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Mischa Barton is Headed to The Hills!

Mischa Barton is about to go full circle.

In a manner of speaking.

The actress, of course, is best known for having starred as Marissa Cooper on the Fox sensation The OC back in 2003.


The success of The OC inspired MTV to create Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County... which eventually spun off into The Hills... which is about to be revived by the cable network...

... and which we've now learned will co-star Barton!

Set to premiere some time in 2019, The Hills: New Beginnings will reunite original cast members, alongside their kids, friends and a few new faces, chronicling follow their personal and professional lives while they reside in Los Angeles.

Barton will be making her reality television debut as a series regular on the highly-anticipated reboot.

She'll be joining Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Jason Wahler, Stephanie Pratt, Justin Bobby and Frankie Delgado on the program.

Mischa Barton on a Red Carpet

Sadly, neither Lauren Conrad nor Kristin Cavallari will be coming back to the show that made them famous.

(“She’s in a different place in her life,� a source has said of Conrad, adding: "But she wants everyone to enjoy themselves. She wishes everyone the best.")

Barton, meanwhile, ought to bring plenty of drama to New Beginnings.

She hasn't really had a starring role of any kind since she was killed off The OC -- yet she has found herself in a few difficult/trying/headline-making situation.

In January of 2017, for example, Barton was hospitalized for a mental evaluation after she neighbors witnessed her hanging over her backyard fence and rambling incoherently.

Mischa Barton in Cannes

She said something at one point about her mother being a witch and something else at another point about the world coming to an end.

"Oh my God, it's over! I feel it, and it's angry!" she yelled while falling off said fence, according to witnesses.

Barton later issued a statement in which she thanked the professionals who came to her aid, and in which she said she had been drugged just prior to the incident.

"I would like to extend a big thanks of gratitude to the professionals at Cedars-Sinai for their great care of professionalism," she said at the time, concluding:

"This is a lesson to all young women out there. Be aware of your surroundings."

Mischa Barton People Cover

Just two months after this controversy engulfed Barton, she got swept up in a revenge porn scandal.

The actress went on record about an ex-boyfriend secretly filming the pair having sex and then blackmailing Barton with the release of their video.

A few weeks later, Barton appeared as a guest across from Dr. Phil and tried to clear up all the misperceptions of her out there.

"One of the biggest misconceptions is that I’m a spoiled rich girl," she said.

"People find it convenient, they attach you to one particular thing. So I suppose that. And yeah, the fact that people think I’m crazy. That’s another good one."

We'll get to find out first-hand when The Hills hits the air again next year.

Jersey Shore Recap: Lawyering Up and Busting Out

On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, one key cast member spent a lot of time away from his fellow stars...

... while another took things a step further and decided to spend no time at all with anyone moving forward.

shore guys

We'll start with Ronnie, who met with an attorney and discussed his custody options, considering he's now a father of a little girl named Ariana -- and considering the violent tension that exists between him and her mother, Jen Harley.

“Everything that’s going on with Jen is just driving me crazy,� he said at one point, adding:

“They say if things aren’t good at home, then things aren’t going to be good in life.

"Me and Jen, we’re going to be involved in each other’s lives forever, so we may be toxic forever.�

To Ronnie's credit, he didn't spend this episode drinking or lifting or partying with his pals.

He spent a bulk of it in an attorney's office.

Ronnie on a Break

“I have to make a change for my daughter," he explained.

"I have to put a stop to this for Ariana, something has to be done so she has stability and foundation. That’s why we need some kind of guidelines, to make sure that she’s all right at the end of the day.�

Indeed, Ronnie and Jen have trashed each other incessantly on social media over the past few months, while getting into multiple physical altercations.

“I’m super proud of Ron,� Snooki told the camera. “He’s growing up and he’s adulting and he’s figuring out how to handle situations better.�

Of course, Snooki herself could have taken some of her own advice this week, as she was featured in a storyline about her best friendship with JWOWW basically falling apart.

Ronnie at a Law Firm

After days of mounting tension between the BFFs - because Snooki had invited Angelina to Vegas without telling JWOOW - Jenni decided to leave Sin City early.

“Not cool. How the f-ck is that fair? F-ck that,� Snooki snapped upon hearing this plan. “She only just cares about her f-cking self. What an a-hole.�

Whatever, though, Jenni replied.

She had her own life and her own issues on which to focus.

"Nicole’s hurt that I’m leaving, but I’m hurt, too,� she said, continuing:

“She didn’t [participate] in my Mother’s Day video - she’s a mom. She should get it. She’s my best friend. She’s the godmother to one of my kids.

"And then the whole inviting Angelina? Come on. This bitch is annoying, and I don’t want to be in the house with her."

Annoyed Jenni

Did all of this really play out as we saw on camera?

Will Snooki yell and complain that various scenes and fights were edited? Perhaps.

But JWOWW concluded the installment in a dark and angry place, that's all we know for now.

“Nicole and I were keeping secrets from each other,� she admitted.

“I didn’t tell her when I was booking my flight home, and Nicole didn’t tell me that she invited Angelina. It sucks, but at the same time, it’s like, we obviously have problems.

"We’re not as close as we thought. I don’t get angry anymore unless I’m really, really hurt — so this is the end result of me being angry, is that I’m hurt.�

Jersey Shore Recap: Yup, She’s Back!

So... how did Jersey Shore follow up THAT episode?

How did Jersey Shore match the intensity and drama of Jen Harley spitting on her baby daddy and having to be restrained by security a week ago?

ron ron

Just a few days back, MTV aired one of the most epic arguments in reality series history, as Harley attacked Ronnie as a "f-cking loser" and a "piece of "sh-t," and we picked up right there on Thursday evening.

On this latest installment, Ronnie admitted in the confessional that they “have no control” over their relationship and will fight until they’re “65 years old.”

Which is especially a shame because they are parents to an adorable baby girl named Ariana. She was born in April.

“She’s f-cking drunk, I can smell the alcohol on her breath,” Ronnie said Jen left his hotel room, proceeding to ask “where’s my kid?” before breaking down crying and telling the cameras he felt this was the final straw.

Following the fracas, security called the cops to report a domestic violence incident.

Although Ronnie didn’t want to press charges, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department searched Jen while Ronnie asked authorities to do a wellness check.

He literally didn't know the whereabouts of his child.

Ultimately, the police questioned Jen and she was NOT arrested -- and Ronnie decided to move forward by meeting his attorney again and discussing custody.

ang and ron

And that was the end of the drama this week.

Just kidding!

