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Kendall Jenner Opens Up About "Mental Breakdown"

Kendall Jenner might not be an almost-billionaire like her sister Kylie, but she's still almost unimaginably successful. 

Kendall is one of the world's highest-paid models, and her peers in the field have been effusive in their praise of her poise, grace, and confidence when walking the runway.

Kendall Jenner in Sheer White

But as anyone who's ever struggled with anxiety or depression can tell you, sometimes the most assured facade is concealing the most intense inner turmoil.

Kendall's struggles with anxiety have been well-documented over the years, and while the 22-year-old says modeling has helped her in some ways to overcome her demons, she's still prone to intense bouts of anxiety.

Kendall covers the new issue of Love Magazine, and in one of her most candid interviews to date, she reveals that she bowed out of scheduled fashion shows in Paris recently due to stress,

"Last season I didn't do any shows," Kendall says.

K to the J Image

"Just ‘cause I was working in LA and I was like 'Oof, I can't right now - I'm gonna go crazy.'"

Kendall says her "debilitating anxiety" has caused her to opt for self-care over professional opportunities several times in the past.

She tells Love that there have been times when she's "up in the middle of the night with full-on panic attacks," adding that she begins to feel uncomfortable when she's not in control.

"If something isn't going the way I planned, I freak out," Jenner says.

Kendall Jenner Shows Nipples

Fortunately, Kendall has been able to face her fears enough to become one of the most in-demand models working today.

No easy feat, as in addition to the stress of walking the runway in front of her industry's best and brightest, Kendall's personal life is under intense and constant scrutiny.

Currently, Jenner's relationship with NBA star Ben Simmons is a subject of tabloid fascination.

Add to that the fact that a new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians kicked off Sunday night, and it's hard to imagine how Kendall ever gets a moment's privacy.

The situation would be enough to give anyone anxiety, and we applaud her for being so open about her struggles.

Kendall Jenner Accused of Fleeing the Scene After Her Dog Bit a Child

Kendall Jenner has come under fire after leaving a restaurant ... after a woman accused Kendall's dog of allegedly biting a small child.

Oh no! That is, for the record, much worse than her boyfriend Blake's ex scoring a major child-support win.

The case has been referred to animal control, but Kendall is implying that the world doesn't know the whole story.

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala

TMZ reports that Kendall Jenner had the police called on her over an alleged dog bite over the weekend.

According to reports, Kendall and her hunky boyfriend Blake Griffin stopped by the Beverly Glen Deli in L.A.

They ate on the patio of the restaurant.

While they were there, there was allegedly (and this is disputed) and incident in which Kendall's doberman pinscher "bit" a young girl.

That's a scary situation!

Kendall Jenner Lounges With Her Dog

There are a couple of things that people should note.

First of all, Kendall's dog was reportedly harnessed during this, so we probably shouldn't be imagining her letting her furbaby wander here and there.

Second of all, the alleged bite -- even when first reported -- did not leave any detectable puncture wounds.

According to reports, since the restaurant itself was unable to find a clear indicator of an injury, they gave the child some ice.

The mother claimed that Kendall and Blake simply paid their bill and left instead of addressing it with her, which is apparently why she elected to dial 9-1-1 over the incident.

Kendall Jenner Shows Nipples

On Monday, however, TMZ updated the story.

According to sources close to Kendall, she didn't leave until she made absolutely sure that the "dog bite" had not resulted in any injuries.

Only when she was sure that everything was okay did she and Griffin hit the road.

We don't know exactly what happened, of course, but the insider says that the dog was startled by the small child.

Whatever did happen, TMZ says that their source reports that the dog did not bite the girl and may have not even touched her.

As to what did go down ... well, Kendall can't comment just yet.

Kendall Jenner with Doberman

A writer and editor linked to a Cosmopolitan article about the incident, and wrote some very inflammatory words on Tiwtter.

"Add this to the growing list of reasons why @KendallJenner is a disturbingly despicable, entitled, unsympathetic, sadistic, uncharitable and self-absorbed human being," the tweet reads.

The tweet goes on to describe Kendall as someone "who doesn't deserve to be idolized. (Yes, I went there.)"

Kendall saw that tweet, and quoted it with a very gentle reply.

Kendall Jenner Nude Pic

"Oof i’m sorry you feel that way," Kendall writes.

"Hope to meet you one day to show you the real me," Kendall continues.

"Maybe i’ll tell you a little bit about the story too," Kendall concludes, adding: "God bless."

She followed those words with the emoji of two hands with their palms touching.

Kendall Jenner in Sheer White

Some may believe that Kendall is lying and that her dog bit a child -- even if there are no visible injuries.

Others may believe that this mother saw an opportunity to try to get some money out of one of a famous and wealthy family.

We would suggest that there may be a middle ground.

If a child approached Kendall's dog in a startling way and the dog barked or snapped in alarm, the child may have been scared and the mother may have overreacted.

