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Shannon Beador: INSANE Spending Exposed in Divorce Documents!

The Beador divorce is still ongoing, and Shannon and David had a hearing this week over David paying spousal support.

David wants to pay less, but the judge said that the court needs to review their financial information.

Here's a look at what the two of them are allegedly making -- and the eye-popping expenses that they both have every month.

David and Shannon Beador, Sports Photo

RadarOnline has the details that might give fans a better understanding of why Shannon and David are squabbling in court over money.

To hear David tell it, he's scraping by on a middle class income while Shannon is living like a queen while making three times as much..

Apparently David claims that he makes $20,000 a month.

That amounts to a six-figure salary, but it's not pocket change.

David claims that Shannon is raking in $65,000 per month.

Shannon and David

Shannon tells a very different story, and she may have the paperwork to prove it.

Shannon says that David makes about $108,168 per month.

(So, from what she claims, he makes more in three months than he says that he makes in a year)

Shannon's 2017 tax returns show that she made $423,206 for the whole year.

That points to a monthly income of about half of what he suggests.

Shannon Beador on Poker Night

Shannon's monthly expenses allegedly amount to $30,235, and here's the breakdown:

$10,191 go to what she refers to as "film preparation."

$12,000 go to rent. Yes, per month. She's rich and she's renting a house.

$1,625 on eating out (which, especially if she's eating at nice places and leaving even a minimally decent tip, looks totally reasonable)

$5,000 goes to "entertainment," which ... is a lot of money in a very broad and vague category.

$2,250 is then spent each month on clothing.

David Beador Appears on Watch What Happens Live

David's monthly expenses are apparently only $12,250.

$7,500 goes to rent. Again, these are rich people paying rich people prices for rich people homes.

$2,000 then go to groceries and household supplies. That doesn't really sound unreasonable.

$1,000 on eating out on top of those groceries is a bit more, but sure.

$1,000 go to entertainment, gifts, and vacation combined.

These budgets sound like they're self-described, so let's take everything involved with a grain of salt.

Shannon Beador and David Beador, Selfie

The reason that all of this is coming up is because Shannon and David are fighting in court again.

David wants to amend the $22,500 per month that he is currently paying in support.

Specifically, he wants to tweak -- or do away with entirely -- the $10,500 that he is paying in spousal support.

(Nobody seems to be fighting directly over the rest, which is child support for their three daughters)

The result of David's attempt to change the arrangement ws a three hour hearing, which apparently got on Shannon's last nerve.

She was spotted holding back tears afterwards and heard telling him: "You are such a nickel and dimer! It’s disgusting!"

Shannon Beador, David, and Daughters

This sort of itemization of a person's life is pretty common during a divorce if there's any kind of support payment involved.

People explain their budget, and hand it off to a judge to evaluate.

Generally speaking, the "breadwinner" is going to present themselves as the sort of person who doesn't spend much and keeps to a tighter budget.

The person who relies upon spousal support is more likely to list as many expenses as possible to show that they need the money.

It's not that people lie, necessarily, just that they stretch the truth as far as it will go in the most convenient direction.

The court figures out the rest.

Shannon Beador Tearfully Confronts David: Just Pay Your Spousal Support!

In July, we told you that Shannon Beador and David Beador reached a support settlement. It wasn't set in stone, however.

Now, David is trying to amend the agreement and is claiming that Shannon makes much more money than the court agrees.

Their latest hearing was so stressful that Shannon confronted David, in tears, outside of the courtroom. Oh, dear.

Shannon Beador and David Beador Picture

RadarOnline reports that Shannon Beador and David Beador's latest hearing dragged on for three hours.

Anda pparently it was so contentious that Shannon was biting back tears as she confronted him outside of the courtroom.

"You are such a nickel and dimer!" Shannon was reportedly heard saying to David.

She is said to have then lamented: "It’s disgusting!"

An exchange like that really makes you wonder what went on in that courtroom.

Fortunately, we do not have to wonder -- because we also have the details.

Shannon Beador, David, and Daughters

On Monday, October 15, Shannon and David appeared in court.

Their previous agreement, which covered both spousal and child support, had allowed that the court could later revisit spousal support if David chose to.

Well, David chose to.

David had been paying a total of $22,500 per month.

$10,500 of that was spousal support for Shannon, and the rest was child support for their three daughters.

David asked to modify the amount that he pays out to Shannon on a monthly basis.

Shannon Beador and Daughters, 2018

Well, on Monday, David says that he should be paying less -- and that it's all Shannon's fault.

He told Judge James L. Waltz that Shannon's paperwork does not accurately depict how much money she is making.

David claimed that Shannon makes $900,000 per year and therefore does not need spousal support from him.

That's interesting, because the forensic accountant doesn't believe that to be the case.

David and Shannon Beador, Sports Photo

According to the accountant, Shannon rakes in $24,000 per episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

That's a lot of money, but until RHOC starts making 37-episodes per year, it doesn't look like the numbers add up. But David disagrees.

David, acting as his own attorney, 

"I’m just trying to provide a basis for the fact that he’s using $300,000 as her year-per-year salary," David argues.

David continues: "When she was making far more than that."

David Beador Appears on Watch What Happens Live

"That’s all I’m trying to prove here," David announced.

"Honestly, I hate this," he admitted.

Yeah. Divorce is zero fun.

"And," David explained. "I just want to settle the whole thing."

Shannon's attorney disagreed, citing that David's 2017 income was about $108,168 per month in 2017.

David argued that his earnings fluctuate during the course of his business, so he sometimes does better some months than others.

Shannon and David

It turns out that acting as your own attorney isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

(Don't do this unless you have no other choice, folks)

The judge admonished David for his income and expense declaration paperwork, citing it as incomplete.

David explained that he'd only gotten the chance to work on it during his lunch hour.

It doesn't sound like that went over well with the judge. Kind of like how teachers in high school can usually tell when you did your homework during lunch.

Shannon Beador on Poker Night

Ultimately, the judge did decide that the court should see more up-to-date financial filings from both parties.

(We're sure that the forensic accounting will look through both, so no cheating!)

In the mean time, however, David is ordered to continue paying Shannon the current amount.

Things may have driven Shannon to tears in that courtroom, but it sounds like their relationship has improved.

