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Scott Disick to Sofia Richie: Let Me Put a Baby Inside You!!!

Scott Disick likes more about Sofia Richie than just how cute she looks dancing in her underwear. He's crazy about her.

A report claims that Scott wants to get his 19-year-old girlfriend pregnant.

And his alleged ulterior motive might scare Lionel Richie to death.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

An insider tells Life & Style that Scott Disick has plans for Sofia Richie.

He is allegedly "putting pressure on Sofia to have a baby."

She is ... 19 years old. She won't be twenty until the final week of August.

What's more is that this source says that, though Scott Disick is "crazy about" Sofia, he has an alleged ulterior motive for feeling baby crazy.


If you thought that Lionel Richie hoped they'd break up before, it sounds like he'll have extra cause for concern.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick in Venice

This insider claims that Scott thinks that a lovechild will adhere him to the Richies.

"He loves living a lavish lifestyle and pushing Sofia to have a baby is a way into her wealthy family."

Now, our first thought -- of many -- was: wait, isn't Scott Disick rich?

Because he is definitely rich. He's worth an estimated $16 million, and many assume that he has been paying for his lavish vacations and private jet adventuring with Sofia.

But Sofia's father is Lionel Richie, who is worth an estimated $200 million.

I'm no mathemetician, but 200 is more than 16. Heck, it's more than two 16s.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick

According to Life & Style, Scott has concerns about his own financial future.

Banging his way through the world's strategic reserve of 19-year-old models might sound like a fun way to spend the last few years, but it hasn't exactly endeared him to the Kardashians.

And why is Scott famous? For his role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"He’s concerned he’ll gradually be forgotten."

As he continues to get edged out of a show on which he was once a star, the source claims that he worries that various revenue streams willd ry up.

"Which will mean less endorsement money."

See, people don't pay you as much to push their ridiculous weight loss products or whatever on Instagram when you're not a big star.

"He’ll do whatever it takes to continue living the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to."

Sofia Richie Lounges in Her Uggs

But a source tells HollywoodLife that Scott's golddigging ploy isn't likely to work -- because Sofia isn't ready to become a pregnant teen.

"Sofia is already over mommy duty, after just a few days away with Scott and his kids."

Remember when Sofia and Scott vacationed with Kourtney's kids?

It was apparently quickly clear to Sofia that having children, even with a small army of nannies at your disposal, is a whole lot of work.

Sofia, if you'll recall, is the youngest of her siblings. Older siblings who also serve as primary caregivers learn how much work parenting is when they take care of their younger siblings.

We imagine that playing stepmom with Scott was an eye-opening experience for Sofia, to say the least.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane

It is entertaining to hear that Scott is trying to pull a Blac Chyna on Sofia.

But is it true? We can't help but consider that perhaps a source is misreading his motives.

Scott may have discussed the idea of having babies with Sofia, but wouldn't that be because he's at a stage in life where having children is an appropriate behavior?

He's already a father of three.

Sofia is 19. This is not the time to have babies. This is the time to make friends and party and discover who you are (and, for normal people, to launch a career or go to school or both).

As for Scott's alleged plot to impregnate Sofia to land her family's cash, quite frankly, we're not sure that Scott is thinking that far ahead right now.

Kanye West: Scott Disick Is the Only One Who Understands Me!

As you've no doubt heard by now, Kanye West has been on quite a tear lately.

The rapper's outspoken love for Donald Trump and right-leaning media figures like Candace Owens has made him a subject of scorn and ridicule in recent weeks, to the point that Yeezy's politics have overshadowed some major revelations about his personal life.

Kanye West at TMZ

For example, with everything that's been going on, you may have missed the fact that Kanye admitted to an opioid addiction that nearly claimed his life after he was put on prescription painkillers following a liposuction procedure.

Like we said, there's a lot going on with Kanye these days, and it's not hard to see why the news of his past addiction issues was quickly knocked out of the headlines by West's declaration that slavery was "a choice" made by generations of black Americans.

When you've reached that level narcissistic ignorance, it can be hard to find like-minded souls to converse with.

Fortunately, Kanye married into the Kardashian clan, which means he's surrounded by self-indulgent egomaniacs!

So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that he's bonded with the vain member of TV's most self-absorbed family.

Classic Kimye

We're talking, of course, about the man who unironically refers to himself as "the Lord."

Yes, according to Radar Online, Kanye and Scott Disick are thick as thieves these days.

The site reports that 'Ye recently "bonded with Scott  about what he’s been going through because of Scott’s own addiction issues.”

“You don’t really see them together, but they are closer than people think. They have talked recently," says one insider.

We guess it makes sense.

Not only are Scott and Kanye both in possession of egos so large they have their own gravitational pull, they've both struggled mightily with addiction issues in recent years.

Scott Disick Looks Smooth

According to legal documents obtained by Radar, Kanye admitted to “popping Percocets two at a time,” and needing to get off "the bad drugs" in a 2017 deposition.

And of course, Disick's alcoholism reached such extreme levels in the wake of his breakup from Kourtney Kardashian that friends were reportedly convinced he only had months to live.

