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Jon and Kate Gosselin: The Twins Are Now 18!

Where does the time go, right, readers?

It seems like only yesterday that Jon and Kate Gosselin were happily married... starring on a hit reality show... and raising eight kids, the oldest of which were precocious twins Cara and Maddy.

But that was then.

kate and her fam


Jon and Kate Gosselin are unmarried and constantly at odds... neither is (currently) starring on a reality show... and Cara and Maddy are 18 years old!!!!

So, we repeat: Where does all that time go?!?

On Monday, October 8, the twins turned this important age, meaning they can now buy tobacco legally and can also vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

In celebration of the occasion, Kate shared a photo of her kids' cake on Instagram, along with a heartfelt caption.

Here is the cake:

big cake

And here is the caption:

HAPPY 18th Birthday, Cara and Madelyn! T

here are no words to describe how proud I am of you both. Despite the many turbulent times you’ve had to deal with so far in life, you have emerged as wise, level headed, reasonable, forgiving, loving, kind and absolutely brilliant ADULTS!

I can say that I’ve poured endless love into you and fought tooth and nail for the best for you, but I cannot possibly take credit for the truly wonderful humans (adult humans!) you have become!

You will thrive in life, I am certain, and I will still be with you every step of the way going forward, continuing to guide you and love you.

I love you both so very very much and I wish peace, happiness and the great successes I know are coming your way!

jon bday

Elsewhere, Jon Gosselin, who seems to actually want back in the lives of his children, also shared the above message on his social media page.

The controversial father has been spending a ton of time with daughter Hannah of late, with some reports even claiming that he's now fighting for custody of the teenager.

The two have been posing on Instagram and appear to have put all issues from the past far behind them.

Which is great. 

Even the harshest Jon Gosselin critic should admit that it's better for him to be in the lives of his kids than not be in their lives.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

That said, Jon may still have a long way to go until he's close to either of the new 18-year olds.

Back in April, Mady told People Magazine that she rarely sees her dad -- and told the publication very simply that only Jon is to blame for this estrangement.

“He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane,� Mady said at the time, adding:

“He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.

"He doesn’t even know us."

Jon Gosselin & Hannah Throw MAJOR Shade By Rooting For Kate’s Hated Philadelphia Eagles!

While former reality star Jon Gosselin celebrates Hannah's freedom from Kate, they're doing plenty of father-daughter activities to make up for lost time.

In their latest photo, Jon and his 14-year-old daughter are cheering on their favorite football team.

And there's something about this photo that might just make Kate pop a gasket.

Two Gosselins

A few days ago, Jon Gosselin happily posted a banner for the Philadelphia Eagles on his Instagram, captioning the photo: "Let's go Eagles!"

If you're not familiar with them, the Eagles are a football team -- they actually won the Super Bowl this year.

Jon has since shared another photo, this time of him with his 14-year-old daughter, Hannah.

Both sporting Eagles shirts, they spent some father-daughter time at the P.J. Whelihan’s Pub and Restaurant.

Here is the sweet photo that he shared with fans and followers:

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles

"We are Back!!!" Jon captioned the pic. "GO BIRDS!!!!!"

To make sure that there was no confusion over where his sports bread is buttered, Jon included the hashtag: "#philadelphiaeagles"

(Hey, not everyone has an easy time reading print on shirts)

Hannah Gosselin has deleted her Instagram while her parents wage a somewhat quiet war in the courts.

Hannah is at the center of things, and that court battle may be over the fact that Kate Gosselin can't stand to see Hannah go free.

Unlike Kate, a lot of Jon's fans and followers were thrilled to see the two get to spend some father-daughter time.

Jon with Daughter

Fans flooded the comments under Jon's photo.

"So happy for the 2 of you," one writes. "I’ve been with you guys since the beginning and I’m glad to see you so happy."

"Thank goodness she lives with you!" exclaims another. "Anybody would look less stressed after leaving a house where you're constantly under ones thumb and berated. You both look great!"

"Father daughter moment!" cheers another. "I hope you get to make many memories with your daughter! All your kids look a lot like you."

Another writes what many fans hope and pray to see: "I hope you get custody of Collin too."

Hannah Gosselin

Not everyone made their comments all about Kate and how great it is that Hannah is breathing free hair for the first time in her life.

"You both look so happy!!" writes one cheery fan. "Hope she is enjoying school."

Last month, Jon shared a photo of Hannah headed off to school.

"Great picture of you and Hannah," comments a sports enthusiast. "No hard feelings, but I’m a Green Bay Packer. However, I do have respect for your team nevertheless."

"She has gotten so big," writes another. "They all have. My niece loved your show when she was little."

Just a quick tip -- when a girl is 14, it's time to stop saying she has gotten so big. Use words like tall and mature.

Kate, Kids

Kate definitely has some sports opinions, but she's no fan of the Eagles -- even though they're the Gosselin family's hometown team.

During the 2018 Superbowl, Kate focused on the best part of sports season (the food) instead of on the Eagles or the Patriots.

"I am celebrating our food spread this year. Isn’t it festive?" Kate wrote on Instagram.

Kate explained: "I don’t like either team, so we are watching and eating and celebrating but I couldn’t care less who wins. #SuperBowl2018 #Whatever# BetterLuckNextYear."

It is possible that Hannah supporting her father's preferred team is intended as a subtle rub against Kate's disdain for them.

Or maybe she and her father just have similar taste in sports teams.

Kate Gosselin HATES Hannah Living With Jon!

