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Tori Roloff Achieves Milestone, Sends Message to Fans

Tori Roloff isn't interested in looking forward right now.

She knows you're wondering about the state of her womb.

She knows you're curious if she and Zach Roloff will soon have a second child.

Tori Roloff Looks Down

But the Little People, Big World star would like to take a break from all that speculation for a few moments.

Earlier this week, Roloff took a look at her own Instagram page and marveled at the top: 800,000.

Yes, she really has 800,000 followers. And she simply can't believe it.

"So I woke up this morning to 800,000 followers," Tori wrote as a heartfelt caption to the contemplative photo above, adding:

"That’s pretty freaking rad if you ask me.

"It’s the most humbling thing in the world to think you guys care enough to follow along on my journey of life marriage motherhood and just doing fun things."

In the Water!

Tori hasn't done anything especially scandalous or, let's be candid, risque in order to earn these followers.

She doesn't pose in scantily-clad outfits and she doesn't make outlandish statements.

The TLC personality pretty much just shares pictures of her son and/or her husband and keeps fans apprised of their lives on a near-daily basis.

But it's this portrayal of a simple, content life that has garnered Roloff such a following.

Heck, Roloff recently told the entire Internet about the recent time her son covered himself in feces.

(They were his own feces, at least.)

"I just wanted to say thanks. I sometimes forget that it’s not just my friends and family that watch my stories and that there are lots of people who enjoy watching my family grow and evolve (still crazy to me)," Tori continued.

A Lovely Day to Relax

Roloff has said in the past that she aims to be a positive influences on the Internet.

That may sound like a lofty goal, but she simply means that it's her mission to remain mostly happy and sunny online, as she aims to serve as a role model to other women and mothers.

This may be another reason why her follower count as climbed to such an impressive leve.

Along those lines, scroll down to see how Roloff concluded her milestone post...

Jackson and his Mama

I try to use my platform for good. I try and keep it real. I’m far from perfect and try to share that with young women like me and ensure them it’s okay.

You guys have made this journey amazing and I’ve loved being able to meet some of you! Again-thanks for following along.

Thanks for hitting 800k with me- for someone who does not think of herself as a celebrity that made me feel pretty cool.

No, Tori, thank YOU.

For being a great mother, a loving wife and living proof that good things actually can happen to nice people.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Ignite Engagement Rumors with Ring Photo!

A couple of weeks ago, Amy Roloff took Chris Marek to visit her home state of Michigan. It was a major step in their relationship ... and many saw it as a prelude to an engagement.

Well, Amy shared a new photo of her and Chris in a group picture.

And fans could not help zeroing in on the very conspicuous ring on her finger. Take a look!

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff, Motorcycle Pic

Amy took to Instagram to share a group photo in which she and boyfriend Chris took center stage.

"Celebrating this awesome guy -Chris - birthday," Amy wrote.

She added that she was celebrating "with Randy, Alicia, Art, and Lisa."

"Friendship is one of the best gifts," Amy added. "Happy Birthday Chris!"

Here is the pic:

Amy Roloff, Chris Marek, and ... Rings?!

We've included a closer look at her ring -- both rings, actually -- below.

Fans noticed right away, and could not resist commenting.

"Are you engaged?" Asked one fan. "I noticed the ring"

Another fan piped up: "I notice a ring on your finger!!!"

While one ring is on her right ring finger and the other is on her left pinky, clearly, fans have picked up on how close Amy and Chris have become.

Amy Roloff Rings Picture August 2018 Zoom

One fan was not going to let the others kid themselves, and wrote: "Wrong hand!"

There were also, of course, the usual comments.

Plenty of nice birthday messages for Chris. Plenty of pleasant compliments for Amy.

There were also the unfortunately standard accustaions that Chris is dating her for the wrong reasons.


In Michigan

Time after time, fans accuse Chris of dating Amy for the wrong reasons.

Some believe that it's all part of a sinister plot to get his hands on her money and on her piece of Roloff Farms.

Others believe that he's chasing fame, since she's a reality star.

Despite these suspicions, Chris appears to be nothing but nice and loving.

In contrast, Amy's ex Matt Roloff suggested that she's kind of dumb. Notably, many of the viewers who are wary of Chris think that Amy should get back with Matt.

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff at Chris' Family Reunion

We would like to believe that the folks who can't trust Chris are really just sentimental about Amy and Matt's marriage.

Unfortunately, it seems more likely that some people are -- perhaps even on a subconscious level -- suspicious of any man of average height who is dating a little person.

While little people are sometimes pursued by "chasers" who fetishize them, Chris just seems to be a loving boyfriend who loves Amy enough to stay with her despite harassment from fans.

Even though it doesn't look like either of Amy's rings are an engagement ring, it's great that they're spending so much pleasant time together.

Perhaps these two will get engaged soon, but of course it's very healthy for them to take their time. Especially considering how complicated Amy's life can be at times.

We hope that Chris had a wonderful birthday!

