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Duggar Courtship Rules Reveal Dark Side of Counting On Clan

If you're a fan of their popular TLC reality series, then you're almost certainly aware of the infamous Duggars' courtship rules.

But while you may be familiar with the family's infamous code of conduct, you might not be aware of where the bizarrely stringent regulations came from.

Or, for that matter, why they're so strictly enforced.

So join us as we explore one of the strangest, least-understood and most disturbing aspects of life inside the Duggar compound ...

1. A Quiverfull of Duggars

Duggars in 2014
The Duggars belong to the controversial Quiverfull movement, which holds that procreation is the primary purpose of life on earth, and it's the sacred duty of all women to birth as many children as physically possible.

2. The Supreme Leader

Bill gothard
The Quiverfull movement and its affiliated Institute for Basic Life Principles have been described as "cults" by former members. The leader of these cults--and the man most responsible for the courtship guidelines followed by the Duggars--is a man named Bill Gothard.

3. A Fallen Minister

A fallen minister
Gothard resigned from his post in disgrace following dozens of sexual assault and harassment allegations from former male and female employees. Though he seldom appears in public these days, it's been rumored that Gothard still exercises a tremendous amount of control over the organizations he founded.

4. Josh's Downfall

Anna and josh duggar photograph
Gothard, of course, isn't the only sexual predator with close ties to the Duggar clan. In May of 2015, the world was shocked by news that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

5. A Culture of Abuse

Joy anna duggar austin forsth and family
The back-to-back scandals brought a new level of scrutiny to the Duggars "courtship" rules, which had previously been viewed as more humurous than harmful.

6. A Systemic Problem

The duggar family picture
Some fans didn't like what they saw on closer inspection, and many realized that Josh and Gothard were symptoms of a much deeper issue...
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Jennifer Hudson: David Otunga Forced Our Son to SPY On Me!

When news first broke that Jennifer Hudson had split from David Otunga and filed for a restraining order, the world wondered what had happened.

Had he been abusive? Or had, as David Otunga's defenders suggest, Jennifer Hudson made the move purely to try to secure custody of their 8-year-old.

New details about the grounds on which Jennifer Hudson sought the protective order paint a disturbing picture. And it involves their son.

David Otunga with Jennifer Hudson

At the time of the split, Jennifer Hudson's rep told People:

"They have been in the process of ending their relationship for a number of months."

So this wasn't all overnight.

But what prompted the announcement?

"Today, Jennifer requested and received a protective order against her ex-fiancé. Jennifer’s actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son."

Protective orders are no laughing matter.

But Otunga's attorney paints a different picture:

"Mr. Otunga has never abused or harassed Ms. Hudson or their son, and it is unfortunate, especially in today’s climate, that she would feel the need to make these false allegations against him."

Well, that's about what you'd expect to hear from his lawyer. That's literally the guy's job.

"Mr. Otunga looks forward to his day in court and in being awarded the residential care of the parties’ only child."

David Otunga and Family

It sounds like David Otunga Jr. -- the couple's 8-year-old -- can't look forward to joint family outings or amicable parents.

But if Jennifer Hudson's allegations are true, maybe that's for the best.

RadarOnline reports that Jennifer Hudson accused David Otunga of "increasingly aggressive, threatening, and harassing behavior."

She says that it's not only been directed towards her, but towards the couple's son.

Hudson had also accused Otunga of displaying a "bad temper" and going on "aggressive tirades," displaying unpredictable behavior and even "verbal and physical abuse" during their breakup.

Some people change when you enter a relationship. Others wait to change until things in the relationship go south.

Jennifer Hudson, Son

One disturbing (but thankfully nonviolent) incident to which Jennifer Hudson refered took place just a little over a week ago, on November 15th.

Hudson alleges that Otunga enlisted the couple's 8-year-old son to spy on his mother, out of paranoid fears that Jennifer Hudson has been cheating with her producer.

(Of course, if the couple has been in the process of breaking up for months, it wouldn't be cheating, now, would it?)

RadarOnline quotes Jennifer Hudson accusing David Otunga of secretly instructing their son "to scan the room with the camera on his iPad in order for David to see who was present at the recording studio with us."

Hudson was at the Chicago Recording Company.

Jennifer Hudson's allegations continue:

"David then said, ‘Don’t let your mom’s boyfriend f---ing touch you."

For the record, Jennifer Hudson says that she's not dating the producer; the two are friends and colleagues.

Jennifer Hudson on The Voice Season 13

Quite frankly, it wouldn't matter even if Jennifer Hudson were in a sexual relationship with her producer.

Enlisting an 8-year-old boy to spy on his mother is not appropriate under any circumstances.