But we still don't know all of the facts. Perhaps there are other witnesses or, better yet, security footage.

Brynn Cameron Scores HUGE Child Support Victory Over Blake Griffin!

Surprising news out of the sports world today, as Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin has reportedly been ordered to pay $258,000 in child support to ex-fiancee Brynn Cameron.

The report of this incredible sum was first published by Radar Online.

Blake Griffin-Brynn Cameron

The outlet claims to have obtained court documents from a civil suit between Griffin and Cameron.

The agreement would require Griffin to pay over $3 million a year for the couple's two children, Ford, 5, and Finn, 2.

Of course, as Sports Illustrated points out, the payments equate to just 9 percent of the $35 million contract that Griffin declared as his annual income.

So you won't be seeing the guy at your local soup kitchen anytime soon.

Context aside, however, $3 million annually remains an astonishing amount of money for a child support settlement.

Perhaps that's why reps for Griffin and Cameron are currently running damage control and denying reports of this wildly unorthodox agreement.

Blake Griffin on Detroit

“The recent reports of the financial details of the child support agreement between Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron are inaccurate,” a rep tells People magazine.

“Both sides have settled amicably and are moving forward with co-parenting their two children,” the statement continues.

“Due to the confidential nature of the agreement, no further details will be released.”

Griffin and Cameron, who is the sister of former NFL tight end Jordan Cameron dated on and off for eight years before calling it quits for good in 2017.

Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Griffin was dating Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner, Blake Griffin, Brynn Cameron Split

That relationship didn't last long, but Brynn was reportedly outraged to learn Blake had decided to dump her for Kendall.

Earlier this year, Cameron sued Griffin for palimony, accusing him in court documents of abandoning his family for Jenner:

"After all, Griffin had no problem trading Brynn Cameron, his former fiancee, and the mother of his 2 children, for reality television star Kendall Jenner," Cameron's lawyers wrote at the time.

The suit further alleged that Griffin was an instrumental source of support in the early days of Griffin's career, serving as his "personal assistant, meal planner, scheduler, stylist, publicist, party planner, nurse, nutritionist, branding expert, therapist, cheerleader, basketball and fitness consultant, and more."

Obviously, she's not playing any of those roles anymore ... but she's certainly received quite a severance package.

Kylie, Selena, Justin & More: Who Tops the List of Instagram’s Biggest Earners?

In case you somehow weren't aware, Kylie Jenner is rich.

Extremely rich.

Like, a few days shy of her 21st birthday, people are already talking about Kylie becoming a billionaire in the very near future.

Most of that cash comes from her wildly popular cosmetics line, but Kylie has a number of other revenue streams available, as well.

One of the big ones is Instagram, which enables Kim's little sister to earn an astonishing amount of cash as an "influencer."

Of course, Kylie is just one of many top stars who's raking in stacks on social media.

Check out our list of Instagram's top influencers to find out who's really getting rich from sponsored content:

1. Kylie Jenner: $1 Million Per Post

Kylie jenner in a leopard print dress
All hail the queen. According to Hopper HQ's newly-released Instagram Rich List, Kylie earns up to $1 million for a single Instagram post.

2. Crazy Cash

Kylie jenner enjoys taking selfies
"Even in industry standards, getting paid anywhere near $1 million is eye-wateringly high," says Hopper co-founder Mike Bandar.

3. A Massive Following

Kylie jenner pin up pic
With 112 million followers, it's not hard to see why Kylie's account is so attractive to advertisers, but it's not just the size of her audience that makes her Instagram's top dog.

4. The Queen of Influence

Kylie jenner at gala
Kylie's followers are, on average, young, impressionable, and happy to take cues from the world's most successful 20-year-old when it comes to their consumption habits. Of course, Kylizzle isn't the only one who holds a ton of sway over the young women of the 'Gram ...

5. Selena Gomez: $800,000 Per Post

Selena gomez turns 26
Yes, SelGo is another celeb who's getting insanely rich just by getting paid to do what you do for free every day.

6. Winner of the Popularity Contest

Selena gomez on the 4th
Selena's following on Instagram is almost unfathomably massive. Hopper reports that the singer currently has 139 million followers, which is slightly more than the list's next-highest earner ...
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Kendall Jenner: Did She Catch Ben Simmons Cheating With Tinashe?!

It's only been a month since we learned that Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are dating, but it seems there's already trouble in paradise.

Yes, like so many of her sisters before her, Kendall is learning the hard way that NBA players don't always make ideal boyfriends.

Kendall Jenner, Ben Simmons Split

The problem is, the same qualities that make these guys attractive to members of the Kard clan also make them attractive to millions of other women.

And in news that really shouldn't shock anyone, young, famous millionaires who spend a lot of time on the road can't always be counted on to be faithful to their girlfriends back home.

Kendall has been down this road before, of course, having broken up with Blake Griffin amidst reports of infidelity.

So when she became romantically involved with Simmons, Jenner probably had some idea of what might be in store.

