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Maci Bookout: Let Me Tell You What I REALLY Think About Ryan Edwards!

Maci Bookout is such a treasure, right?

There's so much Teen Mom gossip out there, all the time, and so much of it is bad -- Jenelle Evans' child abuse allegations and newfound love of guns, Farrah Abraham's legal troubles and general awfulness.

It's actually pretty rare to hear just a happy, nice story about someone from the show, but if you do hear one, it's probably about Chelsea Houska or Maci.

Since she's so great, Maci recently made an appearance on Kailyn Lowry's podcast, and while she was there, she discussed a whole, whole lot of things.

The pregnancy rumors? Her new house? Ryan Edwards' latest arrest?

She talks about all that, and more!

So let's get into what she had to say ...

1. Everyone Loves Maci!

Seriously, isn't Maci just the greatest?

2. A Strong Possibility

Maci b
Is she the greatest mom out of all the Teen Moms? Maybe, yeah.

3. Thanks, Girl!

Kailyn lowry and maci bookout group photo
Since she's so great and everything, she decided to do us all a solid and have a chat with Kailyn on her podcast, you know, just to update us on everything that's been going on in her life.


Maci bookout on teen mom o g
And, as you probably know, there's been a WHOLE lot going on.

5. Moving On

Maci bookout taylor mckinney a selfie
For example, you may have heard that Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, recently sold their house. What's up with that?

6. Oh

Maci bookout taylor mckinney selfie
As she explained to Kailyn, they were looking to build a house on some land they own, but while they were checking out other houses to get an idea of what they'd want for their new house, they found one, already built and everything, that they really loved.
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Maci Bookout: Adoption Plans Revealed!

Maci Bookout has had quite a tumultuous year.

Much of the drama in her life has had to do with the continued legal troubles of Ryan Edwards, the father of her first child, who's currently facing up to a year behind bars.

While much of the focus on Maci over the past year has had to do with Ryan's downward spiral, the mother of three has a whole lot on her mind these days aside from her ex's substance abuse issues.

Maci and husband Taylor McKinney have been open about their desire to expand their family, but even fans who hang on Bookout's every word might be surprised by exactly what the couple has in mind for their future ...

1. A Turbulent Year

Maci bookout on teen mom o g
Saying it's a been a dramatic year for Maci would be putting it very mildly. The TMOG fan favorite has had to cope with challenges she probably never imagined for herself.

2. The Ryan Factor

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Many of Maci's most recent headaches have been a result of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his ongoing substance abuse and legal issues.

3. A Necessary Move

Ryan bentley
Maci recently filed for a restraining order against Edwards after he allegedly threatened McKinney's life. Now, Ryan is no longer permitted to have any contact with his son, Bentley.

4. Life Goes On

Maci bookout tattoos
But Maci's not letting the Ryan issue prevent her from living her life. In fact, she just opened up about some surprising new plans for the future.

5. Spilling the Tea

Kailyn lowry podcast
Appearing on Kailyn Lowry's podcast this week, Maci revealed that she's still planning to adopt a fourth child.

6. A Bit of a Twist

Maci bookout is not pregnant
The adoption news will come as no great shock to Maci fans, but even the most stalwart Bookout devotees might be surprised by the details of her plan ...
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Maci Bookout Has One Big Problem with Bristol Palin Joining Teen Mom OG

Maci Bookout held little back as a guest this week on Kailyn Lowry’s “Coffee Convos” podcast.

First, as previously detailed, Maci spoke out for the first time since ex Ryan Edwards got arrested for approximately the 174th time.

From there, Bookout delved into the most pressing topic facing Teen Mom OG viewers at the moment...


... the addition of Bristol Palin to this franchise.

In mid-July, this daughter of an ignorant, close-minded and controversial former Vice Presidential candidate confirmed that she was headed to MTV, claiming she was joining the series in order to serve as a role model.

