Aaron Carter Wages War Against Brother Nick — & Backstreet Boys Fans!

Aaron Carter has run out of patience for Nick Carter!

The embattled star took to Twitter on Friday to vent about his frustrations over his 39-year-old brother, whom Aaron is cutting out of his life because the Backstreet Boys member is apparently “a trigger” for him.

In the series of tweets, the I Want Candy singer claimed Nick turned his back on the rest of the Carters and exploited them by writing a book about their family drama. The 31-year-old also blasted Nick for missing the funeral of their late sister Leslie, when he was apparently only two hours away from the service. 

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He fumed:

“Nick started it by using his [family’s] shortcomings for profit when he wrote a book. Also he didn’t even show up at our sisters FUNERAL because he had a concert at a bar two hours away and said he didn’t want to be apart of family drama when we were burying our sister Leslie.” 


The comments quickly raised eyebrows from users who questioned why Aaron was airing out the family’s dirty laundry.

The star responded to the criticism by lashing out at who he assumed were salty, die hard BSB fans, tweeting:

“Let me guess …. you’re a die hRd backstreet fan. Congrats. You go ahead and let your ‘idol’ slam and air out his families dirty Landry and get back to me on how that would make you feel.”

The performer went on to blast Nick for not helping out their mother, Jane Carter — who has been battling alcoholism for decades, according to Aaron’s recent appearance on The Doctors

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The former child star went on to write:

“It’s family that should come first. Especially your mother NICK I get that you’re about to have another kid so I’ll let this rest but you got my number you can call me, I’m sure one of your appointees are going to relay the message since I blocked you.” 

If Nick does decide to pick up the phone and call his younger brother, he likely won’t get an answer.

Aaron made it clear he is cutting off all contact with the apparently triggering BSB star, writing:

“Nick called ME two weeks ago. Not the other way around, and now. I’ve removed him from my life because he is a trigger.”


We hope the Carter bros can work things out!

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