But she probably didn't suspect the relationship would implode this quickly and under such similar circumstances.

Ben Simmons for GQ

Before he started dating Kendall, Simmons was in a relationship with the singer Tinashe.

And it seems he's having a hard time leaving that particular romance in the past.

According to Radar Online, Kendall was out on the town with Ben over the weekend when Tinashe approached her and told her that Simmons has been texting her non-stop.

Jenner was understandably less than pleased, and sources say an ugly confrontation ensued.

There were reports that Kendall and Ben broke up on the spot.

But then Kendall was seen paying a visit to Ben's Lops Angeles home on Sunday.

Kendall Jenner in Sheer White

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean all is well.

Sources say Kendall didn't stay long, and in paparazzi photos that caught her coming and going from Ben's house, the model does not look happy.

So could this be the end already?

Is Kendall officially 0-2 with basketball players?

It seems almost impossible for such a new relationship to recover from allegations of infidelity, but those who know Kendall best say she would've immediately cut off all contact with Ben if she were really done with him.

So it's probably a good sign that she stopped by his house -- although we're guessing it wasn't an enjoyable visit.

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons: It’s Getting Serious!

The Philadelphia 76ers are going through a rough patch.

Yes, the team won 50 games last season and advanced to the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

But they failed to land LeBron James in free agency a few days ago, after The King chose The Lakers, and now we have even worse news for fans of the squad:

K to the J Image

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are getting hot, heavy and very serious.

Talk of the famous model dating the reigning Rookie of the Year starting to run rampant in late May.

That's just over a month ago, of course.

But there's been chatter already that the stars are living together in a rented home in Los Angeles, while they most definitely attended a party at Khloe Kardashian's home on July Fourth.

In a Snapchat video from the event, it's impossible to miss Kendall and Ben getting close and cozy, making it apparent that this is more than a mere fling.

The two also posed in a custom photo booth together with a group of friends.

Ben Simmons Flexes

This sighting comes not long after Simmons and Jenner also went on a double date with Khloe and Tristan Thompson, the latter of whom knows Simmons decently well from the basketball court.

Thompson plays for thehe Cavs and Simmons for the aforementioned Sixers.

Both clubs made it past the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs this past spring.

Neither Ben nor Kendall has actually commented on their romance yet, but photos and videos do not lie; they are clearly getting it on, folks.

“They seem to have a great time together. Kendall looks happy with Ben,” a source recently told People Magazine. “You can tell she is enjoying her summer.”

That's great for Jenner.

But what about the Sixers?

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala

The dreaded Jenner/Kardashian curse is well known across the sports universe at this point, as the Houston Rockets stumbled to a .500 record shortly after James Harden dated Khloe Kardashian.

Reggie Bush was never the same player after he went out with Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin basically fell off the face of the earth after his doomed Kim relationship.

Remember Kris Humphries? LOL.

Last week, Jenner and Simmons enjoyed lunch at South Beverly Grill in Beverly Hills and then went shopping at Neiman Marcus.

The former only recently split from yet another basketball player, Blake Griffin.

Ben Simmons for GQ

“Kendall is having fun," People Magazine also writes, concluding:

"She doesn’t want a serious relationship and is just enjoying being single.

"She feels that whenever she has been serious about guys in the past, it’s kind of a mess and doesn’t work out. She invested time in the relationship with Griffin.

"She isn’t planning on doing the same right now.”

We'll see about that.

Sometimes, the heart and/or crotch simply wants what it wants and you can't do anything about it.

Kendall Jenner, Ben Simmons Double-Date with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson!

As of this week, Khloe Kardashian is back in L.A. ... with Tristan Thompson in tow. Maybe she knows something that the rest of us don't? Maybe he has an evil twin.

Kendall decided to celebrate her return with a double date. Each with their own NBA player.

Khloe brought Tristan. Kendall brought new boyfriend Ben Simmons.

Khloe Kardashian on Insta

Khloe Kardashian finally returned to L.A. from Cleveland, bringing precious baby True and also her arguably-less-precious baby daddy, Tristan.

Kylie, who has always felt an especially close bond to Khloe, welcomed her big sister home with balloons.

Kendall and Khloe had another idea for how to celebrate Khloe's homecoming -- and how to spend some time catching up.

Sources describe Khloe and Kendall's double-date to E! ... and it sounds like things went well. It went down on Monday night.

Tristan was apparently "very affectionate" with Khloe, and the two were spotted kissing repeatedly.

He also seemed to be protective of her at the time. Making up for past misdeeds?

Kendall Jenner Shows Nipples

The four of them were seated together at Dave Chappelle's family and friends-only private show at the Peppermint Club.

Kendall and Ben Simmons, who have been described as "close friends," also seemed cozy with each other.

Sources say that they were cuddling up with each other and laughing during his stand-up.

A previous insider had characterized their relationship as "hanging out."