Otunga's attorney claims to RadarOnline that Jennifer Hudson is making it all up:

"Jennifer is lying about everything!"

"As far as David catching Jennifer cheating with this producer, he didn’t need to catch her cheating."

"She has been with another man for several months. My client’s only concern was the fact that Jennifer was keeping her son out late on school nights with her and her boyfriend."

Otunga's lawyer has said that Jennifer Hudson is trying to portray him as aggressive, when he counters that Otunga is in fact a Harvard Law graduate.

Some people might make the classist assumption that a lawyer with an Ivy League education can't also be an abuser. Countless people could tell you otherwise.

It sounds like this couple's custody disagreement is going to be long and drawn-out.

Charlie Rose: FIRED by CBS!

Well, that didn't take long.

Less than a day after a report in The Washington Post outlined various ways in which Charlie Rose allegedly harassed eight different women, the veteran journalist has been fired by CBS.

Charlie Rose on CBS

Rose had been suspended by both CBS and PBS immediately after the aforementioned allegations were made public.

These allegations were leveled by victims who claimed, among other explicit behavior, that Rose:

  • Walked around naked in front of them.
  • Grabbed their buttocks at staff parties.
  • Ran his hand up their thigh.
  • Placed inappropriate phone calls.

In response, CBS News President David Rhodes now confirms the following:

"A short time ago we terminated Charlie Rose's employment with CBS News effective immediately.

"This followed the revelation yesterday of extremely disturbing and intolerable behavior said to have revolved around his PBS program."

Rhodes went on to say he was “deeply disappointed and angry” about the situation, adding:

"Despite Charlie’s important journalistic contribution to our news division, there is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any organization, than ensuring a sage, professional workplace - a supportive environment where people feel they can do their best work.

"We need such a place.”

You can read the full firing statement below:

CBS statement

Rose issued his own statement in reply to The Washington Post bombshell.

It only denied a small part (and nothing specific) of what the women accused him off, saying in further detail:

"It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior.

"I am greatly embarrassed. I have behaved insensitively at times, and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate.

"I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.

"I have learned a great deal as a result of these events, and I hope others will too.

"All of us, including me, are coming to a newer and deeper recognition of the pain caused by conduct in the past, and have come to a profound new respect for women and their lives."

Charlie Rose Picture

Rose, 75, was the host of his own interview show on PBS at the time of these allegations.

He was also the co-host of CBS This Morning.

His fellow co-hosts, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell, made heartfelt speeches at the outset of today's program, addressing the awkward circumstances.

As you can see below, both seem legitimately affected by what has transpired with their colleague and friend:

Said O'Donnell:

"This is a moment that demands a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety of women.

Let me be very clear:

There is no excuse for this alleged behavior. It is systematic and pervasive and I’ve been doing a lot of listening and I’m going to continue to do that.

This I know is true: Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society until there is a reckoning and a taking of responsibility.

I am really proud to work at CBS News. There are so many incredible people here, especially on this show — all of you here.

This will be investigated. This has to end. This behavior is wrong. Period.

Very well said.

Shannon Beador: David Stopped Loving Me When I Got Fat!

Last month, Shannon Beader announced her split from husband David. After 17 years of marriage and three children, it's over.

But the Real Housewives of Orange County star is giving new insight into how and why their union has come to an end.

And this is really not what anyone expected.

David and Shannon Beador, Sports Photo

Shannon Beador has had a rough time in her personal life, lately.

Sure, she's an affluent realty star with three beautiful teenage daughters and a number of supportive friends.

But she's had some well-chronicled ... issues.

Earlier this summer, Shannon Beador accused Vicki Gunvalson of making her fat.

While it's true that Shannon was stress-eating (though she's certainly not what we'd call "fat") and also true that Vicki Gunvalson had been gossiping about Shannon's marriage and adding to her stress, it rubbed fans the wrong way to hear her blame Vicki.

(Even if you don't care for Vicki Gunvalson, she just doesn't have power over other people's actions and bodies)

Shannon Beador began exercising, and Tamra Judge vowed to help her out of fear that Shannon might die.

And we've heard again and again that Shannon's weight gain was causing friction within her marriage, which is positively tragic.

You marry a person, not their waist measurements. But David was reportedly reluctant to touch her now that she was (slightly!) heavier than she once was.

When a couple suddenly stops having sex, sometimes many other problems that they'd previously been ignoring can rise to the surface.

And Shannon was understandably frustrated by David's attitude.

But though it's been reported that Shannon Beador might be ready to divorce David ... that's apparently not how this went down.