Asked about Palin as a co-star, Maci at first took a shot at former co-star Farrah Abraham, who was dismissed from Teen Mom this past winter due to her penchant for appearing in amateur porn videos.

"I really feel like I’m not gonna be mad about anybody joining because anybody’s better than Farrah," Maci told Kailyn on the podcast.

Not many folks out there will disagree with this opinion.

It wasn't exactly Maci's most scorching take of all-time.

Maci Bookout Is Not Pregnant

Bookout went on to tell Lowry and cohost Lindsie Chrisley that she doesn’t “really care if other people join the cast,” nor does she blame Bristol for doing so.

She simply would have appreciated any kind of heads-up prior to MTV announcing the decision.

“I think me and Catelynn [Lowell] and Amber [Portwood] are all pretty much on the same page,” Bookout explained, adding:

“If they bring in new cast members, we don’t want it to be called Teen Mom OG because that’s not true if there’s new cast members.

"We don’t really care who joins because in our minds, we’re like, if somebody is presented with the opportunity, or like, say, one of us was never on the show and they asked us, no one’s going to turn the opportunity down.

"You can’t be mad at somebody for accepting an opportunity.”

Bristol Palin and Crew

This is a reasonable point of view.

Of course, Palin is reportedly making $250,000 for one season of filming, which may be cause for tension between her and her new colleagues.

This huge salary could be considered disrespectful to those who have been part of the cast for years.

Bookout says she would have appreciated a "courtesy call" from producers, but didn't sound all that peeved about Palin:

"That’s my problem. Like, hey, they know when it’s going to come out. They know when the official release is coming out so, like, an hour before, call.

Give us a call and be like, ‘Hey, by the way, this is who your new cast member is going to be. it’s being released today. … We’ve been doing this for 10 years!"

Bookout, Maci: A Photo

In her own statement since the news went viral, Bristol said the following about her upcoming role on Teen Mom OG:

I am excited to join MTV's 'Teen Mom OG.' I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey.

Elsewhere, Lowry also asked Bookout about the reports that The Challenge’s Cheyenne Floyd and Corey Wharton are joining the cast.

But the long-time reality TV personality did not confirm or deny the casting rumor. Or seem to care much.

“I think because Bristol Palin has such a … I mean, her mom ran for vice president, so I think it’s just a bit of a bigger deal than fellow MTV stars coming on,” she said.

MTV has not yet announced a premiere date for Teen Mom OG Season 8.

Maci Bookout Opens Up on Ryan Edwards Arrest: I Wish He Was Still In Jail!

Maci Bookout is in a difficult spot.

Her first baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, has been arrested three times in the past 18 months and is currently facing a year in prison if convicted on the latest charges against him.

Ryan, Maci Split Pics

Maci currently has a restraining order against Edwards as a result of an incident in which he allegedly threatened to murder her husband.

It may sound like she can now easily wash her hands of her troubled ex -- but it's not that simple.

Bookout has made it clear that she very much wants her eldest son, Bentley, to have a relationship with his father.

Unfortunately, she wants more than anything to ensure her son's safety.

And for the time being at least, that means keeping him away from Ryan.

Bookout, Maci: A Photo

Maci has mostly kept quiet about Edwards' struggles with addiction, but she opened up this week in an interview for Kailyn Lowry's Coffee Convos podcast.

Her comments on Ryan's legal issues underscore Maci's conflicting feelings toward her ex.

“I’ll be honest, I have no idea what state he’s in because he’s not allowed to be around any of us. He can’t just be in the same location as me and the family,” she told Lowry.

“So I have no idea. He’s not allowed to contact us or anything like that. But I mean, he did get arrested, I don’t know … I mean, I do know why, but I don’t want to say.”

Ryan Edwards Is Mad

Bookout then revealed that she actually felt better about the situation when Ryan was held in jail for a week last month.

“I feel better that he is in jail because I know he’s safe there, if that makes sense,” Maci said.

“I know he’s not driving around. He’s not doing something that could potentially hurt him or an innocent person. So it sucks, crappy situation for everyone.”

