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Kenya Moore: FIRED and Getting Replaced By Kim Zolciak?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is apparently due for a major shake-up.

Accusations claim that Kenya Moore faked an explosive meltdown to avoid getting fired, but it looks like it was all in vain.

Because she's reportedly getting canned. And she's going to hate who's taking her place. Oh, wait -- she already does.

Kenya Moore Chills

Kenya Moore has been in hot water with producers and the network ever since her secret wedding to Marc Daly.

Imagine, if you will, that one of the stars of Finding Bigfoot actually found a bigfoot and just decided to keep it secret and didn't tell anyone else or invite cameras along, and instead just kept their woodsy version of The Shape of Water quiet for a while.

Well, that's the cryptozoological equivalent of what Kenya did.

She's a reality star. The whole point of that is that major life events like weddings and children get documented for the cameras. She's compensated as a The Real Housewives of Atlanta star with a huge paycheck.

Since her husband refuses to go on camera, she's been keeping an entire facet of her life off of the camera.

Kenya Moore Selfie

RadarOnline reports that Kenye Moore is finally getting fired over her unseen husband.

According to their source:

"Kenya is not going to be back after she refused to let her husband be on the show."

To be fair, though producers are understandably unhappy with Kenya, who literally signed up to be a reality star and share her life with the world, this isn't entirely on her.

Marc Daly is the one who refuses to appear on the show. Kenya's done her best to stay interesting enough to keep her peach, even storming out in a rage at a hurricane relief event.

But as much as Kenya's likely to hate leaving, she's going to hate her replacement even more.

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

According to RadarOnline's source, Kim Zolciak will be returning from "friend of the Housewives" status to being a full Housewife again.

"Kenya’s going to be replaced with Kim, who will most likely come back to the show as a full-time housewife and not just a friend."

Earlier reports that Kim Zolciak was begging to return to RHOA indicate that Kim was probably delighted.

According to this source, their reason for inviting Kim back is because she's a proven success.

"Viewers know Kim. And they want someone to mix it up with the ladies. Someone new like Kim Fields did not work."

What's more -- Kim Zolciak isn't shy about showing her whole, huge, family.

"Kim will easily step up the drama that Kenya refused to give"

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for "Bae Day"

From the outset, fans knew that Kenya Moore had to choose between her husband and her job.

As we mentioned, this all stems from Marc Daly's refusal to let RHOA's cameras film him.

His reason is apparently that he believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta portrays black men in a negative light while portraying white men as better partners, husbands, and fathers.

He has a point -- not only is a lot of reality television built around editing, but it's not like Real Housewives are chosen as representative samples of communities. Producers can cherrypick, consciously or subconsciously.

And Marc Daly isn't the only person who's noticed this. Entire scholarly articles have been dedicated to the topic (yes, really), and on a broader level, many have observed that reality television tends to paint black people in particular in a negative light.

Of course, none of that explains why Marc Daly and Kenya Moore decided to tie the knot despite this.

Kenya Moore Wedding Photo

As with any unconfirmed report, we should take this one with a grain of salt.

People have been wondering since last summer if Kenya Moore would get the boot over this. It's no surprise that word is going around that she is, but right now, it's not confirmed.

Similarly, Kim Zolciak is one of the most recognizable Housewives on RHOA, but that doesn't mean that she's actually coming back. Even though she really wants to.

A lot can change leading up to an announcement. Maybe Kenya -- or Marc -- will find a way to convince producers to let her stay on.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 13 Recap: Livin’ La Villa Loca

Cynthia Bailey wanted to go all out for her 50th birthday celebrations on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 13

That's why she and most of her gal pals made their way to Barcelona. Kim Zolciak decided against the event because her husband was not allowed to attend. 

Kenya Moore decided against it because, well, she's a bit all over the place right now and tends to get herself embroiled in all the drama. 

When the ladies touched down in Barcelona, they were shocked to learn the place they were staying was not ready for them to arrive. 

That meant they got to go to a hotel to indulge in some fine dining and talk some smack about their co-stars. 

Shamea wasted no time in getting some goodies from Eva aka the newest housewife on the block. Shamea wanted to know what Eva's boyfriend thought about Eva dating women. 

That's when Eva snapped. She reiterated that she had sexual relations with females, but confirmed she had never dated women. 

It was hilarious and a bit out there that Shamea would even bring it up, but she needed to make a lasting impression on the producers. 

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

NeNe Leakes then took Cynthia to task for believing her boyfriend, Will over Porsha Williams. If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know that NeNe and Porsha have been at odds for some time. 

That's why it was bizarre for NeNe to open up about it and publicly defend one of her sworn enemies. Cynthia confirmed the reason she did not believe Porsha was because she has lied in the past. 

That may be the case, but there was more than just Porsha there. Cynthia then stooped to a new low when she said that Kandi tried to drug and rape her. 

Porsha Williams Smiling

Porsha was pissed that everything was being brought back up, and decided to exit the dinner date. There are only so many times your name can be dragged through the mud, it seems. 

NeNe continued to try and stir up some drama between her and Kim. She brought up the fact that Kim has a knack for promoting her life as perfect. 

She then went on to say that Kim had a stroke, heart surgery, and cancer. 

That was enough to make Porsha, Sheree and Shamea call up Kim from around the world to let her know NeNe was trashing her to everyone. 

Kim Zolciak Crazy Hair

“She’s f—king scum, and I won’t even acknowledge it,” Kim said after denying everything. “What she really needs to worry about is the f—king roaches in her house!”

