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Kim Zolciak Turns 40, Wants You to Know She’s Still a MILF

Marlon Wayans is going to eat his hurtful White Chicks joke.

Kim Zolciak, reality star and mother of six, turned 40 years old over the weekend. That is a major milestone.

But in case anyone has any doubts about her enduring hotness, she and Kroy snapped some bikini selfies that should put your fears at ease.

Kim Zolciak Turns 40

Saturday, May 19, was Kim Zolciak's birthday, and she shared her celebrations with a post to Instagram.

"It’s my 40th Birthday."

She follows that line with a pink cake emoji and a red heart emoji.

"Last night was a dream. I am so grateful, blessed and humbled."

Friends and family turned out to see the Don't Be Tardy star turn "over the hill" as she ushers in a major life milestone.

"There are no words to truly describe how loved I felt and feel."

But she'll try anyway.

Kroy Biermann Selfie with Kim Zolciak

"Thank you to everyone that came I truly appreciate you,"

Naturally, though we're sure that she sent plenty of private, direct thank-yous, she wants to show her appreciation in a public manner.

"I love you all from the core of my being."

Awwww! That's sweet.

"A huge thank you to my INCREDIBLE husband who put his heart and soul into making everything perfect for me."

Kroy Biermann sure knows how to treat a lady.

"I love you @kroybiermann to the moon and back a gazillion trillion times always!"

She shareda  series of photos from her oceanic adventures with Kroy, captioning them:

"Walking on Sunshine"

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Fun in the Sun

Kroy wrote his own tribute to Kim, just recently, honoring her for Mother's Day.

"This woman right here!!! Where do I even start!?"

He did, in fact, figure out where to begin.

"I am so proud that she is the mother of our children and my wife!!"

Please hold your Borat impressions until the end.

"Every single day she wakes up and gives her ALL to us as a mother, wife, caregiver, and provider."

He credits her to the amazing successes and amazing little people that their six children are.

"Our children are filled with confidence, compassion, happiness, joy, and LOVE because of you @kimzolciakbiermann."

Kim Zolciak Selfie with Kroy Biermann

He talks about why honoring her on Mother's Day is so important.

"We celebrate you today and all you have accomplished in your time."

She has six kids, so there's a lot to honor.

"You have built incredible things and have touched so many lives in amazing ways."

He even credits her with making him a better person.

"We are all better people because of you!! I love you so much!!"

This is so touching.


Kim Zolciak, Bikini Silhouette

Kim and Kroy are one hot couple, and this set of steamy beach selfies show that Kim turning 40 really has not changed that.

Perhaps part of that is that the two of them cut out some unneeded stress, as Kim is not returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Allegedly.

Whatever the source of enduring hotness, fans clearly appreciated the photoset.

Though one fan did sort of complain by commenting with a request, writing: "Show kroy in that speedo."

Social media is a wonder.

Happy birthday, Kim!

Kenya Moore Accused of Faking Pregnancy AND Marriage! What?!

Kenya Moore went on a date night and she shared a photo of herself with her husband, Marc Daly. And then all hell broke loose in the comments.

Some followers wanted to know why Marc isn't wearing his ring. Those comments were enough to get Kenya to actually respond.

And others questioned why pregnant Kenya Moore doesn't seem to be showing a baby bump.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly, Date Night

Kenya shared this cuddly photo of the two of them.

She provided a little context in her caption:

"#DateNight with bae [red heart emoji]"

She also added:

"(Bae's ring is on the table thank you for asking)"

When a celebrity has updated their captions to answer a recurring question from fans, you know that the comments are going to be interesting.

Kenya's followers did not disappoint.

Kenya Moore at the Reunion

"I thought you were pregnant? Oh I get it #TryingToStayRelevant"

If you'll recall, Kenya said that she and Marc are expecting a child -- even though she's 47.

"Where’s the baby bump? Maybe surrogate???"

That's always possible, though it's not the case for Kenya, as we'll explain later.

"Where’s your baby bump?"

She's clearly hugging her husband. That's not going to put her bump on display.

Then there's this ominous af comment:

"What we say and do, will be returned to us."

That unexplained comment is going to keep us awake at night.

"I thought she was pregnant she don't look pretty on this picture."


Kenya Moore and Marc Daly

"A surrogate mother is a blessing congrats!!! Your lil one will be precious."

She's ... not doing a surrogacy, and it's weird that people assume that she is.

"Where is the pregnant belly?"

Right there, just not being emphasized by her pose, folks.

"I thought she was pregnant. What happened?"



We did not in any way exaggerate the number of question marks in that person's all-caps comment.

"Her ass looks pregnant."


Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

Kenya was also bombarded with questions about the location of her husband's ring, which she answered in her own comment.

"Jeez on the table. He can’t swing the club with it."

Rings can get in the way, folks.

Kenya also had her defenders in the comments, of course.

"So happy for you both! Who cares about a ring!! Love has no boundaries held within a ring. Be free and who cares what other people think!!"

When she offered that explanation, she was told that it was not owed.

"You do not have to explain anything."

Others shot down the absurd rumor that she was somehow faking a pregnancy.

"I see the bump...y'all blind!"

Fans wished her the best.

"So happy for you don't let Social media mess up your relationship."

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for "Bae Day"

One of Kenya's defenders left a comment so entertaining that we absolutely had to share it with you.

