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Adam Lind: Warrant Issued For the Arrest of Chelsea Houska’s Ex!

Adam Lind is in deep trouble these days, even by Adam Lind standards.

Lind was arrested for domestic assault back in November, and that brush with the law seems to have set Chelsea Houska's first baby daddy into a downward spiral that will likely have him serving hard time in the near future.

Adam Lind Meth

Shortly after that first incident, Lind was arrested again, this time for violating a restraining order against a second ex.

Needless to say, none of this did him any favors in his two simultaneous custody battles, particularly after it was revealed that Lind tested positive for meth just minutes before a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter.

For obvious reasons, Chelsea Houska was awarded sole custody of her daughter Aubree, a move she's no doubt very happy about in the wake of recent developments in the life of Outlaw Lind.

According to Radar Online, a warrant has been issued for Lind's arrest in response to his deadbeat ways:

“He has a warrant out for his arrest for being behind on child support,” a spokesperson for the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office in tells Radar. 

Adam Lind Muscles

"The warrant is for $2,025.”

Houska obviously makes much more money than Lind, whose earnings probably hover near the zero range, so not surprisingly, the payments are owed to his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur:

“He owes her over $16,000 in child support,” a source tells Radar.

“Petitioner Lind was ordered to pay child support for Paislee Lind $500 per month,” the sheriff's office spokesman confirms.

One insider adds that Lind has not only failed to pay child support, he's also made no effort to spend time with his daughters.

“He hasn’t seen Paislee since August,” that source claims.

“He doesn’t call or check in. She doesn’t even see his family.”

Adam Lind and Aubree Photo

It's not illegal to be an absentee father, but it is strange that Lind has been battling both of his exes for custody and visitation rights, even though he seems to have little interest in being involved in his daughters' lives.

“He has the potential to be a good dad when there aren’t obstacles in his way,” the source says in Lind's defense.

“At the end of the day all that matters though is his actions and his effort and it’s just not there. He only works on his cars and sleeps a lot.”

We'll believe that bit about his potential when we see it.

In the meantime, expect Lind to be taken into custody sometime very soon.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how big of a bullet Chelsea dodged.

Farrah Abraham Slams Kailyn Lowry, Spencer Pratt In Bizarre Meltdown!

One never knows what to expect from Farrah Abraham.

In fact, it often seems as though Farrah herself is thoroughly surprised by the things that come out of her mouth.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Photo

Like certain White House residents, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for Farrah's behavior.

For example, why would she return to the world of sex work against her bosses' wishes when she clearly doesn't need the money?

Why would she bite the hand that feeds her by telling the whole world that she'd been fired from Teen Mom OG before the decision was even final?

And why would she now make her situation even worse by publicly attacking her co-stars, her producers, hell - even stars from other reality shows?!

We'd say only Farrah knows the answer to that question, but we highly doubt she has any idea.

Farrah Abraham Camgirl

A recent episode of Teen Mom OG showed Farrah flipping out on a producer for failing to inform her that her mother was waiting in a car parked outside her home.

Many fans pointed out that the producers are not Farrah's personal assistants, and she responded with one of her social media tirades that only fully makes sense if you're fluent in Farrah-ese:

“Fake as producing grow up and stop acting like hating on a single mother and sabotaging her life is ok because your jealous,” she wrote.

And if you think she was done there, you don't know Farrah.

This is a woman who previously accused Teen Mom of forcing women to get pregnant and using child labor.

Farrah Abraham Underwear Pic

So it's not surprising that she went after her former bosses even harder in round 2:

"The Lieing idiot 'producers' out themselves how f-cking stupid can you be!" Farrah wrote on Instagram.

"@TeenMom @MTV Like this fake scene about me from people I fired as these “producers” slander & fake lies and scenes to be around a real celebrity & epic fail @MTV @viacom Not legal, discrimination!"

Taking after her idol and possible future sugar daddy Donald Trump, Farrah then declared victory in a non-existent war:

"Moved on from this show ..never fired enjoy MTV lies their jealous and the networks shows suck #FarrahWins Viacom uses teen moms, mistreats kids."

Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom OG

Later that same night, MTV aired a Teen Mom OG after-show, with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and noted crystal enthusiast Spencer Pratt as guests:

Spencer pointed out that Farrah mistakenly believes herself to be a "superstar," and Kailyn reminded viewers that Farrah has always been awful:

“I can’t imagine on my worst day talking to someone the way that I heard her talk," Lowry said.

“I mean, I think that’s just who Farrah is, if we’re being honest,” Kail added.

“The first time I ever met Farrah, she was, like, snapping at a driver saying ‘ándale,’ like, you don’t treat people like that.”


Pratt then joked that he should be the one to replace Farrah after her tenure on the show finally comes to an end.

Naturally, Farrah was tuned in.

And of course, she had something to say about the interview:

"IM DONE with all the horrible mothers who don’t do shit but act like hateful zombies for production @Viacom @mtv @teenmom & @spencerpratt needy!" she tweeted.

She then zeroed in on Pratt, who recently became a father:

Spencer Pratt and Amethyst

"I feel sorry for your wife & child don’t spew lies about a single mother who is a dad & a mother #AfterShow Joke #fatherfailure already," Farrah concluded.