Remember earlier in their divorce when David reportedly shut off water to Shannon's house, where his daughters live?

This sounds contentious, but a lot less hateful than they were earlier this year.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Shannon Beador vs. The World

Shannon Beador is not a fan of Gina Kirschenheiter or Emily Simpson.

Ever since the two new housewives debuted on this Bravo hit, they've tried to get through the wall Shannon has up. 

On Monday's episode, the heat was turned up when the women made their way to Jamaica. 

Shannon Beador for Season 13

The ladies were given two penthouses, meaning they would have to split up. 

"Shannon's [rooming] with those two," Kelly Dodd said with a grin, looking at Gina and Emily. 

"No. The tres amigas," Shannon countered, referring to Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson. 

Who would have thought these three would ever be this close?

In any case, Gina wanted to try and stop all of the drama, but it fell on deaf ears. 

"Are you sure? It's not too late!" she said to Shannon about rooming with her. 

Gina Kirschenheiter for Season 13

"Sorry," Shannon said with the least apologetic look on her face.

"We'll be in the sorority house. You guys will be in the old folks home," Emily said, chiming in with a huge grin.

Gina added, "The retirement villa!"

It was like Shannon just wanted the two women to disappear because she fails to acknowledge their existence at the best of times. 

This trip is going to be fun!

"Shannon's so rude! It's ballsy, you know? I commend her rude balls," Gina said in a confessional. 

"Of all the people on this trip, I know Gina and Emily the least, and I wanna enjoy myself," Shannon countered in a confessional of her own, adding:

"Who I do know quite well are the tres amigas!"

Shannon Beador on Poker Night

But Shannon was not done yet. When they were in their separate penthouses, she continued to make horrid comments about the two newcomers. 

Tamra Judge, Shannon's BFF, picked up on the way she was acting and told her to "pull out" whatever was in her butt. 

The tension continued to mount at dinner when Tamra noticed the way Shannon checked out of all conversations that related to Gina or Emily. 

"Everybody listens when Shannon is venting, but when other people are, it's like she's checked out," Tamra said to viewers. 

After another awkward night, Emily and Gina thought it was time to get some intel on Shannon because they felt like they made every effort to be friends. 

Tamra Judge for Season 13

"She'll warm up, it just takes her a little time," Tamra said the next morning to the women.

"The funny thing is, though, I understand it takes time," Gina said. "But it's like, she will tell us everything about her, but it takes her time to give a shit about us."

"Eddie tells me I'm an enabler when it comes to her," Tamra said in response, and it's easy to get on board with that. 

But what followed was an epic rant about her supposed BFF. 

"I feel sorry for her! I feel bad for her! Every day, she wakes up with a negative comment," Tamra complained.

Tamra Judge, Bikini Top and See-Through Pants

"Every single day. Every day, I'll get a text, and it's like, 'Last night was horrible!' As soon as she gets here, 'I'm gonna get Zika!' That's just her personality, and I think I've just adapted to her personality."

Emily wondered whether Shannon's much-publicized divorce to David was to blame for the way she was acting. 

"She's been sad since I've known her," said Tamra in response to that. 

Emily Simpson for Season 13

Okay then. 

Could this be the end of the line for Shannon and Tamra, or could they patch things up?

It's not looking good. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Mondays on Bravo. 

Jim Bellino to Tamra Judge: Turn Over Those Secret Text Messages or You’re GONNA PAY!

The newly divorced Jim Bellino is suing Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador to the tune of $1 million.

He clames that they deiiberately and maliciously spread lies about him in a diabolical plot to ruin his reputation and his business.

Now, he's insisting that Tamra surrender her text messages to the court, which he says will expose this alleged scheme.

Jim Bellino and Alexis Bellino

According to new court documents that The Blast obtained this week, Jim Bellino believes that he can prove malicious forethought.

How? Because Tamra and Shannon's interview that launched this whole thing featured a visual aid.

"The premeditated nature of the Defendants vicious personal attack is reflected in the visual backdrop of the videotaped interview," his attorneys argue.

The backdrop is one "which consists of a photo of Mr. Bellino and his ex-wife Alexis Bellino edited into two pieces, with a rip between them."

The suggestion here is that Tamra and Shannon had planned in advance to roast him, and that the edited photo is proof of that.

Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino

More to the point, Jim's team argues that Tamra's body language betrays her allegedly sinister intent.

Tamra, his attorneys note, "grins and pumps her shoulders" when the Bellino divorce comes up.

They write in court documents that she is "unable to contain her excitement and eagerness to tear into Mr. Bellino and his reputation."

That sounds like a bit of a stretch.

Being excited to discuss a topic isn't the same thing as being eager to defame someone.

It's hard for attorneys to claim to know exactly what someone was thinking.

Jim Bellino and His Three Children

Speculation about Tamra's intentions will be moot, however, if her text messaging history contains what Jim thinks that it contains.

In court documents, Jim's team demands that Tamra surrender her text messaging history.

It is their belief that this will yield "substantial direct or circumstantial evidence" of malicious forethought.

So, in other words, he believes that Tamra and Shannon plotted to ruin his good name, and that they texted about it beforehand.

That is quite a claim. And text messages are very personal.

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

This whole thing got started this summer when Tamra and Shannon sat down to talk about the Bellino divorce.

Alexis Bellino was, of course, their co-star. For a time, she was even friends with Tamra.

Shannon and Tamra discussed -- we'll be a little careful when we talk about this, but one might say that they gossiped -- about Jim's business.

At one point, they discussed the allegation that someone had been seriously injured at one of his trampoline parks.

It is normal to discuss things that you have heard. But when you're a public figure, your words carry more weight.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

Did Tamra and Shannon really conspire to drag Jim's name through the mud and destroy his business? That ... could be hard to prove.

Even if it's true, it's not clear if he'll be awarded the $1 million that he is seeking.

Tamra's attorneys have already hit back at some of Jim's claims, saying that her characterization that Jim Bellino is "shady' is demonstrably true.

Her team mentions that Jim agreed to a deal with the FBI over counterfeit sports memorabilia.sales.

They also note that he's been sued for fraud, deceit, wrongful foreclosure, and breach of written contract over his company's activities.

In other words, she stands by her assertion that he is a "shady motherf--ker" and says that it's not slander because it's true.

Tamra Judge Rocking Sunglasses

The lawsuit has another hearing schedules in December.