Edwards is currently out on bail and serving six months probation.

He's due back in court on August 23 to be tried for his latest probation violation.

Kailyn Lowry: Maci Bookout Is Totally Pregnant!

Right after Kailyn Lowry was body-shamed by Farrah Abraham's dad, eagle-eyed fans are making some body comments on Kail's photos.

But it's not Kailyn's body that's earned their focus -- it's Maci Bookout. Fans point out that Maci looks like she's sporting a baby bump.

And they're going after Kailyn for leaking this photo before Maci is ready to tell the world!

Kailyn Lowry and Maci Bookout Group Photo

Fans took a break from worrying that Kailyn Lowry is already pregnant again to point out that, to their eyes, Maci Bookout looks pregnant in this pic.

One fan commented: "Maci is so pregnant."

Another wrote: "hope Maci's pregnant. She definitely looks it here."

"Although it could be the shirt," that commenter concedes. "She makes the CUTEST babies."

She sure does.

Then, another blasted Kailyn for "revealing Maci's pregnancy" by sharing the photo.

Selfie with Lux

Kail saw that comment and wrote back immediately: "Except I didn't."

First of all, she didn't leak or reveal anything except a group photo for Coffee and Convos, her podcast.

Kailyn explained the optical illusion that was making fans think that Maci is pregnant.

"It's the way the shirt was flowing," Kail clarifies.

We think that she's right. Maci is tall but was leaning forward slightly in that photo.

Here's Maci's most recent pic on Instagram. 

Maci Bookout Is Not Pregnant

it could have been taken at almost any time, sure, but ... she sure doesn't look pregnant to us.

Folks, Maci already has three children.

Bentley, Jayde, and Maverick are enough.

If she wants more kids, she can have them, but fans shouldn't get greedy just because they crave the oxytocin rush that comes from looking at baby pictures.

Of course, Maci has entertained the idea before -- she spoke to Taylor about the idea of a fourth child, though she also expressed an interest in adoption.

Kailyn Lowry, Burgundy Bikini

The fact of that matter is that some of these fans may have genuinely believed that Maci was pregnant.

Others may have just hoped that she was, or gone along with what others were saying because they wanted to feel like they were on the cutting edge of a breaking story.

And then, of course, there were those who were just trolling for a reaction from Kailyn, who is known to engage with her fans and commenters.

Lookin' at you, person who decided that Kail sharing a group photo that was clearly intended to go public was actually her being a bad friend to Maci and revealing her secrets.

Sometimes, commenters need to chill.

Maci Bookout: Naked and Afraid

As we mentioned, Maci and Taylor have spoken about another child.

That could happen via birth or via adoption.

(It is even possible, based upon Maci's own words, that she might have another child and adopt)

If and when that happens, we have no doubts that her friend Kailyn will take every step to protect her privacy until she's good and ready to tell the world.

Who knows better than a fellow Teen Mom how personal a baby bump can be?

Maci can no longer enjoy that Ryan Edwards is in jail, because he was released, but she still has the support of her friends.

Ryan Edwards: SENTENCED on Heroin Charges! Released From Jail!

Just about every time we bring you new news about Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards, it has to do with a new round of misfortunes for Maci Bookout's troubled ex.

So in a sense, this is a refreshing change of pace.

Today, we can update you on some good news for Ryan ... well, sort of.

You see, Edwards was released from jail today after spending the past week behind bars.

Unfortunately, that short-term victory precedes what's likely to be a series of crushing defeats for Edwards.

Here's what we know about the situation so far:

1. Another Brush With the Law

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Edwards was arrested for the third time in just over a year last week after allegedly violating the terms of his probation.

2. The Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan's legal troubles began back in March of 2017 when he arrested on heroin possession charges.

3. Strike Two

Ryan edwards mug shot
Less than a year later, Edwards was arrested again, this time for failing a court-ordered drug test.

