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Jessica Biel Teaches 2-Year Old About Sex. But Should She?

Jessica Biel believes in being open and very honest with her young son.

And this belief system has now gotten the actress in trouble with some critics on the Internet.

Jessica Biel Side Smile

Speaking at the 2018 MAKERS Conference on Tuesday, Biel sat on a panel with CEO of WCG and CEO of Evofem Biosciences Saundra Pelletier and ex-Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth.

At one point in their candid conversation, the topics turned to kids, sex and relationships.

"How do parents...pick up where sex education leaves off in the school system?" Welteroth asked the other two women, which prompted some interesting comments from Biel.

"In my household, I have a two and a half year old and we're starting now," the actress explained, referencing her husband (someone named Justin Timberlake) and their son, Silas.

She continued:

"We shower together, and [we say], 'This is what I've got. This is what you've got.

"We just talk about it. I know it's really young, but I really believe that if you start this early, there's no shame.

"I don't want to tell him, 'Keep your private parts,' and this and that. It's a beautiful thing. You have it and mine is different and it's cool, man.

"We have to respect ourselves and respect each other."

Jessica Biel Sits and Laughs

Biel also said that she and Timberlake don't sugar coat the names of their private parts with any silly terms for the sake of their child.

They went him to understand how everything works and what everything is really called.

"I think I still go back to this idea that it doesn't have to be so serious," Biel said of sex education, adding:

"If you want to laugh and say vagina and laugh or say penis or whatever, well do it! Laugh and get it out, get the giggles out and then ask the real question that you know you have.

"I think that's always what happened to me when I was young... you could barely get past the giggles to ask the real question, which was a really probably important question that as a young person you needed to know."

It's a fair point.

If parents are not open with their children about this topic, the kids may very well try to find out certain answers on their own.

And it's not hard to imagine this going very poorly.

Whispering to His Wife

However, some trolls out there are aghast that Biel would go anywhere near the subject of sex with her two-year old son.

She's being called "stupid" and "disgusting" and lots of other mean words.

To wit:

gross comments

As if these remarks weren't cruel enough, someone else suggested Biel and Timberlake should not even be allowed to have children.

For real:

gross comments

It's a pretty interesting debate, right?

Not whether Jessica and Justin ought to be parents. That's unfair, close-minded and downright absurd.

But at what age do you talk sex with your kids? At what age do you give them an idea of what's going on with their bodies and how they came into the world?

Is Biel being a responsible mother here?

Or is she getting too far ahead of things with young and impressionable Silas?

Justin Timberlake Earns Internet Outrage for Tweet, Movie Role

A long time ago, Justin Timberlake brought sexy back.

But now many Internet users are wishing the singer and occasional actor would take a recent career decision back; not to mention a brand new, misguided Tweet.

Allow us to explain...

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the Globes

On Sunday night, Timberlake shared a seemingly sweet and romantic photo on Instagram.

It featured the artist and his wife, Jessica Biel, who was nominated at the Golden Globes for her role in USA Network's The Sinner.

"Here we come!! And DAMN, my wife is hot! #TIMESUP  #whywewearblack," wrote Justin as a caption.

Both of those hashtags were a reference to the Golden Globes this year serving as a platform for celebrities to stick up for women in the industry and victims of sexual misconduct in general.

Which is why some critics thought JT should have perhaps not used this photo and this occasion to label his wife as "hot."

Justin Timberlake Twit Pic

Granted, Jessica Biel is very hot.

But this simply may not have been the ideal time for Timberlake to objectify his wife, that's all we're saying.

Moreover, as many on the World Wide Web have pointed out, Timberlake will be starring in Woody Allen's next movie, Wonder Wheel.

The controversial director is well known for having married his ex-wife's adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.

The 82-year-old is also accused of sexual abuse by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

For this reason, a slew of stars has refused to work with Allen...and a slew of online commentators have called Timberlake out here for some pretty galling hypocrisy.

