Nicole Jimeno Has a New Boyfriend: Will They Be a 90 Day Fiance Couple?

Contrary to what split rumors have claimed, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno remain very much married.

For Chantel, that’s bittersweet news, if only because keeping her husband means keeping her nightmarish in-laws.

Nicole Jimeno has made no secret that she despises Chantel and her entire family.

But now, Nicole has an American boyfriend of her own.

Will that make her a gentler person towards her brother’s wife?

More importantly, will Nicole’s boyfriend one day become her very own 90 Day Fiance partner?

1. Nicole Jimeno has good news!

Nicole jimeno in pink
Pedro’s sister didn’t make the best impression on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? or on The Family Chantel, but given that she’s a beautiful woman, we suppose that this news was only a matter of time. …

2. Nicole was trouble from day one

Nicole jimeno snaps a mirror selfie
She came from the Dominican Republic to visit Pedro, where tensions between her and Chantel Everett went through the roof.

3. The results were explosive

Pedro fights with the family chantel
Ostensibly started by Pedro and Chantel’s brother, River, a nice dinner at the Everett residence turned into an all-out brawl that got so bad that producers rushed in to break up the fight. There’s no denying that Nicole’s drama played a key role in that fight.

4. The drama didn’t end there

The family chantel trailer 09 dr
See, TLC revealed a first-of-its-kind spinoff for Chantel and Pedro, titled “The Family Chantel” — so named after Pedro’s name for Chantel’s family. On the show, Chantel and Pedro visited the DR, and they brought Chantel’s family along with them.

5. Things were awkward AF

The family chantel trailer 10 awkward af
See, Nicole was all too happy to bring her friend Coraima around to see Pedro at every opportunity.

6. THIS is Coraima

Pedro jimeno grinds on another woman
Remember when Nicole got Pedro drunk and their friends encouraged him to take off his wedding band and then Pedro was bumping and grinding with Coraima, Nicole’s longtime friend who’s always had a crush on him?

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Karine and Paul Staehle: We’re Back Together AND Back in the US!

Last month, Paul and Karine Staehle’s marriage fell apart … again.

After Karine filed for divorce in Brazil and made her way back to where her family lives, Paul was beside himself.

He tried to reconcile with her then and there.

He even went on Instagram to claim that Karine was endangering their infant son.

Now, this tumultuous couple has good news.

They appear to have once again reconciled, and Karine has returned to the US with their son.

1. Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and Pierre Staehle

Paul staehle karine staehle and pierre staehle
90 Day Fiance stars Paul Staehle, Karine Staehle, and baby Pierre pose for a precious family portrait.

2. These two have really been through the wringer

Karine and paul wedding photo
Paul and Karine got off to an awkward start, with language barriers and major cultural barriers making viewers and family alike uncomfortable.

3. Also …

Karine and paul
None of us can shake the moment when Paul, out of fear that a candiru asu might crawl up his penis and stick its barbs in his bladder, wore a condom under his swim trunks before going swimming. We hope that we don’t have to explain that the trunks alone would be enough.

4. First …

Karine staehle baby bump
To make sure that everyone is on the same page, we want to remind everyone that Paul and Karine are not just a couple — they are parents.

5. Karine was not shy about her pregnancy

Karine staehle on instagram
In fact, both of their Instagrams were full of preggo pics as Karine showed off her baby bump.

6. It was welcome news

Karine staehle is very pregnant
Many of their fans hoped that having a child together was a sign that they were done with their immature fighting and their on-again, off-again romance.

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Larissa Lima: Has She Finished Paying Her Debt to Society?

As we reported last week, Larissa Lima completed her court-ordered domestic violence awareness classes.

But that doesn’t mean that the 90 Day Fiance legend is completely out of the woods following her polarizing January arrest.

Has she complied with all of the court’s instructions?

And she has another hearing coming up very soon.

Take a look below:

1. Larissa Lima with a Rose

Larissa lima with a rose
90 Day Fiance villain Larissa Dos Santos Lima poses with a single red rose. Notably, she is a big fan of flowers and feels indignant when she does not receive one from a suitor.

2. For Larissa, her love story is also a horror story

Larissa lima and colt johnson in therapy
We all know that her marriage to Colt Johnson was toxic — that much was apparent on camera. But when cameras were not rolling, things got so much worse. Be warned: some of the following images are graphic and contain blood.