All seemed to be calm ... until Kim sent a scathing text message to the ladies at the next event. 

“NeNe is sick and disgusting,” she began. “She lives in a f—king roach nest.” Kim then shared the video of the roaches apparently inside NeNe's house. 

"F—k Kim, OK?” Nene said. “All of my s—t is brand new!” 

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

Kim then sent a picture of NeNe parked in an accessible parking spot and NeNe was mad. 

She called Kim a “disgusting, bald-head bitch.”

Yes, the feud is still going on, you guys!

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below. 

Kenya Moore: Faking Meltdown to Save Her Job?!

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw Kenya Moore storm out in a rage

Tantrums aren't exactly a foreign concept when it comes to Real Housewives, but the stars were supposed to be doing charity work. And Kenya made things all about her.

Except that a report claims that Kenya did this very deliberately -- for a very savvy reason that has nothing to do with angry feelings.

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

So, you know how the Real Housewives were in Houston doing hurricane relief and Kenya Moore had her own, secret fundraiser?

That episode led to a freakout.

"I’m done with this. I didn’t come here to be constantly dragged in the mud!"

Some would question what any Real Housewife would expect. That's sort of what happens any time that a bunch of them are in the same place.

A producer replied: "But Kenya, that’s what they’re feeling."

Kenya Moore in White

That was apparently the wrong thing to say.

Kenya Moore exploded: "I don’t give a f--k! I don’t give a f--k about any of them b---hes."

Well, that certainly is ... charming.

Her angry rant continued as she flipped off a producer.

"That whole table is stupid ass s--t! Every time I do something positive it turns into some bulls--t."

Some might argue that this is, in fact, sort of the premise of reality television.

Kenya Moore Chills

RadarOnline reports that, per their source, Kenya Moore's tantrum was contrived and calculated by her, with a purpose.

"Kenya didn't want to film for the three or four hours that all of the ladies were doing in Houston after doing hurricane relief."

Well, plenty of people have been in situations where they didn't want to be wherever they were, but usually we're talking about children pretending to be sick after 6 hours at the zoo so that their ridiculous parents will take them home.

Kenya Moore is a grown-ass adult.

"So instead she caused a fight and stormed out."

And what a fight it was. Perfect for Kenya, who likes to be the center of attention. In fact, it was a real win-win for her.

"That way she still filmed but it wasn’t real, and she wasn’t really mad and all she did was cause drama."

That's why she gets paid the big bucks, we guess.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for "Bae Day"

But there was another method to Kenya's madness, the source reports.

"Kenya is so calculating."

She has to make enough drama for two people since her husband, Marc Daly, will not appear on the show.

"She would not have her husband film at all and instead she just got in fake fights with everyone so that she wouldn’t get in trouble for not doing anything."

Last year, we reported that Kenya Moore felt torn between her job and her husband because Marc Daly, the man she secretly married off-camera, refused to go on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"Houston was a prime example of her just storming out so that gets shown, but there was no reason for it."

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore

Marc Daly believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta portrays black men in a negative light, and he's certainly not alone in believing that.

But some fans wonder if, as he watches his wife go to greater and more desperate lengths for attention and screen time in order to keep her job, he wonders if it's worth his pride to stay out of it.

On the other hand, Kenya Moore chose this job and this life. Marc Daly just chose her.

Either way, many must find it comforting to hear that Kenya Moore, a grown woman, had this reaction on purpose instead of actually just being like that.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 12 Recap: Peaches Be Trippin’

There's never a dull moment with these housewives!

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 12, Porsha Williams was all about dialing up the drama, and it resulted in a fun hour of this Bravo hit. 

When the episode got underway, Porsha was busy doing what she does best: Running her mouth about things that have nothing to do with her. 

She could not resist planting seeds of doubt in Cynthia's head about Will. Cynthia wasted no time in confronting her man to check if he was using her. 

Cynthia was more confused than ever because she had no idea what to believe. If Cynthia is having doubts right now, she should probably get out of the relationship. 

Elsewhere, Mama Joyce reached out to Porsha because she wanted to find a way to make things right with her. Joyce's issue with Porsha stemmed from her believing everything Phaedra said. 

Porsha Williams Image

Porsha wanted to know what was going on, and tensions started to flare up when Porsha countered that Phaedra should have known better. 

If anything, it successfully built a bridge between the two women. But how long would it be before more drama kicked off? 

With that, she threw a dinner party to try and convert more people to veganism. The "No Beef" aspect of it all was pretty hilarious. 

It meant that all of the women were finally friends with each other. Marlo, Sheree, and Kim started talking about Cynthia and her toxic relationship with Will. 

Sheree Whitfeield Image

The drama was not far behind, however, and Cynthia brought up the trip to Barcelona. Everyone seemed to be on board with it, except Kim. 

Kim wanted to invite Kroy with them, and that did not go down well. In the end, Kim decided to quit talking about the trip because she did not get her way. 

Kim then said she was not going on the trip. Yes, we're pretty sure Kim is going to hold it against the ladies now. 

The other big event of the episode focused on Kenya Moore. She was elated because she thought she might be pregnant. 

She and her husband had been having sex all the time, so it was a natural assumption. She seemed mad, however, when she learned the test was inconclusive. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

It seems like it would be difficult for Kenya to be pregnant and on the show. Her husband has been vocal about steering clear of the Bravo cameras. 

It has apparently put Kenya in a problematic situation with the producers. Could she be gearing up for an exit from the show that made her a household name? 

It's a possibility. These women are supposed to be revealing every detail about their life to the audience. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Hit the comments below!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sunday on Bravo. 

