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Kim Kardashian Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Florida Shooting

Kim Kardashian has taken a break from stripping nearly all the way down to address the most pressing issue currently facing our country:

Gun control.

In the wake of 17 people being gunned down at a school in Florida on Wednesday, the reality star has chosen to use her social media platform for something worthwhile right now.

Kim Kardashian in This Outfit

We're not saying photos such as THIS ONE are not worthwhile, of course.

But they are certainly meaningless in the wake of this horrific school shooting.

"We owe it to our children and our teachers to keep them safe while at school," Kim Tweeted last night, adding:

"Prayers won't do this: action will. Congress, please do your job and protect Americans from senseless gun violence."

The mother of three is reacting here to the way in which most politicians offer "thoughts and prayers" after a shooting of this nature.

But we didn't vote them into office to deliver hollow platitudes, Kim is arguing. We voted them into office to actually pass legislation.

kim on guns

On Wednesday afternoon, a 19-year old named Nikolas Cruz opened fire on students and staff members at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

He used an automatic rifle to end the lives of these 17 people, while injuring many others.

In the hours since this tragedy took place, a debate has once again arisen over whether new gun control measures ought to be put in place.

Along with her own message on the topic, Kardashian re-Tweeted a number of other points people made on Twitter in regard to this contentious issue.

To wit:

gun retweet

This actually isn't the first time Kardashian has pushed for gun control of some kind.

In November of 2016, she talked to Kendall Jenner about the issue, emphasizing how important it is for celebrities to get involved in various political debates.

Just consider the reach they have, she stated.

Watch the clip below: 

Just over a week since this scene was filmed, Kardashian slammed Congress about it failed to pass meaningful legislation.

"Nothing has changed!!!! People continue to senselessly die. When will these gun laws be changed?!?!?!?!!!!?????" she asked on Twitter at the time, adding:

"The fact that anyone can so easily access guns is so scary & after all of the devastating loss the Senate should have not failed us!!!"

We almost never say this about Kim Kardashian, but... we agree.

We agree completely with everything she is saying here.

Kim Kardashian Goes Sexy

In televised remarks from the White House Diplomatic Reception Room on Thursday morning, President Donald Trump said he was committed to making schools safe and to tackle the issue of "mental health" in America.

He did not say anything about gun control.

"I want to speak now directly to America's children, especially those who feel lost alone confused or even scared," he added.

"I want you to know that you are never alone, and you never will be.

"You have people who care about you, who love you and who will do anything at all to protect you.

"If you need help, turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer or a faith leader. Answer hate with love. Answer cruelty with kindness."

That sounds terrific in theory.

In practice, answering an automatic weapon with kindness will simply get you killed.

Kim Kardashian: These Are My EXTREME Body Measurements

Kim Kardashian's curves are legendary. She once had a booty pic break the internet, folks. 

Now Kim is bragging that she's pushed her figure -- and particularly her narrow waistline -- to new extremes.

And she's not afraid to share her new, extreme measurements.

Kim Kardashian Goes Pink

Fresh off of being slammed for a controversial nude pic that was taken by her daughter, Kim chats with sister Kourtney Kardashian and beloved Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen.

In a video shared on Kim Kardashian's app, Kim reveals her exact measurements.

"My waist, guess how much it is? Twenty-four. Yeah, it’s never been 24 ever in my life. My hips are 39."

Keep in mind that, though most of us consider our waistline to be where our (normal, non-high-waisted) pants rest, when you're talking about clothing and waist measurements, a woman's "natural waistline" is going to be just above her navel but below her ribcage.

Kim's waistline is an extremely narrow one, even for a woman as tiny as she is (she's, like, 5-foot-3; that whole family is so little).

In contrast to her hips, though ... it's almost too much to imagine. Fortunately, there are photos:

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Figure

(Kim captioned this photo: "Forgot to post this last night," which is a profoundly casual way of advertising a look like this)

Even seeing Kim's waist-to-hips ratio for yourself, and even though we've all seen Kim's nude pics, it almost defies belief.

Kourtney is particularly blown away, marking that she cannot "take her hips seriously,” because Kim's “waist is so small," and her “hips are so big."

It's not that no one else on the planet has a tiny waist -- Kourtney's pretty small herself -- but Kim loses weight from her legs and tummy, keeping them trim, while her butt and hips and breasts remain as lively as ever.

Hey, different bodies store and burn fat differently. Some people gain weight and their faces are largely untouched; other people have slender figures but still have very soft features.

In case anyone missed the point, Kim shared this:

Kim Kardashian, on Hands and Knees

Wearing Fendi logo leggings and a matching top, Kim arches on her hands and knees in what some mgiht describe as a suggestive pose.

This pose doesn't quite show off her boobs, but it certainly highlights the curve of her butt.

More significantly, you can see exactly how shockingly thin Kim Kardashian's waist is.