Tori and Zach Roloff: 14 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Us

Tori and Zach Roloff star on a reality television show that documents their lives.

But still.

How well do you feel like you really know these Little People, Big World stars?

The couple manages to be an open book, but it also manages to NOT reveal every single chapter of their story.

With this in mind, we're put together a list of facts and tidbits that may surprise even the most ardent of Zach and Tori followers.

Were you aware of each of the items listed below?

1. Tori Worked at Roloff Farms!

Adorable on thanksgiving
It's true. She met Zach because she was hired in 2010 to help out with the very busy pumpkin season. "A coworker told me, 'Zachary really thinks you're cute, but doesn't think you'll ever go out with him,'" Tori once told People.

2. It Was Love at First Sight

Jackson tori and zach
Or close to it, at least. "Our first date lasted five hours, and we've been together ever since," Tori told People in this same interview. How sweet, right?

3. Tori Was Zach's First

Roloffs on xmas eve
His first GIRLFRIEND, that is. We can't speak on anything else. But Zach once told People that he "never really dated" before meeting his wife.

4. The Couple Got Married on TV!

Roloff wedding day
TLC aired the 2015 ceremony; which, of course, was attended by all of Zach's famous loved ones. "My parents played a huge role in setting up the farm, making it all nice," said Zach back then, while Tori added: "Matt planted a bunch of wheat fields behind the gazebo. There’s like these huge rolling hills of wheat, which are really beautiful."

5. Tori's Maiden Name is Patton

Tori roloff on insta
Nothing too groundbreaking here, we're just guessing most people didn't know this.

6. Tori Cried While Reciting Her Vows

Tori zach and jackson roloff
"I commit myself to you, body and soul," Tori said on her wedding day, promising her new husband "neck rubs" and to try and be a "less picky eater," while making US cry by concluding: "You are my light Zachary, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us."
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Zach Roloff Gets Accused of Endangering His Son

Irritating, cruel and judgmental people on the Internet are on the attack once again.

And this time, Zach Roloff is the target.

Jackson Parties!

As part of his recent visit to his mother's native state of Michigan, Zach shared an adorable photo of his son on Instagram this week.

It featured Jackson sitting peacefully on his own on the beach, chilling in front of the water, seemingly contemplating life and all that lies in front of him.

At least that's how we interpreted this image.

Who would look at this snapshot and think it was anything but precious, cute and even artistic?

The sad answer? A large number of people on the World Wide Web.

Jackson Roloff on the Beach

"Kind of too close to the water for that baby by himself," one idiotic person wrote as a comment to the photo.

"I hope someone was closer by," added another moron.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time total strangers have looked at a harmless picture of Jackson and formed a harsh and critical opinion of his parents based on it.

Back in April, a handful of followers freaked out in equally dumb fashion after Roloff was photographed on a tractor, young son on his lap.

It had to eventually be clarified that the tractor was not on and that Zach, of course, had the safety of his offspring at the forefront of his mind at all times.

Family Pool Day!

We hate that it needs to be said, but Zach and Tori have never given Little People, Big World fans any reason to doubt they aren't loving and dedicated parents.

“Being a dad’s been great. Jackson’s the cutest little thing," Zach said on an episode of his family's reality shiw this spring, adding on air:

"I would love to have, like, a little pack. I definitely want to have more kids.”

His wife, Tori, has subsequently made it pretty clear that a second child will be on the way at some point in the near future.

"We def want to expand our family soon," she told a social media followers who asked about her baby-making plans last month.

At Disney

Thankfully, there are a bunch of level-headed folks out there who rushed to Zach's defense after trolls tried to make him feel guilty for the Jackson back picture.

"Beautiful pic. Only a–holes would worry. These parents are on the case. Stop finding things to b– about," one of these defenders wrote, while another remarked:

"OMG the baby is 2 feet away from his parents OH NO! PANIC!!! [Shake my head] Stop the lame comments. This kid is fine."

And then there was this comment:

"People need to understand Zach and Tori are not going to set there and let something happen to there baby.

"Fans need to quit making things seem worse than what it is that's how crap gets started so fan's please keep your opinion too to your self please don't."


Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff: When Will They Have More Kids?!?

Look, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

We know you are very busy these days.

You have a toddler at home and a memoir set to come out and a popular blog to keep writing, but we have a quick question to which we'd love a definitive answer:

Precious Roloffs

When are you having more children?!?!?

We're kidding, of course. 

Or we're kidding about the urgency of the answer at least.

But it is a common concern of many celebrity gossip followers to wonder when their favorite couple will have a baby... and then to wonder when this couple will have more babies... and so on and so forth.

With talk online of Audrey being pregnant already with child number-two, the Roloffs told People Magazine this week that they certainly are anxious to expand their family.

They just aren't certain when this will happen.

Audrey Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, and Ember Jean in Maui

“Jer and I definitely want to have more children,” Audrey tells this publication, adding:

“We’ve never really put a number on it, we want to take them one at a time.