4. No More Second Chances

Ryan edwards a photo
As a result of his continued probation violations, Edwards was held in police custody after he arrested for a third time on July 23.

5. A Stroke of Luck

Ryan edwards is mad
It was originally reported that Ryan would remain behind bars until his August 6 court date, but today things went Edwards' way for a change.

6. Free at Last

Mackenzie and ryan edwards picture
According to Radar Online, Edwards was released from Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee at around 2 am this morning.
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Maci Bookout: I’m SO HAPPY Ryan Edwards is in Jail!

Ryan Edwards was arrested on Monday evening, and as far as we know, he's still in jail.

And thank goodness for that, right?

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot (New)

After all, if he's in jail, he can't get arrested again, and we'd hope that heroin is a little more difficult to come by in jail than it is outside jail.

Because as if it wasn't clear enough already, Ryan seems to have a very, very big issue with heroin.

This whole mess started last year, when he was arrested for possession of heroin and sentenced to a year of probation.

Then, back in March, just before the probation was over, he was arrested again after failing a drug test.

Surprise, surprise, he had heroin in his system.

After that six more months was added to his probation, and on Monday, of course, he was arrested yet again.

Some media outlets are reporting that he got another charge of possession and some are reporting that he violated his probation for missing a court date.

Ryan Edwards Is Mad

But either way, it's not great.

A Nashville attorney has explained that if he has been charged with possession again, then he could be facing nearly three years in prison.

Even if that's not what happened, he's facing at least a year and a half from his last two arrests.

Considering that this time around, Ryan is being held without bond, it wouldn't be too big a surprise if he did spend a bit of that time in jail.

And according to a new report from Hollywood Life, Maci Bookout would be thrilled by that!

"Maci's heartbroken to see what drugs have done to Ryan," a source explains.

Bookout, Maci: A Photo

"She lives in fear that he's going to overdose and die so getting the news that he was in jail was actually a huge relief because at least he's still alive and still has a chance to beat this illness."

The source adds that "Now that he's back in jail there is hope that he might finally get the longterm help he needs, that's what Maci is praying for."

Just so we're clear, she's not wanting him to stay in jail out of spite or anything like that.

"While jail seems bad on the outside, Maci is praying that it will save Ryan's life and help get him sober," the insider continues.

Demi Lovato's overdose apparently really shook her up, and "she's terrified Ryan will overdose too if he doesn't get sober once and for all."

And believe it or not, another source claims that Ryan has those same fears.

Ryan at His Wedding

According to this person, "Ryan can't help feeling like he'll never be able to get himself back on track."

"The past couple of years have been nothing but non-stop drama, and Ryan is just burned out and exhausted."

As sad as it sounds, "He truly regrets the day he first took heroin" because "it's really wrecked his life and everything has been downhill ever since."

"Ryan just hopes and prays that when he gets out of jail he can stay clean, and work hard to regain the trust of all those he loves and has hurt over the years because of his addiction."

If any of this is true, and we really hope it is, then maybe things will be different this time around.

And with Ryan expecting his first child with Mackenzie Standifer in just a couple months, they really, really need to be.

But on a more tragic, more realistic note, he's proven time and again that he has a serious problem, and it may take more than a little bit of time in jail to fix that.

Here's hoping he's able to pull through anyway!

Ryan Edwards: Arrested AGAIN! Held Without Bail!

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards has been arrested yet again and is currently being held without bail in the Hamilton County jail near his hometown in Tennessee.

The news comes to us courtesy of The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

The Ashley reports that Ryan was taken into police custody on Monday on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Ryan, of course, is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell, having been arrested at least twice previously.

In fact, this marks the second time in less than a year that Edwards has been taken into police custody.

And this time, he might be facing a very serious penalty, as he's unlikely to get sprung anytime soon.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. A New One For the Collection

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Ryan Edwards has been arrested in his home state of Tennessee yet again. It's the second time this year the troubled Teen Mom OG star has been taken into custody.

