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Shawn Booth on Kaitlyn Bristowe Breakup: I’m Heartbroken …

They were one of the couples that seemed to have beaten the odds, but Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe are over.

Now, Shawn is opening up to fans with a heartfelt message.

He's thanking them for their support -- over the years and now, as he experiences real emotional pain.

Shawn, Kaitlyn

Shawn Booth took to Instagram to deliver a heartfelt message about his not-so-secret breakup with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

"I just want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of my relationship with Kaitlyn over the years," he writes.

After nearly three years together, the couple accrued a lot of fans.

"You’ve made me feel incredibly special," he shares.

Shawn continues, noting that fans have made him feel "supported, and very loved."

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth in Bed

"So from the bottom of my heart," Shawn continues. "Thank you."

Shawn writes: "It truly means a lot."

He's thanking fans for more than just their support during the relationship.

Shawn appreciates the outpouring of respect that has flowed from the Bachelor Nation following their split.

"And," Shawn says. "Thank you to everyone who has sent their love & support during this painful time."

He gushes: "I love you guys."

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth

According to a recent report by People, Shawn isn't the only one feeling heartbroken.

Kaitlyn's in the same boat.

"This was the last thing Kaitlyn wanted," and insider reveals.

According to the source: "she was willing to fight for the relationship."

Ultimately, however, she and Shawn realized that they had lost their forward momentum.

"But," the insider laments. "There was nowhere for it to go."

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe: Front Row at Desigual Fashion Show

"It’s only natural to think about the next steps when you’ve been together for three years,� the source explains.

“Kaitlyn," the insider says. "Wants to be married and have kids."

"But," the source notes. "It didn’t seem like they were on the same page."

Kaitlyn is two years older than Shawn. She is 33, he is 31.

Did that slight age difference make her the one who wanted to settle down first?

Fans cannot help but wonder.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth Posing

Despite this key difference, the report says that neither of them simply quit on the other.

"It wasn’t one of them who broke things off," the source reports.

In other words, it sounds like this painful decision to break up after nearly three years together was mutual.

According to the insider, Kaitlyn and Shawn are still "on good terms."

That is great. But Kaitlyn is not doing so well internally, apparently.

"She’s devastated," the source reports.

Shawn and Kaitlyn Picture

"There is a lot of hurt," the insider says.

The source notes that "Kaitlyn tried to make it work."

"She never thought this would end," the insider concludes.

The hardest thing about relationships is that they inevitably end, one way or the other.

After three years of engagement, Shawn and Kaitlyn still have their memories of happiness, at least.

In time, those should be a source of comfort as the reasons for their conflict fade.

Who knows? Maybe they'll even get back together, though we don't want to get anyone's hopes up.

Only time will tell.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth Split, Break the Hearts of Fans

The Bachelor Nation is still reeling from the news that it's over between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth.

They were together for so long!

They gave fans hope that love is real!

Now, after three years together, they've announced that they have broken up.

Here is why his breakup might be the hardest ever for fans of the Bachelor franchise.


1. It's over!

Kaitlyn bristowe and shawn booth in bed
This week, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth broke off their engagement and their relationship.

2. They had been together for three years

Kaitlyn bristowe and shawn booth
Most couples on The Bachelor break up within a year -- and plenty part ways after just a few months. Three years is like a lifetime for the Bachelor Fam.

3. Kaitlyn and Shawn even released a breakup statement

Bristowe and booth
"This difficult decision comes after thoughtful, respectful consideration," the couple issued in a statement to People. "Even though we are parting as a couple, we're very much committed to remaining friends."

4. These things are always sad -- and awkward

Shawn booth and kaitlyn bristowe
"We have both evolved as people, which is taking us in different directions, but with the hope that we will continue to support each other in new ways," they said.

5. Breakups are personal, but breakup announcements are not

Shawn kaitlyn
"Due to the nature of how we met, our relationship has always been very public, and we have enjoyed sharing it with all of you," they concluded. "But we ask that you respect our decision and our privacy at this time."

6. A lot of fans were really rooting for them

Kaitlyn bristowe and shawn booth kiss
It's about more than how long they'd lasted. Some folks were rooting for them from the start
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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth: It’s Over!

For three long years, they seemed to be one of those rare Bachelor Fam couples who beat the odds.

Just last December, there was even a rumor that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth were married.

Unfortunately, not all relationships last. Kaitlyn and Shawn have broken up.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth Posing

In 2015, Kaitlyn and Shawn got engaged on the Season 19 finale of The Bachelorette.

Now, at the tail end of 2018, the couple has issued a statement to People.

"After three incredible years," the statement begins. "We have decided to go our separate ways."

This is a joint statement that the couple has issued together.

"This difficult decision comes after thoughtful, respectful consideration," the statement continues.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth in Bed

"Even though we are parting as a couple," they explains. "We’re very much committed to remaining friends."

That is wonderful to hear ... though it is admittedly what most couple's say.

"And," their statement reads. "We will continue to support each other."

As with a relationship, a breakup doesn't always work out the way that you hope.

But that's a great sentiment anyway.

Ben Higgins with Kaitlyn Bristowe

"Due to the nature of how we met," they admit. "Our relationship has always been very public."

"And," they say. "We have enjoyed sharing it with all of you."

They acknowledge that "but we ask that you respect our decision."

Please don't send hate to celebrities for their relationships, their breakups, or anything else -- unless it truly warrants your fury.

They hope that fans will respect their judgment "and our privacy at this time."

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe: Front Row at Desigual Fashion Show

Breakup rumors followed these two over the summer.

But just a few months ago, Kaitlyn was shooting down those claims.

"So here’s the truth," she said on her Off the Vine podcast back in August.

"I’m in Canada because ... I have made a promise to myself and my family," she explained.

Her promise was "that I will come up every August and enjoy downtime with the people that I love in a country that I love.�

“Family is so important to me," she affirmed. "Relationships in general are very important to me."