Kandi Burruss to Kim Zolciak: Take Back Your Bullcrap Lies!

Just because Kim Zolciak is no longer a full Housewife and doesn't get that huge Real Housewives salary doesn't mean that she can't pull her weight when it comes to drama.

Specifically, after it appeared that Kim had claimed that Kandi Burruss tried to hook up with her, the two have been fighting over the truth.

In the video below, Kandi is speaking out about her beef with Kim on Watch What Happens Live.

Kim zolciak kandi burruss splitKandi burruss and andy cohen

Okay, so there's a lot of convoluted she-said-she-said going on, because The Real Housewives of Atlanta wouldn't be the success that it is if it weren't about a bunch of grown, affluent women participating in drama that most of us haven't seen since 7th grade.

But it starts with Kim speaking to Sheree and what she says of Kandi Burrsss.

"I also know a lot about Kandi. I'm just saying the threesome part with the hubby -- the elevator's not going to the top floor if you're willing to share your f--king man."

And then Kim's accusation that Kandi propositioned her:

"Let me tell you about Kandi -- on my kids' life, if God strikes me dead -- I wouldn't let her lick my box."

Kandi burruss expresses doubt

In other words, Kim appears to be claiming that Kandi wanted to go down on her, but that Kim declined.

Kandi was displeased. Kandi took to Twitter to rant about Kim, and the two got into a bit of a social media tiff over it.

"I’m sick of these bitches lying on me. @KimZolciak I have NEVER wanted you or your box. And stop swearing on your kids while you’re telling lies. Lying ass bitch."

And then Kandi reminded Kim Zolciak that Kim is demoted to a part-time Real Housewife. She's a "friend of the housewives," even though she's not exactly friendly.

"Somebody’s really reaching for a permanent peach here... This is my house. You’re just a visitor!"


Kandi burruss is expressive

Angrily, Kim Zolciak hit back, saying:

"If anybody is lying it's you Kandi. You and your husband are full on swingers f--king all kinds of girls and can NEVER admit it."

So she's doubling down on her accusations.

And she didn't let the reminder of her new, lesser status go unanswered.

"And bitch if it weren't for me there would be no house. Remember I built this house!"

So, that's already a lot.

Kandi burruss image

Well, Kandi is speaking on Watch What Happens Live, which has to be a little awkward, because Andy Cohen is the host but also, ultimately, her boss.

"That's some bullcrap. That was a lie."

There's not a lot of ambiguity to that statement.

"And then the thing that I really don't like is that she texted me and said that you guys edited her to make her look like she was saying that, and I said, first of all, from what I saw, it looked like you said that, so that's a lie."

As you'll see in the video below, Andy Cohen makes a point of drinking at the time rather than responding to Kim's indirect allegation of misleading editing.

Kandi says that she just wants Kim to tell the world that it didn't happen.

"If you didn't say that and they edited it, just tell the world. I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting for her to do it."

Kandi burruss photo

Maybe Kim wil do as Kandi wishes, but we wouldn't recommend that she hold her breath.

Obviously, reality shows engage in all sorts of editing shenanigans. It goes with the territory.

Maybe Kim didn't really say that.

But it seems clear from Kim Zolciak's tweets that she's at least making some accusations of Kandi.

Watch this video to see Kandi's response for yourself:

Kandi burruss to kim zolciak take back your bullcrap lies

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 11 Recap: Tea Is Of The Essence

If you were holding out hope for some fresh blood on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then we're sure The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 11 was for you. 

America's Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille was the new addition to the cast, and she brought a whole lot of drama with her. 

Eva met up with Nene Leakes for a lunch date and wasted no time in confirming that Cynthia's boyfriend, Will, had a girlfriend when she met up with him months before. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will know that Will has been rather adamant about being single for the last few years. 

The ladies wanted to look out for their friend, so they quickly tried to get the details they needed to rule him out as a liar. 

When confronted, he did admit to dating the woman but claimed they were not an item and that they no longer keep in contact. 

Cynthia Bailey

Will was mad that Eva was talking smack behind his back and took issue with it, but Nene stood up for Eva because she felt he should not be trashing a woman like that. 

Cynthia seemed like she wanted to curl up into a ball and weep, and admitted that she had no idea who to believe. She made it clear that she would not date a man with a girlfriend. 

Porsha then dropped the bomb that she had some vital information about the man that could change everything Cynthia thought she knew. 

Porsha Williams Image

The episode concluded before Porsha got into the details, but it sure was a fun twist. 

Elsewhere, Kenya Moore was still struggling to be apart from her new husband. Yeah, that dude who does not want to be part of the show. 

It's comical that the man HATES everything the show stands for but is happy enough to be married to one of the cast members. 

Where's the logic?

Kenya opened up to the girls about her wanting her husband nearby and revealed the root of her wishes. She wanted to have a baby with him. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

We already know that Kenya is in the bad books with the producers because of her keeping aspects of her life private, but could a pregnancy storyline save her employment with the show?

We have no idea, but it's sure fun to think about the lengths one would go to in order to stay in the limelight. 

Kenya seems to think that purchasing weightlifting equipment for Marc will allow him to move to Atlanta and make everything great again. 

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

Finally, Kandi was on the cover of Essence, and much of the drama from the hour took place at the party to celebrate it. 

Kandi is at the top of her game, and she knows how to throw a party. Kandi invited Porsha to the event ... even though they both hate each other. 

What will she say about Porsha having dirt on Cynthia's man?

Hit the comments!