We have learned a lot about Jon and Kate Gosselin's twisted battle for Hannah, who is allegedly currently living with her father and, for the first time in her life, free from Kate's clutches.

Unfortunately, a lot about Hannah's current situation remains unclear, except for the fact that Kate and Jon are butting heads in court.

Now, a source close to the Gosselin sheds a little more clarity on the whole situation.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

According to what a source tells Life & Style, Kate is agonizing over this very complicated situation with Hannah and Jon.

"Kate is trying to be supportive of the situation," the insider claims.

Is she, though? She's been fighting a vaguely defined court battle with Jon recently.

"But the truth is," the source reveals. "She hates that Hannah chose Jon over her."

Now that is something that people have an easy time believing.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah

The insider shares that Kate is worried about a domino effect taking place among her children.

"The problem," the insider explains. "Is that the kids are getting older and they're starting to ask questions."

We all reach a point at which we realize that our parents are just people, and that we shouldn't take their word at face value.

"Some are still Team Mom," the source continues. "But Team Dad is growing."

The insider dishes that: "It's a very divided household."


In our earlier report, we mentioned how Jon and Kate were simply unable to get along, and that they're still waging war in court.

"It's never going to end," the insider lamented.

Perhaps it will by the time that all of their children are adults.

"Even now, after all these years," the source says. "Jon's still trying to show the world that Kate's the furthest thing from a great mom."

We think that most of the world has a pretty good idea of exactly the sort of mother that Kate is -- even if Kate doesn't realize it herself.

Kate, Kids

As we mentioned, it is normal for people to realize that their parents can make mistakes and are just older human beings.

In the case of Jon and Kate's eight children, however, they're not an ordinary family.

Their parents decided to raise them on reality television.

Kate in particular is widely seen to be a nightmarish and aggressive human being and has been accused of abuse.

Jon looks better, in contrast, because he's just seen as a loser.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin Get Ice Cream

Now that their children are getting older, they're going to be able to look at their lives and their childhoods and realize how abnormal things really are in their lives with Kate.

That doesn't mean that they'll all go running to Jon. For one thing, he clearly cannot afford to take care of them all.

For another, however, some kids will cling to the life that they've known. Kind of like how some kids escape from cults when they're older, but others refuse to stray.

Hannah -- and, arguably, Collin -- is stepping away from the life she's known and becoming her own person. Which means that Kate is losing her iron grip on her kids.

That means an unhappy Kate, who is absolutely going to take it out on Jon in court in an effort to win back control. So, yeah, they might keep fighitng for years.

Hannah Gosselin Deletes Instagram; What Might It Mean?

We have a new twist in the decade-long, never-ending, nausea-inducing saga of Jon and Kate Gosselin.

What does this latest scoop mean for their future relationship and, more importantly, for their future relationship with 14-year old daughter Hannah?

It's unclear at this time.

Jon with Daughter

But the development itself is quite clear:

Hannah has deleted her Instagram page.

Typically an active user of social media, the teenager has chosen to shut down her account for at least the time being, prompting speculation over what this could mean and why she would have done so.

What 14-year old girl, some might reasonably ask, does not want to be a part of the Instagram world these days?

The kind of 14-year old girl, we must sadly report, who is stuck in an endless tug of war between her awful parents.

This very much appears to be what's taking place between Hannah, Jon and Kate, the latter two of whom rose to fame as the anchors of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC and who divorced back in 2009.

Hannah Gosselin

It looked for years as if Jon was off doing his own thing (yes, he really did work as a DJ at one point), basically ignoring his kids and leaving Kate to try and make money off raise them on her own.

Earlier this summer, however, Jon surprised fans by sharing a picture with Hannah on Father's Day...

... and then Hannah surprised everyone even more when she said that Jon was the "best dad anyone could ask for."

Since that time, Jon has shared other pictures of himself with his daughter; on July Fourth, for instance, and also on her first day as an eighth grader.

He's also stated, very simply, that Hannah lives with him "permanently," a declaration that came as a total stunner to those who have been closely following the lives of the Gosselins over the years.

Two Gosselins

(Editor's Note: If you are one of these people, it may be time to re-evaluate your life choices.)

Kate Gosselin, however, has labeled Jon a liar and insisted that she still has primary custody of all her kids.

Based on recent court filings, however, it's evident that there's been some sort of battle over Hannah for months now.

Where does Hannah's Instagram deletion fit into this gigantic and unfortunate mess? We have no idea.

It may mean nothing at all.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

It may mean that Kate is still involved in her child's life and ordered Hannah to take down her account, considering she's anti-social media and that she blasted a fan who posed as daughter Alexis on Instagram this summer.

Meanwhile, Hannah isn't the only Gosselin child about which folks have concerns.

Her brother, Collin, remains in a treatment facility for what sources have said is some kind of anger or behavioral problem.

He's been there for at least two years and is never pictured with his siblings anymore.

It's a very sad situation, one that leaves us simply praying that Jon and Kate have the best interests of their son in mind.

Based on their many heinous actions over the years, however, we tragically cannot be confident this is the case.

Jon & Kate Plus H8: Inside Their Twisted Battle For Hannah


It is - tragically, painfully, astoundingly - back on again between Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin.

Nearly 10 years after the couple filed for divorce, tension between the reality stars remains as strong and as uncomfortable as ever... with their teenage daughter now caught in between.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July

Over the past few weeks, Jon Gosselin has been sharing numerous photos of himself and 14-year old Hannah.