Here, she smacks down one of Kenya's critics:

"Wow no child left behind law helped you move right along didn't it? Anyone who still menstrates can have a baby. Medicine can also assist in having a baby. For example, IVF treatments is one. Please educate yourself before making yourself look like a PURE FOOL."


Kenya, by the way, took to Instagram stories to make one thing perfectly clear:

"No I don’t have a surrogate."

Let celebrities share photos of themselves, please, without harassing them in the comments.

Kim Zolciak: I Take It Back! Racism DOES Exist!

Kim Zolciak would like to make something clear:

Racism actually is still a problem in the world.

She's very sorry for ever insinuating otherwise.

Kim Zolciak for Bravo

Yes, Zolciak had to go out of her way on Thursday morning to make this point known.

That's because Kim got herself into scalding hot water on Sunday night during part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special.

After the reunion itself concluded, Kim, her husband Kroy Biermann, Andy Cohen and several others were in the bathroom for a candid conversation.

And this is what we heard Zolciak say:

"This whole racism thing in this day and age is bullsh-t. Everyone one of those motherf-ckers on that couch owes this world a f-ckin' apology for this racism sh-t. 

"They already tried to claim that sh-t long ago... nobody really bought into it because social media wasn't there and racism wasn't all that f-cking real. And you know it."

Ummm.... wow, huh?

Kim Zolciak in Red

Earlier this year, Zolciak WENT OFF on NeNe Leakes, screaming online about how her arch rival has a roach-infested home, which many interpreted as a rather racist remark.

Kim then found herself under pretty constant attack during the reunion.

Chalk up her comments later to frustration or extreme ignorance, but at least she has now made an effort to walk them back.

"During the last RHOA Reunion episode, I made a comment that confused and offended people. I sincerely apologize," she said today through her publicist, blaming producers a bit by adding:

"Edited out of context, I understand why my remark angered people."

Zolciak then continued at length.

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

This is what she had to say about the topic:

Racism is a sad reality in the United States. It has been prevalent throughout our country's history. Let me be very clear, I do NOT support, tolerate or put up with any form of racism, hate or other discrimination.

My love for ALL people runs deep—I am open to all and always have been.

I was heartbroken when I watched the last few minutes of the episode and saw how my words were taken out of context.

My comment that seemingly 'racism didn't exist 10 years ago' was made as part of a larger, emotional 45-minute conversation about how, sadly, social media has become a hub for hate.

Immediately following my confusing comment, I also said that 'it's not as real as it is now' referring to the power of social media.

But those remarks didn't make the show.

I believe that social media has made a centuries-old issue more real. Before social media, the public simply observed the news.

Now, the public actively participates and has an opportunity to take action - in real time.

Before we go any further, just a note that you can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online below in order to actually hear what Kim said on air:

Finally, in conclusion, Zolciak says the following:

But this is a double edged sword. Now, when false accusations are made, they are amplified by online platforms regardless of their merit. This wasn't the case 10 years ago when I started on RHOA.

I truly pray that the people wishing horrible things on others, and on me, channel that energy into something positive. Our world would be a much better place if you do.

I am committed to making this world a better place to live. I will continue to learn from, and be open to, ALL people.

But she won't be doing it via this program, that is, because Zolciak says she's finished.

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

It's probably for the best, too.

She's done enough damage to her reputation over the past few weeks and would likely benefit from stepping back from the spotlight for a bit.

First, however, we must ask:

Do you want to respond to these accusations of homophobia, Kim?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 21 Recap: Kim Zolciak Claims Racism ‘Wasn’t Real’ and Is Magnified by Social Media

Kim Zolciak took her final stand against her enemies on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 21, and we think it's fair to say she won't be missed. 

From deplorable comments to even more deplorable comments, Kim went out by pretty much incinerating what little credibility she had left. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will already know that Kim has been going at it with most of the other housewives all season long. 

However, most of the housewives took offense to Kim branding Leakes as "sick and disgusting" for living in a roach nest. 

The housewives felt like this lapse in judgment was racist, and that Kim should own up to what she did wrong. 

“You’re reaching. Reaching,” Zolciak-Biermann fired back when she realized her words did not land with the ladies. “Don’t try it. It has nothing to do with the projects or none of that s—. A roach is a roach.”

But the real drama was saved for when Kim when Kim held a private meeting after the show was over. 

However, Andy was not ready to admit defeat and urged Kim to make her comments heard. 

Kim Zolciak Winks

“That bitch knows I’m not racist. NeNe knows I’m not racist,” Zolciak-Biermann said to Cohen.

“You know why you have not found another white woman to [join the cast]? Because nobody is dumb enough to do that!"

"Put yourself in my shoes — five African-American women — just hammered! I couldn’t even speak, my mind’s a f—— whirlwind!”

Kim then went a step too far by complaining that racism was only something being made bigger by social media. 

“This whole racism thing in this day in age is b——. Everyone of those m———— on that couch owe this world a f—— apology for this racism s—,” she said.

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

“They already tried to claim that s— long ago. Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn’t there and racism wasn’t f—— all that real. You know it.”

We wish we were kidding about what she said, but she drew a line and took a high jump over it. 

It makes sense now that Kim is off the show because she never wanted to admit she was wrong, and the other housewives all seemed to echo Leakes' sentiments about her. 

“How much can a person take?” Kim asked Cohen in the show’s final moments.

“There wasn’t even one positive question for me. I was hammered! … There wasn’t a positive question. I have a very success marriage, I have beautiful children, there was nothing positive.”

Andy Cohen is Handsome

But Andy knew Kim had made her bed, and he or the producers were not to blame for the way she acted. 