She made her priorities clear: "I put relationships first."

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth

"Shawn did not come up with me," Kaitlyn explained. "Because the guy just bought a gym."

"He bought a business," she emphasized. "He has started something huge."

Kaitlyn raved: "He is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met."

"He’s going to have to be there for months," she noted.

"We are both so busy," she said. "And unfortunately that means we’re spending all of this time apart."

Shawn and Kaitlyn Picture

She spoke more generally about relationship struggles.

"You are both always away, you’re exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes the relationship isn’t being put first," she said.

"But does that mean you call it quits?" she asked, answering: "No.�

“You love the s--t out of each other and you work through it and yourselves to be better," she advised.

"And you know," she concluded. "That times aren’t always going to be smooth sailing."

The thing about not-so-smooth sailing is that it doesn't always get better.

Sometimes, the metaphorical ship (relation-ship, if you will) capsizes.

Better luck next time to both Kaitlyn and Shawn!

Becca Kufrin: STILL Not Making Wedding Plans with Garrett Yrigoyen

We're all entitled to make catastrophic, life-altering choices, and Becca Kufrin made hers. His name is Garrett Yrigoyen.

While debate rages over whether Becca and Garrett will really marry, they are still engaged.

And now Becca has come forward to share what that is like, and what the two have planned for the future.

Garrett and Becca Pic

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Becca Kufrin gushes about her engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen.

Becca says that "life has been a fun adventure" with Garrett by her side.

She admits that this (new) engagement has been "a huge adjustment" right after The Bachelorette and Arie before that and The Bachelor before that.

"Just being normal has been wonderful,” Becca says.

“We were just so ready for the show to be done airing," Becca reveals. "Where we could finally be out in public."

Garrett, Becca

Recently, Becca and Garrett have been visiting Becca's friends and family in Minnesota.

Garrett takes his turn to gush, saying that "her friends are a lot of fun."

He shares that among their activities has been a Minnesota Twins game, the state fair, and a fishing trip on the Mississippi River.

"I caught my first walleye and smallmouth bass,” Garrett shares with pride. “It was fun."

Garrett is such an avid fisherman that, though we don't have a photo of that moment, it's not difficult to find a fish photo.

Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca says that her hometown has welcomed her fiancee "with open arms."

Sometimes, even a controversial man can find acceptance if he has a popular, likable woman on his arm.

But while the two have enjoyed visiting loved ones, they haven't picked a spot to settle down.

"I don’t want to make a decision without exploring our options," Becca explains.

That is a very sensible attitude!

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!

The couple has also spent time Garrett's hometown of Reno, Nevada.

And the two of them have discussed the idea of a potential move to L.A.

"I’m hoping by November or December we’ll have nailed down a place,” Becca admits.

That said, deciding on a place to live is not the same thing as making wedding plans.:

As Becca explains: “We really are still getting to know each other."

Becca and Garrett Forever?

It's smart of her to be cautious. Clearly, from what she saw on The Bachelorette, she would never have guessed Garrett's bigoted social media history.

As many entertainment news outlets pointed out when Garrett's Instagram scandal broke, it wasn't that he liked "conservative" posts contrary to Becca's views.

The posts that he had "liked" on Instagram were outside of the bounds of decency. The posts were racist, transphobic, and misogynistic -- among other things.

Garrett has apologised (for getting caught), but fans hope that Becca can come to understand who he truly is before it's too late for them both to find partners compatible with their respective values.

Becca received a lot of sympathy from the Bachelor Nation after Arie Luyendyk Jr. humiliated her on television. A lot of fans feel for her and hope that she finds a better, less problematic man.

Others hope that Garrett really has changed his tune.

Jason Tartick on Colton Underwood as The Bachelor: Is He a Fan?

On Tuesday, Colton Underwood was confirmed as the next Bachelor

Some fans are absolutely thrilled and would love a shot at dating this hunk. Others favored other frontrunners ... frontrunners like Jason Tartick.

Jason is sharing how he really feels about Colton being selected for this coveted role.

Colton Underwood and Jason Tartick

Jason Tartick took to Instagram to reveal his thoughts about Colton becoming the next leading man on The Bachelor.

"To have great friends you have to be a great friend," Jason's post begins.

Jason's post continues: '@coltonunderwood is a class act, generous man, and a hell of friend."

"So happy for you brotha!" Jason declares.

Jason makes his enthusiasm clear, concluding with: "Let the Bachelor Party Planning commence!"

That is not all that Jason had to say on the subject, however.

Jason Tartick Picture

In an interview with E!, Jason Tartick expresses his thoughts on Colton's big win.

"Colton is like a brother to me," Jason says.

He says that they bonded on The Bachelorette, sharing: "We were in the limo night one and we hit it off."

"He's just a really good guy and we became really good friends," Jason gushes.

"We supported each other through the journey," Jason reveals. "And it's not always the easiest journey."

Joe Amabile, Jason Tartick, and Colton Underwood

He says that the two of them forged a powerful friendship and remain close "still to this day."

Jason is over the moon that he gets to watch his buddy try to find love.

"I'm very happy for him and his journey to find happiness," Jason says.

It sounds like he'll be tuning in for sure.

Jason is excited, saying: "I think he's going to do a great job as the Bachelor."

Colton Underwood Works Out Shirtless

That said, Jason would have loved to be the leading man himself.

"This was an opportunity I would've liked to have had," Jason admits.

He says that he'd leap at the chance "simply because I wasn't sure that it would work the first time around."

"But," he notes. "I did find love in a place I really wasn't certain I could."

The Bachelorette made him realize that this format could lead to real romance. Maybe he'll get his chance to be the leading man ... some day.

Jason Tartick Pic

Jason sounds almost wistful as he talks about what could have been.

"I was so open to giving The Bachelor an opportunity [for me] to find that person," he admits.