"We’ve always envisioned a big family, that’s always been something we’ve talked about from the very beginning."

“Enough to fill up a sprinter van,” jokes Jeremy.

It's not difficult to envision Audrey and Jeremy as the parents to many children.

They are a faith-based twosome who seems very dedicated to themselves and to their family.

We've never seen a woman gush over her kid the way Audrey has gushed over daughter Ember ever since she was born in September.

A Perfect Setting

Elsewhere in this same interview, Jeremy touched on another aspect of the couple's future.

He admitted that he talks to his parents constantly about buying the family farm in Oregon.

Interesting, right?

We suppose thia makes some sense, with Matt Roloff moving to Arizona and Amy Roloff perhaps moving away to start a life with boyfriend Chris Marek.

We simply had no idea such a transfer of property was in the works.

Jeremy Roloff with a Ponytail

For now, however, the main work on which Audrey and Jeremy are focusing in the rollout of their book, "A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully."

It comes out in April of 2019.

"We believe everyone has a unique love story and we want people to be super stoked to press into their own love story," Jeremy explained to People of the book's premise.

"We want readers to prepare more for their marriage than their wedding [day].

"I think social media can paint facades, so [Audrey and I] hope that people will walk away [from the book] knowing that we aren’t perfect, our [dating] relationship wasn’t perfect.

"We learned from our struggles and we came out stronger on the other side."

Teases Audrey on this same subject:

"I think people will be surprised at how much they don’t know about our love story."

Jeremy Roloff Reveals Why He Left Little People, Big World

Jeremy Roloff has finally come clean.

The long-time reality star took fans by surprise last month when he announced that he and wife Audrey Roloff would NOT be returning for future episodes of Little People, Big World.

And why not?

Audrey and Jeremy with Their Book

Jeremy didn't really cite a reason at the time.

He merely said the following:

After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come.

A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride...

We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically - the show must go on!

As Roloff himself said in this statement, he basically grew up in front of TLC cameras and decided awhile back that it was time for a change.

Perfectly understandable, right?

And Audrey, of course, backed her husband up in a message of her own.

Yay for America!

Now, however, as part of an interview with People Magazine, Jeremy has elaborated a bit on his reason for wanting to spread his wings beyond reality TV.

“I think when anyone has done something for 15 years, they reach a point where they kind of ask themselves, ‘How much longer do I want to be doing this?’ And so two years ago I asked myself that question,” Roloff told the publication.

Jeremy went on to say he prayed on the issue and received the full support of his loved ones and has no regrets about the decision.

“It just felt boring almost, you know?” he adds.

“At some point you [need to] build something that you’re proud of. I didn’t build the show, and I’m not saying you need to build something to be proud, I’m just saying it ran its course.

"I feel like now is a great time to leave.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Pic

And Jeremy and Audrey have plenty to keep them busy.

The couple has a book coming out next spring, along with something they did build: blog/company Beating 50 Percent, which defines itself as “a marriage ministry on [a] mission to revive covenant marriages.”

It also sells merchandise.

So it's not as though these Roloffs will be disappearing entirely; far from it, in fact.

Jer and Auds in Love

About two years ago, Jeremy's brother, Jacob Roloff, also quit Little People, Big World.

But he did it in far more dramatic and scandalous fashion, blasting the series and his family members and fake.

Molly Roloff, meanwhile, never really showed any interest in being a cast member.

Back to Audrey and Jeremy, though:

Besides growing their family at some point, the stars also want to purchase land or the family farm.

As for their careers, Jeremy explains that their biggest goal is “to continue sharing our life with people.” He explains:

“We’re trying to inspire love stories.”

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Book Cover: First Inspiring Look!

As previously noted and lamented, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are leaving Little People, Big World.

The couple made this announcement about a month ago.

In doing so, however, they also said the following...

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff in Michigan

"We’re not disappearing. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the work that the Lord has called us to."

Along these lines, Audrey and Jeremy have gone into more detail about their most immediate upcoming project: a memoir titled A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully.

The couple confirmed this book was in the works several months ago, explaining at the time that the tome would be based on their experience as a faith-based couple.

Said Audrey in March:

The book is essentially our love story. We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey, and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story.

The pages are filling up with our failures and successes, what we learned from dating and long distance, and how we prepared more for our marriage than our wedding

We cant wait to share what we've learned from our own dating journey in order to equip our readers to build Godly relationships from their first date to “I do” and beyond.

They Just Woke Up!

Fast forward to now and the Roloffs have given an interview to People Magazine in which they share more details about this unique idea.

"We believe everyone has a unique love story and we want people to be super stoked to press into their own love story," Jeremy tells this publication, adding:

"We want readers to prepare more for their marriage than their wedding [day].

"I think social media can paint facades, so [Audrey and I] hope that people will walk away [from the book] knowing that we aren’t perfect, our [dating] relationship wasn’t perfect.

