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Jax Taylor Sends Scathing Message to the Kardashians

It may be very warm and sunny in California at the moment.

But try telling that to Kim Kardashian and her sisters.

They're feeling a bit of a chill at the moment because Jax Taylor just hurled a massive amount of shade in their direction.

Jax Taylor Selfie

Earlier this week, the Vanderpump Rules star made us laugh pretty hard when he snapped a photo of Younes Bendjima just days after the public learned he had been dumped by Kourtney Kardashian.

The picture was taken at the gym and it featured Taylor poking some fun at the young and very handsome model.

As you can see below, the Bravo personality mocked Bendjima for slumming it and for drinking some basic water out of a bottle.

Pretty funny and almost entirely harmless, right?

Jax Taylor Shades Younes Bendjima

When a fan acknowledged as much, writing that the image was "hilarious" yesterday, Taylor responded:

“Of course it was, it was fu-king brilliant, all you pussies who say sh-t wish you thought of it first. We all get dumped get over it. Old news move on."

Ummm... okay.

A bit of a random and harsh reply, no?

jax reply

From here, another user Tweeted at Taylor that the “Kardashians are royalty,” to which Taylor shot back:

“Royalty? You need your brain checked."

Empirically, this is not an inaccurate statement.

Neither Kim nor anyone in her family has been bestowed any sort of Royal honor in their lifetimes.

But we're guessing Jax meant that the sisters aren't especially important in any sense of the phrase, balking at the idea that they are bigger reality stars than he is.

Man, we hope this leads to some kind of Vanderpump Rules/Keeping Up with the Kardashians crossover.

Kim Kardashian Profile Shot

Earlier this month, Kourtney and Bendjima split after just about two years as a couple.

We heard right from the outset of this news breaking that the conclusion to their romance was not a pretty one, with various outlets alleging that Younes cheated on Kourtney.

He denied this accusation strongly.

He said he was merely friends with the woman he was seen partying with in Mexico shortly before Kardashian gave him his walking papers.

Sensing an opportunity to tweak some dude he has never met, Taylor Tweeted on Wednesday that if Bendjima needed a job, he could help him out.

“tom and tom need a dj still at @TomTom not a hard gig, I can put in a good word,” he wrote on Wednesday, referring to Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s new restaurant.

Kourtney Straddles Younes

We're not exactly on Team Younes here; the guy has both a six-pack and may very well have slept with six women behind Kourtney's back.

But this is just unprompted and not even funny on Taylor's part.

Jax even tried to walk back his original mockery by writing later on social media:

“I just thought well this could be a funny tweet.

"Hey when you sign up for this lifestyle you gotta expect a little innocent humor, if you can’t laugh at this or yourself, then I feel bad for you. Who cares!!!”

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian: Faking Feud For Ratings!! [Shocking Details]

The newestseason of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has scarcely begun, but the fighting has been intense.

Embattled mother of three Kourtney says Kim is evil. Meanwhile, new mom Khloe wants to punch Kourtney.

They're tearing this family apart! Or ... are they?

A Death Stare

A new report says that the sisters are basically just faking all of this for the cameras. We know. We are just floored.

Radar Online reports that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians drama is at least partly just for (the E!) show.

"Their fight this season is so overly dramatic," a source close to the Kardashians admits, revealing: "and they all know it."

That said, there's some very real tension underlying all of this, so to say it's 100 percent contrived isn't necessarily fair.

Kourtney Kardashian is Sad

"There is no doubt that the three of them aren’t as close as they used to be," the insider acknowledges.

"But," the source says, at the same time, "they all knew they needed something big to start off the season."

It seems to be working.

Beneath all of the exaggerations and drama, there are some genuine contentions between the sisters.

"Kourtney," the insider confirms, echoing a familiar theme, "Doesn’t want to be on the show anymore."

Kourtney Kardashian Detox Photo

She's 39 and her life isn't what it used to be and, even if she's still the hottest Kardashian sister, she's over it.

"And," the insider shares, she's fed up with Kim.

"She doesn’t like how Kim treats everyone."

Kim seems to treat them as if they're all her side-kicks who should just drop everything and do what she has planned.

As you may recall, she also accused Kourtney, who is a mother of three, of essentially being a layabout whose schedule should be open.

Khloe Kardashian Facepalm Pic

"Khloe has been over the show for several seasons too," the source admits, for reasons that go beyond strife with Kourtney.

She, too, has been doing it for more than a decade. It's transformed her life, but everyone runs out of steam sooner or later.

"But," the insider reiterates more clearly: 

"They exaggerated the nasty fighting."

That's how reality TV works. You take a minor disagreement that might go unspoken in a healthy family and you follow your impulses.

Kris Jenner at Her Computer

You do it for drama. The cameras roll. And the result is that you get ratings, you get fame, and you get cold, hard cash.

"They are just all in it for the money," the insider feels the need to explain, as if that weren't the most obvious comment.

We didn't think that they were doing a reality series as the world's weirdest, 12-year charity drive. Call us crazy.

Some might be surprised, just the same, since their heated confrontations in recent weeks have looked so ... real.

Kim Kardashian, So Angry

"By now they are all good actresses," the source says. "Whether people want to believe it or not!"

Of course they are! And we're not just saying that because Khloe was on that one episode of Law & Order: LA.

All of this is money - sorry, music - to the ears of momager Kris Jenner, the puppet master of the family and E!

Kris, the insider says, "is loving every minute of it."

No parent wants their children to squabble and fight, but let's be real here. She knows what's at stake!

If they're just pretending to fight (mostly) and the result is that your family becomes richer by millions of dollars, that sounds worth it.

Even if you get accused of "art-shaming" one of your daughters in the process. The sisters should be careful, however. 

As weird as it sounds, human nature means that sometimes, people begin to truly believe the things that they say.

Khloe Kardashian: I Can’t Get Enough of Tristan Thompson’s Dong!!

