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Jenelle Evans & David Eason: The Haters Want Us to Get Divorced!

Divorce rumors seem to circulate non-stop for just about every married couple in the Teen Mom franchise.

(With the exception of Cole DeBoer and Chelsea Houska, of course. No one seems to doubt that those two are in it for the long haul.)

But there's only one marriage that fans actively want to fail:

Jenelle Eason and David Eason Pic

Yes, every time there's a new report that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are getting divorced, a certain segment of the Teen Mom 2 fandom jumps for joy.

It's not so much that they all want Jenelle to be miserable (although some certainly do).

It's more that the longer the Evans-Eason marriage continues, the more likely it is to end in disaster.

And since the couple has five kids between them, most viewers would like to see them call it quits before any irreparable harm is done.

But no matter how much you tweet or how many David- and Jenelle-shaped voodoo dolls you lock in separate cabinets, it seems Ensley's mom and dad are still going strong.

It's a sad fact that fans were reminded of during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump? Looks Like

The drama-packed reunion special saw Jenelle flipping out on just about every adult in her life except for David.

At one point, she absolutely lost it on Nathan Griffth's girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, for daring to hug her mother, the infamous Barbara Evans;

"Because you wanna hug my mother in front of everyone," Jenelle shrieked in an attempt to justify her tantrum.

"Me and my mom have turmoil right now." 

This, among other things, caused Babs to lose it:

"You f-cking b-tch! I have never seen you like this ever," she told Jenelle.

"Even on drugs, you didn't act like this."

David Eason and Jenelle

At that point, David stepped in, because of course, he did:

"You're right, Barb, you've never seen her like this because you've never seen her stand up for herself."

David probably thought that was a witheringly clever comment, and amazingly, Jenelle agreed with him.

It was then that she made the remark that forced those are eagerly hoping for a Jenelle-David breakup to abandon all hope:

"I love how everyone hates us so much, but we're so in love and happy with each other that it's just like we don't give a f--k," Jenelle stated.

"Nothing's wrong with us."

Obviously, Jenelle has said a lot of questionable things over the years - but that last sentence might be her most ridiculous to date.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just ridiculous Jenelle and David truly are.

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra: Divorce Isn’t So Bad!

Last week, rumors that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were headed for divorce made their way across the social media landscape with surprising speed.

Typically, when such reports surface but are not confirmed by either half of the couple in question, it's easy to dismiss them as unfounded gossip.

Tyler with Catelynn

But in this case, there was real reason to believe Catelynn and Tyler may have called it quits.

Fans began to talk after noticing that Catelynn had unfollowed Tyler on Instagram.

(There was also much chatter about the fact that she had changed her name to "Catelynn Lowell" on Instagram, but in fact, that had always been her display name.)

And while that may have been the most recent indication of trouble in paradise, it certainly wasn't the only one.

On top of the suspicious social media activity, the fact that Tyler and Catelynn spent Mother's Day weekend in separate states had fans on high alert.

All of this came on the heels of a very public rough patch that was documented on the latest Teen Mom OG season finale.

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra on Instagram

In the episode, Catelynn - who was fresh from a 6-week stint in Arizona rehab center - told Tyler that she feels she may need to return to the facility for further treatment.

Tyler encouraged his wife to seek out a facility closer to home for the sake of their daughter, prompting Lowell to reply, "She'll manage."

Later in the episode, Tyler confessed to his sister that he had begun to grapple with fears that Catelynn might not be the right partner for him.

Fans were stunned, and many pointed out that it was not the first time that season that Tyler and Catelynn had broached the subject of divorce. 

Needless to say, it's not hard to see why fans were so quick to buy into the latest round of breakup rumors.

But against tough odds, it seems the Baltierras are determined to make their relationship work:

The Baltierras

Tyler posted the above photo to Instagram earlier this week.

"Damn! I think divorce looks pretty good on us," he captioned the pic.

"But we are getting a divorce #nothingcanstopus," Catelynn added.

It's important to note, of course, that Tyler and Catelynn both seem to have posted those comments sarcastically.

Catelynn even added a series of cry-laughing emojis to drive the point home.

And fans who are rooting for the beloved couple have found further encouragement in recent comments from Catelynn's father, David Lowell:

Tyler and Catelynn Post-Therapy

"Tyler is in Texas visiting his dad Butch and Catelynn is in Florida with Nova visiting her older sister," David said of the couple's weekend apart.

"Everything is good as far as I know. I don't know about the Instagram name change. I didn't notice."