When Pratt pointed out that he actually didn't make any disparaging comments about Farrah, an incredible thing happened:

She actually apologized, stated that she looks forward to seeing him in LA ... and added a Celebrity Big Brother hashtag.

Folks, 2018 might soon get even more absurd.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Farrah's insanity.

David Eason: Fired From Teen Mom 2!

MTV has put up with a lot from its Teen Mom cast members over the years.

But while the network has not taken issue with drug use, poor parenting or feuds that would make even the Real Housewives blush, producers have finally found a reason to cut ties with a series regular.

David Eason on Insta

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, David Eason.

A day after the husband of Jenelle Evans got into scalding hot water for anti-LGBT messages he wrote on Twtter, MTV has announced that Eason will not appear on future Teen Mom 2 episodes.

Said a network spokesperson via statement:

“David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV.

"With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

It's unclear how this new could impact Jenelle’s storyline on the show and it's also unclear whether Eason will be edited out of installments that have already been filmed.

But the bigot needed to go.

The controversy surrounding Eason started last week, after Evans shared a photo of herself holding a gun for target practice...

... just hours after 17 people were killed at a high school in Florida.

This led to a back-and-forth over gun control legislation and gun safety between Eason and a few critics on social media.

One of those critics suggested that parents could help the situation by educating their kids at home on the topic.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

This prompted an angry reply from Eason, along with some harsh words (randomly) directed at gay and transgender individuals.

“And just what makes you think you have the right to tell me how to be a parent? Because you think you know me?" he asked in reply, adding:

"Lmao why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals?"

"Oh I forgot that’s supposed to be normal.”

Wow. The clearly fired-up and troubled Eason also called members of the LGBT community "abominations" at one point.

eason tweet

And in another since-deleted tweet, Eason - who has two kids from previous relationships - said he will teach his children “not to associate” with gay and transgender people.

Why? Because “if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

(For the record, Evans also has two children from previous sexual encounters: eight-year-old Jace and three-year-old Kaiser.)

Reaction to Eason's cruel rant was swift and straightforward:

Most fans wanted to see him fired from Teen Mom 2.

And the same could be said for his co-stars.

“I’m absolutely disturbed by the comments David made regarding gay & transgender parents,” Tweeted Kailyn Lowry on Monday.

Chelsea Houska retweeted Lowry’s message.

“People are removed from shows for comments like that,” Lowry added in a series of tweets. “I just do not understand how the network is allowing them to get away with this.'

Well, it is not any longer.

Leah Messer, meanwhile, echoed her colleague's statements, writing online: “They need HELP! Something needs to happen!"

"This is all disturbing to say they least, but not surprising!”

Jenelle Evans Family Selfie

In a statement to TMZ, Jenelle spoke out on her husband's behalf, saying the following to the celebrity gossip website:

“David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works."

"Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account.

"He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on."

In other words: yes, Eason feels this way about gay people... but he won't say it out loud again!

The Carolina Hurricane continued:

Mr. and Mrs. Eason

"David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community. My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and Davids close friends.

"We attended Farrah [Abraham]’s birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn’t act in any type of way.

"We went had a good time and left … We are sorry for the comments that were made.”

LOL, what an amazing statement.

She actually used the we're friends with a gay person! defense, along with the brand new hey, he hung out with some gay people and didn't cause a major scene one time! defense.

fire eason

Eason's firing is not dissimilar from TLC letting Derick Dillard go from the Counting On franchise in the wake of his homophobic statements.

As you can see above, the question now turns to whether Evans will hit the road along with her terrible husband.

It's clearly what some people want.

Do you think MTV ought to give it to them?

Should Jenelle stay or should she go?

Jenelle Evans: Leah Messer Is a Cheating Drug Addict!

Sure, it's technically a reality show, but at this point, we don't think there's any denying that Teen Mom 2 is one of the best soap operas on TV.

And of course, that's largely because of Jenelle Evans, who's really been stepping up as the show's cartoonishly evil arch-villain in recent months.

Jenelle Evans with Choker

In a new interview for Vince Russo's The Brand podcast Jenelle did her damnedest to make sure she thoroughly pissed off the handful of TM2 fans who don't already hate her.

First, Jenelle admitted to doing drugs while pregnant.

That may seem uncharacteristically honest of her, but the drug use is already a matter of public record thanks to a series of CPS investigations, so she was left with little choice.

From there, Jenelle did what she does best and went off on her castmates, who of course, weren't there to defend themselves.

She started with Leah Messer, who recently appeared on Kailyn Lowry's podcast and joked about the time that Jenelle's husband, David Eason, stabbed a bunch of balloons at the reunion show taping.

Jenelle Evans Attends 2017 VMAs

This comment was apparently enough to earn the full wrath of Jenelle:

"My husband got tangled in five balloons on the way out the door. He couldn’t get out of them, so he started popping balloons, and he walked out. That’s it," Jenelle explained.

"Leah wasn’t even near it, no one was near it. He was by the back door, the exit door. And she just gets on the podcast saying, like, my husband’s some crazy person."

She went on to issue a vague threat about exposing Leah's secrets, and then just went ahead and exposed Leah's secrets.

(She's not great at this whole blackmail thing.)