(We're not body-shaming her over redefining hourglass figures, but it's still shocking to see that kind of incredible body contrast)

How exactly does Kim do this?

Kim Kardashian on Beach

We all wish that there were some secret alien Illuminati pizzagate clone serum that celebrities passed around that let them have whatever figure they want without sacrificing their happiness.

Unfortunately, there is now.

Though Kim has access to the best healthcare in the world, she maintains her figure through diet and exercise.

And also the use of waist-trainers. Though some medical professionals have pointed out that your average waist-trainer that you'll see advertised on Instagram isn't likely to work beyond a sort of placebo effect ...

(Basically, you feel better about your body while wearing it and are therefore more driven to exercise and diet)

Some truly dedicated stars, like Kim, use waist-trainers with effectiveness. And the results are hard to miss.

Kim Kardashian Goes Sexy

We don't want to speak over Kim or any expert, but it looks like the real key to Kim's figure is ... obsession.

Obsession with her figure -- remember how quickly she trimmed down after giving birth to Saint? Obsession with her weight and measurements.

Those nudes and photos that we see might not just be Kim loving her body and maintaining her brand image.

In a way, they might be like those "daily accountability photos" that people share on social media in order to keep themselves from slacking off.

Kim's brand is very much tied to her figure and to her body. That's a huge part of why she shows it so much.

But she's created a work of art; why shouldn't she put it on display if she wants to?

Kim Kardashian Slammed as "Pathetic and Creepy" for Latest Semi-Nude Pic

Kim Kardashian is now a mother of three.

But the former sex tape producer is getting bashed left and right these days for being the owner of two.

Two boobs, that is, in case it somehow wasn't clear.

Kim Kardashian: A Picture

Last week, Kardashian returned to her famously topless ways by sharing a photo of herself without a shirt on.

This isn't exactly a groundbreaking development, we know.

Kim has posed for most shirtless pictures than Justin Bieber and LeBron James combined -- and yet the latest snapshot stood out for one clear and, according to critics, inappropriate reason:

It was snapped by North West.

Yes, that North West.

We're referring to Kim's four-year old daughter North West, to whom Kardashian gave photo credit for the following racy image:

kim, no shirt

It doesn't exactly seem like this was an accident, either.

Kim didn't just turn around while getting dressed and, whoops!, there's little North with a camera.

Nope. As you can see above, Kim has her bra pulled down and her hands placed over her nipples, as she poses in the kind of seductive manner she made famous for years on social media and in various magazines.

Only this time, instead of an adult professional behind the camera, it's her toddler daughter.

Sort of weird, right?

YES, says Piers Morgan.

Tweeted the opinionated British TV host in reply to this scandalous picture:

"Kim Kardashian now posting topless photos of herself taken by her 4-year-old daughter. Pathetic and creepy."

piers on kim

Morgan isn't the only celebrity to react VERY poorly to Kardashian's most recent lewd snapshot.

The hosts of The View all agreed Friday that the photo is "tacky and wrong."

Heck, guest panelist Nancy Grace even went as far to allege that child services would be paying Kim a visit if not for her stardom.

That, of course, is totally unfair and absurd.

Say what you want about Kim's often-naked ways, but there's no reason to doubt that she's a terrific, loving mother.

Kimin Braids

Piers Morgan, meanwhile, has long been a Kardashian hater.

He was even included on her enemies list earlier this year, as Kim oddly sent out samples of her latest fragrances to various stars with whom she has beefed over the years.

"I'm in there with Sharon Osbourne, Taylor Swift and there I am, the only male representative," Morgan said shortly after receiving his quasi gift, adding:

"I'll be sent one of her perfumes in a giant chocolate box... I'm actually quite relived. The chocolate will probably overpower the smell of the scent."

Morgan also went as far recently as to link Kim with the ongoing #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, in a negative sense.

"She's like, 'Ay, look at me. Look at me. Me Too. Times Up.' Time should be up for Mrs. Kardashian," he said, adding:

"I don't know what she adds to the movement really. The only thing moving is her breasts."

That's a weird way to couch his criticism.

Not as weird as having your four-year old child snap a staged photograph of you topless in the bathroom, of course.

But weird nonetheless.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Surrogacy Exposed

Sunday night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 17, Kim received some alarming news about her surrogate.

Meanwhile, the life and times of Lord Disick once again took center stage ... and there is never a dull moment with him.

As you can see in the clip above, Scott opened up about how he's dating Sofia Richie, and it was awkward. Very awkward.

Not just because he has three kids with Kourtney Kardashian and any new relationship would be somewhat awkward, but ...

Sofia Richie is 19. Scott Disick is 34.

Nineteen. Naturally, eyebrows were raised - no small feat in a family where there are no taboos and Kylie had a baby at 20.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), there were other distractions going on ... such as Kourtney's house being infested with pests.

Just when she got rid of Scott too. Oh!