Catelynn also addressed the rumors with a candid social media post:

"[Tyler Baltierra] and I are not getting a divorce," she wrote.

"Couples go through ups and downs that’s normal life. We are a solid couple that will work through anything life throws at us!" 

So we guess it's safe to say Tyler and Catelynn won't be calling it quits anytime soon.

It's a refreshing change of pace, as TMOG couples don't have the greatest success rate.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on one the Baltierras' many ups and downs.

Kailyn Lowry: I Want More Kids … But No More Baby Daddies!

Kailyn Lowry is, without question, a devoted and caring mother who puts the needs of her three sons above her own.

But despite all her top-notch parenting, Lowry is often shamed by fans over the fact that each of her children has a different father.

Kailyn wants a fourth kid, and she's not shy about discussing the matter publicly - but she's facing a bit of a dilemma:

A fourth baby daddy would be a wholly unwelcome complication in her life.

Fortunately, Kail has worked out a solution that doesn't require a fling with one of her exes:

1. Kail and the Chaos

Kail and the chaos
Raising three kids as a single mom is obviously a hectic and exhausting experience, but Kail says she loves every minute of it.

2. Lux Life

Chris lopez and lux
Kail welcomed her third child, Lux, last year. Unfortunately, her relationship with Lux's father, Chris Lopez, fizzled before the boy was born.

3. Lopez Let-Down

Chris lopez with baby lux
At one point, Kail hoped for a relationship with Lopez, but those dreams were quickly dashed. These days, Lowry and her third baby daddy are barely in communication with one another.

4. Aggressive Expansion

Kailyn lowry and sons
But despite the seemingly endless baby daddy drama, Kail loves being a mom. And she says she wants nothing more than to add at least one more addition to her family.

5. No Cause For Concern

Chris lopez son
When Kail first opened up about her desire to welcome a fourth child, fans became worried that she was planning to reconcile with Lopez. Now, however, it seems she has a different plan in mind.

6. Yes and No

Kailyn lowry strolls
"More kids, yes. But more dads, no," Lowry told Radar Online in a recent interview.
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Catelynn Lowell-Tyler Baltierra Divorce: Is It Really Happening?!

Last week, Teen Mom OG fans were stunned by news that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were divorcing after three years of marriage and nearly 13 years as a couple.

More shocking than the rumor itself, however, was the fact that it seemed to be rooted in reality.

Catelynn changed her name from Baltierra back to Lowell on Instagram, and fans were able to confirm that the couple spent Mother's Day weekend in separate states.

All of this came on the heels of a difficult year for the Baltierras that saw Catelynn suffering a miscarriage and both parties battling mental illness.

Did it all get to be too much for one of the Teen Mom franchise's most beloved couples?

Here's what we know so far:


1. Happier Times

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
Just a few weeks ago, Catelynn and Tyler were happily posing for photos together and commenting on one another's social media posts. But some fans are convinced their relationship has deteriorated very rapidly...

2. Signs of Trouble

Catelynn lowell tyler baltierra on instagram
The most recent signs that Tyler and Catelynn might be in the midst of a rough patch came over the weekend. Fans picked up on two red flags that may indicate trouble in paradise.

3. A Subtle Message?

Catelynn baltierra
Catelynn recently changed her display name on Instagram to "Catelynn Lowell." At one point, she also unfollowed Tyler on the site.

4. Trying Times

Catelynn lowell and tyler
Reports of the dissolution of Catelynn and Tyler's marriage come at the end of a year that would have put even the strongest of relationships to the test.

5. A Tragic Setback

Catelynn lowell on teen mom
Catelynn suffered a miscarriage just as she and Tyler's excitement about welcoming a new child had reached a fever pitch. The loss took a tremendous emotional toll on both Baltierras.

6. Catelynn's Struggles

Catelynn lowell purple hair
In the months that followed, Catelynn checked into rehab twice to be treated for PTSD and other emotional issues. Tyler stood by her side, but Catelynn's extended absences had an obvious impact on their marriage.
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David Eason Taunts Kailyn Lowry: You Deserve to Get Your Ass Kicked!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now you've likely heard about the 48-hour disaster that was this weekend's reunion show taping.

The incident that's garnered the most press coverage was the fight between Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry, which was essentially the climax of a several-year feud.

In fact, the fallout from that clash of the Teen Mom titans was so widespread it was felt as far away as North Carolina.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason didn't attend this year's taping, but they certainly caught wind of Kail and Briana's fisticuffs.

And of course, David felt compelled to offer his two cents on social media.

