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Jersey Shore Return Trailer Shows How "Sh-t" Will Get "Real"

The Jersey Shore cast is officially all grown up.

Granted, you may not know this if you've been following the story of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his incessant ugly fighting with his baby mama.

Or if you watched Ronnie and Mike get into a truly epic screaming match on the first season finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Or if you listened to that whole Jersey Whore back and forth from awhile back.

All this said, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 will kick off on August 23, with episodes previously filmed in Las Vegas and with various cast members taking a few mature steps in their lives.

For instance, Ronnie will often be caring for his daughter.

Denna will be announcing that she's expecting a child.

And Pauly D? He'll be getting married!!!!!!!!

The trailer above teases all of these life-changing events and developments, along with a little bit more.

It promises overall that "sh-t" is about to "get real" for these long-time stars, presumably due to them having to deal with the aforementioned real-life issues.

We're way past just worrying about going to the gym, getting a tan and doing laundry now, folks.

During its run earlier this year, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation helped propel MTV to its best third quarter primetime ratings average among the target adults 18-34 demographic (Live+3) since 2011...

... which happened to be the peak of the original Jersey Shore‘s success.

Even after all this time, plenty of people out there still care about the fates and fortunes of Pauly, Snooki, The Situation and company.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 will bring back housemates Deena Nicole Cortese, Paul “Pauly D” Delvecchio,” Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Mike “The Situation."

What sort of craziness can you expect to unfold?

Aside from someone actually being pronounced "Mrs. Pauly D?"

Watch the above promo to find out!

Jersey shore family vacation trailer shows how sh t will get rea

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley: Police Report Details Their Ugly, Bloody Brawl

Call us crazy, but we're just gonna go ahead and say it:

We really don't think Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley are right for each other.

Because they got into a fight weeks ago during which Magro slammed Harley as a cum dumpster and Harley said that Magro was a cokehead?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Girlfriend

That was the first sign.

But those were also just words.

On June 24, the tension between this Jersey Shore cast member and his girlfriend (with whom Ronnie shares a three-month old girl named Ariana) boiled over to violence.

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Harley was arrested on that date for domestic battery after she allegedly beat up Ronnie inside of a car and then dragged him down the road by this same vehicle as he was trying to get out.

The details, as originally described online, were crazy enough.

But now the official police report has been made public and... HOLY FLYING PUNCHES AND BLOODY BRAWLING! It's nuts.

Jen Harley Mug Shot

When police got to the scene on the aforementioned date in Las Vegas, they described Ortiz-Magro as exhibiting “erratic speech, crying, hysterical,” with “irregular breathing."

There was also "blood all over the center console and inside of the car, as well as smears along the driver side."

According to Ronnie's version of events, Harley “hit him in the face with her right fist two-five times."

The long-time reality star then tried to flee from the vehicle, only for Harley to hit the gas and drag him several feet down the road.

Ronnie "had apparent injuries to his mouth and arms and road rash,” the responding officer says in the report.

Ortiz-Magro proceeded to call Harley to come back and get him, which she did, before Harley pulled over again, taking their three-month-old daughter, Ariana, out of her car seat.

“She explained that she got out of the car asking for help and stated that Ortiz was hitting her in the car,” the report read, adding:

“She explained that she arranged for a friend to come pick up her child before officers arrived.”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

What did Harley have to say about all of this?

She told the cops that Ortiz-Magro grabbed the steering wheel while she was behind it, causing her to drive “over the concrete median which flattened the tires on the passenger side.”

The report states that Harley refused medical attention and had a "cut" on her left arm.

She was also "crying [and] hysterical" upon speaking to the officers at the scene.

“Based upon the above facts and circumstances, I have probable cause to believe that a recent mutual battery occurred between both Jennifer Harley and Ronald Ortiz who are in a domestic relationship,” the police report stated.

Harley was considered the aggresor, however, hence her booking for battery.

Kissed by Ronnie

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office later confirmed to Us Weekly, however, that Harley would not face charges following the altercation “due to insufficient evidence.”

And just in case this doesn't all sound insane enough, consider:

Jen and Ronnie spent July Fourth together!

We're glad things have calmed down. We're glad Ariana's parents are on decent terms again.

But it's only a matter of time until things blow up again, let's be honest.

Ronnie and Jen need to come to an agreement and co-parent Ariana as best they can, without actually being together.

Mike Sorrentino to Lauren Pesce: Let’s Hurry and Get Married Before I Go to Jail!

Well, he might be living up to his nickname more than ever these days, because Mike Sorrentino is stuck in a seriously complex situation.

If you watched Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, you know that Mike proposed to Lauren Pesce, she said yes, and plans are already in place to populate the tri-state area with dozens of mini-Sitches.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce

Unfortunately, there's a minor roadblock standing in the way of Mike and Lauren's domestic bliss.

When the focus briefly shifted from Ronnie's never-ending emotional meltdown, JSFV reminded us that Sorrentino is facing prison sentence for tax evasion.

While Mike has gone to great lengths to clean up his act in the years since his legal entanglement began, it's unlikely that he'll be able to avoid doing some hard time.

Which means, of course, that he and Lauren don't have the luxury of a long engagement.