She even said her formerly estranged parent was "the best dad anyone could ask for," which is quite the change of tune for any of Jon's kids to sing.

It's great that Hannah is getting along well with her pops, of course. Even Kate might say that in a moment of truth; it's not like she wants her children to be ignored by their father.

But then Jon took things to an unexpected different level when he alleged that Hannah is living with him "permanently."

Is this really the case?!?

Two Gosselins

Jon did, after all, send Hannah off to her first day of eighth grade this week.

She is clearly sleeping at her dad's house quite often.

Nevertheless, sources close to Kate have argued, Jon is a big huge liar and she maintains primary custody of all eight children the ex-couple share.

It's yet another weird situation between the exes, along with a confusing one and a cantankerous one.

According to a new Radar Online report, meanwhile, it's also a long-gestating issue.

Kate Plus a Pair

The website has obtained Pennsylvania court records that detail the former couple’s years-long secret custody battle that has only been ratched up in recent months.

For example:

According to these papers, a judge filed a custody order on April 5, 2018 that apparently made Kate very mad. She tried to fight this ruling for months.

On May 4, Gosselin filed a motion for reconsideration, which means she asked the judge to change his previous decision from about a month earlier.

On May 8, Kate filed an appeal to the county’s superior court.

On June 14, the appeal was shut down.

Kate “did not present legal argument to justify this Court’s jurisdiction,” the judge ruled at this time, adding that she filed the appeal more than 30 days after the court’s order and adding:

"This Court has no jurisdiction to excuse the failure to file a timely notice of appeal."

Kate, Kids

Also in June, Gosselin filed an emergency petition for special relief, which fast-tracks an urgent case. This was rejected by the court.

Many specifics in regard to threse legal maneuvers are not known at this time, but it's pretty clear there has been ongoing legal wrangling between Jon and Kate over Hannah.

Jon does appear to have made some progress in his custody battle, but Kate also remains the primary caregiver, as far as we can tell.

Things also remain as ugly as ever between the former co-stars, but we guess they've come a long way in a year.

Remember: At this time in 2017, Jon and Kate were LITERALLY fighting over Hannah.

Jon Gosselin: Look, Kate! I’m Sending Hannah to School!

Jon Gosselin appears to be using his daughter as a way to throw shade at his ex-wife.

Shocking, we know.

We'll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor...

Two Gosselins

Just a few days after Kate Gosselin shared a photo of her kids' first day back at school, Jon Gosselin has gone ahead and posted personal highlight from daughter Hannah's debut as an eighth grader.

“Congrats Hannah on your first day of school, proud of you. I admire your bravery starting fresh!!!” Jon wrote as a caption to the image below, adding;

“I Love you very much and we have worked really hard to get here. Dedication has really paid off.”

It does seem as though Jon and Hannah have worked really hard to mend what was once a contentious relationship.

For about a month now, Jon has shared images of himself and this daughter, actually spending quality time as a small family unit.

Hannah Gosselin

Concluded Jon in the message he attached to this snapshot:

"I'm so happy you integrated yourself into the community, you made friends all summer and now you will grow and graduate with them. I'm honored to be your father!!!

"Love you, Dad #newbeginnings."

Back on Father's Day, Hannah wrote on Instagram that she loved Jon and that he was "the best dad anyone could ask for."

This came as quite a shock to anyone who has followed his adventures after he and Kate split up and would have come to the exact opposite conclusion as a result.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July

However, Jon and Hannah celebrated July Fourth together this year and sources have even said that Jon now has primary custody of the teenager.

Of course, Kate herself does NOT say this.

In the latest fight between the cantakerous and irritating exes, Kate has objected to Jon's claim that Hannah "permanently" resides with him.

“[Kate] maintains full custody of all eight of her kids,” a source familiar with the situation told People Magazine a couple weeks ago.

This seems like a really simple issue to resolve. We're not really sure how there can be a debate over which parent Hannah is residing with.

But we're not sure how Jon and Kate managed to live in the same house for years without killing each other, either.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

In the end, as long as the children are safe, happy and healthy... hey, whatever.

We figure Jon shared this image of Hannah going off to school as a pretty clear jab toward Kate, to make it appear to the public as if he's the one in charge of her life.

As for which side we're taking in this never-ending feud?


We know far better than to get involved here.

Kate Gosselin Sends Kids Off to School Amidst Custody Controversy

Six kids.

Two new grades.

And one proud and sentimental mother.


Amidst yet another battle with her awful ex-husband, Kate Gosselin has shared a fresh photo of her sextuplets, but it's not just any photo.

It wasn't snapped on just any day.

It was taken on the first day of eighth grade for Aaden, Joel, Alexis and Leah; and the first day of their senior year in high school for 17-year olds Mady and Cara.

"Feels like school never ended," Kate wrote as a caption on Instagram. "And they're already back! #SeniorYear #EighthGrade #ProudMom."

As we're certain many readers will note, the heartwarming photograph is missing two kids: Hannah and Collin.

In 2016, Kate revealed that her now-14-year-old son had moved out of her Wernersville, Pennylvania residence to enroll in an education program that teaches "life skills" to help him overcome his "educational and social challenges."

She hasn't said much about Collin since, which has angered and confused many celebrity gossip followers.

Kate, Kids

This is what Gosselin admitted a couple years ago about Collin, though:

"There's a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things.

"This has been a struggle we've had for a very long time, and it's one I've dealt with on my own."

What about Hannah, however?

This is where the aforementioned controversy with Jon comes into play.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

The teenager has been spending a lot of time of late with her dad, which is encouraging we guess.