"Kendall thinks Ben is really fun to be around," the source described at the time. "But they have been keeping things casual."

There's no telling how long that will last.

Ben Simmons for GQ

By the way, Anwar Hadid, whom Kendall was spotted kissing just weeks ago, was also there.

They reportedly greeted each other with a decidedly non-awkward "Hi" and there was no tension.

Sometimes friends kiss. It doesn't have to be a big deal to any of them, including Ben. They're all young but they're all adults.

After Chappelle's show, they all headed over to his private party at Poppy, a nightclub.

Khloe and Tristan were reportedly dancing while they were there.

They're new parents who have been dealing with new parent concerns on top of Tristan's massive cheating scandal.

It's good and healthy to get out and about after being cooped up with a baby and a scandal.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

Obviously, there's more significance to Khloe returing to L.A. than her ability to hang out with Kendall and Kendall's 6-foot-10 athletic "friend."

"The whole family is thrilled that Khloe is home," a source told E! "And that they will get to be close by and an every day part of True's life."

You don't want to see every milestone for Chicago and Stormi and then have to rely on DMs and FaceTime and Instagram to watch True grow up.

The insider continued: "They made it a big celebration and welcome home for her."

We mentioned that Kylie welcomed her with balloons. Adorable.

Khloe, the source says, "can't wait for True to get to know her cousins and bring her to all of the big family gatherings and parties."

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala

So, what does this double-date mean, exactly?

For one thing, it means that Khloe is apparently comfortable allowing Tristan in the company of attractive women -- you don't get much hotter than Kendall, folks -- so long as she's present.

It means that Kendall is comfortable with her "friend" Ben spending time in the company of a known cheater.

It also means that, where Kim and Tristan have unfriended each other on Instagram, Kendall is in a more accommodating mood with her older sister's philandering baby daddy.

Khloe is clearly hoping that things will go back to normal.

But not all of her family is as forgiving as Kendall.

Caitlyn Jenner: Honored by Kylie and Kendall on Father’s Day!

Sunday was Father's Day! It's a day for celebration for some families, a bittersweet or sad day for others. Sometimes, families are complicated.

Quite a few celebrity dads received public posts from their kids.

Caitlyn's children are all adults now, but both Kylie and Kendall took the time to honor her for Father's Day. Take a look!

Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie and Kendall

Cait is a woman and a transgender icon, but she is also and will always be the father of her six children.

That includes Kylie and Kendall.

They're both adults and living their own lives -- Kylie even has a family of her own -- but she's still closer with them than some people think.

(She loves all of her kids -- even if she couldn't attend Brody Jenner's wedding because he got married during the first weekend of Pride Month, whoops)

On Monday, Caitlyn took to Instagram to share that she had enjoyed spending time with them for Father's Day.

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Caption 2018

"Table is set!" Caitlyn writes. "Had a great time with my family last night for Father’s Day."

Of course, we don't know how many family members that does or does not include.

Is she talking about every single one of her children? Probably not.

She's certainly not talking about Kris Jenner or the Kardashians -- she's admitted that the Kardashians don't even speak to her these days.

Some comments were absolutely vicious, from people suggesting that she should "give up' Father's Day since she's a woman to people deliberately misgendering her because they get a little thrill from being hateful online.

We're guessing that Cait spent time with at least some family members, but didn't want to call out anyone for not attending.

But while we don't know whether Kylie or Kendall were there for dinner, they both showed their dad some love on social media.

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Throwback by Kylie

Kylie decided to let her fans glimpse a sweet throwback of her and Caitlyn when Kylie was so unimaginably little.

In the captions, Kylie writes: "so lucky to have you."

Comments under Caitlyn Jenner's post may have included the worst dregs of humanity, but hundreds of Kylie's commenters just wrote "Lb," as they do under every post of hers.

Those people are imploring Kylie to "like back." Those people are devoid of goodness.

It's sweet of Kylie to share her own throwback post.

Especially when everyone was expecting that she would be focusing on honoring Travis Scott on his very first Father's Day as an actual father.

(She did, to be fair, write "Happy Father's Day" with a heart emoji for Travis)

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Throwback by Kendall

Kendall shared this image in her stories.

"Happy Father's Day to the soul that raised me," she wrote above a throwback photo of Cait with her and Kylie.

That is such a sweet pic and message.

Kendall and Cait are especially close. Just earlier this year, we saw Kendall experience an anxiety attack and drive to Caitlyn's to cool off.

Celebrity parents don't always show their love and support for their adult children in public, but the good ones do a lot that is behind the scenes.

it's good that, despite family tensions, Kendall and Kylie have been able to maintain that bond with with their dad.

Caitlyn Jenner in Austria

Caitlyn Jenner waited most of her life before she publicly transitioned into living as her authentic self.

Say what you will about her, but coming out was a courageous act.

And she's made it easier for so many transgender Americans to have a conversation with their families and coworkers about who they are.