If Tamra really does have to turn over her text messages, well, that will be unpleasant. Text messages are very private.

If these were medical records, they mgiht be turned over to a Special Master for review so that only the relevant materials, if any, would be entered into evidence.

We're no legal experts, but text messages probably won't get the same sacrosanct treatment.

So even if there's no merit to Jim's claims, Tamra might not want to air her personal business, especially when celebrity court documents have a habit of leaking.

This whole lawsuit is a messy affair.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: The Shade Queen

Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was light on the nice, and heavy on the mean. 

It picked up in the immediate aftermath of Shannon Beador's QVC debut, and she was on a high. 

She invited all of the ladies over to her house for a celebratory dinner. 

Gina Kirschenheiter Cries

Gina Kirschenheiter was in attendance, and as you know if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, she has butted heads with some of the ladies over her looming divorce. 

The 34-year-old admitted that she was scared at the thought of "being a grown-up" when the divorce gets finalized. 

"I've never been alone…I'm scared," cried Gina as she continued to speak to the ladies about it. 

Gina immediately took issue with the fact that Shannon did not ask her how things were. 

Gina Kirschenheiter for Season 13

"Just ask me how my f***ing day was," Gina yelled as she cried.

"'I'm glad I'm out of this one," complained Shannon as Gina continued to sob.

"I am noticing a pattern in Shannon's behavior, of her really not caring about me at all…Shannon does have this way of just looking through you," said Gina.

"It shouldn't take this much time for her to acknowledge my existence, it shouldn't take this much time for her to not be an a**hole," she continued.

But Shannon was quick to tell Kelly Dodd the real reason why she did not care for Gina. 

Shannon Beador for Season 13

"She's 20 years younger than me… and she stirred the pot a few times with me," Shannon said to her friend. 

It makes sense that Shannon would want to keep the new additions away from her because she wants to maintain some sort of storyline to have her contract picked up for another year. 

If these new women have a more significant presence, she runs the risk of being demoted to the dreaded "friend" status. 

What's more, the new housewives come at a lower price tag because they haven't been part of the show for as long. 

Elsewhere, Emily questioned whether it would be a wise decision to attempt to have another baby with one of the embryos she had left from her fertility treatments. 

Emily Simpson Wears Stripes

Emily was open about her almost dying after suffering six miscarriages on a recent episode of the Bravo hit, so it's fully understandable that her husband would be apprehensive about trying to conceive again. 

"I don't think it's right that you keep pushing me in that direction," Shane said, but Emily wasn't ready to back down.

"But I've always wanted more than one girl," she said.

Emily was told that carrying another child could kill her following what happened the last time, so it's a difficult situation for anyone to be in. 

It remains to be seen whether Shane will change his stance on the matter, but we're inclined to believe he won't. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest action?

Hit the comments below. 

RHOC continues Mondays on Bravo. 

Vicki Gunvalson: I Still Think Gina Kirschenheiter is Lying …

On the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson was feeling very argumentative and accused Gina of being "selfish."

Vicki is trying to clear the air, now.

But she still insists that it's frustrating to hear Gina speak so casually of her divorce.

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

Taking to her Bravo blog, Vicki Gunvalson writes about her blowup fight with Gina Kirschenheiter.

"I did feel like I was too hard on her when we all had dinner at my house," Vicki admits.

"And," she continues. "I regret saying anything to her that may have hurt her feelings."

"It’s been frustrating for me to see her so casual about divorcing her husband," Vicki expresses.

"It doesn’t make sense to any of us," Vicki says. "And I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot we don’t know."

Matthew Kirschenheiter and Gina Kirschenheiter

Vicki then shares her personal conspiracy theory about the Kirschenheiter divorce.

"My personal take on this is," Vicki writes. "They were probably separated when we met her and that is why he decided to move to LA without her."

"I don’t know if that’s true," Vicki admits. "But that’s what makes sense to me."

"If there is anything I do know, it’s the mistakes I made in my two marriages," Vicki acknowledges.

"And if there is anything I could do to help her or anyone else," Vicki says. "I feel inclined to speak up."

Vicki Gunvalson is Not Impressed

"I have spent my entire professional life of almost 30 years helping people 'plan for the unplanned'," Vicki writes.

"And my goal is to always make sure their financial future is secure," she says, referring to her insurance work.

"It’s hard for me not to want to offer my advice to Gina," she confesses.

In other words, if she knew how to keep out of other people's business, she wouldn't be a Real Housewife.

"This is not my first rodeo," Vicki says. "I know how this ends and it’s hard."

"I want the best for Gina and her family," she says. "And in the future I will not dismiss her reasons but will be there to help her if she needs me."

Gina Kirschenheiter Hat Pic

"When Gina asked me a question about regretting my decision to be divorced," Vicki writes. "Knowing that I am in a better place got me really thinking about it."

Divorce is complicated, and everyone has different thoughts on the difficult process.

"I think it comes down to not making the same mistakes I made before," Vicki suggests. "And being the best partner for Steve I can be."

"I’m in an amazing place," Vicki says. "And I’m incredibly grateful and thankful that such a solid, gorgeous, loving, 'no drama' man came in my life."

That's certainly an improvement over that total creep Brooks Ayers.

Vicki Gunvalson at the Reunion Special

"We both live with the decision of divorce," Vicki writes. "And we talk openly about it."

"The truth is we both agree we should have done things differently in our past marriages to have saved them," she continues.

"Divorce is difficult on the kids," Vicki acknowledges. "Difficult financially and emotionally."

"And," she concludes. "I’m much clearer now than I was 10 years ago on what it truly takes to make a marriage work."

After that, Vicki plugs her business and then encourages readers to follow her on Instagram.

Gina Kirschenheiter, No Makeup

Gina Kirschenheiter has really resonated with a sizable chunk of fans and viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

She is, quite frankly, relatable.

Divorce can be difficult, but a lot of viewers were happy to see someone speaking casually about a difficult process.

Not every unpleasant experience is the end of the world.

If Gina is pretty chill about her split, maybe that's a good thing.

Emily Simpson Opens Up About Suffering 4 Miscarriages in 5 Years

On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily Simpson revealed that she almost died.

Emily explained that she had four miscarriages in five years.

Now, she is opening up about her experiences with tragedy.