On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe has been feuding with Kourtney and complaining about her mom "art-shaming" her. But that was all filmed months ago.

In real life, she has been on vacation with her infamous baby daddy and boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

And apparently, getting away from it all was exaclty what they needed -- because Khloe is having the best sex of her life!

A Khloe Kardashian Kiss

HollywoodLife reports that Khloe and Tristan's sex life is out of this world now that the two are on vacation.

This is a serious improvement over how things were for the couple just a few months ago.

"Khloe and Tristan are finally back on track," an insider reveals. "And having the best sex of their relationship while on their vacation."

They've been spotted displaying some pretty serious PDA, but it's good to know that things are going well behind closed doors.

(Even if you don't think that they should be together, you want Khloe to at least enjoy herself while it lasts, right?)

Khloe and Tristan Thompson, All My Love

But given that Tristan's cheating scandal went public just a day and a half before Khloe gave birth to True, they didn't immediately reconnect like this as soon as Khloe recovered from childbirth.

"It has been a long road to get back to a place of love for them," the source admits.

Khloe and Tristan entered couple's therapy in order to save their relationship.

But they made it, the insider says, "which required a lot of patience, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness by Khloe."

Khloe had a lot to do. Tristan, it seems, just had to apologize and also keep his penis in check. His job sounds a lot easier.

Tristan Thompson Sweating

This was a very difficult thing for Khloe.

"But," the source notes. "She has a lot of love for the father of her children."

It's just the one child so far, so let's not overstate things.

The two are united by True, the insider says, adding: "and the chemistry they have together is undeniable."

We'll take their word for it.

With His Khaleesi

"Khloe can’t keep her hands off him," the source gushes.

The insider adds: "She loves simply kissing him."

Yeah, we sure hope so. If not, we'd ask why they're still together. (We might ask that anyway, honestly, all things considered)

"And," the source reveals. "She tells her sisters that he is the best lover she has ever had,"

Significantly, Khloe is reportedly telling her loved ones that Tristan is "even better than Lamar."

Tristan Thompson Looks Dumb

Between the late stages of the pregnancy, healing after giving birth, and also being furious about cheating, it sounds like Khloe and Tristan are making up for lost time.

"This vacation," the insider teases. "They have spent hours in the bedroom together."

Yeah, it's called sleeping.

(We're kidding! We're happy to believe that they're knocking each other's socks off, so to speak, though we hope that nobody's having sex while wearing literal socks)

"It is the first long period of intimacy they have enjoyed together since having baby True," the source reveals.

A Kiss Between Lovers

If you're feeling cynical or at least a little catty, you might say that Tristan Thompson is only such a superstar in the sack because he has a lot of practice.

This is a guy who was "practicing" with multiple women even while Khloe was very pregnant with is daughter.

Honestly, he'd better be an expert at sex. Not that it makes up for anything.

Hey, if Khloe wants to prioritize mind-blowing sex over other relationship needs ... well, most of us have been there and have no room to judge.

Khloe Kardashian Thinks Her Mom is a "Psychopath"

Note to all Kardashians and Jenners: 

Where is the love?!?

Over the course of 14-plus seasons, viewers have fallen in love your your reality TV show because you're a family who may be obsessed with fame, fortune and attention...

... but also with affection for one another.

But what the heck is going on so far during Seaosn 15?!?

On the summer premiere, we witnessed an intense showdown between Kim and Kourtney, highlighted by the latter telling the former she is pure evil.

Then, on the follow-up installment, we watched as Kim, Kourtney and Khloe all gathered for an actual therapty session.

Did their issues get worked out there?

Are they now on the same page and all problems are in the past?

Not quite.

Click below to see what we mean:

Looking ahead, it doesn't appear as if tension will run much lower then Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns this coming Sunday.

In the sneak peek featured on this page, we see Khloe lamenting the behavior of her mother, Kris Jenner.

No one is called pure evil this time around and the insults are hurled around in a less serious manner.

But there is a giant box of donuts and there is also the labeling of Jenner by her daughter as a "psychopath."

What does this have to do with said box of donuts?

And with Khloe's pregnancy?

And with a member of this family actually being encouraged to gain weight for a change?

Check out the clip here and find out for yourself!

Khloe kardashian thinks her mom is a psychopath

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: Konfessions of Some Drama Queens

The klaws kame out on the Season 15 premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as Kim and Khloe ganged up on sister Kourtney like never before.

These sisters klashed over the family's annual Khristmas kalendar, with Kim peeved that Kourtney wasn't making herself readily available and Kourtney irritated that Kim didn't komprehend she has three kids for whom to kare.

So... did this feud get resolved on Sunday night's brand new installment?

On the Kouch

We started with Kim suggesting to her siblings that they attend some counseling in order to work through a few rather clear issues.

"We all communicate really weird and we just don't ever express what's really bothering us and we all walk on eggshells around each other," Kim explained.

Kourtney objected, but this storyline was in the script, so Kim insisted:

"Well we're all going to therapy together, so it's happening. Because we all need to communicate with a mediator and we don't have that mediator."

Enter that mediator!

The sisters awkwardly sat around at Khloe's house and tried to put everything on the table for a change, as opposed to shoving it under a rug.

Kourtney Kardashian is Sad

Said Kourtney to the professional at one point:

“I’m the one who invented mean fighting … I’m just not wanting to fight like that anymore. … I don’t want to spend my time around people that are mean and putting me down.”

From there, revealed to the mediator that Kourtney has been insecure, adding:

“But it’s also an insecurity I’ve never seen from her before.”

(NOTE: This was all filmed many months ago, long before Kourtney split from Younes Bendjmina.)

Kim, meanwhile, was taken aback by Kourtney's claim.

She wasn't buying the story that Kourtney was somehow the relaxed sister; or that she had been making any effort of late to let things go.