“They are working out the exact date now, as well as the location for the wedding and venue for the reception,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

Mike Sorrentino Proposes to Lauren Pesce

Mike is scheduled to be sentenced on September 7, and his lawyers have reportedly informed him that he should be prepared to serve at least two years behind bars.

Fortunately, Lauren says she's willing to wait for Mike for as long as she needs to.

“They are both hoping for leniency. But it does not matter to Lauren how long he has to go to prison,” the insider says.

“She will stand by him no matter what. She will be visiting him in prison as often as she is allowed.

Even though Mike might not begin serving his sentence until several months after he's sentenced, he and Lauren are planning to tie the knot this summer, just to be safe.

The original plan was for Sorrentino and Pesce to get hitched on the second season of JSFW, but a rushed production schedule put the kibosh on that plan.

The Situation Proposes!

But don't worry, unlike past Shore weddings, the entire guido crew will be in attendance, and most of Mike's castmates will be a part of the wedding party.

(We're guessing Ronnie was the only one left out.)

Insiders say Mike and Lauren hope to spend at least four months living as man and wife before his sentence begins.

And of course, they'll be hard at work making those little baby Situations.

As difficult as Mike's current situation is, those who know him best say he's never been happier -- and they credit Lauren with saving his life.

“Everyone is just so proud of Mike for getting sober Opens a New Window. , and are just as close with Lauren as they are with him," says the source.

Deena Cortese Flaunts Baby Bump for the First Time!

There's good news for Jersey Shore fans: Deena Cortese is pregnant with her first child!

Deena and her husband, Christopher, are expecting a baby boy within the next six months.

And now she's giving fans and followers their first-ever real look at her baby bump. Take a look!

Deena Cortese and Husband Christopher Buckner

Back in 2016, Deena became engaged to Christopher Buckner. This was after her stint on the first run of Jersey Shore.

It was also a couple of years after she appeared on Couples Therapy.

The two of them tied the knot just before Halloween in 2017.

And now they're expecting a baby together. They held off on sharing the good news until they were ready, but they just had to let fans know.

Take a look at Deena's baby bump at 14 weeks!

Deena Cortese Baby Bump


In the captions, Deena writes: "Excited to share our pregnancy journey with all of you!!"

"Our first bump pic," she says beside the photo of her cradling her baby bump while wearing a stunning and form-fitting cobalt dress.

She follows that with two turquoise heart emojis. (They may have appeared blue on some screens)

"Don’t worry," Deena assures her fans and followers. "I won’t post bump pics every single week! Lol"

Surely no one would mind. Once a week is not a lot of Instagram photos.

"But this," Deena says. "Is the first!!"

It sure is.

Deena Cortese and Christopher Buckner

In the background of the photo, the sign for 14 weeks has some blanks filled in.

At this stage of her pregnancy, the fetus has about the same volume as a decent-sized lemon.

Deena is feeling both tired and excited -- both of which are very understandable.

She is craving, she reveals, three things in particular:

Candy, Fruit, and ice pops.

Deena Cortese Gender Reveal

Deena and Christopher found out that they were especting a boy at one of those goofy color-coded gender reveal parties.

On July 1, the couple announced their good news all at once.

"Chris and I Decided to wait until we were ready to spill the beans!" Deena's post began.

"Now that we are safely into our second trimester," Deena wrote. "Us and our little monkey are ready to tell the world Our little family is growing."

Deena gushed: "We have a sweet little boy on the way!"

Christopher Buckner with Deena

"We Are truly blessed," Deena's announcement post continued. "And our hearts are filled with so much joy and happiness."

She even revealed the due date -- she really dumped all of this info at once!

"December," Deena teased. "Can’t come soon enough!"

That is so soon!

"Daddy and Mommy can’t wait to meet you Christopher John," Deena added, revealing the name of their future baby.

Those are two of the most common names in the English-speaking world, so we hope that Christopher John really likes either nicknames or his initials.

Deena promises: "You are going to be the most spoiled little boy ever!!!!"

That is just so sweet to hear. You always want what's best for any child, and it sounds like Deena and her husband are prepared to give little Christopher John just that.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Celebrate July 4, Manage to Avoid Assaulting Each Other

We give up.

When it comes to the relationship between Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, we just... give up.

You can go ahead and try to figure these two out; we're just gonna sit back and eat some hot dogs on this special birthday.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley on the 4th

Indeed, the Jersey Shore cast member and his on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again girlfriend apparently put their differences aside on Wednesday in order to celebrate America.

Ortiz-Magro shared a photo on Instagram Stories this morning of himself and Harley snuggled close, flag-themed hearts floating around the duo as she made a kissy face at the camera.

“Happy independence day,” over the image.

How cute, right?

How sweet, no?

How romantic, yes?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

Sure, we guess.

But that would only be true if you ignored the fact that Harley was arrested mere days ago for DRAGGING RONNIE BY A CAR in Las Vegas.

The couple had reportedly got into an argument on the way home from a barbecue and, as Ronnie tried to unbuckle his seatbelt and exit the vehicle, Harley allegedly sped away, dragging her boyfriend down the street.

She was taken into custody by local authorities, but will not be charged with any crime.