"We learned from our struggles and we came out stronger on the other side."

The book comes out in April of 2019...

... and this is your first look at the cover!

Roloff Book Cover

Audrey and Jeremy have been married for four years and welcomed a daughter named Ember in September.

They say this memoir will reveal the “raw, never-before shared tales from their own dating journey," with Jeremy teasing the content as follows:

"[Maintaining a long-distance relationship] was really difficult for us. We did it for three years, and in the book we explain how it started, how we survived it.

"And Audrey almost ended our love story.

"We tell that story and I got emotional when I reread it… There are [also] two other really difficult moments outside of [long] distance that were big challenges and learning curves."

How intriguing, right?

Roloffs Near Church

Jeremy often penned Audrey letters during this time apart, which is where the stars got the title of the book from.

To this day, Audrey and Jeremy try to keep their relationship original, creative, fresh and exciting.

"I think one of the things is realizing that pursuing and dating don’t have to stop when you get married,” says Audrey when explaining how they make their marriage work:

“The subtitle of our book is ‘pursue creatively, date intentionally, love faithfully,’ and we think all of those three things can be true before you’re married and after you’ve been married for 20 years.

"For us, it’s really important to continue pursuing each other in marriage, to continue to look for ways that we can love each other when it’s not convenient, and even when it’s hurtful."

For more on what you can expect to read in the book, click HERE.

And then let us know: Will you be picking up a copy?

Audrey Roloff and Jacob Roloff: No Longer Feuding?!

Even though Audrey Roloff is quitting Little People, Big World because it's God's plan, she's still a public figure. Fans and followers can still see glimpses of her life on social media.

So color many fans surprised when none other than Jacob Roloff, Audrey's brother-in-law, showed up on her Instagram. And no shade was thrown.

Have Auj and Jacob really buried their feud?

Audrey Roloff, Out on a Jog

On Saturday, August 4, Auj took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of her spending family time with her husband and his siblings.

That's right -- all four Roloff siblings, each with their respective significant others.

She captioned her image "Ice cream walks."

in it, you can see that Audrey and Jacob, her brother-in-law, are getting along perfectly well.

Auj goes out of her way to pan over to Jacob where he is walking with his fiancee, Isabel Rock. 

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, Ice Cream Walks

Awwww, they look so cute!

Jacob doesn't follow Audrey on Instagram -- he also doesn't follow his father, Matt Roloff. But Audrey has "liked" nearly all of his posts for a while, now.

They might not really seem like best buddies on social media, but it looks like they're getting along well enough in real life.

Feud rumors have swirled about these two since long before Audrey skipped Jacob's engagement party, but it looks like things have improved.

At the very least, neither feels the need to skip out on a family activity where the other is present.

Jacob Roloff Outdoors

Some feuds are brought about by a specific instance. Someone was snubbed, or had a huge fight.

While it's possible that something like that happened behind closed doors between Jacob and Auj, Jacob doesn't do the family's show so fans certainly haven't seen it.

Instead, it looks like these two have ideological differences.

Jacob is an outspoken agnostic who resents having been brought up with no choice about his own religious beliefs or activities. That's an understandable source of anger. No one likes to feel powerless.

Audrey is a diehard Christian whose views lean towards the traditional and conservative, even going so far as to refer to a "twisted generation" while praying for her daughter.

In other words, these two are apparent opposites. The only thing that they seem to have in common is Jeremy Roloff and nice hair.

They Just Woke Up!

Since Jacob and Audrey see the world in such different ways -- and both are so outspoken -- how are they able to get along so well?

Part of that is almost certainly that they are just getting accustomed to each other. They are, after all, family.

But there may be a secret ingredient to how these two in-laws are getting along: Isabel Rock.

A number of fans believe that Isabel quashed Audrey and Jeremy's feud and helped them to mend fences earlier this year.

Sometimes, being aggressively friendly and loving two people can, in the nicest possible way, strongarm them into getting along. And it seems to have worked.

Rock and Roloff Pic

At the moment, the Roloff siblings are all visiting their grandfather in California. He will turn 90 on January 1, 2019.

It is wonderful to see and hear that Jacob and Audrey can set aside their differences for family activities -- like ice cream walks.

It is normal for close relatives to have wildly different views. What makes a family non-toxic is when they can respect each other's views.

Respecing them doesn't mean pretending that they agree. But since neither Jacob nor Audrey are, like, nazis or whatever, it's good that they can get along amicably.

And it's great that Isabel (allegedly) orchestrated their happier relationship.

Amy Roloff Takes Major Step in Romance with Chris Marek

If you close your eyes and listen closely, you can hear them.

The sound is not overpowering just yet. It remains somewhat faint.

But make no mistake: When it comes to Amy Roloff and her long-time boyfriend Chris Marek, they are very much there.

In Michigan

We write, of course, about wedding bells.

More specifically, about the sound of them ringing and how we're more convinced than ever before that they will be doing precisely this for the Little People, Big World star some time in the near future.