Quite the opposite, Kim argued:

"You're preaching that you just want this Zen life and that you're so positive and you don't want to fight, but then most of the time you're arguing about stuff that's like, 'Again?'"

A Death Stare

Seemingly not eventrying to be cruel, just to explain where she was coming from, Kim labeled Kourtney as "always anxious and insecure."

Said Khloe in this emotional session:

"Kourtney and I have a really special bond, I haven't felt that from her in the past couple months and that's been frustrating for me.

"I do feel a major disconnect between her and I specifically, and I would like to understand what that is."

Kourtney sat and listed and waited patiently.

But she admitted that she didn't think her sisters were "genuinely" happy for her.

"It's like everything is…the show's more important, work's more important," an emotional Kourtney confessed. "Maybe traveling isn't a priority to you, but it is to me."

Kourtney has the biggest family of all three siblings and admittedly works the least, but what's wrong with that?

Why be "resentful" of her lifestyle, as Kourtney accused Kim and Khloe of being toward her?

"We honestly want Kourtney to take her trips, we want Kourtney to live her life and do whatever she wants to do," Kim later claimed in a confessional, adding:

"We just want her to be held accountable and be responsible that when you take a job and you're getting paid to do something that you honor that, because all of us do."

In the end, Kourtney simply said that work wasn't a priority for her like it is for her sisters and she didn't understand why they focused on such petty issues.

Conversely, Khloe and Kim said that Kourtney simply wasn't understanding their side of the issue.

Little was resolved.

"Whatever Kourtney is going through, it's just so much deeper than me and Khloe and until Kourtney is ready to talk about it we can't push her or try to be aggressive," Kim later concluded camera.

"She's going through a lot of life changes right now and we just have to let her go through that."

Sure, either that or Kourtney just wants to hang out with her children.

To relive this drama, and to see what sort of prank Khloe pulled off with Scott Disick, use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online.

Catch up on all you missed!

Khloe Kardashian: Can I Just Punch Kourtney in the Mouth?!?

It is about to be on between Kardashian sisters.

Yes, again.

In a sneak peek from this Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we see Kim, Kourtney and Khloe attempt to hash out some pretty major differences that surfaced last week as a result of the family Christmas card shoot.

And it doesn't exactly go smoothly.

"We all have different realities of what goes on when we have our fight," Kim says to open the latest explosive clip, adding:

"We all communicate really weird and we just don't ever express what's really bothering us and we all walk on eggshells around each other."

As a result, Kim suggests that the siblings ought to all attend therapy together because they need a to "communicate with a mediator."

Sounds like a totally natural, normally and definitely NOT scripted-by-producers plan.

But Kourtney objects because she says Khloe and Kim used to always mock her for going to a therapist when she was younger.

"We don't make fun of you for going to therapy," interrupts Khloe at this point. "We make fun of you for literally hating us because of your therapist."

Hate? That sounds extreme, despite what Kourtney wrote a few days ago on Twitter.

"I don't hate you and my therapist just said this will start to happen," Kourtney argued. "People that you're close to you'll probably like have some arguments with them."

Can't we just talk it out, Kourtney asks?

"You're the one I think that has the communication issue," Khloe retorts, saying the family simply "sweeps things under the rug" and no tension is ever truly fixed.

This sort of exchange goes on for a bit longer, without anything really getting solved or either side really giving an inch.

It all leads to a classic Khloe confessional in which the mother of little True tells the camera:

"I'm trying to talk it out with her, but instead of actually talking it out she's editing a photo on her phone and with this ridiculous smile on her face.

"I want to f-cking punch that smile off her f-cking face."

An annoyed Khloe then tells Kourtney that she's not going to invest herself anymore and that Kourtney can go "f-ck off then."

Sounds like this pow-wow only led to more problems, doesn't it?

Watch everything unfold now -- and then click on the following link to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online if you need to catch up!

Keeping up with the kardashians klip f ck off kourtney

Tristan Thompson: Caught Cheating on Khloe Kardashian… Again?!?

It may be the NBA offseason, but a new report alleges that Tristan Thompson has not stopped being a player.

In terms of hitting on any woman that moves, flirting with them and maybe even sleeping with them, we mean.

That's the type of player we're writing about in this context. Just so there's no confusion.

Tristan Thompson Makes a Face

Indeed, while Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are very clearly together, having moved past the former's extended period of infidelity earlier this year, Radar Online writes that Khloe may have a new reason to worry.

Her man - GASP! - may still be stepping out on her.

This would come as a major shock to everyone who assumed Thompson would never cheat ever again, we know.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward was in Toronto for a basketball camp on August 9 and an employee at the training facility where the camp was being held says Thompson wasn't there alone.

He as allegedly accompanied by "young and sexy woman," Radar claims.

Mom and Dad Pic

“There was a woman in Tristan’s entourage and it wasn’t Khloe," explains this person, who works at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

He or she added:

“They looked like more than friends because he had his hand on her lower back when they arrived. There was definitely something there.”

Oh boy.

Oh man.

Oh, Tristan.

This anonymous source apparently went on to describe the unnamed female as "spectacularly attractive," which doesn't sound like positive news for Khloe.

Just when we thought the stars may be engaged, too!


Adds the Radar insider in this damaging report:

“She was a beautiful, young girl who looked as if she could be a model.

"She, along with one of his security detail, stayed in the locker room while he taught camp.

"He appeared to be in a hurry to get back to his female companion because he jetted out of the center the minute it was over.”

See, this is part of the problem with dating a professional athlete.

First, they are on the road often.

Second, there are many women out there who would willfully sleep with a basketball player simply because he's a basketball player. It's the allure of fame.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

As far as we know, Khloe never really left Tristan, despite his penchant for sticking his penis into other women.

She gave him a cold shoulder for awhile, we're sure, and the two likely didn't have much contact for those first few weeks after daughter True was born.

