Carla Bruni Nude Photo: For Sale!

We've seen it all before, but a photo of Carla Bruni nude is expected to fetch a high price when it goes up for auction in Berlin, Germany, next week.

Only 10 copies exist of the risque image of the French First Lady taken by photographer Pamela Hanson in 1994, the height of Carla Bruni's modeling fame.

At the time, she was 26 and dating Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger.

What would Michelle Obama say about her fellow First Lady fashion icon?

The intimate, black-and-white, nude image of the 41-year-old wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy is 16' x 24' and entitled "Carla Bruni In Bed."

Though provocative, the latest picture is less revealing than the full-frontal photo of Carla Bruni naked which fetched a staggering £60,000 a year ago.

A nude sketch of the First Lady is also being sold in Paris next month as part of an exhibition of glamour girls called "Pin-Up." Certainly a worthy title!

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Carla Bruni Nude Photo