Leah Messer Possible Baby Bump

"And I hold, like, all of Leah’s secrets, and I have held them for years. Like, when she was on drugs and on pills — I was standing there talking to Jeremy [Calvert] every single day texting him, 'Are you OK dude? I’m going through the same thing. I know Leah’s cheating on you, and I know she had her ex-fiance jump through the deer cam, but you know, I know I’m being cheated on too by Nathan and we’re both going through the same thing.'"

She added:

"And he’s like, “I don’t know what to do.” And I’m like, “I don’t know what to do. You tell me what to do because I’m going through this too.”

Leah's one of the less-confrontational Teen Moms, but she wasn't about to just lie back and let Jenelle indict her as an adulterous junkie.

In a series of recent Instagram and Snapchat stories, Leah called Jenelle out in epic fashion:

Leah on Teen Mom 2 Photo

"I don’t care, I think it’s funny. Crazy. Lies, lies, lies. Who can lie like that and think that it’s normal?" Leah asked of Jenelle's behavior.

"So insane. And I tried to not say anything – OK, so I’m a timid person, but if you push me too far then I’m gonna pop, you know? I think that’s anyone. You can ask Jeremy about that."

She went on to explain her decision to discuss the balloon-popping incident:

"In Kail’s podcast, guys, we were just catching up since the Reunion, since we last met. We were filming and they wanted us to kind of recap catching up the last time we saw each other, which was crazy.

"And that’s what happened. All I said was my girl was terrified and it was really crazy. We caught up! We weren’t throwing jabs at anyone in particular we were speaking facts."

Something tells us Jenelle won't just remain silent in hopes of squashing the beef.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more insanity from the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Evans: Yes, I Did Drugs While I Was Pregnant

Obviously, Jenelle Evans is no one's idea of a perfect mother.

Concerns about Jenelle's parenting skills are common amongst Teen Mom fans, but many of the controversies for which she's criticized amount to nothing more than lapses in judgment.

The same can't be said about the latest scandal surrounding Jenelle's relationship with her three children.

Jenelle's Selfie

For several months now, we've been hearing rumors about Jenelle doing drugs while she was pregnant with her daughter, Ensley.

Appearing on Vince Russo's The Brand podcast this week, Jenelle finally responded to the allegations and confirmed the worst fears of many fans. 

“I’m not going to lie about that,” she told Russo.

“I tested positive for THC and Ensley did not test positive. I did. So CPS were like — I was in the hospital — they said, ‘Did you smoke when you were pregnant?’ I said, ‘I did within the past 30 days. I said I have really bad esophageal spasms and I throw up every 5 minutes, I can’t even eat,'" she added.

"And they said, ‘Okay, some moms do that. We are not here to judge, we are writing down your information.'”

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

We think Jenelle might be confusing pity with absolution here, and while it's good that Ensley didn't test positive, CPS workers are not medical professionals and are not in a position to assure Jenelle that she didn't cause harm to her child by smoking pot while pregnant.

In all likelihood, Ensley is just fine, but Jenelle's flippant dismissal of the situation is still troubling.

She went on to assure Russo and his listeners that her experiences with CPS have been mostly positive, saying:

“And after I had Ensley they said CPS will just come by to do a [wellness] check since you tested positive,” Evans continued.

“They came and did a [wellness] checkup and everything is fine. They closed the case.”

Jenelle Evans Family Selfie

She then revealed that she's no stranger to government investigations regarding her parenting:

“CPS has been here like 30 times, not just for that, but for haters online saying that I abuse my kids. So they came and checked up on that," Jenelle says with a chilling lack of self-awareness.

“First of all if I were on drugs I wouldn’t be able to sit here in the morning and get the kids ready and eat healthily. Or I’d be losing a lot of weight.”

Currently, Jenelle is locked in custody battles with both her mother (who is the primary caregiver of her eldest son, Jace) and her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith (who seeks to attain sole custody of her other son, Kaiser).

We're guessing Jenelle's latest confession won't help her chances.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of how easy it will be for Babs and Nathan to make the case that Jenelle has no business raising kids.

Briana DeJesus: Javi Marroquin Is Harassing Me!

It hasn't been easy keeping track of all the developments in Briana DeJesus' life over the past few weeks, so here's a brief recap of everything that's transpired.

It all started when Briana traveled to Miami to undergo plastic surgery.

Briana With Javi on Instagram

Despite the fact that she had broken up with Javi Marroquin just weeks earlier, Javi flew to Miami to be by her side and provide support in the days leading up to the procedure.

Fans were stunned to see Javi all over Bri's social media pages after what appeared to be a bitter breakup.

But they were even more shocked when Javi took to social media to basically boast that he had "ditched" Briana after her surgery.

And believe it or not, the plot twists didn't end there.

In the past week alone, two different rumors about Briana's love life have captured the attention of Teen Mom Twitter.

Some believe Briana is back with Dre, her ex who has gone to great lengths to keep his last name a secret.

Briana DeJesus, Post-Surgery

Others believe Briana is living with Devoin Austin, her baby daddy who's been a constant subject of scorn for TM2 viewers.

As far as we can tell, the latter rumor is true, while the former is BS.

Briana is living with Devoin, but she's just friends with Dre ... we think.

Either way, she apparently wishes Javi would simply keep his nose out of her business.

Apparently, Javi noticed Bri's recent Valentine's Day posts and decided to give his ex a piece of his mind:

"Javi needs to stop being bitter about the breakup and about Devoin and Dre. He texted me about why I got a teddy bear and why I got my nails done and why Devoin is living with me now," Briana tells Radar Online.