Most significantly, though, Kim Kardashian's surrogate's pregnancy leaked to the media, and this sent the star into a panic.

Incredibly, celebrity gossip site TMZ broke the news about her third child before Kimberly had even told people close to her.

"I honestly am absolutely fuming that there are all these articles coming out about our surrogate," Kardashian said.

"People started to write me asking if it was true," she added, "and I just said we don't want to talk about it right now."

Her surrogate's information also leaked, which was a huge breach of privacy for anyone in that kind of situation.

Kim called it "so invasive and so frustrating," and lamented that this was the reason she wanted to keep this on the DL.

Even Scott didn't know (above) and he's not that out of the loop. Then to make matters worse, it was Fashion Week.

That's right, Kim found herself in front of swarms of media and paparazzi when she was there to support Kendall.

Unwilling to lie about it, but also unprepared to confirm or go public with the news, she was in a really tough position.

Fortunately, she saw Kendall in the Alexander Wang show and was able to dodge the issue ... at least momentarily.

Kim in Shock

It's not that Kim was trying to be shady or secretive, it was just a private matter - involving a third-party - within her family.

This should have been a happy time for everyone involved and instead it became a huge cause of stress and anxiety.

Honestly, it was hard to watch. Kim is criticized and scrutinized for a lot of things, sometimes justifiably, but this? This?

This was Kim at her most vulnerable - ironically, her most relatable - as she scrambled to make sense of her own life.

She is still human, after all.

A Saint and His Mom

Sure, it's par for the course in our celebrity culture, but people like Kim's surrogate certainly aren't used to being exposed.

That added level of damage control on top of whatever she personally was going through made for a very trying situation.

One she really excelled at, considering.

All in all, she handled this about as well as anyone could have, and we know Chicago West is here and she's beautiful.

Congrats Kim and family! We can't wait to meet Khloe's new addition to this amazing, awesomely-named crew ...

Blac Chyna to Kim Kardashian: I’m Suing You, You Petty B-tch!

Back in July of 2017, Rob Kardashian posted nude photos of Blac Chyna as revenge for sleeping with another guy after they had already broken up.

Needless to say, Rob's not the most stable individual, and it doesn't come as much of surprise that Chyna is suing him for inflicting emotional distress and damaging her career prospects.

Blac Chyna Press Conference Pic

And now it seems she's broadened her scope in hopes of taking the entire Kard clan along with Rob after being triggered by a passive-aggressive present.

Yes, Blac has decided to include Rob's famous sisters in her lawsuit after apparently being enraged by the Valentine's Day gift she received from Kim Kardashian.

In fairness, the perfume that she received from Kim's new line of fragrances was sent in connection with a Snapchat video in which Kim revealed 

“Chyna was furious when she got Kim’s perfume Valentine,” an insider told Radar.

“It was so rude of Kim to send that to her. Chyna was disgusted that she would be that condescending.”

Kim Kardashian in Braids

Things get worse from there, with some quotes that lead us to believe this "source" is actually just Chyna:

“Chyna knows Kim is a petty b-tch, she always has been. And this was it for her. She said she wasn’t going to hide the truth about how awful Rob’s whole family has been to her,” the weirdly angry and knowledgeable insider claims.

“She has kept everything with the family to the court and hasn’t done anything on social media or anywhere else against the family, but this was low, even for them.”

The anonymous tipster went on to praise Blac for her patience in not going after the Kardashians sooner, as well as for her bravery in speaking out against them now:

“Chyna had tried to let all of the personal nasty things everyone had done to her not bother her, but she finally made the decision to stand up to the Kardashians and Jenners with all of the ammunition she had.”

Kim Kardashian in Tight Dress

In court documents obtained by Radar, Blac's attorney, Lisa Bloom, slams the Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney for all the “false” statements “Defendants Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and/or their respective agents made."

Bloom also quotes Kim as saying:

“The only reason Chyna wants to be with my brother is for this show. She does not love Rob and their relationship is too fake and destructive. The public has been exposed to what a fake relationship they have and it’s embarrassing and makes us all look fake.”

So the lawsuit isn't technically about Kim shading Blac with free perfume...

...But let's be honest, it's totally about Kim shading Blac with free perfume.

Kardashian-Jenner Baby Names: RANKED!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan now nearly has enough little kids running around to start its own baseball team.

But it's not the sheer number of sons and daughters shared by Kourtney, Kim, Kylie and Rob that has the Internet abuzz.

It's the names of these sons and daughters!

We mean no judgment at their expense, of course. They are cute and precious and they have no control over what they are called.

But we do mean to pass A LOT of judgment on their parents for these unique monikers.

Below, we rank the first names of these famous kids, from our absolute favorite to the one we still cannot believe is an actual name...

9. Penelope Disick

Penelope disick
This is a nice, normal, very cute name. Do they call her "Penny?" We hope so. Thumbs up all around.