It's important to note two things while we relay that news:

1. Harley and Ronnie are the new parents to a baby girl named Ariana; she was born on April 3. (And she was in the car at the time of the above incident.)

2. This above incident was certainly NOT the first time Ronnie and Jen got into it in a very serious manner.

Kissed by Ronnie

In late April, Jen and Ronnie went back and forth in very ugly fashion on social media.

She accused him of cheating. He accused her of holding on to old sex tapes of herself and an ex.

Harley slammed Ronnie as a "cokehead" and deadbeat dad. Ronnie blasted Harley as a "cum dumpster."

It was a vicious and as X-rated as nearly any viral argument we can remember -- and you can relive the madness below:

There's also a video online of Ronnie verbally attacking Harley and seemingly coming close to physical blows.

It's troubling and scary and disturbing and you can judge it for yourself here:

Ronnie and Jen have tried to maintain a healthy relationship amidst all this craziness, mostly for the sake of their newborn.

“I remain focused on my daughter and she is my No. 1 priority," Ronnie told us Weekly a little while back, for example.

Last we heard, however, friends were encouraging Ronnie to stay away from Harley and to even file for primary custody of Ariana.

It doesn't look like he's taken this advice, however, based on the first photo posted above.

We're afraid, though.

There's plenty of July Fourth to go and we have a feeling that if these two are together... and the alcohol is flowing... that things may get explosive between them tonight.

And not because they'll be watching fireworks.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: FIRED From Jersey Shore Over Jen Harley Drama?!

If you watched the inaugural season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation or even just paid passing attention to any of the cast member's social media pages, then you know the drama between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley has made Ron's relationship with Sammi Giancola look downright stable by comparison.

In fact, the whole situation has been more Jerry Springer than Jersey Shore.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

On the show, the couple mostly kept things civil, despite the well-publicized incident in which Ronnie got handsy with a French Fry.

In real life, Ronnie and Jen welcomed a daughter, and it briefly looked as though they had every intention of trying to make things work.

But then Ortiz-Magro's famously volatile (and allegedly steroid-fueled) temper became an issue, and the new dad launched a virulent and incessant tirade of irate tweets against Harley.

In other words, Rahn refused to Stahp.

He called Harley a "c-m dumpster" and publicly accused her of cheating.

She responded by calling him a deadbeat dad and accusing him of engaging in his own infidelities.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

The situation came to a head last week when Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie alongside her car and was arrested on assault charges.

The cast is currently filming a second season of JSFV, and needless to say, Ronnie's situation has complicated the production process.

Shooting began in Vegas, the city that both Ronnie and Jen currently call home.

For obvious reasons, this turned out to be a mistake.

Ronnie got in a fight on the second day of filming, forcing production to shut down for the day.

The operation has now relocated to the crew's original stomping ground of Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Parties

But according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Ronnie did not make the trip with the rest of the cast.

The situation has led to rumors that Ronnie was fired from the show due to his tumultuous relationship with Harley.

Sources have confirmed, however, that that's not the case, and Ortiz-Magro is simply taking time to recover from injuries he suffered during the car dragging incident.

“His family flew there to be with him,” one insider told US Weekly.

“He’s recovering from his injuries. He was hurt pretty badly and needs the time to heal.”

Police determined that Ronnie was blameless in the incident, as he was attempting to get out of Harley's car when she began to drive away.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Girlfriend

“He asked [her to] pull over and let him out of the car,” the source told Us.

“She stopped, and Ronnie tried getting out and got caught in his seatbelt. Jen started driving away, dragging Ronnie…Ronnie’s face was bloodied and bruised, and he’s got a nasty road rash.”

Sounds like we're in for another season of serious Ronnie drama, but fear not -- there will be plenty of comic relief as well.

The Dirty Hamster herself, Angelina Pivarnick, was reportedly spotted touring Seaside with the rest of the guidos.

She's not exactly a fan favorite, but we may need Angelina's absurdity to help keep things light in future episodes.

Watch Jersey Shore online in order to get caught up for what promises to be a drama-packed season.

Deena Cortese: Pregnant with First Child!!!

Finally, folks:

A Jersey Shore story that has nothing to do with booze or fighting or violent acts perpetrated on a cast member by an angry baby mama.

Quite the opposite of all those things, in fact.

Christopher Buckner with Deena

Deena Cortese is pregnant!!!!

The veteran MTV personality announced via Instagram on Monday that she's expecting her first child with her husband, Christopher Buckner.

She did so via the following message and the photo below:

"Chris and I Decided to wait until we were ready to spill the beans!

"Now that we are safely into our second trimester.. us and our little monkey are ready to tell the world Our little family is growing!

"We have a sweet little boy on the way!"

Whoa there!

That's a lot of information in just a few sentences.

Deena Cortese and Christopher Buckner

We now know that Deena is going to have her first child... that she's going to have it within the next six months...and that it will be a boy.

How exciting!

"We are truly blessed and our hearts are filled with so much joy and happiness. December can’t come soon enough!” Deena added.

After the baby news was announced by his famous wife, Christopher also thanked his social media followers for the warm wishes he's been receiving.

"Thank you everyone for all the love! We are finally starting the family we've always wanted and you're the only one I want to share this blessing with.

