Ashley Martson Confesses: I Still Love Jay Smith …

90 Day Fiance fans have learned the truly gross details of Jay Smith's first cheating scandal.

Some aspects of Jay's more recent cheating scandal remain under wraps ... for now.

But Ashley Martson has spoken out, not about what Jay did with his penis, but about what what he did to her heart.

After he broke her heart into a million pieces, you would think that she would hate him.

Instead, Ashley says that it's quite the opposite: despite everything, she still loves him.

As you can see below, she explains why she divorced him anyway.

1. Ashley has made a stunning announcement

Ashley martson and jay smith stage a fake wedding
She ... still loves Jay? To explain why that's such a shocker, we need to think of all that she's been through -- all that Jay has put her through.

2. Their marriage started off with a disaster

Ashley martson is done with jay smith
Just days after their wedding, Jay downloaded Tinder and started chatting with other women. Ashley caught him video chatting with a girl and inviting her to "his" (Ashley's) house!

3. But eventually, she stuck with him

Ashley martson thanks her fans
It took ages for them to work past that cheating incident, as we have seen on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? But they stuck together and remained married for months and months.

4. In April, it all fell apart

Ashley martson reveals that jay smith cheated again
Ashley took to her Instagram Stories to strongly suggest that Jay had cheated on her again. She also mockingly suggested that he would have to go home to Jamaica.

5. Their breakup was confirmed by a third party

Ashley martson april q and a larissa revealed the breakup
Larissa referring to Ashley as single then prompted Ashley to confirm the split -- in good humor

6. She's referring to this famous quote

Larissa lima any who is against the queen will die
We wish that Larissa's line had been a Game of Thrones spoiler. Sadly, the words that she yelled at her erstwhile husband and his family suggested a better ending than the show actually got. But that's beside the point!
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