But the impression we've gotten by reading the Internet and hearing from sources is that Khloe has been dedicated to making the romance work all along; largely for the sake of their child, which is a nice sentiment we guess.

“She simply can’t cut the chord and always seems to find a way to talk herself out of leaving him, even though her head tells her all day every day that it’s not right,” another source tells Radar, concluding:

“She even tried to pack her bags on numerous occasions and make arrangements to move in with her family, but when push comes to shove, she never goes through with it.”

Maybe if Tristan really is cheating, Khloe will finally find the courage to leave him.

Because she really can do so much better.

Khloe Kardashian SLAMS Kris Jenner: Stop ART-SHAMING Me!

Back before she was feuding with Kim, we saw Kourtney be so rude about Khloe's upholstery choices that Khloe asked what crawled up Kourtney's ass.

Well, Kourtney's not the only one giving Khloe a hard time. In this KUWTK sneak peek clip, it's Kris' turn.

And now Khloe is calling out Kris for, get this, "art-shaming" her. Art-shaming.

Khloe kardashian with her arms krossed

"What are those gold things?" Khloe asks her mother in a new preview clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "Are those, like, ceramic ...?"

"Those are Jeff Koons," Kris replies.

Khloe replies: "I don't know what a Jeff Koons is."

Khloe's tone of voice, as you'll hear, is precisely the tone that you might use if a coworker brings up a professional athlete when you've never watched a sports game in your entire adult life.

"He's famous for the balloon dog," Kris explains.

Khloe kardashian kris jenner and jeff koons

Kris has a suggestion for how her daughter might broaden her horizons and ask fewer gauche questions.

"You need to go to, like, an art class," Kris suggests to Khloe.

Khloe did not appreciate Kris' artsplaining, which she felt was a condescending response to her question.

"Just because I'm not as knowledgeable as you," Khloe protests. "You shouldn't turn your nose up."

"You should be like, 'Khloe, Jeff Koons is ...' instead of making me feel less than and uneducated," Khloe suggests.

Her feelings are valid, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she is not overreacting to her mom's words a little.

Jeff koons art owned by kris

Speaking to the konfessional kamera, Khloe explains her frustrations with her mom.

"My mom has not known about art for years and years," Khloe reveals.

Khloe continues, saying: "She's just learning about art -- which is great!"

It's good that Khloe isn't bashing her mom's interest in art, just what she perceives to be Kris' newfound know-it-all tone.

"But," Khloe says. "You can't art-shame people just because they know less than you."

Fun art fact: art-shaming is ... not a thing.

Kris jenner at her computer

"I'm your f--king daughter," Khloe protests. "And you're art-shaming me! And it's mean!"

Some might argue that Kris had simply answered her question, and then offered a helpful suggestion for how Khloe could learn more.

"I don't understand why people like to make other people feel like s--t," Khloe laments.

"Sorry," Kris says, starting over. "It's a Jeff Koons."

This time, there is no suggestion that Khloe could take an art class.

Kris then helpfully spells his last name: "K-O-O-N-S."

Khloe kardashian facepalm pic

Sometimes people who are just learning about something will be condescending about what they do know, in part to shield themselves from embarrassment about their past ignorance.

That's just part of human nature.

It's also more than possible that Khloe was being a little overly sensitive about her mother ... answering her question.

Jeff Koons is a famous artist, but he's a modern artist (several years ago, one of his pieces set a record for most expensive art of any living artist).

It is totally understandable that Khloe wouldn't know his name. Art history dates back thousands and thousands of years, folks.

Khloe kardashian slams kris jenner stop art shaming me

Khloe Kardashian: My Vagina is None of Your Business!

Khloe Kardashian has learned a few things about motherhood since welcoming daughter True Thompson into the world.

And she's here to share that knowledges with her adoring fans!

The reality star, who gave birth to her first child in April 2018, took has taken to her app to rundown a list of statements and questions that make new moms such as herself cringe.

She's trying to do the public a service here.

She really wants to make sure you understand that these utterances should be off-limits when speaking to a woman who recently gave birth.

So get out a pad and paper and prepare to take some notes, okay?

Here we go...

1. Let's Begin...

Khloe kardashian on the instagram
Okay, the first thing to never ask a new mother is this: "Did you deliver naturally?" Must Khloe explain why this question is such a no-no? Yes? Okay, her answer is below.

2. Because It's MY Va-Jay-Jay!

Khloe kardashian at 8 months
"My vagina - its past, its present, its future - is none of your business! Period," writes Khloe, making a good point. Why would you ask a woman to detail the most painful and personal experience of her life?

3. What About Nursing? Can I Ask How Nursing is Going?

Khloe kardashian on insta
NO! "This is just such a personal issue. You never know the private struggles someone could be going through and how terrible it may be making them feel," Khloe says.

4. Look, Khloe Understands... But Still

True and khloe
"I totally get it that sometimes it's hard to know what to say to a new mom! I have my awkward moments, too," Khloe admits in this post. "There are a few things that are pretty much the worst things to hear after you've given birth, though. Like, please shut the f-ck up if you even TRY to brag about your good night's sleep."

5. Okay.... So What Else?

Khloe on snapchat
Khloe also discourages others from making observations, like "You look tired," "Your baby cries a lot," and "I never see you anymore." Do people think women want to hear statements such as this? What is the sentiment behind them?

6. Let Khloe Explain Further:

True thompson picture
"A new mom is likely already sad about this, so this statement will most definitely cause tears - or anger," Khloe says of wondering out loud why she has seemingly become so anti-social. "Not a good idea."
View Slideshow

Khloe Kardashian: I HATE Tristan Thompson But I Just Can’t Leave!

Saying that the situation between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson is complicated would be like saying the Cleveland Cavs will be slightly worse off without LeBron James, or the Kardashians enjoy posting the occasional selfie.

Ever since Tristan was caught cheating on Khloe while she was pregnant with his child, fans have been calling on the beloved reality star to kick Tristan to the curb.