Is there any situation this guy can't make worse?

1. David Drama

David eason on insta
David was not invited to attend this year's taping due to an incident that took place at last year's reunion.

2. Drunken Dave

David eason bartending
At a party for the cast and their families, Eason got drunk, pulled out a knife, and began stabbing a bunch of decorative balloons that had apparently made him angry.

3. This Effing Guy

Jenelle evans david eason kids easter
Shortly thereafter, Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after he launched an unprovoked social media tirade loaded with homophobic slurs.

4. Pointing the Finger

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
Believe it or not, David doesn't accept responsibility for the fact that he's no longer welcome at MTV-sponsored events. Instead, he blames Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer.

5. Lowry and Messer Forever

Kailyn lowry and leah messer
Kail and Leah are close friends, and during Messer's recent appearance on Lowry's podcast, they discussed David's behavior at last year's reunion.

6. Delusional Dave

Jenelle eason david eason
Apparently, David thinks it's because of complaints from the cast that he wasn't invited to this year's reunion. (Couldn't have anything to do with those homophobic slurs or the drunken knifeplay.) And now, Eason believes karmic justice has finally been served ...
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Briana DeJesus Throws Shade at Kailyn Lowry: Learn to Fight!

Over the weekend, the annual Teen Mom 2 reunion show was taped in New York.

And as with just about every previous year, the whole thing was completely bonkers.

The dramatic highlights came when Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry nearly came to blows on set - not once, but twice.

Sources say Kail wanted to throw down during a private meeting with Briana, but DeJesus squashed the beef ... only to come after Lowry the very next time the two of them came face to face.

Again, the co-stars were kept at a safe distance from each other, but not surprisingly, it looks as though any peace that was achieved on set was only temporary ...

1. Briana Drama

Briana d pic
Briana gave her account of the incident to The Hollywood Gossip, telling us that she and Lowry nearly threw down on two separate occasions over the weekend.

2. It's a Trap!

Briana dejesus on teen mom 2
“I got to the studio. I get a text and it’s Kail saying she wants to talk. So Production told me that she wants to squash the beef since we are on the same show," DeJesus stated.

3. Walking Into the Lion's Den

Briana confronts kail
“So I said ok. Kail didn’t want our ‘convo’ filmed so Production stood in the hallway," Briana continued.

4. All For Show?

Kail has no sh ts to give
Briana went on to say that despite the safeguards, Kailyn still acted as though she wanted to fight. “When Kail walks in she looked like she wanted to fight so I’m like omg here we go," DeJesus said. "So there’s 3 guards inside with us just in case so Kail starts yelling saying let me just hit her one time."

5. Ending On a Threat

Briana is psyched
"She knew she wouldn’t be able to touch me because all the guards were holding her back, so whatever. That ended and I was like wait til I see you again," Briana said.

6. The Follow-Up

Briana dejesus on twitter
And of course, it wasn't long before Briana and Kail met again. And this time, Briana went on the offensive ...
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Kailyn Lowry: Will She Leave Teen Mom 2?

Note to Teen Mom 2 producers:

You may need to start casting for brand new teen moms.

Over the past few days, multiple leading ladies on this MTV program have threatened to leave the series.

Briana DeJesus, for example, says she may quit the show because she was set up by the network when it came to the latest reunion episode and her alleged fight with Kailyn Lowry.

And Chelsea Houska says she may also be outta here due to violence between the cast members.

Now it's time for Kailyn Lowry to weigh in on her future.

Might she follow her co-stars out the door? What would MTV need to change about Teen Mom 2 in order to assure she stays?

Lowry spoke to Radar Online about both of these topics...

1. The Fight

Kailyn lowry looks sad
Sorry... the ALLEGED fight. All of these new complaints and threats come on the heels of a report that Kailyn brawled with Briana DeJesus on the stage of the latest reunion.

2. Did She, Though?

Kailyn lowry on a couch
No, Kailyn herself says. Lowry actually sort of defended DeJesus in confirming via social media that it was Briana's sister, Brittany, who pulled her hair and that Briana did nothing violent to her during the taping.

3. Put Up Your Dukes, Dammit!

Kailyn and briana
Kailyn tried to get Briana to fight however, actually admitting that she "confronted [DeJesus] alone [during the reunion taping] and she would not get up. I just wanted to hash it out. But she did not want to. We went into a private room without cameras and I told her to get up. She wouldn't."