Understandably, Kim is said to be less than thrilled with her husband's new friendship.

Those who know the couple best say Kim supported Kanye's efforts to keep his addiction a secret for years, and she's puzzled by the fact that he's now wearing it as a badge of honor.

“Kim is mortified after he’s talked about his drug addiction,” says one source.

Kimye and Company

“She has known, as has the family, and they have gone to lengths to hide it.”

The insider adds:

“It’s been a struggle for them.”

Kim reportedly feels that Kanye is in an extremely vulnerable place right now, and she fears that Scott will turn out to be a bad influence.

Obviously, she's right to be concerned.

Kanye is obviously in a suggestible state and if there's even a remote chance that Scott can convince him to put a Lord cameo on hs next album, these two need to be kept far, far apart.

The world can't handle Scott Disick the rapper right now.

Scott Disick to Tristan Thompson: Here’s How You Can Win Khloe Back!

Scott Disick knows a thing or two about falling out of the Kardashian clan's good graces.

But amazingly, despite the many ways in which he's been a terrible partner to Kourtney Kardashian over the years, Disick has managed to remain on good terms with her mother and sisters.

So at this point, Scott might be the only one who can offer useful counsel to Tristan Thompson.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson, All My Love

As you've no doubt heard, Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant with his child.

Just days after news of his infidelity went public, Khloe gave birth to a baby girl.

At this point, it's unclear what Khloe and Tristan's relationship status is, but we think it's safe to say the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is in the doghouse.

It's a piece of real estate that Scott knows quite well, and it seems he may have reached out to Tristan in an effort to help.

“Scott’s been in contact with Tristan, he likes the guy," a source tells Hollywood Life.

Scott Disick Looks Smooth

And somewhat amazingly, it seems that Khloe is actually cool with the situation:

"[Scott] is not being shady, he fully has Khloe’s permission. Most people in her life are shutting Tristan out, and she’s happy that Scott isn’t,” says the insider.

Apparently, Khloe has not yet made up her mind regarding her future with Tristan, so she's actually okay with Disick helping her baby daddy out so that he can remain on decent terms with her family, should she decide to take him back.

“Scott’s been trying to help Tristan navigate things with Khloe’s family," says the insider.

"Scott has told Tristan to focus all his efforts on Kris Jenner, that’s his biggest piece of advice. He says she’s the most forgiving. Scott gave Tristan all his best tricks for charming Kris."

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

And it seems, Disick's advice on how to win over Kris has ranged from obvious to downright weird.

"He’s told Tristan what flowers to send, her favorite candles, chocolates. Scott even told Tristan to flirt a little with Kris, he’s shameless,” the tipster claims.

According to the insider, Scott has told Tristan that once he wins over Kris, he'll have no trouble getting Kourtney and Kim to accept him.

Tristan is supposedly doing all of this while raising two children under the age of 1 ... oh, and did we mention his team is currently in the NBA playoffs?

Let this be a lesson, kids - if you cheat, you're gonna have to put in a ton of work to make things better.

It just ain't worth it.

Scott Disick Supports Tristan Thompson Because Of Course He Does

You know what they say, right?

It takes a douchebag to know a douchebag.

Or something to that effect.

Scott Disick in a Car

According to a new Radar Online report, there's one person out there who is not saying mean things about Tristan Thompson.

There's one person out there who isn't telling Khloe Kardashian to hop on a plane back to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

There's one person out there who doesn't understand why the world has turned against the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward.

And that one person, of course, is Scott Disick.

Indeed, the jerk face who prefers to party instead of hang out with his kids, and who allegedly cheated on Kourtney Kardashian back in the day, has reportedly reached out to Thompson during the latter's time of need.

“If anyone knows how tough it is to be part of that family, it’s Scott and he’s got lots of sympathy for Tristan,” an insider tells Radar Online, sort of hilariously.

We're pretty sure, after all, that the issue here is now how to fit in with the Kardashians...

Tristan Thompson with the Ball

... the issue is that Thompson continually inserted his penis into vaginas of women who were NOT Khloe Kardashian.

While she was pregnant with his child, no less!

"Scott’s telling Tristan he understands what he’s going through and that he’s there for him if ever he needs a friend," Radar writes, adding:

"Scott’s been censured, too, in the past for his wild ways. His experience has taught him the Kardashians can be a prickly group."

They sure can be!

They seem to hate it when the fathers of their children sleep with other females.

How sensitive of them, right?!?


Disick was accused of cheating on Kourtney Kardashian with Chloe ​Bartolli back in the summer of 2015/

It has never been confirmed that Disick and Bartolli hooked up, but Kourtney finally ended her romance with Scott following rumors of their escapades.

He has remained in the Kardashian picture ever since, but Kourtney has tried to make it clear to Disick that the two will never get back together.

These days, that question is commonly being asked about Thompson and Khloe Kardashian.

Could they possibly remain together?

Especially now that they are parents of a little girl?

Scott Disick Looks Smooth

Disick, meanwhile, is trying to keep his contact with Thompson on the Down Low.

