly and her finger. We'll let you know if either body part hints any impending child or wedding.

Until then, we urge readers to take a chill pill or two.

Not every word in every Instagram caption is meant to be analyzed or picked apart. 

When Jacob is ready to have a baby, we're pretty sure he'll just come out and tell us.

Jacob Roloff vs. Audrey Roloff: Why Do They Hate Each Other?

Jacob Roloff is basically part of his family once again.

It's been about a year and a half since the Little People, Big World star defiantly quit this reality show, taking his loved ones down with him by referring to them as "phony."

Jacob Roloff Outside

In June of 2016, Jacob walked away from television by saying he had seen "storylines drawn up" for the sake of ratings on the series and added:

"The family that is filmed is not my family," he added last summer, explaining as follows:

"They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself."

With that, Jacob tossed most of his belongings in a car and spent several months driving around the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend and dogs.

We didn't hear from him for awhile.

Earlier this year, however, the youngest child of Matt and Amy Roloff slowly started sharing more and more on social media, including pictures of himself and various relatives.

He admitted that he caused "strife" via his "inflammatory" words and admitted that he's now grown up and all is good between himself and his family members.

Most of his family members, that is.

Playing with His Nephew

Looooove this time with baby J ... look at him! - Jacob Roloff on Jackson.

Scroll through Jacob's Instagram page and you'll see plenty of images of him and his mother, along with a few of him and his father.

Sources say he played a key role at Molly Roloff's wedding in August, helping transport guests around and making sure everything was set up properly.

He also hangs out A LOT with nephew Jackson Kyle, as evidenced by the recent photo above.

But here's the question fans are now pondering:

Where are the pictures of Jacob and niece Ember Jean?

Where are the pictures of Jacob with Audrey Roloff and/or Jacob Roloff?

Might tension still exist between him and these relatives?

Yes, Radar Online writes.

First Beach Trip!

The website notes that Audrey is the only family member Jacob does NOT follow on Instagram.

Why might this be?

There are a couple theories?

First, as Jacob made clear when leaving Little People, Big World, he despises phonies. He's all about keeping things real.

Audrey, meanwhile, has stirred up some controversy by writing profoundly about love or religion... only to then link to her website in order to sell some clothing.

Some critics have accused of her being - you guessed it - fake; of exploiting her faith in order to move merchandise.

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff, Christmas Snuggles

The alternative is that Audrey is dead serious about her religion and that she believes very strongly in God.

This is very possible, if not highly probably.

However, Jacob is a well-known and outspoken agnostic.

Perhaps there's no overt feud between Audrey and her brother, but they just have very little in common and nothing to talk about, due to their divergent beliefs.

It's hard to say for sure.

And we may never know the exact basis for this alleged beef between Roloffs.

But take a look through the social media accounts of both stars if you don't believe something is going on.

Good luck trying to find images of Audrey and Jacob together. You may go ahead and form your own theory as to why.

Ember Jean Roloff Just Accomplised Two Fun Firsts!

It's been a couple days chock full of excitement for Ember Jean Roloff.

The latest Little People, Big World cast member has been treated to a pair of exciting first by her brand, each of which is sort of opposite from the other.

Meaning what, exactly?

First Beach Trip!

Well, to begin with, Audrey and Jeremy took their precious bundle of joy to the beach, something that can do in December while residing in the Pacific Northwest.

As you can see above, Ember was all snug and cozy in her mom's arms, as Audrey wrote the following caption to the cute snapshot:

"Ember’s first trip to the beach. The Oregon coast decided to really showing off #gooniesneverdie #beating50percent #weekendidos."

This wasn't the only family outing for Ember, however.

She also got to hang out with her aunt, uncle and cousin, doing something that contrasts greatly from spending time on the beach:

She went Christmas tree shopping!

New Sets of Parents

"Starting new traditions now that we’re a family of three," Audrey wrote as a caption to this second photo.

She added:

"Taking our little adventurers out Christmas tree picking. What are some of your favorite family traditions?! #journeyofjerandauj #weekendidos."

For anyone that has followed Little People, Big World since its premiere on TLC, this second photo actually is very moving.

Tori and Zach welcomed son Jackson into their universe in May, about five months before Audrey and Jeremy became first-time parents.

Both couple have come so very far since we first met them, so you'll forgive us if we get a bit teary-eyed looking at this expanded family portrait.

It just makes us yearn for new episodes of the enjoyable reality show, which some fans fear is on the verge of cancelation.

Jackson Roloff and Ember Jean, by Amy Roloff


We strongly doubt this is the case, however.

Yes, it's a bit odd that no return date has been announced.

But we know cameras were filming Molly Roloff's wedding this August and no cast member has hinted that the program is in jeopardy.

We can't go away now! 

There are so many new stories to be told about Jacob making up with his relatives, Jackson growing into a toddler, Audrey and Jeremy adjusting to parenthood and so much more!

We'll be sure to keep fans apprised of the show's status, but we caution viewers not to panic.

Do the opposite, in fact: take in the adorable collection of Roloff family pictures below as you wait for these fine folks to return to your lives!