8. North West

North west
First, the nickname "Nori" is sort of adorable. Second, the name may be ridiculous, but she is Kanye and Kim's kid. Her whole life will be ridiculous. At least her parents leaned into it here.

7. Mason Disick

Mason disick
Strong name. Sounds sort of like a detective on a Shonda Rhimes drama, doesn't it? Also, like the first two names listed here, not a terrible shortened nickname. Mace. We don't hate it.

6. Dream Kardashian

Dream kardashian
We guess? Any of the following names could go in almost any order at this point... and that's not a compliment. We just fell off a pretty huge cliff of semi-normalcy.

5. Chicago West

Chicago west
Like we said, we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here... already. In this case, we're relying again on the hope that she is really called "Chi," which isn't awful. And we're giving Kanye some props for remembering when he comes from.

4. Saint West

Saint west
Saint is not a name. It's just not. It's a designation. There's no cute shortening of any kind available here and no way to spin the name except that it was a very transparent and lame attempt to be edgy.
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Kim Kardashian Topless Pic Ignites Controversy (Also, Probably, Boners)

At this point, we've probably seen Kim Kardashian topless a couple hundred times.

Maybe a couple thousand?

It's hard to estimate, when you consider the screen shots from her sex tape alone and then cycle through her Playboy and Paper spreads and then consider her Instagram account, like, everday.

Kim Kardashian on Beach

But we've never seen Kim Kardashian topless quite like this before.

The reality star and mother of three shared yet another photo on social media this morning of herself without a shirt on, yet this one is different.

For one thing, she's facing away from the camera... which sucks.

For another thing, a professional photographer did not snap this image. Nor did Kim herself.

Instead, the person behind the camera was... four-year old daughter North?

Yes, according to Kardashian herself in the caption below:

kim, no shirt

As you might expect, many social media users had A LOT to say about this snapshot.

And not much of it was positive.

"So now your daughter is taking the provocative photos for you to post?" one user wrote, while another chimed in as follows:

"Why Kim?? Seriously you are her role model. There’s so much good and beautiful about you and your family. Why cheapen it? You don’t need to."

We understand these opinions. We really do.

But we also don't know the context of the picture.

Most kids just love to snap pictures. Perhaps Kim and North were just goofing around.

We doubt Kim told her toddler to take a picture of her half-naked and then explained that it would instantly go up on her Instagram page.

And, let's be honest, North probably sees her mom without a shirt on all the time. This isn't exactly a big deal to her.

Kim "Bo Derek" West

But critics weren't buying any of this logic.

"I can't imagine asking my daughter to take a provocative photo of me," wrote someone else in response, adding:

"This is pretty distasteful seeing as a child took it."

Kim certainly has been in a weird mood ever since becoming a mother for the third time.

How so? Well...

Kim Kardashian in Calvin Klein, BTS

FIRST, she named this new child Chicago West.

THEN, she attacked Lamar Odom.

THEN, she went after Lindsay Lohan.

THEN, she put her hair back into blonde braids.

And she keeps posing mostly nude. Like, very often.

As we've mentioned before, Kim now has three little kids at home and may just be very bored.

So, in the case of her latest image, at least she managed to kill two birds with one stone: She found something for both her and North to do!

Scott Disick to Kim Kardashian: Wait…You Have 3 Kids Now?!

When a Kardashian woman dumps a man, the rest of the family typically takes pity on him and allows him to remain in the loop and continue appearing on their reality shows.

It's for this reason that Scott Disick is still stumbling around the Calabasas homes of his ex's sisters like a lost puppy with an abiding love for Patron tequila.

Yes, despite the fact that Scott is now dating 19-year-old Sofia Richie after making Kourtney Kardashian's life a living hell for over a decade, the rest of the Kard clan has taken pity on him.

He's been permitted to remain in their inner circle - but it seems his security clearance is not that it used to be.

In a clip from this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we learn that Scott was apparently kept in the dark about the fact that Kim Kardashian hired a surrogate to carry her third child.

While checking out a room in her new house that Kim intended to turn into a nursery, Scott asked Kim if she was pregnant.

Her stunned response says it all.

"No, I'm not. We went the surrogacy route," Kim replies. 

"I never had this conversation with you? I swear I'm not joking with you. Scott, I swear I'm not joking with you."

"I don't know what's going on anymore," a dejected Scott replies.

It seems like he's not exaggerating, but that could have less to do with the fact that he's being kept in the dark and more to do with the fact that he's still coming down from a year-long bender.

Scott disick to kim kardashian waityou have 3 kids

Wendy Williams Rips Kim Kardashian for "Selfish" Baby Reveal

We've despised Wendy Williams for a number of years now.

But we truly despise Wendy Williams these days, and here's why:

Because she's been forcing us to defend Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Wendy Williams Opens Show

Any regular reader of The Hollywood Gossip must be aware that we aren't huge fans of these women or their family members.