For years, it seemed as Jon was an absentee father at best; a total deadbeat and bankrupt dad at worst.

Now, though, Jon has seemingly gone in the opposite direction when it comes to Hannah at least, as he wrote on social media that this daughter now lives with him "permanently."

Except she doesn't. Not according to Kate.

“[Kate] maintains full custody of all eight of her kids,” a source familiar with the situation told People Magazine this week, further confounding everyone who follows this situation.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July

Why would anyone actually follow this situation anymore?

That's a fair question.

It's almost impossible to remember that Jon and Kate rose to fame back in 2007 when TLC debuted the series Jon & Kate Plus 8; it chronicled the crazy lives of this couple and their eight kids.

In June of 2009, however, the Gosselins announced they were splitting, surprising absolutely no one who had watched them fight, scream and yell at each other for years.

Ever since, Jon and Kate have battled in public and in the press over their children and over which of them sucks more.

In 2015, Jon filed for full custody of Hannah, but he was denied.

We're glad she's getting along better with her father these days, but we still feel sorry for Hannah and her siblings.

Because Jon is still her father.

Kate Gosselin: Jon’s a Liar! ALL the Kids Live With Me!

She may not be anyone's idea of the perfect mother, but for the time being at least, Kate Gosselin still has custody of all her children.

Earlier this week, Kate's idiot ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, made the claim that daughter Hannah lives with him. Turns out, he was lying.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

“She permanently lives with me,” Gosselin said in a video originally obtained by Radar Online.

You might think that even Jon Gosselin wouldn't be dumb enough to make such an easily disprovable claim if it were false, but sadly, you would be mistaken.

It seems the reality star-turned-DJ was in fact completely full of it when he made the claim that Hannah is "free" from Kate and had made the decision to live with her father.

“[Kate] maintains full custody of all eight of her kids,” a source familiar with the situation tells People magazine.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad

Rumors that Hannah was living with Jon began on Father's Day, when he posted a photo of the 14-year-old on vacation with him and his girlfriend.

She was later seen in an Instagram video featuring one of Jon's DJ sets.

(Yes, poor Hannah is cursed with the most cringe-inducing dad on the planet.)

It's anyone's guess as to why Jon decided to make the claim that Hannah now lives with him full-time.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July

Maybe she briefly did and decided to return to her mother after remembering that her dad is a 41-year-old club DJ.

Or maybe Jon made up some total BS about one of his kids and decided to share it with the world.

Sadly, it wouldn't be the first time.

Back in 2016, twins Mady and Cara spoke out against the sob story their father had been spinning for the press:

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin at Starbucks

“He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane,” Mady told People at the time.

“He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.”

There have been many, many low points in the life of Jon Gosselin.

But being blasted by your own kids -- who actually prefer to live with Kate Gosselin -- has gotta be a new rock bottom.

Jon Gosselin: Hannah Lives with Me, Permanently! She’s Free!

On July 4, Jon Gosselin and his daughter Hannah celebrated Independence Day. It's a wonderful day to be free of tyrants -- from King George III to Kate.

For months, 14-year-old Hannah has been spending time with her father -- and his girlfriend.

And now, in the video that you'll see below, Jon has confirmed that she is living with him on a "permanent" basis.

Jon gosselin hannah gosselin and colleen conrad

In the sweet home video shared over Instagram live, Jon Gosselin is DJing.

Because it is Instagram live, Jon sees a stream of questions from fans and followers.

In response to one question, he tells them that Hannah -- who also appears in parts of the video, singing along with him -- is making him a hotdog.

In response to another question, he shares some very, very good news.

"She permanently lives with me," Jon makes clear.

Hannah gosselin and jon gosselin 4th of july

It's not a perfect video.

The music that he's playing is "Questions" byChris Brown. But Jon is a DJ -- sometimes, he has to play music by terrible people. It's literally his job.

If you get a little grossed out and feel like you need to wash your hands if you see somebody eat a hotdog with their bare hands, this is not the video for you.

Jon also responds to Hannah bringing him a plate of hotdogs by saying: "Do you all see that? That’s a daughter for you."

Some found that to be a cringeworthy line that reinforces troubling gender roles, but we don't think that he meant it that way.

He was just saying that his child is great. Which is true!

Jon gosselin and hannah gosselin july 4th

The news that Hannah is living with him on a permanent basis is confirmation of what fans have suspected all summer.

Back in May, Jon Gosselin shared a rare photo of Collin, which sparked a slew of questions -- especially since he was with Hannah at the time.

In fact, Jon and Hannah had been all over each other's Instagram pages, from getting ice cream to getting coffee to going on a road trip (to see Collin).

Jon was evasive at the time, telling fans and followers that they probably know his situation or could speak to someone familiar with it to find out.

Everyone was sure that he meant that he had custody of Hannah. But this is the first time that they've gotten real confirmation.

Jon gosselin and hannah gosselin

At this rate, Kate Gosselin really need to rename her show.

Kate Plus 6 doesn't really have the same ring to it as Kate Plus 8, but it's much more accurate since she banished Collin to some mysterious institution and since Hannah has now escaped her clutches.

Jon may not be perfect -- in fact, he's far from it -- but we're sure that he rescue all of his children from their evil mom if he could.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have the financial resources to do so.

And from the looks of the lawsuit that Kate slapped on him earlier this year, she aims to keep it that way.

Jon gosselin and hannah gosselin at starbucks

Each family is different. There are plenty of families, like with the Gosselins, where the mother is a toxic person.