Emily Simpson and Baby Annabelle

On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily's Mother-in-law Pary did her best to dissuade her from trying for another baby.

"Your body couldn't handle it before," Pary reasoned. "Can it handle it now?"

Pary reminded her: "You almost died."

"I know," Emily acknowledged. "I forget that sometimes."

She explains her sad personal history to the camera.

Emily Simpson Wears Stripes

"It was very difficult for me to have children," Emily revealed. "Over the course of about four years, I had five miscarriages."

"And then Shane and I did in vitro," she adds. "I carried twins until about four months, and then I went into labor, and I lost them."

That is absolutely heartbreaking.

"I remember laying in the hospital bed, needing a blood transfusion 'cause I lost so much blood," Emily shares.

"And I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow, this is what it feels like to die.' I can just picture it. I can picture the hospital room," Emily says.

Emily Simpson Wears Red Velvet

"I can picture the lights, I can picture the nurses," Emily describes. "They were all crying. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through"

"I still have nine embryos left," she shares. "Embryos, not eggs. Embryos"

"I've always wanted to have more than one girl," Emily shares.

"Sara and I were so close growing up that we just had that bond," she adds. "It was just the two of us."

Emily adds: "She's my best friend even now."

Emily Simpson Image

"My mom had a lot of issues," Emily continues. "a lot of things she was dealing with when my sister and I were growing up,"

"So," she says. "That's really why my sister and I connect so much and on such an emotional level."

"We've just been through a lot of things together," she explains.

Emly says: "I wanna give that same thing to Annabelle that I had with Sara."

But her husband is adamant that Emily not risk another pregnancy, saying: "No."

Emily Simpson Is Upset

On Instagram, Emily teased the episode by opening up about her own experiences.

"October marks pregnancy and infant loss awareness month," Emily begins.

She continues: "It was a time in my life when I never felt so ALONE"

"It’s a difficult episode for me to watch," she says of this latest episode.

"But I hope sharing my journey brings light and awareness to such a difficult and taboo subject," Emily explains.

"And," she writes. "Hopefully helps other women out there feel less ALONE"

Emily Simpson Smiles

"TAG your friends, family or any other women out there who may be dealing with the same issues," Emily suggests. "Let’s support one another."

That is not always good advice. For some, miscarriages are very personal. Others simply will not welcome the reminder.

"THANK YOU to my beautiful sister @ms_moffitt for sacrificing so much to carry all three of my children for me when my body failed me," Emily shares.

That is Sara Moffitt, the same sister with whom she has a close bond. That is clear.

"And," she concludes, thanking "my husband @shanesimps for being by side through it all."

Vicki Gunvalson: Beware of Men Like Brooks Ayers! He’s Like Dirty John!

Many people have had a toxic ex. Most have been lucky enough to avoid an ex who fabricated medical paperwork in order to fake having cancer.

In that regard, Vicki Gunvalson has been very unlucky.

In this video, she's talking about hearing from fans who've been through the same thing -- 

Vicki gunvalson and brooks ayers snap

"The truth always comes out," Vicki says optimistically.

"Karma is a b--ch, baby," she adds with a smile.

She is speaking about her own experience with Brooks Ayers, who dated her for four years and ended up faking cancer, chemo, and chemo symptoms.

She is also speaking about the experiences that others have had -- experiences that eerily mirror her own.

Dirty John is true crime anthology series based upon a podcast of the same name, and it tells a very similar story to Vicki's.

Vicki gunvalson at home

"Well, I've gotten a lot of letters from people," Vicki shares, before specifying: "Women, mostly women."

Vicki says that these letters were "saying what a sociopath, what a narcissistic man is."

While buzzwords like sociopath can lose thier meaning or be used to demonize people with mental illness, she is speaking of toxic manipulators.

Vicki says that these letters spoke of their struggles "and what they experienced, and our stories were exactly the same."

"The love letters, the flowers, the ‘Baby, we got this, they’re the enemy,’ you know," Vicki says.

Vicki brooks

That practice, known as "love bombing," can be used as a weapon to manipulate a victim and ot mask a lack of genuine affection.

Vicki acknowledges that Brooks was "really shielding me from my safe people which was my daughter, which was my cast members."

These, she says, were people "who loved me."

"And I didn't see it as that," Vicki admits.

"My daughter would have probably really hurt him if he'd kept pushing into my life," Vicki says.

Vicki gunvalson for season 13

Vicki is still awed by the sheer scope of how common this can be.

"But the amount of letters I received from people, emails, and letters in the mail," Vicki says.

All of these were "from people that have gone through what I went through ..."

That shows how common this sort of thing can be.

This is probably why the Dirty John podcast was so popular that it's becoming a Bravo series -- with a companion docuseries on Oxygen.

Vicki gunvalson is not impressed

"Dirty John, that is my life," Vicki laments. "He portrayed he was somebody he wasn’t."

"That happened to me, and we’re intelligent women," she says, referring to herself and to other women.

"It happened to me with my eyes wide open," Vicki says.

To be clear, victims are never to blame. They're not stupid or deserving of the attention of creeps.

"So if it can happen to me," Vicki says. "Can you imagine how many women it’s happening to?"

Vicki gunvalson at the reunion special

"And," Vicki adds. "I’m a smart cookie."

You know what? That's true. Say what you will about Vicki, she's not dumb.

"Everybody told me he was a bad boy," she says. "And I didn’t see it till it was over."

Vicki knows that her warning will fall on deaf ears: "I guess I can’t say ‘Listen to me’ because you can’t listen to anybody when you’re in it."

"You gotta really trudge through it," she concludes.

Vicki flips her s t

Of course, being familiar with the red flags in advance could help a lot of women -- and others -- to avoid toxic relationships.

The differences can be subtle, of course. Not everyone who buys someone a bunch of presents is trying to manipulate a victim.

But if someone is trying to isolate you from your loved ones and convince you that they're really enemies, that is almost always a bad sign.

Vicki's story clearly resonated with a lot of people who have had brushes with these same sorts of manipulators.

Brooks Ayers may be out of her life, but he's left a stain on her story.

Of course, Brooks doesn't care what Vicki thinks. At all.

Vicki gunvalson beware of men like brooks ayers hes like dirty j

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Who Almost Died?!

