Tania Maduro: 90 Day Fiance Star Reveals She Was Molested Before Age 5

When the 90 Day Fiance fandom decides that they hate you, you’re usually a villain for life as far as they’re concerned.

This week, Tania Maduro revealed that she is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the response that she received was cruel.

Tania maduro cries on ig

“For those of you who assume to know all about me from just seeing me on a Sunday night TV show,” Tania begins, “here’s a quick fact.”

She then shares a screenshot of her DMs, where some vicious person was mocking her for supporting #MeToo.

Tania hit back at the troll, as fans can see, by revealing how very personal this topic is for her.

“Yeah, sorry,” Tania wrote sarcastically before getting serious: “I was molested by the age of 5.”

Tania maduro ig reveals childhood sexual abuse

“Sorry that inconveniences you,” she sarcastically fired back at the mocking troll.

“I was molested multiple times before I was even 5 years old,” Tania wrote atop the screenshot.

“So yeah,” she acknowledged. “#MeToo.”

That is an important, painful reminder that #MeToo is not just about workplace harassment and sexual violence against adults.

Tania maduro ig she spoke about it on the show

“I also talked about that during filming,” Tania wrote in a separate Instagram Story.

She added: “Don’t think it’s ever made it to screen, though.

“Just like a lot of stuff hasn’t,” Tania observed.

That is an important reminder to viewers that what they see on screen is edited to entertain and follow storylines, not to depict the whole truth.

Tania speaks 90 day fiance s7

Tania felt that aspects of how she told fans that she was a CSA survivor were taken out of context.

She followed up with a tearful series of videos, which we have combined for you to view here.

“My Instagram Story was directly related to someone hitting up my DMs,” Tania begins.

She notes that the person DMed her, “trying to shame me for being part of #MeToo.”

Tania and syngin for 90 day fiance season 7

“When I mentioned the show,” Tania clarifies, “I said it for all of the people who think they know all of me.”

“Because newsflash,” she continues, “you don’t know all of me.”

That is certainly the case. Reality shows are notoriously edited to show specific aspects of people’s personalities and lives.

Those who follow Larissa Lima and Evelin Villegas, certainly, see very different people than those who only saw them on 90 Day Fiance.

Tania with syngin times square 90 day fiance s7

“I never once mentioned my behavior on the show,” Tania notes, “and/or Syngin.”

“I just said ‘you don’t know all of me,'” she emphasizes.

“And now people are using my story to try to tell me I’m using it to try to justify anything else that may be on the show,” Tania laments.

She affirms: “It’s completely false and wrong.”

Tania and syngin 90 day fiance s7 teaser 2

“I can share my truth,” Tania correctly states. “It is my truth and my story to share.”

“And someone tried to shame me for being part of the #MeToo movement, not realizing that actually, I am,” she explains.

“I am,” Tania concludes. “#MeToo.”

That was heartwrenching to watch and heartwrenching to hear. 

If you don’t like Tania’s behavior on the show or think that you’d make a better spouse for Syngin, that’s fine. Leave Tania’s traumatic past out of it.

Tania maduro 90 day fiance star reveals she was molested before

Jay Smith: Did He Knock Up His Latest Girlfriend?

In a recent tearful confession, Ashley Martson admitted that she still loves Jay Smith after everything that he put her through.

She’s not getting back with him, though. She’s just acknowledging her feelings.

Jay, in the mean time, has a brand new girlfriend, because of course he does.

The dude has boned his way through a lot of women since coming to the US, and we suppose that this was inevitable. …

… But rumors say that his newest girlfriend is pregnant.


1. Oh, Jay

Jay smith smiles
Has Jay knocked up his latest girlfriend?

2. Jay Smith has never struggled to find love

Jay smith shares a thirst trap
The dude was very up front about being a deeply horny ladies man, right from when TLC began filming him. Also, he cheated on Ashley a whole lot.

3. Even so, they kept getting back together

Jay smith and ashley martson for 90 day fiance happily ever afte
Despite knowing that Jay had cheated on her, not just messaging a(n adult) high school girl, but also laying pipe with some random girl in a barber shop bathroom, she took him back just about one year ago.

4. They broke up

Jay smith and the police
After accusing Jay of breaking into her home to remove things while she was on a much-needed family vacation, Ashley requested a restraining order from the court. She was granted a PFA — Protection From Abuse — having presented evidence to the court. This is evidence that fans have never seen, but the knowledge of the court’s decision really changed how a lot of people viewed Jay.

5. The PFA came with a serious instruction

Jay smith breaks the law
Jay had to avoid Ashley and her home, of course. But he also had to avoid discussing the order on social media. That part of the order he broke, almost immediately.

6. Whoops

Jay smith mugshot
Jay ended up spending almost all of July 2019 in ICE custody. That is not fun, folks. Though they had split by this point, it’s probably the longest period of time during his (legal) marriage to Ashley in which he wasn’t banging a woman who wasn’t Ashley.

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Geoffrey Paschel: Upcoming 90 Day Fiance Star Accused of Abuse, Rape By THREE Exes

Upcoming 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Geoffrey Paschel has been accused of a brutal, violent attack by his ex-girlfriend.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. He faces similar accusations and worse from two ex-wives.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

WARNING: this article includes discussion of allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. Please read at your own risk.

Geoffrey Paschel is a 42-year-old man from Knoxville, Tennessee. His fiancee is 30-year-old Varya, from Russia. He was born in 1977.

