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Cheyenne Floyd Shocks Fans With Heartbreaking News About Daughter

In many respects, the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise have it much, much easier than most young single moms.

After all, they enjoy six-figure salaries from relatively cushy jobs that generally don't require them to spend much time away from their children.

But the ladies of Teen Mom seem to be cursed with a virulent streak of bad luck as well -- and sadly, the newest cast member is no exception.

It's only been three weeks wince Cheyenne Floyd joined the cast of Teen Mom OG, but already, her sad story has earned her the sympathy and support of a legion of new fans.

Here's the latest on Floyd's frightening situation:

1. A New Face

Cheyenne floyd with daughter
After gaining a modicum of fame on MTV shows such as Are You the One?, Cheyenne made her official Teen Mom OG debut at the start of the show's eighth season.

2. Mixed Feelings

Cheyenne floyd chillin
At first, fans were conflicted about the addition of Cheyenne to the long-running MTV series.

3. Big Shoes to Fill

Farrah abraham rolls her eyes deep in thought
Many were happy to see the fired Farrah Abraham replaced by just about anyone.

4. The Critics

What about cheyenne floyd
Others pointed out that Cheyenne was not one of the original girls (or "OGs") of the Teen Mom franchise, and wished that producers would leave well enough alone.

5. The Moms of Teen Mom

Teen moms in nyc
The other moms seem to have embraced Cheyenne with open arms, which is important, as the mother of one will need all the support she can get in the difficult times ahead.

6. A Sad Revelation

Cheyenne floyd at home
On a recent special introducing fans to the new moms (Bristol Palin also joined the cast this season), Cheyenne revealed some shocking news about her 1-year-old daughter Ryder.
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Teen Mom OG Recap: The Breakdown of Bristol Palin

Teen Mom OG has gone all in on Bristol Palin this season.

For better or worse.

Despite a pretty severe drop in the ratings for the first few episodes, the show has dedicated a bulk of its time to Bristol's failing marriage.

She and Dakota Meyer continue to clash over the latter's PTSD and the effect it has on the couple's relationship.

Things have turned very ugly between the now-former spouses.

What prompted Palin to break down into a puddle of tears on the latest Teen Mom OG installment?

Scroll down for a recap of storylines and events...

1. Tiime Apart

Now what bristol
We opened this week with Palin taking off for Los Angeles in order to support son Tripp's appearance on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. This enabled her and Dakota to get a break after last week's very difficult talks and admissions.

2. Now What, Though?

Dakota meyer smiles
Meyer was anxious to get the divorce process over with, however, so he called up his estranged spouse. And Palin immediately became combative, replying: “I know my lawyer sent you something the other day about, you know, please don’t touch my stuff. As soon as I find a new house, I’m be gone like the wind."

3. I'd Like Some Props!

Dakota meyer explains
Bristol continued on this call, giving herself a lot of credit for some reason by adding: "There’s no need for us to fight. There’s no need for us to have bad blood between us. It’s all gonna be good. I’ll be there. I’m a great mom. I’ll continue to be a great mom.�

4. Frustration Grows

Theres sarah
"Do you see what I have to deal with on the back side of it? It's around and around, it's way off topic," Dakota told producers after the call. "Why do the attorneys have to come into it? I have no doubt that her mom is sitting right next to her, stoking that fire. It's unfortunate that a communication about the children has to be this exhausting."

5. Don't Ya Know?!?

Yup its sarah palin
Sarah Palin was in Los Angeles with her daughter, offering advice like only she can. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn," Sarah told her child. According to the former Vice Presidential candidate, the lesson here had something to do with "possessions and materialism" and how they don't "amount to a hill of beans."

6. Life is Suddenly Amazing!

Dakota meyer on teen mom
Back in Austin, Texas, Dakota said the two weeks without Brisol around made him the "happiest that I've ever been since 2015." He added it felt "like what someone would feel like after they get out of a life sentence prison: incredible." LOL/OUCH!
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Catelynn Lowell: My Kid Needs Me Too Much!

OK, so Catelynn Lowell spent a good long while in rehab a while back.

We all remember how this went down, but just in case your memory is a little fuzzy, let's do a quick little recap.

Catelynn Lowell with Nova

Last fall, she and Tyler Baltierra decided it was time to have another child, and she got pregnant pretty fast after they made that decision.

Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage.

And it was very, very hard on her.

She began contemplating suicide, but before acting on anything, she told her family, and they helped her check into a treatment center in Arizona.

Cate Lowell Photo

She spent about six weeks there, missing Thanksgiving and Christmas, then came home.

But as we saw last season on Teen Mom OG, she really wasn't feeling much better.

In one scene, Catelynn explained to Tyler that she was still very depressed and anxious, and that she felt like she needed to go back to Arizona.

The choice caused a bit of strain on their marriage, from what was shown on Teen Mom.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell at the VMAs

He tried to convince her to do some therapy and stay at home instead, but she refused to do that.