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian Match Clothes

But try as she might, it seems Khloe just can't quit Tristan.

There was a time when her mother and sisters were issuing ultimatums, essentially telling Khloe that if she doesn't dump Tristan, they'll dump her.

Eventually, of course, they backed away from that stance.

But they might be feeling differently now that they're witnessing the impact of Tristan's infidelity firsthand.

Currently, Tristan and Khloe are living in LA during the NBA offseason.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on New Year's Eve

The arrangement allows the couple to spend more time with Khloe's family, and though she's spent much of her adult life dreaming of just such a situation, insiders say True's mom couldn't be more miserable.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Khloe has been unable to get over Tristan's cheating, and she resents her baby daddy for casting a dark shadow over what should be the happiest time of her life.

“She even tried to pack her bags on numerous occasions and make arrangements to move in with her family, but when push comes to shove, she never goes through with it," says one insider.

“She simply can’t cut the cord and always seems to find a way to talk herself out of leaving him, even though her head tells her all day every day that it’s not right," the insider adds.

Tristan Thompson at the Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers Game

As for Tristan, he apparently is doing everything in his power to get into Khloe and her family's good graces.

We probably don't need to tell you it's not working out terribly well for him:

"He’s groveling and bending over backward to please Khloe’s family, spending a fortune in the process,” says one source.

“He’s sending Kris flowers on random occasions, buying gifts for the babies and bowls of fruit for the sisters.”

Well, buying gifts for the baby is just something he should be doing as the kid's freakin' dad.

Tristan and Khloe

As for those attempts to butter up Kris, Kim and company, Tristan's cash might be better spent hiring a good lawyer who will save him from losing it all during child support negotiations.

“This is Tristan’s way of worming his way back into the family’s favor because he knows it will take a lot of schmoozing after what he did to Khloe," says the source.

“She’s not gone to bed feeling happy in many months ever since the cheating scandal happened.”

Sounds like Tristan has a long way to go if he wants to win back Khloe's trust.

And who knows how many more nights he'll be willing to sleep on the couch.

Dude is 6'9", after all.

Kourtney Kardashian DESTROYS Kim and Khloe on Twitter After KUWTK Premiere!

Over the years, we've seen plenty of fights on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Like, remember the time that Kendall and Kylie fought over a dress and then Kendall told one of Kylie's dogs "I'm sorry your mom is such a c--t"?

Kourtney Kardashian Cries a Bit

Or the time that Kourtney and Khloe were bickering and Kourtney dropped the epic line "F-ck you, you f-cking pregnant whore"?

Or, to take it way back, remember when Kim bought her very first Bentley and her siblings made fun of her for being so braggy about it, so she attacked Khloe with her purse?

There's been quite a few classic feuds in this family, and what happened on last night's Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiere is definitely going to end up on the list.

In the episode, Kim was seen doing the planning for the family's Christmas card photo shoot, and at one point she complained that she had to reschedule the shoot "so that we can all accomodate Miss Queen Kourtney."

But Kylie, who was very pregnant at the time, couldn't make it, and Kendall was busy, and Rob didn't want to be seen, as usual.

Kim Kardashian, So Angry

"It's just like craziness," Kim explained. "So I thought, 'Why not show the craziness of our family?'"

She decided that they'd all do individual pictures to share throughout the month, and that's what ended up happening -- the edited together the final version with most of the family.

And although Kylie and Rob didn't do photos for the Christmas card at all, Kim went after Kourtney.

"No one wants you in the f-cking shoot," she told her. "I'm planning it. I'm planning the shoot, so we don't want you in the shoot."

Kourtney replied that she'd already said she'd do the shoot, but Kim still wasn't having it.

Kim Kardashian on Season 15

"Maybe if you had a f-cking business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a f-cking business but you don't, so don't even act like you know what I'm talking about," Kim said.

Kourtney didn't stick around to hear Kim's mouth any longer, so instead, Kim continued the chat with Khloe and Kris, telling them that Kourtney is "the least exciting to look at," so she didn't have to be on the Christmas card.

"She doesn't do sh-t," she complained. "She doesn't know what it's like to actually have f-cking work to do."

And then, because that wasn't enough drama already, Kourtney called Khloe while she was still with Kim, and Khloe put her on speakerphone.

"I'm not here to f-cking be mistreated by my f-cking bitch family," Kourtney said through tears. "Kim saying that I'm the least interesting to look at ... who even speaks like that?"

Kourtney Kardashian Means Business

Kim didn't answer that question, but she did tell her big sister "You do whatever the f-ck you want to do and you don't do sh-t. So be accommodating to the people that actually do sh-t."

And Kourtney delivered a line that will surely go down as one of the best in KUWTK history:

"You're a very distraught, evil human being ... I don't agree with who you are as a human being."

Later, Kim tried to make things right between them by inviting her to her baby shower for precious little Chicago, but Kourtney turned down her invitation.

After that, Kim said that she'd "really hoped Kourtney was gonna get over herself and just show up, but she didn't. So I don't think she's big on family 'cause if she was, she would be at my shower."

Kim with SOME Cleavage

So it's clear that the feud is not over yet.

We're sure to see more sister fighting this season, but as a special treat, we saw quite a bit of it last night on Twitter as the episode aired!

Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe all tweeted during the show, and when her big fight with Kim started, Kourtney wrote "Watching this fight actually gives me chills."

"It's not normal to have to relive this stuff," she added.

Then she tweeted "We all have our own priorities. Mine is being a mother."

Kourtney with Kids

And Kim did not appreciate that one bit.

"And mine is not?" she asked. "The shoot was with our kids!!!!! My #1 priority is being a mother as well and I can work too, so can you!"

Kourtney told her that she does work, "But i wasn't wanting MORE work, i already felt spread thin. Being a good mother also has different meaning to each of us."

"You're an amazing mother," she added, "I'm not taking that away from you."