They aren't bad people or anything; it's just that Kim and company are self-obsessed and represent all that's wrong with a culture which rewards pretty much anyone with a large social media following.

Williams, however, has been going on the attack against Kim and Kyle for weeks now.

It started back when she slammed Kylie's then-unborn baby as ugly.

From there, she took Kardashian to task for her latest round of naked photos, referring to the mother of three as "desperate" for snapping these images.

Now, Williams has slammed both Kim and Kylie for reasons related to the latter having a daughter.

Kimin Braids

On Sunday, Jenner came out and announced that she gave birth back on February 1, releasing a heartfelt statement at the time that explained her nine-month silence on her pregnancy.

She also unveiled the following video.

It centered on Kylie's path to parenthood and included with it our very first look at Kim and her third child, a girl named Chicago West.

Click PLAY to see glimpses of Chicago at the hospital with her aunt:

Instead of seeing this as adorable (or simply ignoring it because it's none of her business), Williams used the above footage as the basis for tearing into Kim once again.

“Also in the video we saw Chicago West for the first time, which is Kim and Kanye’s new daughter, which I thought was selfish,” Williams said on Monday on air, explaining her reasoning as follows:

“This is Kylie’s moment to do Kylie’s thing and then Kim just showed up with the baby. I think it’s selfish.” 

We don't think Kim just showed up with the baby or anything like that.

This was an 11-minute video that includes a variety of scenes that depicted Kylie spending time with her loved ones.

Part of that time was comprised of Kim visiting her sister and bringing her brand new baby along with her... and someone recorded this visit and included it along with MANY other scenes in the video.

We fail to see the big deal here.

Kylie Jenner, Chicago West, Kim Kardashian

Then again, we aren't Wendy Williams.

We don't make a living by tossing out unfounded, cruel opinions about others on a regular basis.

"I thought [the video] was cute,” Williams added. “But, she’s only 20, what a mess.”

Look, we've cracked plenty of jokes about Kylie's unplanned pregnancy.

And she is absolutely on the younger side when it comes to being a parent.

But we'd never label any stranger's situation a "mess," not when we know so little about it, not when it involves a beautiful child... and not when the 20-year old has millions of dollars and can afford help around the clock.

We're pretty sure there are far messier situations than this around the world.

Due to Wendy's constant barrage of insults against her family, Kris Jenner has reportedly told her kids not to ever appear on Williams' terrible talk show.

"Kris is beyond angry at Wendy," a source told Hollywood Life this week.

"There was a time when they were on good terms, but not anymore. Wendy is dead to Kris, she’s dead to the whole family.

Adds this insider:

"Kris has put a lifelong ban on them ever appearing on Wendy‘s show or anything she’s affiliated with. And they’re taking it a step further and asking all their friends to boycott her show as well.

"They would love to see her cancelled and off the air. This is war."

And, for one, we're on the side of Kris Jenner.

Kim Kardashian Scores Victory in Kylie Jenner Feud: I’m Back On Top!

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, a baby girl whose name remains unknown.

After nine months of scrupulously avoiding her adoring public, one would think that Kylie would be enjoying some well-deserved time at center stage.

But life in the Kardashian clan is a constant competition for the spotlight, and Kylie has the misfortune to be pitted against one of the most famous women on the planet.

Kim Kardashian Goes Pink

Yes, rumors of a rivalry between Kylie and Kim Kardashian have been circulating for years, and while the sisters seem sincere in their love for one another, they also seem to enjoy a bit of healthy competition.

In the months leading up to her pregnancy, it seemed that Kylie was cruising to an easy victory over her older and previously more famous sister.

She had amassed over 100 million Instagram followers; her cosmetics line was selling out in record numbers; and amazingly, at just 20 years old, Kylie was on the verge of becoming a billionaire.

And then she disappeared.

Now, to be clear - if Kylie believed that taking a hiatus from social media for a few months was the right thing for her baby and herself, then she was wise to do, and we applaud her decision.

The Bump

Unfortunately, it seems the impact on her popularity and marketability has been greater than she ever could have predicted.

For the first time since their launch, Kylie's cosmetics have seen slumping sales.

Items that formerly would have sold out within minutes now remain on the virtual shelves several months after their release.

And it seems Kylie's main competitor is having no trouble moving her own wares:

Kim Kardashian also welcomed a child recently, but the 37-year-old mother of three continues to eschew days off in favor of maintaining her empire.

Kim "Bo Derek" West

(It's worth noting that Kim's kid was delivered by a surrogate, which made it a smidge easier for her to continue working while she awaited the baby's arrival.)

Kim's latest business venture is a fragrance line with three signature scents - Bae, Ride or Die & BFF.

Despite those cringe-worthy names, TMZ is reporting today that Kim's fragrance line sold out its entire stock of 300,000 on Sunday - just four days after its release.

The site reports that sales exceeded $10 million.

Sounds like Kylie may want to get on her grind ASAP.

Clearly, Kim doesn't believe in maternity leave.