2. The Specifics

Ryan edwards a photo
Details regarding the charges against Ryan are scarce at the moment, but the situation is serious enough that Edwards was denied bail.

3. The Beginning

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan's legal troubles began last year when he was arrested for heroin possession.

4. Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards is mad
In March of 2018, Ryan was picked up for a probation violation stemming from that earlier arrest. Prior to that point, Edwards had managed to keep his legal difficulties hidden from fans.

5. An Eventful Week

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
Ryan's latest arrest comes just days after he and wife Mackenzie Standifer announced that they had been fired from Teen Mom OG, which they claim is a result of the fact that MTV did not want to show Ryan in recovery.

6. Too Much Reality

Ryan and mackenzie edwards pic
"We’re not returning to Teen Mom this season," Standifer told E! News. "The network told us they don’t want to show Ryan as a recovering addict.”
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Mackenzie Standifer Opens Up: Will She Divorce Ryan Edwards?!

For the past four months, rumors of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer getting divorced have been circulating non-stop.

Ryan has given Mackenzie ample reason to leave his ass, and when she took a break from social media earlier this year, many took it as a sign that she had chosen to quietly end her marriage.

Ryan has cheated on Mackenzie; he's been arrested; he's stalked and harassed his ex -- all in the past six months.

Standifer is notoriously shy of the spotlight, so it was widely assumed she had simply chosen to disappear from the spotlight while she and Ryan ironed out the terms of their divorce.

Now, however, she's back on Instagram -- and fans are more than a little surprised by what she's been up to:

1. Standifer By Her Man

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Mackenzie is doing her best to make her marriage work these days. And fans think she's out of her mind for giving Ryan yet another chance.

2. Return of the Mack

Mackenzie ryan bentley
After a hiatus of several months, Mackenzie returned to Instagram this week. She posted this photo of her and Ryan, seemingly as a means of squashing divorce rumors.

3. Bump Close-Up

Mackenzies bump
Mackenzie also posted this pic of her own baby bump. She captioned the image, "Happiness is HOMEMADE!"

4. Turning It Around

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant
Needless to say, it looks as though the relationship between Mackenzie and Ryan is actually going quite well. But is it healthy?

5. Mack N Ryan 4-Eva

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards going strong
Seemingly as a way of assuring fans that all is well in her world, Standifer posted this photo earlier this week.

6. High Hopes

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer son
"Family," Mackenzie captioned the pic, complete with heart emojis. "It means everything." Certainly sound like she's optimistic about her relationship! But it's important to remember why fans are so skeptical ...
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Ryan Edwards: Stepping Away From Teen Mom OG to Focus on Sobriety?

If you've been keeping up on the life of Ryan Edwards in recent months, you know that the controversial Teen Mom OG has not had an easy time of it lately.

Granted, most of Ryan's problems are self-created, but nevertheless, many fans who remember Maci Bookout's ex from his leas troubled days have expressed concerns and sympathetic thoughts on social media.

In the past year, they've seen Ryan get arrested, lose consciousness while driving to his own wedding, go to rehab, relapse, and nearly lose custody of his son.

While there's much disagreement as to whether or not Ryan deserves a second chance, all seem to agree that if there's any possibility of redemption, it has to begin with Ryan stepping away from the reality TV spotlight in order to focus on recovery.

Will he do it? Well, that's a question only Ryan can answer ...

1. Ryan's Hope

Ryan edwards is mad
Believe it or not, not everyone has given up on Ryan. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and his long-suffering parents remain firmly in his corner.

2. Loyalty Put to the Test

Mackenzie ryan edwards
And if the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of social media are any indication, Ryan still enjoys the support of a surprisingly large group of extremely loyal fans.

3. Ultimatum Time

Ryan edwards a photo
But even those who have already been put through the wringer by Ryan have their limits. And it seems they're beginning to lose faith in the troubled father of one.

4. Taking a Break

Ryan edwards not sober
It's been rumored that Ryan's loved ones have pressured him to take an indefinite break from filming in order to focus on getting his life back on track. Many fans have publicly expressed support for the idea.