This is not a new sentiment, really.

Roloff and Marek have been very serious for awhile now.

However, they took a rather major step over this past weekend when Amy took Chris to her native state of Michigan.

(As all fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette know well, such hometown visits often preclude a proposal.)

"So happy I got to show Chris my favorite place to go to in Michigan, besides my folks cabin," wrote the TLC personality as a caption to the image above, adding:

"Had the best time and made such a memory together. We’ll be back! #puremichigan #homestate #amyrandchrism #amyssecondactcontinues."

Amy Roloff in Michigan

You'll be back, huh?

Like... for a wedding?!?

After not featuring Chris in a few Instagram photos for a bit, Amy was forced to address break-up rumors recently.

In short, her response was simple: the couple is anything but broken up. They are very much together.

For whatever reason, however, many Little People, Big World fans refuse to accept this relationship for what it is.

They think Marek has sinister motives; that he's only dating Amy for her fame and her fortune, even though:

  1. He has never given us any reason to think this.
  2. Let's face it: she isn't that rich or that famous.

But irrational social media users do not care.

They continue to warn Roloff about how Marek is a "wolf" and how his interest in her is all about "[money.]"

To wit:

marek slams

Amy and ex-husband Matt Roloff divorced well over two years ago, following about 27 years of marriage.

They still star on Little People, Big World together, however, and still run their family business together.

Matt is dating Caryn Chandler and may also soon get engaged and the tension between exes is obvious at times.

But they remain pretty darn amicable, all relationships and awkward situations considering.

Roloff and Marek

"I never thought I'd be dating as a grandma," Amy said during the most recent season of her TLC reality series, adding that while she'd love a "lifetime" relationship, she wasn't looking to make things so permanent with Marek just yet.

She is in no rush to walk down the aisle again.

It's certainly possible that day never comes.

That doesn't mean Amy won't stick it to Marek haters, though, when their clams come out and it doesn't mean she won't rule put the possibility of getting hitched again.

But why worry a lot about the future?

Why not just enjoy the present as much as one can?

And, for the record, Amy's kids approve.

"Chris seems like a good guy," son Zach said on a Little People, Big World episode this spring, adding:

"He seems pretty straight, level-headed, not fake. That's why I like him, because he doesn't try to be my best friend. He's not overly aggressive. He's cordial, and he's just a normal dude."

We concur.

Matt Roloff Speaks on Audrey: Is She Pregnant?!?

Matt Roloff would like your attention, please.

The Little People, Big World patriarch is aware of what many fans out there are thinking at the moment.

He apparently reads the Internet and is plugged in to the gossip circles and he knows what you're wondering right now:

Roloffs and Daughter

Is Audrey Roloff pregnant with her second child?

Chatter surrounding the status of Audrey's womb is running rampant this week... and it's sort of all her father's fault.

A few days ago, you see, Matt Roloff shared a very sweet photo on Instagram, giving followers a sort of candid look at Audrey, husband Jeremy and daughter Ember.

As you can see below, Audrey is laughing and Jeremy is holding his child aloft, all while the immediate family hangs out at Roloff Farms.

Matt then wrote as an affiliated caption:

Today was a crazy day. .... I could explain. But better to just leave it at that. Im going to sleep a happy grandpa.

Ember Says Hello

Interesting and sort of intriguing, right?

Why was Matt happy? Why did he deem the day to be crazy?

According to Radar Online, it was because Audrey and Jeremy had gathered their loved ones together that afternoon and announced they were expecting a sibling for Ember.

Hooray, right?!?

Not so fast, Matt now appears to be clarifying.

"Oh my goodness... my last post was much more innocent then the stir it caused," the veteran reality star wrote on Thursday, adding:

"let me explain... had a long day with equipment breakdowns, setting up pumpkin season stuff etc etc.. so after a crazy day I’m sitting on my back deck with a few friends and Jeremy, Audrey and Ember pull up to say hi and watch the sunset with us..

"The joys of being a grandpa.... moments like that."

Oh. Well. Darn. 

Matt Roloff: An Image

Matt ended his latest message with the following joke in a caption of a truly harmless image:

"Now... before everyone goes crazy again... this photo is simply me getting all the landscaping power tools cleaned up and ready to go."

Har, har, Matt.

All this said, it still wouldn't shock us if Audrey and Jeremy do announce another baby is on the way in the near future.

Their schedule is pretty clear going forward if they want to have unprotected sex around the clock and give it a shot, as the couple will NOT be returning to Little People, Big World.

Scroll down to see what Jeremy said about this decision last month...

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Pic

After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come.

A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride.

We have the most loyal fans on TV and we appreciate every one of you. You are what made doing this so fun.

We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically - the show must go on!

We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the work that the Lord has called us to.

Whether or not this means another kid some time, we'll need to wait to find out!

Tori Roloff Breaks Biggest News Yet About Precious Son

This has been quite a week for young Jackson Roloff.