4. But This Isn't Briana's Story

Briana drama
In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip (yup, that's us!), DeJesus told her side: "I got to the studio. I get a text and it’s Kail saying she wants to talk. So Production told me that she wants to squash the beef since we are on the same show. So I said ok. Kail didn’t want our ‘convo’ filmed so Production stood in the hallway."

5. And Then?

Briana dejesus on twitter
"When Kail walks in she looked like she wanted to fight so I’m like omg here we go. So there’s 3 guards inside with us just in case so Kail starts yelling saying let me just hit her one time. She knew she wouldn’t be able to touch me because all the guards were holding her back, so whatever. That ended and I was like wait til I see you again."

6. Okay. And THEN?!?!?!?

Briana dejesus selfie
Producers asked Briana if she wanted to tape a segment. She said yes. But then: "The only person I saw was Kail sitting down so I just ran up. Guards got to me. I slipped and fell trying to get over the table to get to Kail and then my sister got into it."
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Briana DeJesus on Kailyn Lowry Fight: MTV Set Me Up and I QUIT!

As you may have heard, there was a little incident that took place in the Teen Mom universe this weekend.

A pretty huge incident, actually.

We're talking, of course, about how Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus decided to pull a Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood at the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Saturday.

And by "pulling a Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood," we mean their feud got physical.

So far, we've heard reports from sources about what went down, and Kailyn's offered a few words of explanation.

But now Briana is telling us exclusively the full, detailed story about what happened.

And it is INTENSE.

1. A Feud for the Ages

Briana dejesus on mtv
Right, so Briana and Kailyn haven't gotten along for several months now. They've never really been friends -- remember, Briana just recently joined the Teen Mom 2 cast -- but things got way, way worse when Briana and Javi started getting involved romantically.

2. Dang It, Disney

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
As we saw on the season premiere, their issues began when Kailyn learned that what she thought was a boys' trip to Disney World with Javi and her sons was actually a vacation with Briana and her family.

3. Girl Code

Javi kailyn and kids
Kailyn thought it was shady of Javi not to tell her that Briana would be there (and it definitely was), but for some reason she seemed to take more of an issue with Briana. She thought she should have told her herself about the trip and about her relationship with Javi, since they're co-workers.

4. Not So Much

Briana d pic
Briana disagreed, explaining that there was never a "girl code" between them because they're not friends, and besides, it wasn't her place to tell her about the Disney trip, it was Javi's.

5. Getting Nasty

Kailyns not having it
All that happened in August, and the last Teen Mom 2 reunion happened in October, and as we've been seeing on the show, tensions were high. Kailyn and Briana ended up arguing over Javi -- Briana told her that she was just upset because he's moved on, but Kailyn denied it.

6. Super, Super Messy

Kail has no sh ts to give
We still haven't seen all of that fight, but we do know that Javi finally gets involved. We did see Kailyn arguing with Briana's sister and mother, and then we saw her sit down with Chelsea and Leah and apparently ask for Briana and Jenelle to be kicked off the show, so we know that they didn't exactly make up.
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Chelsea Houska: QUITTING Teen Mom 2 Due to Escalating Violence?

You might not expect a show called Teen Mom 2 to feature much in the way of gunplay and fistfights, but at this point, fans aren't even surprised by news of yet another violent incident involving the show's notorious cast.

Over the weekend, the annual TM2 reunion show taping once again erupted in violence with a pair of incidents involving the embattled Kailyn Lowry.

Lowry had her hair pulled by Brittany DeJesus, and she later challenged Briana DeJesus to a fight.

This was all too much for the pregnant Chelsea Houska, who's been vocal in her criticism of the show in recent weeks.

Now, it looks as though the incidents may have been the final straw for Chelsea who appears to be fed up with life as a reality star ...

1. Done With the Drama?

Chelsea houska season 8b
Chelsea leads a much more drama-free life than her co-stars, and it seems she has every intention of keeping it that way.

2. Taking a Stand

Chelsea and kailyn love
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Chelsea recently made it quite clear to TM2 producers that she won't tolerate any undue stress or put herself in harm's way just for the sake of creating compelling television.

3. The Incident

Kailyns not having it
Chelsea was on set when Kailyn threw down with Brittany DeJesus and challenged her sister, Briana DeJesus to a fight. (Briana apparently had no interest in fisticuffs.) And it seems Houska was very upset by what she saw.

4. Storming Off

Houska chelsea
According to on-set sources, Chelsea angrily left the taping ahead of schedule after Saturday's fight.

5. Unhappy Houska

Chelsea houska and kailyn lowry pic
Witnesses say Chelsea was “very upset” following the fight, and she and her entourage reportedly made a beeline back to their hotel.

