Ashley Martson: 90 Day Fiance Star Enters Rehab

Just days ago, Ashley Martson was flaunting a mysterious new ring and having a grand old time.

But now comes a stunning announcement.

RadarOnline reports that Ashley going to enter rehab.

As you can see below, she seriously considered this tep and knows that it is for the best.

After her kids, her health has to come first.

See her reasoning below and you'll understand that this brave choice was absolutely the right call.

1. Ashley Martson has been through so much

Ashley martson looks majestic
The public humiliations, one health crisis after another, and so much more have taken their toll, and Ashley is checking in to a mental health facility to cope. That is such a smart decision and we support her 100%.

2. Ashley is speaking about her brave choice

Ashley martson gazes into the distance
"At this time," Ashley said in a statement to RadarOnline. "I'm focusing on my happiness and my future to better myself."

3. She knows that a lot of people are rooting for her.

Ashley martson on 90 day fiance
"I appreciate the support from TLC," Ashley affirmed. "And the audience of 90 Day Fiance."

4. So when is she doing this?

Ashley martson
"Ashley is planning to enter rehab on Monday," a source familiar with Ashley's intentions shared.

5. What sort of facility is it?

Ashley martson instagram pic
"It’s a mental wellness retreat for women in North Carolina," the insider reveals.

6. What is Ashley hoping to address?

Ashley martson bikini photo
According tot he source, Ashley is "depressed.�
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