He knows that it would be frowned upon by everyone the basketball player has scorned and/or made a fool of with his actions.

“Scott is reaching out to Tristan on the sly because he doesn’t want to make waves himself," Radar concludes, adding:

"He still needs the family and their money."

Elsewhere, People Magazine at least quotes a source that says Rob Kardashian is not following the lead of his quasi brother-in-law.

He is most certainly not on Team Tristan.

“Khloe has always been there for Rob and he hates that she was hurt - he knows what it feels like to be screwed over by someone you trusted,” says this source, citing Rob's history with Blac Chyna and saying simply:

"Rob won’t forgive Tristan for this."

29 Stars Who Suck For Having Cheated

Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. 

But cheaters do make good celebrity gossip fodder, which is the reason we've covered so many of them in depth on our website.

Below, we rundown a number of known bad boyfriends and husbands (from golfers to Presidents; actors to reporters) and we send one simple message to them all, courtesy of their significant others:


1. Tristan Thompson

Khloe tristan side by side
Thompson is among the worst of the offenders listed here. Just click on the above name to read all about how he cheated on a PREGNANT Khloe Kardashian.

2. Donald Trump

Donald trump in a foul mood
The President has admitted to having multiple affairs while married, dating back to his first union with Ivana. Most recently, a porn star named Stormy Daniels has gone on record with her naked Trump romp. (This guy is our President!)

3. Josh Duggar

Josh duggar baby photo
Josh Duggar didn't merely admit to cheating on his wife. He admitted to being a client on Ashley Madison and to having an addiction to porn! Dude sucks.

4. Tiger Woods

Tiger woods on the course
Really, everyone else on this list is just playing for second place. The guy slept with every cocktail waitress who has ever served a drink. While he was married to a hottie!

5. Scott Disick

Kourtney and scott split
We always knew Scott Disick was a drinker. But it came out in the summer of 2015 that he's also a cheater! Good riddance, dude!

6. Jesse James

Hot jesse james
Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock. But she eventually found his replacement: a little guy named Oscar.
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Kourtney Kardashian vs. Sofia Richie: Feud Heating Up on Instagram?

Scott Disick may not seem like the type of guy who's worth fighting over.

Sure it seems like Scott's alcoholism is relatively under control these days, but he's still a guy who's most famous for being terrible to the mother of his three children.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

So reports of a feud between Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie are a bit unexpected, as we can't imagine two successful women lowering themselves to the level of brawling it out over a man of Scott's caliber.

Though to be fair, the ill will might have little to do with the Lord.

There have been reports that Kourtney believes Sofia is copying her style and generally displaying an unhealthy level of obsession.

Sofia hasn't commented on the accusations, but we're guessing she's not too happy with rumors that she's scarily fixated on her boyfriend's ex.

But if she hopes to prove the critics wrong, Richie should probably be more careful about what she posts on Instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian on the 'Gram

It all started when Kourt posted the above photo earlier this month.

She captioned the shot "Paris, Texas," even though the location tag revealed that she was in Tokyo at the time.

We suppose it's possible that Kourt had recently enjoyed a screening of the 1984 Wim Wenders-Harry Dean Stanton film of the same name.

But fans jumped to the conclusion that the caption was actually a thinly-veiled shot at Scott and Sofia.

You see, the couple had recently traveled from Paris to Texas, and though it seems a stretch to us, many believe this was Kourtney's way of saying she's traveling to more exotic locales in greater luxury.

Sofia Fires Back

Shortly thereafter, Sofia posted the above pic, which many have interpreted as a clap back.

The "Hit 'Em Up" to Kourtney's "Who Shot Ya?" if you will.

As you can see, Sofia is similarly-posed, and her caption reads, "Mash up," which many interpreted as a response to Kourt's "Paris, Texas" jab.

Richie is also rocking two different shoes, which some fans took as a jab at the unusual footwear in Kourt's pic.

Like we said, it's a major stretch, but both women have shown themselves to be queens of subtle shade in the past.

We just hope that if there is beef, it's between the two of them, and has nothing to do with Scott.

Scott Disick & Sofia Richie: Vacationing With the Kids! Taunting Kourtney Kardashian!

Despite reports that Kourtney Kardashian has warned Sofia Richie to stay away from her kids, it doesn't sound like Scott or the teen are paying her any mind.

In fact, the two of them have embarked on a romantic vacation ... and brought Scott's kids along. You know, like a family.

What's more is that a source reports that Scott is rubbing all of this in Kourtney's face ... just to taunt her.

Scott Disick is Flummoxed

E!'s source is dishing on Scott Disick's baecation with Sofia Richie, and it sounds like they're having a great time.

But ... this loving couple is not alone.

"Scott and Sofia flew in on Monday evening on a private jet to Cabo with his kids and another couple."

You might wonder why someone would leave Southern California to go on vacation. Well, it's more than 10 degrees warmer in Cabo than in Calabasas right now. And to L.A. folks, weather in the 60s is "cold."

It sounds like they've all been soaking up the sun and generally enjoying the lifestyle of the idle rich.