6. Making Her Voice Heard

Chelsea houska in sunglasses
The next day, Chelsea doubled-down and refused to return to set as scheduled.
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Kailyn Lowry: My Boobs Are TOO HUGE!

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is stacked, folks.

We only bring this up because she is bringing it up, saying that her boobs are so large and unwieldy that they're interfering with her daily life.

It's gotten to the point that she's considering once again considering getting a breast reduction.

Kailyn Lowry on Her Podcast

Speaking on her podcast, Coffee Convos, Kail reveals that her breasts are a challenge and they impede her workouts.

"I’m having a really hard time with sports bras."

Specifically, with wearing them. Because they don't seem to be equipped to contain her boobs.

(Which is, after all, the job of sports bras)

"And I don’t know if it’s just me or that my tits are so massive that I just need a reduction."

Earlier this year, she decided against a boob job, and decided to spend that money on a nutritionist and start working out.

But her efforts to shed pounds are being actively impeded by her boobs.

Kailyn Lowry in Her Calvins

Kailyn explains the very practical difficulties of having a bust like hers while trying to exercise:

"I’ll run or do box jumps and my whole boob will come out of a sports bra."

That's a pain (literally) indoors, but if she's running outside and someone sees her, that would be so much worse.

"So I’ll look down and my nip is out."

Looking down and finding that you're exposed is a recurring element in many people's nightmares.

Her cohost offers a couple of solutions that are less drastic than going under the knife.

Kailyn Lowry Topless

Lindsie Chrisley suggest that she might try wearing two sports bras in order to contain her bazongas. or that she could use duct tape to keep things in check.

But it sounds like Kail is giving up on the idea of non-surgical remedies.

"Maybe that’s not necessary and I just got a little bit of a reduction."

You know that she's struggling when plastic surgery, a major move -- even if you've had it before -- seems like the more viable option.

"Because I know with weight loss they will get smaller, but I think they are so big at this point!"

In other words, she wants to work out to lose weight, including from her boobs.

But her boobs are actively interfering with her efforts to shed the weight through exercise.

It's a sick joke, but a lot of people find their attempts to lose weight impeded by the weight itself.

Kailyn Lowry Swimsuit Photo

Earlier this year, after Kailyn revealed that she had backed out of her trip to see Dr. Miami, she was assailed by tweets.

The body-shaming reduced her to tears. It was heartbreaking.

Some so-called "fans" were shaming her for having considered cosmetic surgery in the first place.

Some considered it lazy, while others were excoriating her for wanting to change her body.

(It's her flesh prison and she can change it however she likes)

Others were shaming her for backing out, essentially ridiculing for keeping her current figure.

People can be disgusting.

Kailyn Lowry Nude!

Kailyn Lowry is beautiful just the way that she is.

If she wants to lose weight through diet and exercise, more power to her.

If she wants to shed weight through cosmetic surgery, she is free to do that. It's her money and her body and her life, and it's none of anyone else's business.

For the record, they make specialized sports bras for women who are encountering Kail's exact problem. We don't know if she's tried those.

But ultimately, she doesn't have to explore any other options if she already has one in mind. 

She can do what she wants.

And, for those who are worried, we're sure that she'll be just as hot when she's done as she is now.

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus Come to ACTUAL Blows at Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Earlier this month, we wrote about how Kailyn Lowry went on the attack against Briana DeJesus on an episode of Teen Mom 2.

But we were being a bit hyperbolic at the time.

Javi Marroquin's ex-wife didn't literally attack Javi Marroquin's ex-girlfriend.

Now, however, we need not make such a qualification.

According to multiple reports, Kailyn and Briana came to actual, physical blows during Saturday's taping of this season's Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Who started it? Who ended it? What are witnesses saying about it?

Scroll down for all the ugly and intriguing details!

1. Some Quick Background:

Kailyn lowry strolls
Lowry and Marroquin got divorced in 2016. They share a son named Lincoln together. And, after a whole bunch of tension between the stars for many months, the exes actually now on solid terms.

2. Enter DeJesus...

Briana dejesus on twitter
Briana started dating Javi toward the end of last year. She and Marroquin weren't very candid with Kailyn about their romance and some understandable awkwardness ensured between the trio.

3. But Now?

Briana and javi make it official
Briana and Javi are broken up. Their relationship only last a few months and seemed to have ended on decent enough terms. The two are not bad-mouthing each other in public.