Instead, she dropped their daughter, Nova, off at daycare without telling her that she'd be gone again, then left.

After six more weeks, she came home, and that's a bit of what we'll see in the next episode.

In the beginning of this new sneak peek, Catelynn explains in a voiceover that she's only been home for a few days at this point.

"It's been an adjustment," she admits, "but I really appreciate Tyler taking care of everything while I was gone."

Then we see Catelynn and Tyler playing with Nova, and he asks Cate if anything's different now that she's home.

"She won't leave me alone," Catelynn says, referring to Nova.

It's not the greatest thing to say, especially considering that so many fans thought she seemed too detached with her kid in earlier episodes.

A Smile for Catelynn

Tyler doesn't seem to love the comment either.

"Mom comes back and it's like 'Dad who? That guy who has all the stupid rules?'" he says.

"'Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom," Catelynn mocks.

Yeah, it's really not sounding so good.

Catelynn Lowell Instagram Selfie

Later, Catelynn visits with a friend named Hayley who kicks off their chat by asking her how she's been. 

She reveals that she has been a bit anxious, but that she feels it's normal in life to feel a little anxiety from time to time.

Hayley tells her that she seems happier than ever, and she agrees, which is nice.

She also tells Catelynn that she's probably more in love with Tyler than ever, after how much he's supported her.

Tyler and Catelynn Post-Therapy

"Oh my god, yeah," she agrees. "As a husband and wife, man, you say it in your vows, through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer."

"It's like, you gotta stand by each other, and he totally did."

Hayley pumps Tyler up even more -- he's not even there, by the way.

"Yeah, he's awesome," Cate replies.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Snuggles

Except she doesn't sound super convinced.

We know that Catelynn and Tyler went through some things after she came back from rehab.

He's said that he was "repulsed" by her behavior while she was in treatment, and that couldn't have been easy for her to hear.

We imagine that as the season goes on, we'll see more of their issues, but so far ...

Catelynn Lowell at MTV VMAs

It's honestly looking kind of bad.

And, judging by the comments left when MTV shared this sneak peek on Facebook, most Teen Mom fans are just completely over Catelynn in general.

"She is a horrible human," one person wrote. "To complain how your daughter is showering you with attention because you left her for months on end, how pathetic."

And that was the top comment, so ...

Cate Lowell Picture

Another commenter asked "How many times does Tyler have to stand by you before you act on his feelings instead of it being all about you?"

One person said that they were "glaring at how Nova noticed her mom mocking her desperate need for attention and validation."

Things got especially savage when someone else said that "I think she's just a failure of a mother and uses her illnesses as a way to escape to rehab."

The comments go on and on and on like that, about what an awful mother she is and how Tyler needs to leave her.

Lots of people also seem concerned that she's expecting another child now, since they think she's so cold with Nova already.

Honestly, it's a real bad time to be Catelynn Lowell right now.

Ryan Edwards: Leaving Rehab Early to Finally Meet His Son?

Last week, we reported on the news that Ryan Edwards had checked into rehab after struggling with an opioid addiction for several years.

Shortly thereafter, the world learned that Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had given birth to a son.

Jagger Edwards is the couples' first child together, but sadly, Ryan missed the birth due to his continued treatment.

As painful as the thought of missing his son's first weeks on the planet must have been, it was widely assumed that Edwards would remain in treatment in order to ensure that he receives the kind of help he needs.

Sadly, it doesn't look like that will be the case ...

1. Taking the Right Steps

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
While Edwards was aware that he would miss Jagger's birth by checking into treatment, it seems he was also aware that his situation required immediate action.

2. Joyous News

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant on instagram
Fortunately, Mackenzie delivered the baby with no complications. She was accompanied in the delivery room by her mother.

3. Jen and Larry In the House

Jen and larry photo
Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, were also in the hospital the day the baby was born.

4. Ryan's Hope

Mackenzie and ryan edwards picture
Insiders say the impending arrival of his son helped motivate Ryan to seek help.

5. Plenty of Reasons

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Of course, the fact that Edwards has been arrested three times in the past 18 months and is very keen on avoiding jail time probably also factored into his decision.

6. Easier Said Than Done

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan initially planned to remain in treatment for a minimum of three months, but now it seems his plans have changed ...
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Teen Mom OG Ratings Fall: Is the Show Getting Cancelled?!

So look, your friends here at The Hollywood Gossip love Teen Mom.

Love. It.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way these days.

Sure, lots and lots of people keep up with the cast and all the drama.

But not a lot of those people actually sit down and watch the show every week anymore.

And as hard as it is to say, that fact may be causing a big, big problem ...

1. Hey, Girls!

Teen mom og season 8 cast
Here's the current cast of Teen Mom OG: Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Bristol Palin, and Cheyenne Floyd.

2. Big Changes

Farrah abraham is rendered speechless
This is quite the shake-up from last season, but we'll get into that in a moment.