"They've been spending their days by the pool relaxing and enjoying the warm weather."

And we're not just talking about Scott and Sofia. Mason, Penelope, and Reign are all having a blast, too.

"Scott's kids have stayed busy with lots of swimming and playing in the water."

But looking after the kids hasn't thrown a wet blanket over their romance.

"Scott and Sofia are inseparable and seem happy."

Scott and Sofia Pic

The source continues, talking about the lovey-dovey relationship between Scott and his teenage girlfriend.

"They were posing for pictures together and kissing every chance they got."

Scott and Sofia also have a puppy, and they brought their precious little love with them.

"They are both obsessed with the puppy and giving it lots of love."

Apparently, Scott is mostly doing this for Sofia.

"Scott promised Sofia a trip and thought it would be nice for them to get away."

In many ways, this trip is a couple's retreat with activities planned just for the two of them.

Scott Disick Is Still on KUWTK

HollywoodLife reports that Scott is deliberately antagonizing Kourtney by bringing his kids on a "family vacation" with Sofia.

"Scott is well aware that bringing Sofia on his trip to Mexico with the kids has pissed off Kourtney."

So ... why would he do such a thing?

"That was the whole point."


"He’s been taunting Kourtney with pictures of Sofia and the kids bonding."

That seems outrageously cruel, if true.

"He’s clearly doing it to upset her."

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback

And, according to this report, Scott's bad behavior is getting even worse.

"But what’s even more twisted is that he’s been telling their mutual friends that Sofia is better with the kids than Kourtney is."

This is just sickening to hear.

"Scott claims they like Sofia more than Kourtney."

And all of these messages are apparently designed to taunt and antagonize Kourtney.

"Scott knows it’s going to get straight back to Kourtney and mess with her head."

He spent a great deal of 2017 doing what many perceived as "acting out" to get back at Kourtney for moving on with her life. But this is worse.

"It’s a new low, even for him."

Kourtney Kardashian Straddles Younes Bendjima

One can only imagine how hurt and distressed Kourtney must be.

It's not that she's possessive of Scott, it's that it must be distressing to hear about the father of her children acting like that. It must be breaking her heart.

However, at least on the outside, Kourtney is enjoying her child-free time with a sexy vacation with boy-toy turned boyfriend Younes Bendjima.

This dreamy couple has spent the last few days on a trip up the California coast.

It's possible that Scott really is trying to wound Kourtney's pride but, if so, it sounds like he's only making an ass of himself.

Kourtney Kardashian: Sofia Richie Needs to Back the F–k Off!

Remember that report of how Kourtney Kardashian warned Sofia Richie to stay away from her kids?

It doesn't appear that Sofia is listening. In fact, it sounds like Sofia is doubling down on trying to form a bond with Scott Disick's children.

And it sounds like Kourtney is about to blow a gasket.

Sofia Richie Lounges in Her Uggs

RadarOnline reports that Kourtney has lost all patience with Sofia, because the latter keeps cozying up to her children.

"Kourtney flipped out and she told Scott that Sofia needs to back the f--k off right now before she makes her back off."

Ooooh. That sounds serious.

Mothers can be very protective of their children. And, as we've mentioned, Kourtney is reportedly concerned that her children will have their hearts broken by Sofia when she and Scott inevitably break up.

"But Sofia honestly doesn’t care what Kourtney thinks."

That's more or less to be expected from a 19-year-old who's apparently madly in love with Scott Disick.

Kourtney with Kids

"[Sofia] told Scott that she’s not going to change the way that she acts towards Mason, Penelope, or Reign because of their mom's b--ching."

Well, so long as she's being nice to them, that doesn't sound too bad ... right?

But Kourtney is concerned, and we don't think that it's out of jealousy directed at Scott Disick.

She worries that not only might Sofia not be a good role model for her kids, but that her relationship with Scott won't last, leaving her three very young children feeling personally rejected.

And she may have reason to fear that Sofia's getting too close, too quickly with the Disick children.

RadarOnline's source says that Sofia has suggested that, if they like, the Disick kids can call her by a nickname:

"Step mom Sofia"

We hope that their source is mistaken about that.

Scott and Sofia Pic

You might think that Sofia is being foolish by ignoring Kourtney's wishes, right?

There's no need to antagonize your boyfriend's ex just for fun, no matter what you've seen on romantic dramas.

But it sounds like Sofia has an ace in the hole ... and isn't worried about Kourtney's opinion.

Because Sofia knows where the Kardashian family power lies. And ... it's not with Kourtney.

"Sofia knows that she has Kris on her side and she also knows that she is getting paid more to be on the show than Kourtney's boyfriend, Younes."

Yeah, since Sofia is reportedly raking in cash to be Scott's storyline on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she knows that she could be valuable to the family's brand.

Kourtney Kardashian Speaks to Kim, KUWTK

Apparently, Kris' attitude in general is making things difficult for Kourtney as she tries to lay down the law with her ex and his teenage girlfriend.

"Kris has been up Scott’s butt lately and this is just making things so much worse."