There are others -- many of which we've covered -- where that role falls to the father.

There are also a lot of divorces in which both parents are decent people who just don't love each other anymore and know that a divorce is what's best for everyone involved. It happens a lot. There aren't always good guys and bad guys.

In this story, there are. Jon may not be the best guy, but he's trying his best. And Kate ... is doing her worst.

Good for Hannah for breaking free and living a new life. We can only imagine how hard it was to leave her siblings behind.

Jon gosselin hannah lives with me permanently shes free

Jon Gosselin, Daughter Hannah Celebrate Independence … From Kate!

The same Gosselin child who honored Jon Gosselin on Father's Day is still sticking around.

In fact, Hannah Gosselin got to celebrate the Fourth of July with her dad.

And both of them posted pictures to show it. Take a look:

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, July 4th

"Happy 4th of July!!!" Jon Gosselin wrote in the caption of this precious father-daughter photo featuring the flag.

He followed that by writing "US." You know, just in case we weren't sure why he was excited.

If you've noticed that his top is navy blue with white stars, just know that there is more to his patriotic ensemble.

See, Hannah has her own Instagram account and she, too, shared a father-daughter photo.

In it, you can see his whole outfit.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, 4th of July

Hannah shared this photo.

(Hannah, as you may recall, is 14 years old, which is old enough to operate her very own social media without an adult managing it)

In the captions, she writes: "Happy Fourth of July!"

Now, Hannah's outfit is tastefully patriotic -- with that navy blue top.

Jon's outfit, with the red shorts, white stars, and navy blue takes things a step further -- but it's a dad's job to be a little embarrassing with his outfit, right?

It's so good that the two of them -- very appropriately -- were able to celebrate Independence Day together.

Jon Gosselin and Kids, July 4th 2016

This isn't the first Fourth of July that Hannah has enjoyed with her father -- and with Jon Gosselin's girlfriend.

The oldest photo that Hannah has shared on Instagram is this one, from July 4th of 2016.

As we implied earlier, Hannah getting to spend Independence Day with her father seems appropriate, because her mother Kate is widely believed to be intensely controlling and unpleasant.

Hannah has done a lot of growing in two years -- all of the kids have.

Also ... is Jon wearing the same shorts? That's okay, since we're sure that he's washed them since then, but it's admittedly kind of funny.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad

Hannah and her dad have been sharing photos of their time together almost nonstop for a few months, now.

Not everything about the family's custody arrangements is entirely clear.

But Jon and Hannah did get to go and visit poor Collin, which many fans and followers found to be very heartwarming.

We're sure that Hannah is thrilled to be able to spend time with her dad.

He might not be a perfect man, but he's her dad -- and he's so much better than Kate.

We're sure that a lot of holidays are a little complicated, though, since she surely misses her siblings.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

Not everything is exactly hunky dory between the famous exes.

In fact, Kate Gosselin is suing Jon for a tremendous amount of money -- money that he absolutely, to the best of our knowledge, does not possess.

These exes have a contentious relationship, but it's unclear what prompted this sudden demand for cash.

But it looks like Jon has the right priorities. Like we said, he's a flawed man, but he loves his children and it looks like spending time with Hannah is doing him some good.

Hannah is also enjoying living with her dad .. and away from Kate.

Happy Independence Day!

Jon Gosselin: At Least ONE of My Kids Loves Me on Father’s Day!

Jon Gosselin isn't going to win a Father of the Year award any time soon ... unless his teenage daughter Hannah is running the show.

Jon and his daughter Hannah have been spending a lot of time together in the past couple of months, and that valuable bonding time has really paid off.

Just look at the precious Father's Day tribute that Hannah wrote to and about her dad.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

Posting a public Father's Day post, especially when you're a kid in a very complicated family, is no simple task.

Hannah's post begins: "Happy Fathers Day, Dad."

She's off to a good start.

"I love you so much," she writes.

Also a good start.

Hannah continues: "You're the best dad anyone could ever ask for."

That is ... very sweet of her to say.

Hannah adds a personal note, writing: "I love our late night ice cream runs together."

Those ice cream runs have been well-documented in Instagram photos.

"You're the best," she finishes.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, Father's Day Collage 2018

She writes all of that within the captions of this photo of a collage that she assembled online.

Is feeding photos into an online collage generator the most personal touch? No.

But it's a useful tool. Jon knows how much he means to his daughter, and that's what matters.

This is a public post, and so it's very different from what you would write in a card, which in turn is different than what you would say to someone in person.

She's young, but she's been a celebrity for, like, a decade. She knows how to honor her dad without getting too personal.

Jon responded in the comments, writing: "Thank you HJ love you!!!!"

Jon Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad

Jon and Hannah (and, as you can see in this photo and in a couple of the collage photos, Jon's girlfriend Colleen Conrad) have been spending so much time together that some fans believe that he may have custody.

In May, Jon shared a video that may have alluded to a change in custody.

"Unfortunately Hannah couldn’t make it to this video," he said. "But I’d like to thank everyone for the love and support you’ve shown us this week."

That week featured many photos of father-daughter adventures. Yes, those adventures included trips to get ice cream.

"Obviously you know the situation," Jon continued.

Well, we all know that he is separated from most of his children, to his ongoing frustration. We also know that Kate Gosselin is suing him.

"If you don’t know the situation," Jon advises. "You should just get together with a friend or anyone that understands the situation."

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin Get Ice Cream

If Jon received custody of Hannah, it very likely means that she requested it.