“There was nothing positive, unfortunately, in your story from the season,” he told her. “It was all combative, it was. Because your whole time on the show as combative, it was.”

Yeah, we think it's doubtful that Kim will ever appear on the series again, but she still has Don't Be Tardy, and we're not sure how that's going to pan out. 

Okay, what did you think of the final episode of the season? Did Kim go too far? Should she return to reality TV?

Hit the comments below. 

Kim Zolciak Threatens to Sue; NeNe Leakes DARES Her to Try!

Even though Kim Zolciak is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, it doesn't look like her feud with NeNe Leakes has run its course just yet.

In fact, Kim has written about NeNe, mentioning that she could sue her if she were so inclined.

NeNe is clapping back and essentially daring Kim to try it.

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes

Kim Zolciak has taken to Instagram to discuss her conflict with her erstwhile costar.

"I am so sorry for what has happened @neneleakes."

It starts off as an apology ... but quickly changes tone.

"We both know the truth, we both know that if I wanted to, I could have a law suit."

And she goes into all of the reasons that she believes that she has grounds to sue NeNe.

"For the lies you have spewed, tweeting out fake texts, implying I am racist, attacking me physically, claiming my daughter tweeted negative about you and your home."

That is, of course, a reference to the explosive #RoachGate feud.

Kim Zolciak Puts Her Hand Up

Kim Zolciak's statement continues.

"We both know these are lies. I have reacted to it publicly and for that I am sorry. I should have risen above it."

And yet she seems to be continuing to react publicly. But hey, that is arguably part of the job of a reality star.

"I personally will no longer engage with you on social media and perpetuate the hate. I am asking you to do the same."

We have NeNe's next engagement on social media below.

"We are grown women with families. Enough is enough. I want us to move on."

Good luck with that, Kim.

"If you continue this, it will be because you are attempting to stay on the show and stay relevant and that’s on you."

NeNe Leakes Reaction Image

NeNe, of course, was not going to let any part of that slide -- particularly not the implied threat of a lawsuit.

"Please file a lawsuit Chile! Like I’m begging you."

Most people don't beg to be sued, but it sounds like NeNe is itching for a court battle.

"You can never WIN when you play DIRTY so throw in the towel! I mean throw in the lips."

Another jab at Kim's appearance, right on the heels of Marlon Wayans making a cruel White Chicks joke at Kim's expense.

"Anytime you wanna go to court, I’m happy to see you there because your lies have runneth over."

Kim Zolciak: A Selfie

So ... they both accuse each other of lying.

But ... are they really willing to take this Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes battle into a courtroom?

Imagine spending years going through school and then law school and passing the bar and working as an attorney ... only to have to participate in a lawsuit between two women, one of whom accused the other's daughter of smuggling cockroaches in her genitals.

To say nothing of what the judge would feel. How many legal professionals would be questioning how their careers had brought them to a place where they were taking part in that case?

Is anyone else reminded of Joanna Krupa suing Brandi Glanville for saying that Joanna's vagina smells bad?

It's worth noting that Joanna actually won her case. What a time to be alive.

NeNe Leakes Selfie

NeNe also clapped back at Kim on Instagram, writing:

"I really wanna keep it 100 but sometimes you have to just keep it bout 75! So many things happen behind the scenes that you guys just never get to know or see."

So she's holding back due to professional and contractual obligations.

"I knew working with her would be a mess and I’ve said it over & over & over again to ALL of my higher ups but what happens, i get reprimanded! I’m the bad guy!"

Again, she laments that she can't reveal what she wants to say.

"I wish i could speak so much more freely but it’s best not too."

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes Selfie

"Sometimes you just have to let people see things for themselves which is what happened here!"

"I’ve been called everything in the book and painted so many different colors i have to wonder if I’m still black."

That was a cute phrase.

"Kim loves to push buttons, lie, talk s--t, insult, then become a victim when she’s called out on her s--t!"

That is sort of ... part of the job of being a reality star, in many people's minds. But it sounds like she's implying that there's some of it that goes on even behind the scenes.

"Most people would love for me to be the bully but the only bully here is Kim & her plastic surgeon! Bye wax figure."

Word to the wise: don't slam those who call you a bully and then insult someone else's appearance in the same breath.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 20 Recap: NeNe Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak

We think it's fair to say that the days of NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak being cordial to each other are long gone. 

In fact, it would not surprise us if the pair never spoke to each other again after The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 20

The action kicked off as soon as Kim walked on stage. The eye rolls and looks of disgust made it obvious there was going to be much drama. 

“You look younger than you did ten years ago,” Andy Cohen said to Kim, to which she responded, “I mean, I think that has a lot to do with makeup.”

“Your lips are considerably bigger. What’s the end game with the lips?” Andy grilled.

“It just depends on how I’m feeling at the moment,” Kim replied with a grin. 

The conversation quickly turned to the NeNe-Kim feud, and it went nuclear when Kim started showing off the picture of NeNe parked in the handicap spot. 

Kim Zolciak, Andy Cohen, and NeNe Leakes

“All this bulls*** you’re gonna talk?” NeNe yelled at the naked selfie Queen. “Put it out now b**** I’m right here with your a**.”

Andy wanted to dig deep in order to find out the true reason for how these women are so at odds with each other. 

Kim opined that NeNe was jealous of her life with her husband.

"You’re a hater. You are f***ing trash!” NeNe continued to rant at her nemesis. Unfortunately, the feud was cut short because there is still another week of this reunion to go. 