3. January 10, 2019 was a grisly night

Larissa and colts bloody fight 01
Larissa Lima took to social media late that night to inform fans of what had gone down on the final night of her terrible marriage. The sight of her blood-smeared face continues to haunt many fans.

4. It was genuinely upsetting

Larissa lima shows bloody facial wounds
Larissa reported that after hours of “torment” that she received from Colt, she had lashed out, scratching his lip in her attempt to get him to stop. As a result, she said, he had called the police on her. This was not the first time that he had had her arrested, though the incident from November 2018 had stemmed from police being called on Colt (even though Larissa was arrested then, too).

5. Here’s a photo of Colt the same night

Larissa and colts bloody fight 12
To be clear, inflicting any degree of physical violence upon a partner qualifies as domestic violence. After Colt reportedly claimed to police that his nails were too short to scratch Larissa (a claim questioned by 90 Day Fiance fans, who noted that his nails appeared longer in many photos, too long for him to be a “chronic nail biter”), police arrested Larissa. And Colt filed for divorce while she was behind bars.

6. Larissa moved in with a friend

Larissa lima and bff carmen
Larissa’s friend, Carmen Nys, also lives in Vegas, and she took Larissa in and gave her a place to stay.

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Nicole Nafziger: 90 Day Fiance Alum Flaunts Massive Weight Loss in a Bra!

Last week, Nicole Nafziger affirmed that her relationship with Azan Tefou is stronger than ever, despite rumors to the contrary.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, she had a more personal announcement.

Nicole’s weight loss journey has reached a point where she is flaunting her new figure in a bra.

Take a look at how amazing she’s looking in the photos below:

1. Nicole Nafziger is looking great!

Nicole nafziger with the fun hair
She has always been a strikingly beautiful young woman, but now the former 90 Day Fiance star is flaunting some impressive weight loss.

2. Let’s start at the beginning

Nicole nafziger tg 2019 weight loss 01
Thanksgiving was last Thursday, and Nicole was very active on social media over the weekend, including sharing a super precious pic of her with her young daughter, May. (And yes, the timing is very relevant to the weight loss pic that we’re going to show you)

3. Nicole had a sweet message for her fans

Nicole nafziger tg 2019 weight loss 02
“Happy Thanksgiving! From my family to yours! May your belly be full, your heart full of joy, and thankful for this day,” Nicole captioned the Instagram photo.

4. She received warm replies

Nicole nafziger tg 2019 weight loss 03
This reply came from Nicole’s erstwhile castmate, Paola Mayfield. It’s great to see friendly interactions on social media.

5. She also got some vile hate

Nicole nafziger tg 2019 weight loss 04
“‘May your belly be full,’ yours certainly is!” exclaimed one absolutely monstrous comment. Some people should not be allowed to use the internet.

6. Haters are about to eat their words

Nicole nafziger tg 2019 weight loss 05
It being right after Thanksgiving, there’s a tremendous market for weight loss ads. While big stars like the Kardashians get justifiably shamed for showing off weight loss supplements that target people with disordered eating habits, we think that no one would begrudge a single mom who works at Starbucks for having a side hustle.

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Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou: Finally Giving Up on Marriage?

Just as Nicole Nafziger has slammed split rumors, another report comes out that appears to spell doom for her long-distance relationship.

Is this the end of their long-term, long-distance engagement?

RadarOnline spoke to an alleged inside source who claims that Nicole and Azan’s hopes and dreams have totally fallen through.

“They have no plans for a wedding,” the insider taunts.

The source explains that it was a non-starter, on the grounds that “He can’t get a visa.”

As we have previously discussed, unlike some other 90 Day Fiance stars, Azan (whose real name is Hassan M’Raouni) cannot get a K-1 visa.

To be clear, Nicole does have a plan to circumvent the stonewalling that she’s gotten on that front.

“She’s talked about going back to Morocco,” the insider eacknowledges.

“But she doesn’t have money,” the source claims.

The insider emphasizes: “She has to save.”

Nicole’s plan isn’t to simply live in Morocco forever, but to marry Azan there and then apply for a spousal visa.