He says: "I thought that it would put me in the best position to find my person, my one."

Well, he's immensely popular, so it sounds like he might get his wish in the future.

If not, we're sure that he has a great chance of finding love off-screen, too.

Especially since he has such a great, healthy attitude about his buddy Colton getting this coveted title. Good for them both, you know?

Colton Underwood: What Does He Really Think of Garrett Yrigoyen?

Colton Underwood does not know what it's like to feel the warm, naked embrace of a woman.

As proudly admitted during his run this past season on The Bachelorette, Underwood is a virgin.

But while Underwood has never thrusted his unit into the precious depths of a companion, he has spent a lot of time with Garrett Yrigoyen.

Colton Underwood with a Pen

So... what does Underwood think of the man who beat him out for Becca's affection?

Who is now engaged to Kufrin?

Who many viewers have been disgusted by since it was discovered that Garrett Liked a bunch of intolerant and offensive memes that were anti-immigrant and anti-the LGBT community?

Colton, who seems almost too nice to be real, told The New York Post last week that he actually has no beef with Garrett whatsoever.

“In regards to who Garrett is, and I’m not defending his likes whatsoever, a lot of them were wrong, but that’s not who Garrett is, that does not define Garrett, and it should not overshadow their relationship," Underwood said, adding of The Bachelorette and her fiance:

"This is a time when they should be celebrating their engagement and being happy.”

Colton Underwood Tells All

Nearly everyone is in agreement that what Yrigoyen supported on social media was pretty messed up.

To the Season 14 champion's credit, however, Garrett never made any excuses for his actions.

He issued a mea culpa and, along with Kufrin, simply urged folks to keep an open mind.

“He’s owned it, he’s apologized for it, he’s made his statement. I think people need to realize that,” Underwood continued to Page Six, adding:

“It’s a mistake, you live and you learn, and Garrett has definitely learned from this.”

Like we said: Underwood is almost too nice to be a real person.

Gifted a Rose

Or, conversely, if one wanted to be cynical, one could say that Underwood is simply positioning himself to be the next Bachelor.

Being kind is sort of his brand at this point and he may be thinking that the longer he rides it, the better chance he has of being selected by ABC.

Producers have admitted that Underwood is one of six men in contention for this coveted gig.

However, before it can even be a possibility, Colton must complete his ongoing run on Bachelor in Paradise.

“Coming off [The Bachelorette], I realized how cool and fun of an experience that was," Colton says to Page Six of agreeing to be on this new program

"It was such a good time of my life to self-discover and grow as a person, and I wanted to continue that and to continue to find love."

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

We really do hope that Colton finds what, or who, he is looking for.

The Bachelorette Couples: Ranked By Relationship Length!

If The Bachelorette spoilers are any indication, Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen from Season 14 may have a real shot at love that lasts.

Specific issues regarding Garrett's social media history aside, the two seem head over heels in love, so the odds of a wedding are good.

Or at least better than average.

If you just look at the venerable franchise's track record, Becca and Garrett's chances for long-term success are mixed at best.

Why do we say that?

Isn't it obvious? This is a dating competition throwing two people together under a pretense that is literally impossible to sustain.

Can they transition into real life, establish a new normal and make it work? They can, but often times, they fall short of that goal.

We have ranked the 14 stars of The Bachelorette based on who was most successful at finding love during her stint as ABC's queen.

See how they stack up from worst to first, and tell us whether you think Barrett will end up a success story or cautionary tale ...

1. Jen Schefft

Jen schefft
Bachelorette Jen Schefft broke up with winner Jerry Ferris on the After the Rose special because she just "wasn't feeling it." Not even making it to the day after the finale? That's a low bar set for everyone else.

2. Emily Maynard

Emily maynard bachelorette photo
Emily Maynard and Jef Holm broke up just a few months after his proposal in 2012. He was never the right guy anyway. Should've picked Sean Lowe. Not that she or Sean (who is happily married to Catherine Giudici, who he met on The Bachelor) are overthinking it right now. Emily has since married and had a bunch of kids with Tyler Johnson.

3. Becca Kufrin

Becca kufrin and garrett yrigoyen engagement pic
It's too soon to tell how long Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen will last, but they're off to a good start? They're one of seven Bachelorette couples still together, by our calculations, including the last three.

4. Andi Dorfman

Andi dorfman and josh murray on the bachelorette
Andi Dorfman found love with Josh Murray on The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, their engagement ended after only six months or so.

5. DeAnna Pappas

Deanna pappas stephen stagliano picture
DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak broke up seven months after their finale aired. She went on to marry Stephen Stagliano, a high school teacher and the twin brother of former Bachelorette contestant Mike Stagliano!

6. Jillian Harris

Bachelorette jillian harris
Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski broke up one year after their finale aired. Swiderski later appeared on Bachelor Pad. Jillian now appears on HGTV's Love it or List it Too.
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The Bachelor & The Bachelorette Couples: Are They Still Together?

The Bachelor's 2018 season came to a close with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin engaged and totally, utterly, blissfully in love.

Or something. According to The Bachelor spoilers, that relationship would end and he would spurn Becca for runner-up Lauren Burnham.

This turned out to be correct.

Arie and Becca lasted mere weeks, and his cringe-worthy decision to end the engagement with her was filmed for the world to see.

Raw. Unedited. Uncut.

Didn't see that twist coming, even if Arie's reputation preceded him, and we can't say this bodes well for Lauren B. either.

Will they be a new golden couple for the show, a la Trista and Ryan, Ashley and J.P., Jason and Molly and Desiree and Chris?

Or another Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi? Or ... Arie and Becca?

Sorry, too soon.

Speaking of Becca, as The Bachelorette spoilers predicted months ago, she turned around and got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen.

Those two appear to be on stable ground despite his Instagram scandal, but even so, they're facing some very long odds.

Will they make it? We'll have to wait and see, but of those that came before them: Who is still living happily ever after?