"Love you babe @deenanicolemtv," he wrote.

Christopher Buckner and Deena

Cortese and Buckner got engaged in Mexico in 2016 and then went ahead and got married this past October at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey.

The ceremony and reception were attended by all of Deena's colleagues from her many years on Jersey Shore, as the illustrious guest list included:

Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Vinny Guadagnino, Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Cortese's representative confirmed the nuptials to E! News at the time, writing of her client and her soulmate:

"Finally the special day for these two amazing people together has come that will never be forgotten!

"So glad they shared the memories with her fellow cast mates who came out to show love and support to the ultimate duo."

Jersey Shore Quartet

Ever since becoming famous by doing laundry, going to the gym and also going to the tanning salon, Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have all become parents.

Ronnie has been in the news often of late in terms of his situation because he and Jen Harley welcomed a daughter into the world in early April.

But they've been fighting like crazy ever since and Ronnie may actually soon file for primary custody of his baby.

Incrediby, it may even be the best thing for her.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro to Jen Harley: You Almost Killed Me So I’m Taking Our Kid!

If you watched Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, you know that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro became embroiled in some serious baby mama drama.

And if you follow Rahn on social media, you know the situation only deteriorated once the cameras stopped rolling.

Ronnie Magro, Girlfriend

The first sign of trouble came when Ronnie called Jen a c-m dumpster on social media and accused her of cheating.

Didn't think things could get worse from there?

Then you don't know Ronnie romances.

Earlier this week, Jen was arrested for assaulting Ronnie.

It was eventually revealed that she had dragged him down the street as he clung to her car during an altercation.

Harley told police that Ron hit her several times, but they determined that she was the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

Yes, the whole thing is enough to make Ron's fights with Mike Sorrentino look like guido child's play.

The situation (no pun intended) is made all the more tragic by the fact that Ron and Jen have a 3-mon th-old daughter together.

And now, it seems Ronnie is taking steps to ensure that little Ariana will has as little contact with her mother as possible.

According to TMZ, Ron is gunning for primary physical custody of his daughter.

The site claims that Ortiz-Magro has hired a family attorney and plans to get o after Jen with everything he's got.

But he's also being realistic with his expectations.

Kissed by Ronnie

Ronnie is reportedly going for 50/50 custody, which TMZ's legal experts say he'll probably get.

Sources claim he wants sole physical custody but has been counseled that that's a long shot.

After all, Jen may have been arrested for domestic battery, but Ronnie wasn't blameless in the incident.

And his best bet is to shoot for a custody arrangement that Jen will agree to.

If this thing goes to court, Jen's got hundreds of hours of video evidence that Ron is a seriously unstable dude.

Here's hoping both of these two can sort themselves out for the sake of their daughter.

Ronnie Goes at Mike in EPIC Jersey Shore Finale Fight

On the season finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Mike told Ronnie that he thought his friend should go to rehab.

And Ronnie replied no, no, no.

No, really. Amy Winehouse references aside, this intense argument was at the center of an explosive concluding episodes.

Ronnie vs. Sitch

(Not concluding forever, mind you. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 will premiere in August.)

This is how it all started:

While having dinner with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Pauly D, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Vinny Guadagnino and Deena Cortese, Ronnie confessed to getting "crazy" when he goes out. 

However, he maintained this partying never really affected his life

Heck, he was even "blessed [that] Sam didn't come" for the season so that his roommates could at last see Ronnie himself... and not someone only known for having a toxic relationship.

(Note to Ronnie: We know this finale was filmed months ago, but have you read the recent headlines about you and Jen Harley?)

"I think Ronnie is confused about where he is in life," Vinny told the cameras. "He's trying to convince himself he's happy, but when Ronnie gets drunk, he's talking different."

Jersey Shore Quartet

In his own confessional later on, Paul D agreed:

"Ron's scared of not having that perfect life, which is bullsh-t. This is the modern family now.

"You don't need to be married to have a child, you don't need to be with the baby mama to have a good relationship with her daughter. He's scared of all that."

More prescient and profound than ever, the DJ continued:

"I also think Ron's scared of being alone as well because I've never seen him legitimately single.

"I think that's where a lot of the issues stem from. He forces relationships to happen because he thinks he needs to be in one.

"He needs to get himself right because you can't jump into a relationship until you're fixed. He's not fixed from his relationship with Sammi."

So this was the background for when Jenni came right out and said during the quasi family meal:

"Mike, why did you say Ronnie needs rehab?"

Oh. Boy.

A Confused Situation

Someone hold Ronnie back, folks.

First of all," he said immediately in anger. "I'm having a kid in like six weeks. When I drink, I like to f-cking party. I didn't make it my life. You made it your life. You let it affect your whole life. You let it destroy your life. So don't sit there saying I need f-cking rehab."

He wasn't done screaming at The Situation, either.

"Bro, look at you! You f-cking got a tax evasion! You almost lost everything you f-cking earned."

From here, as you might expect, it was totally on between the close friends.

"Did you not call me two weeks before we came here and say you needed rehab?!" Mike yelled back, to which Ronnie corrected Sitch by saying he asked for "help," not rehab.

(You may be picking some nits there, Ronnie.)

Ronnie, Yo!

