Anna Faris Could Have DIED From Carbon Monoxide On Thanksgiving — ‘Feeling Very Fortunate’!

Anna Faris is giving thanks for her health after a scary encounter on Thanksgiving!

While celebrating the holiday last week at a rented home in Lake Tahoe with family, several guests complained about feeling ill. While it was initially believed by the 13 attendees to be altitude sickness, it turns out this was something much worse: carbon monoxide poisoning.

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The 43-year-old penned to Twitter:

“I’m not quite sure how to express gratitude to the north Lake Tahoe fire department- we were saved from carbon monoxide- it’s a stupidly dramatic story but I’m feeling very fortunate.”

Mike Schwartz, fire chief for the North Tahoe Fire Department shared in a statement (below) the crew is “lucky to be alive” after the Turkey Day incident:

“We are so thankful to report that this holiday disaster was averted. Situational awareness is so important. Whether you are at home or traveling, it is important ensure that smoke and CO alarms are in working order anywhere you stay. It’s not a bad idea to consider bringing your own alarm when you travel, just to be safe.”

Per a press release from the Fire Protection District, two guests first headed to the hospital, where it was determined by medical staff that carbon monoxide poisoning was the culprit. First responders were then called to check up on the remaining 11 guests in the home.

Upon arrival, the safety crew said the house had over six times the maximum recommended indoor levels for carbon monoxide, even with doors and windows open for ventilation. The residence did not have detectors installed, and the source of the gas has not been identified.

Two more guests headed to the hospital for additional care, and everyone was treated for their symptoms. Prior to the scary situation, Miz Faris had hilariously been live-tweeting preparations for their feast since Wednesday:

“902 am. I’m posting this now but thought about it at 612 am. Because my family seemed to rearrange the entire kitchen for an hour before the sun had risen. I may be on dish duty later”

“1113am. Could not find giblets or jiblets and my hand is very cold (but I did sanitize). Now in bathroom hiding. Also my family is reading these tweets and I’m getting a touch of grief. Dear family on the day of thanks-I love you all. Just a little more from the upstairs bath.”

We’re so glad everyone is okay. This should definitely serve as a reminder to us all to be extra careful in the kitchen during the holidays!

[Image via Anna Faris/Twitter & Brian To/WENN.]

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