3. Oh Wow

Maci on teen mom og
This current season premiered on October 1st, and it pulled in 957,000, which is ... well, it's not great.

4. Ouch

Amber on the couch
851,000 people tuned in for the second episode, and we probably don't have to tell you that a drop of over 100,000 viewers is even less great.

5. Sorry, Ladies

Catelynn on season 8
The numbers are even worse when you look back at older season premieres.

6. Not Great at All

Tyler baltierra teen mom og
Like, this is honestly really, really bad.
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Catelynn Lowell: SLAMMED By Fans For "Selfish" and "Unsafe" Behavior

Catelynn Lowell has endured a number of hardships and setbacks in recent years, and the honesty with which she's addressed these struggles has made her a favorite amongst Teen Mom OG viewers.

But the show documents every part of its stars' lives, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before fans began to see aspects of Catelynn's character that they didn't find quite so endearing.

Many feel that the current season of Teen Mom OG has portrayed Catelynn in an unflattering light.

Some have even accused of her endangering her unborn baby.

Here's what viewers have to say about the new and not-so-improved Catelynn Lowell:


1. Better Days

Catelynn on season 8
For years, Lowell was regarded as one of the most down-to-earth and relatable stars of the Teen Mom franchise.

2. Hard Times

Tyler and catelynn baltierra
Fans rooted for her as she endured mental health issues, a tragic miscarriage, and other hardships that put her marriage and her psyche to the test.

3. The Baltierra Bond

Tyler baltierra and catelynn lowell at the vmas
Catelynn and Tyler have endured difficulties that would have driven any young couple to the brink of divorce, but they've stuck by one another throughout. Or have they?

4. An Uneven Partnership

Tyler baltierra and catelynn
Part of the reason Catelynn is receiving so much blowback this season is that viewers believe she's failing to properly support Tyler the way he's supported her in the past.

5. The Low Point

Catelynn baltierra
In the past, Tyler happily assumed the majority of the parental responsibilities while Catelynn checked in for extended stays at in-patient treatment facilities on two separate occasions.

6. Failing Her Family?

Tyler and catelynn post therapy
Now, some fans feel that Catelynn is not only neglecting her husband's needs as he attends to his own mental health issues, she's also failing to keep up with her own treatment.
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Bristol Palin vs. Dakota Meyer: The Feud Explodes!

Remember a week ago when Dakota Meyer said things between himself and Bristol Palin were "the best [they've] ever been."

Well... a lot can change in a week.

dakota v. bristol

On this past Monday's episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers watched Bristol and Dakota basically end their marriage, as both sides apologized for their mistakes and both acknowledged Meyer's PTSD had become too much for the relationship to handle.

It seemed as though the divorce was mutual and, hey, at the time, maybe everything was amicable.

In a new MTV-sponsored video, however, Palin advised viewers not to rush into relationships and pregnancies, telling her audience the following:

“I got engaged and pregnant within a month. Planned a wedding. And I was like, ‘I can’t get married.’ Called off the wedding. Went through the whole pregnancy by myself.

"Friggin sucked.�

That scenario does sound like it would friggin suck.

Bristol Palin on Season 8

And Palin made it sound even worse when she said she felt guilty that her second child essentially had no father and, as a result...

"I got back together with him. Got married right away. Had another baby right away. And then we got divorced just recently.�

Meyer, however, has taken EXTREME exception to this portrayal of both himself and the situation between him and Palin.

He grants Bristol the basic facts of her pregnancies, but points most of the blame in her direction when it comes to the decisions she made and the way she handled it all.

“Yes, we got pregnant right after our engagement,� he captioned a photo of himself and his daughter Sailor, 2.

“We planned a wedding with our families and friends and Bristol decided to leave me a week prior. I spoke with her family every month and made it clear I would be the father of my child.

"I reached out to her before Sailor was born and asked what the plan was to co-parent. She told me to go through the courts to establish paternity.�

Dakota Meyer and Daughter

Moreover, Meyer argues, if Bristol felt so guilty... if she actually wanted him in the picture... why wasn't he invited to the birth of his child?

“I found out my child was born on Twitter,� he wrote this week in response to Bristol's video, adding:

“Can you imagine being a dad and not being allowed to be at your child’s birth? She denied my paternity until it could be proven, at which point Sailor was born.

"For Bristol to state that Sailor didn’t have a dad is laughable.

"What really happened is Bristol kept our daughter from having a father present at birth and until the courts ruled that I was her father.�

Dakota Meyer on Teen Mom

Meyer concluded his angry post like this;

"I can promise you this, Sailor and Atlee always had a dad, and always will have a dad."

Pretty straightforward and to the point from Meyer.

And we can understand why he's so upset here.

Palin is doing what all Teen Mom cast members almost have to do: stir up drama.

She and Dakota can't just have a friendly divorce and pleasant co-parenting arrangement and nothing more because why would viewers tune in each week?

Bristol and Dakota

But Meyer is a veteran.