First, as hilariously documented by his famous mother, the one-year old went ahead and covered himself with pretty much ALL the poop earlier this week.

Really, this actually happened.

Jackson and his Mama

But Jackson has now rebounded from this embarrassing incident and managed to focus attention on him elsewhere.

Specifically, from his very messy crib and body to his very impressive and nimble feet.

That's right, folks, Jackson Roloff is now walking all by himself!

In a video Tori Roloff shared to her Instagram Stories page on July 30, we get a pretty clear glimpse at the toddler taking a few of his first steps.

And, for good reason, Tori could not be more proud or excited.

"So in case no one told you guys, Baby J is walking," Tori captioned her video, adding in a second piece of special footage: You're so big!"

Jackson Walks!

We don't want to get all sappy or cheesy here, but this really is a pretty awesome occasion for those of us who have been following Jackson and his parents ever since the tiny Little People, Big World star was born.

He entered the world in mid-May of 2018 and has become a rising Instagram sensation ever since.

Okay, perhaps we're exaggerating a little bit there.

But Tori and husband Zach Roloff have been generous enough to share a steady stream of photos of their firstborn ever since he became a full-fledged human being.

Each month for the first dozen of Jackson's life, Tori would provide fans with a helpful update on what he's been up to and what he is now able to do.

To wit, when Jackson turned a year old:

Of late, however, fans have been wondering just when Zach and Tori might give Jackson a sibling.

Just a few days ago, Roloff hinted that a second baby might be on the way.

Zach, for his part, has made it clear that he "definitely" wants more kids, stating as much during an episode of Little People, Big World this summer.

But Tori said the family has to get a dog before she even considers procreating again...

... and would you look at THIS, they now have a dog!

At Disney

They also have a bright future on TLC.

Last month, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff announced they were leaving the series that made them famous.

However, Tori was quick to assure fans that she and Zach had no similar plans any time soon.

“We’re not going anywhere!” Tori announced on her Instagram Story in July, adding at the time:

"We feel like we’re not done telling our story.”

That makes us so happy to hear.

And speaking of happy... way to go, Jackson! Great work on that walking!!!

Audrey Roloff: Pregnant with Baby #2?

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff have left Little People, Big World.

Not long after making this announcement, however, the beloved couple may have a new announcement to make about their own little world.

That is, it may be expanding!

Smiling Mom and Daughter

According to Radar Online, the now-former reality star is expecting her second child with husband Jeremy.

Neither Audrey nor her adoring soulmate has confirmed this news, so take it with a tiny grain of some proverbial salt.

But there are a few strong reasons to believe this report.

FIRST, consider the latest photo and caption on Matt Roloff's Instagram page.

The photo is shared directly below and the caption reads as follows:

“Today was a crazy day. …. I could explain. But better to just leave it at that,” writes the family patriarch, adding:

“I’m going to sleep a happy grandpa.”

Ember Says Hello

As you can tell, the picture only features Jeremy, Audrey and their 10-month old daughter, Ember.

Audrey even sort of looks like she's holding herself back from revealing a secret, doesn't she?

SECOND, as stated previously, Audrey and Jeremy will not be returning to Little People, Big World next season.

Jeremy confirmed this sad piece of news in early July, saying the couple had been planning its departure for months.

And that could be the case.

Or it could be the case that they learned Audrey was pregnant and preferred to take this second pregnancy journey away from the spotlight.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Pic

Audrey, as you may recall, faced some physical and mental challenges after welcoming Ember in mid-September.

She was candid and open and courageous in sharing them with her followers and, of course, with TLC viewers -- but it's very likely she just wants a more private experience this time around.

A Radar insider says that Audrey and Jeremy shared the blessed news with their family members over this past weekend.

Matt supposedly snapped the picture featured in this article shortly afterward, unable to keep his excitement

Pure Joy

Wrote Audrey after her husband told Instagram followers of their decision to step away from reality television, at least for awhile:

"We are forever grateful for the run we’ve had... we're excited to focus on what we feel the Lord is calling us to!

"You guys are the most loyal fans. Thank you for respecting our decision. And thanks to TLC for putting up with us."

Might the Lord have called on Audrey and Jeremy to bear another child? It's starting to sound that way.

If so, let us be among the first to wish these Roloffs the very best, for a healthy kid and a healthy pregnancy!

Good luck, Auds.

Tori Roloff Posts Picture of Son Covered in Poop

Tori Roloff may be thinking twice about having a second child right about now.

We kid, of course.

Children are a blessing and Tori and Zach Roloff seem like outstanding parents whose influence on a new generation can only help the world become a better place.

Chilling with Jackson

But still.

Tori just shared as personal and as hilarious a photo as one can share of his or her offspring, and it sheds light on the occasional downside of parenting.

Or the occasional smelly side, we guess we should say.

Tori, who recently made us cry with her anniversary tribute to husband Zach, just made us spit out our coffee with laughter over an image of one-year old son Jackson covered in human feces.