Kylie Jenner Gives Birth, Reveals Shocking Pregnancy Secrets!

Nine months of secrecy. Nine months of hiding. Nine months of holding back a barrage of selfies and life updates over social media.

Now, the dam has burst.

Kylie Jenner gave birth!!

In an announcement over Twitter and Instagram, Kylie shared that she has given birth to a healthy baby girl. She shared the news on her due date, February 4th, but actually gave birth on February 1st.

In addition to that joyous news -- and an apology to her fans for keeping this part of her life when they are accustomed to her sharing so much -- Kylie and her family revealed everything that fans had missed.

Below, you can see the numerous photos that Kylie and her family shared, including the world's first glimpse of Kim's daughter, Chicago West.

Are you ready to see the baby kick? Are you ready to see the ultrasound? Take a look!

1. Kylie introduces her baby bump

Kylies bump
Did you worry that Kylie had stopped taking photos of herself? Never fear!

2. Kylie and Khloe

Kylie and khloe pregnancy sisters
Kylie and Khloe were pregnant at the same time despite their massive age difference.

3. Kylie Jenner's Baby Shower!

Kylie jenner baby shower photo
Kylie kept her pregnancy "secret" from the world, but it was no secret to her friends who attended her baby shower.

4. Kylie and Heather

Kylie jenner and baby bump
Kylie Jenner and Heather Sanders showcased their baby bumps, side-by-side.

5. Pregnant together

Kylie jenner and heather sanders
Kylie reveals that she and Heather had joked that they would both be pregnant at the same time.

6. Kylie's announcement and apology

Kylie jenner gives birth announcement
Before Kylie's self-imposed embargo on new photos ended, Kylie shared the news on February 4th.
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Chicago West: First Adorable Photos!

Nick Foles may have outshined Tom Brady while winning MVP honors in Super Bowl 52...

... but the Eagles quarterback was unable to steal the headlines on Sunday from two people who didn't play a single down in the big game.

Wouldn't you know that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian would find a way to dominate the headlines?!?

Kylie Jenner, Chicago West, Kim Kardashian

Jenner, of course, did so by giving birth to her first child.

Following months of secrecy, the 20-year old welcomed a baby girl over the weekend, releasing a statement shortly afterward that explained why she had remained out of the spotlight during her pregnancy.

"I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how," Kylie said via statement, adding on Sunday:

"I appreciate my friends and especially my family for helping me make this special moment as private as we could...

"I've never felt love and happiness like this; I could burst!"

To make up for how little she shared with the public during her journey to motherhood, Kylie posted a lengthy video online that depicted her baby bump in various stages, along with something else...

... glimpses of Chicago West!

That's right, fans were unexpectedly treated to a few looks at Kim and Kanye West's third child via the footage above, as Kylie's family members visited her in the hospital prior to her own baby's arrival.

For example, Rob stopped by with daughter Dream, who adorably touched the head of her cousin at one point.

You can see what we mean here:

Chicago West, Dream Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner

Kim - who has not yet shared any pictures of her daughter on social media or sold any to supermarket tabloids (yet) - also allowed little Chicago to be filmed for this special video.

The child was born via surrogate last month because Kardashian has a health complication that would have made another pregnancy very dangerous.

Kim and Kanye were right in the delivery room when Chicago entered the world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Check out this cute snapshot of mother and new child:

Chicago West Photo

"She's here!" Kardashian declared in extra-large type on her Twitter account shortly after the blessed event took place, adding at the time:

"We're so in love...

"We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care."

At another point in her video to fans, Jenner is seen cradling her niece in her arms, preparing for the many days and nights in which she'll be doing the same with her own little girl.

(Kylie is yet to announce her daughter's name.)

Kylie and Chicago

It certainly looks like Chicago West is very well loved, doesn't it?

She'll soon have even more company, too, as Khloe Kardashian is pregnant and expecting her first child at some point in the next month or so.

How crazy is all of this?!?

Just when you think the Kardashians-Jenners are out of ways to make news, just when you think that the Eagles finally winning a Super Bowl would be all anyone wants to talk about...

... bam!

Kim, Kylie and, in due time, Khloe make it as clear as ever:

This is their universe. We should just be grateful that they allow us to reside in it.

(Also: Congrats to Kylie and Kim! We're so very happy for them!)

Kylie and Chicago

Kylie Jenner Baby Video Shows Daughter, Chicago West, and More!

On Sunday, we learned that Kylie Jenner has welcomed her baby girl. The unnamed daughter was born healthy on February 1st.

Despite the wall of secrecy that surrounded Kylie during her pregnancy, she's now revealing everything in a new video of the family.

In the video below, we see Kylie's growing baby bump, we see Kim's baby Chicago West, and the camera was still rolling in the hospital room when Kylie gave birth.

This video shows so much.

After nearly a year of secrecy, rumor, and speculation, it's a shock tor receive so much new material on Kylie Jenner's pregnancy journey all at once.