RHOA continues Sunday!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 10 Recap: Storming Out

Kenya Moore loves to be the center of attention. 

Case in point: On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 10, she ditched a charity event to headline one of her own and failed to tell her friends about it. 

When the episode got underway, it was revealed that Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey were each headlining their own events for Houston to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Kenya swiftly shut Cynthia down and said she was unable to attend her event, but failed to mention that she was doing one of her own. 

Sheree stayed home because of a back injury she got as a result of a car accident. Sheree was still mad at Nene Leakes for calling her boyfriend a con artist. 

Sheree relayed the information to her man via telephone because, well, he's incarcerated. 

Sheree Whitfield Talks

“Nene would never want to say anything negative about me. She doesn’t want to go down that road,” he said.

Does that mean there's a history between Nene and Tyrone?

“What I do know, is that when I met Tyrone, she was trying to pursue him,” Sheree admitted to the camera before saying that Tyrone was not into Nene and cut her off. 

Could this explain why Nene has been so against Tyrone and calling him out while he cannot defend himself? Quite possibly. 

Nene should quit being jealous and sort out her own life before trying to bring another woman down. 

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

Back in Houston, Cynthia's event was over, and she was supposed to make her way to Porsha's event. 

That did not happen, and she decided to go and support Kenya's Habitat for Humanity event instead. 

When the ladies met up for dinner, Lauren was quick to point out that Cynthia's move was shady and she will not forget it. 

“Saturday was the main reason I wanted you guys to come,” Porsha complained as Cynthia tried to cover her bases by saying she did not realize it was that important to her. 

The thing is, it probably wasn't crucial to her, but Porsha is desperately trying to kick up the drama, so she does not get demoted to the dreaded "Friend of Housewife" status. 

Porsha Williams Smiling

As if that was not bad enough, Shamea started to drag Kenya. Apparently, Kenya was rude to Shamea when she showed up to help out at Kenya's event. 

“I just felt like you were pretty dismissive,” Shamea said before claiming Kenya ordered her around. 

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Cynthia sided with Shamea and said that Kenya was rude to everyone. 

Kenya stormed to the bathroom and started yelling at a show producer. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

“I don’t give a f—k about any of them bitches!” Kenya began. “The whole table is stupid as s—t.”

Okay then. 

Will Kenya be able to get back in good graces with her friends?

Find out next Sunday when RHOA continues on Bravo!

Kim Zolciak: Desperate to Reclaim Full Time Role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Kim Zolciak is still one of the best known women from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She even has her own spinoff.

But while Don't Be Tardy is still going, and despite the nasty feud between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes, Kim has been demoted from Real Housewife to Friend of the Housewives.

And according to this report, she's desperate to reclaim her status ... and willing to do anything.

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

As we've already mentioned in recent posts, Kim Zolciak's demotion from being a full castmember of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to being a recurring guest is a pretty hefty change.

On scripted shows, when you see somebody go from a cast member to a recurring guest star, odds are pretty good that they're getting killed off at the midseason finale.

Thankfully, the Real Housewives franchise doesn't work like that (yet -- nobody give Andy Cohen any ideas).

But, from the perspective of Kim Zolciak and from the perspective of her fans, the situation royally sucks.

And now a report reveals that Kim thinks so, too.

Kim Zolciak, Big Ol' Mirror Selfie

RadarOnline reports that, thanks to Kim's demotion, she's on fewer than half of this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes.

Kim doesn't go on any of the out-of-town trips with the full-time Housewives. She just pops in as a guest when they're still in Atlanta.

You know that this is giving her fans a sense of whiplash.

Earlier this week, we talked about Kim Zolciak on our RHOA season 10 episode 9 recap. She's still having an impact on the show.

But not the one that she'd like to have.

Kim Zolciak in a Hat

As RadarOnline reports, Kim is willing to make any compromise to reclaim her former place on the series.

According to their insider:

"Kim offered to take a big pay cut on Don’t Be Tardy in order to come back full time on RHOA."

That's a hefty sacrifice ... or at least it sounds like one.

But you have to remember that Real Housewives make bank. They have a much wider audience than Don't Be Tardy.

"Kim told producers that she would be happy to not make as much money on her spin-off show if they would let her come back full-time on RHOA."

It's Kim Zolciak!

RadarOnline's insider also reveals how producers responded to that offer.

"The RHOA ladies make so much money."

It sounds like there are genuinely budgetary concerns that limit how many Housewives they can have each season.

"And most likely only Kenya is leaving after this season, so there might not be enough to bring her back."

Without Kenya Moore, Kim will also have fewer people with whom to feud.

So that may take away incentive to bring her back into the fold, full-time.

Kim Zolciak: Selfie #7,861

Worst of all, it sounds like Bravo and Kim have different estimations of her value as a reality star.

"Kim might not be worth all the money she wants, even if she is willing to take a pay cut on her other show."


Look, an inflated sense of self-worth is almost a requirement before becoming a reality star. It definitely goes with the territory.

But it's sad that it may screw Kim Zolciak -- and her fans -- out of a whole heaping mess of airtime.

Kim Zolciak: Kandi Burruss Is Just a Lying B-tch!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann may not be a regular on The Real Housewives of Atlanta anymore, but that doesn't mean she's done bringing drama to the ATL.

Much to the chagrin of some of her castmates, Kim has been making appearances as a "friend of the Housewives" this season, and lately, her feuds from the show have been spilling over onto social media.

It's Kim Zolciak!

On Sunday night's episode, Kim claimed that Kandi Burruss once propositioned her for sex.