They're his own feces, at least.

But they are feces, nonetheless.

"I share this with the risk of getting mom shamed (again- and for real I don’t care I don’t get humans sometimes)," Roloff wrote to open the caption that accompanies the following picture, prior to adding:

"This is for all those mamas out there that sometime feel like they are sinking. That’s been me this week."

Jackson in Poop

Tori then proceeded to explain how she came across her only child in the rather dirty state you can see him in above.

"Here’s hoping this brings you a good laugh and hopefully you’re Day was better than mine:

"Started out with my husband waking up sick- his headache can’t move I’m dying sick. Now we did get to enjoy a lovely day with friends by the pool but that’s where the fun ended."

Okay, go on...

"I came home to Zach still being sick so I tried to play hard ball and get him up and moving- bad idea. He threw up on our front porch because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t inside)."

Yikes. Sorry to hear all this, Zach.

And sorry if the details below will be enough to make our readers sick...

In the Water!

Roloff said she had to hose off her husband's vomit from the front porch. From there?

"I then come back inside to relax but heard Jackson awake in his crib. He often wakes up and just hangs quietly. I needed the extra time so I left him a couple minutes.

"After about 20 min I went in his room... this is where it gets bad. I noticed something on his face (of course I think it’s blood or something and start freaking out)."

And what was that something,Tori?

"As I moved closer the smell overcame me. I noticed brown spread all over his sheets and crib- and oh ya- that’s poop... IN HIS HAIR!!!!

"To make matters worse... we don’t currently have hot water in our house so I had to drive to another house to bathe him."

Wow, huh?

Also: EWWW!

Also: LOL!

Family Pool Day!

And also this: Nearly every parent on the planet has been there, Tori.

This is most definitely NOT something to feel shame over.

Taking as positive an approach as she can, the Little People, Big World star concluded:

"So ya. That’s my day. If you were having a rough day I hope this helps. I can laugh now that Jackson is asleep in a throughly scrubbed crib.

"ALSO: first time parents: never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Put your child to bed in just a diaper. Just don’t do it. We all have those days. Today involved both vomit and poop. I mean can tomorrow get any worse?

"Don’t answer that. #momlife #babyjroloff."

In the Water!

We so appreciate the honesty. Thank you, Tori.

This TLC star recently hinted that she and Zach were strongly considering a second child, making us excited for even more stories such as this down the line.

After all, you know what they say, right?

Sometimes you need to laugh in order not to cry your eyes out.

For photos of Jackson Roloff NOT coverered in poop, check out the gallery below:

Matt Roloff Opens Up About Challenging Childhood (He Underwent HOW Many Surgeries?!?)

We interrupt our typical forcasting of Matt Roloff's future to delve a bit into Matt Roloff's past.

Over the past several weeks, we've wondered whether Roloff will remain on Little People, Big World, considering he's moved part-time to Arizona and has also admitted that he's maybe growing sick and tired of running the farm.

Matt Roloff: An Image

Not to mention... will he soon get engaged to Caryn Chandler?

Those topics can be put on hold for a moment, however.

Because Roloff was a guest on the podcast "Reality Life with Kate Casey" this week and opened up like never before about his unique and challenging childhood.

Did you know, for example, that the reality star underwent 15 surgeries as a child?!?

Yes, 15 surgeries.

They all related to Matt being born with Achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism that causes problems in one's shoulders, legs, hips, knees and arms.

But we'll let Roloff talk about this a bit more in-depth.

Matt Roloff Looks Happy

"As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," Matt said during this interview, explaining that he would play chess, checkers and Legos to keep his mind focused during these challenging times.

"I had a rough childhood," he added.

"Not from a family perspective but just from orthopedic surgery, spending long periods of time - sometimes months - in a hospital with very limited access to your parents.

"It was just the way they did it back in those days and going through some very painful operations.

"So I do think all of that sort of built up a muscle of resiliency and gave me a sense of can-do and tenacity."

Times have changed, of course. Technology has advanced.

It's very possible that someone born these days with Roloff's condition could avoid many of these procedures.

Matt Roloff is Happy

But Matt's brother, Josh, passed away from severe heart and lung problems many years ago.

"When Joshua was born - about two weeks before Christmas in 1964 when I was over two years old - my parents faced more childbirth trauma," Matt wrote in his memoir, Against Tall Odds: Being A David In A Goliath World.

"Only this time it was the uncertainty over whether their new baby would ever make it out of the hospital alive.

"Not long after the delivery, the doctors diagnosed Josh as having severe heart and lung problems they thought would probably take his life before he was a day old."

For those unaware, Both of Matt's parents are of average size, as is his sister.

However, his brother, Sam, has the same form of degenerative dwarfism as Matt.

Matt Roloff Loves America

Matt did note on the podcast, though, that he doesn't want any sympathy.

He knows that everyone has struggles.

"Life is tough," he says. "Everyone goes through different adversity, but it's how you react to it and what it makes out of you."