The idea is that a spousal visa may be a bit harder to deny. It’s easier to dismiss an engagement than a marriage, after all.

But Nicole is believed to be working at Starbucks right now, so saving money as a single mom can be tricky.

And while 90 Day Fiance is known for not paying its stars very much, Nicole no longer has that revenue stream.

“It’ll be two years since they’ve seen each other,” the source notes.

“They still talk occasionally,” the insider claims. “But there have been a lot of fights between them on the phone.”

“The family is surprised they’re still together,” the source characterizes.

Of those three assertions, we can only confidently back the first one. That said, Nicole’s family has never quite approved.

Back in September, Nicole confirmed that she and Azan would no longer be doing 90 Day Fiance.

“They’re tired of being harassed,” the insider explains of the earthshattering departure.

“It was Nicole’s decision,” the source reports.

According to the insider: “They have no intention right now of going back on the program.”

So, first and foremost, having no solid plans in place while you save up money before you marry is not the same thing as your engagement being doomed.

Sure, it didn’t work out for Ebenezer Scrooge, but some couples make it work even when there’s a lengthy wait.

It would be downright irresponsible of Nicole and Azan to assign a wedding date when they know that they cannot meet it.

That should wait until they’re prepared to take whichever steps — whether a new visa application or a move to Morocco — they need.

Nicole’s decision to quit 90 Day Fiance may not be doing her bank account any favors, but it may be the best thing for her emotional health.

Her critics bombard her every time that she appears on television, telling her to take a hard look in the mirror and break up with Azan.

Fans are concerned that Azan’s abrupt cancelation of wedding dates and sexy vacation meet-ups mean that he’s just messing with her.

Even when those fans are sending her messages out of genuine love and compassion, she does not want to hear them.

Nicole Nafziger SLAMS Split Rumors: Azan and I Are Stronger Than Ever!

Nicole Nafziger’s plans to reunite with fiance Azan Tefou didn’t exactly go according to plan, at least not according to the plans that she stated early in 2019.

The 90 Day Fiance star has been once again plagued by breakup rumors of people who decided that either she or Azan must have backed out.

Now, Nicole is going on the offensive, telling In Touch Weekly that she and Azan are still an item.

In fact, she claims that their bond is now “stronger than ever.”

Take a look below and see Nicole’s update on her very polarizing long-distance relationship:

1. Nicole!!

Nicole nafziger is blessed
So, we haven’t heard as much from Nicole lately. A lot of us have been caught up with the The Other Way stars as well as the stars from original recipe 90 Day Fiance Season 7. Nicole is still alive, doing her thing, and wanting to banish any rumors.

2. Nicole has lost some weight!

Nicole nafziger looks gorgeous in a magenta dress
She has recently been flaunting her weight loss after losing 10 pounds, she looks gorgeous. Though, obviously, Nicole has always been beautiful.

3. But she can’t shake these new rumors

Azan tefou and nicole nafziger
This week, rumors have circulated that she and Azan Tefou — whose real name is Hassan M’Raouni — have finally ended their long-distance engagement after years of apparent stagnation.

4. The rumors are false

Nicole nafziger with the fun hair
Nicole has confirmed to In Touch Weekly that she and Azan remain in a relationship and remain engaged to one another, despite the time and distance. This engagement has lasted for years, with both weddings and vacations abruptly canceled during that time period. Additionally, Nicole lives in Florida while Azan resides in Morocco.

5. Sure, things can be strained

Nicole nafziger and azan tefou for 90 day fiance happily ever af
Nicole admits that it “isn’t easy” at times loving someone who is an entire ocean away, someone who has been denied a K-1 visa.

6. But things are good

Nicole nafziger and azan tefou in the sun
“We are happy and truly stronger than ever in our relationship,” Nicole gushes.

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Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: FINALLY Divorced! (Exclusive)

Almost half a year after everyone thought that they were over for good, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith broke up again.

The 90 Day Fiance couple’s on-again, off-again relationship has captivated fans for about a year now, and began many months earlier.

Since that final breakup, Ashley has taken to social media to pressure Jay to please, please sign the divorce papers.

Now, Ashley has some good news to share – and she has confirmed it exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip.

But she is human after all, and understandably, the TLC star is conflicted about this bittersweet announcement.