Briana & Javi

"He needs to stop harassing me and go worry about the relationship between Kailyn [Lowry] and him."

DeJesus goes on to say that she's completely cut ties with Javi and plans to have no contact with him going forward:

"I don't want nothing to do with Javi," she tells the outlet.

"I am completely over it and ready to move the f--k on. If he continues to harass me, I will leak all texts and info."

Apparently in response to her allegations of harassment, Javi fired back with a series of tweets that he later deleted:

"I have full conversations, but we don't have to go there," Javi tweeted, seemingly implying that he planned to release some texts of his own.

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus

"Y'all don't know what's going on. I don't need to belittle or disrespect anyone. Just not in me anymore. I made that mistake once. I've lived and learned."

He ended the tweet storm with some words of wisdom for his fans:

"Stay silent. The real ones around you know what's good. Those that make noise want attention. That's how I live my life now," he tweeted.

We hope Javi's able to follow his own advice, but something tells us this situation is far from over.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Briana's wild world.

Briana DeJesus: These Are My New Boobs! This Is My New Butt!

Briana DeJesus may or may not be back together with her old boyfriend.

But the Teen Mom 2 star most definitely has brand new body parts she'd like to show off!

Are you ready to see the results of DeJesus having recently gone under the knife?

Briana and Dr. Miami

On February 1, the MTV personality paid a visit to Dr. Miami (pictured above) in order to undergo some major plastic surgery.

As previously reported in sort of gruesome detail, Briana asked the famous physician to give her a tummy tuck, a breast lift and to reshape and contour her butt.

The reality star basically wanted to start fresh with her figure.

Two weeks after these procedures were complete, DeJesus gave followers their first glimpse at the results.

Without including any words for a caption, Briana simply posted THIS PHOTO and asked fans for some feedback.

We can't imagine she liked the response, however, considering many comments focused on how "one boob" is now "different" from the other.

This is the picture DeJesus shared late last week.

Briana DeJesus, Post-Surgery

Now, however, Briana is back with even more explicit images of her post-surgery body.

"18 days post op! Progress!!!! Can’t wait to hit the gym next month!" she penned as a caption to a trio of snapshots, the first of which centers on her controversial chest.

Can you spot a difference here?

Briana DeJesus Plastic Surgery Pic

No more big boobs, DeJesus exclaims as part of the image, clearly hopeful that she'll avoid back pain later in life.

But her snack trays were not the only body part Briana went ahead and got reduced.

"Skinny Minnie back at it again," she said below of her new and, in her opinion improved, waist:

skinny minnie

And finally, last but never least, DeJesus turned around, stuck it out and made white boys want to shout at her NON-big butt.

She cannot lie: she loves how this rear end now looks.

dejesus waist

It's evident, however, that she may be alone in this view.

Many followers have passed along their negative takes on DeJesus' appearance, prompting the Teen Mom 2 actress to address them in a follow-up Tweet.

"I feel sorry for those who go thru every picture of mine just to see which one I left comments on and talk the most shit," Briana wrote on Monday morning, adding:

"lmfao who has time for that? Who has time to follow me if y’all hate me so much.. bunch of weirdos!"

bd tweet

She sort of has a point.

It's pretty rude to just slam someone for his or her looks.

Moreover, there's plenty to discuss when it comes to DeJesus that has nothing to do with these images or these procedures.

Just consider the way she was with Javi Marroquin... and then not with him... and then maybe with him again... and then is now reportedly living with baby daddy Devoin Austin, the father of daughter Nova.

With everything else she asked Dr. Miami to do for her, we hope Briana also asked him to work on her neck a bit.

We'd have to imagine she has a severe case of whiplash after all this back and forth.

Kailyn Lowry to Jenelle Evans: Hey, Remember When I Bailed You Out of Jail?

At this point, the Jenelle Evans-Kailyn Lowry feud has been going on so long that it's easy to forget they were once friends.

But believe it or not, there was a time when the Teen Mom 2 co-stars were thick as thieves.

Which is fitting, since Jenelle has an arrest record about as long as that of a career criminal.

Jenelle and Kailyn

The Carolina Hurricane has been taken into custody so many times that we're guessing even she's lost count.

But there's one arrest that very much remains on the mind of Jenelle's biggest rival, and she took to Twitter to talk about it over the weekend.

"Do y'all remember the time I gave Jenelle money to make bail?" Kailyn tweeted.

She then dropped a phrase that she's adopted as her unofficial motto:

"Before you throw dirt on my name remind them how hard you f-cked [with] me."

Kailyn Lowry on Teen Mom Two

The incident Kailyn is referring to took place in 2011 when Jenelle was arrested for probation violation.

Lowry apparently lent Evans $150 to cover the cost of bail.

Not a ton of cash, but this was before the girls were as rich as they are now.

Needless to say, the comments on Kail's tweet were very interesting.

At one point, Jenelle's troubled ex Courtland Rogers weighed in with what first seemed like trash talk, but later appeared to be words of support:

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

"I remember the time u called her a bitch to her face in New York that time behind the stage at dr drew reunion and she froze up and was scared to death of u but kail what u don't kno is that when u went on stage all she did was talk mad shit about u! she ain't s--t don’t stress," Rogers tweeted.