Curiously, the video was either shot on actual film (if you can imagine) or captured normally and then put through a filter to make it appear like a home video from the 1990s.

(We'll say one thing about filming things with actual film -- no hacker's going to be able to access that)

Whatever the format, we're delighted to see this video.

Chicago west

(The camera zooms in on little Chicago West, cradled in the arms of the still very pregnant Kylie Jenner)

The video is primarily about Kylie, of course, but it does feature some other surprises.

For example, Kim Kardashian's youngest daughter, born via surrogate.

Here's a wider shot:

Chicago West seems to be a peaceful, happy baby.

(And so incredibly cute!!)

And Kylie (still pregnant in this portion of the video) looks right at home holding her precious little neice.

As you can see in the top photo, Dream Kardashian -- who's still a baby herself -- meets her cousin, Chicago.

Cuteness beyond measure.

Kylie jenner and baby bump

But we see plenty of footage of Kylie Jenner's baby bump through most of the video.

As hard as Kylie worked to keep things secret in public, she didn't mind showing it off to those she trusted.

There were some really, truly unkind reports that described Kylie as "unable to stop eating" and ashamed of the weight that she gained during pregnancy.

We can't disprove those reports any more than we can confirm them, but to me, she looks on the small side compared to plenty of pregnant bodies.

She had nothing of which to be ashamed -- and wouldn't have, even if her weight gain had been drastic.

Kylie jenner bare baby bump

For months and months, we wondered how long Kylie would hide her body.

Well, here she is, sharing actual footage of her bare baby bump from during her pregnancy.

So no, glimpses for curious fans won't be limited to the oversized hoodies that she enjoys sporting.

We've also wondered how long Kylie will hide her baby.

Well ... wonder no longer.

Kylie jenner and her baby girl

That's not a full shot, but this image, from towards the end of the video, shows Kylie Jenner and a baby right after we actually hear her giving birth.

The unnamed baby was born at 4:43 pm on Thursday, February 1st, 2018.

The birth weight was 8 pounds, 9 ounces.

We can only guess at Kylie Jenner's baby name, but she's shared a whole lot of herself and her family in this video.

Enjoy what Kylie refers to as "a little glimpse of the last 9 months."

Kylie jenner video shows baby girl chicago west and more

Kim Kardashian Shades Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna & The Rest of Her Enemies List

On the surface, it may not seem like Kim Kardashian and Richard Nixon have a whole lot in common, but dig a little deeper, and you'll realize they're more similar than they appear.

Both will be forever associated with scandalous tapes; both have complicated relationships with their mothers; and both understand the importance of a comprehensive enemies list.

Kim "Bo Derek" West

Us peasant people might have one or two enemies - perhaps one Starbucks barista who always spells your name wrong, and another who always glares at you for walking across his freshly mopped floor - but the rich and powerful often have more foes than they can easily keep track of.

And that's where the value of a well-organized enemies list comes into play.

Kim recently became a mother of three, and she says she's in the best shape of her life these days.

She's leveling up in every way possible for 2018, and apparently, that includes taking her pettiness to new heights.

And what does that mean for her carefully-cultivated catalog of adversaries?

Kim Kardashian Valentines

Why, it means they get roasted with blue Valentines, of course.

Kim has a new fragrance out, and she's promoting it by delivering samples encased in chocolate hearts to some of her celebrity associates ... even the ones she doesn't like.

Mrs. Kardashian-West posted a Snapchat video detailing her plan, and as you can, see the recipients in blue comprise a special class:

"I'm going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of, because it's Valentine's Day, after all," Kim said in the clip.

So it looks like we now have the definitive list of Kim's haters:

Kim Kardashian in Calvin Klein, BTS

There's Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, Bette Midler, and Chloe Grace Moretz - who have all called out Kim's nudes over the years.

There's Blac Chyna and Taylor Swift (no big surprises there).

There's Naya Rivera, Wendy Williams, and Pink, all of whom have mom-shamed Kim at one point or another (or at least they have in Kim's eyes).

And there are some surprises in the mix, as well.

(Since when do Kim and Sarah Michelle Gellar have beef?)!

In all fairness, this might be Kim's way of extending an olive branch - but we prefer to think of it as gloriously subtle shade.

Yes, the first non-Tide Pod-related trend of 2018 is officially here, so send a blue Valentine to your haters today!

Paris Hilton Models for Yeezy, Transforms Into #KimClone

We've officially come full, scantily-clad circle.

Many years ago, Paris Hilton sky-rocketed to the top of the A-List after starring in a sex tape titled 1 Night in Paris.

Many years later, Kim Kardashian sky-rocketed to the top of the A-List after starring in a sex tape titled Kim Kardashian Superstar.

Paris Hilton is a Kim Clone

It's worth noting, of course, that Kim worked for a long time as Hilton's personal assistant and the two were pretty good friends.