But then Khloe jumped into her own argument with Kourtney ... or Kourtney dragged her in, rather.

Khloe is Aghast on KUWTK

Someone asked Khloe whose side she was on in the Christmas card feud, and she claimed that she "just wanted peace," to which Kourtney tweeted "Khloe let's be honest here."

"What the f-ck does that mean??" Khloe asked. "I didn't want peace??"

After stewing for a moment, she asked Kourtney if she was "for real," and she also asked "Do we want to get into why all of us were frustrated with you? You want to do this on twitter?"

"Please explain when I ever jumped in on that situation. I'm the one who f-cking called you to make sure you were good."

A little later, when Kourtney hadn't responded, Khloe tweeted her again and asked "Are you watching the same episode I am??? Do you think I was picking on you?"

Khloe Kardashian Ponders Life

"I was genuinely concerned about your happiness. Stop looping me into your drama with Kim! Don't ever tweet me that sh-t again!"

At one point during that absolute mess of an episode, Kourtney tweeted that she and her sisters are "ride or die," but "I don't accept the way we criticize and judge each other anymore. My personal growth doesn't allow it."

Kim agreed, writing "Don't ever get it twisted, me, Kourtney and Khloe are GOOD! ALWAYS!!!! Never question that!"

But then Khloe said that "I was going to ask kourt to workout with me tomorrow but she may throw a dumbbell at my head lol," so while they obviously still love each other, the fighting may still be happening.

Or, since pretty much all of these tweets ended with a "KUWTK" hashtag, there's also a very good chance that they're not fighting at all, they never really were, and Kris Jenner is just going hard for those ratings.

Guess we'll just have to wait until next week to figure it all out!

Khloe Kardashian: Mom-Shamers Are A–holes!

Khloe Kardashian is a mom now, and that means something very special for her: she now gets bombarded online by mom-shaming trolls!

Khloe's received her fair share of hate, sometimes justified. Just recently, Khloe was caught using slurs and got called out on it.

But mom-shaming is new to her, and it's not justified. And Khloe doesn't care for it one bit.

Khloe is aghast on kuwtk

Khloe gets mom-shamed "even working out," she says while speaking to E!'s Zanna Roberts Rassi.

The reality star describes the scenario, saying: "like my baby's asleep, I'm working out, the monitor's with me."

Folks, parents do not have to physically hover over their sleeping child at all times.

"But even if it's not," Khloe continues. "Do you think I'm leaving my child alone?"

She has her cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson. She also has an extended family of potential caregivers and effectively limitless resources for first-rate child-care.

"It just drives me crazy that people are...I don't know why they're passing judgement."

Cradling true

"I was at a charity event last weekend," Khloe shares as she begins an anecdote about unfounded mom-shaming.

"And I'm literally trying to raise money for cancer research," she adds. That's a very worthy cause.

Khloe says that she was doing that "and I'm getting annihilated for being somewhere on a Sunday."

Mom-shamers reacted if she'd just locked True in the car with a cup of water and a magazine while she attended the event.

"I'm like, 'She's with her dad, you a--hole,'" Khloe says. "'Like, what do you want me to do?'"

Tristan thompson dances with true thompson

The thing about mom-shamers is that, as a collective, they don't really want her to do anything. They just want to tell her how to live her life.

We all know that there are terrible parents in this world whose choices doom their children long before they reach adulthood, if they make it that far.

Eating cereal with artificial coloring or spending time at a charity event are not examples of bad parenting.

"I get crazy with that," Khloe says.

"Because we also have to work to support our families," Khloe explains. "And the lifestyles that we have."

Kim kardashian khloe kardashian true thompson and chicago west

It's unclear if she's speaking of her sisters or is referring to all parents. Obviously, for some, the need to work is more pressing than for others.

"And I don't know what people want us to do now that we have kids," Khloe asks. "Just stay at home?"

Honestly? That's probably what some of them want.

Remember that some women of the Duggar fertility cult get shamed online for dressing "too provocatively" or "being too active outside of the home."

Even people on the extreme fringes will get called out by even more radical extremists. You'll never make everyone happy.

Khloe kardashian ponders life

Khloe refers to "mom guilt" when she spends time away from True as "horrible! It's a real, real thing."

"And," Khloe shares. "I used to make so much fun of Kourtney and Kim. Like, 'oh my god, hush up, it's one night.' I would always say that."

"You're like 'I want to check my phone, I want to see the monitor.'"

"She's asleep," Khloe says. "She doesn't even know -- she probably likes the break away from me."

Khloe's using some self-deprecating humor, obviously. True is nearly 4 months old. Khloe is her entire world.

Khloe kardashian post pregnancy

Khloe agrees with her interviewer that True "doesn't know the difference" when Khloe is traveling.

"And [True is] sleeping through the night right now," Khloe shares.

Which leaves Khloe with a bit more freedom to step out of the house to run her business or make promotional appearances.

Or to work out in her own home, with the baby monitor right there.

Khloe kardashian mom shamers are a holes im a great mom

Khloe Kardashian Konfronts Kourtney: What Is Up Your Ass?!!

Last month, word of Kourtney Kardashian's clashes with her family had fans fearing that Kourtney will leave reality television.

Well, Keeping Up With The Kardashians premieres in just a few days, and Kourtney is still on it, at least for now.

In the new sneak peek, Kourtney clashes with her sisters and declares that she's a "born b--ch."

Khloe and kim on kuwtk

In the preview video, Kim and Khloe (who is, of course, pregnant) are huddled up on the couch, bracing themselves for this conversation as if they're about to report failure to Darth Vader.

"I don't understand the f--king attitude," Khloe whispers to Kim.

"I'm so afraid of her," Kim says.

Khloe echoes: "I'm, like, so afraid of her."

Kourtney comes in, wearing red and black, her face a mask of disinterest.