4. Here's the Thing, Though:

Happy javi
This season of Teen Mom 2 was filmed a long time ago. Therefore, current episodes depict Briana and Javi as an ongoing couple and also give us a look at Lowry's reaction to their hook-up.

5. And What Has Briana's Reaction Been to Seeing This?

Briana d pic
It has not been positive, that's for sure. The MTV personality recently blasted Lowry for being obsessed with her. Things are pretty ugly between the pair.

6. How Ugly?

Kailyn and briana
We just found out apparently! Keep reading to find out!
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Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED for Plugging Weight Loss Lollipops!

Right on the heels of Kim Kardashian's ridiculous lollipop promotion, past, present, and perhaps future Teen Mom stars are coming out of the woodwork to promote "appetite-suppressing" lollipops.

No one's favorite reality stars, Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, are getting slammed for plugging these weight-loss lollipops.

Even Farrah's replacement is endorsing them. And fans are roasting them all for it.

Farrah Abraham, Weight Loss Lollipop

Continuing the tradition of millionaires who've had plastic surgery promoting weight loss products to their fans, Farrah Abraham posted a (genuinely good) pic of herself.

And her caption was ... not the subtlest product endorsement that we've ever seen.

"#ad They’re like lollipops, but better. @flattummyco has figured out how to suppress my appetite with freaking LOLLIPOPS and it’s seriously the best thing ever."


"I’ve been taking them with me everywhere, and keeping extras in my purse and car too."

Don't keep lollipops in your car, folks. They melt in hot weather and it's a disaster. We assume that these lollipops work the same way.

"I tend to grab one between lunch and dinner when I need a little something to hold me over, and it totally does the trick."

... Sure.

"Keeps me from reaching for those not-so-healthy snacks. You guys seriously need to check these out! #flattummypops"

While the world over hopes that no one, least of all teenage girls, looks to Farrah for advice on anything, if her Instagram audience didn't seem like a viable market for these, she would be paid to advertise them.

Farrah Abraham Tries to Be Sexy

Followers were outraged to see Farrah endorsing what they believe to be harmful or even dangerous product.

"This is disgusting. You have so many young women following you, that by you supporting these, you are feeding into the idea that starving yourself is fine."

There are types of weight loss that are fine or even healthy, but starving yourself can do serious harm or even claim your life.

"Please god tell me you don't let your daughter use these! Why advertise sweets/candy that promotes weight loss! Disgusting."

She almost certainly doesn't let Sophia use them. She also almost certainly doesn't use them herself. She's (reasonably) rich. She uses an expensive diet, exercise, and plastic surgery.

"That's a good thing to show your daughter.. 'eat these lollipops and you won't be fat.'"

One could almost believe that this person was praising her, but fortunately they were not endorsing this mindset.

"Disgusting example of a mother and a woman. A proper diet and exercise is what you should be [promoting]... not something to make you feel full."

Hey, since Farrah was fired, we guess that she's not going to turn down an advertising opportunity.

Jenelle Evans, Weight Loss Lollipop

While Jenelle Evans is still technically a Teen Mom star, we guess, her husband was fired for being the worst. And she's playing the ad game, too.

"#ad I never thought I’d see the day that @flattummyco came out with LOLLIPOPS as a way to help keep my stomach looking flat, but they did!"

Thankfully, they have the "#ad" tag in case someone thought that she just woke up with a strong desire to push lollipops.

"Since I have a massive sweet-tooth and I’m pretty much always chasing one of my kids around, this is pretty much the best it can get for me (yummy and convenient)!"

Maybe one day, her brood will run fast enough to escape to a better life. That was supposed to be burn but ... we just made ourselves sad.

"I get to have lollipops, keep my appetite in-check, and continue to work towards my goals for a fit + toned tummy."


"Yep, my cravings can #suckit. You guys should try these out with me - berry is definitely my favorite! #flattummypops"


Jenelle Evans in a Bikini and Shades

Some of the criticisms aimed towards Jenelle were very, very specific.

"None of this is true. Meth keeps her stomach flat."

That's ... not Jenelle's weight loss secret. But a number of those familiar with Jenelle got a laugh out of it.

Another asked if there exists a lollipop that might assist Jenelle to prevent her from "having kids with every man your with."

Ooooh, burn.

"When you copy and paste farrah’s and mackenzie’s post and make it into one."

Yes, even Farrah's expected replacement McKenzie McKee is playing this game.

Mackenzie McKee, Weight Loss Lollipop

Mackenzie McKee, who is known for her dedication to fitness, is also promoting the lollipop.