Emily Simpson may be new to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she has proven to be one of the better additions to the franchise of late. 

With her down-to-earth attitude, and knack for calling out the ladies who she thinks are causing trouble, she's cemented herself as a must-watch star of this Bravo reality hit. 

On Monday's episode, Emily opened up about a dark period in her life in which she had five miscarriages in four years. 

Emily Simpson Is Upset

While we can't begin to imagine what Emily was going through during that horrible time, she decided it was time to speak out about it to viewers. 

"It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever been through," cried Emily who admitted that she almost died following the death of her twins. 

What's more, a blood transfusion saved her life, but was that enough to put her off the idea of having another child?


Emily revealed that she was open to the idea of having another child. To achieve this, she would be using one of the embryos that remained after the fertility treatment. 

Emily Simpson Smiles

But that did not go down well with her mother-in-law, Parry, who worried if there would be severe ramifications with conceiving again. 

"Your body may not be able to handle it. You almost died. We had to call 911," she warned, and it made Emily think about things. 

There was an air of mystery about whether she would really press on with another pregnancy, but it seems like this could be her storyline for the rest of the season. 

Elsewhere on this emotional installment, Vicki Gunvalson was all about making some strides to ensure she lived her best life. 

That resulted in her riding a motorcycle for the first time. As always, there's a lot of drama that comes with Vicki, but this was more lighthearted. 

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

"Slow down!" Vicki screamed as they made their way on to the road. 

"I don’t want Steve going to a biker bar alone, I mean look at him, he’s so s*xy, there’s only one biker b***h on the back of his bike, and that’s me," she added essentially telling other women to steer clear of her man. 

It was one of the funniest openings in show history because Vicki is always vocal about her feelings, and this was no different. 

Will she ride a motorcycle again? Well, we'll need to tune in to find out!

We quickly learned that Vicki was not giving up her argumentative side when she met up with Gina to clear the air following their big blowout. 

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

"It really hurt my feelings when you said that I didn’t have a moral compass," complained Gina, but Vicki continued to say that she was ‘selfish.’

"I’m not being selfish," screamed Gina, who was so over all of the drama surrounding her divorce. 

The argument only started because Vicki was mad that Gina didn't believe in a God because of the way her relationship with her husband turned out. 

Vicki has been known to hold feuds 'til the end of time, so this should be no different. 

As for Shannon Beador, well she was in Philadelphia promoting her new line of "healthy foods" in an attempt to prove she does something other than arguing with her friends on a weekly basis. 

Shannon Beador for Season 13

"This is a huge moment for Shannon, this is her first shot at being independent after David like she didn’t know that the water was a utility," said Tamra who accompanied her. 

Kelly Dodd hosted a viewing party for the ad, and had some comical words for it, especially when Shannon grabbed her belly and complained about being fat. 

"Oh, Shannon! Do you really need to be pointing at the fat on your stomach? I don’t have to point out that I have a big a*s," shrieked Kelly.

Okay then. 

Will her business be a success in the long run? 

Time will tell. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Mondays on Bravo. 

Jim Bellino: I Can PROVE Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador Are Liars!

The Real Housewives of Orange County stars Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador are being sued by Jim Bellino, the former husband of their former co-star, Alexis.

He says that they have maliciously defamed him, but Tamra's team has fired back saying that, in order to be defamation, it needs to actually be false.

Now, Jim is insisting that he can prove that they're liars -- with a little help from Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley.

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

Usually, someone who just went through a divorce is happy to be done with courtrooms for a while. Not so for Jim Bellino.

The dude is suing Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador to the tune of $1 million, and he says that he can prove it with corroboration from Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley.

RadarOnline obtained court documents that show that Jim Bellino's team wants them to testify.

They, Jim says, "have indicated that they have testimony to provide that [Beador and Judge] have a pattern and practice of fabricating stories about various individuals."

Jim hopes that their testimony will make it clear if Tamra and Shannon "harbor ill-will, anger, or hostility" towards Jim.

Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino

Jim's team is insisting that Tamra and Shannon, rather than merely gossiping about a fellow public figure, are out to get him.

"Indeed, the anger and hostility displayed by Defendants toward Plaintiff Bellino has long history, dating back years," he argues in court documents.

"As early as 2011, Defendant Judge (at that time using the surname ‘Barney’) was targeting Plaintiff Bellino," records claim.

"And," the documents continue. "Fabricating malicious lies that Plaintiff was a ‘faux Christian’ and was a cocaine dealer."

One of those sounds like a wildly subjective opinion. The other ... not so much.

Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley Pic

Speaking to RadarOnline, Slade Smiley says that Jim is misrepresenting his and Gretchen's eagerness to wade into this court battle.

"We were contacted by the lawyer," Slade acknowledges.

"And," he continues. "Told him the last thing that we want is to be caught up in another lawsuit with anyone."

That is more than understandable -- especially given that it's over something that many believe to be so petty.

"I did not reach out to them at all," Slade emphasizes. "That is why we are being subpoenaed."

Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi

If they're being subpoenaed, that means that they'll still have to help Jim -- or at least tell the court what they know -- whether they want to or not.

This started on June 26, when Shannon and Tamra went on Heather McDonald's podcast.

In light of Jim and Alexis Bellino's divorce, which was underway at the time but has since reached a settlement, Tamra and Shannon spoke about Jim.

They said that he was a "shady motherf--ker" who was "going to jail."

They also alleged that his trampoline parks were dangerous.

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

The last date of this court battle was on Wednesday, September 26.

The next hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 18, and a motion has been pushed back to December.

Given the way that things are going, it doesn't look like either side is going to back down. This could drag on well into 2019.

It seems unlikely that Tamra and Shannon are going to cave and surrender $1 million because they, Real Housewives, said something disparaging about a dude.

That leaves the ball in Jim's court.

Fans wonder: is he going to keep throwing money at court while making himself look defensive in public, or is he going to drop this before it starts to consume his life?

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Italian Fight Night

Gina Kirschenheiter may be one of the newest housewives on the block, but she has quickly solidified herself as one of the best. 

The reason?

She speaks her mind without caring what the others think of her. That's a good trait to have being part of a reality TV show. 

An Unimpressed Gina Kirschenheiter

On Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, her character was called into question thanks to her pending divorce to Matt Kirschenheiter. 