Take a look at notable duos from The Bachelor and Bachelorette and see whether they're still together since the show:

1. Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca kufrin and garrett yrigoyen engagement pic
Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen hit it off from the very start, and after a fairly conventional season of The Bachelorette, they got engaged on the finale. Perhaps the most notable obstacle for this duo came prior to the season, when his Instagram "double-tapping" of some seriously offensive posts and memes came to light. If Becca can look past that, they might be alright, because they sure have chemistry.

2. Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham

Arie luyendyk jr and lauren burnham in iceland
Yes, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham are still together. Right now. For the moment. As of this report. It's still only been a few months since they've gone public, however, and needless to say, the consensus is that Becca Kufrin dodged a bullet and that Lauren might have her heart broken next. We're not rooting for that sad outcome, but just saying ... it's Arie. Just because they're buying a house together doesn't mean we're convinced this is for real. At least not yet.

3. Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo

Rachel lindsay engagement ring
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are a match made in heaven ... or are they? Bachelor Nation seemed to prefer runner-up Peter Kraus, but Rachel went with the smooth (too smooth for some fans' liking) doctor from Miami at the last minute. If Bryan didn't watch the finale, which centered primarily on Peter waffling over his willingness to propose and Rachel being hung up on him? Then they might be alright. Looks like they've weathered that storm and then some, regardless. They are still going very strong.

4. Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi

Nick and vanessa on atfr
Look ... we wished Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi all the best. That was just the least inspiring public debut from a Bachelor couple since Juan Pablo and Nikki, and it never got much better before they eventually broke up. Come on, people. We were talking about Nick Viall, who was clearly bitten hard by the fame bug, and fell for a girl who didn't want to be in the "business" or leave Canada, where he had no interest in moving. Just saying. The odds made them a definite underdog from the start, and their five-month relationship proved skeptics correct.

5. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers

Jordan rodgers and jojo fletcher after the final rose
JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are an interesting case, both seemingly over the moon in love and behind the proverbial eight ball since day one. They certainly seem to have weathered whatever storms have been in their path thus far, and enough time has passed that they're no longer in the "honeymoon" phase, yet we can't shake the feeling that there's more to Aaron's little brother than we know - or that JoJo does. Chances they'll make it to the altar? 50-50, maybe 60-40.

6. Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell

Ben higgins and lauren b
It was a good year, closer to a year and a half actually, which is a long time for any relationship, reality TV style or regular style, when Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell publicly called out what they deemed as "fake news" that alleged they had broken up ... and then canceled their wedding and admitted that they broke up. #realnews
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Becca Kufrin: I Can’t Wait to Procreate with Garrett Yrigoyen!

Based on past social media activity, Garrett Yrigoyen may or may not hate gay people and immigrants.

But two things are certain, in the eyes of his new fiancee:

1. Garrett is attractive.

2.  Becca Kufrin wants to have kids with him someday soon.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Engagement Pic

In the latest issue of People Magazine, Kufrin says it's "surreal" to be engaged to Garrett, explaining how her journey has been "intense" and how a great deal of pressure has been relieved now that she can publicly gush over Yrigoyen.

When might the stars tie the knot?

“We’re just really enjoying our time together,” says Kufrin. “I don’t care if I have a short engagement or a long engagement. Just whatever feels right for us."

Okay, fine.

When migh the stars have a child?

"We’re just going with the flow," Garrett says. "We’re more excited about being able to walk down a street and go to Costco! Once we move in together [in Los Angeles] we’ll go from there.”

This is not helping, guys!

Give us something juicy, please.

Becca and Garrett

On the topic of children, Kufrin added that she's not in any kind of rush and that she'd be open to getting a dor or four first.

However, "of course I would love to be a mom,” she said, adding: “Not anytime super soon, but one day. Garrett will be a very hot dad!"

Yrigoyen, for his part, avoided combining Kufrin's looks with her ability to parent, simply saying that when it comes to procreating:

"I know that Becca would make a wonderful mother. She’s very strong and supportive and confident, and has great morals. I would love to have a kid someday."

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!

Kufrin selected Yrigoyen as her life partner this past Monday night to conclude an intense two-hour finale.

In reality, of course, she selected him several weeks ago, but viewers only just found out when the episode aired.

The medical sale rep responded to his championship by presenting the publicist with a nearly four-carat Neil Lane engagement ring, estimated to be worth between $18,000 and $20,000.

“I can only hope that people support my decision, cause at the end of the day I had to follow my heart,” Kufrin told reporters on a conference call of choosing Yrigoyen, who came under fire in May for Liking offensive content on social media.

He apologized shortly after those posts went viral this spring.

Becca and Garrett Forever?

And then he apologized again after the Season 14 finale aired.

“Hopefully people can stay open-minded to her decision,” Yrigoyen told the press on this same conference call.

The question now, of course, is whether Becca and Garrett will ever make it down the aisle?

They are saying all the right things, but let's face: Don't ALL Bachelor and Bachelorette couples say the right things at first?

Sound off below and let us know:

Do you think Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen will get married?

The Bachelor & The Bachelorette: The Most Shocking Exits Ever!

In the past 15 years, The Bachelor & Bachelorette have given us plenty of shockers, from emotional meltdowns to twists we never saw coming.

Usually, these events result - or stem from - an elimination.

Or a dramatic departure of one's own volition. Or someone being asked to leave by the show itself. Or just a really, really bad breakup.

With the TV cameras rolling, obviously. Not even The Bachelor spoilers or Bachelorette spoilers can prepare you for this kind of drama.

Suddenly it's no surprise that this franchise has left a mark on the genre, airing for more than THIRTY-FIVE seasons, with no end in sight.

The men, women and moments featured on this list made their way onto it for very diverse reasons. Often through no fault of their own.

All provided images we won't soon forget, however ... at least not 'til the next season airs on ABC and we update this list once again.