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

Elsewhere, there was more drama for Kandi and Porsha. If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will already know that Kandi has been chanting for weeks that Porsha's apology was fake as hell. 

Surprisingly, Porsha seemed ready to bury the hatchet and finally move on with her life. 

“I’m not putting any blame on you… I hear you loud and clear," Porsha began her final attempt at an apology. 

"It was a bad choice, and I wish I wasn’t a part of it. If that is what you were missing, you have it today. I apologize for the situation, and there is no but.” I

The ladies finally had a handshake, and that was that .... until next season. 

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

Then, NeNe was put on blast for making friends with Marlo once again, and that's because Kenya is not a fan of her. 

This is the thing with these Bravo reality shows: You can't be friends with someone one of your friends hates. It's petty, but it must be part of the contract to appear on the shows. 

Marlo appeared on the stage and wasted no time in voicing her displeasure about Kenya calling her a prostitute. 

This made Andy ask Marlo where she made her money. 

“I dated a billionaire,” she said as though she had a well-rehearsed response for everything. 

In any case, the second half of the reunion lacked the luster that The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 19 had. 

It's time for a cast refresh and the producers know that. Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak will not be back next season, so that's a positive. 

What did you think of all the action?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sundays on Bravo. 

Kim Zolciak to The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Good Riddance!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans just received some real, raw and terrible news:

One of the franchise's most famous faces has said she will not return for the next all-new run of episodes.

Or the one after that... or the one after that.

Kim Zolciak: A Selfie

Yup, folks, it's true: Kim Zolciak is outta there.

For good.

On Saturday, the mother of six, who was traveling with husband Kroy Biermann, was stopped by a TMZ cameraman at the Los Angeles airport.

Asked about her future on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Zolciak made her answer as clear as can be, responding that she is "never, never" appearing on the series.


Because the show causes "too much unneeded stress," she said.

Kim Zolciak Winks

Such a stance should not come as a shock to fans of this Bravo program.

Zolciak's feud with NeNe Leakes reached new levels of intensity, immaturity and, some would say, racism over the past several weeks.

The reality stars, along with Kim's daughter, went back and forth over whether NeNe has roaches in her home and, basically, over which of them sucks the most.

Prior to Kim's TMZ-related confirmation, Andy Cohen even told People Magazine he assumed the veteran cast member had screamed her final on-air insult.

“I think she’s done, yeah,” Cohen told the publication, recounting the tension in filming the the Real Housewives season 10 reunion with Zolciak-Biermann and longtime rival Leakes:

 “[Kim] walked out of that reunion and I said, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen the last of that wig at these reunions.'"

Here's a glimpse at that walk-out:

Zolciak, of course, departed the show that made her famous back in its fifth season to film her own reality show Don't Be Tardy./

But she made a triumphant and well-publicized return for Season 10 last year.

The three-part Real Housewives reunion special to which Cohen refers above kicked off on April 8 and has already stirred more than its share of hilarious controversy.

Case in point?

Marlon Wayans actually reminded the world he's still alive a few days ago when he dissed Kim via Instagram by sharing an image of her from the reunion and writing:

"No we are not in production on White Chicks 2. The f--k?!"

Zolciak was offended by this jab.

"Was always a super big fan of yours and my kids loved you," she wrote in the comments section. "This hurts but I guess its all for laughs."

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

Hey, we laughed.

And we also assume we'll see plenty of Kim going forward, despite this declaration.

She has quite the strong social media presence, having formed somewhat of a partnership with daughter Brielle.

They are always joking and posing together on Instagram and we'd be stunned if they don't sign up for their own series at some point.

Just two days ago, perhaps in reply to this stage in her life and whatever the future holds, Zolciak wrote online:

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them.

They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.

Will you miss her in Atlanta?

Sheree Whitfield: Fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Major change is underway on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

First, as previously reported, Kenya Moore is pregnant with her first child.

The 47-year old made this stunning announcement on Sunday night at the outset of the show's reunion special.

Sheree Whitfield Looks Odd

But while Moore is set to welcome a new life into the world, one of her long-time castmates must now prepare to bid farewell to her former life.

That's right: Sheree Whitfield has been fired from the franchise.

According to Us Weekly insiders, the Bravo personality has not been invited back for Season 11 of this beloved reality TV program.

And the the tabloid makes it very clear that Sheree most definitely wanted that invitation to be extended.

She's "very upset," the source says of Sheree, especially because her termination is reportedly linked to boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams.

As those who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, or who follow the lives of these ladies closely know well, Gilliams is currently behind bars.

He's serving 10 years in prison for stealing $5 million in wire fraud schemes.

Why might this situation have played a role in the  network’s decision not to bring Whitfield back?

Sheree Whitfield on Insta

“Bravo can’t film inside or even outside the jail. This is causing a problem with her storyline,” the source explains.

It's worth noting, of course, that Teresa Giudice got a raise to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey,even though her husband is in jail right now...and she recently got out of the clink!

Bravo can expect to receive some questions over this, possibly race-related double standard in the days ahead.

Why does a white woman almost get rewarded for a jail stint and a black woman gets punished?

Sheree Whitfeield Image

This is not the first time that Sheree has exited the series, of course.

After starring on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the first four seasons, the departed the program in 2012.

She then jumped back on board in a friend/supporting role for season 8 in 2015 -- and returned as a full-time Housewife the following year for seasons 9 and 10.