He suffers from anxiety and depression and constant nightmares because everyone in his platoon except for himself was killed years ago in a battle in Afghanistan.

This is anything but your run-of-the-mill Teen Mom or reality show fodder.

After all he's been through, Meyer isn't about to sit back and let his life story be turned into a ratings or publicity-grab by his ex-wife.

And, really, can you blame him?!?

Mackenzie Standifer Welcomes Son … WITHOUT Ryan Edwards

Big news out of the world of Teen Mom OG today.

Multiple sources are now confirming that Mackenzie Standifer has welcomed a son.

And she did so without the support of husband Ryan Edwards, who was not present in the delivery room.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. A New Addition

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Insiders tell Radar Online that Mackenzie welcomed Jagger Ryan Edwards on Tuesday, October 9.

2. Without a Hitch

Mackenzie standifer bump selfie
One source has confirmed that Mackenzie did not undergo a C-section. Jagger reportedly weighs in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce.

3. Keeping a Low Profile

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant on instagram
Mackenzie and Ryan were both let go from Teen Mom OG recently, and they've been largely absent from social media as of late.

4. Sharing the News

Mackenzie standifer edwards
Mackenzie confirmed that her due date was in October before going radio silent. She has not publicly confirmed news of the birth, but will reportedly do so before the week is out.

5. The Ryan Question

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Edwards, of course, has endured a slew of legal troubles and addiction issues in recent months, and it was unclear if he would be present for the birth of his second child.

6. The No-Show

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
Sources have now confirmed that Ryan was not in the delivery room when little Jagger entered the world. But the situation is not as sad as it initially sounds ...
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Farrah Abraham: That Drug Test Was FAKED and Bristol Palin is STILL Stalking Me!

Farrah Abraham went on Face The Truth and, when she tested positive for barbiturates, emphatically did not face the truth.

In a new interview, Farrah continues to claim that the drug test somehow produced a false positive.

She's also doubling down on her claim that Cheyenne shouldn't have been cast for Teen Mom, and that Bristol Palin is stalking her.

Farrah Abraham sat down for an interview with Jenny McCarthy, because water will always find its level.

"I literally did call my doctor because during my training I’m not allowed to have any of that in my system," Farrah protests.

As The Ashley notes, she is referring to her training for her November boxing match.

"If something is in my vitamins, or my drink supplements, or something like that," Farrah says. "I have to know about that."

As we all know, gummy vitamins come loaded with barbiturates. Breath mints are laced with coke. Chewing gum is basically just meth. (That's sarcasm, folks)

"I’m high energy!" Farrah continues. "I can’t be relaxed when I’m doing all my workouts so I was very confused."

"So basically that was a faulty test…" Farrah claims. "It’s like, I’m a mom. I do very much know what I’m having."

Again, Farrah is spinning this as if people believe that she is taking barbiturates without realizing it.

Then, she spins a theory.

"It was like a pee test," Farrah says. "I said that I was on my period but they took that as ‘hey, she must take a muscle relaxer or something.’"

Farrah believes that she was set up: "It’s like they took advantage of information."

"I take nothing for anything," claims the woman whom many feel should be medicated. "In real life, there’s nothing in my system."

They also address Farrah's belief that Bristol Palin is copying her, and Bristol saying that they're nothing alike.

"That’s OK. I really like being like myself. I’m very proud of myself," Farrah says.

"I hope that she and her children equally have a good situation…" Farrah says, before saying: "But that’s like ‘white girl interrupted.’"

That may be the funniest thing that Farrah has ever said.

"She moved to the same city as me, kind of does the same things as me," Farrah explains. "I don’t know what that is, but that’s a little scary!"

"Oh, Single White Female?" Farrah says when Jenny corrects her. "Either one! I don’t want any crazy stuff or people copying me or living where I live."

For the record, there are something like 950,000 people living in Austin. We suspect that none of them are there out of a desire to copy Farrah.

"I never exploit my child," Farrah claims. "I know what I’m doing and to value my daughter’s safety and for her own lifestyles and passions and careers."

Sophia is 9 years old, so careers is a weird choice of words. But that's what you'd expect from Farrah.

Farrah defends Sophia's social media presence, saying: "All of the kids, and friends in her age group, are all doing the challenges, the Musicallys, all these fun apps." is an app liked by younger Gen Z folks, though it has its creepy side.

"Also, my daughter’s an influencer on some of these apps so if it’s all safe and it’s all fun," Farrah explains. "I don’t see the need of someone attacking me."

Farrah also explains why she no longer speaks to her former co-stars on Teen Mom OG.

"Sadly, because of all their jealousy and animosity or something, I have just turned my cheek and kept moving on," Farrah claims.

Farrah, who accused Viacom of committing hate crimes against her after she was fired, is portraying herself as Christ-like.

"Running forward is the best thing to do from ‘Teen Mom.’ I wish them all well with all their new kids and pregnancies," she says.