While on a dinner date with Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Kelly Dodd, she was asked about whether there was hope for them to reconcile. 

"We truly are best friends, but we aren’t in love,� Gina said, revealing that her divorce would be amicable. “What’s wrong with just saying, ‘Our marriage didn’t fail, it’s just ending?’"

Given that Gina has three children to Matt, it's great for the kids that they are ending their union without drama. 

“I’m not in pain,� Gina revealed to the others.

Gina Kirschenheiter for Season 13

“I don’t think I’m going to experience the pain because even though Matt and I aren’t right for each other, I know who I married and I know who he is. … I will be fine. … [Matt] actually really is a good man.�

Shannon went on to bring up money being a factor, but Gina immediately shut her down. 

“We are not about money,� Gina said, adding:

“I would give up my alimony to save my family dynamic. Matt would pay me double to save my family dynamic.

"That’s who we are and who we will always be," she continued.

"This will never be an issue of money. I don’t have assets. I have one humble home. And I get that, and I respect [what’s going on with you], but I’m not in that situation.�  

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

That's when Vicki stepped in with her thoughts about the situation. 

“You’re so nonchalant about getting divorced. It bothers me. … You’re like flippant about it,� Gunvalson said. “You’re not experiencing the pain yet. It’s not pretty.�

“You took up matrimony. You went in front of God and said, ‘I will marry you ’til death do us part,’� Vicki preached. 

“I don’t believe in God,� Gina fired back, and the whole room went silent. 

“I believe in a higher power,� she clarified.

“I believe in a god, I don’t know who he is. I’ve never met him. I believe in a god, I don’t believe in anyone’s particular god.�

“You don’t believe in God? Are you serious?� Vicki said as though she had just heard botox was being abolished.

"That might be missing,� Vicki preached to the choir.

“That’s why you’re in the place you’re in. … You don’t have a moral compass inside your soul.�

“I’ve never heard someone be so flippant about God,� Gunvalson complained in a confessional.

“She better hope she’s right that there’s no God because if she’s wrong, she’s going to pay for it for eternity. That’s a long time.�

Gina Kirschenheiter Hat Pic

Gina was taken aback by the whole thing but was persistent about the way she was feeling. 

“I’m not in a bad place, I’m in a good place,� she said, adding:

“That’s a ridiculous thing to say. You’re so stupid, you sound like an idiot right now. … My morals are in check and I don’t have morals because I believe in a certain god or I’m following a certain set of rules. I just have morals because I’m trying to be a good person.�

Vicki continued to drag Gina, bringing up her future without her husband. 

“Wait until you try to date someone, and you have three kids, and they don’t like your kids,� she said. “Then what? Then what are you going to do?�

While Vicki failed to recognize she had gone too far, Gina departed because she was being put on blast for something that was her decision. 

“I will literally battle this for the day I die for my children. So back off,� Gina said in a confessional.  

“Because of what they’ve gone through in their past, they think that they know more than me,� she told continued.

Matthew Kirschenheiter and Gina Kirschenheiter

“Every married couple is different, every divorced couple is different, everybody going through a divorce is different. So shut up.�

In her time of need, Gina called Matt to fill him on the comments. 

“I’m so upset. I need you to talk to me right now. This is too much, and they’re so mean. I just can’t. I just get upset because we’re not right for each other and that’s just not good enough for anybody.�

But it wasn't Matt who was able to calm her down. It was fellow new housewive, Emily Simpson. 

“Every single person at that table has been through what you’ve been through, and it conjures up a lot of emotions,� said Simpson.

“You can listen to their story and their advice, and you can say, ‘Thank you for sharing.’“

Vicki Gunvalson is Not Impressed

When Gina returned to the table, Gunvalson accepted her apology. 

"It’s really none of our business but we kind of feel that we want to mother you a little bit because we care for you,� Gunvalson said.

Something tells us a new feud was born Monday night, and it's going to cause a lot of drama. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

Hit the comments below.

Emily Simpson SLAMS Kelly Dodd for Vicious Attack on Husband!

Though viewers saw Vicki Gunvalson flip out on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she wasn't the only Housewife to get a little hot under the collar.

When Kelly Dodd criticized Emily Simpson's husband -- when she called him a "b--ch" -- Emily lashed out, even threatening to kill Kelly.

Emily cooled off and apologized, and she's owning up to her words and actions. But she says that she's the only one who's doing so.

Emily Simpson Image

"I am in no way proud of my behavior at Tamra’s party," Emily admits in a Bravo blog post.

In her own defense, Emily says: "I feel like any wife who respects her marriage and her husband would have become as irate as I did."

"However," Emily adds. "I am the ONLY one taking any responsibility for my own actions that evening."

"And let’s be honest," Emily says, preparing to school her co-star. "For a 'death threat' to be actionable, the other party has to have an imminent and reasonable fear that their life is in jeopardy."

"The fact that Kelly continued to scream, 'Hit me! Hit me!' and was laughing means she was not scared for her life," Emily reasons.

Emily Simpson Smiles

She says that Kelly has been targeted Emily's words so that she does not have to look inward.

"Kelly’s constant focusing on what I said that night is simply a deflection from dealing with her own abhorrent behavior," Emily says.

"I have to say I’m quite disappointed in the other ladies," Emily continues.

Emily asks: "Did anyone else notice that Tamra, in her last blog, says Shane likes to cause drama when all he did was stand at a table and have a nice, quiet conversation with Steve?"

Tamra's last blog was more or less all about accusing Shane of being dramatic.

Emily Simpson Wears Red Velvet

Emily spies hypocrisy in Tamra's accusations.

"Yet she makes ZERO mention of Kelly’s behavior," Emily points out. "Can Shane ever catch a break? Is he ever allowed to speak?"

Emily then points out that Shane was in a no-win scenario.

"If he said nothing, he would be attacked for being spineless," Emily imagines. "If he speaks up, he’s attacked for causing drama."

"At the very least, it is laughable that the queen of 'That’s my opinion!' is telling Shane to stay out of it," Emily says, referring to the famous meme of Tamra screaming.

Emily Simpson for Season 13

"I am happy that Kelly and I had the opportunity to sit down face to face and work it out," Emily writes.

Emily continues: "I truly believe you can work things out by owning your own actions, forgiving, and moving on."