"You put people's dirt out there," Ronnie said, truly starting to lose his temper and screaming at Mike:

"Your sh-t is public! Your sh-t is real news! That sh-t is on the papers! That's why I talk about it. I don't bring your dirt in the house. I don't f-cking sweep your name in the f-cking mud.

"I just say what the facts are."

Mike tried to remain calm.

"You need help," he simply said in response.

"I don't have a problem, bro!" Ronnie fired back. "I help myself. You never help yourself. Lauren [Mike's new fiancee] helps you now. I take care of Jen, I take care of my kid, and her f-cking kid. Fact!

"End of the story. Bottom line. So don't ever f-cking say I need help."

Ronnie Having Fun

Eventually, Ronnie went outside to cool down, admitting to Jen that he would have "literally beat [Mike's] ass" if they had talked for even 10 seconds more.

So, what happened when mike went outside to continue the chat?

Was said ass beaten?

Thankfully, no.

“Number one, I care about you. Number two, I was f-cking wrong. I’m f-cking concerned about you,” Mike told his muscle-bound colleage, continuing as follows:

“You told me while we were in here that you are gonna get your act cleaned up when we get out of here. But, I went low."

Ronnie: “And I went lower and I’m sorry for that. That’s something I need to work on."

Would you look at that? Maturity and progress!

Then co-stars then hugged. AWWW!

As we said, Jersey Shore will return in August.

If Ronnie ever stops fighting with his baby mama, that is.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: Urged to Stay the Eff Away from Jen Harley, Fight for Full Custody of Daughter

Congratulations are in order for Jen Harley.

The occasionally violent and sporadic girlfriend of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has managed to accomplish the near-impossible:

She has turned this Jersey Shore cast member into a sympathetic figure.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with Ariana

For years, Ronnie had been known for his quick temper and his wandering penis, as he shamelessly flirted with women while in serious relationships and admittedly cheated on both Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Harley.

Now, however, most Jersey Shore viewers are on Team Ronnie, following a couple of frightening and over-the-top actions perpetrated by Harley against the reality star.

She and Ronnie started dating last summer and welcomed a daughter named Ariana into the world in early April.

But it was only a few weeks after this blessed event that Ronnie and Jen engaged in a vicious social media fight, lobbing one insult after another at each other, as summarized below.

Pretty crazy, right?

Since then, both sides have sort of apologized and the D-Listers have even tried to make their relationship work.

Only it is clearly doomed.

First, in the second week of June, Harley went off on Ronnie while the MTV personality was filming in Las Vegas, instigating a brawl that had to be broken up by the authorities.

Then, just a few days ago, Harley got arrested for hitting Ronnie in the face while driving and then speeding away while he tried to get out of the car, dragging him across the road in the process.

Pretty nuts, right?

This is her mug shot:

Jen Harley Mug Shot

Following this latest incident, Ronnie is apparently receiving lots of advice from those close to him.

TMZ reports that Ortiz-Magro attended a barbecue with Harley prior to her alleged assault of him because he's afraid she will take little Ariana away from him.

He has been trying to maintain a healthy relationship out of fear of losing his three-month old.

But friends are now pushing Ortiz-Magro to forget this line of thinking and simply rely on the court system -- because they are worried Harley may do something even more dangerous than dragging him by a car.

There's simply no way to reconcile at this point and Ronnie ought to let lawyers hash out a custody arrangement, this friends say.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

Along similar lines, Hollywood Life spoke to an insider who says Ronnie is now facing pressure to take Ariana way from Jen.

It's simply a matter of what is best for the infant.

“Ronnie’s family fears for the baby’s safety after Jen’s recent spat of violence and arrest,” this source explains, adding:

“Ronnie is hearing it from those closest to the situation that Jen is out of control. Ronnie’s family is encouraging him to do the right thing:

"Take care of his new baby and go to court for full custody before something tragic happens to his new baby.”

Whoever would have thought that it would be reasonable to believe Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is the safest parental option for a child?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Ariana

But that point is difficult to argue after what we've heard and read about these past few weeks.

And Ronnie does seem pretty into his kid, referring to her as "My Life" on Instagram while sharing numerous photos of the adorable nugget.

Overall, we can't say exactly what is best for Ariana.

We just know that her parents need to grow up, keep their distance from each other and work on an amicable relationship of some kind if they want her to grow up in a healthy environment.

And that's really all that matters, don't you agree?

Jen Harley Mug Shot, Details of CRAZY Ronnie Magro Assault Released

Jen Harley was arrested on Sunday for the alleged assault of Ronnie Magro-Ortiz, generally prompting two responses from the public:

  1. These two REALLY do not belong together.
  2. How the heck could anyone assault the blob of muscles that is Ronnie Magro-Ortiz?!?

In response to the first statement above, we say: no d'uh.

Jen Harley Mug Shot

In response to the second, we now have some new information to share.

According to Las Vegas Police Department sources who spoke to The Blast, Jen and Ronnie were on their way home from a barbecue on Sunday afternoon when they got into an argument.

Soon enough, Jen started hitting Ronnie in the face as she drove and he sat in the passenger's seat.

Then, the car ran over something in the road and blew a tire.