Again, she talks about turning the other cheek and in the same breath cannot resist trying to shade them about having a lot of children and pregnancies.

Farrah continues to insist that casting replacements for her was "not appropriate."

"I would say it’s not appropriate, for both Bristol and…the other woman who has joined," Farrah says, pretending that she doesn't know Cheyenne's name.

She explains that other women who tried out for Teen Mom were asked if they were fans of the show, and fans or "groupies" as Farrah calls them were excluded from casting.

"I would say it’s inappropriate because, when you’ve been watching a show, and you know what it’s about," Farrah begins.

Farrah continues: "and have been hovering around for so long, I don’t think that’s authentic to what the show’s about."

"I feel like Cheyenne and this other person [Cory Wharton], who was on MTV, definitely collaborated," Farrah theorizes.

Farrah claims that they "had a child and knew there was a space open and could be on ‘Teen Mom.’"

"Bristol, she’s been around," Farrah says vaguely. "She’s been to public speaking engagements with Maci and I."

"I really feel like they’re in the same category as those women who were chosen not to be on the show because they were ‘Teen Mom’ fans," Farrah has decided.

"That’s the reason that I say what I say," Farrah concludes. "It’s kind of a sad case."

Now, part of the reason Farrah went on Face The Truth in the first place was that she was having issues with her mother, Debra Danielsen.

"I am definitely speaking with my mom," Farrah affirms.

In fact, Farrah notes: "She’s actually going to be at the fight November 10 in Atlantic City."

"If there’s anyone who can show me love, and if there’s anyone who can make me upset, it’s my mom," Farrah explains.

"I’m happy that she’s there because if I get all worn out," Farrah says. "She can pump me back up again."

Since when has Farrah ever gotten tired of fighting?

Farrah abraham that drug test was faked and bristol palin is sti

Bristol Palin Claps Back at Teen Mom Haters: Don’t Judge Me!

In front of a national TV audience on Monday night, Bristol Palin asked for a divorce from her heroic ex-Marine of a husband who suffers from PTSD because everyone in his platoon was killed years ago in Afghanistan.

It's true.

This really happened:

So it's not difficult to understand why Palin is facing significant backlash a day after this Teen Mom OG episode aired.

During an emotional back-and-forth with Dakota Meyer, the war veteran acknowledged that things hve "been tough," adding:

"Ninety-nine percent of our problems in this family, in our marriage, is my anxiety and my PTSD."

It was a noble and brave admission, one that prompted Bristol to shoulder some of her own blame for the marriage falling apart.

"I fully take responsibility of becoming cold. And I am sorry," she said, explaining:

"I’m sorry that I am that way, I don’t think you deserve to have a wife that’s that way and I want you to have a sense of peace. I do feel like we are better people when we’re not together."

Bristol Palin on Season 8

This installment was filmed many months ago and Meyer has since said that everything is fine between himself and Palin.

But Bristol is still hearing it today from the haters.

She she's clapping back.

“Dakota is an incredible father, there is NO denying his love for our baby girls, I am extremely grateful for that,� Palin wrote in a series of messages posted on her Instagram Story.

(The couple shares two daughters, while Bristol also has a son from a previous relationship.)

Added Palin:

“You see .002 of our lives - especially since we JUST JOINED TMOG. Like Dakota has said multiple times on IG and in interviews.. Our marriage was over WAY BEFORE TMOG.�

Bristol as a Teen Mom

Meyer filed for divorce from Palin in February after nearly two years of marriage, citing “discord or conflict of personalities.�

She confirmed in August that the divorce had been finalized when she wrote on Instagram, “Freshly divorced & single forever lezzbereal."

In her Instagram response on Tuesday, Palin pointed to the above-cited fact, something that most folks out there appear to be glossing over.

Do they not realized which party actually filed the divorce documents?!?

This is NOT on You

"Dakota moved out of our home more times than I would ever like to admit. He got an attorney. He filed for divorce. Wait, did you read that? He filed for divorce," she wrote.

"And he kept coming and going based on what he thought was best.

"I did not ask for a divorce, but I did look at my children, and knew the marriage was NOT what was best for them."

It actually does sound like this split was mutual.

Tragically, Meyer is dealing with certain mental issuesto which only a select few people can relate.

Everyone he went into battle with as a Marine was killed in battle.

Another Personal Failure

Continued Bristol today:

“Just because the picture you see painted is ME finally putting my foot down, to end the back and forth, does NOT mean I didn’t give my marriage and Dakota, everything I had in me.�

She added that she completely respects Meyer's "service to our country," but what does this mean to her personally?

What does she do is that effects of his time overseas is making for an untenable situation at home?

Our Kids Will Suffer

“I never ‘gave up’ on Dakota, or on our family,� she concluded.

“I know in my heart I did everything I could.

"My children come before ANYTHING, and I am so thankful for the challenges that have gone on, because I know they will grow up in a much happier environment because of our decision to separate.�

Expect to see plenty more from Bristol and Dakota as the rest of this Teen Mom OG season plays out.