Talk about a roller coaster of a journey, huh?!?

It may perhaps serve as some solace to Whitfield that Kim Zolciak won't play a role on Season 11, either.

Kim has been Sheree's closest friend for the duration of her time in Atlanta.

But with these two not part of the cast going forward, we need to now ask:

Will you even tune in for Season 11?!?

Kim Zolciak Slams Marlon Wayans for Hurtful "White Chicks" Joke

Marlon Wayans made a joke at Kim Zolciak's expense.

She hit back at him in the comments.

Is this mean, is this funny, or is it ... both?

Kim Zolciak Reaction Image

So, The Real Housewives of Atlanta had its reunion special. As usual, there was drama.

This time, as NeNe Leakes had previously hinted, Kim was at the center of a vortex of criticisms from various Housewives.

(All of this despite having been reduced to a mere Friend of the Housewives!)

You know how sometimes makeup and lighting and a facial expression can have a really unflattering effect on an otherwise attractive person?

There may have been some of that going on with Kim's look.

And Marlon Wayans could not resist making this joke.

Kim Zolciak, White Chicks

Coupled with a less-than-flattering screenshot of Kim Zolciak from the Reunion Special, he wrote:

"No we are not in production on White Chicks 2. The f--k?!"

White Chicks, of course, was a widely lampooned 2004 comedy about two black male FBI agents who go undercover ... as white women.

Part of the running joke for that film was that the two men did not look convincing in their disguises.

The effect of the makeup on their faces made them look more like horrifying androids. There were some uncanny valley elements to their look.

As you can see in this image:

White Chicks

Obviously, comparing an actual white woman to White Chicks was very unkind.

And the 39-year-old reality star thought so, too.

Kim took the comments to share her displeasure with Marlon, writing:

"Was always a super big fan of yours and my kids loved you."

She continues, and shows a bit of vulnerability.

"This hurts but I guess its all for laughs."

Kim Zolciak Puts Her Hand Up

"You should hope & pray that one day a grown man never takes this kind of dig at the expense of your daughter," Kim concluded.

That's sort of odd to say, since his joke didn't target one of Kim's daughters, but Kim herself.

"Grow up dude"

It can be easy to forget that reality stars are real people with real feelings.

Kim's lips may be fake, but her heart is 100% organic.

A celebrity like Marlon Wayans should know that celebrities can see and be saddened by cruel things posted to social media. Especially if the one doing the posting is also a celebrity.

It was, to be clear, a bad photo.

Marlon Wayans Image

Was Marlon being awful by posting it?

Or does Kim's status as a reality star and the fact that the image is real and undoctored make it fair game?

Different people will have different opinions, of course.

But it looks like Marlon is standing by his joke. Because that post is, as of Monday afternoon, still up.

It should be of no surprise to anyone following Kim's feud with NeNe Leakes to learn that NeNe found the post hilarious, and replied with a number of emojis to express that.

One imagines that NeNe would be less amused if Marlon had decided to make a joke at her expense.

But that would be true of most people.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 19 Recap: Is Porsha Williams a Villain?

We think it's fair to say that The Real Housewife Season 10 has been one of the most toxic in franchise history. 

We've had some of the biggest bust-ups to date, shifting alliances and some of the cast members just being horrible people (we're looking at you NeNe Leakes.)

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 19, it was time to sit down with the cast and host Andy Cohen to unpack the wild season. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know that Porsha has found herself immersed in some of the biggest fights of the season. 

As such, she was put on blast by practically the entire cast. Seriously, we felt a little for her. 

Kandi opened up about just how toxic things had become between her and Porsha and how she would never be able to be friends with her. 

Kandi Burruss Reunites

The date rate rumor represented a huge turning point for their friendship. It was the thing that sunk it and proved there was no way they could ever be friends. 

Kandi felt like Porsha's myriad of apologies throughout the series have been a little too much. Kandi seemed to only want an apology from Porsha that meant something. 

Porsha felt like she had been put on blast one too many times and that she was not ready to go through all of that again. 

Sheree was also against Porsha because of what happened between with Shamea. Porsha previously apologized to Sheree for telling Shamea she should not be trusted. 

But Porsha tried to come up with excuses for why she said it. This was a stark contrast from when the cameras were rolling, and she was the first one to apologize. 

Porsha Williams Image

While Porsha was being used as the scapegoat in the situation, Sheree was also put on blast for everything that happened. 

Case in point: Sheree was already in the know about the cockroach video Kim had in her inventory ready to use against NeNe. 

But Andy seemed to be shushing her because he's saving Kim for the second week of the reunion. 

Then there was Kenya who may well have saved her role on the show. She's been so adamant about keeping her husband, Marc Daly, away from the cameras. 

She revealed that she is expecting a child. It's funny because there was a good chance Kenya was being let go after this season. 

“We will definitely be welcoming a boy or girl in late this year,” Moore said in a chat with Andy. 

Kenya Moore at the Reunion

“Oh my God, I said that! I don’t want to talk about the details because I’m still very nervous about everything, so I want to get past a safe place,” she continued. 

Now, her return is all but guaranteed. While everyone loved the twist about the pregnancy, Kenya admitted she wanted to keep Marc away from the cameras to preserve the wedding. 

In all honesty, this first episode was low-key, and there were not big events aside from the pregnancy reveal. 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues next Sunday. 

Kenya Moore: Pregnant with First Child! At Age 47!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunited on stage last night.