As Ronnie attempted to exit the vehicle, Harley revved the engine and took off, dragging Ronnie behind him and giving him severe road rash.

So that would be how one assaults a man the size of Ronnie: you use an object that's even larger than he is.

Ronnie Magro, Girlfriend

There are a few conflicting reports about exactly what went down between these estranged stars, however.

The Blast, for example, quotes a source who says “a call came into police from a caller who indicated that there was a suspicious vehicle with two flat tires on the side of the road and a bleeding man standing outside who was trying to pull the female out of the vehicle.”

Trying to pull a female out of the vehicle?!?

We hadn't heard anything about that before.

All we know is that Jen was the person who got arrested for domestic battery, not Ronnie; which is not to say he was totally innocent.

We can't say for certain what led to this fight or precisely how physical each side got with the other.

But we can verify this disturbing fact: the occasional couple's two-month old daughter, Ariana, was in the car at the time of the fracas. Yikes.

Kissed by Ronnie

Harley and Ronnie welcomed their only child into the world on April 2.

Just a few weeks later, they went back and forth over social media in an especially ugly spat, one that centered around both being accused of infidelity and Ronnie slamming Jen - THE MOTHER OF HIS NEWBORN! - as a "cum dumpster."

Shortly after this public tiff, footage surfaced of Ronnie threatening Harley.

With his words, yes.

But seemingly getting close to doing so with his fists, as you can see down below here:

Earlier this month, cops were also called after Harley and Magro-Ortiz got into a heated argument at Planet Hollywood while Ortiz-Magro was shooting season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Somehow, despite all this drama, the two have attempted to remain a couple.

We guess this is sort of admirable, assuming they were doing so for the sake of their toddler.

But we're way past admirable now. There's nothing to commend anyone for when he or she is simply putting a tiny human being in the middle of vicious and violent fights.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Ariana

“It’s better they are apart, and they are slowly realizing that,” a source has told People Magazine. “It will be better for their daughter in the end.”

We could not agree more.

A second insider told this same publication that Jen and Ronnie are "toxic," adding:

“When things are good, they’re good, but when they’re bad, they’re really bad. When you put two alphas in a room together, they’re going to clash.”

For the record, by the way, Harley has been released on $3,000 bail.

Jen Harley Arrested for… Dragging Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with a Car

Welp. We were wrong.

It turns out things actually can get uglier between Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and his occasional girlfriend/permanent baby mama, Jen Harley.

A LOT uglier, in fact.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Jen Harley

Sources within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have confirmed to Us Weekly that Harley was arrested on Sunday night and charged with beating Ronnie up, prior to dragging him around with her car.

That's all the information both Us Weekly and E! News have on the matter, aside from Harley's charge of domestic battery.

We also know that she has been released on $3,000 bail and that a hearing regarding this case has been set for Tuesday morning.

Trust us: We really wish we had more to report at the moment.

Because... what?!? Jen dragged Ronnie around with her car?!?

This development is both shocking and completely expected at the same time, considering the history between the reality star and his estranged lover.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Girlfriend

(UPDATE: According to TMZ, the D-Listers got into an argument while driving home from a barbecue.

Ortiz-Magro reportedly demanded Jen pull over and let him out of the car. She supposedly took off when he got caught in his seat belt, dragging him and injuring him ... while their infant daughter was in the vehicle.)

Harley and Ronnie got together last summer and welcomed a daughter named Ariana Sky into the world on April 2.

But it's all been way downhill from there.

Just a few weeks after they became parents, Jen and Ronnie got into one of the more vicious Internet fights you'll ever see.

We hate to keep bringing this point up, but it seems worth repeating over and over and over again:

There's a baby girl at the center of all this drama, you guys!

Shape the eff up and do it now.

They went back and forth on Instagram with cheating allegations, as Ronnie slammed Jen as a "cum dumpster" and Harley referred to Ronnie as a "coke head" and terrible father.

Apologies were eventually offered on both sides, and the two even got together briefly at one point.

"They're trying to work things out for [their child's] sake. They're giving it a shot," a source told E! News shortly after the viral blowout, adding at the time:

"His daughter is his biggest priority so he just wants to keep things as calm and civil with Jen for the baby's sake.

"They both really regret how ugly and public their split was so they're doing everything they can to keep things private right now."

That was then, in mid-May.

But now we have reports that Harley assaulted Ronnie, which follows previous reports that detailed how she also attacked him while he was filming Season 2 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Call us crazy, but we sort of feel like these kids should not be together.

“I want to apologize to my family, friends and fans,” the MTV personality said in a statement to Us Weekly on April 30, saying back then:

“This is a private matter that should have never been made public. I remain focused on my daughter and she is my No. 1 priority.”

Ronnie Magro, Girlfriend

That's nice to hear.

We just hope Ronnie continue to put this into practice.

And we hope Harley undergoes some anger management counseling or something because... holy violence!

Jersey Shore Recap: The Sitch Is Getting Hitched!

The first season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation (or the seventh season of Jersey Shore, depending on your perspective) has excelled at taking a single event and stretching it out into an entire episode's worth of genuinely entertaining content.

While creative editing certainly plays a role, the cast deserves most of the credit for filling the downtime with lol-worthy capering and quotables.