Shannon Beador and David Beador Picture

On The Real Housewives of Orange County's reunion special, Shannon revealed how things happened.

And it was apparently David who asked for their separation in the first place.

But Shannon says that she's coping:

"It’s been really, really hard but I’m a mom and I’m a role model for my kids and it got to the point where I wasn’t teaching my daughters positive lessons."

That sounds like a useful mindset. Some people find it easiest to remain strong if they're being strong for someone else.

Especially for their teenage daughters.

"They deserve a happy and joyful home and that’s where we are now. … It is my job now to show the girls -- I’m scared, I’m 53 years old, it’s the first time I’ve been out on my own, but I can do it."

That sentence structure is a little odd, but suffice it to say that she's not saying that her job is to show her daughters that she's scared.

Rather, she's showing them that she can overcome adversity and adapt to a new situation.

And that they can, too.

Shannon Beador and David Beador

Children who haven't been through a divorce before can often find them frightening and feel insecure.

Some even blame themselves.

Shannon and David are putting the girls first, which is absolutely the right thing to do.

"We’ve agreed for the benefit of our daughters to be amicable."

That's the right move. The children didn't cause the marriage, the divorce, or their own births. It's on the parents to accommodate them.

"It was always a tradition to go to Sunday night dinner so we meet him for dinner on Sunday nights."

That's good. A continued routine can help create a sense of stability for kids who might feel vulnerable.

"And we still go to the USC games and take the kids. Which is hard but it’s for the benefit of them."

Sometimes, you just grin and bear it for the sake of your kids.

Shannon Beador, David, and Daughters

The revelation that Shannon and David split has apparently given Vicki a wake-up call about the harm that she can do by spreading rumors.

"I’m sad about it because I didn’t know and I thought they were doing really good," Vicki said.

"If I was responsible for any of it, I’d feel awful."

You know, we believe that.

"If I could take back that day, if I was hurting because you weren’t talking to me… I’m so sorry. We’ve been through bumpiness but I want the very best for you."

Again, though, Vicki Gunvalson isn't all-powerful. If her jabs at Shannon's marriage caused it to fall apart, then it really didn't have a solid foundation to begin with, did it?

Hopefully Shannon, if she seeks another relationship, can find someone who loves her for who she is and won't recoil with disgust if her waist size changes.

Our best wishes go out to the Beador daughters in the hopes that their parents give them awesome presents in a game of one-upmanship.

Divorces are rarely fun, so they might as well enjoy one of the few potential benefits: insecure parents bribing them.

Kanye West to Beyonce: Give Kim Kardashian a Break!

Kanye West has said scarcely a word in public for several months now.

According to anonymous sources, however, the rapper has been saying an awful lot in private to his occasional best friend...

Kim Kardashian is So Tan

... and it's all pretty negative.

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that Kanye is still beefing with Jay Z and Beyonce because the stars refuse to show wife Kim Kardashian any respect.

"It drives Kanye insane that Beyonce treats Kim like she’s inferior and not worthy of her friendship, it infuriates him,” the celebrity gossip website writes, adding:

“Kanye is fiercely protective of his family and feels that by dissing Kim, he’s being dissed, too.

"As far as Kanye is concerned, Beyonce has no right to look down her nose at Kim.

"Sure she’s a reality TV star, but she’s also a wildly successful businesswoman and a self-made multi-millionaire."

It doesn't appear as if Hollywood Life is referring to any specific, recent incident between Kim and Beyonce here.

But it's been an open secret for years that the stars don't get along.

Beyonce as Queen

West and Jay Z, meanwhile, have seen their once-close friendship crumble of late as well.

"The way Beyonce has been towards Kim is definitely a bone of contention for Kanye," the source claims, expounding as follows:

"When it comes to any future relationship with Jay Z, it’s a real sticking point."

Concludes this questionable report:

“Kanye feels that unless Beyonce and Jay Z are willing to treat his wife with the respect he believes she deserves then he has no desire to make nice with either of them.”

Kimye in 2017

The rapper, of course, has gone radio silent for nearly a year now.

Toward the end of 2016, he suffered some kind of mental breakdown and spent nine days in a hospital.

There were rumors at the outset of 2017 that he and Kardashian were headed for a divorce, but they appear to have patched up whatever differences formerly stood in their way.

In fact, Kim and Kanye will welcome a third child into their family at some point in the next month or so.

No, Kardashian isn't pregnant.

But a surrogate has been hired to give birth and then hand the boy or girl over to Kimye (as a result of a health condition that makes it dangerous for Kim to get pregnant again.)

Kimye at Home

Pretty exciting, right?

