Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Have Reconciled Two Months After Breaking Up!

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are, truly, meant to be.

According to E! News on Friday, the supermodel and the Can’t Feel My Face singer are back together two months after breaking up in August.

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Per the source, the musician — along with her family members Gigi, Yolanda, and Anwar Hadid — celebrated the runway star’s 23rd birthday on Thursday night at the Le Chalet bar inside L’Avenue At Saks. Anwar’s girlfriend, Dua Lipa, was also in attendance.

The insider revealed:

“Abel met up with Bella last night for her third birthday celebration at L’Avenue… He was with her the entire night and they left together to go back to the apartment they both shared.”

The source continued:

“You could tell that they were definitely in love and they both looked very happy being around each other.”

Apparently, the couple and their friends were seen taking tequila shots!

Of course, Thursday night’s party wasn’t Bella’s only birthday celebration.

As we reported, on Wednesday — the day of her actual bday — Hadid and co. had lunch at Sadelle’s and then traveled to Color Me Mine to paint some pottery.

Later that evening:

“Bella had a low-key night out celebrating her birthday at Miss Lily’s in NYC… She was with Gigi, Anwar, Dua Lipa, a few people from her glam team and a handful of her model friends. It was a small group and mainly consisted of her closest girlfriends.”

Though the crew was “drinking for several hours,” it was not a “wild” event.

“The restaurant’s specialty Caribbean cocktails were brought out immediately and the group was drinking for several hours… Bella was in an amazing mood. She looked so happy. Her and Gigi were attached at the hip the entire night and were taking many photos together while smiling and laughing.”

Additionally, the Hadid sisters “were dancing to the funky music that was playing throughout the restaurant and their friends were videoing them and taking photos.”

Per one source, The Weeknd “did reach out to Bella during the day to wish her a ‘Happy Birthday’ and they have been in touch.”

A different insider claimed Bella left Miss Lily’s “by herself” and “got into the The Weeknd’s car.”

During their split in August, an E! News source at the time alleged:

“They are in different places right now, physically and mentally. Bella is prepping for her fashion week commitments and Abel is working on his music and his upcoming acting debut.”

The Weeknd and Bella are back, and better than ever!

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