You know the drama is real when even the tweets have plot twists.

Jenelle and Kail's mutual hatred has ebbed and flowed over the years, and it seems to have spiked recently when Evans sent cease and desist letters to several of her co-stars, including Lowry.

It's unclear what prompted Kail's seemingly unprovoked tweet on Saturday.

It's possible she was just sitting around contemplating how much she dislikes Jenelle, which frankly, is one of our favorite weekend activities.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how badly Jenelle sucks.

Farrah Abraham SLAMS Jenelle Evans Over Pro-Gun Posts

Wednesday was Valentine's Day and was also Ash Wednesday for Catholics. It was also the day of a devastating school shooting at a Florida high school where a former student murdered 17 and left countless others wounded and traumatized.

In the immediate aftermath, Jenelle Evans was slammed for an insensitive shooting post. Suffice it to say that it was in incredibly poor taste.

Now, even Farrah Abraham can tell that Jenelle is in the wrong, and she's bashing the gun-loving Carolina Hurricane.

Jenelle Evans Gun Photo

Many hope that the anti-gun movement sparked by the terrible shooting and led by vocal teen survivors will finally lead to change that can outweigh the millions spent by the NRA to keep weapons of war in circulation.

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, clearly feel differently. That's not really a surprise from one of the Teen Mom franchise's most controversial couples.

In a photo posted on Wednesday, and on which David Eason has now disabled comments on Instagram, Jenelle Evans can be seen posing with a gun.

"My babes a bad ass babe!" David Eason writes in the caption. "Happy Valentine's day!"

It didn't go over well with fans. Or with just about anyone else.

Some even wonder (or hope) that Jenelle Evans will get fired over all of this.

Farrah Abraham Underwear Pic

Farrah Abraham finally, finally has the moral high ground.

In a statement to InTouch Weekly, Farrah Abraham blasts Jenelle Evans' gun photo and she has zero chill about it.

"I feel that after years and years of horrible mass gun violence at schools, and those who were the gun shooters who killed many innocent lives," Farrah begins.

"Wanting the attention from a gun with an act of violence -- I think it’s really horrible Jenelle and her husband show the same traits as a mentally unstable killer, by wanting attention from a gun."

That's an odd way of phrasing things, but it looks like she's saying that the parallels are disturbing.

To be clear, though, blaming "mental instability" for violence might be a stretch. It's worth noting that the vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent.

Farrah on Instagram

Jenelle obviously gets in some digs at Teen Mom in thep rocess.

"I no longer want to be associated with the Teen Mom franchise."

Good luck with that -- it's what made you famous. People still refer to how Britney Spears started off on The Mickey Mouse Club.

"And I hope the appropriate government jurisdictions start changing gun laws and our President Donald Trump can start limiting gun violence in the appropriate ways."

A lot of us are hopeful for change, of course, though if Farrah's really looking to Trump to change things ... well, there's optimism and then there's that.

Farrah Abraham in Greece

Farrah speaks about the measures that she takes to keep her daughter, Sophia, safe.

"As a parent, I will not allow my child to go to a public school setting for these very reasons of gun violence."

Gotta point out here that, statistically, school is still one of the safest places that a child can be. Also, mall shootings, street shootings, and theater shootings are also things. You can't live your life in a panic room, and some question the opportunities that Sophia is missing.

"As I learned more about the recent act of gun violence, the FBI did not listen to the other students trying to warn about the killers intentions."

Farrah uses her celebrity platform to boost the voices of teens. She's totally right to do so.

"Children and teens must be heard as they say something when they see something. I hope our governments start acting on their part."

Jenelle Evans: Pregnant Again?

In the mean time, David Eason has hit out at gun critics with one of the most astoundingly tone-deaf posts that you can imagine.

He shared an image that reads:

"Legal owners have over 200 million guns and 12 trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously people ... if we were a problem ... you'd know it."

Obviously, that post totally misses the point -- because gun critics point out that they are a problem, because mass shootings happen so regularly that many of them barely make the news.

In the captions, David wrote:

"Everyone needs to focus on keeping their family protected and safe instead of focusing on how to deplete our country of its self protection rights!"

Literally what does he think that people pushing for sensible firearm restrictions are trying to do? The whole idea is to keep people's families protected and safe.

David Eason and Jenelle

It's worth noting that, culturally, Jenelle and David might not even see that they've done anything wrong.

Though North Carolina is a swing state featuring world-class universities and hospitals, Jenelle and David live in a conservative county in a conservative corner of the state. Gun culture flourishes in sparsely populated areas.

Anyone hoping that Jenelle and David change their ways need to realize that, well, enjoying owning weapons of war is far from the worst thing about either of these two, who are accused of being genuinely terrible parents.

Still, this time, even Farrah can see the issue clearly.

Some fans wonder if Jenelle will hit back at Farrah. After all, the Carolina Hurricane is no stranger to fights.

Briana DeJesus: Back Together With Ex-Boyfriend ALREADY?!

It's only been six weeks since Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin broke up, but it seems she's had no trouble moving on with someone new.

Javi "ditched" Briana after her recent plastic surgery session in Miami, and he later explained that it was because her baby daddy Devoin Austin unexpectedly showed up.

But it seems it's not Devoin or Javi who's on Briana's mind these days.