Where does this week's Bachelorette season finale, and its devastating heartbreak for Blake Horstmann, place in our rankings?

What about this spring's two-part shocker - which saw Becca Kufrin win The Bachelor, only to be dumped for Lauren Burnham?

Or for so many other famous faces from years' past?

Here's a look back at those and other stunning exits in the turbulent, nearly decade-and-a-half history of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette ...

1. DeAnna Pappas AND Jenni Croft

Brad blows everything
The one that started it all: Brad Womack rejected Jenni Croft on his season finale, and looked poised to propose to fan favorite DeAnna Pappas ... who he ALSO rejected! No matter what stunners took place in subsequent years - and we've seen a bunch, including the most recent finale - walking away with nothing and breaking two hearts AT THE FINAL ROSE CEREMONY remains the least expected (and least popular) move in franchise history.

2. Becca Kufrin

Arie and becca
It wasn't just that Arie Luyendyk Jr. got engaged to Becca Kufrin on the finale, then broke it off within a matter of weeks. We've seen that many times before. It wasn't even that he went back to Lauren Burnham, his season's runner-up, in the wake of that broken engagement. Jason Mesnick (scroll down) pulled that one off too. But the way in which Arie ended things with Becca - blindsiding her with cameras rolling, and ABC airing the 40-minute scene uncut - nearly took the top spot on this list. Just savage. Fortunately for Becca, she'll have a chance at love again as The Bachelorette this summer.

3. Jason Mesnick

Jason mesnick deanna pappas photo
DeAnna Pappas became The Bachelorette, and threw fans for a loop by rejecting beloved single father Jason Mesnick, who was so smitten with her, in favor of Jesse Csincsak ... who she stayed engaged to for like two weeks.

4. Melissa Rycroft

Melissa rycroft and jason mesnick
Jason Mesnick upped the ante on both Brad and DeAnna in the finale night shocker department. After getting engaged to Melissa Rycroft on his season finale, he dumped her ... on the After the Final Rose special, in favor of runner-up Molly Malaney! At least this one had a happy ending, though: Jason and Molly are happily married, and have a beautiful daughter.

5. Peter Kraus

Peter kraus promo pic
Peter Kraus, the runner-up on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, may well have won the thing if he had just been ready to propose. Many fans felt winner Bryan Abasolo was her real second choice, or even a rebound. We shall see - and also see if Peter will become the next Bachelor.

6. Lauren Burnham

Arie and lauren on after the final rose
Lauren Burnham, of course, ended up engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr., but not before being dispatched in a season finale twist that triggered his shocking reversal. Lauren had finally opened up to Arie for the first time on their final date, setting off an internal conflict that led him to get engaged to Becca Kufrin while still pining for Lauren.
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Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen: Will They Get Married?

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen swear their love is real.

They promise they will buck the tradition.

The reality stars, engaged after season finale of The Bachelorette, vow to one day exchange vows, saying on record that they truly will get married at some point down the line.

Becca and Garrett

But we hope they'll forgive us for having a few doubts.

It's just that... no couples ever get married after meeting on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Almost no couples, that is.

Once the cameras stop rolling on these twosomes, and their dates start centering more around the local movie theater than some ABC-sponsored trip to a tropical island, reality usually sets in.

And the engagement gets called off.

Will Becca and Garrett be different? Will they make it down the aisle? Below, our staff weighs in on the weightiest of questions.

Becca and Garrett Forever?

HELL NO by Tyler Johnson

Any time there’s a question of whether or not a Bachelor or Bachelorette couple will actually get and stay married, the smart money is on “hell no.”

The franchise has an almost-unbelievably horrendous track record when it comes to creating relationships that actually last longer than the petals on the final rose.

At this point, both series thrive on the viewers’ suspension of disbelief, sort of like when we pretend professional wrestling is real, or the winner of any TV singing competition actually has a shot in hell at becoming famous.

Garrett Yrigoyen with Becca

Anyway, the question of whether or not Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen will ever get married deserves not an actual answer, but instead a blank stare of disbelief.

There’s a better chance of Donald Trump having a Mexican holiday named after him (La Fiesta de la Naranja Estupida?) than of these two ever saying “I do.

It’s day one of the world knowing that Becca and Garrett are engaged, and dude is already defending himself for being a bigoted goober on social media.

And his explanation for liking memes that mock transgender people and school shooting survivors is that he didn’t know how Instagram works.

Becca Kufrin, Garrett Yrigoyen Split

So he’s both a douche and a dumbass. Double threat guy!

Becca has reluctantly defended Garrett’s actions, but her words had a slight “what did I get myself into?” tinge.

We think it’s safe to say this isn’t the most promising start.

So yeah, Becca and Garrett might be the perfect name for a boring couple that you meet at a barbecue and then immediately forget, but this relationship won't last until the 2019 grilling season.

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!

GOD NO by Simon Delott

Seeing Becca make such a colossally terrible romantic decision really made me wonder if she and Arie were perfect for each other, after all.

Because Becca and Garrett sure as hell are not.

The strongest force pushing Becca towards sticking with Garrett long enough to walk down the aisle together is probably just … shame.

She would feel ashamed if she dumped her fiance after she was so famously and brutally dumped by Arie.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen

She went into this role as the leading lady determined to make the right choice the first time and to not turn herself into one of the franchise's greatest villains.

Backing out before the wedding would mean giving up, and maybe she's not willing to do that.

Because she and Garrett hadn't already split before the finale aired, maybe she's stubborn enough to make it to the altar.

On the other hand, despite having chosen Garrett, Becca isn't stupid.

Even if she didn't know that his social media history shows him to be a huge bigot, the Bachelor Nation has been roasting Garrett for the way that he talks about her with “kindergarten language."

Holding Her Rose

And then there's his previous marriage, which was to a woman who looks eerily like Becca and also only lasted for two months.

