Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Reportedly Having A ‘Hard’ Time Dealing With Demi Moore’s Memoir Claims!

So much for appearing unbothered, Ashton Kutcher!

Ever since Demi Moore dropped her tell-all memoir titled Inside Out this week, we’ve shamelessly wondered if her explosive claims — including tales of the Punk’d star’s infidelity, their threesomes, and tragic miscarriage — has had any effect on Mila Kunis and her husband.

As it turns out, the relatively private couple is not feeling all of the media attention surrounding ’em in the wake of Demi’s book!

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Despite receiving an advance warning about the memoir’s release and content, the That ’70s Show alums are having a hard time dealing with seeing their name attached to Moore in headlines. A source shared with E! News:

“The unwanted attention has been hard to deal with. They have no interest in being dragged into the spotlight or reliving the past. Ashton knew it was coming and he did have a heads up. But of course he would prefer not be brought into this.”

Well, it would be near impossible for Demi to keep Ashton completely out of her story, wouldn’t it? The former couple was married for eight years, for Pete’s sake. Is she really at fault for sharing her truth?

Although, we can sort of empathize with the sentiment here; did we mention she accused her ex of pushing her to break her sobriety after two decades? Yikes…

According to a different insider, the parents-of-two cannot wait for all of the hype around to die down:

“Demi was always very private so it came as a surprise that she wanted to air all of her dirty laundry and have so much focus and attention on her personal life. Mila and Ashton are just riding out the media attention and know it will die down soon.”

These inside reports come just a few days after the actor-turned-activist resisted sharing a “really snarky” message on Twitter in response to Moore’s claims.

Other than that indirect jab and what’s been reported from sources close to the situation, Kutcher has not yet released a direct statement about his ex-wife’s revelations. But, you know we’ll be on the lookout for any official word from him!

In the meantime, Ashton and Mila are reportedly doing the best they can to maintain their own sense of happiness and privacy.

A different E! source adds the Bad Moms star is going above and beyond to support her man right now:

“Mila is very supportive and understanding. It was a different time in Ashton’s life and feels like a lifetime ago for all of them. They have moved on from all of that and have a completely different life now with their kids and family.”

Thoughts on all this, Perezcious readers? Do U think Ashton will have anything more definitive to say about all this tea? Or should he continue to take the high road? Sound off in the comments!

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