Perhaps this was an arrangement to which Kate agreed ... we all know that Hannah wouldn't be the first time that Kate has sent away one of her children. Poor Collin.

Or perhaps this was just Hannah's wish. Generally, courts will take a child's wishes into account if the child is 13 or older. Hannah is 14.

But does that mean that Hannah's four remaining sextuplet siblings (four remaining with Kate, that is) all chose to stay with her?

Or is this about money? Because Jon has a job, but he does not have a reality series or much money at all.

He may have enough to make up for lost time with Hannah, but supporting the rest of his children mgiht be more than he could handle, unfortunately.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin at Starbucks

Jon Gosselin has absolutely made some mistakes, as a parent and as a human being.

But he is clearly bringing new happiness to his daughter's life.

And he was even able to visit Collin Gosselin at whatever facility currently houses that poor boy.

He's doing his best as a parent, and that is worth something.

He could clearly be doing much worse.

Just look at Kate.

Jon Gosselin Shares Rare Pics of Woman Who is Dating Him for Some Reason

Recently, Jon Gosselin and his daughter Hannah have been spending plenty of time together. But even with dad duties, he still has his love life.

In fact, Jon has been dating his current girlfriend for a while now.

And he's shared a couple of new, very rare photos of the two of them together.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad

Jon Gosselin's life hasn't been the most glamorous since he and Kate had their falling out.

His emotional health has almost certainly improved since his escape from Kate Gosselin's presence. ...

(We just wish that we could say the same for those poor children!)

But his lifestyle is no longer that of a reality star. He has worked as waiter at one of those restaurant chains that "Millennials are killing," he's worked installing solar panels, he's worked as a DJ.

Oh, and there was that time that he worked as a stripper. (Okay, so he danced and took off his shirt, but that was it)

But there has been one enduring light in his life -- aside from his children. He has been dating Colleen Conrad since October of 2014.

Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Colleen Conrad

This week, Jon Gosselin shared a couple of snaps of him with Colleen.

He captioned one: "Tailgating at the Def Leopard and Journey concert in Philly!!!!"

The next photo, at the concert itself, is captioned:

"Def Leopard and Journey!!! Let’s go!!!"

Journey is one of the most famous '80s bands out there, mostly for that one song.

Def Leppard (yes, the band's spelling) is an English New Wave rock band.

One might characterize it all as "dad music," but it looks like Colleen is having a good time. She's smiling, anyway.

Good for them for enjoing themselves!

Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Colleen

Almost exactly one year ago, Jon congratulated his girlfriend for completing nursing school.

Some fans have speculated about how Jon can afford luxuries like concert tickets (even if they aren't to the, um, most fresh-faced or current music groups) when he is said to have only a few thousand dollars to his name.

(Keep in mind that Kate Gosselin is suing Jon at the moment for enough money to buy a small house)

There may be a simple explanation: perhaps Colleen bought the tickets as a treat for Jon. Or for her -- we don't know what sort of music she enjoys.

Besides, even if Jon bought these tickets himself, it's not like it would make any impact on whether or not he can pay Kate the $132,875 that he owes her.

In the mean time, fans are treated to these rare snaps of Jon and his lady love.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen

The last time that fans got to see Colleen, she was with Jon and Hannah as they celebrated a win by the Philadelphia Eagles, which is a football team.

Jon and his 14-year-old daughter have had a special bond, and she has been seen more and more with her father in recent months.

The two have gotten coffee and gotten ice cream and gone on road trips.

It's nice to see that they still have a relationship with each other despite, well, the intense complications of Jon and Kate's divorce.

Plus, any moment that any of Kate's children get to spend away from her clutches is a blessing, don't you think?

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

Colleen, by the way, has reportedly recently moved in with Jon.

She also has two children from a previous relationship.

While we don't think that Jon & Colleen Plus Ten will be a reality series any time soon (it wouldn't work unless they have three kids, and then it could be Jon & Colleen Plus Thirteen, which rhymes but probably isn't worth it), they share that much more in common.

Good for them. And good for Jon for being able to find a new life after Kate.

We look forward to the day when the Gosselin children can all get their fresh start in life and breathe free air.

Jon Gosselin: Kate is Suing Me Because the Kids Love Me More!!

Kate Gosselin is currently taking Jon to court to sue him for ... many times more money than he actually has.

Newly obtained court documents don't fully explain why Kate is demanding every cent of Jon's money.

But one thing is very clear: Jon Gosselin is pissed. And he's fighting back.


In case you were wondering if Jon and Kate Gosselin still hate each other ... wonder no more.

Kate is hauling Jon into court, suing him for $132,875.

Between the very specific amount and their history together, many suspect that she is asserting that he owes her child support money.

(Remember, folks, that Kate is the one with the reality series while Jon has sometimes seemed to struggle to find work, his celebrity being more of a burden than a help in most situations)

All that we really know is that Kate claims that he breached an alleged agreement.

Now, RadarOnline reports that Jon is fighting back against Kate's lawsuit.

Thanks to some court documents that they obtained, they know what he's arguing.

Kate Gosselin is Tired

Within the filing, Jon's attorney says that Kate's six-figure demand is "an inappropriate amount."

The papers also call into question Kate's assertion that Jon owes her anything.

His attorney notes that Kate's lawsuit does "not provide any proof of the language of that agreement."

You know how you can't sue someone for breach of contract without an actual contract?

Always keep documentation, folks.