"I feel that we both said what we wanted to say," Emily says. "And we both took responsibility for our own part in the evening."

Emily adds: "I even texted Kelly after meeting with her and reiterated how I was happy that we chatted and worked things out."

Emily Simpson and Husband Shane Simpson

Despite that peacemaking, Emily points out that Kelly hasn't given up on her insistence that Shane is a "b--ch."

It's part of human nature for people to get upset and defensive when their loved ones are targeted for criticism and ridicule.

And it goes with the Real Housewife franchise's territory for people to have explosive arguments on camera. Viewers expect it.

It's how the stars respond after the fact that shows fans what their character is really like. Emily, at least, is owning what she did and what she said.

We do hope that, in the future, Emily avoids issuing any death threats. It's not cool.

David Beador: Did He Get His Hot Young Girlfriend Pregnant?!

Note to Shannon Beador:

You may not want to scroll down and read the crux of this story.

Go binge watch The Crown or do something else instead, okay? Just do anything except learn about the latest step in your ex-husband's new relationship...

David Beador and Lesley Cook

According to Reality Blurb, David Beador and his relatively new, young and very attractive girlfriend, Lesley Cook, have moved in together.

An insider has confirmed the major life step to the aforementioned website, while also answering the most pressing question on the minds of most fans after learning of this news.

Are Beador and Cook shacking up together because the latter is pregnant?

Is David about to be a father once again?

No, the source emphasizes.

Cook is not pregnant.

The two are just in love, we guess, and their relationship is simply this serious.

Lesley Cook with David Beador

David and Lesley went public with their romance in February, about three months after Shannon Beador announced she was divorcing her husband of 17 years.

Not just divorcing him, we should say -- but divorcing him and taking EVERYthing she could.

This strong stance has supposedly been taken by Shannon because David confessed to cheating on her in 2015; and because many believe he was also cheating on her with Cook.

Both David and Lesley have denied this allegation, with the latter calling Tamra Judge a liar for claiming that Cook and Beador met last October, while he was still married to Shannon.

We have no inside knowledge of when this romance started, so we aren't going to join in this speculation.

Lesley Cook and David Beador on a Plane

We will reiterate, however, just how ugly a split this has become.

Shannon is allegedly receiving $30,000 per month from David is spousal support, while David has reportedly demanded that his estranged wife drop his last name.

That's something you almost never see happen.

Shannon and David share three kids together (17-year-old Sophie and 14-year-old twins Stella and Adeline) and it does at least seem like this vicious split isn't having a negative effect on them.

We mean, we're sure it is.

How could it not?!?

David Beador, Lesley Cook

But Cook at least told Us Weekly this spring that David "goes above and beyond for his daughters," adding:

"David is an absolutely amazing dad. He takes his daughters to school every morning, well the ones that don’t drive. He takes them to all of their after school activities, drives them to their tournaments, and is always there for them.

"His daughters are the absolute light in his life, and he loves them so very much.

"The girls will always come first."

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Flips Out

Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd's friendship might never be the same again. 

Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County picked up in the aftermath of the fight that found new housewife, Emily Simpson, threatening to kill Kelly. 

But Vicki wanted to know how her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, wound up being put on blast. If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Kelly was livid to learn that Steve was friends with her ex-husband. 

Vicki Gunvalson Waves a Knife

For Kelly, it was like a betrayal, and it was made worse that her then-BFF Vicki failed to see the issue with all of it. 

Gunvalson unpacked what went down with Tamra Judge and Emily. 

"Kelly thinks Steve's mad at her, and I don't know what's going on," Gunvalson solemnly said to her friends. "And now, Steve doesn't want anything to do with her."

"Shane neither," said Simpson as though anybody cared whether her pot stirrer husband would be friends with the newest cougar in Orange County, adding "he doesn't have time for it."

In all honesty, Shane was the one who butted in when Dodd was trying to get the answers from Steve, so if anything, he should be apologizing to Kelly for trying to sink her storyline to get one of his own. 

Emily Simpson for Season 13

Emily then went on to say that she was wrong about the way she reacted to Kelly. 

"I probably shouldn't have said, 'I'm going to kill you, but obviously it's a figure of speech," she said, trying to defend her actions. 

"[Kelly] said the entire time, 'I just wanna go talk to Steve and fix it,'" added Tamra of the whole scenario. 

"She doesn't give a rat's a— about Steve, and I guarantee you she wants to see our relationship fold because she doesn't want anyone happy," Gunvalson balked, adding:

"Miserable people like miserable people. I was there."

That's when Tamra opted to light the fuse on the dynamite and secure her contract with the show for another season. 

Tamra Judge for Season 13

"She said that Steve is only with you for your money," she said while acting like it was not going to cause another war between the housewives. 

"I thought it appropriate to tell Vicki about what's being said because the worst thing in this group is a rumor going to another person, another person, another person and not the person who's directly involved," Tamra said in defense of her actions. 

"Of course Kelly says that!" Gunvalson screamed as she stopping chopping vegetables.

"Shame on her for talking about my relationship. It's bulls— that everybody's always after what I have! Leave me alone! And by the way, I don't have that much money."

For what it's worth, we did get to see Kelly and Tamra have that conversation earlier in the episode. 

Kelly Dodd for Season 13

“Do you think that guy is hitting it and quitting it?� Kelly asked, of Steve to Tamra.

“My friend was dating the girl that Steve was dating. He told the girlfriend that he’s only using Vicki for money. Swear to God. Dinero! Money talks and bulls— walks.�

“In my book, Steve’s a bad guy,� she added. “He’s hiding something. And everyone should know what kind of a person he is.�

While Tamra was trying to imply she was being nice to Vicki by telling her about the earlier comments, there was also footage that suggested she, too, was not taken in by Steve. 

“She doesn’t love him,� Judge said during a group dinner sans Gunvalson. “I’m sorry, she does not love that man.�

Never one to come to a party without some proof, she reminded the ladies of Shannon's matchmaker.

Tamra Judge, Bikini Top and See-Through Pants

“When I was talking with the matchmaker with her, she was like ‘Maybe I should go to him too?'� Judge recalled.

While everyone seemed to be against Gunvalson's relationship, it was all playing out swimmingly for the cameras. 

“You better not let me down,� she told Lodge as they celebrated her birthday.