5. A Hard Sell

Ryan edwards at teen mom og reunion
However, reality stardom has been Ryan's sole source of income for the entirety of his adult life. He and Standifer are currently expecting their first child together, so he may be reluctant to step away from the camera at this time, even for a short period.

6. What's Best For Everyone

Ryan edwards with mackenzie
Of course, as many fans have pointed out, this is an opportunity for Ryan to prove that he's capable of putting the needs of those who rely on him ahead of his own self-interest. And it could be his last chance to do so ...
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Maci Bookout Struggles on Naked and Afraid, Receives Major Support From Fans

Teen Mom OG fans spent several months anticipating Maci Bookout's appearance on Naked and Afraid.

And we think it's safe to say they didn't quite get what they were hoping for.

Maci's wilderness adventure was a short one, as the mother of three struggled mightily during her time in Nicaragua.

Some viewers stated that they had hoped to see more of Ms. Bookout, but most applauded her courage in taking on such a challenge.

And as a bonus, her happy-go-lucky partner definitely earned some new fans!

1. Maci Bookout: Both Naked and Afraid

Maci bookout naked and afraid
Maci spent the past week hyping her appearance on the show, and she was clearly excited to share the experience with fans.

2. TV's Toughest Show

Maci bookout appears on naked and afraid
No show on television tests the limits of human endurance quite like Naked and Afraid, and very few contestants last the full 21 days. So Maci certainly isn't alone in not completing the challenge.

3. Badass Attitude

Maci bookout naked and afraid intro
In her intro video, Maci referred to herself as a badass, a word that's often used by TMOG fans when describing the tough-as-nails mother of three.

4. Firestarter

She described her preparations for the show, revealing that she spent a lot of time working on starting fires without the aid of matches or a lighter. At first, it seemed that all that hard work paid off.

5. Early Success

Maci bookout on naked and afraid
Maci and her partner -- an ICU nurse named Justin -- managed to build a fire on their first day in the wilderness -- a rare accomplishment on Naked and Afraid.

6. No Match For Nicaragua

No match for nicaragua
Unfortunately, that would prove to be Maci's final triumph in the jungles of Nicaragua.
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Ryan Edwards: STILL Cheating on Mackenzie Standifer With Shelby Woods?!

It's been a little over a year since Ryan Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer, and we probably don't need to tell you that he hasn't been the greatest husband in the world during that time.

Ryan has been arrested; he's had restraining orders issued against him; he's fallen off the wagon; he's been verbally abusive to his pregnant wife.

And of course, Ryan has been caught cheating on Mackenzie multiple times.

Edwards has a lengthy history of infidelity, but even the professional baby daddy's most ardent critics thought he'd stop screwing around after Mackenzie stuck by his side during the year from hell.

Sadly, it seems we all overestimated Ryan ...

1. Shelby and Ryan

Shelby woods and ryan edwards
Shelby Woods briefly dated Ryan in between his relationships with Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer. Now, it looks as though Edwards never quite got over his former flame.

2. Not to Be Trusted

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Ryan married Mackenzie just over a year ago. But in that short time, he's been accused of infidelity on numerous occasions.

3. Tinder Trouble

Tinder trouble
First, Ryan was caught communicating with other women on Tinder, using an account that falsely stated his age as 25. (He's actually 30.)

4. Let 'Em Know

Let em know
Shortly thereafter, Shelby took to Twitter to let the world know that Ryan was still hitting her up on a regular basis.

5. Hey, Sis

Hey sis
"Sometimes I just wanna be like, 'Hey sis, your husband is still hitting me up,'" she tweeted on April 15. "Buuuuut then I remember how delusional you are so I don't waste my time."

6. Not One For Taking Hints

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Sadly, it seems Ryan didn't get the message that Shelby isn't interested.
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Maci Bookout Naked and Afraid Preview: Watch The Teen Mom OG Star Battle the Elements!