Not a lot is known about the surrogate, but that how it's supposed to be under circumstances such as this.

Perhaps we'll hear from Kanye when the baby is born, either shortly before Christmas or shortly afterward.

But will Jay and Bey be invited to any sort of welcome party in the kid's honor?

Don't bet on it.

Ryan Edwards: Banned from Seeing Son Until He Passes Drug Test!

We all know that Ryan Edwards has had his fair share of issues.

Drug issues, douchebag issues ... it's always been something with this guy.

But earlier this year, things came to a head when Maci Bookout discovered the extent of his drug problem. She began taking steps to help him, and to protect their son, Bentley.

And that last part, the thing about protecting Bentley?

That's the thing we're going to be discussing today ...

1. Borderline Deadbeat

Ryan edwards image
First, let's get this sad fact out of the way: Ryan has never been a great father to Bentley. From refusing to spend a few dollars for a cake mix on his first birthday to consistently being late or absent for most major events, Bentley has just never seemed like a priority for Ryan.

2. Poor Bentley

Maci bookout and bentley
Sure, Ryan sees the kid, but it's mostly because his own parents, Jen and Larry, are very active grandparents. If it weren't for them, many Teen Mom OG fans feel like he wouldn't be involved in Bentley's life at all.


Ryan edwards high
We don't know exactly when Ryan began experimenting with drugs, but we do know that he went to rehab for the first time in 2012, when Bentley was just four years old. That information was revealed by Ryan's ex-girlfriend, Dalis Connell, and she didn't sound too confident about how seriously he took treatment back then. So there's a possibility he's been on drugs for years now.

4. Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards on the teen mom reunion
Sometime last year, though, his drug use became heartbreakingly obvious to Teen Mom viewers. In many scenes, his eyes appeared to be bugging out of his head, and we began hearing about some strange behavior of his. Remember all his "trips to the bank" that would have him gone from home for hours?

5. The Truth Comes Out

Maci bookout on teen mom og
His drug use wasn't confirmed until last season, when Maci went on a trip to Puerto Rico with Amber and Catelynn. She opened up to them about how concerned she was for Ryan, and Amber told her that it'd been clear to her that he'd been high on the show for a while. Same, Amber.

6. Scarier and Scarier

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
But the big confirmation happened when Ryan and Mackenzie got married -- specifically on their ride over to the parking lot where the wedding took place.
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Prince Harry: Proposing to Meghan Markle With Princess Di’s Jewels?

Pretty much from the day the world learned they were dating, rumors about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting engaged have been circulating non-stop.

As far as we know, it hasn't happened yet, but the Royals are a secretive bunch, so it's possible that these two have been low-key planning a wedding for months.

Markle and Her Prince

Maybe Harry proposed in Africa while the couple was celebrating Meghan's birthday on safari last month.

Maybe he popped the question on her final day of filming Suits last week.

Hell, maybe he slipped the ring in her Bloomin' Onion during lunch at the Outback in Glendale.

Okay, that last one probably didn't happen.

Anyway, it's also possible that Harry has not proposed yet, and there's been no official announcement for the simple reason that he and Meghan aren't engaged.

As we said, there's, like, 007-level secrecy surrounding this relationship.

A Sweet Whisper

Those Brits know how to keep things on the DL.

So it may be quite some time before we find out whether or not Harry and Meghan are engaged, but there's little doubt that Meghan will be sporting a ring on her commitment finger sometime in the next few months.

And now, it seems we have an idea of what that ring will look like.

According to UK tabloid The Telegraph, Harry plans to propose using repurposed diamonds and emeralds that belonged to his mother.

Apparently, Princess Di was particularly fond of a set of jewels that belonged to Queen Mary, and she often wore them as either a necklace or tiara.

Now, those same stones will enjoy a second life on Meg's left hand.

Meghan Markle Red Carpet Image

Of course, according to London's leading psychic crackpots, Diana doesn't approve of Meghan, so running the late princess' jewels might result a vigorous haunting.

We're sure Meg will be thrilled when Harry inevitably proposes, but she should definitely keep an eye out for the classic signs of a disgruntled specter.

We're talking blood running down the walls, getting awakened in the night by ghostly cackling, and of course, the old "ring finger turning green and rotting off" routine.

And it's important to bear in mind that Di's isn't the only pissed-off apparition Meg might need to contend with.

She'll be spending a lot of time in creepy castles and the spirits of all those centuries-old Brits are gonna be supes jealous of her impeccable American dental work.

The Voice Recap: The Top 12 Go LIVE!

On Monday’s episode of The Voice, the live shows kicked off with the top 12 artists chosen by the celebrity coaches laid it all on the line.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus each chose the top three singers on their teams to represent them last week.