“I feel great at 56. It’s been a bumpy couple last three years, but now that Steve’s in my life, I finally feel like I’m at peace.�

 “I don’t need a man for money, and he doesn’t need me for money,� she continued. “I don’t care about stuff. I care about the person.“

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

"I would date a trash collector if that’s who I fell in love with.�

Lodge seemed to agree. “I think in her mind she feels, ‘I’m successful I don’t need another man’s money, so I’m going to fall in love not because he has money,’ � he said. “Unlike some other people we know.�

That last little bit of word salad was very likely a jab at Kelly. 

Oh yes, it's on. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Monday on Bravo.

Gina Kirschenheiter: Quitting The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Gina Kirschenheiter has really made a splash on The Real Housewives of Orange County, from siding with Kelly Dodd against Vicki to speaking her mind without hesitation.

She's made a real impression with fans, who would be happy to see her return for another season.

Will Gina stay or will she go?

Gina Kirschenheiter Hat Pic

RadarOnline spoke to a network insider who explained why Bravo wants Gina Kirschenheiter back for another season.

The Bravo insider says that Gina is "absolutely" welcome back next season.

"She has gained a tremendous fan base," the source explains.

A huge factor in her immediate popularity, the insider explains, is "because people can relate to her."

She's a reality star with a reasonably glamorous lifestyle, so crossing that bridge to relatability can be tricky -- but she managed it.

Gina Kirschenheiter is Divorcing

There are some pretty simple reasons for Gina's rapid rise to popularity among viewers, and it's not the ase of spelling her last name.

"She speaks what is on her mind," the source explains. "And she doesn’t hold back anything."

That's a great quality in a reality star, but also a breath of fresh air to viewers who are tired of jaded reality veterans who pick their battles.

"She is refreshing," the insider states.

"And," the source continues, Gina "has gotten really close to several of the cast members already."

As we had mentioned, Gina sided with Kelly against Vicki over Vicki's double-dates with Kelly's ex.

Matthew Kirschenheiter and Gina Kirschenheiter

As we reported very early this summer, Gina Kirschenheiter divorced her husband shortly after the show wrapped filming.

It was said that Gina seeing parts of her life through the lens of a camera helped to put some things into perspective for her.

Though viewers have seen her acting almost as a single parent to her three young children this season, she and Matt Kirschenheiter don't seem to have any hard feelings.

The insider dishes that Gina "has done an amazing job co-parenting and will continue to be friends with Matt."

That can be a difficult line to tread -- good for her! And good for him, too!

Gina Kirschenheiter and Family

As much as fans and Bravo would like to see an encore performance from Gina, ultimately, that ball is in her court.

"It is up to her whether or not she decides to take the invite back on the show," the source explains.

That makes sense. Some contracts last for several seasons, but few -- networks or stars -- are eager to start with a multi-year contract.

"But hopefully," the insider says. "She will."

Very practically, the source says: "The paycheck sure can’t hurt her."

Gina Kirschenheiter for Season 13

Even amicable divorce is expensive, even if you're rich -- in terms of sheer numbers, especially if you're rich. 

But even if it weren't for that ... the hefty paycheck for a Housewife salary is difficult to turn down. You can never have too much money, folks.

That said, for some people, they find that they're happier when their lives aren't out in the open on television and social media.

Still, we'll keep our fingers crossed that Gina loves being on the show as much as viewers love seeing her.

She really brings a special element to the show's dynamic.

Tamra Judge Fires Back at RHOC Lawsuit: I Can PROVE Jesus Jugs’ Husband is Shady!

Former Real Housewife Alexis Bellino and her husband got a divorce this year, and we even know how much Alexis is getting.

But Jim Bellino is suing Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador for defamation ... and he's demanding that they pay out $1 million.

Tamra is hitting back in court, saying that he can't sue her for defamation ... because everything that she said is true.

Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

RadarOnline reports that Tamra Judge hit back at Jim Bellino's lawsuit, asking the court to dismiss the case.

A court document reads: "Judge’s Statements Regarding Spousal Support and Plaintiff Being 'Shady' Cannot Support A Defamation Cause of Action Because It Is True."

Shannon and Tamra had gossiped a little about Jim when discussing his divorce, but Tamra's team argues that she didn't say anything that wasn't true.

"Plaintiff specifically requests spousal support in his publicly available divorce papers," the papers argue.

The paper adds: "In addition, Judge’s statement that Plaintiff is a ‘shady motherf--ker’ is also not actionable because it is true."

Tamra Judge Rocking Sunglasses

Tamra's team didn't make that assertion out of nowhere. They included some serious receipts.

"Shady means of doubtful honesty or legality," the documents establish.

The document mentions: "Plaintiff accepted a deal with the government that gave him probation after he was caught in an FBI investigation for his sale of counterfeit sports memorabilia. (Beaudin Decl. at Exs. 14-15, 18.)"

There are several well-documented pieces of evidence that Tamra believes justify the assertion that Jim is "shady."

There's another example: "Plaintiff was sued for fraud, deceit, wrongful foreclosure, breach of written contracts, and other accusations in connection with his company’s foreclosure on a hotel property after receiving $2.13 million in a refinance loan. (Id. at Exs. 11, 14.)"

Shannon Beador Selfie

The documents continue to list that which they believe to be shady about Jim.

The papers mention: "He faced foreclosure on a home for delinquent payments and then turned around a purchased a more expensive home the next year. (Id. at Exs. 12-13, 16-17.)"

The documents accuse: "He also allegedly hired and failed to pay an interior designer that resulted in legal action. (Id. at Ex. 19.)"

Folks, please pay the people whom you hire to do work.

Tamra's team asserts: "These actions all fall within the purview of being ‘shady,’"

Jim Bellino and His Three Children

Jim, however, continues to rail against both Tamra and Shannon.

"Tamra has slandered and defamed many people," Jim claims. "This time she messed with the wrong person!! Shannon has severely lied about my business which affects my ability to support my family."

"In their responses," Jim continues. "Neither one of them addressed the true damaging statements they have made. It’s time someone puts a stop to their careless malicious attacks."

Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

Look, no one is accusing Tamra of being a good person. Her outrageous behavior has made her estranged from her daughter and has also made her into an unflattering meme.

But some feel that this lawsuit is weak, a huge overreaction, or even frivilous.

Their next court date is October 18, 2018.