In another mega development, Angelina Pivarnick arrived in Sin City!

She was invited there by Snooki (and, you know, the producers) and was all set to join the party after saying in a confessional that she didn’t really get along with Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

It didn't take very long for the anger to be felt between these stars, either.


Upon touching down in Nevada and making her way over to her past and then present colleagues Angelina said hello to everyone ... except Jenni.

Instead of a greeting, she simply told Jenni the two had “sh-t to work out.”

“We’re actually dealing with family sh-t … you wouldn’t know because you’re not part of the family," JWOWW shot back immediately.

If a knife had been nearby (and, with this crew, thank goodness it was not), one could have cut all this tension with it. Easy.

ron gif

From there, Angelina stirred the pot further -- when she slapped Vinny Guadagnino!

All he did was playfully try to put the returning cast member into the shower because it looked like her “hamster cage," but Angelina was not in a joking mood.

And no one was happy about the slap, which is where Jersey Shore faded to black for the week.

Will you be tuning in next Thursday evening to see where things go from here?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Recap: Baby, Mamas and A LOT of Drama

For the cast members on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

It gets broadcast to millions of viewers each week!

Indeed, Ronnie, Pauly, Sitchy and company returned with TWO brand new episodes on Thursday night, kicking off Season 2 in grand, intense and adorable fashion.

It's a Jersey Shore Baby!

The bulk of these installments centered on Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his occasionally-violent girlfriend Jen Harley welcoming their daughter into the world.

But Ronnie was actually in London for the blessed event, flying back to Sin City as soon as he learned Harley was in labor.

Pauly D was already there, however, and was actually the first member of the crew to meet precious little Ariana.

Shortly after this life-transforming development, however, Jen and Ronnie got into the ultimate social media fight (see slideshow below).

This prompted Vinny and Mike to fly to Nevada for a guys' night out in order to figure out was the heck happening with Ronnie.

The new father acted as if everything was totally cool and said he and Harley were together and on solid terms and, oh, also: he didn't want to to go a strip club.


Elsewhere, JWoww was also in an intriguing place in life.

Her two-year-old son was not yet talking and was therefore attending therapy three times a week. She was trying to handle it as best she could.

For Mother’s Day husband Roger Mathews asked all of her friends to send in a 30-second video so he could create something to cheer her up.

When only The Situation participated, though, Jenni wanted to call out Snooki, upset that her BFF didn't play a role in this gift.

However, the confrontation got put on the backburner when Deena Cortese announced she was pregnant while they were all at lunch. How exciting!

Snooki also noted that she had been hanging out a bit with Angelina Pivarnick, despite her having recently labeled JWOWW a "whore" on social media.

She even said she had invited the controversial ex-cast member to Vegas.

JWOWW Reacts to Something

On the second half of the premiere, meanwhile, the drama truly picked up.

It actually got very serious and potentially dangerous.

After receiving a text from Harley that made him angry, Ronnie got wasted and nearly attacked someone at a pool party, at least reminding long-time viewers that he hasn't changed much.

Back at the hotel, the muscle-bound tough guy actually broke down in tears and at last opened up to the roommates about what was going on.

Since they had arrived in Vegas, he had been saying that everything was good with Harley -- but that was just to keep her happy.

with cops

In reality, Ronnie explained that he didn’t want to talk badly about the mother of his child (which is news to us, considering some of what he's said) and then he cried.

And he cried and he cried.

When he broke down, his friend told him they needed to know what was happening so they could try to be of some assistance.

So Ronnie finally told them everything. It all came out, folks.

“I’m scared of losing my f-cking daughter," he said, continuing:

"Jen, she’s irrational, she’s capable of taking the baby and going away. Everything I say is on a thread with her...

“I’m gonna f-cking get crucified for this. I’ve been going through hell.”

Ronnie in Vegas

Later, in the confessional, he added:

“When we fight, she has kept the baby from me for five days, six days. It’s like, I won’t even know where my daughter is.”

JWOWW was sympathic, but she also told Ronnie that if he’s concerned about not seeing his daughter, he shouldn’t be posting mean things about her mom on Instagram.

That's a fair point, isn't it?

“Every move that I make, I’m scared that my daughter’s gonna be gone,” he yelled.

sad ronnie

But Jenni had a solution:

“Leave her and fight for your daughter, and then go get help. Go to the court, go get a lawyer,” she told him, bringing up how her son couldn't speak and that he should be grateful he has a healthy kid.

When Ronnie replied he has "nothing," Jenni really let him have it:

You chose that life. You f-cked a crazy bitch. You got a crazy bitch pregnant!

Ah, good times.

Who out there didn't miss all of these people?!?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on MTV on Thursdays at 8/7c.

You can watch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation online right here if you need to catch up:

Farrah Abraham: I’m Coming Back to MTV and I’m Bringing My Kid!

Farrah Abraham has a new venture on the horizon, and we don't mean playing a police officer in a movie for some reason, or charging fans $10 to touch her.

She's apparently going to be finding love -- or the closest thing to it that someone like Farrah can experience -- on television. On MTV, of all places.

In the video below, Farrah talks about what the man of her deranged dreams is like ... and confirms that Sophia is part of her new projects.

Farrah abraham gives an interview

Speaking with Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham teases her next television project ... which may also be her next romantic venture.

"I’m finding love next with MTV," Farrah revealed. "So I hope you guys really love that and enjoy that."

MTV is owned by Viacom -- the same company that commited those dastardly hate crimes against Farrah, remember? 

Farrah says that "I can’t" discuss the show in detail. "I’m just very interested, obviously, in finding someone, maybe a male version of me."

"So that’s all I can say for now," Farrah says before she continues talking.

Farrah abraham and sophia at the vmas

In Farrah's world, every day is Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

"I love taking my daughter with me as much as I can," Farrah says.

As you may recall, Farrah drags 9-year-old Sophia all over the world with her instead of having her in school where she could make friends and develop socially.

"And," Farrah, who is not a parenting expert, adds: "I think it’s really good for her."

"Sophia’s with all my shows that I do," Farrah says. "So we have another one coming up in September and that will be on NBC."

Farrah and sophia in fiji

Farrah did open up a little more about her new quest for love or a love-like emotion.

When asked what sort of man she's looking for, she says that she's really thirsting after violent men with brain damage lately.

"I think I would probably prefer a boxer," Farrah says.

Farrah says that a man who punches other men for a living would be ideal "because of where I’m at and their focus and how they’re positive, their mindset."