Do you see where she's coming from in this defense?

Teen Mom OG Recap: I Want a Divorce!!!

A week after Bristol Palin was welcomed to the Teen Mom OG family on last Monday's premiere, the famous mother of three decided to put an end to her own family.

As it is currently constructed, that is.

On an emotional follow-up episode, viewers received an up close and personal glimpse at the problems that plagued Bristol and husband Dakota Meyer to such an extent that they filed for divorce.

These problems were largely related to Meyer's PTSD, but they ran deeper and were more pervasive than this single (major) issue.

Scroll down for a recap of the latest Teen Mom OG installment, which centered on Palin and Meyer decided to divorce on national television...

1. Are You Okay?

Are you okay
Bristol asked Meyer if he was in an okay state to discuss their marital issues, referencing the demons he still battles on a daily basis due to losing so many friends in combat as a Marine, before she delved into the reasons why she wants a divorce.

2. I'm Married, But I Feel So Alone

Im married but i feel so alone
“I was a single mom for a long time but being married, I’m more lonely now than I’ve ever been,� Palin explained to MTV producer Kerthy. “And I know that he’s probably more lonely now than he’s ever been. I think that we don’t know how to, like, coexist together at all.�

3. A Painful Admission

A painful admission
Meyer was the only surviving member of his platoon during the war in Afghanistan, an unfathomable situation to anyone watching. He acknowledges that he can't move on and that this has impacted everyone around him, saying on air: "It’s been tough. Ninety-nine percent of our problems in this family, in our marriage, is my anxiety and my PTSD whether you want to believe or justify it or not."

4. We're Better Apart

Better apart
“I fully take responsibility of becoming cold. And I am sorry. I’m sorry that I am that way, I don’t think you deserve to have a wife that’s that way and I want you to have a sense of peace,� Bristol said to Meyer. “I do feel like we are better people when we’re not together.�

5. Another Personal Failure

Another personal failure
Turning to the producer sitting with them, Kerthy, Meyer opened up and was honest about how this all made him feel: “Obviously, you know, Bristol doesn’t want to be together anymore. For me, I just get the same feeling that I do with my teammates, that I failed again and that I’m helpless again.�

6. This is NOT on You

This is not on you
No, Bristol tried to tell Dakota, fully aware of how personally he takes things and all he has been though. "You’re not a failure, you’re not a failure at all," she repeated.
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Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom: HA! It’s a Failure Without Me!

Teen Mom OG returned to the air on October 1, with one very obvious change:

Farrah Abraham is no longer a cast member.

She was fired in February and replaced by two additions: Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd.

How did the Season 8 premiere fare without this controversial reality star on board?

Below, we relay the opening ratings and then we share Abraham's calm, cool and collected reaction to how the program is doing thus far without her polarizing presence...

1. The New Cast

Teen mom og season 8 cast
Here they are: Amber, Maci, Catelynn, Cheyenne and Bristol. MTV is banking on this quintet to draw in the ratings for Season 8.

2. Was the Premiere a Hit?

Based on buzz, maybe. The Internet wrote a lot about Bristol and her marital problems. Based on ratings, however? Well...

3. Under a Million Viewers Tuned In

According to Ratings by the Numbers, the Season 8 premiere drew in 957,000 viewers for its original airing at 9/8c on Monday, October 1.

4. Can We Compare This to The Season 7 Premiere?

Bristol and dakota
Of course. On November 27, 2017 -- a premiere that featured Abraham in all her Farrah glory - 1.319 million viewers were viewing MTV to see what these women were up to.

5. As for the Season 7 Finale?

Season 7
That episode garnered 1.098 million viewers, meaning there was a pretty significant drop-off from those who were curious to see what Farrah was doing to those who tuned in for the debut of Bristol and Chyenne.

6. Was This Really a Reflection of Farrah Getting Fired?

Tyler in tears
We mean... perhaps. There's no real way of knowing. But ratings across the board have been dropping on television as streaming services take off, viewers have more options and the use of DVR explodes.
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Bristol Palin: It Was SO Awkward to Meet the Teen Moms!

Bristol Palin was a literal teen mom about 10 years ago.

But the daughter of ex-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is now a Teen Mom is the more figurative and professional sense, making a living as one of two new cast members on Teen Mom OG.

It's pretty darn weird when you think about it.

Bristol as a Teen Mom

Or not just when you think about it.

When you actually experience it and work alongside Palin, according to Tyler Baltierra.

For Bristol, meanwhile, it was pretty darn weird to walk right onto a show that had been airing for seven seasons already -- and on which everyone was pretty close and familiar.

“I was like, this is their job, they’ve been doing this for so long," Palin said on Monday's Teen Mom OG premiere aftershow.. "I hope they like me.�

She may have also had this fear because, let's face it, plenty of people out there do not like Bristol or her famous mother.