"#ad I never thought I’d see the day that @flattummyco came out with these tasty lollipops as a way to help keep my stomach looking flat."

Oh, so they weren't kidding. Jenelle's starts the exact same way.

"And since I have a massive sweet-tooth, this is pretty much the best it can get for me (sorry kids, these lollipops are mine!)."

At least she's taking a firm stand against children using them.

"I get to have lollipops, keep my appetite in-check, and continue to work towards my goals for a fit + toned tummy."

They even both used the plus sign. Who helped Jenelle write her caption? Melania Trump?

"Yep, my cravings can #suckit. You guys should try these out with me - berry is definitely my favorite! #flattummypops"

Look, everybody needs to make money. But a lot of fans are crushed to see these women advertise these particular products.

Javi Marroquin: I Don’t Talk to Briana! (But, Kailyn, Though?)

Javi Marroquin has three important status updates to share with his fans.

The Teen Mom 2 star is in the news often these days now that his MTV series is back on the air, so he was a popular interview subject on the red carpet of the OK! Summer Kickoff Party.

In a revealing Q&A with the sponsor tabloid, Marroquin opens up about the three women in his life:

  1. Ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus.
  2. Ex-wife Kailyn Lowry.
  3. Current lover Lauren Comeau.

Where do things stand with each women?

We'll let Javi explain...

1. A Trip Back in Time

Happy javi
The new season of Teen Mom 2 was filmed months ago, meaning Javi is only just starting dating Briana on camera, a relationship that came as quite a shock to Kailyn on the opening episodes.

2. Exploiting the Chaos

Teen mom 2 clip kailyn vs javi vs briana
And MTV has wasted no time in playing up this awkward situation, having already released backstage footage of Briana, Javi and Kailin going at it outside the latter's dressing room. Watch the above video to see what we mean.

3. But in Reality?

Javi marroquin watches football
Or in current times, we should say? Javi took us by surprise by providing us with an update on where he stands with both his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend.

4. A Lot on Javi's Plate

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
"It's so hard right now because we're kind of reliving it all [on the new season], and obviously me and Briana are no longer together," Javi explained to OK!. "Kail sees our side with what me and Briana we're talking about, so it hurts her. I gotta deal with her, and deal with the world, and the audience seeing it."

5. Out with the Old?

Briana and her baby
Where do things stand with Briana? They look perfectly content these days on TV, but... "We don’t talk,” Javi said at this event. “It is what it is. No hard feelings."

6. Is Briana Equally Chill About This?

Briana d pic
Last we heard, she was on Tinder, happily moving on from Javi and not bitter about their split.
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Jenelle Evans: Will Someone Please Pay David Eason For SOMETHING?!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you're probably well aware that David Eason is unemployed.

For a while there, he was making a nice six figures in exchange for allowing an MTV camera crew to document his life of inactivity, but Eason was fired because no amount of money could convince him to keep his homophobic views to himself.

So now David has been forced to rejoin the working world.

Fortunately, he has his residual reality TV fame to help him drum up publicity for his latest business venture.

Unfortunately, he seems utterly clueless about the fact that his marriage to a woman who's been arrested more times than Pablo Escobar hasn't really done any wonders for his reputation.

As much as we can't stand David, we're sort of hoping MTV gives him a spinoff about his little scuba diving company because this promises to be wildly entertaining ...

1. Scuba Dave

Scuba dave
David Eason has purchased a business in which he'll provide "diving and underwater services" to locals in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area. But will anyone be willing to hire him?

2. Buying In

David eason on insta
Based on the company's page Facebook page, it seems David and Jenelle purchased Elite Marine Diving & Underwater Services for an undisclosed sum and are hoping to hold on to existing clients, as well as attract some new ones.

3. Smart Move

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
Wisely, the day-to-day operations of the business are being left up to David. From what we've seen, Jenelle doesn't have the temperament for customer service.

4. An Interesting Strategy

Jenelle evans david eason kids easter
The best thing that David could do would be to downplay his marriage to Jenelle and his involvement with Teen Mom 2. But of course, he's not doing that...

5. Facepalm Moment

Facepalm moment
Yes, Dave is making sure his potential customers know he's the same David Eason whose wife has been arrested dozens of times for charges ranging from heroin possession to assault.

6. Guilty By Association

Jenelle pointing fingers
Jenelle is currently in another legal mess thanks to an incident in which she allegedly brandished a weapon and threatened a strangers life after being cut off in traffic. Not the sort of thing that's great for business ...
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Jenelle Evans: Screw You, MTV! I’m On Strike!