Several months ago, Teen Mom OG viewers started getting excited about reports that Maci Bookout shot an episode Naked and Afraid.

But until Sunday night, we knew very little about Maci's experience on the show.

Now, information is beginning to trickle in, and fans are more hyped than ever.

We still don't where in the world Maci will be battling the elements, but we do know who she's partnered up with and -- most importantly -- when her episode will air.

Check out the gallery below for the all the information on Maci's foray into the wilderness, as well as two exciting sneak peeks of her appearance on reality TV's most unforgiving series:

1. No Half Measures

No half measures
As we learned on the preview that aired during Sunday night's Naked and Afraid: XL, Maci won't be coddled just because of her celebity status. She totally stripped down, just like the show's previous contestants, and you can expect she'll be pushed to the point of severe dehydration, exhaustion and disease, like everyone else. Sounds awesome!!

2. Total Badass

Total badass
In Maci's introductory clip, the mother of three describes herself as a badass - perhaps not what you'd expect given her MTV star pedigree. But, as Teen Mom OG fans know, she is no shrinking violet. Badass is a title she earned well before she embarked on her latest wilderness adventure.

3. First Look

Maci bookout on naked and afraid
Last week, Maci took to Instagram to give several million of her closest fans their first glimpse of her episode. The show lives up to its title, clearly, and we're just getting started.

4. Eeek, Indeed

Maci bookout tattoos
"Eeek! Everyone has been asking about my episode of Naked and Afraid," Maci captioned the picture, and for good reason. What she's going through is clearly one of the craziest ordeals in the world of reality TV.

5. Sneak Peek Tease

Maci bookout at bridal fashion show
"Watch the sneak peek inside the new episode of Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10 p.m. on @discoverychannel," Bookout added, and with obligatory anticipation, we have done just that.

6. It's Finally Here

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Sunday night, the Discovery Channel dropped not one, but two preview clips from Maci's episode. And so far fans are loving what they see ... (we're not just talking about her naked body, but that is most definitely on display).
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Maci Bookout Is Nude, Terrified in Naked and Afraid Preview!

Back in March, Maci Bookout revealed to fans that she'll appear on an upcoming episode of reality TV's most brutal series, Naked and Afraid.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, the title pretty much says it all.

Maci Bookout Tattoos

Two strangers are dropped in the center of a foreign wilderness without a stitch of clothing, and they spend the next three weeks (or however long they last) petrified of the many forces in their immediate environment that could very easily kill them.

Usually, it's starvation or exposure that sends the contestants home early, but it could just as easily be a bite from a venomous snake or a run in with some irate fire ants.

It's one of those shows that makes sane viewers wonder why anyone would put themselves through such torment, especially since there's no cash prize for those who endure the full 21 days.

But there are some folks, like Maci, who watch nude survivalists putting their lives on the line for bragging rights and think, that looks like fun!

Bookout took to Instagram this week to share a first look at her upcoming episode:

Maci Bookout on Naked and Afraid

"Eeek! Everyone has been asking about my episode of Naked and Afraid," Maci captioned the above pic.

"Watch the sneak peek inside the new episode of Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm on @discoverychannel @nakedandafraidtv"

The pic was also shared on the official Naked and Afraid Instagram page, along with a caption reading:

“THIS SUNDAY get a super secret peek at our teen mom survivalist during Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm."

Yes, apparently surviving a relationship with Ryan Edwards wasn't enough of a challenge for Maci.

Maci DeShane McKinney

You have to tip your hat to a woman who has endured the company of Farrah Abraham on more than one occasion and still wants to test herself even more.

No word yet on where Maci was shipped off to or how long she lasted on the show, but you can bet she was pushed to the limit.

Fortunately, Maci was in good hands.

Her companion on the show is Justin Tuell, a 31-year-old ICU with a background in wilderness survival.

Details about the episode's air date will be revealed on Sunday.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom OG online to remind yourself of how much Maci has already endured.

