Briana DeJesus: I STILL Don’t Know if My Boyfriend Got Someone Else Pregnant!

Briana DeJesus, bless her heart, just doesn't seem to be very lucky in love.

Devoin Austin, Luis Miguel, Javi Marroquin -- it didn't work out with any of them, and that's putting it nicely.

But then Briana met John Rodriguez, and it looked like things might be different.

However, as we're seeing in this season of Teen Mom 2, the relationship wasn't exactly drama-free.

And although they've been broken up for a little while now, it also sounds like the drama hasn't stopped ...

1. Oh, Girl ...

Briana and her face
OK, so right around a year ago, Briana started talking about a new guy she'd been seeing.

2. Hey, Johnny

Briana dejesus with johnny rodriguez
His name was John Rodriguez, he lived in New York, and Briana was very excited about him.

3. Making It Work

Briana dejesus and johnny rodriguez
It seemed like despite the distance between them, they were able to form a close, loving relationship, and it was really nice to see.

4. Uh Oh ...

Briana on teen mom
But then something happened. And that something was a screenshot.

5. Oh

Johnny rodriguez
Specifically a screenshot of some Instagram DMs allegedly between John and some other girl -- in the DMs, the girl claimed she was pregnant with his baby.

6. Well, Fair

Briana d pic
And it was pretty much all downhill from there.
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