Ashley Martson: Jay and I Are Back in Each Other’s Lives!

Last month, we were stricken with horror at the idea that Ashley Martson and Jay Smith might get back together.

We soon dismissed our concerns because they had simply arrived, separately, at the same venue.

After all, this 90 Day Fiance couple was riddled with scandals and disasters even before their deeply contentious divorce.

Only now, in an interview with In Touch Weekly, Ashley reveals that she and Jay are no longer at odds.

Most worrying of all, she has even dropped her PFA order against him. Oh no, Ashley!

1. Ashley has us so worried with this

Ashley martson and jay smith the best is yet to come
As you are about to see, Ashley's recent playful banter with Jay on social media is just the tip of the iceberg.

2. Jay had a birthday this week

Jay smith brags on instagram
On Tuesday, October 8, Jay Smith turned 22 years old. He's begun to have the Bad Birthdays -- after 21, each milestone is a reminder of the relentless march towards the grave. But that didn't stop him from celebrating

3. Jay wasn't the only one to mark the occassion

Ashley martson to jay smith happy birthday loser
Ashley Martson took to her Instagram Stories to wish Jay a happy birthday. Or, more specifically, to write "Happy Birthday, Loser!" In case anyone might think that she was picking a fight with actors Bella Thorne or Percy Hynes-White, she tagged Jay.

4. And Jay responded ...

Jay smith to ashley martson thanks punk
"Thanks, punk!" he wrote above a screenshot of Ashley's message. They may be hurling mild insults at each other, but this looked alarmingly playful to a lot of fans.

5. Fans were understandably alarmed

Ashley martson and jay smith wedding photo
A certain level of communication is often required for an ongoing divorce. But no divorce forces the pair to wish each other a happy birthday on social media. What's going on?

6. And wait, are they even allowed to speak?

Ashley martson and jay smith 90 day fiance tell all special
Jay spent almost all of the month of July in ICE custody after violating the PFA -- protection from abuse -- order that Ashley had taken out to keep herself and her home safe from him. Are they even supposed to be interacting like this?
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