Ryan Edwards’ Dad Shares Sad Update on Teen Mom OG Star

If you're a Teen Mom OG viewer, then you're probably aware that Ryan Edwards has had one hell of a difficult year.

For the most part, Ryan's problems are self-created, but even so, it's been difficult to watch his downward spiral unfold on social media and in front of MTV cameras.

Ryan Edwards: Not Sober

The trouble began when Edwards got arrested back in March for a probation violation stemming from an earlier arrest for heroin possession.

In the weeks that followed, Ryan's life began to unravel with astonishing speed.

First, he was caught cheating on Mackenzie Standifer, who's currently pregnant with his second child.

Shortly thereafter, Ryan's ex, Maci Bookout, filed for a restraining order that prevented him from having any contact with his first child, 9-year-old Bentley.

That order has since been lifted, but it seems Ryan still hasn't had any contact with Bentley.

This week, Ryan's father, Larry Edwards, spoke with Radar Online this week and revealed that Ryan hasn't seen his on at all in the months since the order was first granted.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom Photo

“Ryan really missed Bentley,” Larry told Radar.

“He hasn’t seen him, not yet.”

Larry went on to say that he and his wife have still enjoyed weekend visits with Bentley but that Ryan has not been involved:

“It’s been sporadic, but we have been with Bentley on a couple of weekends,” Larry said.

“Ryan has to leave the house at the time. She’s given us the opportunity to see him.”

Despite what sounds like a dire situation, Larry maintains that his son is holding up very well:

Ryan Edwards: A Photo

“Ryan is doing fantastic,” says the grandfather.

Larry adds that despite rumors of Ryan and Mackenzie breaking up, the couple is still going strong and looking forward to welcoming a new addition to their family:

“Ryan is very excited that it’s a boy,” Larry says.

“We wanted a little girl because we don’t have a little girl!’

Obviously, Ryan has a long way to go toward becoming a suitable husband to Mackenzie and father to his two boys.

But for now at least, it sounds as though he's on the right track.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Ryan's turbulent life.

Maci Bookout Scores MAJOR Legal Victory Over Ryan Edwards!

If you're a Teen Mom OG fan, then by now, you're probably aware that Ryan Edwards has spent the past few months royally effing up just about every aspect of his life.

Ryan has gotten arrested; he's fallen off the wagon; he's cheated on his wife; and he's gone to great lengths to alienate those closest to him.

But for all of his repugnant behavior, perhaps nothing is more appalling than the news that Ryan threatened the life of Maci Bookout's husband, Taylor McKinney.

Now, it looks as though Ryan will pay for that crime dearly, as Maci has taken steps to protect her family by separating Ryan from that which matters most to him.

Here's what we know so far...

1. Downfall

Ryan edwards mug shot
Ryan's latest round of troubles began back in March, when he was arrested for a probation violation stemming from a 2017 arrest for heroin possession.

2. The Truth Comes Out

Ryan edwards at teen mom og reunion
In the weeks that followed the arrest, a number of surprising revelations about Edwards emerged, and fans realzed the narrative about his redemption and recovery from addiction was fraudulent.

3. A Shameful Secret

Mackenzie ryan edwards
For starters, it was revealed that Ryan had been using a misleading dating profile to try and cheat on his pregnant wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

4. One Loyal Wife

Ryan edwards with mackenzie
Remarkably, Mackenzie has stood by Ryan regardless, even helping him in his efforts to keep his original possession arrest a secret. But there were some things the couple wasn't able to conceal ...

5. His Lowest Point

Maci bookout taylor mckinney a selfie
Amid the deluge of shocking revelations about Ryan, fans learned that he had issued a threat to Maci Bookout's husband, Taylor McKinney.

6. Taking Action

Maci bookout at bridal fashion show
Alleging that Ryan had threatened to shoot Taylor in the head, Maci and Taylor filed for orders of protection for themselves and their children, includng 9-year-old Bentley, Maci's son with Ryan.
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