“So it’s a very beautiful thing," Farrah says of participants in a notoriously violent, dangerous sport that leaves some men dead and leaves the survivors with lifelong injuries.

Farrah abraham kim kardashian photo

Farrah has more qualifications for the man of her dreams than someone who punches for a living.

And we don't just mean her recurring statements of her desire to bone her own clone.

"I hope to God I find somebody who I can and actually have that meaning of what marriage is," Farrah says. "Rather than just the action."

That was almost cogent.

"One day, hopefully," Farrah says wistfully.

Farrah abraham in underwear for some reason

The truth of the matter is that Farrah probably won't have too much trouble finding some dude to date for a while.

All in all, Farrah's the total package: great bikini body, rich, barely coherent grasp of the English language, criminal record, racist rants, megalomania, famously unpleasant.

A lot of those sound like dealbreakers, but remember that some men will do anything -- even Farrah -- in a bid to become famous.

If Farrah finds a guy who's really willing to date her for the media attention, she may just find her soul mate. Or at the very least, the guy version of herself she's been craving.

Farrah abraham im coming back to mtv and im bringing my kid

Jesse Camp, Beloved MTV VJ, Reported Missing

In 1998, Jesse Camp - whose real name is Josiah Camp - won a reality contest to become an MTV VJ.

Even after he left TRL, he was able to use that platform of MTV fame to launch his music career.

He would go on to make an array of friends, including some big-name celebrities.

Well, those friends - and his countless fans - are worried, now. And so is his family.

Jesse has been reported missing and police are searching for him and hoping to find him alive and safe.

1. Jesse Camp is missing

Jesse camp
On July 19, Jesse Camp -- whose real name is Josiah -- was reported missing by his sister, Marisha Camp.

2. The police are involved

Jesse camp 17
The Riverside Police Department in California was able to confirm that they have an open missing person's case on him.

3. He had been keeping in touch with his mother

Jesse camp 05
Alarm bells within the family went off when he failed to make his weekly call to his mother.

4. She hasn't heard from him since July 11 or 12

Jesse camp 06
So it sounds like he has been missing since several days before July 19.

5. He has been an avid Instagram user

Jesse camp 11
But that social media page has not been updated since May 21.

6. His friends are concerned

Jesse camp 07
And a report that may relate to his disappearance has sent a chill down the spines of his loved ones.
View Slideshow

Natalie Negrotti Comes Out as Pansexual!

Natalie Negrotti is a former NFL cheerleader who rose to fame on Big Brother. Recently, she has been a competitor on The Challenge: Final Reckoning.

Now, Natalie has publicly come out as pansexual and revealed that she is dating a woman. Congratulations, Natalie!

This happy milestone was somewhat marred by the fact that one of her costars had more or less outed her recently. Yikes.

Natalie Negrotti Photo

MTV's The Challenge: Final Reckoning is the thirty-second season of The Challenge. Feel old yet?

After Kaleigh Morris outed effectively outed her -- incorrectly referring to her as a lesbian.

Backed into a proverbial corner, Kaleigh came out as pansexual on Tuesday, July 17's airing of The Challenge.

Sexuality is complicated and not everyone is comfortable with every label, but pansexual means that a person is attracted to people without regard for gender.

Though bisexual is a more common label, some feel bogged down by the label's baggage. That is a personal preference either way.

Natalie Negrotti Image

Natalie spoke to Us Weekly about coming out, first opening up about what it was like to be outed by a costar.

Kaleigh had believed that Natalie was part of a "mean girl" incident on the show. Kaleigh did not believe her denials, and retaliated in a cruel way.

"She did it in a really malicious way, and that’s what really hurt me," Natalie explains.

"The way she did it," was vicious. Natalie continues. "She was saying, ‘She doesn’t even like d--k, she likes p--sy. She’s a lesbian.’"

Gender isn't the same thing as genitals, so characterizing a lesbian in that way isn't necessarily accurate, but that seems to be the least of Kaleigh's issues from what she had to say.

"I’m not a lesbian," Natalie clarifies. "I’m pansexual."

Natalie Negrotti Pride Instagram Story

"She outed me in a really aggressive way and kept going," Natalie says.

"It was really homophobic in a way," Natalie explains. And she's right. "To me, that’s getting gay shamed."

Outing can make people lose their livelihoods or even their lives. Yes, even in 2018.

And while Natalie is fortunate enough to not be in that situation, she did receive a homophobic backlash on social media.

"Then there was a whole bunch of people that started gay-shaming me," Natalie says. "Calling me a ‘d-ke,’ going on my social media and attacking me for being gay."


Natalie Negrotti Pride Photo

"It’s been a 28-year battle for me,” Natalie explained, describing how she had taken so long to come out. 

“I wanted to set a standard because you can’t do that," Natalie says of outing people.

"There are so many teenagers and kids that commit suicide every year because they get outed inappropriately."

"She took something that was mine and made it her own, and she did it really in a nasty way," Natalie explains. "Outing someone is not right and I want to set that standard … I wanted to come out in the right way."

It should be a big moment that a person chooses, not something that someone else does out of revenge.

"I wanted to turn it into something positive," Natalie says. "So that viewers that are going through the same thing that I’ve gone through don’t have to go through it for 28 years."

That is so good of her.

Natalie Negrotti

Natalie has also made a series of not-so-subtle Instagram posts, including the tag #20gayteen -- a common tag this year within the LGBTQ+ community to remind people that there is goodness within the political nightmare of our times.

"Accepting myself as I was designed led me to the day I stopped trying to fit into a world that never really fit with me and gave me the chance to blossom into the person I am today," Natalie wrote in one post's caption, tagging it: "#selflove."

On Twitter, natalie shared another message.

"I came out with my story to share my truth with those who are battling the same thing I did," Natalie says.

Natalie Negrotti Love IG

She then asks fans: Do not throw hate at anyone for their actions."

In other words, don't troll Kaleigh. What she did was wrong, but Natalie only harped on it because she wants people to understand why it's wrong.

"I wanted to use my platform to educate people who are not informed," Natalie says. "Let’s spread love and education not hate"

Good for her!

Stephen Colletti: MTV Wants to Do a Laguna Beach Reunion!

For three brief, wonderful seasons, viewers were immersed in the lives of the teenage stars of Laguna Beach.

That was over a decade ago, but the cultural impact of that ahead-of-its-time reality series cannot be measured.

And now, former star Stephen Colletti has confirmed that MTV is talking about hosting a reunion.

Stephen Colletti on Instagram

Speaking to People, Stephen Colletti teases a Laguna Beach reunion.