Bristol Palin on Season 8

Bristol and Chyenne Floyd were both added to Teen Mom OG in the wake of Farrah Abraham being let go by MTV.

After plenty of back and forth with the controversial star, executives decided in February that it could no longer be associated with someone who did amateur pornography, basically.

“We didn’t want to step on toes, I think," Floyd said of how she and Palin felt upon meeting the other OGs and starting to film by their side.

Catelynn Lowell, who also appeared on the after-show, thought back to the first time she met the new cast members, saying on air:

"We were doing a promo shoot. I think the production and everything made it was more awkward."

Teen Moms in NYC

Bristol agreed, chiming in as follows:

"So awkward!"

And Floyd also agreed!

“We hugged, and it was probably the most awkward hug ever. It was so awkward," she said of meeting Palin.

Also awkward for Floyd? Some of the backlash she has received for not actually being a teen mom.

Not now. Not ever.

Cheyenne Floyd and Ryder Together

(Floyd shares one-year-old daughter Ryder with Cory Wharton; they welcomed their daughter whe Chyenne was 23 years old.)

But this is what Chyenne said on the topic last month:

“I think that a lot of people are stuck on the word and at the end of the day I’m still young mom. I still have the same struggles and I’m still learning just like everyone else.

I don’t think 23 is the ideal age to have a baby. She was unplanned, so in other ways, other than me not being a teen, I have different things that you can relate.

"So instead of me screaming all day long that I’m not a teen mom, I’d rather just talk about things that I am.�

For a look at how the veteran OGs feel about these newbies, click below:

Bristol Palin: Teen Mom is ALREADY Destroying My Family!

Teen Mom OG has added Bristol Palin, and Bristol's family dysfunctions are obvious.

But apparently what viewers are seeing on camera is only the tip of the Alaskan iceberg.

A new report says that Bristol's family is clashing -- and Bristol's new TV role is at the center of their feud.

Sarah and Bristol Palin Photo

RadarOnline's inside source has revealed that Bristol Palin's family is being torn apart by her new role on Teen Mom OG.

Some within her divided family think that it's a "great opportunity."

After all, this way, Bristol gets exposure and a hefty source of income -- we know how sweet that Teen Mom money can be.

Not everyone is onboard with Bristol's newly revived reality TV career, however.

And apparently the biggest critic of her casting is her new brother-in-law, Ricky Bailey.

Willow Palin Wedding Pic

Ricky married Bristol's sister, Willow, just days ago in what was reportedly a sweet ceremony in Alaska.

Bristol ditched the ceremony.

Apparently her issue was over her brother, Track, being invited.

Track has a history of arrests for domestic violence. 

Not-so-fun fact: he ended up missing Willow's wedding himself because he was arrested for domestic violence yet again.

But Bristol skipping the wedding is only one factor in her current family troubles.

Bristol Palin Meyer

"Ricky is so against having cameras around," the insider reveals.

MTV's cameras followed Bristol for Willow's bachelorette weekend in Arizona, and it wasn't exactly Willow's dream come true.

"Willow didn’t approve of the cameras filming for her bachelorette weekend," the source says.

"But," the insider continues, she "ended up giving in to Bristol.�

“It was more of a favor," the source characterizes.

Bristol Palin, Daughter

That favor ended up costing Willow.

"All of the conversations during Willow’s bachelorette weekend ended up being all about Bristol," the insider reports.

That is very natural when cameras are present.

It also just ... sucks for Willow.

"It was so sad for Willow," the source laments.

Bristol and Willow Palin

But there's more to the Palin family's concerns than intrusive cameras.

Apparently Track isn't the only family member who loses it sometimes.

"Bristol’s siblings believe she is totally crazy and really volatile," the insider says.

"Her family knows Bristol is trying to keep it together for the Teen Mom cameras," the source acknowledges.

However, they allegedly fear that it is "only a matter of time" before Bristol totally loses her composure while the cameras are rolling.

Bristol Palin Looks Unhappy

In the mean time, Bristol has been posting about a fresh start now that it is finally October.

Bristol took to Instagram to write that it is a "new month."

She said that this means that she has a "new slate."

(She probably means fresh slate or clean slate, but let's not get nitpicky)

Bristol may not see eye to eye with her family on everything. That's normal.

But we've all seen relationships and families fall apart at the seams while they appear on reality television. Will the Palins be next?

Bristol Palin to Farrah Abraham: You’re a Bad Parent and Role Model!

Farrah Abraham has been replaced on Teen Mom OG, and to absolutely no one's surprise, she is not taking it well.

Bristol Palin has shot down the claim that she secretly wants to be just like Farrah.

Now, she's doubling down on that, and dragging Farrah as a mother, a role model, and a human being.

Bristol Arrives

Appearing on Teen Mom: After The Show, Bristol Palin is affirming that she has no special love for Afarrah Abraham.

"No," she says. "There’s nothing about me that wants to be anything like her."

"And," Bristol continues. "I would never want my girls to look up to someone like that."