And Kourtney reportedly fears that Kris' priorities aren't the same as hers on this subject.

"Because Kourtney knows that her mother will put ratings before her own children and she also knows that there is nothing she can do or say to stop it."

We're sure that Kris will always look out for the best interests of her grandchildren. But that doesn't necessarily mean that she'll always take Kourtney's complaints seriously.

Scott Disick & Brunette Sofia Richie Cuddle

We don't think that Kourtney and Sofia are fighting over Scott. Kourtney's days of caring about what Scott does with his penis are probably in the past.

But it is possible that Sofia feels threatened by Kourtney's history with Scott, and might interpret an effort to shelter her children from a future breakup as jealousy towards her ex or even as a move to hasten such a breakup.

We wonder how much of these alleged disagreements will one day play out on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Still, it seems a shame for these two amazing, beautiful women to be reportedly fighting about one man, even indirectly.

Sofia Richie: I Really Do Love Scott Disick!

When Sofia Richie and Scott Disick first got together, we thought we'd have cartons of milk that would last longer than this couple.

We mean, come on...

Justin Bieber's fling was really gonna carry on a meaningful relationship with Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy three times over?

Scott and Sofia Pic

It just seemed impossible to believe.

But that was back then, when Scott and Sofia first got together last year.

And this is now, when Scott and Sofia are still going strong.

Just how strong? Are wedding bells about to ring? 

Not quite, but that doesn't mean the end is anywhere near for Richie and Disick, a surprising fact hammered home by the former on Instagram yesterday, as Richie shared the above photo and wrote the simple caption below:

My [heart].

(She wrote a heart emoji in reference to Disick, just to be clear)

The stars - who have been dating for several months - posed in front of a private plane on the runway in this image; Richie looking casual in a striped top and sunglasses as she placed her arms around Scott's neck.

These two love nothing more than snapping pictures in front of private planes and/or inside of private plans.

To wit:

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane

Richie and Disick have not said very much in public about their romance, with the exception of these kinds of pictures and messages.

Last month, for example, Richie wrote “Happy Valentines babe" on the occasion of, well, Valentine's Day.

And while most celebrity gossip followers still believe Disick pines for Kardashian and is just killing time before reuniting with her by banging Sofia on the reg... we aren't so certain any more.

Things are allegedly so serious between Scott and Sofia that Kourtney has warned the latter to stay away from her kids.

Wrote Hollywood Life several days ago, quoting an anonymous source:

"Kourtney worries that Sofia is not a good role model for her children."

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

That's harsh, but it's also telling.

It means Richie either has been spending a lot of time around Mason, Reign and Penelope or that the relationship between her and Disick has progressed to the point where she may be doing so in the near future.

This would also not sit well with her famous father, it's worth noting.

Asked about his daughter getting it on so often with Disick, Lionel Richie recently said he hoped this was just a "phase" and that he was gonna just sit back, pour himself a drink and hope he passes.

It looks like he may need to make it two drinks at minimum, however.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback

"Scott is telling friends that he’s in love with her,” an insider has told told Us Weekly. “They are still going very strong.”

And a Richie friend said the following to the same tabloid:

“She is so into Scott. She has been for a while."

We're so very sorry, Lionel.

So... very... sorry.

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker: Are They Actually Dating?!

Some of our readers might not be old enough to remember a time when Blink-182 was the biggest thing in music, but Kourtney Kardashian certainly is, and it seems that like generations of Hot Topic shoppers before her, she has a thing for the drummer.

Yes, according to Radar Online Travis Barker is banging more than just his snare these days.

Travis Barker Photograph

That's our way of saying he's having sex with Kourtney ... or hoping to, anyway.

“Travis lives a couple of blocks from Kourt in the same gated community in Calabasas and their kids play together," a source close to the situation tells Radar.

"He’s always had a bit of a thing for her."

It seems Travis was intent on swooping in after learning that Kourtney had dumped Scott Disick for good.

After receiving word that Kourtney was dating Younes Bendjima, however, he reportedly felt that he'd “missed his chance.”

Kourtney Kardashian Laughs

Now, however, another window of opportunity has presented itself.

And apparently, Travis has every intention of taking advantage.

Though she hasn't made any sort of formal announcement, it looks as though Kourtney has broken up with Younes.

She recently unfollowed him on Instagram, and when fans noticed the move, she deleted her account entirely.

These days, she's back on the 'Gram, but tellingly, she has not re-followed Younes.

Kourtney Kardashian Says Good Morning

Sensing a second chance, Travis has apparently already devised a strategy.

And it seems that step one is showing Kourt that he's more than just a drummer.

“He wants to take her for dinner at his Crossroads restaurant and wow her with all his favorite vegan dishes," says the source.

It's a simple, but calculated plan.

Kourtney's last two exes are 24-year-old Younes and Scott, who has the mental age of roughly 14.

Travis Barker: Knott's Berry Farm's Countdown To Christmas

Travis is 42.

He's built a successful career for himself as a musician, music producer, reality star, and restaurateur.

