Ashley Martson Blasts Jay Smith for Phony Mother’s Day Tribute: You’re Fake!

We've made our predictions for what will be revealed on the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 Tell All special.

That special has already been filmed, however, on Mother's Day weekend.

Fans were surprised -- some were even shocked -- when Jay Smith posted a genuinely sweet tribute to his ex, Ashley Martson.

Remember, she's the mother of two children.

Now, Ashley tells In Touch Weekly that she doesn't really take Jay's post at face value.

If he'd really meant it, she says, he would have done things differently. ...

1. Things are tense

Jay and ashley 90 day fiance
Ashley and Jay are over, and it looks like Ashley would prefer that Jay keep her name out of his mouth -- and off of his social media -- for the time being.

2. On Sunday, Jay shocked fans by singing Ashley's praises

Jay smith poses
"You are a kind, generous and loving human being," Jay's surprising Mother's Day tribute began.

3. Then he dialed things up a notch.

Ashley martson and jay smith in happier times
Jay went on to call Ashley "a strong woman, and one that I am lucky to know and proud to love." Notice that he said love, in the present tense.

4. It was all very sweet

Jay sweeps ashley off her feet
"Happy Mother’s Day, @ashleye_90," he concluded the now-deleted Instagram post.

5. It looked like a charming olive branch

Jay smith shares a thirst trap
A few weeks ago, Jay sounded a lot more defensive, insisting that he was not a "little boy" who would knock up a mistress, and suggesting that at least some of the reports of his cheating were blown out of proportion.

6. So was he trying to make nice?

Ashley martson and jay smith wedding photo
No. Well, maybe. If he really wanted to make peace with Ashley, he did it in the wrong way.
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