Maybe Becca's a sucker for a dorky smile or maybe their pheromones really click, but whatever it is about Garrett that wormed its way into Becca's heart, it cannot be enough.

They are simply not compatible.

Becca has to wake up one day and realize that it's not worth ruining her life just to prove to Arie that she can stick with her choice.

Becca and Chris

LOL NO by Hilton Hater

My answer is summed up in the two-word introduction above, alongside my pen name.

I'd write more on the topic, but I am currently laughing out loud at the prospect of Becca and Garrett getting married.

Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it... and Becca is therefore destined to repeat hers.

Or at least the mistakes all of other franchise leads who believed you could fall in true love with cameramen standing six feet away at all times.

This ceremony is not going to happen.

Kayla Yrigoyen

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? by Free Britney

Reason number one of several hundred that it's hard to envision Becca Kufrin walking down the aisle with Garrett Yrigoyen?

The picture above. That's Garrett's ex-wife Kayla, who's basically a Becca doppelganger, when she married him years ago.

Think he's hung up on her at all? Maybe?

All kidding aside, Bachelor franchise couples face steep odds (and the real world) even under the best of circumstances.

These are not that.

Becca Kufrin, Kayla Split from Twitter

Garrett carries himself like Mr. All-American Wonderful on TV and says the right thing in pretty much every situation. It's uncanny.

That's likely because it's fake.

Yrigoyen comes across as a terrific salesman, a guy who knows what to say and when to say it to please his audience.

In this case, it was Becca. But his Instagram activity reveals someone who at least "Likes" things TV Garrett would abhor.

Also, Blake Horstmann was simply a better choice. If Becca didn't realize that while watching this season, then she's blind.

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Becca Kufrin Looks EXACTLY Like Garrett Yrigoyen’s Ex-Wife!

If you were already following The Bachelorette Spoilers, then Becca's fateful choice was no surprise. But that doesn't mean that it was any easier to watch Blake Horstmann get blindsided.

On top of Garrett Yrigoyen's Instagram bigotry scandal (he's super sorry) and the fact that he talks like a kindergartener, the Bachelor Nation found a new issue with Becca's choice.

Check out our video and decide for yourself: Does Becca look exactly like Garrett's ex-wife? And if so, what does that mean?

Becca and garrett forever

Back when we were first introducing you to Becca Kufrin's men, we mentioned that Garrett Yrigoyen (or someone with his exact same name in that same city) had been married a few years earlier.

As it turns out, that marriage was to a woman named Kayla.

That marriage lasted for all of two months.

As a lot of members of the Bachelor Nation pointed out on social media during the finale, a marriage that brief is probably a red flag.

Well, fans have also pointed out that there's something much weirder about Garrett's last marriage than just its brevity.

Take a look at two images that a fan on Twitter paired up:

Becca kufrin kayla split from twitter

Guys ... she looks just like Becca.

Becca and Kayla have the same dark hair -- which, in and of itself, isn't a huge deal.

They also have similar skin tones, but given Garrett's abhorrently bigoted social media history, most fans don't expect him to have a huge variety of skin tones in his dating history.

But they also have similar facial structures, right down to eyebrows and jawlines.

Oh, and they have very similar eyes.

Kayla yrigoyen

Honestly? We're not even sure what to do with this information. 

Garrett was a suitor, so it's less unnerving than it would be if he had been the Bachelor and singled out the contestant who looks like a clone of his ex-wife.

"Guys…this is Garrett’s ex-wife," one fan wrote about Kayla. "Who do you think she looks like?"

"Becca looks so much like Garrett ex-wife that it’s giving me chills," another confessed.

While we're sure that it didn't help that fans already disliked Garrett, this is admittedly a little eerie.

Kayla and garrett wedding pic

"Plot twist: we haven’t heard from Garrett ex-wife bc she actually is Becca," one Bachelor aficionado joked.

"Garrett is still in love with his ex," another theorized. "It’s obvious because Becca looks just her. But really, they’re twins."

"So uh… Garrett’s ex-wife looks like a stand-in for Becca," tweeted another. "And Becca’s ex looks like Garrett."

That line, of course, refers to Becca's ex-boyfriend from Minneapolis and not to Arie. 

Say what you will about Garrett, but he does not look like Arie.

Garrett yrigoyen

If you think that fans are blowing all of this out of proportion, feel free to watch the wedding video that we have included and decide for yourself.

If you agree with the Bachelor Nation, it might look a bit like a preview of Garrett and Becca's wedding.

Assuming that those two somehow make it that far, that is. A lot of folks don't believe that these two will quite make it downt he aisle.

Honestly? We suspect that Becca resembling Kayla is mostly just a coincidence.
But that doesn't mean that there aren't other issues with this relationship.
Becca kufrin looks exactly like garrett yrigoyens ex wife

Blake Horstmann: I Was Blindsided, Broken by Becca Kufrin

Blake Horstmann will live to love another day.

For awhile, however, it didn't feel that way.

Blake Horstmann Pic

On Monday evening, the world got to witness what Blake went through many months ago while filming the season finale of The Bachelorette.

That is, we got to witness his total and complete heartbreak at the hands of Becca Kufrin.

Despite being a seemingly very nice guy, and despite never having Liked anti-immigrant and anti-transgender Instagram posts, like certain other suitors, Blake was sent home last night.

He didn't take the dismissal well, either, crying pretty hard in from the Kufrin and the camera.

Can you blame the guy? The woman he believed to be his soulmate decided she wants someone else to propose to her instead.

That has to hurt.

“It was a big blindside,” Horstmann tells People Magazine, explaining that he saw himself as the favorite and that he was all set to pop the big question:

“I truly thought that if it came down to me proposing, that she wouldn’t say no. I thought what we had was real.”

Blake Horstmann with Becca

We really are sorry, Blake.

If it's any consolation, and we have no idea why it would be to be honest, we were totally rooting for you.