Khloe waves on kuwtk

Kourtney immediately starts looking at her phone, which would be fine, except that she's there to talk to Kim and Khloe and, oh by the way, they're being filmed.

Like children trying to get their mom's attention while she's on the phone, Khloe waves at Kourtney while Kim flashes her. Neither of them elicit a response.

"Heh," Kim says. "She's, like, not paying attention."

Kourtney's cool reply is: "What do you want me to do? Sit here and stare?"

That's ... not an invalid point, honestly.

Kim kardashian flashes kourtney on kuwtk

"Well, guys," Kim says. "I really wasn't going to plan a baby shower."

We know that it was forever ago, but we all remember Kim Kardashian's third, very pink baby shower.

"But I think it's important for North, so she starts feeling that, like, it's coming," Kim explains. "Things are happening."

Even if those "things" aren't visible, because Kim hired a gestational carrier.

"So," Kim continues. "A vision came to me about cherry blossoms."

Khloe chimes in: "They're so beautiful."

Kim says: "And that's my favorite thing at the moment."

The results, as we've all seen, were absolutely gorgeous.

Kim kardashian and north west kims baby shower


At this point, Kim starts going into detail about feeling busy and overwhelmed between the baby shower and the photoshoot.

Khloe volunteers to help her -- with the baby shower, not with the photoshoot. That's fair.

Kourtney ignores Kim's pleas for help and seems to tune out her sisters.

"Thank you for the help," Kim says. Then, she adds a little rub. "Thanks for being so present."

This comment was clearly aimed at Kourtney, who was seated just feet away from them but did not seem present at all.

Kourt on her phone

Kourtney does speak, but she has nothing pleasant to say.

"Who let you choose black covers for your furniture?" Kourtney asks Khlow.

Kourt then declares that it's "disgusting."

"Usually people get a color that's neutral to your floor," Kourtney claims. "Who chooses black?"

For the record, folks, this is America, and you can get whatever color for your furniture covers that you like. It doesn't even have to be a boring option.

But Kourtney is clearly looking to pick a fight.

Khloe is aghast on kuwtk

"Well, thanks for coming over," Khloe says. "Thanks for being so lovely."

"When I come into your house," Khloe continues. "I'll be sure to say ... just a critical comment."

Kourtney then insists that Khloe already does this "every time."

Kourt may be feeling needlessly confontational, but she's not the only one spouting hostile words.

Khloe asks: "What is up your a--? Seriously, what the f--k is wrong with you?"

Kourtney replies that she is a "born b--ch."

The clip ends with Khloe telling the camera: "If I wasn't pregnant, I'd probably have f--king drowned you in the pool."

When did kim fall for kanye

Khloe kardashian konfronts kourtney what is up your ass

Tristan Thompson Gets ROASTED by Khloe Kardashian Fans: Go Back to Your Side-Piece!

Khloe Kardashian's fans may know that Tristan Thompson is just too dumb to be faithful, but that doesn't mean that they're willing to accept it.

Tristan took to Instagram to ask his baby mama what nice romantic spot the two should visit.

Commenters could not resist roasting him and the results are ... hilarious.

Khloe Kardashian Ponders Life

On Instagram, Khloe shared a photo of a pink beach and wrote: "Take me please" in her captions.

Tristan decided to leave a publicly visible comment.

Perhaps he wasn't thinking, perhaps he was feeling romantic, or perhaps Tristan's still trying to rebuild his image with Khloe's fans.

Whatever his reason, Tristan wrote: "Where do you wanna go my love?"

Almost immediately, his words racked up hundreds upon hundreds of replies from Khloe's fans who had some suggestions for him.

Tristan Thompson Kisses Baby True Thompson

According to TooFab, Tristan's comment has over 1,800 replies, and some of these are pure gold.

"Somewhere where she can be loved and respected by a real man," one suggested.

Possibly the best comment of the bunch was: "Which love are you talking about, you gotta be more specific."

Another fan suggested that Tristan should take Khloe "to before 2016 before Tristan was her bae."

"To a marriage counselor," one commenter suggested, though of course Khloe and Tristan are not married.

Another chimed in with "Couple's therapy."

Khloe Kardashian Post-Pregnancy

Tristan was advised to take Khloe "somewhere where you don't take her granted."

"You need to go to church," another wrote.

(In general, we don't recommend pushing people to change their personal religious habits, even as a joke)

Another commenter suggested that Tristan could dazzle Khloe with the tourist attractions on "Faithful island."

Yet another said that Khloe would be happier "probably away from him."


Tristan Thompson Dances with True Thompson

"You better take her ANYWHERE she wanna go bro," another commenter.

That one seemed almost on Tristan's side, suggesting that he owes Khloe and needs to act like it if he wants to keep this relationship going.

Another, poking fun at the names of many Caribbean island, suggested a trip to "St. Loyalty."

Fun fact: Catholicism has a number of saints who are considered to be patron saints of "difficult marriages." If Tristan and Khloe were married, that would be fodder for some obscure burns.

A comment suggested that Tristan should take Khloe "far far away from you."

That would be sending, not taking.

"Where the faithful men at," another wrote.

True's Mom

Interestingly, Khloe's own sister, Kourtney, had a reply to Tristan's comment.

Kourtney simply wrote: "good one."

Unless Kourt was suggesting that Tristan himself is a good one, which would be kind of funny, it sounds like she was being a little shady.

Kourtney may have been chiming in about another comment -- applauding the roasting that Tristan was receiving.

Or Kourtney may have been simply laughing at the notion that Tristan would take Khloe on vacation, treating his comment itself as a joke.

Khloe seems to be Tristan's only fan these days.

Khloe Kardashian Konfesses: I Wanted a Baby Boy!

It sounds like Khloe has some regrets. For one thing, she probably wishes that Tristan weren't too dumb to know that cheating is bad.

But for another, learning that she was having a daughter was apparently a crushing disappointment.

Over the weekend, Khloe took to Twitter to reveal that she'd been dead-set on having a baby boy.