If it weren't for Kourtney, Scott would probably be selling his plasma for pints of Thunderbird, and the resulting power imbalance always led to trouble in their relationship.

She would have no such problem with Travis, and it seems he wants her to know that.

The two of them certainly have potential as a couple.

Hopefully, Travis is on board with entering a situation where he'll likely have to deal with a very drunk and very clingy ex.

Kourtney Kardashian to Sofia Richie: Stay Away from My Kids, Skank!

It sounds like Sofia Richie is getting on Kourtney's last nerve.

First, Sofia stole Kourtney's look. Now, it looks like she's trying to replace her by "playing stepmom" with Scott.

A report says that Kourtney has personally contacted Sofia to tell her to back off and keep away from her children.

Kourtney Kardashian Speaks on KUWTK

HollywoodLife reports that, as a source has divulged to them, Kourtney has warned Sofia away from her kids.

"Kourtney worries that Sofia is not a good role model for her children."

Children might be naturally drawn to admire a gorgeous 19-year-old model who happens to be dating their father, but Kourtney doesn't feel that it's appropriate.

What's more, it sounds like Scott has been ignoring her on this issue ... which has reportedly led Kourtney to reach out to Sofia directly.

"And because Scott refuses to listen to Kourtney‘s requests [about keeping her away from the kids], Kourt has reached out to Sofia personally and told her to back off from spending so much time with them."

That had to sound hurtful.

Sofia Richie Lounges in Her Uggs

The mother of three apparently believes that she has good reason for keeping her kids away from Sofia whenever possible.

For one thing, she's worried that they'll get their hearts broken.

"Kourtney does not believe Sofia and Scott will stay together long-term and so she asked Sofia to respectfully back off from spending so much time with her children."

Children are adaptable, but they can grow attached ... and then take things very personally when their parent breaks up with a new partner.

Kind of like how dogs panic when you go out to dinner and leave them at home for a couple of hours, because they're just beginning to grasp time.

"Kourtney does not like the influence Sofia has over the kids and she does not want the kids getting attached to someone that Kourtney feels will not be around or a part of their lives for very long."

But apparently, Kourt also has some more personal issues with Sofia.

Kourtney with Kids

It seems that a big issue is that Kourtney perceives Sofia, who is 19 years old, as being immature.

"Kourtney is furious that Sofia is playing stepmom with Scott and the kids."

Oh! One can imagine how Kourtney wouldn't take ,kindly to that.

"Kourtney finds it super inappropriate that someone as young and immature as Sofia, is spending so much time with her children the way that she does with Scott."

Sometimes, your kids get a step-parent. But this is her ex's girlfriend, and she's a teenager. It's a little different.

Sofia Richie in 2018

"It infuriates Kourtney who works hard teaching her kids healthy habits and Kourtney fears her kids will learn harmful ways from Sofia."

We're not super sure what about Sofia is harmful. Except that she has been spotted allegedly smoking cigarettes ... a very unhealthy habit that is thankfully dying off.

That's not something that you want to see your children emulate.

"It has been a struggle over the years for Kourtney to be comfortable enough leaving Scott alone with the kids, but sending them off with Sofia too, [whom] she doesn’t trust at all, creates lots of stress and anxiety for Kourtney."

It's natural for a mother to worry about the welfare of her precious children.

"Kourtney has been adamant that it is not OK for Scott, to be dating a Sofia, a teenager who is 15 years younger than he is, much less let her be around their young, impressionable children."

Younes Bendjima with Kourt

Some might accuse Kourtney of hypocrisy.

Her boyfriend Younes spends plenty of time around her, is also young, and has even gone so far as to throw shade at Scott Disick. (Most people have, at some point or another)

Scott probably figures that what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

But there are some major differences. For starters, Kourtney started dating Younes -- she didn't bang a bunch of other young, hot models as if she were trying on shoes before settling on him.

Also, Younes may be young, but he's not a teenager.

Finally, Kourtney is very careful about setting boundaries for her family, and she's always made it clear that her children come first.

Kourtney Kardashian: Sofia Richie Is OBSESSED With Me!

Sofia Richie wasn't even born when the movie Single White Female hit theaters, but she's being accused taking a page from the cult classic's screenplay.

According to an anonymous insider, Kourtney Kardashian believes Sofia is stealing her identity - and not in the ruined credit score way your grandmother is always worried about.

Sofia Richie in 2018

As you're likely aware, Sofia is dating Scott Disick for reasons that defy explanation.

Lately, there have been rumors of the unlikely couple drifting apart, and it seems Sofia might be taking a very unorthodox approach to repairing her relationship.

“Kourtney is definitely more than a little creeped out by how Sofia appears to be stealing her look,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“But, it also makes her sad because she realizes how young and impressionable Sofia is.”

Yes, Kourtney believes Sofia is slowly transforming into a Kardashian.

Sofia Richie, Brunette Selfie

It's a phenomenon we've seen before, most notably when Kylie Jenner morphed into Kim Kardashian.

But that was a case of a girl idolizing her famous half-sister.