After being given the boot by Becca, Horstmann confesses it was “incredibly hard” to get over the heartbreak.

“It made for some really hard days, but I had a great support system,” he added to People.

“My family was amazing. We talked through a lot of things and they were there for me.”

We're so glad to hear this. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than family.

Blake and Becca

Thankfully, Blake said that filming the After the Rose special (which also aired on ABC last night) allowed for some "closure" and that he won't be pursuing Kufrin any longer.

"She’s an engaged woman and I want to respect that,” he says.

“And she’s very happy and I’m grateful for that. There’s no point in focusing on it when there is no future there."

How true.

But what about Blake's future on reality television?

It must be asked: Would he be willing to be the next Bachelor?

"I know this can work and if the opportunity presented itself, it would be something I would consider," Horstmann says.

Becca and Chris

Oh, Becca: Did you really make the right choice when you selected Garrett over Blake?

Last year, Arie Luyendyk Jr. wasn't named as the new Bachelor until a month after the previous Bachelorette season concluded.

So we may have a little bit until we learn whether Blake or another scorned suitor lands this sought-after role.

Would you want to see Horstmann as the Bachelor? Or would you prefer Jason Tartick?

Sound off now!

Garrett Yrigoyen: Really, I’m Sorry for That Instagram Scandal!

On Monday night's season finale of The Bachelorette, Garrett Yrigoyen won over Becca Kufrin.

Following an emotional two hours that saw Blake Horstmann break into tears and Becca nearly breakdown from having to make a decision, Yrigoyen was selected as this edition's champion and he responded in the most appropriate way possible...

Happily Ever After?

... by getting down on one knee and asking for Kufrin's hand in marriage!

But just because Garrett knows one thing:

He still has to win over Bachelorette Nation.

The controversial contestant may have proven his decency to Becca over the course of his run on the series, but many viewers still think of Yrigoyen NOT as someone romantic and well-meaning.

But as someone who Liked a number of offense and inappropriate social media messages many months ago.

Back in late May, it came out that Garrett seemingly approved of Instagram posts that were anti-immigrant, anti-feminism and anti-LGBT rights.

He issued an apology shortly after this troubling scandal broke, telling critics:

"I am sorry to those who I offended and I also take full responsibility...

"I am not perfect, and I will never be anywhere close, but now I will always be more informed and aware of what I am liking and supporting, not just on Instagram, but in life."

Garrett Yrigoyen Proposes!

Fast forward all this time later and Garrett's Likes are back in the news because he is back in the news, as the brand new fiance of Becca Kufrin.

He's therefore being prompted to address his views on minorities and those who have a different sexual orientation.

Without getting into these kinds of specifics, the Season 14 winner simply says in the latest issue of People Magazine:

“It was tough. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

He also tries to make it clear that the tap of one button on his computer or his phone does not sum up his world view when it comes to these societal topics:

"Just because I Liked it, doesn’t necessarily mean that I supported it.

"I was raised in a very open-minded family that was accepting to everybody. We’re very non-judgmental. I’m genuinely sincere."

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca asked viewers this spring to remain "open-minded" about Garrett, likely because she was already engaged to him at the time.

Now, though, Garrett says this idea of being as open and as candid with each other is exactly why their relationship works.

“We started a foundation of being honest and open and transparent,” he tells People, adding:

“Anything that’s come about, or just dealing with anything, that’s how we address it: head on. It makes our relationship so much stronger, and we continue to grow together."

That all sounds well and good -- but, as you might expect, quite a few fans think Becca has made a mistake.

garrett reaction

Tweeted one disgruntled Bachelorette fans, not even bothering to make a quip or a snarky remark:

Reminder: A man who joked about throwing immigrant children over trumps wall is about to win  #TheBachelorette and some of these children will likely never be reunited with their families.

@thebkoof choosing him is her being complicit and taking the easy and privileged way out.

If it makes this individual feel any better, Becca will likely NOT end up with Garrett, just based on the history of Bachelor and Bachelorette couples.

Or do you think these two crazy kids can buck that tradition?

Continue to follow our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to find out and then vote below:


The Bachelorette Finale Recap: Who Did Becca Kufrin Choose?

The Bachelorette just aired an iconic 14th season finale, and we can confirm what The Bachelorette spoilers foretold months ago:

Becca Kufrin is engaged!! But to whom?

Blake and Becca

Viewers have waited all summer (whether you read Bachelorette spoilers or not) to see how this thing ends for beautiful, sweet Becca.

For Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann, this is what they've fought for: To be the last man standing, holding a Neil Lane ring.

After what was, by and large, a fairly conventional season, might an epic twist still be in the works, After the Final Rose style?

To channel our inner Chris Harrison for a moment ... this was NOT the most anticipated, controversial finale in Bachelorette history.

But it wasn't half bad.

The Bachelorette Final 2

The beautiful Minnesotan spent 11 weeks paring down 25 suitors to just two. The two handsome men standing before her this evening.

So would she give the final rose to Garrett Yrigoyen, the once-divorced, instant frontrunner with the shady Instagram history?

Or would it go to Blake Horstmann, who has emerged as the dark Horst (sorry) over the past couple of episodes especially?

Both gentlemen met her family as Becca struggled with what could be the most difficult, consequential decision of her life.

Rebecca Kufrin

Who does she see a brighter future with - and can she trust that person with her heart, especially after what happened with Arie?

So which guy got the rose? And Becca said all along that she got engaged, but has it lasted? Is she still engaged right now?

Man alive, The Bachelorette producers sure can cut a slick finale, keeping us guessing and methodically ratcheting up the drama.

In the end, though, they can only do their best with the material Becca gives them, and there was no major shocker in store:

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca Kufrin is engaged to Garrett Yrigoven.

Yes, the first impression rose recipient many weeks ago is now Becca's fiance, having proposed (she said yes) at the end of the night.

That doesn't mean he was a lock, though.