The major news to come out of this Bravo special was the bombshell that Kenya Moore's egg was recently united with Marc Daly's sperm, however.

That's right... the veteran reality star is pregnant!

Kenya Moore at the Reunion

Moore, who is 47 years old, made this unexpected and exciting confirmation early on the Real Housewives reunion special Sunday evening.

“We will definitely be welcoming a boy or girl in late this year,” Moore said in response to a question from host Andy Cohen, adding:

“Oh my God, I said that! I don’t want to talk about the details because I’m still very nervous about everything so I want to get past a safe place.”

Moore's co-stars seemed legitimately stunned by the news.

It was a rare example of candor and of natural reactions on a reality TV program, culminating in a round of applause from everyone

After receiving congratulations, Kenya said she simply wants “a healthy baby." The gender is unimportant.

Yay for Kenya!

Moore and Daly got married last June in St. Lucia.

The wedding came as a total surprise both to fans and also to Bravo producers.

There was actually chatter shortly afterward that Kenya would be fired because she didn't give the show a chance to film her wedding.

But here she still is, fulfilling a goal Kenya said she and her husband discussed from the beginning.

"We both want to start a family and soon - like, right away,” Moore told People Magazine last summer. “We both want a child.”

In December, amid reports that she was pregnant, Kenya told Us Weekly:

"Let’s just say that we definitely want to have a child. I’m not opposed to treatments, so I wouldn’t be ashamed of that. Let’s just hope in the next year we will see some results from whatever I’m doing."

So we guess this news really should not have come as a shock after all.

Kenya Moore Wedding Photo

Added the 47-year old at the time, first about herself:

"Everyone tells me I will be an amazing mom because I’m very nurturing and I’m very patient. Look how I am with my little puppies.

"I treat them like they will break. I spoil my little puppy babies. Everyone says I will be a great mom and I’m hoping I will be too."

And then about Daly:

“He wants to be the kind of father that is really involved. He dreams of driving a minivan. I’m like, who dreams of driving a minivan? He’s so excited. I think it’s cute.

"The minivan or a Ferrari? Minivan might attract housewives, real housewives, and a Ferrari might attract the wrong type of women who might think he’s single."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo Sundays at 8/7c.

Click on the video below to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and see Kenya's big announcement for yourself:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 18 Recap: Nightmare on Peach Street

Another season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is in the can, and we can't help but feel like the series is running out of steam. 

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 18, the ladies were all looking to the future after a season of crazy developments. 

When the episode kicked off, Sheree was excited about a lot of things: She had a boyfriend who was incarcerated, and she was finally getting her basement completed, so she had somewhere to hide him when any of her friends stopped by. 

We're kidding about the "hiding" part, but seriously, it's crazy that Sheree is still pressing on with this relationship despite all of the uncertainty. 

“I am super excited to finally just be able to show off my basement,” said Sheree to the audience about her basement. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know fine well these women have a knack for showing off their houses. 

That's sort of what happens when you appear on TV on a regular basis. It becomes a competition about who has the nicest house.

Yes, these housewives are that shallow, but maybe that's what the producers (and viewers!) like, or like to hate about them.   

Sheree Whitfeield Image

One person, who probably isn't getting invited to the basement is Porsha. Sheree learned that Porsha was running her mouth about all of the women to Shamea when she left Spain. 

The big kicker for Sheree was that Porsha allegedly said that she could not trust any of the other women on the show, and that included Sheree.

Sheree was blindsided because she felt like things were going good for them as friends. Sheree decided to skip Porsha's performance on some tour in retaliation. 

Cynthia and Kenya were the only women who went to support her, but Kim could not stop running her mouth about both Porsha and Vivica. 

“I can’t tell you how much it warmed my heart,” says Porsha. “Knowing all we’ve been through in the past, them being here erases all that.”

Porsha Williams Image

Yeah, we're going to bet things will change at the reunion because this is pretty shady of Kim. 

The final big event of the episode focused on Eva and Kandi bonding and throwing a Halloween party together. 

The drama kicked up a few notches when Porsha learned from Kim and Sheree that Shamea 'fessed up about Porsha's comments.

“After hearing what Porsha said, I don’t think she really knows how to be a friend,” Sheree said in a confessional. It makes sense because Porsha cannot seem to stop running her mouth.

NeNe tried to recruit Porsha to her side of the division among the housewives when she ran off. 

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

"What if all the girls came and stood right here and you apologized and took full accountability for whatever it is that you have done,” NeNe asked her. “No,“Because they’re fake.”

Yeah, we're going to be watching the hell out of the reunion because things are going to be crazy!

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments below.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Trailer: Kim Zolciak Storms Off!

NeNe Leakes had previously teased that there would be major drama at The Real Housewives of Atlanta's reunion special, and that pretty much everyone had a bone to pick with Kim Zolciak.

As you're about to see in the video below, she wasn't lying.

Take a look at this explosive teaser trailer.

Kim zolciak andy cohen and nene leakes

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know that this season was bonkers.

Little details -- like Kandi and NeNe believing that Kim Zolciak is too dependent upon her husband, Kroy Biermann -- were overshadowed by huge scandals, on and off camera.

One major source of drama was Kenya's storyline being more or less nonexistent this season, after her secret wedding was followed by her camera-shy husband's refusal to show up on camera.

Until he surprised her, and the audience, with a special appearance. Viewers weren't just treated to seeing a husband surprise his wife. They got to watch Marc Daly save his wife's job.