After all, this was not the ending that she wanted …

1. It’s over!

Ashley martson and jay smith the best is yet to come
We don’t add that exclamation mark to be insensitive, but because it’s the sort of news that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have ended their painful dance at long last.

2. First, a quick reminder

Ashley martson and jay smith in happier times
If you blinked this fall, you may have missed a huge and important part of Ashley and Jay’s story

3. The two met in Jamaica

Ashley martson and jay smith 90 day fiance tell all special
Jay was 19 years old at the time, but between his height and confidence, Ashley initially believed him to be in his mid-twenties and therefore much closer to her own age. By the time that she learned that she was dating a noticeably younger man, she was already head-over-heels.

4. They had a ceremony in Jamaica

Ashley and jay in black and white
It was not legally binding, but it allowed Jay’s family to be part of the celebration before their legal wedding in the US. Despite warning from Ashley’s friends who worried that Jay would (and perhaps already was) laying pipe in other venues, they tied the knot in the US.

5. A huge problem arose almost immediately

Ashley martson on 90 day fiance
Just days after the the two were married, Ashley discovered that Jay had downloaded Tinder … and was not only messaging with a girl, but was also video chatting with her. The girl in question was a very young adult — in fact, she was still in high school. That might be age-appropriate for Jay, but it was a horrifying betrayal of their fresh marriage vows.

6. They tried to make it work

Jay smith and ashley martson for 90 day fiance happily ever afte
Continuing on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we saw Ashley struggle to trust Jay again after his betrayal, even though Jay did not seem to express sincere guilt or remorse and seemed to feel like Ashley was making a big deal out of nothing.

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90 Day Fiance Surprise: Robert Tells Anny He has FIVE Children

Last month, we reported on Robert’s surprising history of arrests and convictions. That was not his last surprise.

Now, he has revealed that he is the father of five children, leaving fans as bewildered as his fiancee.

Annie or Anny and Robert (90 Day Fiance S7)

Even fans who have opted to skip Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance (they’re making a mistake, but whatever) are keeping up with Pillow Talk.

Which means that they, too, sawa  preview clip that shed light on Robert’s family situation.

“I have five beautiful children with four different women,” Robert announced during the clip.

No one was more astounded than his fiancee Anny, who expressed to the camera: “What the f–k?”

Robert son Bryson 90 Day Fiance s7

Viewers have of course seen plenty of sweet little Bryson, Robert’s five-year-old.

(A few have made abhorrent comments about this young child’s behavior and even issued threats, because people are the worst)

As we previously reported, Robert appears to have two children who are somewhat older than Bryson.

How do we know this? Because child support filings and payments in Florida make that clear.

We’re not exactly mathematicials, but Bryson plus two other kids just equals three. There must be two more.

So why didn’t initial research by the good folks over at Starcasm turn up these other two kids?

Well, Robert may now live in WInter Park, Floriday, but he is originally from New York.

It seems possible that he may have fathered two other children while he there.

Robert and Annie 90 Day Fiance S7 teaser 2

In fact, given that timeline, it is even possible that Robert’s kids are adults

Next month, Robert will be 42 years old.

If he fathered his first two kids while in his early twenties, they could be young adults right now.

Obviously, that is speculation, but it would explain why even those following 90 Day Fiance very closely were taken aback by his big reveal.

Robert plus Annie or Anny  (90 Day Fiance S7)

Honestly, the biggest issue here may not be why it was a surprise to us, the viewers and fans.

Why in the world didn’t Robert tell Anny that he is a father of five?

Or, for that matter, that he has four different baby mamas? That’s what many folks would consider to be a big ol’ red flag.

So, we have to ask: Anny, are you okay?

Robert excited (90 Day Fiance S7)

If Anny is a gold digger, she appears to be barking up the wrong tree, as her thrift store adventure made clear.

Robert lives in a one-bedroom apartment and shares a bed with Bryson.

Real talk? It’s okay that Anny didn’t see that coming.

Most parents would prioritize buying their child their own bed over going on a cruise.

Robert with Annie or Anny (90 Day Fiance S7)

Robert should have disclosed more about the realities of his life to Anny.

it is clear why he did not — she might have chosen to pick a guy with less baggage.

