Black Friday Brawl Breaks Out At Pennsylvania Mall — Watch The Video HERE!

Thanksgiving night shoppers were spending their time (and money) at a Pennsylvania mall on Thursday night, when a wild fight broke out between two groups.

Lehigh Valley Live reports that two groups of people got into some kind of dispute, with a 21-year-old man named Samuel Safadi able to film the entire thing as it happened. Now, quickly, the video is going viral around the internet as just another example of a Black Friday black eye, with shoppers behaving badly during what’s supposed to be the nicest, most cheery time of the year.

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According to media reports and Safadi’s interview with the outlet from the scene, a security guard was “right there” when the massive, violent fight broke out on the second floor of the mall, right outside the Forever 21 store, at about 9:15 p.m. on Thursday night.

Based on the report from the eyewitness Safadi, it took about 45 seconds or almost a minute “from the first punch to when it was fully broken up,” he said in an interview on Friday morning with the media outlet after sharing his video with them, as well. And as you can see (below), the whole thing had a lot of energy — and a lot of violence — with multiple men getting into it and eventually going to the floor before they could be adequately be broken up by those around them.

Ch-ch-check out the scary, high-energy brawl video here:

Wow… It’s a short, shaky video, but there’s obviously a LOT to take in there.

Obviously, that’s quite the intense fight. Media reports still don’t exactly know how it started, or what the brawl was over. The man who shot the video, Safadi, was quick to note to Lehigh Valley Live that “there was definitely something going on,” and it didn’t seem like the whole thing was a fake show just to go viral. The whole thing appears to be pretty real, from what little we could tell.

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Police from Whitehall Township (the Pennsylvania town which holds the mall here) haven’t yet answered media questions about the incident. It’s not know if anybody was arrested during the altercation, even though security was present and appeared to break things up as the video was coming to an end. Still… wow.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Nothing quite like a violent pre-Black Friday brawl… yeesh! Sound OFF with your take on this whole thing in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Lehigh Valley Live/YouTube]

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