Briana DeJesus, Post-Surgery

No, fans are convinced that that honor belongs to the man known to Teen Mom 2 fans only as Dre.

Dre is an ex of Briana's, and her latest social media posts have viewers convinced they've gotten back together.

On Valentine's Day, Bri posted a photo of herself and Dre on Snapchat.

She captioned the pic, "Spa day!"

Needless to say, the timing and the nature of the image led many to the conclusion that Briana and Dre are more than just friends.

Briana Picture

Dre seemed to verify that they're an item when he tweeted "Ima make a great step daddy" in response to fan speculation.

That seemed to pretty much confirm what fans already expected, but amazingly Bri says they've got it all wrong:

"I'm so annoyed at these reports," she told Blasting News Wednesday.

"I am not with Dre. He is a friend. He was a friend before my relationship with Javi and after. That's all there is to it — friends and nothing more."

The crazy thing is - there's a very good chance she's telling the truth.

In all likelihood, Briana is not dating Dre.

Briana & Javi

But that doesn't mean her Valentine's Day posts were entirely innocent.

After all, Briana's breakup with Javi was an ugly one, and she's not above the occasional act of revenge.

After all, many still believe that she only dated Javi to get back at Kailyn Lowry.

So could she now be using Dre to get back at Javi?

We don't know for sure, but this cast seems less like they're on a reality show and more like they're on a particularly bonkers soap opera every day.

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Jenelle Evans: Will She Be Fired Over Her Dumb Gun Selfie?

As you've no doubt heard by now, a school shooting in Parkland, Florida claimed 17 lives earlier this week.

It was the 18th mass shooting of 2018, and the demand for gun control legislation can now be heard be in every region the country and all across the political spectrum.

Needless to say, it wasn't the ideal time for social media posts that romanticize and glorifying the type of firearms used by the murderer, but apparently, Jenelle Evans didn't get that memo.

Jenelle Evans Gun Photo

That's a photo of Jenelle shooting a gun that was posted on David Eason's Instagram page on the day of the shooting.

You read that right - on the day of a tragic shooting that left the nation reeling, Jenelle and David saw no problem with posting this photo for their millions of social media followers.

Jenelle refused to apologize for the pic, but she later joked on Twitter that it was a case of "bad timing."

David deleted all the comments on the photo and briefly made it his profile pic, but changed it back when someone - probably Jenelle - told him that's a really dumb and unnecessarily combative thing to do.

In the hours since, he's taken to posting anti-gun control memes, which means he's still triggered, but now he's pretending his butthurt has something to do with the Constitution.

Jenelle Evans: Pregnant Again?

Jenelle is capable of brief periods of sanity, and it seems she enjoyed one yesterday when she offered her pseudo-apology and talked David down.

But at the end of the day, she's an unhinged lunatic who shouldn't be trusted to care for a houseplant, so it comes as no surprise that she's back to raging away and jeopardizing the only job she's ever had.

Echoing the sentiments of millions of Americans today, Teen Mom 2 executive producer Morgan J. Freeman tweeted "go f-ck yourself" to a tweet from the president offering prayers and condolences.

In a brazenly stupid act of defiance, Jenelle retweeted Freeman and wrote:

"Well damn Morgan this offends me. Please take it down. Thanks."

David Eason and Jenelle Evans, NOT Touching Her "Baby Bump"

Jenelle deleted that tweet after being promptly roasted by followers who were quick to point out the fact the irony of her having the same sort of snowflake meltdown she'd previously accused her critics of.

But that doesn't mean Jenelle is backing down from her "people kill people" stance.

Already today, she's retweeted multiple pro-gun takes on the Parkland shooting, including an official statement from the Gun Owners of America.

So Jenelle is literally sticking to her guns, but it's interesting that she dialed back her original statement, either in response to backlash from fans - or as a result of stern words from the people who sign her paychecks.

Jenelle might be besties with Farrah Abraham these days, but that doesn't mean she wants to be unemployment buddies.

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Farrah Abraham vs. Courtland Rogers: Bizarre Teen Mom Feud Alert!

There have been many epic feuds in the long and storied history of the Teen Mom franchise:

Jenelle Evans vs. Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans vs. Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans vs. common decency - but this latest might be the most unexpected battle yet.

And of course, it involves Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

This week's episode of Teen Mom OG included an unexpected pseudo-cameo from Jenelle.

Yes, her awfulness is such that Teen Mom 2 can no longer contain it.

Back in November, Farrah Abraham's mother, Debra Danielsen got married, and it seems the wedding had quite an unusual guest list.

Longtime TM devotees will remember Courtland Rogers as Jenelle's ex-boyfriend.

If you're having trouble remembering him, Courtland was the heroin addict who went to prison.

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Selfie

Fortunately, these days, it seems Courtland has turned his life around.

He's out of jail; he's sober, and he's BFFs with Debra.

Okay, BFFs might be a bit of an exaggeration, but for some reason, Courtland was invited to Deb's wedding.

On this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah learned that her mother had invited Courtland to her wedding 

 “When we got back from Italy, Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 reached out and told me that one of her exes is invited to my mom’s wedding,” Farrah says to her father, Michael Abraham.

“She for some reason texted me that Courtland is going to my mom’s wedding.”