"They’ve been talking about it," he reveals.

“MTV has been," Colletti says. "They’ve been putting out some phone calls for it."

So they're weighing their options and perhaps testing the waters.

He cautions viewers to not start belting "Coming Clean" just yet, however -- even though it's a great song.

Stephen Colletti Smelfie

Colletti says that he's reluctant to dive back into reality television, saying: "It’s not really my journey."

"I think I’ve done enough reality TV for a couple of lifetimes at this point," Colletti admits.

That's fair. He also went into real-life acting on One Tree Hill.

“I think we can let that one go," Colletti says of the possibility of him doing more reality work.

"That ship," Colletti states. "Has sailed for me!"

Stephen Colletti and Goats

"We were just such young little kids," he says.

That might be an exaggeration, but they really were just teenagers during those Laguna Beach days.

“What I loved about being on that show," Colletti reveals. "Was everyone that we were working with and shooting the show with."

He describes that "they made us feel kind of comfortable."

"Looking back," Colletti reflects. "We were very comfortable hanging out with these people."

Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti: Laguna Beach Throwback

At the time, Colletti wasn't even sure that the show would be a hit -- or even finish filming.

"It was like, ‘Nah, this isn’t going anywhere," Colletti recalls. "We’re just having fun, and it’s just going to end up in a box at MTV’s offices. It’s not going to be on air.’"

So many great success stories begin with doubts. But he was having a fun time with it anyway.

"There’d be a time where Kristin was walking into the surf shop back in the day," Colletti says. "And they’d let me hold the camera and shoot her and follow her in and teach me the style they wanted to shoot it."

That's a rare opportunity -- getting real, in-the-field, experience behind a camera.

"Those are the memories that I have from it,” Stephen says. “It’s usually pretty positive. But you definitely look back with a smile and remember that we were quite naive little children."

Lauren Conrad, William Tell, Stephen Colletti

So, does he keep in touch with the rest of the cast? Well ... sort of.

"We see each other at different times, back home in Laguna for the holidays or whatnot,” Colletti reveals. “It’s not a constant conversation, we’re not buds texting each other every day, but it’s all cordial."

Of course, as the good folks over at The Ashley pointed out, the Laguna Beach cast did hold a bit of a reunion in 2014.

They also note that Kristin Cavallari has already made her return to reality television -- joining E! with her own show, Very Cavallari.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to keep listening to "Coming Clean" on repeat.

But specifically the Bermudez & Harris Herbal Essences Mix, of course -- we're not wild animals.

2018 MTV VMA Nominations: Who Leads the Way?

... and the winners may be?

You're about to find out.

MTV has announced the full list of nominees for its annual Video Music Awards, which evidently is a ceremony that still airs each year.

This time around, it will take place on August 20, live at 9/8c from Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

cardi, carters

“It has already been a monumental year in music, and this year’s VMAs will take things to a whole new level,” said Bruce Gillmer, Head of Music and Music Talent, Global Entertainment Group, Viacom on Monday.

He added as a tease:

“The extraordinary group of nominees have amazed us with their talent and inspired us with their creativity – and when you get them together for one night, anything is possible.”

Sounds exciting!

With Cardi B, Beyonce and Jay-Z up for the most awards, here's a look at ALL the categories and nominees...

Ariana Grande – “No Tears Left to Cry” – Republic Records
Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse (Remix)” – Atlantic Records
Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug – “Havana” – Syco Music/Epic Records
The Carters – “APES**T” – Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment
Childish Gambino – “This Is America” – mcDJ / RCA Records
Drake – “God’s Plan” – YMCMB/Cash Money/Republic Records

Ariana Grande – Republic Records
Bruno Mars – Atlantic Records
Camila Cabello – Syco Music/Epic Records
Cardi B – Atlantic Records
Drake – YMCMB/Cash Money/Republic Records
Post Malone – Republic Records

Ariana Grande: A Picture

Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse (Remix)” – Atlantic Records
Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug – “Havana” – Syco Music/Epic Records
Drake – “God’s Plan” – YMCMB/Cash Money/Republic Records
Dua Lipa – “New Rules” – Warner Bros. Records
Ed Sheeran – “Perfect” – Atlantic Records
Post Malone ft. 21 Savage – “rockstar” – Republic Records

Bazzi – iamcosmic/Atlantic Records
Cardi B – Atlantic Records
Chloe x Halle – Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records
Hayley Kiyoko – Atlantic Records
Lil Pump – Warner Bros. Records
Lil Uzi Vert – Atlantic Records

Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgia Line – “Meant to Be” – Warner Bros. Records
Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse (Remix)” – Atlantic Records
The Carters – “APES**T” – Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment
Jennifer Lopez ft. DJ Khaled & Cardi B – “Dinero” – Epic Records/Nuyorican Productions
Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid – “1-800-273-8255” – Def Jam Recordings
N.E.R.D & Rihanna – “Lemon” – i am OTHER/Columbia Records

JULY 2018 – Chloe x Halle – Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records
JUNE 2018 – Sigrid – Island Records
MAY 2018 – Lil Xan – Columbia Records
APRIL 2018 – Hayley Kiyoko – Atlantic Records
MARCH 2018 – Jessie Reyez – Island Records
FEBRUARY 2018 – Tee Grizzley – 300 Entertainment
JANUARY 2018 – Bishop Briggs – Island Records
DECEMBER 2017 – Grace VanderWaal – Syco Music/Columbia Records
NOVEMBER 2017 – Why Don’t We – Atlantic Records
OCTOBER 2017 – PRETTYMUCH – Syco Music/Columbia Records
SEPTEMBER 2017 – SZA – TDE/Aftermath/Interscope Records
AUGUST 2017 – Kacy Hill – Def Jam Recordings
JULY 2017 – Khalid – RCA Records
JUNE 2017 – Kyle – Atlantic Records
MAY 2017 – Noah Cyrus – Republic Records

Jay-Z and Beyonce Together

Ariana Grande – “No Tears Left to Cry” – Republic Records
Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug – “Havana” – Syco Music/Epic Records
Demi Lovato – “Sorry Not Sorry” – Island Records
Ed Sheeran – “Perfect” – Atlantic Records
P!nk – “What About Us” – RCA Records
Shawn Mendes – “In My Blood” – Island Records