Somehow, despite basically daring them to give her the ax on a daily basis, Jenelle Evans has not been fired by MTV.

But that doesn't mean the Carolina Hurricane is getting along with her bosses.

Jenelle Evans Attends 2017 VMAs

In fact, production insiders say Jenelle is refusing to film yet again, this time opting out of the annual Teen Mom 2 reunion show, which has historically served as the season's dramatic highlight.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle is not planning to attend the reunion taping, which is scheduled to take place in New York City this weekend.

The problem, it seems, is that Evans hit MTV with a list of demands, and since this is a work event and not a hostage situation, the network didn't even consider giving in.  

“MTV has refused to give in to any her demands in regard to the reunion,” a production insider tells The Ashley.

“Jenelle wanted them to pay for David [Eason]‘s entire trip– travel and expenses– even though he’s not allowed on the set," the source adds.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump Revealed

"When [the producers] refused to agree to pay for David, Jenelle said she’s not coming. This has been going on for a long time, them battling back and forth, and MTV refused to budge."

The source adds that just everyone involved with the show is hoping that network execs will hold firm in their refusal to kowtow to Jenelle:

“Hopefully they hold their ground for once,” says the insider.

As for how Evans' absence will be addressed on the show, producers are reportedly unconcerned:

“Right now, the plan is to not really even explain Jenelle’s absence, and just have Dr. Drew state that Jenelle was ‘unable to be with us’ or something, so that they don’t have to lie and go into too much detail," says one source.

“Everything is being set up on the set as if she’s not coming, because it’s super unlikely that she’s changing her mind at this point,” 

Jenelle on Set

In all likelihood, the cast and crew of Teen Mom 2 are probably thrilled that Jenelle won't be in attendance.

After all, it was at last year's reunion show that David Eason drunkenly stabbed a bunch of balloons, thus terrifying all those in attendance, including the young children of several cast members.

And it seems that if Jenelle thinks her absence from the reunion show will have producers scrambling to meet her demands, she's got another thing coming.

"Even with Jenelle absent, there is still a ton of tension between the other girls and Briana, and between other cast members so for this reunion, every girl is going to have their own dressing area/green room area,” one source tells The Ashley.

“Everyone is worried that fights could break out again, and things could even turn physical.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle's long history of truly batsh-t behavior.

Chelsea Houska Blasts Teen Mom 2: It’s Not About Being a Mom Anymore!

Judging by the show's soaring ratings, it's safe to say Teen Mom 2 has more fans than ever before.

But over the past couple seasons, the show has undergone an abrupt shift in tone that's sent some once-loyal viewers running for the hills.

And believe it or not, it seems Chelsea Houska counts herself among those who wish the series would return to its roots.

Chelsea Houska: Season 8B

Chelsea has seen her role on TM2 get slowly whittled down over the past year, as her personal life has become more stable in inverse proportion to those of her castmates.

Jenelle Evans is brandishing weapons and threatening people's lives.

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are feuding non-stop.

Leah Messer is hooking up with Jeremy Calvert and openly discussing the possibility of giving their marriage another shot.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is happily married and enjoying the quiet contentment of a stable domestic life.

And some fans think she's being punished for it.

Chelsea and Cole De Boer

Yes, even the fact that Chelsea is pregnant with her third child isn't enough to score her some screen time, and viewers are starting to take notice.

"If I don’t see more of @ChelseaHouska next episode..... I’m going on strike," one fan tweeted after last night's episode.

"I'm almost positive that I’m barely in the next one too lol didn’t you know teen mom 2 isn’t actually even about being a mom anymore?!" Chelsea replied.

Fans loved her candor, and a few jumped in to throw shade at the show's new direction.

"I was just thinking that," one follower replied.

"What is happening to the show, it’s all about drama now. I miss it being about the moms story and kids."

Chelsea Houska Bump

"Same!!" an enthusiastic Chelsea replied.

Obviously, Chelsea's never been one to seek out drama, but she's also not one to shy away from conflict.

At the end of the day, we're sure she understands that the focus on social media drama and high-profile feuds is a natural consequence of the show's success and the subsequent increase in the main moms' fame.

And we're sure she's not all that heartbroken about not appearing on camera quite as much, especially as it doesn't look like there will be any difference in her paychecks.

But it's also important to bear in mind that this show also represents Mrs. Houska-DeBoer's life's work, and she clearly takes pride in the version of herself that she presents to the world.

So listen to the people MTV - less drama, more DeBoers!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of why Chelsea is so beloved by fans.