Mike Sorrentino Proposes to Lauren Pesce

The crew clicks like few other casts in the history of reality television, and when they're firing on all cylinders, it's like watching the guido Golden State Warriors in action.

Take last night's episode, for example.

Mike popped the question to Lauren Pesce -- which we already knew was gonna happen -- and Ronnie went full goth teen, basically lying in bed for the entire episode.

That's it.

And yet somehow, it was a pretty engaging (no pun intended) hour of television.

Mike recruited the whole crew to assist with his proposal, which was definitely the right move from the viewers' perspective.

The Situation Proposes!

It's great that the Sitch has turned his life around, but we don't tune in to Shore for an hour of a tee-totaling middle-aged dude waxing philosophical, ya know?

Some questionable decisions were made (the all-white engagement outfits for the guys; loading Lauren up on booze before she goes out to dinner with her relatively newly-sober boyfriend), but in the end, it all worked out.

Mike and Lauren got engaged, in the sort of genuinely amusing scene we don't typically associate with Jersey Shore.

“You’re my best friend, my college sweetheart, my better half. You make me a better person,” Sorrentino told Pesce.

“Please make me the happiest man on Earth. Will you please marry me?”

The couple stated that they plan to work on making little baby Sitches as soon as they tie the knot.

The Situation Proposes!

Here's hoping Sorrentino can stay out of prison in order to be there for his family.

And that's not our way of slipping in Ronnie-esque dig at the Sitch.

Mike surely made some bad decisions, but he seems to finally be on the right path, and we hope the judge in his case will take that into consideration.

Speaking of Ronnie, we guess he had a premonition about just how ugly his relationship with Jen Harley would get, because dude is seriously bummed about the prospect of going back to the real world.

In the same way that the original Shore captured the carefree frivolity of your twenties, Family Vacation serves as a reminder that your thirties are loaded with stress and obligations that are never far from your mind, even on vacay.

Fortunately, Pauly D is always there to lighten the load with some amusing catchphrases.

Jen Harley: Yes, I Cheated on Ronnie, But…

Before we go any further, allow us to say up front:

There are no winner in this situation. There are no sides to take between Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Both really need to go away and figure out some sort of amicable relationship for the sake of their daughter and that's pretty much where we stand on their never-ending, ridiculous, scandalous drama.

Kissed by Ronnie

Still, we're obligated to report on it.

So here we go...

During this week's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Ronnie told his roommates that he didn’t completely trust Harley because she had cheated in the past.

(The installment was filmed months ago, remember, prior to Harley giving birth to Ronnie's daughter in early April.)

"You're nervous she's going to cheat on you?" Deena asked Ronnie at one point.

"Yeah," he replied.

"Because she did before?" Snooki follow.

"Yeah," he said again.

The thing is, of course, Ronnie cheated on Harley on muliple occasions himself; shamelessly so, as we witnessed on previous installments of the Jersey Shore reboot.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

“Nobody’s perfect. I did my dirt too," Ronnie did acknowledge on this new episode, adding as an excuse:

"But everything I did was a reaction to her actions. I’m also not used to being with someone like myself. Like, I met my match."

That much has been clear by the very public fights Jen and Ronnie have engaged in of late.

Before we recount those, however, let's hear from Harley, shall we?

Is Ronnie at least telling the truth? Did she sleep with another man behind his back?

"I’m sure he’s referring to when we were dating for about a month or two," Harley tells Us Weekly, confessing to her sins, but making it sound like they shouldn't really count.

She continued:

"We hadn’t established a real relationship; my ex came back around. I had mixed feelings at the time. We just got out of a four-year relationship."

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

A mere month after becoming parents, Jen and Ronnie WENT OFF ON EACH OTHER via social media.

"Note to self: Can't turn a natural-born HO, into a HOUSEWIFE," Ronnie said to open this back-and-forth several weeks ago, adding of his baby mama:

If you find them in the gutter, leave them in the gutter."

He followed this up with another post that read as follows:

"If your significant other keeps sex videos of their ex, shouldn't they show enough respect to delete them, esp. after being in a new relationship for over a year?"

Ronnie also referred to Harley as a "cum dumpster."

This happened a few weeks after she gave birth to his child.

Harley, for her part, proved that she could give as well as she could take.

"Can't turn a coke head into a father!" she fired back, later adding:

"When your man goes all Rob Kardashian on you," accompanied by a laugh-cry emoji.

As you can see, these two bring out the worst in each other.

And the worst of it all was captued on camera:

In her chat with Us Weekly, Harley says her cheating with her ex is what got Ronnie all worked up.

"This is all part of the Instagram fight we got into because of this incident," she admits.

"When I came clean about this, he came clean about three times he hooked up with other girls in the same time period.

"We decided we wanted to be together and work though this and not to ever do it again."

This is what Harley says... but consider what she allegedly did in Las Vegas on June 7.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley, New Year's

She surprised her man in diabolical fashion, an insider tells this same tabloid, while was shooting scenes for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2.

“Ronnie and Jen have been fighting over their daughter," this source said of the recent fight, explaining:

"Ronnie has been filming the show in Vegas the last couple of days and Jen wouldn’t tell him where their daughter is. She showed up to the hotel where they were filming.

