2019 MET Gala: All the Wild and Crazy Fashion!

The biggest fashion event of the year took place in New York City on Monday night.

Per tradition, stars from sports, film, television, music and nearly every single industry that represents Hollywood stopped by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to dress in some very unusual outfits.

And some wildly expensive outfits.

This year's theme for the MET Gala?

"Camp," which is a refefernce to to Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay about artifice and stylization.

Sontag notes that songs, movies, buildings, furniture, novels, people and, of course, clothes, all can encompass camp.

In fact, Sontag gives her own examples of “campy” things, which included Tiffany lamps, Swan Lake, King Kong and Flash Gordon comics.

Got it? 

Whatever. Just feast your eyes on the crazy ensembles from this annual event below!

1. Lady Gaga in Black Lingerie

Lady gaga in black lingerie
Lady Gaga underwent multiple costume changes for the MET Gala. One of them did not involve very many layers.

2. Gaga Goes Gala

Gaga goes gala
Lady Gaga sure is pretty in pink. This was the main outfit she went with at the Gala in 2019.

3. Kris Jenner at 2019 Gala

Kris jenner at 2019 gala
Welp, this is a different look for Kris Jenner. We didn't even recognize her at first.

4. Charli XCX at 2019 Gala

Charli xcx at 2019 gala
Charli XCX has never met an unusual outfit she didn't like. So she fit in well here,

5. 21 Savage at 2019 Gala

21 savage at 2019 gala
21 Savage rocked this ensemble at the fashionable event. He's looking sharp!

6. Mindy Kaling at 2019 Gala

Mindy kaling at 2019 gala
Mindy Kaling is known for being funny. But she's also so very pretty!
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