13 TV Couples That Sucked So Very Hard

Some TV couples suck. 

They just do. They plain old suck, you guys.

There's no getting away from that. Whether it's a lack of creative writing to keep things fresh, or just zero chemistry, these 13 couples tested our pretty little patience. 

Have a look below. 

1. Olivia and Fitz - Scandal

Olivia and fitz on scandal
These two were teased as this endless romance that would be better than any others on the small screen. However, they will go down as the most toxic couple on all of TV.

2. Aria and Ezra - Pretty Little Liars

A kiss from ezra
There was no chemistry whatsoever between these two. When you think of the laws that were broken for them to even be together, it leaves a bad taste. Then there's the whole Ezra being obsessed with Aria and her friends.

3. Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Ted and robin how i met your mother
The final season was all about the wedding of Barney and Robin, a great couple in the eyes of HIMYM fans. The conclusion, however, focused on Robin getting back together with Ted in a bizarre twist that made little sense.

4. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Delena forever
For a show that initially focused on the relationship between Stefan and Elena, it ended as a show about Damon and Elena aka the worst couple on the series. They sucked.

5. Scott and Malia - Teen Wolf

Scott and malia teen wolf
Scott was supposed to end up with Alison. Stiles was supposed to end up with Malia, but the creative forces went with Scott and Malia. It felt weird and forced.

6. Emily and Alison - Pretty Little Liars

Emily and alison pretty little liars
Emily and Alison's relationship was not built on strong foundations. They ended Pretty Little Liars together, but it was revealed on spinoff PLL: The Perfectionists that they were getting divorced. They weren't great together.
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