"So girlfriend," she says in an exaggerated manner before snapping in a Z-formation, giving us flashbacks to well over a decade ago.

Bristol can't keep up the overly dramatic act, and says: "I'm just joking!"

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

She's clearly not joking about her feelings regardling Farrah, however, because she recently told Jenny McCarthy something similar.

"It’s just like, 'Oh, she’s trying to be me,'" Bristol said.

Farrah has accused both Bristol and Cheyenne of trying and failing to be her.

"It’s like, girlfriend," Bristol said. "You could not pay me to want to be anything like you. Honestly."

"So no," Bristol said. "I’m not trying to be like her."

Bristol Palin on Season 8

Farrah trashed her Teen Mom replacements, saying that either they themselves are stupid or the decision to cast them was -- or both.

"There’s no intelligence there," Farrah said, presumably while looking into a mirror.

"And," Farrah continued. "I actually feel like the Teen Mom fans deserve to have better people fill my position."

She wasn't working as a store clerk -- she was part of a reality show, so that's awkward phrasing.

Also, fill my position sounds like a euphemism when Farrah says it.

Farrah Abraham Gives an Interview

"And," Farrah said. "They deserve to have better quality."

She also believes that not only are Bristol and Cheyenne inadequate, but they're not even being paid as well as she was.

"Last I heard," Farrah claims. "They said they couldn’t [have] been paid enough to be like me."

"But yet, they are paid," Farrah says. "They’re filling my spot."

Farrah may bitterly hate Teen Mom, but it sounds like the show is an ex that she just can't stand to see move on to someone else.

Bristol Palin Looks Unhappy

Bristol isn't exactly anyone's favorite person. She's been accused of being a racist and a homophobe.

It doesn't help that her mother is the absolutely infamous Sarah Palin.

Trying to out-awful Bristol is a tall order, but Farrah always seems to come across looking like an absolute maniac when the two of them feud.

On her own, Bristol may hold some truly terrible political views and bear the curse of her last name.

But when you put her beside Farrah, she looks calm and reasonable by comparison.

Farrah might not mean to, but she's doing Bristol, Teen Mom OG, and MTV a huge favor by going on these rants.

Ryan Edwards: Off to Rehab for a Long, Long Time

Ryan Edwards' arrest record has been cause for alarm, and so has his substance abuse. Plus, you know, that time he threatened to murder Taylor McKinney.

But though we don't get to say this often, folks, but we have actual good news about Ryan.

He is in rehab -- and it looks like he's in for the long haul.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom OG Picture

RadarOnline reports that Ryan Edwards is in rehab.

This isn't his first time -- he went last year, after nodding off en route to his own wedding.

His first time in rehab was apparently in 2012.

But according to RadarOnline's source, "[Ryan] isn’t supposed to be out [of rehab] until February or March."

That means that he may be in for a 6-month stint ... and may miss the birth of his son.

"Mackenzie moved out of the lake house they were living in," the insider shared. "And is now living with her parents."


RadarOnline also reached out to Larry Edwards, Ryan's father, for confirmation.

The tabloid did not receive confirmation -- or a denial.

When asked about rehab, Larry said: "You know I can’t comment on that."

When asked about whether Ryan will miss the birth of his son, Larry said: "You know I can’t say."

The Tennessee court system was also unable to confirm or deny whether Ryan's rehab stint was voluntary or court-ordered.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot (New)

As the good folks over at The Ashley have noted, Mackenzie has taken to social media and publicly doubled down on supporting her troubled husband.

Mackenzie wrote: "I’m so sorry but I will continue to stand up for what I believe in no matter how chopped, edited, and jumbled it may be."

"I have stuck by my husband through some of the darkest times imaginable," she affirms.

"Have mistakes been made? Hell yes," she admits. "Have they been accounted for, dealt with and resolved, yep."

"Why do I post pictures of my husband and myself?" she asks. "Because we do love each other. And that is real life."

"If you want to fault me for standing by my husband and sticking to my vows," she says. "Then don’t follow me."

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Selfie

Ryan Edwards' criminal history is troubling enough.

But his latest incident is much more alarming than your more garden-variety heroin possession.

After Taylor McKinney made a relatively mild jab at Ryan and Mackenzie, subtweeting that they were unable to function as adults, Ryan lost it.

He reportedly contacted Taylor and threatened to show up and murder him.

That did not go well for Ryan. Not with the legal system, and not with fans.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom Photo

His behavior has appeared to worsen with time rather than improve.

That is why fans were encouraging Mackenzie to move on without Ryan.

That, of course, and the fact that many don't see Ryan as a good father. Even Maci Bookout thinks Ryan is a danger to Bentley.

We of course hope that Ryan can turn things around in terms of his behavior during this lengthy rehab stay that RadarOnline is reporting.

(It is, of course, not quite confirmed -- but we hope that it's true)

He needs to get better for himself, but also for everyone around him.