Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Refused To Provide Crucial Evidence Amid Their Court Battle!

Johnny Depp is making it very hard for Amber Heard to prove her case in court, according to the actress.

In the latest chapter of the former couple’s seemingly endless battle, the Aquaman star says her allegedly abusive ex is refusing to provide evidence related to his drug and alcohol abuse — which she believes is crucial for her case against the $50 million defamation lawsuit he filed against her earlier this year.

As we reported, Depp sued his ex-wife in March claiming she defamed him in a Washington Post op-ed about domestic violence. While she didn’t mention him by name, the star indirectly implied the Oscar nominee was a wife beater, which reportedly caused him to be dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Heard believes she can defeat the 55-year-old’s defamation suit by proving her allegations are true. She filed a motion on Thursday asking a judge to demand Depp turn over records related to his substance abuse, arrest, and correspondence with his doctors.

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But Depp isn’t cooperating. According to, he refused to turn over the docs because it’s an invasion of privacy — and not relevant to the case, apparently. 

Amber and her legal team think otherwise, of course. They claim Depp’s substance abuse was a key factor in the alleged domestic violence and explains the alleged shifts in his personality she previously detailed in court. 

Her legal representative Roberta Kaplan, the co-founder of Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, called out the “hypocrisy” of Depp refusing to turn over the records when, just last week, he opposed a protective order Amber had requested.

She explained in a statement: 

“Ms. Heard has already testified that it was almost always drugs and alcohol that fueled Mr Depp’s abusive behavior and this is consistent with multiple accounts of his drug-fueled rages over many years. It really is the height of hypocrisy for Mr. Depp, having sued Ms. Heard for $50 million, to refuse to produce evidence of his drug and alcohol addiction on the grounds of ‘privacy,’ while at the same time opposing a routine protective order that would ensure the privacy of Ms Heard’s medical records and similar information… Mr. Depp’s principal aim here seems to be to use this baseless lawsuit to score PR points to hurt Ms Heard, only continuing the pattern of abuse. We are confident, however, that the court will see through the patent hypocrisy of Mr Depp’s position on these and other issues.”

As we reported, Amber recently requested a protective order to ensure the privacy of her medical records and other “sensitive” documents. Depp rejected the request, and accused Amber of “masquerading” as a domestic abuse victim.

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Depp reportedly said he wanted the entire case to become public because he thinks it will exonerate him. So, the fact he now apparently won’t fork over the evidence Amber’s requesting is, to put it in legal terms, pretty sus.

The court motion filed by Heard states:

“In Mr. Depp’s self-serving view, his privacy justifies denying discovering essential to Ms. Heard’s defense, but somehow does not justify the entry of a standard protective order. Mr. Depp refuses to produce evidence about his drug and alcohol abuse, even though he purports to challenge statements by Ms. Heard that his substance abuse is inextricably intertwined with his patterns of violent conduct. Mr. Depp also refuses to produce communications with his doctor about incidents of domestic violence and abuse. All of this evidence bears directly on Mr. Depp’s claims; it is certainly likely to lead to the discovery of evidence that explains shifts in Mr. Depp’s behavior over time, bears on Mr Depp’s own memory of events at issue, identifies witnesses who observed Mr. Depp’s violence or helped cover it up and provides critical context for Ms. Heard’s earlier statements.”


Depp maintains he never laid a hand on Amber, and insists she was the violent one in their relationship. 

Who do U think the court will side with?

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