Gosselin Children Turn 14

Within his response, Jon shares that he suspects that Kate is seeking "child support arrears."

This sort of back-payment would, he says, be due if he "filed a petition to modify custody."

Of course, while much is still unclear, none of the documents specify that the couple has made any changes whatsoever to their child custody agreement.

(Sure, many fans would love to see a change in that, but while wishes are nice and all, it takes court filings to amend a custody arrangement)

Jon's attorney is asking the judge to strike Kate's six-figure demand all the way down to zero dollars and zero cents.

The argument is that the money requested, which is more than Jon has, also "prejudices the welfare and is against the best interest of the minor children."

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

Some wonder -- though, with limited information, it is difficult to be sure of the exact timing of anything -- if perhaps Kate is suing Jon as a way of lashing out over how much time he's been spending with daughter Hannah.

Hannah has been visibly spending time with her father for weeks. Many fans believe that they are now living together.

Even commenters on Kate's own Instagram are celebrating this, writing things like:

"So happy for jon and hannah....she looks really happy...finally shes out of that prison..jon worked long and hard to rescue her from that witch...i thought you being in charge was never gonna change kate....oh brother has it changed."

Commenters on Jon's Instagram seem much more positive about the apparently changed arrangement.

"Hannah and Jon look great. I always loved her personality and Jon you did a great job as well."

Of course, some couldn't help but shade Kate in the process.

"Yes...Jon is the one we liked and respected. No comment on the other."

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin at Starbucks

So ... is Kate's lawsuit backlash for Jon spending time with Hannah (and even some time with Collin!)?

Or is it less emotional than that. Is Kate trying to get payments that she genuinely believes that Jon owes her now he is (at least for now) seemingly Hannah's primary caregiver?

We have to acknowledge that it may be neither -- some huge coincidence.

As this lawsuit continues to play out in court, we will hopefully all know more.

One thing's for sure -- we don't think that Kate is going to get what she wants. Jon can't pay her what he doesn't have.

Kate Gosselin: I Demand Every CENT of Jon Gosselin’s Money!!

In case there was ever any doubt, yes, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin still hate each other.

And now it's more than just personal -- they're facing each other in court.

This time, it's about more than just their long-running custody battle. It's about money. Is Kate trying to bleed him dry?

Jon Gosselin Coke With Kate Photo

RadarOnline reports that Kate Gosselin is demanding a major payday from her ex, Jon Gosselin, according to court records that the tabloid obtained.

How much money? To the tune of about $132,000.

She apparently filed this lawsuit in March, but Jon isn't going down without a fight.

"He’s contesting it."

But a $132,000 dispute isn't something that you work out over coffee. This is a civil dispute.

"They’re fighting it out in court."

Katie 'Kate' Gosselin

It sounds like this battle has been waging for about two months.

Their research indicates that Jon Gosselin was personally served with a complaint by a shariff on April 5.

On April 6, Jon issued his response -- in the form of a petition to strike. He has lawyered up.

As to why Jon would wage this legal battle with Kate in the first place, the answer is pretty simple.

"It’s a lot of money."

Six figures is no laughing matter, especially when, like Jon, you've struggled as a famous person without a reality series to keep you afloat.


"Both parties are contesting it."

And the insider suggests that this court battle could drag on for ages.

"It’s not over yet."

It's clear that they're willing to fight.

So far, this has only cost Kate an estimated $300 and Jon an estimated $200.

But court battles usually include attorneys and other expenses that can cost more than a few hundred dollars.

And, of course, whoever wins, at least one of them will be losing out on a sizable chunk of cash.

Kate Gosselin is Tired

It is not immediately clear, RadarOnline notes, why Kate is demanding this cash or in this amount.

Back in 2012, in simpler times when people feared that the world would end for mystical reasons rather than through unstable despots with nuclear stockpiles, Kate said that Jon owed her child support.

Specifically, she said that he owed her $3,500 in child support. That's not a lot to have, but that can be a lot to owe, you know?

Back then, Jon told her frankly that he could not afford to pay it. Kate voluntarily waived it at the time. Which seems ... uncharacteristically nice of her.

This lawsuit seems more like the Kate with whom viewers are familiar.

Jon Gosselin Poster

But ... what is her angle?

Online estimates put Kate's net worth at about $200,000. They put Jon's net worth at about $10,000.

We don't really know what Kate expects to get out of this. We don't even know why Kate believes that she is entitled to this money. Is it child support or something else?

We're glad that Jon Gosselin and his daughter spent some quality time together in recent weeks.

We hope that he gets to spend time with all of his children, even during this court battle.

It's all sure to be a mess.

Jon Gosselin to Daughter: Let’s Talk About Your Evil Mom!

Earlier this month, Jon Gosselin shared a rare photo of Collin. These are extremely unusual these days, ever since Kate shipped her son off to parts unknown.

But while fans are pleased to see Collin alive -- though they still have plenty of questions -- Jon has been posting more photos.

These are with his daughter, Hannah -- and only with Hannah. This is raising even more questions, honestly.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah

Obviously, it is wonderful to see Jon Gosselin, who has long complained that he hasn't gotten to spend much time with his children over the years, spend some one-on-one quality time with his daughter.

And it looks like it's really nice for Hannah, too.

They seem to have spent over a week together, including going on a road trip and visiting Collin.

During that time, they've posted plenty of precious new father-daughter photos.

They did not take a photo at every opportunity -- they were too busy enjoying each other's company.