Sofia is apparently trying to look more like her boyfriend's baby mama, which is just bizarre.

We can't imagine what would inspire her to make such a move, but apparently, Kourtney can.

She's convinced that Sofia didn't make a conscious decision to affect a more Kourtney-like appearance, but was instead manipulated by Scott.

Kourtney Kardashian Laughs

"Kourtney thinks she’s probably being controlled, or at the very least, manipulated, by Scott," says the insider.

"Some people might find it flattering, but Kourtney just thinks it’s gross, and that Scott needs to grow up, move on, and start living his life as an independent adult for once.”

Apparently, Kourtney has even gone so far as to address the matter with Scott, who proceeded to gaslight her like the textbook d-bag that he is.

“[Kourtney] makes comments about it to Scott, and he just laughs it off and tries to flip it on her,” the insider claims.

“He calls her a narcissist and acts like she’s crazy for mentioning it, which is so frustrating for Kourtney. But, also so typical of Scott."

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

Interacting with Scott Disick can be frustrating?!

Well, now we've heard everything!

We're sure it's an intensely creepy scenario for Kourtney, but at least she gets to play the Regina George card:

"As far as Kourtney is concerned, this whole bizarre situation is just more proof that Scott and his girlfriend are obsessed with her.”

Sounds more like Scott is obsessed with you, Kourtney, but whatever the case, you're right to be freaked out.

Younes Bendjima Hurls ALL the Shade at Scott Disick

As it turns out, Younes Bendjima has more than just a pretty face.

(And rock hard abs... and strong biceps... and thick legs... and a butt that refuses to quit...)

He also has a mouth that spits red hot fire.


The surprisingly long-term boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian shared a few words on Snapchat this week that simply had to be directed at Scott Disick.

Bendjima did not call Disick out by name in the post, but he did write the following:

"Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social. They just have no tolerance for drama, stupidity and fake people."

Whoa there! Clear shot fired, right?

These harsh words were preceded by "YOU FEEL ME" in all capital letters.

benjamin note

Disick, of course, has become as well known as this point for partying and for being extremely social as he has for nearly anything else.

It's the reason Kourtney finally pulled the plug on their romance years ago: Disick was off in France, drinking and spending time with an ex-girlfriend and it was all too much for Kardashian to handle.

So it seems rather apparent to us that when Bendjima brings up socializing as he does above, he's pointing his finger right at Disick and calling him out for being "stupid" and "fake.

And we love it!

Nice Abs!

Bendjima has been dating Kardashian now for over a year.

No one really thought this relationship would be more than a fling when the two first got together... but here they are.

And there was Kourtney on an episode of her family's reality show, actually admitting she might one day want to have kids with Younes.

Still, this is an unusual step for Bendjima to have taken.

He's mostly gone the strong and silent route when it comes to Disick, who insiders have said is beyond angry that this hot model is still banging his three-time baby mama.

"Scott is insanely jealous of Younes," a source told E! News last month, adding:

Scott Disick Looks Smooth

"He just can't come to terms with the fact that Kourtney has found true happiness with someone else."

If this were anyone else but Scott Disick, we'd feel bad for the guy.

We all can relate to how difficult it often is to watch an ex-lover move on.

Truth be told, though, this is Scott Disick.

He's never come across as particularly nice or caring or un-douche-like.

Moreover, he's dating Sofia Richie! It's not like he's sitting at home, trying to be a better person, pining over Kourtney.

We don't know that prompted this trash talk from Bendjima, but we are so very much here for it.

There have been too many babies and not nearly enough drama in Kardashian world these days. We need a lot more of the former.

Scott Disick: Did He Dump Sofia Richie For Kourtney Kardashian?!

In many ways, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are like an older, slightly more mature version of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:

They've broken up more times than we can count; they appear to be terrible for one another, and yet it seems they're eternally unable to keep their distance.

Kourtney and Scott Split?

Scott's probably not crazy about that analogy, as Kourtney banged Bieber on more than one occasion, but hey - the shoe fits.

Another person who's been intimately involved in this drama in more ways than one is Sofia Richie.

The 19-year-old model also hooked up with the Biebs, but today, we're more concerned about the fact that until recently, Sofia was dating Scott.

(You'd basically need a bulletin board and a long length of red thread in order to keep track of who' banging whom in Calabasas.)

Yes, we said was, because it appears that Scott and Sofia have officially called it quits.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback

The former couple hasn't made any sort of public announcement unless of course, you count passive-aggressive social media activity as an announcement.

Scott unfollowed Sofia on Instagram this week, and his fans noticed the move immediately.

Now, to the IG-uninitiated, that may not sound like a big deal, but for those in the know, we don't need to explain that unfollowing your girlfriend sends a clear message to the world that she's no longer your girlfriend.

We also don't need to tell you what a big deal it is that Kourtney also unfollowed Younes Bendjima.

While it's not clear how serious they ever got as a couple, Kourtney and Younes were hooking up for quite some time.

Younes Bendjima with Kourt

Now, it appears that that arrangement has come to an end.