Burruss took to Twitter to state quite bluntly that no such exchange ever occurred:

"I’m sick of these b-tches lying on me," she tweeted.

"@Kimzolciak I have NEVER wanted you or your box. And stop swearing on your kids while you’re telling lies. Lying ass bitch. Somebody’s really reaching for a permanent peach here... This is my house. You’re just a visitor!"

Yes, Kandi basically pulled rank, reminding Kim that she's been stripped of her Housewife status and is now just a lowly guest on the show.

Kandi and Her Boobs

Kim, of course, has never been one to back down from a fight, and she stuck by her claim ... albeit not in terribly convincing fashion.

"If anybody is lying it’s you @Kandi You and your husband are full on swingers f--king all kinds of girls and can NEVER admit it. And bitch if it weren’t for me there would be no house. Remember I built this house!" Zolciak-Biermann tweeted.

"If anybody is lying, it's you"?

That's something people who are lying say.

Zolciak's claim came during a conversation with Sheree Whitfield, in which she asserted that Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, attempted to lure her into a threesome.

"The elevator’s not going to the top floor if you’re willing to share your man," Kim remarked.

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

This all comes on the heels of Kim's ugly feud with Nene Leakes, which has also delivered plenty of bonus drama on social media.

Nene fired the latest shot in epic fashion last week, saying of Kim:

"I think if you cut her open, worms and slimy nastiness will come out of her. I think she is a slimy, nasty person for real."

Tell us what you really think, Nene!

Both of these situations seem likely to get worse in the weeks to come, which is probably exactly what Zolciak wants.

In all likelihood, Kandi hit the nail on the head when she remarked that Kim is a woman who desperately wants "a permanent peach"

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to relive all of this season's wildly entertaining drama.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 9 Recap: The Peaches of Wrath

Once upon a time, Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak were friends. 

Now, it's difficult to imagine them ever being in the same vicinity as each other. 

Thankfully, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 9 brought them together once again, but that's not to say they were friends. 

When the episode got underway, Sheree Whitfield arranged a lunch date and invited Kim and Nene along. Nene decided to cancel at the last minute. 

“I think there’s a lot of damn elephants in the damn room. Don’t you?” Nene said over the phone to Sheree. 

This is going to get interesting. 

Elsewhere, Cynthia Bailey proved she was one of the nicest housewives by organizing a drive to raise school supplies for children who did not have the best start in life. 

Will attended the event and he got to meet up her family and friends. He told the ladies he was going to Brazil. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

For some strange reason, Kenya Moore blurted out that prostitution was legal in Brazil. It was awkward, but it showed that Kenya was not opposed to playing up the crazy for the cameras. 

When that was over, Nene decided it was time for the women to meet up and air out their thoughts about one another. In true Nene fashion, she brought in an energy reader to help. 

The reader took aim at Cynthia and said that the man she was dating was using her. 

"Your friends are right this time,” she said. Kim was there to comfort her. The reader was not impressed by Kim saying she was terrible at reading energy. 

"When you came in, you went into how marvelously spiritual you are, and you’ve been s—ting since you’ve been here.”

Kim Zolciak Crazy Hair

Kim did not seem to care because she was from a "higher power." This woman has an answer for everything. 

Kenya got mad because Kim continued to trash the reader, and said the following to her enemy:

“I am really tired of this back and forth, so either we’re going to sit, and we’re going to listen, or you can leave, because I am tired of this stupid s—t- going on. Who the hell are you?”  

As if that was not bad enough, Sheree wanted to know what Nene was doing talking smack about Tyrone. 

“Let’s be clear. You’ve got mugshots too,” Sheree said to Nene. “I’ve got a mugshot, and he’s in prison,” Nene clapped back. “Why would you say that? That’s crazy, Sheree!” she shouted.

NeNe Leakes Smiles

Then, Kenya chimed in that she never had an issue with Kim until she had one with her. 

"This bitch is the rudest person I have ever seen in my life,” Kenya said to the camera about Kim. Kim scoffed and turned her attention to Nene. 

“I don’t feel like you’re yourself,” Kim said of her former friend. “I really wondered if you were on drugs at your f—king house,” Kim said.

This prompted Nene to ask which drugs, and it resulted in some more back and forth. 

“It is what it is,” Nene shrugged.

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

Will they be able to be friends again?

Hit the comments. 

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NeNe Leakes: Kim Zolciak is Chock Full of SLIME!

Sorry, folks.

If you were hoping to throw some shade at someone with whom you aren't getting along at the moment, we have some bad news for you:

You cannot do so. Because it's all gone.

Because NeNe Leakes just hurled ALL the shade at Kim Zolciak.

NeNe Leakes Selfie

The rivalry between these Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members goes back years, of course, but it was escalated to new heights last October after Kim's daughter, Brielle, inserted herself into the feud.

After sharing a video in which she claimed NeNe’s home was infested with cockroaches, Brielle became the target of NeNe's wrath, as Leakes lashed out in classic fashion on Instagram.

She referred to Brielle as a "trashy" child, said she was a "jealous bitch" full of "prejudice" and added that she has a "funky pussy."

She also said that Brielle has "fake lips, fake titties and fake ass."

Those who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online this season have noticed tension between Kim and NeNe, but that's not exactly anything new.

Nor is Leakes tearing into Zolciak online or on television.

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

But she's took it to new and hilarious heights when talking to Extra this week.

Asked for her feelings on Zolciak at the moment, NeNe replied in this interview with one simple and telling word;


She then elaborated as follows:

"Now that right there… true tea, this is no shade to nobody, I will not have anything to do with Kim.