"Jen lunged, spit and shoved Ronnie. Hotel security got involved, who then called the Las Vegas police department.”


It bears repeating AGAIN that these two have a very young child together.

They really need to work something out.

Jersey Shore Recap: A Proposal Situation

The problem with reality television in the age of social media is that real-time spoilers are pretty much unavoidable.

For example, we've known for months that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is engaged to Lauren Pesce, so any suspense on last night's Jersey Shore Family Vacation regarding whether or not JWoww will ruin his proposal because Mike threatened to throw a pie in her face (?!?!?) didn't really have us chewing our cuticles with anticipation.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce

But before the guidos could make way for Lauren, they had to say goodbye to Vinny's mother, Paula, and his uncle Nino.

There's a strong possibility that Vin's uncle is named Nino Guadagnino, but that doesn't even crack the top ten on the list of funniest things about the guy.

So it makes sense that Vinny and company would decide to hit him with an old-fashioned roasting as a parting gift.

Unfortunately, Nino's neurons have been pounded flat like a cutlet from five decades of constant chianti consumption, and he now only speaks a language of his own invention, a la Nell.

Meanwhile, Paula advises Ronnie that he should hold off on marrying Jen if he's not certain that he loves her.

Yes, folks, it was bound to happen eventually -- someone finally issued good advice on an episode of Jersey Shore.

Ronnie Lets It All Out

As we mentioned earlier, there's a subplot in which Jenni indignantly adjusts her old lady glasses while threatening to mess up Mike's proposal to Lauren, but we're almost certain nothing is gonna come of it.

And thus, as has so often been the case this season, the episode really belongs to Ronnie.

In a surprising conversation with the girls, Ron reveals that Jen cheated on him in the past:

“I want to be with her, I love her, I just don’t know where her heart is,” Ronnie says.

“Truthfully, I just don’t trust her.

"Nobody’s perfect. I did my dirt too so I can just say, like, ‘It was her.’ But everything I did was a reaction to her actions,” he continues.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

“I’m also not used to being with someone like myself. Like, I met my match.”

Jeez, she's been pregnant the whole time they've been together! Where did she even find the time?!

The sad confessions continue -- appropriately enough -- in the confessional room, where Ron breaks down in tears after confessing that he's jealous of Mike's, ahem, situation.

“I want a family, I want to be happy, I want to be in Mike’s shoes. I want to propose. I want to have the feeling of more than just, ‘We’re together and we have a kid.’ I want more than that," says a tearful Ronnie.

"Everyone else goes and lives their lives, and they’re f—king happy and I don’t have all the s—t they have. It’s just me. Who the f—k is the right person at this point?”

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley, New Year's

We'd like to say there's a happy ending to this situation, but -- spoiler alert! -- Ronnie and Jen are still fighting nonstop and making each other miserable.

In fact, just yesterday, filming on a second season of Family Vacation was halted due to the fact that the season was to take place in Vegas -- where Ronnie and Jen live -- and their relationship drama was so intense that the production had to be moved to Jersey.

When reality television producers are like, "Whoa, this is all way too intense," you know things have gotten out of hand.

Watch Jersey Shore online to relive the many trials of Ron.

Jersey Shore Halts Filming In Vegas Due to Ronnie Magro-Jen Harley Drama

Oh, that Rahn. Will he ever stahp?

That's likely the question on the mind of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's castmates today, as the Jersey Shore crew was forced to stop filming ahead of schedule due to ongoing drama between Ronnie and his baby mama, Jen Harley.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Parties

Until yesterday, the cast was in Las Vegas filming a second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

The title isn't terribly apt in Magro's case, as Vegas is his home turf these days.

So it was a bad choice of locale for reasons that go beyond the irony of filming a show with "Shore" in the title in the middle of a landlocked state.

You see, if you've been watching the current season of JSFV, you know that Ron and Jen's relationship isn't the greatest.

During his time in South Beach, Ronnie cheated on Jen with a French woman who was unimaginatively dubbed "French Fry."

But that was only the beginning of their problems.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

Shortly after that episode aired, Ronnie accused Jen of cheating on him, in a wild Instagram rant in which he also called her a "c-m dumpster."

In the weeks since, Harley and Ortiz-Magro broke up and got back together several times, so it should've come as no surprise to Shore producers when their relationship drama dominated the first few days of filming in Vegas.

Maybe that was the plan. Maybe the plan backfired.

Whatever the case, the plan was scrapped when -- to use the parlance of Shore's current season -- Ron spiraled and quickly spun out of control.

Last week, Magro got in a fight with another guest at a Vegas hotel.

Ronnie on the Duck Phone

Just days later, MTV pulled the plug on filming in Vegas and sent the cast back to the Garden State.

“They cannot wait to get the hell out of the desert and be away from everything surrounding Ronnie and Jen,” a source close to production tells Radar Online.

The situation had apparently gotten so bad that the cast was considering holding an intervention in response to Ron's self-destructive behavior.

“They are all adults now, and they cannot watch Ronnie destroy his life anymore,” says the insider.

Hey, the guy's been fun to watch this season, but he's a 32-year-old dad now. 

Maybe he should cool it on the Ron-Ron juice for a bit.