And fans believe it's no coincidence that Kourtney unfollowed her dude the same week that Scott unfollowed Sofia.

Does this mean Scott and Kourtney are definitively back together?

Obviously not, but it's hard to believe there's no connection between their recent Instagram moves.

So brace yourselves, folks - it's beginning to look like we're store for Scott and Kourtney, round 40 bajillion.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Scott Disick is About to Blow a Gasket Over Younes Bendjima

Yes, Scott Disick is having scorching hot sex with Sofia Richie.

Yes, the reality star likes to pose on Instagram alongside fancy cars, private jets and expensive bottles of champagne.

Yes, it always looks as though Disick is having the time of his spoiled life.

Younes Bendjima with Kourt

But a new report alleges that this consistent look may be deceiving because Disick is actually miserable.

He's angry, he's stunned and, more than anything else, he's more jealous than he's ever been in his life.

Simply put, Disick can't believe the romance between Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima is still going on.

Like nearly everyone else on the planet, Disick presumed back in October of 2016 that Kardashian and Bendjima were nothing more than a fling; that the attraction was merely physical and the relationship would fizzle out quickly.

Yet... here they are, not only still dating, but actually considering having kids together.

Yes, kids. For real. Just listen to Kourtney discuss the possibility here:

With Kourtney taking exotic vacations with her younger boyfriend and even flaunting her sizzling body for the camera (and for Scott?) while doing so, an insider tells E! News that Disick is close to losing it.

"Scott is insanely jealous of Younes," this source tells the outlet, adding:

"He just can't come to terms with the fact that Kourtney has found true happiness with someone else."

She really does seem pretty happy these days, doesn't she?

Disick, of course, has been dating Richie for months now and is "happy" with her, this same report states, but he still "can't deal with someone else having Kourtney."

He wants his cake (that is, Sofia) and wants to eat it, too (that is, Kourtney to remain single and lusting after him, we guess).

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

Disick and Kardashian remain the parents of three kids.

And they remain committed to being on good terms for the sake of their family, yet these dueling romances are making such a vow difficult.

"It makes things between them tense and unpredictable," the source explains, continuing as follows:

"Kourtney never knows when he is going to fly off the handle or go nuts about something. Scott just never thought it would last this long with Younes or become so serious. Nobody really did."

We certainly did not.

Heck, this same insider claims Kourtney is "in love" with Bendjima. In LOVE, people!

Kourtney and Scott finally called it quits in July 2015 after nine years together, the final few of which featured many fights, ups and downs.

Bendjima is Kourtney's first intense relationship since her split from her three-time baby daddy... and Disick has never responded to it very well.

"Scott doesn't like Kourtney dating Younes at all," E! wrote way back in May of last year, concluding at the time:

"He doesn't want to see photos of them or know about it. Kourtney has tried to give Scott a heads up that he might be seeing photos, but Scott can't stand seeing her with someone else, especially Younes."

Sadly for Disick, most women around the globe disagree vehemently.

Do you see those abs in the photos above?

They can't get enough of Younes!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Trimester Troubles

Last night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe struggled to keep her pregnancy a secret, while Kourtney pondered more kids.

Seriously. She's thinking about number four.

When Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 19 got underway, everybody and their mother had babies on their minds.


If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know Khloe Kardashian is pregnant, and last night she revealed her birth plan.

"We’re having the baby in Cleveland,” Khloe told Kim one afternoon, somehow not sounding all that disappointed about the idea.

The baby's father, Tristan Thompson, plays for the NBA's Cavaliers in The Land; Khloe's doctor is flying in from L.A. to deliver.

Khloe Kardashian on E!
Kourtney Kardashian Laughs

In typical Kardashian fashion, Khloe revealed that after her baby enters the world, she plans on eating her child’s placenta.


As for whether she plans to marry Tristan, Khloe said not in the near future, adding, “I was married before and it didn’t do anything."

"I’m in a good healthy relationship,” she said, while sister Kim opened up about her regrets over hiring a surrogate for her third child.

She said:

“Even though I will appreciate not having to gain the weight and then lose the weight … I so would have rather have done it on my own.”

Kim Kardashian is Weirded Out

Kim added that she worries she won't feel the same bond with Chi, saying “I just hope I care as much. Everyone says it’s like no different.”

Kourtney Kardashian, meanwhile, revealed she may be considering having another baby, even if that means freezing her eggs.

As for a sperm donor?

No need for that, she says, because hey, she has “real prospects.” Out with Scott Disick, in with Younes Bendjima, apparently.

Kourt decided against egg-freezing for now, but insisted she's “done having kids in life.” We have no idea what that means TBH.

Kourtney Kardashian Laughs

She's got three children already, and is 38.

That's not too old to have more kids by any means, but somehow we think this was mere filler for an episode devoid of much excitement.

We also got some insight into Kim Kardashian firing Stephanie Shepherd ... which she seems to think went just fine, thank you.

On the phone with a friend, Kim recalled approaching her ex-assistant and saying, “I just think that you’ve outgrown your position here.”

Kim added, “It ended like really well."

"She knew it wasn’t working.”