Farrah Abraham Blonde Photo

Farrah adds:

“But she was like, ‘Courtland is a criminal, this, this, this, and this.'”

“Jenelle obviously feels that there’s an issue there, that’s why she contacted you,” Michael says. 

“I mean, your mom has a sweepstakes, is going to invite fans, blah blah-blah blah-blah.” 

Michael then pointed out that Farrah's co-star, Amber Portwood, was also invited to the wedding, which is more than a bit strange, considering Farrah and Amber fought during the taping of a Teen Mom OG reunion show.

Farrah responded with some Farrah-style word salad about how Deb sucks, and she sympathizes with Courtland, but he also sucks.

“I think that’s pathetic,” Farrah concludes. 

Farrah on Instagram

“And that’s not what a wedding’s about. I mean, honestly whatever she wants her wedding to be — which is a three-ring circus — I’ll send a clown, but, like, I’m not going to be there or my daughter. And I don’t want to be around anyone who is an issue.”

Farrah adds:

“I’m not even a criminal, but I have people who try to condemn me or make me out to be a bad person every day, so if anyone understands, it’s me, but and now, from what Jenelle is telling me, horrible — horribleness, I don’t think that person’s changed and I still think she’s in denial about that.”

Yeah, as usual, we're not really sure what she's trying to say.

Later in the episode, Farrah calls Deb to confront her about her decision to invite Courtland.

"You know what? Anybody who has to call other people criminals are nothing but afraid of facing reality that everybody sins," a combative Deb argues.

Debra Danielsen on Instagram

"So mom, why don’t you shut up so you can un-confuse your brain?" Farrah replies, unexpectedly dropping another classically dumb quote on viewers.

From there, Farrah points out that it's weird Deb invited Courtland but not Jenelle.

At this point, our minds are blown because it's a conversation between Farrah and Deb in which both parties actually make good points.

Next thing you know, Jenelle will enter anger management.

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Kailyn Lowry: Pregnant With Baby #4?!

It's hard to imagine that Kailyn Lowry could cram anything more into her busy schedule.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member is a single mother of three, a reality star, a podcast host, and a bestselling author.

But believe it or not, it looks like her life may soon become even more hectic.

Kailyn Lowry on the Couch

Yesterday, Kailyn revealed to fans that she was preparing to reveal a new development in her life:

"Announcing some big news todayyyyyyy!" she tweeted.

In the Teen Mom universe, there is no bigger news than a pregnancy, so naturally, many fans were quick to jump to conclusions.

 "Congrats it a boy or girl?"

"I don’t find out the sex," Kail responded with a winky face emoji.

Naturally, this response threw her followers into a tizzy.

Kailyn Lowry in a Jean Jacket

It later turned out that Kail's big announcement is that she's releasing a new book entitled A Letter of Love.

But since she never explicitly denied that she's pregnant, that's what fans are focusing on.

And it's not hard to see why they think Kail might be keeping a secret.

Kail hid her third pregnancy for several months before sharing the news publicly.

One of the reasons for her hesitance was the fact that she knew she would take flak for having three kids by three different fathers.

Yesterday, fans speculated that Kail didn't want to admit to being pregnant by a fourth baby daddy.

Kailyn Lowry with Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux - Halloween 2017

Others believe there was a different reason why Kail might choose to keep mum.

Rumors of Kailyn getting back together with Javi Marroquin have been circulating non-stop in the wake of his breakup with Briana DeJesus.

The former couple has given no public indication that they've reconciled, but that won't stop TM2 obsessives from talking.

In all likelihood, Kailyn is not actually pregnant and this is another case of fans running wild with a rumor that really has no substance.

We suppose it's the price one pays for reality TV fame.

Fortunately, Kail doesn't really seem to mind.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the hectic life of Ms. Lowry.

Jenelle Evans SLAMMED For Insensitive School Shooting Tweet!

Jenelle Evans is generally about as sensitive as a bag of hammers.

We've known this for years, but it seems she's still capable of shocking fans with the depth of her ignorance.

Jenelle Evans Gun Photo

As you've no doubt heard, a school shooting in Florida left 17 dead yesterday.

Which is why many fans are baffled by the timing of the Instagram post above.

To be fair, the photo was posted by Jenelle's husband, David Eason.

But since Jenelle is the one who's been famous for over a decade, many feel she should be the one to realize it's a bad time for a gun-glorifying tweet.

"My babes a bad ass babe! Happy Valentine's day! #targetpractice #valentinesday #safetyfirst," Eason captioned the pic.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

Needless to say, the image didn't go over well:

"Shooting guns ... just after a shooting in Florida," one fan tweeted in response. "Good timing."

"I love y'all but come on!!!!!!! 17 KIDS KILLED TODAY IN A SCHOOL SHOOTING AND THIS IS WHAT YOU POST???!!!" another commented.

"Pro gun/anti gun, this is insensitive at best," she added.

"This is so insensitive. I’m blown away by how clueless you are," remarked a third.

Mr. and Mrs. Eason

Eason has deleted all the comments on the photo, but not the photo itself.

In response to the controversy, Jenelle tweeted, "Bad timing."

Social media controversies are not uncommon for Jenelle, but it seems she doesn't realize that this case is more severe than most.

On Twitter, fans have begged her and David to remove the photo out of respect to the children who lost their lives and their families.