That said, there’s always a chance that part of this drama was encouraged by producers. Perhaps the episode will make that clear.

Even if Anny’s inentions towards Robert are purer than anyone believes, she may cut and run after realizing that Robert misrepresented himself.

Deavan Clegg Reveals Horrifically Botched Lips: HELP!

In October, Deavan Clegg got political in a way that surprised followers and left many fans feeling divided.

But fans will not be divided when they gasp in horror at Deavan’s recent nightmare.

She tried to get lip fillers. She even went to a professional.

The results will curdle your blood.

Fair warning: the images of Deavan’s lips are not for the faint of heart.

The good news is that this story has a surprisingly happy ending.

1. Oh no, Deavan!

Deavan clegg looks lovely
Deavan decided that, like a number of reality stars, she would like to have slightly plumper lips. Unfortunately, she did not do quite as much research as she wishes that she had before getting fillers. As the saying goes, the Deavan’s in the details.

2. Here’s her story

Deavan clegg is stunning
“In Korea I decided to get lip fillers before doing research,” Deavan writes. “The product they injected had not been tested. I went to a professional.”

3. This is not for the faint of heart

Deavan clegg lip nightmare comparison
This is just one of the images that Deavan opted to share. This doesn’t just not look like she had wanted — it looks absolutely agonizing. But we already know that this story has a happy ending.

4. And it gets worse

Deavan clegg busted nightmare lips
Deavan may have put on a brave face for these photos, but she reveals that it was worse than it looks. “My lip was so swollen and injected incorrectly. I had damage so severe that my lip was dying.”

5. Please learn from her mistakes

Deavan clegg bad lips despair
“Please ladies do research it’s okay to get lip fillers and feel beautiful,” Deavan expresses. “But please do research and find a doctor who specializes in it.”

6. She was at a total loss

Jihoon proposes to deavan
“I searched hours on what to do and couldn’t find anything,” Deavan laments. “So I want to help girls who are going or went through this.”

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Leida Margaretha and Tasha Rosenbrook QUASH 90 Day Fiance Feud!

Early this year, fans watched in abject horror as Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook wrote Tasha Rosenbrook, Eric’s teen daughter, out of their lives.

The fallout from their 90 Day Fiance drama resulted in Leida securing a restraining order against Tasha. Wow.

Now, a lot has changed, including that daughter’s name — she now goes by Alari.

In a stunning new interview with In Touch Weekly, both Leida and Alari are speaking up.

Their feud has been quashed after the two women bonded over the most unlikely subject imaginable.

Is this Leida’s redemption arc?

1. A villain no more?

Leida margaretha
Leida Margaretha was one of the most reviled stars of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. While she has clearly taken a lot of steps to change her tune, some fans may have a hard time letting go of what they’ve seen.

2. Why was Leida so hated?

Leida margaretha is self aware
On top of displaying a bad attitude upon arrival, she and Eric’s adult teenage daughter, Tasha, did not get along at all when Leida arrived in the US. She eventually strongarmed Eric into making Tasha move out of her own apartment. Hearing Tasha’s voice break as she began to cry was absolutely heartbreaking. At the Tell All special, Leida did not appear to express remorse. Then she secured a restraining order against Tasha, making it difficult for father and daughter to even see each other.

3. Leida has now dropped the restraining order

Eric rosenbrook and leida margaretha first county fair
“The restraining order [was] never meant to be forever,” she explains in a new interview with In Touch Weekly.

4. The beef is no more

Leida margaretha on 90 day fiance
“I did that because I had to,” Leida claims. “I have nothing against Alari.” Notably, Tasha is now going by Alari; we used her old name in the headline so that longtime fans will recognize her name.

5. She’s glad that it’s over

90 day fiance eric and leida
Leida adds: “It breaks my heart to see this family had to [be] this way, and I know that my husband, Eric, is really [caring] and he loves his kids.”

6. Here’s why she dropped the order

Leida and eric
“Then when I heard they’re both sincere and talk each other again,” Leida recalls. “I’m thinking like, ‘[Why] should I continue this family feud?” Note that the order was also a potential obstacle for Tasha’s employment. Many jobs do background checks, and a restraining order is going to make you look like more of a risky hire than someone without one.

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