But they posted plenty. And they shared messages with fans.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin at Starbucks

Jon Gosselin even shared a message with fans, prefacing the video with:

"Thank you to everyone for all the love and support this week!!! Hannah and I forgot to take a pic."

Totally understandable. Like we said, they were enjoying each other's company.

"She is doing her in video @itsmehjg check it out!!!"

It is always sweet to see family supporting each other on social media.

"Have awesome Holiday, Happy Memorial Day and let’s get summer started!!!! Thanks again!"

That was a good preface.

Hannah Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

During Jon Gosselin's actual post, he says:

"I’d like to thank everyone for their love and support during this week."

Fans were, of course, absolutely overjoyed to see so many happy photos of father-daughter time.

"Obviously, you know the situation."

He refers, of course, to his very complicated and unhappy custody situation with his absolute nightmare of an ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

"If you don’t know the situation you should get together with a friend or anyone who understands the situation."

In other words, he's not going to say that she's the worst because he wants to keep things publicly amicable so that he can see his kids.

But if you ask a friend, they'll tell you what's up.

"But I want to say Happy Memorial Day, good luck to everyone and have a safe and happy weekend."

We're sure that he has been treasuring his moments with his daughter.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin Get Ice Cream

As was mentioned, Hannah did share her own video on social media ... though it is not currently present on her Instagram page.

"Hey daddy, I just wanted to say I had so much fun this week posting all the pictures."

That is so sweet of her. She's 14 and giving her dad a shoutout on social media.

Plenty of teens would not do the same, to be honest. (That's okay, though)

"And I wanted to thank everyone for the love and support."

Which means that she saw some of those comments, too. Or at least heard about them.

"So go watch my dad’s video!"


Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Road Trip

We don't know the exact parameters of their extended visits with each other, save that it involved a road trip and, of course, seeing Collin.

We know, of course, that Jon isn't going to win any Father of the Year awards any time soon.

But considering that Kate is the alternative, we're sure that Hannah very much enjoyed her daddy-daughter time.

Fans enjoyed these precious pics, and we hope to see more like them in the near future.

Perhaps Jon will get to spend some time with his six other children?

For his sake, but also for the sake of the kids. They deserve a break.

Jon Gosselin Shares Rare Photo of Son, Raises Many Questions

Did Jon Gosselin just hurl some very passive aggressive shade in the direction of his ex-wife?

Or did the controversial former reality star simply give fans an update for which they've been clamoring?


These questions have been raised and are now being debated by social media users across the Internet after Gosselin posted a photo on Instagram of his son Collin.

He did so in celebration of the young man turning 14 years old.

“Glad I could celebrate my son Collin’s 14th birthday with him and his sister!” wrote Jon as a caption to the image below, which has generated its fair share of chatter in response.

For what reason?

Jon and Kate Gosselin have seemingly gone out of their way to hide Collin from the public for a very long time now.

Jon Gosselin, Son

Kate has even gotten into a great deal of hot water over sharing many pictures of her other seven kids, and even throwing them parties, without including Collin.

Moreover, neither Jon nor Kate ever really mention Collin at all.

The latter has even been accused of lying about her child's whereabouts.

In September of 2016, a letter Kate penned to Collin from her memoir went viral.

In this message, Kate revealed that he was being sent away to the program for children with special needs.

She said at the time that her won was “sweet, kind and helpful” but tended to act out, explaining as follows:

“As you have grown, however, I must say you have also challenged my authority greatly.

At two and a half, you began testing and trying my parenting at every chance. I called Daddy at work many days crying because you would not obey...

"As you have grown, this has not changed. You continue to be determined to do what you want to do, and I continue to try to rein you in."

Needless to say, Gosselin earned some major backlash for taking such issues and complaints public.

Katie 'Kate' Gosselin

So we're at least very happy here to see that Collin appears to be happy and healthy.

We're left to wonder, though, just why Jon posted this image.

Is he shading Kate, using Collin against her in some way to prove that he cares more about the child than Kate has appeared to.

This Instagram snapshot, after all, was published just days after a report that detailed how Jon and Kate still hate each other. A lot.

It also came on the heels of Jon sharing an image of himself and daughter Hannah, making it look for once as if he's actually a caring dad.

Check it out here:

Jon Gosselin, Hannah

“I don’t know what’s going on. The whole point is I’m left in the dark. There’s no explanation. It’s disheartening,” Jon told Us Weekly in Januaey of 2016, adding:

“I don’t ever see Collin, ever. Not off the bus because he doesn’t go to school. Not at the gate because he doesn’t come down. Nothing.

"I am totally estranged from Collin because of Kate.”

Will the feud between these two ever end?

It doesn't seem that way.

In honor of her sextuplets turnign 14 last week, Kate wrote the following:

Happy 14th Birthday, my ‘babies’. 14 years ago almost to the minute, I was in my wheelchair, making my way around the ENTIRE NICU, meeting each of you face to face for the very first time.

I’ll never forget how tiny yet perfect each of you were.

I’ll never forget our first ‘birth day’ together……this day remains one of the best in my life…. and 14 years later, I love you 400 times as much, if that’s even possible! H

appy birthday, my babies! Here’s to many more birthdays together!!

I love you forever and always, no matter what! #Turning14 #ProudMomma #TheYearOfIphones.

Kate Gosselin is Tired

We wish these exes could work out their issues in private, but that has never been their way.

Kate has even signed on to star in a new TLC dating show, which at least a few people out there will probably watch for some reason.

Overall, however, we simply wish the best for Collin and all his siblings.

May they find peace amidst their parents' never-ending war.