Cardi B ft. 21 Savage – “Bartier Cardi” – KSR/Atlantic Records
The Carters – “APES**T” – Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment
Drake – “God’s Plan” – YMCMB/Cash Money/Republic Record
J. Cole – “ATM” – Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope Records
Migos ft. Drake – “Walk It Talk It” – Quality Control/Capitol Records
Nicki Minaj – “Chun-Li” – Young Money/Cash Money Records

Daddy Yankee – “Dura” – El Cartel Records/UMLE
J Balvin, Willy William – “Mi Gente” – UMLE/Republic Records
Jennifer Lopez ft. DJ Khaled & Cardi B – “Dinero” – Epic Records/Nuyorican Productions
Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato – “Échame La Culpa” – UMLE/Republic/Island/Universal Music Latino
Maluma – “Felices los 4” – Sony Music Entertainment US Latin
Shakira ft. Maluma – “Chantaje” – Sony Music Entertainment US Latin

Avicii ft. Rita Ora – “Lonely Together” – Geffen Records
Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa – “One Kiss” – Columbia Records
The Chainsmokers – “Everybody Hates Me” – Disruptor Records/Columbia Records
David Guetta & Sia – “Flames” – Atlantic Records
Marshmello ft. Khalid – “Silence” – RCA Records/Ultra Records
Zedd & Liam Payne – “Get Low (Street Video)” – Interscope Records

Fall Out Boy – “Champion” – Island Records
Foo Fighters – “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” – RCA Records
Imagine Dragons – “Whatever It Takes” – KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records
Linkin Park – “One More Light” – Warner Bros. Records
Panic! At The Disco – “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” – Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic Records
Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Walk On Water” – Interscope Records

Childish Gambino – “This Is America” – mcDJ / RCA Records
Dej Loaf and Leon Bridges – “Liberated” – Columbia Records
Drake – ‘God’s Plan” – YMCMB/Cash Money/Republic Records
Janelle Monáe – “PYNK” – Bad Boy Records/Atlantic Records
Jessie Reyez – “Gatekeeper” – Island Records
Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid – “1-800-273-8255” – Def Jam Recordings

Donald Glover

Alessia Cara – “Growing Pains” –  Def Jam Recordings – Cinematography by Pau Castejón
Ariana Grande – “No Tears Left to Cry” –  Republic Records – Cinematography by Scott Cunningham
The Carters – “APES**T” –  Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment – Cinematography by Benoit Debie
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Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran – “River” – Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records – Cinematography by Frank Mobilio & Patrick Meller
Shawn Mendes – “In My Blood” – Island Records – Cinematography by Jonathan Sela

The Carters – “APES**T” –  Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment – Directed by Ricky Saix
Childish Gambino – “This Is America” –  mcDJ / RCA Records – Directed by Hiro Murai
Drake – “God’s Plan” –  YMCMB/Cash Money/Republic Records – Directed by Karena Evans
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Justin Timberlake ft. Chris Stapleton – “Say Something” –  RCA Records – Directed by Arturo Perez Jr.
Shawn Mendes – “In My Blood” – Island Records – Directed by Jay Martin

The Carters – “APES**T” –  Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment – Art Direction by Jan Houlevigue
Childish Gambino – “This Is America” –  mcDJ / RCA Records – Art Direction by Jason Kisvarday
J. Cole – “ATM” –  Dreamville/Roc Nation/Interscope Records – Art Direction by Miles Mullin
Janelle Monáe – “Make Me Feel” –  Bad Boy Records/Atlantic Records – Art Direction by Pepper Nguyen
SZA – “The Weekend” –  TDE/RCA Records – Art Direction by SZA and Solange
Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do” –  Big Machine Records – Art Direction by Brett Hess

Ariana Grande – “No Tears Left to Cry” –  Republic Records – Visual Effects by Vidal and Loris Paillier for Buf
Avicii ft. Rita Ora – “Lonely Together” –  Geffen Records – Visual Effects by KPP
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Kendrick Lamar & SZA – “All The Stars” –  TDE/Aftermath/Interscope Records – Visual Effects by Loris Paillier for BUF Paris
Maroon 5 – “Wait” –  222/Interscope Records – Visual Effects by TIMBER
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Bruno Mars as Prince

Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse (Remix)” –  Atlantic Records – Choreography by Phil Tayag & Bruno Mars
Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug – “Havana” –  Syco Music/Epic Records – Choreography by Calvit Hodge and Sara Bivens
The Carters – “APES**T” –  Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment – Choreography by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Jaquel Knight
Childish Gambino – “This Is America” –  mcDJ / RCA Records – Choreography by Sherrie Silver
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Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse (Remix)” –  Atlantic Records – Editing by Jacquelyn London
The Carters – “APES**T” –  Roc Nation/Parkwood Entertainment – Taylor Ward and Sam Ostrove
Childish Gambino – “This Is America” –  mcDJ / RCA Records – Editing by Ernie Gilbert
Janelle Monáe – “Make Me Feel” – Bad Boy Records/Atlantic Records – Editing by Deji Laray
N.E.R.D & Rihanna – “Lemon” –  i am OTHER/Columbia Records – Editing by Taylor Ward
Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do” –  Big Machine Records – Editing by Chancler Haynes for Cosmo

Floribama Shore: Kortni Gilson Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend Logan

If you've been keeping up with recent episodes of Floribama Shore, you know that Kortni Gilson seems head over heels for her boyfriend, Logan.

But reality episodes air months after being filmed.

In real life, Kortni got a restraining order against Logan for stalking and violence. And he has already been charged with violating the order.

Logan from Floribama Shore Mugshot

Starcasm reports that, on April 23, Kortni Gilson filed a restraining order against Logan.

The protective order was filed for violence and for stalking.

They also report that, on May 18, Logan was charged for violating the restraining order.

He was apparently seen riding his skateboard in front of her residence. He is said to have then illegally entered a club where she was located.

Within that club, he allegedly ran up to Kortni and other victims, plural, and only left when he saw that someone was on the phone.

Kortni Gilson on Instagram

The specifics of the alleged violence that prompted the order are unknown, but he was cited for disorderly conduct at Diego’s Bar and Grill just before 3 PM on the same day on which the order was filed.

"Upon arrival, I observed the defendant standing in the roadway doing inappropriate hand gestures (shotting [sic] the bird) to the restaurant staff," the responding officer's report reads.

"The defendant proceeded to yell “f--k you” loudly towards the staff," the officer writes.

"During this," the report says. "The restaurant was open for business."

This apparently happened across the street from a location where families were shopping with their children, as the officer notes.

Logan Chastises Kortni

Fans and viewers are not necessarily surprised by this grim turn of events.

Many minds immediately went to Logan's toxic, unhealthy reactions on the show.

