Ariana Grande Reflects On 2018 Being The ‘Best’ For Her Career & ‘Worst’ Of Her Life

From the death of her ex Mac Miller to her broken off engagement to Pete Davidson, along with the release of the already iconic thank u, next music video, Ariana Grande has a lot to reflect on from the past year.

Accepting her award for Billboard‘s Woman of the Year award on Thursday night, the songstress opened up to the audience about her 2018, while struggling to hold back tears.

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She confessed:

“I want to say that I find it interesting that this has been one of the best years of my career and the worst of my life. I’m not saying that for sympathy, I’m just saying that because I think a lot of people would look at someone in my position right now…and think, ‘She’s really got her s**t together,’ Ya know? Like, ‘She’s really on it.’ Like, ‘She’s got it all.'”

But Ari says there’s more to it than just her career:

“I do, but as far as my personal life goes, I really have no idea what the f**k I’m doing so yeah, it’s been a very conflicting one.”

The 25-year-old continued as she held back tears:

“I just want to say if you’re someone out there who has no idea what this next chapter’s gonna bring, you’re not alone in that. Ew, I’m not gonna cry that’s really stupid… You’re not alone in that. I’m really looking forward to embracing whatever happens; whatever comes my way.”

And the pop star finished off her speech, echoing her sentiments from thank u, next, by saying she’s going to give herself a bit more love:

“I look forward to hopefully learning to give some of the love and forgiveness that I’ve given away so frivolously and easily to men in the past to myself hopefully this year. I have everything I’ve ever dreamt of having and as of late I’ve discovered that it’s the things I’ve always had and the people I’ve always had that still make me the happiest.”

Keep doing your thing, girl!

An Ari-Ari relationship sounds just perfect!

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