Presidential Alert Sent to 225 Million Irritated Cell Phone Users

We don't often think this, but...

...thank goodness for social media.

On Wednesday, October 3, the first-ever test of the national Presidential Alert system meant that about 225 million individuals received a message from the White House.

It read as follows:

THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.

Considering who lives in the White House these days, such a message sowed chaos, confusion, annoyance and fear across this great country.

But it also sowed some hilarious reactions on Twitter, many of which we've collected below...

1. Wait, What Was This?!?

Leading his cult
In the event of an actual emergency, the Presidential Alert will include information about the emergency and instructions for how to respond and stay safe. That's the idea behind these messages.

2. Here is the Alert

Here is the alert
If only Trump's admisitration was some kind of test, right? And not real life...

3. The Internet Reacts!

The internet reacts

4. U Up?

U up

5. Who Knew Trump was a Fan?

Who knew trump was a fan

6. I Did Not Ask for This

I did not ask for this
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