Remember when Kortni was hopelessly drunk? Okay, that's too vague. Remember when she was so drunk that she had to be carried into the vehicle?

She was goofing around while Logan seemed to be looking at her and seething.

Instead of supporting her or checking on her health, he instead walked over to her and, in front of everyone and the cameras, chastised her for "embarrassing" him.

Logan Mugshot (Floribama Shore)

After seeing that display of fury, it is all too easy for a lot of Floribama Shore viewers to see his anger turning violent.

But it appears that Kortni was not the only person who took out a restraining order on Logan.

It was apparently Sean Hogan, a producer on the series, who called the police when Logan barged into the club.

Which is why it is now believed that perhaps the entire cast and crew of Floribama Shore is included within the protective order against Logan.

We don't know what he did to prompt this. But we do know that this is not his first time getting in trouble with the law.

Kortni Gilson

Logan has multiple mug shots for a reason.

In October of 2016, Logan was arrested for harassing communications.

In June of 2016, Logan was charged with felony first-degree theft of property.

In June of 2017, Logan was charged with disorderly conduct.

This kind of criminal history suggests that Logan is a person with behavioral problems.

We hope that the entire cast and crew of Floribama Shore remains safe.

Viewers will now have to cringe their way through the final episodes depicting Kortni's romance with Logan.

Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Psycho-Ass Beach

MTV's trashier and more extreme version of Jersey Shore returned to the air Monday night, and it meant we got to catch up with the wild cast once again. 

At the top of Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 1, we learned that Nilsa had been messaging Kortni to get her to give up the room she had on Floribama Season 1 and settle for a smaller room. 

The reason for this request? Nilsa wanted to bunk with Aimee and felt like she had the right to ask for someone else to give up their space for her. 

Kortni Gilson Goes Ham on Floribama Shore

If you watch Jersey Shore online, or any other reality TV series that focuses on a group living in a house together, you know that the room situation is generally dealt with in a reasonable manner. 

If you get to the house first, you get a good room. If not, you get to sleep outside with the alligators. We kid, mostly, but you get our drift. 

Needless to say, Kortni was not at all amused about it and admitted that she was ready to fly off the handle with Nilsa if she tried to pull any crap with her during the summer. 

Also, Kortni was the one who urinated all over the room on the series premiere, so we think it's fair to say that she had every right to want that room back. 

Nilsa Prowant

It's best to keep the bed wetters contained to the one room because, well, the whole house could be deemed unfit for purpose if it smells of urine. 

Kortni has always been a livewire and has the potential to throw in enough drama to cause World War III. Codi and Gus wasted no time in using the room situation to their advantage. 

They swapped her belongings with Nilsa's, and it sent Kortni off on an expletive-filled tirade that would give Jenelle Evans a run for her money. 

Kortni wanted to know who was "f--cking with my s--t." She might as well have been a robot created by the same people who made the Sammi doll on Jersey Shore. 

Codi made his way to the loo and claimed that if she thought he was dropping the kids off at the pool, it would take him out of the frame. 

Codi Butts - Floribama Shore

Well, he did not put it quite like that, but he was freaking the eff out in case Kortni lashed out at him. Instead, Kortni went straight to his belongings and started throwing them down the stairs. 

Codi wants to look good, and that's why he walked into the house with all of his clothing on hangers. Despite his freshly ironed shirts being put in jeopardy, the thing that set Codi off was that she threw his white pants down the stairs. 

Kortni called a house meeting, but that did not do anything to diffuse the situation. She subsequently punched the wall, leaving a huge dent and claiming that she would do the same to anyone who crossed her. 

Kortni did finally calm down, but the damage was done. The wall was busted. We should probably say her hand was busted, too, but we do not condone violent behavior. 

When Codi fessed up, Kortni was happy to know it was not Nilsa, but there was visibly something going on behind those eyes. She was all over the place. 

Kortni Gilson

The roomies went out to make sure they had the best first night ever, and bumped into Kortni's new squeeze, Logan, who was surprisingly calm. 

They do say that opposites attract, right?

Kortni was dancing on the bar for some free shots, and just generally making an ass of herself. Logan did not like this and flipped out when his girlfriend and Kirk started playing stupid games in the cab. 

Kortni was too drunk even to know whether she needed a poop or a haircut. In true Kortni fashion, she raced out of the cab and got ready to start throwing punches at Logan. 

Is it Monday yet? 

Aimee, Floribama Shore

The other houseguests were overshadowed by Kortni's antics, but the other most notable scene involved Aimee and Codi thinking they had somehow made their way to Washington, D.C. 

The pair thought they were standing outside the White House and started chatting about independence. Little did they know the rest of the world was laughing at them.

What did you think of the premiere? Did Kortni go too far?

Hit the comments below. 

Remember you can watch Floribama Shore online!

Tiffany Haddish: Watch Her Roast Kris Jenner, Thirst After Chris Pratt!

We already know who won big at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. But there was more going on than awards, folks.

Tiffany Haddish was the hilarious host, and she had some great lines as she roasted everyone from the Kardashians to the Stranger Things kids. It's funny.

You might not trust her around food after this, though. Take a look.

Tiffany haddish hosts the mtv movie and tv awards

Tiffany Haddish is quite a character. Some of her claims and analogies are a little weird, but they always get a laugh.

She starts off by talking about some racial milestones.

"This has been a year of firsts for black people," Haddish says. "I'm the first black woman to host the MTV Movie and TV Awards."

That particular milestone is long overdue.

"Black Panther," she mentions. "Is the first African American movie to make a billion dollars."

That was an excellent movie. One of Marvel's best, in fact.

"And The Quiet Place," Haddish continues. "Is the first film to scare black people out of talking in movie theaters."

She is making a joke, there, about a stereotype that portrays African Americans as vocally engaging with films as they are happening.

Tiffany haddish mtv awards 01

"I'm always excited to see the Kardashians."

"Hiiii," Haddish says, waving at Kim Kardashian, who is wearing problematic braids, and Kris Jenner, whose commanding presence is always welcome.

"That family," Haddish continues. "Is basically the Star Wars franchise."

That's true in lots of senses. They're successful, they're an institution in the entertainment industry, and they can also be very controversial. Also not everyone likes them.

"They make a ton of money, a new one is always popping up, and they’re ruled by a bossy overlord who sleeps in a mask and she loves black men."

Those first two are very true. The third, though?

First of all, Emperor Sheev Palpatine would be the "bossy overlord." I have personally made plenty of comparisons between Kris Jenner and Palpatine -- all favorable, of course.