Not all trans women would be comfortable being honored on Father's Day or for their children to continue calling them "dad." But Cait is fine with that label from her kids.

She is their dad. Her gender doesn't change that.

Richest Members of the Kardashian Clan: Ranked! (And Kim’s NOT Number 1!)

Were it not for the seminal (tee-hee) cinematic masterpiece known as the Kim Kardashian sex tape, there would be no Kardashian media empire to speak of.

A decade after the film's release, however, Kim is no longer the most bankable member of America's second-most famous family of fame-obsessed egomaniacs.

Yes, proving once again that the Kard clan has far more staying power than its harshest critics feared, the younger sisters of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are raking in bank and showing no signs of slowing down.

And as if that weren't enough, now a whole new generation of Kardashian-Jenner offspring has caught the attention of millions of social media users.

Will all that clout translate to future earnings?

Tough to say, but here's who's at the top of the Kardashian money heap as of right now:

1. Kendall Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, 18 Million (and Rising)

Kendall jenner models in manhattan
As Steve Harvey reminded us, during the Kard clan's recent appearance on Family Feud, Kendall was the highest paid model in the world in 2017. But walking the runway doesn't pay what it used to.

2. A Financial Plan of Attack

Kendall jenner as a model
But even though she's currently the lowest-earning among her sisters, those who analyze this sort of thing closely say Kendall might be the most financially savvy.

3. Branching Out

Kendall jenner miss vogue australia cover
The biggest money may be in reality TV and social media influencing, but Kendall is looking at the big picture and refusing to put all her eggs in one basket. Will it pay off? Well, whatever happens, she's not dependent on the E! Network and Instagram for her cashflow.

4. Kourtney Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, 35 Million

Kourtneys tequila and bikini sunrise
Yes, the mother of three is worth almost twice as much as Kendall. Her work might not be as high-profile, but those who know Kourtney best say she stays on her grind 24/7.

5. The Family Business

Kourtney kardashian in a black dress photo
Kourtney's earnings come primarily from her work on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (she's an executive producer, as well as one of the show's stars) and her social media endorsement deals with brands like Lyfe Tea.

6. Fun Fact:

Kourtney kardashian doing the angelina leg photo
Kourtney was actually the first member of the family to make a foray into reality TV. In 2005, she starred in a single season of the season of show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, in which heirs and heiresses were made to work as ranch hands. And you thought you knew everything about the Kards!
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KUWTK Season 15: New Babies! New Drama! New Footage!

Things have really changed.

So says Kim Kardashian in the first trailer for new episodes of her family's beloved/totally hated reality show.

And this may be the understatement of the century.

Since we last saw Kim and her siblings on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner has given birth to a baby.

Khloe Kardashian has also given birth to a baby.

And Tristan Thompson has been revealed as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cheater.

So, yes, as Kim notes above: Things have really changed. A lot.

But one thing has remained the same on Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The drama and the bond between sisters.

The latter, however, will be tested a bit on Season 15.

"Have you looked on the Internet? Do you see what people say about me compared to you?" a salty Kourtney asks Kendall Jenner at one point in the following trailer.

In promoting upcoming installments, meanwhile, Kim linked to this video and wrote:

"Probably our most rude argumentative fighting season we've ever had and I still hold my ground and am not backing down LOL."

Responded Khloe to this Tweet, in a Tweet of her own:

"You've turned into a f-cking savage."

Up until this point on the show, no one had even acknowledged that Kylie was expecting her first baby.

So fans are clearly anxious to see whether Stormi Webster or baby daddy Travis Scott will make appearances on Season 15.

Elsewhere, Kourtney will be dealing with all the drama surrounding Scott Disick and Sofia Richie; while eyes will remain keenly focused on poor Khloe and her future as a mother/girfriend of a cheater.

Will she stick by Thompson's side?

Will new episodes give us an idea of what she is leaning toward doing?

"Sooner or later, you guys are gonna realize how much you all mean to one another," Kris Jenner notes in this preview, which promises that this season will take viewers "behind the headlines."

And, as always, there have been plenty of those when it comes to the Kardashians.

Ready to keep up with them once again?

Get your first look at Season 15 below!

Keeping up with the kardashians season 15 first dramatic look

Kendall Jenner: Caught Cheating on Ben Simmons With Anwar Hadid?!

Call it a reverse-Tristan Thompson, because Kendall Jenner is proving to the world that the NBA needs the Kardashians more than the Kardashians need the NBA.

Okay, so Kendall isn't technically a Kardashian, but she is dating Philadelphia 76ers standout Ben Simmons -- and showing him that she's not nearly as subservient in relationships as her beleaguered sister Khloe.

Kendall Jenner-Ben Simmons

Even though Ben and Kendall have been spending a lot of time together and were reportedly getting serious, she was recently photographed making out with Anwar Hadid, brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid.

A source tells Radar Online that Simmons is aware of the pics and understandably not too happy about them.