Kim zolciak puts her hand up

But while Kim Zolciak wasn't front and center during this season -- remember, she was reduced to a Friend of the Housewives status -- it looks like she's grabbing a lot of attention during the reunion special.

During the trailer that you can watch below, Kim says:

"Jealousy's a disease, get well soon bitch."

That line sounds pre-packaged in an effort to be quotable, but you don't get to decide to become a meme, Kim.

She goes on to defend herself and her status, saying:

"I don't have my own show for no reason."

Nene leakes reaction image

Meanwhile, it seems like every other Housewife wants a piece of Kim Zolciak.

Kenya Moore calls out Kim's wig, which seems like an odd move to make -- plenty of folks wear wigs, especially on reality television.

But maybe faking those meltdowns in an effort to stay interesting this season exhausted her barbs.

The others, however, were out for blood.

Kandi Burruss criticizes Kim for lingering on "the sidelines, watching us like a f--king fan" when there's drama among the Housewives.

But it's NeNe who really gives it to Kim.

Kim zolciak reaction image

NeNe Leakes goes off on Kim, lecturing her with her arm in a state of constant motion. More than once, viewers can see NeNe rise up out of her chair.

Seriously, this looks brutal.

NeNe yells "I don't give a f--k about you!" ... and then we see Kim Zolciak become so distressed that she gets up and walks off of the stage.

She's upset that NeNe couldn't stay in her own chair, but there's more to it than that.

Later -- and we don't know how much later, but Kim isn't wearing the same outfit -- we see Kim tearfully speaking to Andy Cohen.

"I'm so upset with you, everyone of those motherf--kers on this couch owe this world a f-cking apology."

Kim zolciak lectures through tears

There's a lot more going on here.

For starters, you're going to hear some banter about the idea of Andy Cohen prepping to deliver a baby if necessary ... with some jokes at his expense.

It is rumored that Kenya Moore may announce that she is pregnant at the reunion, but we'll wait and see if things really go down like that.

You're going to see a lot of conflicts here, folks. And, as NeNe had previously teased, everybody goes in on Kim Zolciak.

The reunion special airs on Sunday, April 8th, but you can see the trailer right here:

The real housewives of atlanta reunion trailer kim zolciak storm

Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes: #RoachGate Feud EXPLODES on Twitter

So, remember how that whole feud of Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak versus Kenya Moore started when Brielle pointed out on social media that she'd found roaches in NeNe Leakes' home?

Well, that's not over.

And now that #RoachGate was brought up again, NeNe and Kim are going at it on Twitter.

Kim Zolciak Winks

Because #RoachGate came up again, thanks to The Real Housewives of Atlanta's recent episodes featuring the Barcelona trip, the old resentments are boiling over and onto social media.

"Wigfield & cigarette breath tried 2 discredit me all season long!"

By "Wigfield," she means Brielle Biermann. By "cigarette breath," she means Brielle's mother, Kim Zolciak.

"They came [into] my house wit ROACH gate, I’m on drugs etc."

NeNe has accused Kim of racism, for which Kim has said that she received death threats. That's scary and serious.

NeNe's rant continues:

"I tried my best 2 befriend them but This is why U can never WIN when U play DIRTY."

NeNe Leakes Selfie

Kim Zolciak hit back at NeNe with a series of tweets, writing:

"This is exactly why I said this b--ch has to be on something."

Allegations of drug use aren't really funny, but it seems that Kim believes that NeNe may be genuinely unstable.

"She's insane! Nobody wanted to be befriended by a b--ch who consistently shows their ass."

Remember, folks, that very few people become Real Housewives if they're open to easily and quietly resolving interpersonal conflicts. They're supposed to be entertaining, not nice.

Kim insists taht she knows who NeNe is and what she's really like.

"WE know who you are. The REAL you! Nobody values your friendship. Haven't for years! You have victims not friends."

Brielle Biermann: A Selfie

Kim goes on to shoot down NeNe's accusations.

"'Cigarette breathe?' I haven't smoked a cigarette in years."

Smoking is gross, but it's a powerfully addictive habit and, until very recently, there were widespread social pressures for people to pick up the habit when they were very young.

Even now, there are still pressures to smoke within certain pockets of society, such as in intensely rural areas and in industries such as modeling.

Good for Kim Zolciak for ridding herself of that addiction.

Kim goes on to double down on the presence, which was recorded on video, of roaches in NeNe's house.

"The bug was in your house just a few months ago. FACT What else?"

As you may recall, when NeNe slammed Brielle Biermann as a Kylie Jenner wannabe, she also accused her of planting the bugs.

Specifically, she said that they must have emerged from Brielle's genitals, though she did not phrase it that way.

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

Kim continued her retort to NeNe's angry post.

"I pray to god I'm not this miserable and bored at 50 Imagine being so sad and stupid that the only time anyone's mentioning you is if you're mentioning someone you 'have no time for.'"

Notice Kim's dig about NeNe Leakes being older. That's come up already during this feud.

Kim Zolciak, though a mother of six children, is only 39 years old.

"Off to film my OWN show!" Kim concludes.

She then sends her best wishes to her fans.

"Have a great day you guys! Stay blessed not stressed/pressed."

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

At the beginning, Kenya Moore was involved in the feud, but fans assume that she was only so outspoken because she was trying to save her job at the time.

Now that Marc Daly has made his RHOA debut, she doesn't need to fight with everyone in sight in order to have a storyline.

But NeNe Leakes ... is still who she's always been. And the same goes for Kim Zolciak.

