90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Chantel’s Mom Threatens Pedro!

It turns out that the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? sneak peek in which Larissa threatens Colt with divorce was just the tip of the iceberg.

On Sunday night's new episode, the drama was relentless.

After Pedro refuses an invitation to have Thanksgiving with The Family Chantel, she goes alone -- and you'll see why she's relieved that she did.

Jay wants a visa so that he can work, but Ashley is hesitant for some very understandable reasons.

As Larissa's trial date approaches, Debbie is just hoping that Larissa gets sent back to Brazil, while Larissa feels betrayed.

Paola's pregnancy might bring her closer to Russ' family, and Russ is harboring a secret.

Andrei, of all people, actually extends an olive branch to Elizabeth's family.

And Nicole gets real about some of her worries about Azan.

1. Chantel is still torn

Chantel addresses the camera
On the one hand, she loves Pedro. On the other hand, her entire family feels very differently.

2. Yes, there is still drama with Chantel's family

Chantel and pedro for 90 day fiance happily ever after
Remember, Chantel and Pedro's big family drama is so intense that they're getting their very own spinoff.

3. Mostly, it's the aftermath of this

Pedro fights with the family chantel
A physical fight broke out between Pedro and Chantel's family -- initially between Pedro and her brother, River. It became a melee, and even producers rushed out from behind cameras to end the violence.

4. Now, Pedro is invited to Thanksgiving

Pedro and chantel
"That’s so weird because last time I saw her [mom], she tried to call immigration to send me back to my country,� Pedro expresses. “Hell, no, I don’t want to do Thanksgiving."

5. That may be for the best

Chantel meets shocky
Chantel's mom (who loves being on TV more than life itself and I CANNOT get enough of this woman) pulls out a taser, whom she has named "Shocky," and ignites it for dramatic effect, vowing that she'll protect her family no matter what.

6. Chantel's glad that she came alone

Chantel on season 4
"If my mom would’ve pulled out that taser in front of my husband I would’ve been pissed,� Chantel admits. “I guess I’m glad he didn’t come." Yep.
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