This is a noble thing for Matt to say, but let's be honest: he went through more than most people ever do. All in the course of a couple years. All as a child.

Roloff spent over 700 days in hospitals back then, undergoing various corrective surgeries and procedures.

To this day, he still can't stand up straight or walk without the help of his crutches.

In 2016, he underwent a neck surgery that could have left him paralyzed.

Thankfully, he came out of that procedure strong and, as anyone knows who visits his Instagram page on a regular basis, feels spry enough these days to try and keep up with his adorable grandkids, Ember and Jackson.

Way to go, Matt.

We admire your attitude and persistance.

Tori Roloff Posts Ultimate Anniversary Tribute to Husband

The competition is apparently on between Tori Roloff and Audrey Roloff.

On Father's Day this year, Audrey gushed and gushed and gushed over her husband, Jeremy, praising him for his faith and his dedication to his family.

It was an incredibly sweet message.

Tori with Zach

But Tori may have just topped it.

On the occasion of her third wedding anniversary, Tori has gone ahead and made it impossible for any other spouse to ever wish a happy anniversary to his or her spouse ever again.


Because he or she will never be able to surpass the sweetness of Tori's message about Zach.

“I just can’t quite comprehend how I get to live out my life next to this man. Zach you are hands down the best husband I could ever ask for,” the TLC star wrote on Instagram last night alongside the picture above.

The Little People, Big World twosome originally said, "I do" in front of approximately 200 people in a Roloff Family Farm ceremony on July, 25 2015.

Just under two years later, they welcomed a son named Jackson Kyle into the world.

Family Pool Day!

Continued Tori in her tribute:

“I’m so thankful for your grace and your patience. You help me be a better version of myself every single day. I love your heart and your thoughtfulness.

"You are always quick to put others before yourself and it’s something I truly believe the world needs more of.”

Man. Is it getting misty in here or is it just us?

Tori recently confirmed that she and Zach are either trying for a second child right now or will be in the near future.

She sounds very excited to give Jackson a sibling.

At Disney

But not as excited as she was on Instagram to talk up her husband of three years.

"You are always quick to put others before yourself and it’s something I truly believe the world needs more of," she wrote of Zach, concluding with a flourish:

I have loved watching you become a dad and it’s made me fall more in love with you. Marriage isn’t always the easiest thing to do but I’m thankful I have the best partner in life to navigate it and make it stronger every day.

I have so enjoyed these last three years and I can’t wait for many many many more happy years with you. I love you babe uh.

Happy anniversary zachys! #storyofzachandtori

Jackson Parties!

We love it.

Just so honest, open and romantic.

Tori and Zach met back when the former was working on the Roloff farm in 2010.

"I was working at Roloff Farms during pumpkin season as a greeter and one of our co-workers introduced us," Tori said on Little People, Big World awhile back.

Added Zach at the time:

"[We] just started talking and she kept coming over. Her being average height, me being a dwarf, people obviously stare...

"She was my first kiss. It was an epic night. It was on the roof of the swamp fort. Full moon right above us. Like, primetime. It was prime."

These two are prime.


Jacob Roloff Uses Baby Pics to Send Pointed Political Message

Jacob Roloff knows that a picture often says one thousand words.

But the former Little People, Big World star is here to tack on a few more words to a couple very cute pictures.

Roloff recently shared a pair of images on social media, one of which features himself as a very young child with his mother; and the other of which features himself as a very young child with his dad.

But Roloff doesn't want followers to see these snapshots and think "AWWWW."

He wants them to see these snapshots and think about the very troubling policy of our White House in response to immigrants trying to cross the Mexican-U.S. border.


Scroll down to see what we mean...

1. Jacob is the Most Outspoken Member of His Family

Jacob roloff outdoors
This isn't saying too much, maybe, considering the lack of drama around the Roloffs usually. But Jacob is someone who quit Little People, Big World two years ago while simultaneously calling out the show and his relatives for being all fake and phony.

2. Down with Reality TV!

Jacob roloff lost in thought
In his new memoir, Roloff goes off in general on reality TV. It's not an overly brazen stance, but it's not something you hear often from an ex-star.

3. What About President Donald Trump?

Donald trump presser
You may not believe this, but Jacob has a few opinions about the Commander-in-Chief. (Spoiler Alert: He's not a big fan.)

4. But Did He Really Stomp on the Flag?

Jacob roloff outside
There was outcry in July 2018 that Roloff took out his frustrations with Trump by stomping all over the U.S. flag. The photo of this alleged incident has been deleted and it's unclear whether folks just read too much into Jacob's foot placement.

5. Jacob Did Not Shy Away from His Feelings, Though

Jake view
In the wake of that flag controversy, Roloff invited fans to debate with him on Twitter, while making it clear that his political views represented who he is as a person.

6. Okay. So What's Going On Now?

Jake t2
Roloff has posted this picture of him as a young boy, being held by his famous mom, Amy. Cute, right?
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