Did they make the right calls? We're about to find out!

Jennifer Hudson on The Voice Season 13

Brooke Simpson - “Praying”

Brooke's rehearsal was not the best. If anything, it looked like she was setting herself up for failure. However, when she finally performed she was pretty great. 

The big note was always going to be problematic, but she nailed it with ease and proved she should remain in the competition. 

Red Marlow - “The Church on Cumberland Road”

Red has been one to watch since the season kicked off in September. His vocals have always been on point, and audiences seemed enamored with his blend of country vocals. 

He should have no trouble in advancing to the next stage of the competition. 

Shi’Ann Jones - “Vision of Love”

Shi'Ann made it through the playoffs by the skin of her teeth, and her performance of this classic song was a shaky number that showed there were much better people in the competition. 

Will she slip through the cracks once again, or is her time up?

Jon Mero -  “Why I Love You”

Jon genuinely seemed like he was a diamond in the rough during the first live show. Jon's mission for the night was to show off his vocal range, and he did so in winning fashion. 

His rendition was emotional, and without flaws. 

Ashland Craft on The Voice

Ashland Craft - “Delta Dawn”

We are still trying to wrap our head around the fact that Ashland advanced to this stage of the competition. She seems like more of a novelty act, and that's not a good thing. 

Her voice may sound great on karaoke, but that does not mean it will work for all of her performances. 

Adam Cunningham - “Against All Odds”

Adam went with a surprising song that was well-polished. He knew what he had to do to emerge from the pack. Despite a questionable opening, it quickly turned into a solid performance. 

Adam Cunningham on The Voice

Chloe Kohanski "Thank You”

Chloe's first live performance was great. You could easily believe that she indulged in some singing lessons during the time from the pre-taped shows and the live ones. 

The Dido song is a great one, and Chloe put her own stamp on it. 

Miley Cyrus Smiles on The Voice

Davon Fleming - “Love on Top”  

Covering a Beyonce song can either be a big fat failure or a huge success and who better to take on one of her songs than Davon? While he struggled to hit the dizzying heights of Queen Bey, it was still a solid performance. 

Addison Agen - “She Used to Be Mine”

Addison managed to keep her intonation in line throughout the whole performance, and she looked fantastic on the stage. She was like one of those seasoned popstars. 

That's a compliment, by the way. 

Keisha Renee on The Voice

Keisha Renee -  “Midnight Train to Georgia”

Keisha Renee's performance lacked a whole lot of spark, and that was a bit disheartening when you consider the heights she scaled on her other performances. 

She would be wise to dial her performance back next time and stick to what she does best. 

Noah Mac - “Speed of Sound”

The Coldplay song should be banned from singing competitions because it's guaranteed to hit you right in the feels. It was a mediocre performance when benchmarked against his other ones, so there's that. 

Will he make it through on popularity? Probably. 

Janice Freeman - “The Story”

Janice had the best performance of the night, and it was clear she was going big or going home. The others would be wise to take a few notes from this vocal powerhouse. 

The Voice continues tonight, and there will be some departures!

What did you think of the performances?

That’s Cute, ‘Justice League’ Had a Red Carpet Premiere

Bless their hearts, Justice League had a premiere in Hollywood last night (yes, I put extra pictures of Gal Gadot in here).

Tom Sizemore Fastidiously Fingered for Fondling a Female in 2003

Sizemore is being called out for shoving his finger into an 11-year-old actress, thus giving his book By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There a completely new meaning...

People Wearing Weird Shit at the MTV EMAs

Jared Leto was dressed like Willy Wonka training for a boxing match, Demi Lovato skipped a shirt completely, and Rita Ora showed up in just a bathrobe... Euro-style is so CrAzY!

LeBron James Tried to Bang This Lady (SPOILER: It’s Not His Wife)

If you were LeBron James and wanted to learn to hunt deer, what would be the first place you'd go? If you answered "this woman's DM inbox," then you just earned yourself a Fresca.

This Duggarfucker Got Fired From TLC… Kind Of.

TLC cut ties with him for being a transphobic bigot, but they're still paying his wife and kids to appear on the show. UGHHH.

Playmate Ana Braga Brought Her Boobs Outside

Well that's one way to not get charged for extra guac at Chipotle.

Gal Gadot Gives ‘Wonder Woman’ Ultimatum on Brett Ratner

It's nice to see someone pulling their dick out and making Ratner sweat for a change.

Demi Rose Mawby’s Breasts are Things Louis C.K. Didn’t Jerk Off On

Today's been pretty intense, let's just go with someone positive here.