Sleeping in a mask sounds like a reference to Darth Vader (or maybe to Kylo Ren, though he hopefully doesn't sleep in that ridiculous thing).

We're not prepared to rule out that either Palpatine or Darth Vader fetishized black male Humans, but that is certainly above and beyond the realm of Star Wars canon.

Plenty of people were scratching their heads. But hey, it was funny.

Tiffany haddish mtv awards 02

Haddish then turned her attention to another target.

"And you know who else I love?" Haddish asks. "Zendaya."

As the young people say, big mood.

"She taught me how to model," the host informs the audience.

"She taught me how to model," she repeats. "And I taught her how to grapefruit."

If you're fortunate enough to not be aware, to grapefruit involves slicing a grapefruit ring and using it as an improvised sex toy to enhance the experience while performing fellatio.

(Please don't do this; it's a terrible idea, particularly if it is followed by sex, where the fruit juices could ruin a vagina's pH balance)

"What?!" Haddish says in a mock-defensive tone. "She's 21, now. She's a grown woman."

That she is. This joke would not be funny, otherwise. But it is very funny.

"You gotta know how to do that if you want a husband," Haddish explains.

Tiffany haddish mtv awards 03

She also has other celebrity guests on her mind.

"Seth Rogen is here," Haddish announces.

Seth, we should note, is sporting a full beard.

"I like you, Seth," Haddish says. "You're my favorite bearded white man since Abraham Lincoln."

That's cute. And then she moves on.

"The Jonas Brother is here," Haddish announces, to great applause.

She is referring, of course, to Nick. He is famously attractive and the entire audience immediately steels themselves for whatever sex joke she will inevitably make.

"Nick Jonas is going to tear it up with Mustard," Haddish says, referring to the musician beside Nick. "Which is also how I want him to tear it up with me."

While we appreciate her enthusiasm for Nick, we wouldn't recommend involving mustard in sex. That would be worse than grapefruit.

Tiffany haddish mtv awards 04

Haddish also talked about Riverdale.

"Apparently, Betty dates Jughead because he's named after his penis."

(To be honest, that was a reminder to me that actual teens watch Riverdale; everyone I know who talks about it is well into their twenties, at least)

She also had thirst for more audience members than just Nick Jonas.

"I get to flirt with Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation," Haddish brags. "And Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy!"


"Hey Chris," she says. "I've got a galaxy you can guard."

It's not subtle.

Honestly, it was much funnier when she was trying to bang Leonardo DiCaprio

Tiffany haddish arrives

Tiffany haddish watch her roast kris jenner thirst after chris p

2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards: ALL the Red Carpet Fashion!

The stars came out for the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards.

Some shined brightly, while others may be wishing right about now that a dark shadow had been cast over their regretful outfit choice.

Indeed, this yearly ceremony is set to air on Monday night, June 18... but it was filmed two days before that.

Hence the opportunity right here and now to analyze all that ever really matters at an awards ceremony:

What the celebrities wore on the red carpet!

Scroll down and click all around to see the best looks, the boldest looks, and, let's be frank, the most hideous looks...

1. Tiffany Haddish Arrives!

Tiffany haddish arrives
It's the host with the most... jokes! Say hi to Tiffany Haddish at the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards.

2. Zendaya Goes Brown

Zendaya goes brown
Welp. This is different. What do you think of Zenday's fashion choice at the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards?

3. The Black Panther

The black panther
Wakanda Forever? More like Chadwick Boseman forever if he's gonna keep looking this suave, right?

4. Kim on the Scene

Kim on the scene
Of course Kim Kardashian was invited to the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards. Did you think she would not be?

5. Kris in Black/White

Kris in black slash white
Kris Jenner just wants racial harmony, hence her outfit at the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards. What do you think?

6. Mandy Goes Sleek

Mandy goes sleek
This is her, folks. This is Mandy Moore on the red carpet of the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards.
View Slideshow

Nev Schulman Accuser Files Police Report Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Back in may, Catfish host Nev Schulman was accused of sexual misconduct.

The woman who brought forward her #MeToo story had appeared on the show, and says that she worried that he might do the same with other women.

Now, she has revealed that she filed her report about the alleged incident with the police.

Ayissha Morgan

Ayissha Morgan tells The Blast that she officially filed two police reports related to her allegations of sexual misconduct that she leveled towards Nev Schulman.

She says that both reports were filed on May 25.

The reports, filed with the Houston Police Department, were made "for what happened during my participation on the show."

She accuses a production assistant of having plied her with alcohol in order to take advantage of her.

She also accuses Schulman, the host of Catfish, of having sexually harassed her.

(Though sexual harassment is never okay, it is important to note that Ayissha is openly gay, which adds another upsetting layer to the alleged harassment)

Nev Schulman Image

Speaking to The Blast, Ayissha explains what that process of speaking to the police was like.

"I have provided them with my statement and detailed accounts of what I went through."

She has a general message for readers who are curious about her life -- from her appearance on Catfish a few years ago and from her new accusations.

"I ask that you please respect my privacy moving forward."

Of course.

She does not want to answer any more particular questions, in case it interfere with the police as they look into the matter.

"And allow those who are handling the investigation do so without interference."

Of course. Investigators prefer to be the only ones asking questions.

Nev Schulman Photo

When Ayissha published her accusations, she did so with a great deal of thought, and included a note, writing:

"I don't want attention or money."

So many accuse the accusers of hoping to somehow turn their accusations into fame and fortune, even though most of what accusers face is ridicule.

"Help me spread awareness."

She admits that she feels tormented by the idea that Schulman may have harassed other women while she has remained silent.

"This is a serious topic that I would never lie about."

Allegations of sexual misconduct is about as serious as it gets.

"That would be disgusting for me to lie about something as serious as this. Please understand."

Nev Schulman on Bravo

Schulman is said to have repeatedly verbally harassed Ayissha while the two were not on camera.

At one point, he allegedly told her:

"I have a big d--k. I would tear your a-- up."

There are situations in which that is an okay thing to say to a person. When you are a TV host and your guest is very much not interested is not one of those times.

Nev Schulman has denied the allegations.

Nev Schulman

MTV is making sure that Catfish does not have any further incidents by suspending production on the current season.

It is always smart to play it safe for many reasons, in terms of ethics, public image, and even potential liability issues.

Unfortunately, sexual misconduct is both extremely difficult to prove or disprove.