Their explosive feud doesn't show any sign of dying down in the near future.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 17 Recap: Shade Will Be Thrown

Marc Daly is real, you guys!

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 17, we finally got to lay eyes on Kenya Moore's husband, and we're amazed about it. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know that Kenya's marriage has been the subject of much scrutiny because of it all happening in secret. 

Sheree Whitfield, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Her pals have wondered whether there was more to it than met the eye, but Kenya kept countering that her man was just not into the way men were portrayed on the franchise. 

Kenya's storyline has been lacking on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10, and we would not be surprised if she were officially fired. 

In any case, she finally got something to do this week. Remember the PSA about domestic violence from Cynthia Bailey? Well, Kenya was given the opportunity to speak out about it during a screening party. 

This involved bringing some survivors out, glamming them up and parading them around for the Bravo cameras. As expected, all of the housewives showed up for the festivities. 

It's fantastic that these women can put all of the drama aside to come together for a good cause. Maybe there's hope for them yet. 

Sheree Whitfeield Image

Sheree was quick to question where Marc was, and Kenya looked like she wanted to burst into tears. She blatantly said her husband could not book a plane ticket. 

In one of the biggest shockers in recent memory, Marc brazenly walked through the doors of the event just as Kenya was giving her speech. 

Sheree continued to ruffle feathers by making comments about his nose ring. Yes, Sheree is one of the wittiest housewives out there. 

Marc wasted no time in letting the others know just how proud he was of his wife, but he looked like he was talking through gritted teeth. 

It felt unnatural and as though the scenes had been manipulated. Yes, we know all of them are, but these looked more so. 

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly

Elsewhere, Kandi and Todd chatted about the whole fiasco with NeNe and the rape comment. Kandi wanted NeNe to tour with her, but she struggled to make a case for it. 

Todd admitted that he thought it was definitely a joke, and alluded to the fact that the President of the United States makes terrible comments all the time and he's still the President. 

Maybe NeNe will get to stick around for the tour after all. 

Then there was Sheree, who was pressing ahead with her relationship with Tyrone aka the man in prison. Her daughter was not amused and lashed out with a string of words that gave Sheree food for thought. 

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

How long will it take for Sheree to realize that the relationship could all be a sham? In any case, we're glad Sheree has a storyline this season, but she can do so much better. 

What did you think of all the action?

Sound off below. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sundays on Bravo.

Kenya Moore: Watch My Husband Save My Job!

For a while now, fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have worried that Kenya Moore is fired.

But reports that producers were looking for her replacement have now been cast into doubt because the impossible has happened ... and it might just save her job.

Her camera-shy husband, Marc Daly, is appearing on the show. And we have the clip, below.

Kenya moore and marc daly

In the The Real Housewives of Atlanta clip that you're about to watch below, Kenya Moore is explaining to her fellow Housewives that her husband will not be joining them.

Her excuse -- for the man who has famously refused to appear on the series -- is that he is working.

"Oh Lord," she laments. "He's working and he was just like, 'I can't, but I send you my love.'"

She goes on to say that he's effectively helpless without her.

"He cannot get on a plane by himself, girl. I need to book his ticket, I need to pick out his clothes."

We're talking about a grown man, but a lot of wives do that sort of labor for their husbands because of complicated cultural factors related to gender roles.

Marc daly and kenya moore

Earlier this season, Kenya and her fellow Real Housewives filmed a domestic violence PSA.

The clip below is taken from the viewing event, and Kenya welcomes the audience, saying:

"Hi! Thank you guys for coming out tonight."

She continues, smiling at the crowd while wearing a sensational white dress.

"Personally speaking, I just want to thank the people that hold me up daily."

As she continues to speak, the camera pans over and focuses on a door, through which enters ... her husband, Marc Daly.

This is his first appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kenya moore wedding picture

In 2017, Kenya Moore married Marc Daly in a secret wedding ceremony. Not even producers knew about it until after the fact.

That blew up in Kenya's face, leaving fans wondering when she would be fired for hiding such a major life event from a show that is supposed to follow her through her life's ups and downs and, yes, her major milestones.

What's more is that Marc Daly refuses to appear on the series. He believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta portrays black men in a negative light and that perpetuating this harmful image hurts the community at large.

(He's not alone. People have written scholarly essays on this topic, citing specific examples of how white men are often uplifted as providers and partners while cameras and editing do nothing of the sort of black men)

Since then, she has been on thin ice with Bravo, and had to resort to faking explosive meltdowns in order to keep herself "interesting" enough to remain on the show.

But it hasn't looked like it would be enough. Marc Daly showing up on camera is a real game-changer.

Kenya moore and marc daly for bae day

So, on the surface, the clip that you'll watch below is about Kenya's husband surprising her when she had believed that he would be unable to make it to an event.

And, of course, about her being able to introduce him to her costars.

On a deeper level, however, this scene and big reveal is about Marc stepping out to support his wife and making her and her career his priority.

Obviously, he must have talked about this with producers in advance. It does not appear that any of the show's stars knew about this surprise beforehand.

Kenya moore wedding photo

Will this be enough for Kenya to remain on the show and continue collecting that nice Real Housewives salary?

Fans hope so.

it seems unlikely that Marc would step in with a career-saving move on his wife's behalf just for the network to send her packing.

What's more ... maybe Marc decided that he could be the role model that he wants for people to see on the show.

The full episode airs Sunday, March 25th.

Take a look:

Kenya moore watch her husbands first rhoa appearance