Khloe Kardashian Post-Pregnancy

Taking to Twitter, Khloe konfessed to having had her heart set on a baby boy.

"I wanted a boy so badly," she admits in a tweet.

A lot of parents have gender preferences, and a lot of them seem to hope for a boy. Which is ... problematic.

Khloe explains that she wanted a boy "because Mason and I are so close. I love our bond."

Mason Disick is her nephew and actually her eldest nibling.

"I felt confident in having a boy," she writes.

Khloe Kardashian Konfesses she wanted a boy tweet

"But," Khloe says. "God blessed me with my precious True."

Sometimes, people can accept what appears to be misfortune -- or, in this case, simply a denial of their expectations -- if they see it within an affirming religious context.

"And now," Khloe continues. "I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy."

That's a silly thing to say.

The answer would be: the exact same things that she does with True, but with different pronouns and a little more caution during diaper changes.

Baby True

But adult concepts of gender can apparently impact not only how they see their baby, but how they view their own behavior.

"True has made me sweeter and more gentle," Khloe claims.

Fun fact: all babies require sweetness and gentleness.

Khloe states that "God gives you what you need."

And what she says that she needed was a baby girl.

Khloe concludes her tweet by referring to baby True as: "My BFF 4Life."

Tristan Thompson Dances with True Thompson

The photos and videos of Khloe with True and Tristan with True are cute.

But ... can we look at how Khloe's statements in the present might impact True in the future?

Telling your daughter that you always wanted a boy -- not hypothetically, but during your pregnancy with her -- is kind of screwed up, right?

Of course, we already knew that Khloe was shocked to learn that she was expecting a girl, so perhaps the cat is out of the bag.

Her line about not knowing what to do with a boy is not only silly, but might get her into trouble later if she has a boy.

Cradling True

Of course, reports say that Khloe and Tristan have entered couple's therapy.

This can be a profoundly good thing for people in relationships of almost any state -- yes, even people who are happy and have healthy habits.

But some worry that anything that Khloe and Tristan do is just delaying an inevitable split.

It's not just because most couples break up eventually, but because Tristan is a known cheater.

Many of her fans fear that the man who cheated on her with who-knows-how-many women while she was pregnant is just biding his time so that he can go cheat again.

If Khloe can live with that, then that's their relationship from here on out. If she can't live with that ... then it seems like they'll break up eventually.

Many feels that this breakup would have been better if it had been around True's birth instead of after she's bonded with the idea of her parents being a couple.

We hope that, whatever lies ahead for that family, things happen in a way that's best for True.

Khloe Kardashian: It’s OK, Tristan Thompson is Too Dumb to Be Faithful!

At this point, it feels pretty safe to say that Khloe Kardashian has forgiven Tristan Thompson for cheating on her multiple times throughout her pregnancy.

Or maybe she hasn't forgiven him, but she's definitely not leaving him.

True's Mom

Just last month, a Twitter user told her that she was "disappointed" in her for staying with him, and Khloe told her off.

"You have no knowledge of what goes on in our household or the enormous rebuilding this takes to even coexist," she wrote.

"I'm proud of my strength."

We're glad she feels proud, but a new report from People details a bit of what is going on in their household, and some information about the kind of work they're putting into their relationship.

And it's ... well ... it's pretty ridiculous, honestly.

A source close to Khloe claims that "as a guy," Tristan is "naturally not as understanding as he can be in this particular situation."

"It's so much easier for him to, not completely, but brush things under the rug. She can't do that."

Tristan Thompson Makes a Face

"Khloe carried his child," the source continues, "and is much more in the limelight than he is, and she doesn't think he understands the consequences of his decisions."

"She thinks the cheating scandal is a way bigger deal than he does and he doesn't fully understand the repercussions of his actions affecting not only him and Khloe but the entire family as a whole."

Poor, simple Tristan, huh?

We know he's just "a guy" and therefore completely incapable of understanding how emotions work, but still, you think he could have picked up a couple of things from different relationships over the years.

Or movies, TV shows, anything.

Enough to figure out that cheating on your pregnant girlfriend multiple times is bad.

Tristan Thompson Sweating

But that concept isn't the only one that he's had trouble grasping.

This insider says that Khloe's family's reaction to the cheating scandal, how strongly they all reacted to the news, has "been a tough learning lesson for him."

Yeah, how wild is it that her family got mad that he stepped out on her so publicly during such a vulnerable time?

Who could have foreseen such a turn of events?!

The source adds that "He also doesn't fully 'get' that she's been through this before [with Lamar Odom], except that this time there's a child involved."

That's fair -- after all, it wasn't like anyone ever really talked about what happened with Lamar, you know?

"When he got with Khloe," the story continues, "he tried to adapt to the best of his ability, but he struggled with being part of such a high-profile family and crossed lines he shouldn't have."

Tristan Thompson Looks Dumb

"He wasn't expecting such major backlash from the public and it's been a lot for him to handle."

It's definitely clear who the victim in all of this is, that's for sure!

So let's recap: Tristan is just a guy, and that means it's hard for him to understand that cheating is bad, that cheating when your girlfriend is pregnant is extra bad, and that doing all of this when your girlfriend is super famous is even worse.

He also has somehow missed the entire saga of Khlomar and why an unfaithful partner might be more difficult for her because of that.

Additionally, all of this negative attention has really been hard for him, so if everyone could cut him some slack, that would be great.

It seems like that's what the Kardashians are doing!

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, True Thompson, and Chicago West

"The whole family is there to support both him and Khloe through everything," the insider states, "but they also need his commitment in order for the relationship to succeed."

"All of them are really hoping for a positive outcome for Khloe's sake."

We're hoping everything works out too, but we have to remember that Tristan will almost certainly mess up again.

Not because he's a bad person, not because he has questionable morals or poor self control.

But because he has a penis.

And he can't help that, guys.