Justin Timberlake at the Globes

Wrote one individual:

"Wearing black, good. Talking about it, good. Next step, don't participate in projects that profit men like Woody Allen. Have fun at the party. THEN keep striving for better."

And another dragged Timberlake even harder for his past, Tweeting:

"You starred in Woody Allen's new movie. You built a career on malicious misogyny towards Britney Spears. You left Janet Jackson out to dry. This is pure performative fraud."

Yikes, huh?

down on JT

Timberlake has not responded to any of these scathing accusations or remarks.

We doubt he will, either.

Most folks out there think Justin is a good guy, but this is a prime example of how everyone is under an extreme microscope these days.

And, as Rose McGown thinks, you can't just wear black and include a few hashtags and then pat yourself on the back.

If you want to see change in the world, you must take some actual action in order to enact it.

Fashion Face-Off: Jessica Biel vs. Jennifer Garner

Jessica Biel might soon be single. Her and boyfriend Justin Timberlake are reportedly having problems.

But that turmoil is the least of Biel's issues right now.

Her and fellow actress Jennifer Garner have been spotted out in the same Diane von Furstenberg shirtdress. It's time for readers to decide which beauty looks better in it.

Good luck to each combatant. Here's a look at Biel and Garner donning the outfit. Compare, contrast and then vote in our poll...

Jess vs. Jen

Who wears this outfit better?

Jessica Biel
Jennifer Garner
View Results

Sources Speak on “Needy, Annoying” Jessica Biel, Possible Break Up with Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel is gorgeous, beautiful and sexy.

According to those that know the actress well, however, she's also needy and annoying.

Rumors of a break up between Biel and longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlake have grown stronger this week. Multiple insiders have confirmed as much to The New York Daily News.

“Things don’t look good for them right now - they’ve hit a really rocky spot,” said a source close to Timberlake, adding that issues began during a trip to Vegas JT took with his friends in February because "they got into a huge screaming match over the phone about how she’s always ‘checking up’ on him. She’s extremely needy and is always keeping tabs on him.”

Jessica and Justin

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

While Lance Bass labels Biel as "fun to be around," others within Timberlake's circle of pals don't agree.

“All his friends think she’s really annoying,” said an insider. “She’s always trying to be one of the guys. She and Justin have no chemistry.”

We don't know either side of this couple well, but our staff has often debated this same theory. Timberlake is one of the most charismatic, outgoing stars in Hollywood. He's the kind of guy that tries to mount his girlfriend at a Lakers game.

Biel, conversely, comes across as far more serious.

Fortunately, she also comes across as naked in the movie Powder Blue, so... uhhh... we lost our train of thought.

Justin Timberlake is tired of Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is growing tired of Jessica Biel's ass despite the scientific fact it was carved by Zeus himself out of awesome and "Goddamn!" NY Daily News reports: "Things don't look good for them right now -- they've hit... full story

Jessica Biel is a Gotham Girl

We were jealous enough of Justin Timberlake for getting to sing hilarious songs with Andy Samberg.

But now we look at the following photos of Jessica Biel from Gotham Magazine and we think about the fact that JT gets to go home and hit that every night and we frickin hate the guy so darn much!!!

All that, and the guy is the perpetual holder of Britney Spears' v-card? Life just isn't fair.

Gotham Magazine

Biel the BeautifulGotham Girl

In the article, as she often does, Biel seemed to lament her status as a sex symbol.

“I’ve made a mark, all right. But balancing the idea of being very sexy and then also being really attainable, kind of a girl-next door quality, is really important," the actress said, seemingly (fortunately) oblivious to this balance when posing above.

David Letterman Makes Dirty, Clueless Comments About Jessica Biel’s Love Life

Back in April, David Letterman made no secret of the fact that he kind of wanted to see the Lauren Conrad sex tape. Assuming it existed, of course.

Well, last night, Jessica Biel made an appearance on the Late Show that sparked similar comments from Dave, who insinuated that photos of her kissing Justin Timberlake at a recent Lakers game were a preview of what happened later.