"I have nothing I ever need to say to Kim. I am not harboring any bad feelings, I am just - know this person and I will never be anything. I never want to say anything to her."

We'd have to disagree with Leakes a little bit here.

That's definitely some shade toward somebody.

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

Concluded Leakes, in hilarious fashion;

"I think if you cut her open, worms and slimy nastiness will come out of her. I think she is a slimy, nasty person for real."

Not for fake, people.

Kim has slime in her FOR REAL.

We're not sure about this, however. It seems more like Kim has husband Kroy's penis in her more often than not, considering the amount of kids they're produced together.

But we don't know Zolciak as well as NeNe does.

Kim Zolciak, Big Ol' Mirror Selfie

Whose side are you on in this ongoing feud?

Do you buy any of it?

Or do you think it's all been orchestrated by writers and producers and Bravo executives desperate to goose Real Housewives ratings?

As for whether she will return to the franchise next season, Leakes told Extra:

“Look, I am in it to win it… I feel like I’ve learned so much about working with these girls…

"I don’t think a whole lot can affect me, so bring it on, girls.”

We'll take that as a yes.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: A Mad Tea Party

Did the ladies manage to put their differences aside for a good cause?

That was the big question on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 when the ladies were forced to be in the presence of each other. 

When the episode kicked off, Kenya Moore was hard at work shooting a PSA about domestic violence. That's when she dropped the bomb that she was stabbed in her younger years by a violent boyfriend. 

It sounded like a harrowing event, and Moore was open about the fact that she could have died after all of it. Sheree Whitfield was drafted in to help out. 

However, Sheree wanted to make sure that Kenya was not making the PSA all about herself, but things got awkward when Kenya called Sheree and intern. 

NeNe Leakes at the Airport

Elsewhere, Nene Leakes wanted to try and put her beef with Porsha Williams aside, so Marlo Hampton appeared on the scene to try and orchestrate a sit down between the warring friends. 

When the meeting occurred, Porsha started things off by saying she had no idea why all the conversations turned into something awful. 

Porsha was adamant that she had been a good friend to her by showing her support when she appeared in business ventures outside of the show. 

“You could give two craps about this. I can completely see it your eyes. I can see it in your gestures, and I can see it in your jokes,” Porsha said to Nene. “There’s just nothing there. There’s just nothing there like that.”

Porsha Williams Image

That seemed like enough for Nene to rule that the friendship was over, and there was absolutely no way of fixing it. Marlo was upset because she thought she had actually gotten through to the women. 

Maybe she forgot the memo that she was appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta or something. The two women are never going to be friends, so it's best for them just to be amicable to cut all the crap. 

Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd were vocal about their business being a success, but not everyone felt the same about it.

The family members were picking out slight niggles about the establishment, but why would Kandi and Todd change anything if they are turning in a huge profit?

It made very little sense and seemed like the type of scene that was thrown in because Porsha and Nene's meet-up had fewer fireworks than the producers had hoped. 

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

After that, Kandi checked in with Sheree to see if she had opened up to the kids about the violence in her former relationship. 

When that was out of the way, Kandi wasted no time in telling Sheree all about Nene claiming Sheree's new man was a con artist. 

“Really, Nene? You and Gregg both have mug shots,” Sheree said to the camera with a look of disgust. 

In the end, the ladies put all of the drama aside for the PSA. Cynthia put her mother up to speak about the ramifications of domestic violence. 

“I know it’s going to be hard for her to do this, but I’m really proud of her,” Cynthia said to the camera. 

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

Nene had some words of her own about her first relationship and how the man went on to hit her. 

“I stayed in that relationship for a very long time, and I ended up having a child in that relationship and then eventually I was able to get out,” Nene said.

Things took an explosive turn when Sheree declared “I’ve been in an accident” when Kenya checked up on her.  

Somehow, she made it to the stage at the last second and aced her part of the show. 

It's rare that an episode of this show is informative, but the fact the ladies all came together for a great cause confirmed there might be light at the end of the tunnel for them. 

Sheree Whitfield Talks

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

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Brielle Biermann on Kim Zolciak Pregnancy: I Wanted Revenge!

Almost exactly one month ago, Brielle Biermann tweeted that Kim Zolciak was pregnant with baby #7. It was a strange, weird claim.

At the time, we theorized that she was pranking her mother to get revenge for her mom's Snapchat antics, but Brielle didn't exactly explain herself ... until now.

As it turns out, 

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Twinning

So, back in November, Brielle Biermann took to Twitter and shared that her mother was pregnant with what would be her seventh child.

She deleted the tweet without explanation and Kim clarified that she was not, in fact, pregnant.

At the time, we guessed that perhaps Brielle was getting back at her mother for sharing a Snapchat video of Brielle flashing her boob. It had been part of a conversation (with Khloe Kardashian), and clearly not something that Brielle had wanted to go public.

But we were just speculating.

Now, Brielle Biermann tells TooFab the reason why she tweeted that goofy claim about her mom.

"My mom posted a video of me on her Snapchat that really irritated me, so I was sitting downstairs with two of my best friends, and I was like, you know what, I'm gonna tweet that she's expecting."

We told you so.

"I didn't think it would take off as quick as it did, but within 10 minutes, it was everywhere."

Well, yeah. Kim Zolciak's easily one of the most famous Real Housewives. And, again, this would have been her seventh child.

Brielle Biermann: A Selfie

Brielle was entertained, and she also describes how her mother reacted.

"I was dying laughing. She wasn't even mad, she was just like, 'What the f--k is wrong with you?'"