"Ben’s used to being a player on the court but feels Kendall stepped over him. He thinks she’s the true player!” claims the insider, who clearly harbors an abiding love for dad jokes.

The source claims Ben was astonished when he first laid eyes on the images, as he was under the impression that he and Kendall were at the start of a serious relationship.

“He was in awe seeing those pictures and was like, ‘Wow. Just wow,'" says the informant

Kendall Jenner Shows Nipples

The insider claims that Kendall has been giving Ben the cold shoulder in the days since the pics were first published.

Simmons has reportedly been texting Kendall non-stop asking for an explanation, and she simply hasn't replied.

“He’s feeling extra salty over how Kendall did him,” says the source.

We guess we can't blame him on that score.

If the situation really played out as it's currently being reported, then Kendall certainly did Ben dirty.

But as many have pointed out, this might be a classic case of instant karma.

Ben Simmons

When he first started hooking up with Kendall, Ben was reportedly still dating singer Tinashe.

It's believed that he never really broke things off with her, and Tinashe learned her relationship was over by hearing reports that Ben was hooking up with Kendall.

Add that to the rage she must be feeling over the news that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian, and it's not hard to see how Kendall might not be feeling much sympathy for Ben.

Sure, Tristan and Ben aren't the same person, and it doesn't even seem that they're friends.

But lashing out is lashing out -- and Kendall seems like a woman with a score to settle.

Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons: Dating!

You'd think after Khloe Kardashian's recent experiences, the women in her family would be wary of dating NBA players.

But the allure of ripped tall dudes who can actually come close to the Kard clan in terms of spending power must be too strong to resist, because Kendall Jenner is dating her second straight basketball player, and unlike her sisters, she's sticking to household names.

Kendall Jenner-Ben Simmons

Yes, Page Six is confirming today that Kendall is dating Philadelphia 76ers standout Ben Simmons.

An insider tells the gossip outlet that Kendall and Ben (who shall henceforth be known as "Bendall") have been seeing each other “for a few weeks.”

Jenner and Simmons have already been spotted on multiple dates -- once enjoying lunch at the Beverly Hills hotel, and on another occasion, partying with friends at Manhattan nightclub Vandal.

“Security measures seemed to have been taken to ensure Kendall and Ben enjoyed their night hassle-free,” said a witness.

“They were smiling the night away with their friends.”

Sidelined by a devastating injury shortly after being drafted by the Sixers in 2016, Simmons accomplished big things for the team in the 2017-2018 campaign.

Ben Simmons

The Australia native was previously linked to singer Tinashe following a flirty social media exchange, but it now appears that that relationship was nothing more than a brief fling.

The Sixers had their season cut short by the juggernaut Celtics in this year's Eastern Conference semi-finals, but with a roster of young upstarts like Simmons, the team has a rather promising future.

Simmons betrayed a fair bit of excitement when asked recently about the remote possibility of playing alongside LeBron James next season.

Asked if he feels he would collaborate well with the King, Simmons replied:

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala

“There’s only one way to find out.”

Of course, trades might be something of a sensitive topic for Kendall.

Jenner briefly dated Blake Griffin at the start of the most recent NBA season, and it's been rumored that their relationship fizzled out after he was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Detroit Pistons.

Shortly thereafter, Kendall began dating A$AP Rocky, but that romance appears to have been more of a "friends with benefits" situation.

No word yet on how serious Kendall and Ben are.

But hopefully, the model will learn from her older sister's situation and take things very slowly.

Kendall Jenner is Straight Up Flashing Us in This Dress

Expect Kendall Jenner to announce her pregnancy soon.

We don't say this due to the ongoing rumors surrounding the 22-year old model.

We say it because Kendall is apparently very jealous of her siblings and doing all she can to emulate them these days.

Kendall Jenner in Sheer White

And you know what Kardashian-Jenner siblings keep doing these days, right?

Popping out babies!

We're kidding about the pregnancy announcement on tap, of course, but not about Kendall recent penchant for Kim and Kylie-like nudity.

Last week, Kendall stripped down to absolutely nothing, sitting on the bathroom floor for a selfie that involved a wine glass, a towel on her head... and nothing at all covering her body.

It was as if Kendall was scrolling through her sister's Instagram page and decided to see what the reaction would be if she went ahead and got naked.

Fast forward to Friday at the Cannes Film Festival and Kendall walking the red carpetin a green dress that might as well not have been a dress at all.

It might as well have not had any material on top, considering the way Jenner's nipples were on full display for all to see.

And we mean FULL DISPLAY:

Kendall Jenner Shows Nipples

Kendall donned this intriguing ensemble, which was designed by Alexandre Vauthier, for the the Secret Chopard party.

She then shared a picture of the extremely revealing number and wrote as a simple caption "oops."

Oops, Kendall? Really?

Are you trying to say that you accidentially forgot to wear a bra? Or that you didn't realize this sheer top was completely see-through?

Come on now. When you make a bold fashion statement, go ahead and own it.