He also suggested that the couple's phone calls early in their relationship were of the phone sex variety. Dude is definitely become a dirty old man.

A funny one, though. Especially when he revealed his cluelessness regarding Jessica and Justin's relationship, asking "So, you're dating the guy? We know this, we don't know this? We can talk about it, we can't talk about it?"

"Yes, we're dating," she replied, adding that's it's been "a few years."

"A few years! Really?" asked Letterman. "Am I the only one who doesn't know this?"

"I think so," answered an amused Biel.

We're just glad he didn't ask about the Jessica Biel nude scene in Powder Blue. That could have gotten a little awkward. Watch the interview below ...

Biel Brings Letterman Up to Speed

Jessica Biel gets dolled up for Letterman

Jessica Biel stopped by Letterman Wednesday and, let's be honest for a minute, anyone who isn't staring directly at those legs should be declared legally dead. No, really, notify your next of kin if you're reading this because, congratulations,... full story

Jessica Biel: ‘No one will hire me because I’m hot.’

Why can't Jessica Biel land a role in a decent film? She's too beautiful, that's why. Us Magazine reports: "Yeah, it really is a problem," Biel tells the June issue of Allure magazine. "I have to be blunt." The... full story

Jessica Biel Whines About Being Hot

Poor Jessica Biel.

In the June issue of Allure, the actress complains about her beauty. When asked if being so darn attractive has prevented her from landing dramatic roles, Biel said;

"Yeah, it really is a problem. I have to be blunt."

You also have to be an idiot to whine about good looks in public.

Biel the Beauty

Biel's latest film - Powder Blue, in which she plays a stripper - went straight to DVD, as the actress says she covets the careers of Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman (each of whom, to complete her line of reasoning, Jessica must consider ugly).

"I just want an opportunity. If you don't like the audition, don't hire me!" she says. "But if you don't want to even see me - that's hurtful. And why? You know nothing about me!"

We do know Biel is dating Justin Timberlake. Are you gonna complain next about how difficult it is to focus when a gorgeous man is orally pleasuring you, Jessica?

"I mean, you love who you love! It's not like you meet somebody one day and say, 'OK, I'm not going to put up with his fame!' or 'Yes, I am going to put up with his celebrity,'" she says. "You can’t choose that. It just happens to you."

Sort of like being hot and, evidently, ungrateful for it.

Jessica Biel Nude Scene in Powder Blue

In Powder Blue, Jessica Biel plays a stripper and showcases moves typically reserved for a one-time *NSync member and current Mother's Day tribute provider.

The movie centers around blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah four strangers in L.A. blah blah blah blah blah Jessica Biel topless blah blah blah blah blah.

It's kind of an artsy movie, but also a little dark and disturbing as blah blah blah blah seedy club blah blah blah stripper pole blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Should be a great moment in cinematic history.

Let's cut to the chase and get to what you really want to see - the video of the Jessica Biel nude scene. Follow the jump and check it out, but please be forewarned, adult content and maybe even a little unintentional comedy like below ...

Jessica Biel Nude Scene in Powder Blue



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Celebrities Come Out For Cartier Anniversary Bash

Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway and other celebrities marked the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America Celebration last night in New York.

It was the night's second biggest star-sudded affair after the Star Trek premiere! Click to enlarge photos of Jessica, Justin and other stars at the luxury brand's event:

Jizzle TizzleUn-Biel-ievableDemi Moore PicK-HudAn Anne Hathaway PicFrederic de Narp and Eva MendesKate Hudson, Jessica BielAshton KutcherDemi Moore, Kate Hudson

Jessica Biel learning to strip

Here's Jessica Biel learning how to be a stripper for her upcoming movie Powder Blue. If you're looking at the picture above, there's no doubt you're noticing the same unbelievably obvious thing as me: Why am I not the... full story

Jessica Biel is nothing more than a pawn

In case you guys haven't heard the most pressing news of the day, Justin Timberlake totally kissed Jessica Biel at the Lakers game the other night. No, really, Jenny Slater told me in science class and I wrote it... full story