To us, that sounds like a pretty healthy response for a mother to have to her (adult!) daughter.

In fact, Brielle has a very succinct statement for anyone who doesn't like how close she is with her mom.

"F--k off."

In general, she's noticed that there are a lot of people with opinions about her.

"It's my life, and I don't know why people are so concerned with it."

True -- though if they were less concerned with her, she might have a harder time doing product endorsements on Instagram.

She understands that, though, and is grateful to have a balance. She'd just rather that people not get upset.

"I understand I'm in the public eye and people are interested, but my life does not affect you, and until it does, just let me live my life the way that I want to."

Brielle B.

Brielle actually talks about her mother-daughter dynamic.

We didn't really expect to be saying this, but Brielle seems to have a pretty good grasp of healthy family bonds.

"People see my relationship with my mom as too friendly, but I don't think you could ever be too friendly with your parents."

Personally, I agree. Especially when we're talking about adult children.

"I think some parents aren't close enough with their kids, and communication is key in my family."

You'd need a lot of it, in a family of 8.

"My whole life, I've told her everything that goes on, even stupid things or things she may not be comfortable with hearing."

Wow. A lot of families would love to have that honesty. But you'd need a parent who is really, truly trustworthy.

"She is truly my best friend, and I hope that it stays that way."

That's so sweet!

"I tell her all the time, I'm like, 'I know I'm your favorite.'"

We wonder what Kim would have to say about that.

"We're super close, and I just like to f-ck with her."

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann

Brielle's pretty conscious of her role as a young, hot reality star.

But she says that people don't necessarily know the real her.

"People see only 30 minutes of my life once a week for like 12 weeks and that's it."

To be fair, plenty of people also see her on social media. But that, too, only shows part of the story.

"They don't really know me, they don't know what goes on behind the scenes and they don't see what really happens."

Of course.

"They feel like they know us because they see the show, but that's not who I really am."

She's not just a gorgeous party girl with an unnecessarily hot boyfriend, but we kind of figured that.

"There's a certain image I want the world to see and a certain image I have for my family and friends."

We all wear different masks with different people.

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann duckface

And Brielle knows that, to a certain degree, we all play different roles in different environments.

"I feel like everybody needs that balance."

So what is she or isn't she?

"I'm not this ditsy, crazy girl that has no goals in life. I'm just struggling to find my passion."

That's totally normal -- especially for a young woman in her twenties.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: New, HUGE Salaries Revealed!

This just in:

It pays to throw wine glasses and hurl insults while reading from scripts prepared by Bravo writers.

It pays... and it pays big time.

Three Real Housewives

According to Radar Online, most cast members on The Real Housewives of Atlanta received hefty raises ahead of the ongoing 10th season.

The ladies were in a strong position to negotiate, considering they star on the highest-rated installment of this beloved franchise.

So... who now earns what?

Which polarizing personality received the biggest pay bump of all?

Let's find out, shall we?

An insider tells Radar that Cynthia Bailey was the lucky recipient of the most impressive raise, as she now earns $1.6 million per season, an increase of $400,000 from what she took home last year.

Elsewhere, Kandi Burruss is already the richest Housewife in Atlanta.

But she still managed to talk her way into a $200,000 raise; she's making an even $2 million for Season 10.

Then there's Kenya Moore, who actually risked her franchise future by getting married in secret over the summer.

There was talk that the move would get her fired (because Kenya did not permit network cameras to film the ceremony), but Radar writes Moore did receive a $100,000 raise to $1.5 million fo Season 10.

However, she was fined $25,000 for the wedding fiasco and was banned from a trip the show took to Spain.

What about Sheree Whitfield? Who has actually confessed to dating a prisoner that stole $5 million from his victims?

This report claims she is making $1 million for the new season, up from $800,000 for last season.

Kenya and Kandi

The youngest cast member, Porsha Williams, earns the last amount of money... but is still doing darn well for herself.

She went from $700,000 last year to $800,000 for Season 10, which ain't too shabby when her job basically just calls for fights with Kim Zolciak.

Finally, we arrive at NeNe Leakes.

The long-time cast member left the franchise for awhile and found some success in the acting realm.

But can you really blame her for returning, considering Radar reports she's pulling in $2.5 million for just these handful of Season 10 episodes?!?

NeNe Leakes on Season 10

The Real Housewives of Atlanta came back with new installments in early November.

To date, the season has focused on Kenya's surprise marriage, along with Porsha going on some dates and a whole lot of fighting.

But what else would you expect from these women, right?

And what else would you want from them?

As a certain late Gladiator might say, are you not entertained by NeNe and company every week?!?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Rock the Boat

The ladies were still not amused with the way Kenya Moore kept the details of her wedding a secret on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 7

More importantly, Sheree and Porsha found it odd that Cynthia was also left in the dark and only found out about the marriage after reading about it online. 

Could you imagine your best friend getting married behind your back? That's precisely what Kenya did, and it's clear it's going to continue to cause drama for the ladies. 

Sheree and Porsha may have been shopping for some fancy doors, but they were dragging Kenya as much as they possibly could. 

Then there was poor Cynthia who felt deflated by the fact she had yet to meet Marc, but Kenya was all about keeping the peace, saying that she hadn't met him because he was rarely in Atlanta. 

There have been conflicting reports that Kenya's man is not amused by the way the show represents males, and that could be why he's keeping well away from the Bravo cameras. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

Cynthia seemed done questioning Kenya's motives and decided to chat about Sheree instead. Yes, Sheree was getting up close and personal with Tyrone Gilliams, and the dude is incarcerated. 