Kendall Jenner at 2018 Cannes Film Festival

This dress (and these nipples) stand out especially because Kendall is not typically the member of her family to create such waves on social media.

She's usually content to walk runways across the globe and to continue establishing herself as a legitimate and successful model.

She doesn't flaunt her romance. She doesn't make sex tapes. And she's yet to have a single baby out of wedlock.

"It's obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you," Jenner says in the latest issue of Elle. "I didn't expect it to happen like this. But it's beautiful."

The star goes on to say that Kylie giving birth to a daughter has at least made these sisters "closer" than ever before.

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala

Are there any kids in Kendall's future?


But she's 22 years old! She'd barely be out of college, if she went to college, and she has plenty of time to settle down and make a family if she so desires.

For now, however, Jenner seems very content to travel the world and to carve out an impressive career as someone who wears fancy and expensive clothes for a living.

It's a pretty great gig, we'd have to imagine.

And every now and then, when she's sick of wearing these clothes, she can just show a bit (okay, a lot) of nipple and get attention for a different reason.

Kendall Jenner know what she's doing, folks.

As for those recent gay rumors? Click below to hear what she has to say in response:

Kendall Jenner Nude Photo: I Love Wine More Than Wearing Clothes!

Are Thursday Goals a thing? Because Kendall Jenner's Thursday looks like the envy of many.

Sipping wine? Check. In a luxurious bathroom? Check. Doing this while naked? Also check.

Kendall was even nice enough to snap and share a photo. Take a look!

Kendall Jenner at the 2018 MET Gala

Kendall Jenner is young and beautiful.

She makes tens of millions a year for modeling. While it's true that it takes much more than "standing around being hot" to make it in the modeling world, she makes a lot of dough.

Unlike all of Kris Jenner's other children, Kendall is not tied down by any children.

(And no, the rumors that Kendall is pregnant with Blake Griffin's baby are not true)

She is free to live her best life on her own terms.

And that is exactly what she is doing in this photo.

Kendall Jenner, Nude in the Bathroom

Kendall casually shared this pic in her Instagram stories.

In it, as we mentioned, she is sipping from a glass of red wine.

Poised in a luxurious bathroom, the only part of her that seems to be covered is her hair.

It appears that the rest of her is wildly and totally naked.

While Kendall is obviously playing by Instagram's rules and not showing anything that would violate the terms of use, she's giving fans and followers a glimpse into her life.

And that life is clearly enviable.

Kendall Jenner: A Photo

Unfortunately, this lovely pic of Thursday serenity comes on the heels of a bit of controversy.

See, Vogue interviewed Kendall about her experience with the MET Gala, and they asked about her first costume to her first gala.

"I went with Topshop…"

She replied. If only she had stopped there.

"It was cute… It was five years ago."

Was she just clarifying the timeline ... or was she slamming Topshop?

Kendall Jenner Naked Pic

A number of fans worried that she was doing the latter, and took to comments to shame her for it, writing things like:

"This girl is an ungrateful brat. She didn’t deserve to go to the MET period, let alone with Topshop."

That's a little harsh. But there are people who believe that Kendall doesn't deserve her supermodel status.

"Exactly. They were the first to give her the opportunity, you think she’d be appreciative."

Honestly, we thought that she was just making the timeline clear while being distracted by a lot of anxiety.

"Why does she sound embarrassed when she went with Topshop??? Come on, that was an amazing opportunity at her age at the time. WTF?"

Kendall Jenner at the Gala

In the mean time, Kendall has faced other controversies.

While her outfit was great-looking, it didn't really meet the expectations of the MET Gala and, beside looks sported by the likes of Rihanna and Zendaya, looked sort of bland and out of place.

Kendall was spotted allegedly pushing an assistant out of the way of her shot at one point. Not a great look.

Also, with the recent pregnancy rumors about Kendall, one of the key pieces of evidence that she is not expecting (it's her sisters who keep popping out babies) is that she had posted about having a hangover.

She has since posted again about having a hangover, for the second time in just a few weeks. Which leaves some fans worrying if she's an alcoholic.

To be clear, Kendall isn't an alcoholic. She's just 22 and extremely slender. Let her live her best life.

Kendall Jenner: My Sisters Keep Popping Out Babies!

Forget what you've read.

Forget what you've heard.

Forget what you think you know.

Kendall Jenner is NOT pregnant with Blake Griffin's baby/

Kendall Jenner for ELLE

This rumor has sprung up multiple times over the past several weeks, with various sources saying Kendall has turned down a number of modeling gigs of late due to a growing belly.

But this isn't true.

Let's stop pretending otherwise.

However, just because Jenner does not have a tiny humab growing in her fetus, this doesn't mean her life these days isn't basically surrounded by tiny human beings.

"It's forever growing..." Kendall said of her family in a cover story for the latest issue of Elle, adding in this revealing interview:

"Every time I think it's eased up, someone's popping out a baby."