Ayissha Morgan may need to find a corroborating witness -- perhaps she already has one -- or at least an outcry witness in order for police to be able to build a case from her report.

Snooki to MTV: PLEASE Bring Back Jersey Shore!

By now, we've all seen the insane new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation trailer.

But how exactly did that come to be?

As it turns out, it's because the cast went to the network and begged for them to make it happen.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Still 01

in an interview with The New York Times, Nicole Polizzi, known to fans and to the rest of the world as Snooki, revealed what it took to make Jersey Shore: Family Vacation a reality.

"We basically were begging MTV to bring us back," she admits.

It sounds like she and her castmates had to do a lot of persuading to make this happen.

"We were begging everyone to bring us back."

A number of cast members had appeared on an informal reunion, hosted by E! a few years back.

But it wasn't the same.

And some of them felt almost adulterous for appearing off of MTV, the network that made them famous on the original Jersey Shore.

Snooki on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Jersey Shore was far from the last place where fans and viewers saw their favorite orange, beach-adjacent hooligans. They've all made sure to appear in the public eye.

Pauly D and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro both appeared on E!'s Famously Single.

Deena Cortese showed up on Couples Therapy on VH1.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino showed up on the Food Network, of all places. But the show was called Worst Cooks in America.

Snooki was a contestant on The New Celebrity Apprentice, which was hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and didn't last very long, as Trump fans weren't going to watch without Trump and those who hate Trump weren't going to watch a show on which he was still a producer.

Snooki also made a scripted appearance television appearance on the CW series, Supernatural, as a crossroads demon, though it was several seasons after the series had jumped the shark.

Then, of course, there was Snooki & Jwoww, which actually ran for a few years. That was on MTV.

MTV also experimented with giving Vinny Guadagnino his own series, The Show With Vinny. That one ... did not last a few years.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Pregnant Girlfriend Jen Harley

There was more to making Jersey Shore: Family Vacation happen than the original cast members asking for it, of course.

The time seemed right, for a few reasons.

Though many of the cast members are still relatively young, they're all in different stages of their lives at the moment.

And a lot of people will be interested to see if their version of partying hard has changed now that so many of them are parents.

More significantly, from the network's point of view, is that it looks like viewers are up for seeing some absolute disasters drinking and partying on television.

Apparently the success of Floribama Shore was a factor in deciding to give Jersey Shore: Family Vacation the go-ahead.

In fact, apparently the existence of Floribama Shore generated demand to see where the original Jersey Shore crew is now.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Still 03

Snooki shares that her husband was very encouraging when it came to whether or not she should film this television event.

"He was like, ‘Go, babe, have fun,’" she reveals. "‘Make that money. Enjoy yourself.’"

She did admit that she did have to talk herself into it.

"I had to keep telling myself, yes, you miss the kids, but you can be a bad mom for a little bit."

We don't really think that this qualifies as being a bad mother. Maybe if her child were with her to witness all of the shenanigans, sure.

And she set out to party.

"Go drink. Go blackout. Do what you’ve got to do."

For the record, it's totally possible to drink and party and even get wildly drunk without blacking out. Just ... putting that out there.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Still 02

Since The Situation is headed for prison, this special will sort of be one last hurrah for him. For a while, anyway.

But this will give fans a renewed taste of their old favorites.

MTV is a network that focuses primarily on a teenage audience, but they've made it clear that Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is for returning fans, too.

It's certainly going to be one wild adventure, and it premieres on April 5th.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: See the Insane New Trailer

Ever since that first teaser trailer for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation dropped, the world has wondered what this over-the-top reunion is going to be like. 

But we don't have to wait for the April 5th premiere date to find out what's in store for these orange hooligans.

A new trailer is out that reveals a lot more, and you can see that below.

Snooki on jersey shore family vacation

Snooki exclaims "We're back, bitches!" in a drawn out way.

It's almost as though they had never left.

But they did leave -- a lot of the stars are parents. They talk up their age a lot, Snooki herself is 30. They're at different stages in their lives, but they're hardly geriatric.

And from the antics in this trailer, in which they drink and drink and drink in South Beach, they aim to prove that they haven't slowed down one bit since they were first horrifying audiences.

Jersey Shore was a reality series that some hailed as deceptively brilliant social commentary and others believed heralded the collapse of society.

But ... maybe it was never that deep. Maybe it was just a bunch of idiots living their lives on camera, you know?

It looks like, in some ways, this revival is going to be more of the same.

Jersey shore family vacation still 01

But things have changed dramatically for so many of these stars.

As we mentioned, some of them are parents, now. They have actual responsibilities.

So while this revival will allow them to "go wild" as they haven't for years, as Jenni "JWOWW" Farley notes, it's likely that they're going to take better care of themselves than they did when they were young.

After all, they'll be going back to their lives as parents after the cameras shut off. The responsibilities of being a parent continue even when you're not with your kids.

Speaking of children, there's one guy who expressed shock, nervousness, and excitement during the trailer because of his own impending fatherhood.

Ronnie ortiz magro and pregnant girlfriend jen harley

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro makes it very clear in this trailer that can't believe that he's going to be a dad.

As you may recall, he didn't find the love of his life on Jersey Shore, but he did in real life.

And now, as you can see from the baby bump in that photo, his girlfriend Jen Harley is very much pregnant.

Of course, not everyone's major life transitions are positive ones.

(Yes, having children is a positive life change if you want children)

No, Snooki teases in the trailer that someone is going to be behind bars.

Jersey shore family vacation still 02

"Dude," Snooki says at one point. "Prison is no joke. It's scary."

She then follows up with a more ominous statement.

"He's literally not going to survive."

Smart money says that the guy headed for prison is Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino since he pleaded guilty to tax fraud.

We don't think that fans need to be picking out an outfit to wear to his presumably public funeral, however.

He's going to prison for tax fraud, which is bad, but not a violent crime. He'll probably have an unpleasant time in prison, because prison is zero fun, but not all prisons are created equally, and he's likely to be placed with other non-violent offenders.

But ... yeah, it's going to suck.

Jersey shore family vacation still 03

Also, these folks drink a lot ... and talk about drinking a lot.

They comment on who smells like alcohol, and they're clearly going out to have a good time -- fist-pumping, of course, included.

One might wonder how much of this is staged. How many drinks are watered down. How many explosions of wild excitement were the results of multiple takes and specific instructions from producers.

But it looks like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is shaping up to be just as wild of a ride as the original series.

Plus, they're in Florida.

Check out the new trailer:

Jersey shore family vacation see the insane new trailer