So it's not difficult for one to connect the naked dots and realize that Kim was motivated to get pounded by Ray J on camera by the way that Paris got pounded on camera...

... and subsequently raked in big bucks and major headlines.

Since her starring sex tape turn, Kardashian has blown past Hilton when it comes to Q Rating, popularity and wealth.

You can barely go a day without hearing something about her; while we bet you'd need to rack your brain harder than an erect Ray J on video in order to remember the last notable story you read about Paris Hilton.

This is a long preamble to make the following point;

Paris has finally come to this same realization.

She is no longer trying to pretend that she's on par with Kardashian in any way.

Instead, she's basically acting as a subservient to her ex-BFF in a new ad campaign, going as far as to channel Kim in a new shoot for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 line.

“So much fun being a #KimClone in the new #YeezySeason6 campaign," wrote Paris as a caption to the following image.

Paris Hilton for Yeezy

Yes, a Kim Kardashian clone. 

We never thought we'd see the day Paris Hilton wrote such words.

Kardashian, for her part, is not rubbing in this victory.

Instead, she's helping her vanquished former employer promote her husband's clothing line, sharing one of Hilton's snapshots on her Instagram page and writing as a caption of her own:

“#Yeezy #Season6 #ParisHilton #ForeverTheOG."

That's a fair assessment.

Hilton really is the OG of untalented rich people posing nearly naked and somehow becoming very famous as a result.

Kim Kardashian Goes Sexy

After years of seemingly not speaking to each other, the ice between Kim and Paris began to thaw last summer.

Hilton posted a throwback photo of herself and Kardashian online in July, taking many Internet users by surprise at the time.

It doesn't appear as if the ex-pals hang out very often still, but they must have seen this as an opportunity to make some money together once again.

And Paris must have seen it as an opportunity to be known for something other than liking Donald Trump.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Throwback

Among the other Yeezy Season 6 campaign models are many social media stars you may recognize, including Kylie Jenner's best friends Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Will they also channel Kim in upcoming campaigns?

Or Kylie?

Or some other member of this famous family?

Meanwhile, in case you forgot, here's a look back at Kim and Paris' friendship. We weren't kidding! They truly were like two annoying peas in a skin tight pod...

Wendy Williams Lays Into "Desperate" Kim Kardashian

Wendy Williams has turned her judgmental attention to Kim Kardashian.

The cruel and always-misguided talk show host took aim this morning at the often-naked reality star, taking Kardashian to task for... well...

... for often being naked.

Dumb Wendy

Over the past few days, Kim has hearkened back to her birthday suit-filled past, sharing one risque photo after another on Instagram.

It has been a little bit strange to witness, but also a lot harmless.

Most people would look at these mostly nude Kim Kardashian photos, shrug and move on.

But most people (thankfully) are not Wendy Williams.

“Kim, it’s clear Kanye has nothing for you except dribble and dribble and evil conversation,” Williams said on air, adding of Kardashian and her husband:

“It is clear that Kanye does not pay attention to you. It’s clear to me that you’re desperately trying to stay in the spotlight.”

Wait... can we back up here a moment?

Did Williams just allege that Kanye West lacks mental capacity, following his nervous breakdown toward the end of 2016? Hence the "dribble" comments?

And "evil conversation?"

What the heck is she talking about?!?

Kim Kardashian in Braids

We often ask this question of Williams.

She wasn't done, either.

“Kanye makes money, Kim makes more, why are you still doing this?" Wendy asked, continuing as follows:

"It’s not even about the mother thing, forget the mother thing, because a lot of people will say, ‘Oh, she’s a mother.’ It’s about, she doesn’t have to do that anymore."

Wendy's point is that Kim maybe had to pose naked in order to build her brand, but the brand has now been built.

She's a success. She's a mega millionaire. She has millions of online followers.

What's the point at this point?

"That would be like Cardi B returning to the poll on a Saturday night or something like that," added Williams.

"There were a lot of racy pictures. We saw full boob. She has a beautiful body, but so what?"

Kim Kardashian: Topless in 2018

We don't necessarily disagree with Williams here.

This isn't her most ridiculous take of late, that's for sure; this isn't her calling Oprah fat again or saying she's sick of the #MeToo movement or anything.

It's just a waste of breath and another example of Williams only being able to make a name for herself by slamming other celebrities.

Kim, meanwhile, went on the offensive against Lindsay Lohan yesterday, questioning the weird accent Lohan sometimes uses.

(This was in response to Lohan saying she is "confused" by Kardashian's new hairstyle.)

And Lohan was recently a guest on Williams' terrible talk show.

Kim in Undies

Wendy, therefore, felt a need to defend Lindsay, hilariously deciding this is one star she does NOT feel a need to judge.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

"Lindsay is back and ready to be back on top," Williams said this morning.

Okay, that settles it. 

That is clearly Williams' most absurd opinion to date.