All the talk about love got Porsha interested in finding a man for herself, so she joined a matchmaking service. 

“I want to focus on someone who is supportive, confident and successful,” she said before saying that she wanted to have kids. She proceeded to show off two kid's rooms in her house. 

The matchmaking service seemed confused because Porsha does not yet have children, so it was clear she was getting a bit ahead of herself. 

Meanwhile, Sheree decided it was the right time to open up to her kids about the domestic violence. 

Sheree Whitfield Talks

“You need to know that nobody deserves to be mistreated,” she said with a tear in her eye. 

Her kids were shocked by all of, but they closed out the scene with a hug which confirmed Sheree was in a happy place because the past was eating away at her. 

Elsewhere, Cynthia geared up for another date with Will Jones, and Kandi and Todd seemed scared that something was going to go horribly. 

Kandi felt like he was using it as another platform to show to gain recognition and did not want her pal to be subjected to that. 

“If he stands the test of time, we will know that he’s the real deal,” Kandi said to the camera with a smile. 

Porsha Williams Smiling

Porsha's first blind date was with some guy named Patrick. She was not impressed and seemed to be looking for an opportunity to make a swift getaway. 

She stayed for a little while, and the tension could be cut with a knife, so she made her getaway and used her mother staying as an excuse. 

The big closing segment focused on Sheree getting a phone call from her boyfriend from prison. Her life coach was floored by revelation that she was with an incarcerated man,  

“Tyrone fulfils me more than any man has,” Sheree said to the camera. “I know what we share,” she said the life coach. “He is my soul mate.”

Okay then, Sheree!

Sheree Whitfeield Image

What do you think of all the crazy developments?

Sound off below. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Who Just Got FIRED?!

Kim Zolciak is practically shouting with excitement, because someone from The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been fired.

Our only official clue to their identity is that Kim Zolciak doesn't really care for them. That ... does not narrow down the list.

But we can look at other recent clues and use our common sense, right? A couple of likely candidates come to mind.

Kenya moore kim zolciak nene leakes splitKim zolciak big ol mirror selfie

Okay, so all of this buzz about a fired Real Housewife really started when Kim Zolciak tweeted:

"Poof! #LostYourPeach," followed by a peach emoji.

Now, she's not using the British slang for a gay person, but means "poof," as in a puff of smoke -- appropriate for someone's abrupt departure.

And, of course, when she says that someone lost their peach, she doesn't mean that their butt vanished. The Real Housewives of Atlanta opening sequence features the various stars holding peaches.

But who was fired?

In the video below, Kim Zolciak refuses to divulge which Housewife is no longer with them -- she says that she would get into heaps of trouble.

Kenya moore and marc daly for bae day

But let's look at a couple of top suspects.

Kenya Moore has been on thin ice with Bravo ever since she had a secret wedding over the summer.

When you're a reality star on a series that's supposed to document your life, you don't get to hide a major life event from producers and stay in their good graces.

A funeral? Sure.

A trip to the hospital? Absolutely.

But not a happy occasion like a wedding.

Weddings are a big deal in general for reality shows, either because they're momentous occasions and viewers want to be a part of them, or because weddings are sappy and reality fans go for that -- depending upon how cynically you view the world.

Weddings stop being private affairs the moment that you sign up to become a Real Housewife, folks.

What made matters worse for Kenya, however, was that her already precarious situation with the series became worse.

Marc Daly, her husband, refuses to film The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He believes that the series portrays black men in a negative light.

Agree with him or not, his reluctance to appear on the show has cost Kenya Moore dearly.

It seemed that Kenya Moore had to choose between her husband and her career as a Real Housewife.

She did find a way to make it work ... sort of. Her storyline's been about living apart from Marc, and we've seen her break down weeping over alleged concern for her marriage.

But Kenya Moore has stated that she believes that her job is secure because her "storyline speaks for itself."

Since Kim Zolciak knows, we'd have to assume that whoever's been fired from The Real housewives of Atlanta also knows.

So ... is Kenya Moore bluffing or is she really not fired?

Maybe Kenya being such an obvious candidate for dismissal is just a red herring. Because we should really, really take a look at NeNe Leakes.

Nene leakes looks serious

So, remember when NeNe Leakes hoped a heckler would get raped, or said as much while doing stand-up?

That controversy hasn't gone over well. Some wondered if that alone would get her fired.

To add to that, NeNe Leakes' costars have shunned her over her rape gaffe. Things might be getting better now, but that could actually hurt the show.

On the other hand, she's apologized, and Bravo may want to keep her because her perpetual feuding makes for a lot of entertainment.

A couple of weeks ago, NeNe seemed to express confidence that she wouldn't be fired, retweeting a post that read:

"Nene has issues, She'll bring ratings to bravo; people love to see her act a fool, Shes securing her spot for next season<My spot stayssss secure and it’s been that way for 10 yearsss."

Brielle biermann and kim zolciak twinning

Most people wouldn't necessarily boost something that talks about their "issues," but most people aren't reality stars.

And then it's always possible that other Real Housewives may have been fired for things that aren't even public knowledge.

To top it all off, Kenya Moore may be pregnant, which would really complicate matters.

So, you can watch this video and see if you can figure out for yourself who's been fired. Kim seems to be dying to tell the world but has just enough restraint to keep mum.

She also talks about how hateful folks have been towards Brielle a bit and also about Kim's estrangement from her mother.

As for who fired ... we'll let you know when you learn more.

The real housewives of atlanta who got fired