The finale focused hardcore on Becca's "second thoughts" (again, those producers are good) and Blake really bringing his A-game.

Maybe it was editing, or maybe it was just his feelings and their chemistry peaking at the right time, but Horstmann made it a contest.

Becca and Blake

Just when you thought no one could match Garrett's connection with Becca - and Becca's family - Blake came awfully darn close.

His final date, capped off by that amazing scrapbook, seemed to push Becca over the edge ... or at least right up to the edge.

Not unlike his competition, he started to look like a 50-50 partner, the kind she's been dreaming of, and hoping he would be.

As such, she was 50-50 when it came to the two guys, or so it seemed. Sadly, there could be only one, and Blake lost out.

Becca and Chris

Rough. Holy cow that was ... wow.

That's all we can say about that Blake breakup. Yeesh. It's never easy to watch that sort of thing, but this one was super bad.

He got through that whole speech and everything. She just stood there, Gone are the days when the show lets them off easy, apparently.

Say what you will about reality shows, the pain on Blake's face was pretty real, and Becca's too for that matter. That was just painful.

Guy was legit trembling out there.

Blake, 28

Even on the LIVE After the Final Rose special, it wasn't much better. From the look on Blake's face, you would think it had just happened.

That's love. That's love.

When Kufrin took the stage to see Horstmann FOR THE FIRST TIME since they split, both had nothing but kind words for the other.

As Chris said, Blake has a LOT of fans in the house tonight. If he's NOT The Bachelor next winter, that would be a surprise.

Or at least a letdown.

Garrett, 29

Speaking of a letdown ... could the actual proposal from Garrett and the aftermath possibly match that level of emotion?

Close. Very, very close.

That was as sweet and cheesy (in a good way) as it gets, as Yrigoyen and Kufrin left the Maldives blissfully engaged.

Now for the hard part ...

The Bachelorette Spoilers: How Will it End For Becca … and Her Second Thoughts?!

After many months of hype, romantic dates, heartbreak, drama, scandal and Bachelorette spoilers, it has all come down to this.

The Bachelorette Season 14 finale airs this evening on ABC, drawing to a dramatic close in an epic three-hour installment as always.

Becca Kufrin, Final Two

What do The Bachelorette spoilers tell us about Becca Kufrin and her two remaining fellows, Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen?

Well, despite a good amount of off-screen drama involving Garrett's Instagram account, this has been a pretty conventional season.

After bidding farewell to Jason Tartrick and Colton Underwood's micropenis, Becca is left with her two obvious frontrunners tonight.

On Monday's season finale, Blake and Garrett travel to the Maldives to spent time with Becca and meet her family before she chooses.

Holding Her Rose

From the onset, The Bachelorette spoilers have pointed to one outcome, so it's no surprise that ABC's synopsis teases “second thoughts.”

Especially given her history, wouldn't it be ironic if Becca pulls an Arie and decides she made the wrong decision after the fact?

Well, before she meets Blake and Garrett for their final dates, Becca reunites with family and friends to discuss her journey.

Obviously, the goal is twofold: 1. Kill some time before we get down to the nitty gritty, and 2. Evaluate who would be a “better husband.”

“She can envision a future with both men, but time is running out,” the network synopsis of the season-ending episode teases.

Indeed, time is literally running out on this season. It's over tonight. This right here is for all the marbles ... roses ... whatever.

Garrett is first to meet Becca’s family in the Maldives, and the once-divorced heart throb is “intent on proving himself to them.”

Becca’s Uncle Chuck, a major figure in her life since her dad’s death, plays a key role here in discussing Garrett's first marriage.

Garrett and Becca Photo

Becca’s sister, meanwhile, warns Garrett not to break Becca’s heart, and he says there's no issue there, as he'll “care for her forever.”

As for Blake, he makes a great impression too, which only serves to leave Kufrin “shaken” when she thinks about having to end this.

No matter what, it's going to be a brutal end of the line for someone, and Becca’s family notices Blake worried about this very thing.

Taking things down to the wire, Becca is “unsure” about her decision, though she and Garrett are “on the same page” on their last date.

Becca Kisses Blake

Blake, meanwhile, goes all in on his last date, talking to Becca about being her soul mate, and presents her with a touching gift.

It is this gesture that causes Becca to wonder if she should go with her gut or whether she'll ultimately have “second thoughts.”

Obviously, ABC has not revealed who Becca’s winner is, but it's been semi-common knowledge to spoiler junkies for some time.

She picks Garrett over Blake and gets engaged. The only question that remains tonight is what happens in the aftermath.


Some supposed insiders have said that Kufrin has come to regret the fateful choice she made at her final rose ceremony.

Clearly, that would be gold for ABC, just as it was when Arie Luyendyk Jr. swapped out poor Becca for Lauren Burnham.

Well, sorry to disappoint you (or not), but while she may well have regrets ... but there's no sign of a switcheroo happening.

Becca and Garrett are still together and engaged, according to Reality Steve, who has heard nothing about a breakup.

Garrett Yrigoyen with Becca

Of course, this isn't to say that Becca hasn't had, or won't have, doubts in the aftermath of the season when all's said and done.

That's a much more viable hypothetical, especially given that Garrett's apology is surely going to be repeated ad nauseam now.

Becca's comments this season have been straight out of the Bachelor damage control playbook, so she's likely gearing up for it.

Will it be enough? Are his controversial Instagram "Likes" far from a big deal, or do they highlight a major difference in values?

Garrett Yrigoyen with Becca K.

It'll be interesting to say the least. The scrutiny of Bachelor or Bachelorette winners is always intense post-After the Final Rose.

For the engaged Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen, his past means they can expect even more hard questions than usual.

One has to imagine that at the very least, this will cause some strife. At worst, it will push them to the brink of a breakup.

The track record of success isn't great under the best of circumstances, so they will have to beat some very tough odds.

Think they can do it?

Discuss below.