For reasons that defy explanation, the couple refuses to budge on this issue.

Some have slammed the couple for what appears to be a total lack of concern for grieving families.

Dave and Jenelle Eason

Others have argued that with Jenelle's criminal history she shouldn't even be allowed to possess a firearm.

And some have simply pleaded with the Easons to demonstrate some common sense:

"Remove the pictures from social media and keep them for you guys, privacy is a wonderful thing sometimes," tweeted one fan.

"The memories will still be there whether other people know about them or not.

Makes perfect sense - but if there's one thing the Easons have never been persuaded by, it's good sense.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more idiocy from Jenelle and David.

Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED For Inappropriate Photo of Daughter!

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy.

In fact, her life pretty much consists of one parenting scandal after another.

At this point, fans would probably be disappointed if they checked her Instagram page and didn't see evidence of a questionable decision involving Jenelle's children.

Ensley and David Eason

Fortunately, the Carolina Hurricane hasn't been letting her loyal haters down lately.

Earlier this week, Jenelle posted the above photo of her husband, David Eason, with the couples' daughter, Ensley Jolie.

As you can see, Ensley isn't wearing any clothing, and some fans took issue with that fact.

"So cute, be careful, though. Many creeps in the world," commented one follower.

"No thank you1 @Instagram, you see this?" wrote another.

Jenelle Evans Family Selfie

"It's a cute pic, but I don't think the Gram needs to see it," a third pointed out.

Now, you might be thinking Jenelle's fans are being a bit harsh, and perhaps you're right.

But it's important to bear in mind that Jenelle has 2.8 million Instagram followers, which means the rules are a bit different for her than they are for your aunt Sharon, who's sadly allowed to continue posting that throwback pic from the time you peed in her fireplace when you were two.

While most people have some social media followers they don't actually know in real life, in Jenelle's case, the vast majority of her followers are strangers.

That means that when she posts a pic like this it's seen by millions and millions of strangers within minutes.

Jenelle Evans and Little Ensley Jolie

It's sad that we have to think about this sort of thing, but it's 2018, and as one fan pointed out, there are indeed a lot of creeps out there.

In the past, Jenelle has been accused of child abuse and neglect.

Insiders say Evans did drugs while she was pregnant and made little effort to hide it from her loved ones.

Needless to say, the photo of Ensley will not rank amongst Jenelle's most scandalous moments.

It's just the latest in a long, long line of parenting fails.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Ms. Evans most questionable decisions.

Jenelle Evans Fights: The Greatest "Hits" Collection!

If there's one thing we know about Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame, it's that she never backs down from a confrontation.

Sometimes this means a war of words, other times actual violence against those who cross the Carolina Hurricane's path.

Below, we've taken a trip down memory lane and relived some of her most turbulent, and violent, moments over the years.

Boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, random people talking s--t ... her own mom ... no one is safe when it comes to Jenelle.

No one.

1. Jenelle Beats the Ever-Loving Crap Out of Britany Truett

Jenelle evans beating up girl
Savage. Evans was caught on video absolutely annihilating Britany Truett in Oak Branch, N.C., in 2011. She was later arrested after the video surfaced and charged with assault. Deservedly so, given the extent of this beat down. Truett says Jenelle came at her in a fit of jealousy after Evans' sometime boyfriend Kieffer Delp was flirting with Truett; Delp was arrested the same day as the fight for cocaine possession.

2. Jenelle's Classic Fight with Tori Rhyne

Jenelle evans see her classic fight with tori
Jenelle Evans has managed to keep one friend for the majority of her time on Teen Mom 2: a girl named Tori Rhyne. But that relationship soon soured, and things were not always great between them even in the best of times. Witness the INSANE, hair-pulling melee that occurred in this infamous scene during which Jenelle was moving out of the residence they shared ... Kieffah and Tori's BF also got in on the action.

3. Jenelle's Classic Fight with Barbara: I SEE YOU WIFF KIEFFAH!

Jenelle evans see her classic fight with barbara
Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, got into a shocking, iconic fight in the first season of Teen Mom 2. This is that fight. Any fan of the show has likely repeated Babs' quotes from this scene in the years since: I SEE YOU WIFF KIEFFAH! I hope you have fun livin' in the streets with ya booooooooyfriend!

4. Jenelle Wishes Death Upon an American Soldier

Jenelle evans engagement trip fight
Jenelle Evans got into a pretty heated argument during a trip with Nathan Griffith three years ago - a trip meant to celebrate their engagement, believe it or not - and appears to wish death on a U.S. soldier in the process of yelling at him. As the person filming this says, that is some f--ked up s--t right there.

5. Jenelle Evans-David Eason Wedding Fight

Jenelle evans david eason wedding fight
Long-rumored but never before heard, it's Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans & David Eason's explosive pre-wedding fight!!! Crank up the volume and hear them yell at each other like mortal enemies the night before they tied the knot; Jenelle called off the wedding, briefly, but they did go through with it. Dave sounds pretty livid with her at one point.

6. Jenelle vs. Kieffah

Jenelle evans and kieffer delp greatest hits see what we did the
The mercurial Jenelle Evans and her useless ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp in more memorable scenes together from Teen Mom 2, 2010-2013. She sure has been with a cast of unsavory characters over the years, but Kieffah may be the most memorable. Not in a good way, just the most memorable.
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