She's not really kidding, either.

Kendall Jenner: A Photo

To bring readers up to speed:

Kim Kardashian welcomed a baby girl (via surrogate) named Chicago in mid-January of this year.

Kylie Jenner welcomed a baby girl named Stormi on February 1.

Khloe Kardashian welcomed a baby girl named True on April 11.

Even for a group of loved ones who always seems to be making news of some kind, this has been quite a whirlwind of a few months.

Kendall, meanwhile, has simply been walking runways and modeling clothing and NOT changing any diapers.

What has it been like to see her younger sibling take on the responsibility of motherhood?

"It's obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you," Kendall told the publication. "I didn't expect it to happen like this. But it's beautiful."

Kendall Jenner at the Gala

Kendall is just 22 years old, of course. So she has plenty of time to make a family if she wants to someday.

For now, though, she seems content with the family she already has, especially now that she and Kylie feel more connected than ever before.

"It's brought us closer together," she tells Elle of Kylie giving birth to Stormi, continuing as follows:

"We've always been very close, but we would butt heads all the time. This has made her a bit more loving toward me."

Honestly, she's probably just buttering up Aunt Kendall so she won't object to babysitting down the line!

Kendall Jenner in Festival Jewelry

We kid, of course. It's very nice to see that Kendall and Kylie have been brought closer by the presence of Stormi.

Kendall doesn't really discuss her personal life in this issue of Elle, which will be available on newsstands on May 22, but that's not unusual.

This is the one member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who seems to shun the spotlight a little bit.

Yes, she uses it to her advantage from time to time and she appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians each season.

But the next time you see Kendall kiss her boyfriend on Instagram or get pregnant out of wedlock, it will be the first.

Gotta admire her for that, don't you?

Kendall Jenner: Pregnant with Blake Griffin’s Baby?

Last week, we discussed the incendiary report from an industry insider that says that Kendall Jenner is pregnant and that she's been canceling modeling gigs to hide the baby bump.

Kendall is the only one of Kris Jenner's children to have not yet had a child, so this idea has a lot of people very excited.

But is she pregnant? Let's take a look at the evidence.

Kendall Jenner Possible Bump

Reportedly, during a call to set up a modeling shoot, it was confided by a photographer that Kendall Jenner is not modeling at the moment.

She's a supermodel who makes, like, $20 million a year from doing shoots. So that might strike people as odd.

But the photographer reportedly claimed -- on a private call -- that Kendall is taking this quiet leave of absence because she is pregnant.

We have stressed from the beginning that this is not confirmed. It's not even a firsthand report of hearing the statement.

But ... some people have pointed out that probably is how something like this would leak.

As in, not from someone who could be directly traced to the knowledge, but from someone who heard it from a friend or coworker.

If Kendall really is pregnant, it is widely expected that the baby daddy would be Blake Griffin.

Blake Griffin Rocks a Suit

But many who may hope to see Kendall and Blake produce yet another beautiful grandchild for Kris Jenner to love and monetize, Gossip Cop reports that they have a statement on record from Kendall's representative.

"Kendall is not pregnant."

That was crushing for many to hear.

At the same time, some wonder if they should trust an official statement.

After all, last year, both Kylie and Khloe were bizarrely coy about their pregnancies for months.

While it is totally their right to tell people about their bodies if and when they see fit, a number of fans feels that they are less willing to trust official statements as a result.

So let's look at some clues, instead.

Kendall Jenner - The Party Gods Got Me

Just a few weeks ago, Kendall Jenner shared this photo.

In the caption, she writes: "The party Gods got me."

We don't think that she's announcing to her fans that she was kidnapped by Dionysus and has only just returned from an otherworldly realm of merrymaking.

Instead, and coupled with the photo, this was widely interpreted as an announcement that she was suffering from a major hangover.

Hey, it happens.

Naturally, if Kendall were pregnant, one would absolutely hope that she is not drinking anything, let alone drinking enough to give herself a hangover.

(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is no joke, folks)

Kendall Jenner Naked Pic

Additionally, Kendall and Blake have been spotted together, out and about.

That in and of itself has done nothing to quell rumors that they're having a child together.

But those who have seen Kendall have noted that, just as in the recent photos of her that we have pointed out, Kendall is showing no sign of a baby bump.

Additionally, Kendall has stated recently -- what with all of the chatter about Kylie giving birth to sweet baby Stormi -- that she doesn't plan on having any kids until her late twenties.

She is, again, only 22. This is a very sensible plan on her part.

So it looks like her flat tummy will be here for years to come.

Kendall Jenner's Flat Abs

We do find ourselves wondering where the claim that she's pregnant originated.

Did someone make an offhand remark or a poorly phrased joke that others took seriously?

We may never know.

We can only imagine how amazing it would be if Kendall were pregnant with Blake Griffin's baby.

And we have the perfect name suggestion for her child.

Pepsi Griffin.