Fans are hoping that Varya dumps Geoffrey and stays in Russia if she has not already.

geoffrey paschel has a face

Fans also hope that TLC scrubs any footage or mention of Geoffrey from the upcoming 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days season.

We previously reported that Geoffrey’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he was living at the time, accused him of a monstrous physical attack this past summer.

She describes him ambushing her in her home, where he had been staying with his young son.

geoffrey paschel flips out

In her court filing, she noted that the attack continued for 30 minutes, and that one could retrace the steps through her home by the damage and blood smears.

After he allegedly prevented her from using her phone to call for help, she courageously fled the house and called 911 from a neighbor’s home.

That, it turned out, was just the beginning.

geoffrey paschel wipes his forehead

Basically, celebrity gossip website Starcasm has been doing the background research that TLC should have done.

Geoffrey has been married four times, to four different women.

He has also fathered children with all four women, and has other children with women to whom he is not married.

Geoffrey is still legally married, with a divorce pending. His fourth wife accuses him of abuse and fled with her children to Canada.

Geoffrey and his second wife were married in 1998 (when Geoffrey would likely have been at the end of his teens).

Together, he and his second wife had two sons, one in 1999 and the other the next year, in 2000.

90 day fiance before: geoffrey scolds varya

It was actually Geoffrey who filed for divorce in 2004, citing “irreconcilable differences” claiming that she was guilty of “marital misconduct.”

He cited that she had been charged with child abuse and neglect and drug possession during a single instance.

But in court, her filing said that the child abuse and neglect charges stemmed from leaving her 5-year-old in the car while running into a building.

90 day fiance before: geoffrey I'm failing myself

She maintained that she had kept eye contact on her child throughout that time. She was arrested after someone spotted the 5-year-old, however.

Officers also charged her with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia in that instance.

But what she had to say about Geoffrey was much more alarming than her defense of herself.

Geoffrey’s second wife’s response to his divorce filing accused him of a litany of violent attacks.

“Specifically the Counter-Defendant [Geoffrey] is guilty of various physical assaults upon the Counter-Plaintiff,” court documents read.

These were attacks “which have been documented through Orders of Protection and medical records.”

“The most recent assault against the Counter-Plaintiff occurred during a visitation on Saturday, December 18, 2004,” she noted.

Her rssponse filing continued: “At which time Counter-Defendant was charged with domestic assault and an Order of Protection has been filed.”

According to the documents, Geoffrey “has committed assaults against the Counter-Plaintiff in the presence of the minor children.”

Also to our horror, Geoffrey is accused of “committing acts of violence towards the minor children themselves.”

“Counter-Defendant has repeatedly raped the Counter-Plaintiff,” his second wife — the survivor in question — cited.

“Counter-Defendant has further threatened the lives of Counter-Plaintiff and her family numerous times,” court documents read.

“Counter-Plaintiff fears for her safety,” docs admitted, “in the event that she should respond to Counter-Defendant’s legal proceedings in any manner.”

That makes three exes accusing him of the same horrors. It is a damning indictment of our justice system that Geoffrey is alive and free.

Many would argue that it says a lot about TLC and Sharp’s vetting practices that Geoffrey ever filmed for the show.

We will keep Varya in our thoughts, but also Geoffrey’s exes and children. We hope that they are all safe at this time.

Loren Brovarnik: Alexei was Finally Approved for American Citizenship!

90 Day Fiance fan-favorites Loren and Alexei Brovarnik just revealed the sex of their unborn child, but that’s just the beginning of the good news.

After years of work, waiting, and of course marriage, Alexei had his final citizenship interview.

Loren brovarnik and a sleeping alexei brovarnik

“What a busy, yet exciting day!!” Loren Brovarnik captions this adorable photo.

Fans and followers can see her, visibly pregnant, smile in front of her sleepily napping husband, Alexei.

“Our full ’90 Day Fiance’ process in its entirety has been completed!!” she announces.

In case that was a little too vague, Loren includes the tag: “#wehaveacitizen.”

Alexei and loren brovarnik ig citizenship announce still

“So, we just had Alex’s citizenship interview!” Loren says in a short Instagram Story video that we have included in this post.

“And what happened?” she asks, prompting Alexei to speak.

He cheerfully announces: “I passed it!”

Loren is sure to thank “this amazing lady,” their immigration attorney.

Loren brovarnik ig alexei citizenship approval

“All smiles today!!” Loren writes on her Instagram Story atop a smiling photo.

She spells it out: “After years of applications, waiting, hard work, and patience, [Alexei] got approve to be a US citizen!”

Technically, however, the champagne-popping will have to wait another fortnight (and be alcohol-free, given that she’s pregnant).

“2 weeks until his swearing in ceremony,” Loren notes. Congratulations to them both!

Loren and alexei brovarnik get some sun

Some 90 Day Fiance fans may struggle to understand why some couples have such wildly different expereinces.

Alexei took only a few years to become a full citizen. Fellow 90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee can move to the US whenever he likes.

Meanwhile, to Angela Deem’s horror, Michael can’t even get a K-1 visa.

And Azan Tefou’s storied inability to get a K-1 visa has caused his long-distance rleationship with Nicole Nafziger to drag on and on and on.

Loren and alexei brovarnik balcony photo

The truth is that some last names, countries of origin, religions, and skin tones are less welcome than others.

Fortunately for Alexei, the US maintains very close ties with Israel.

We are so happy for him and Loren that they did not have to run into the same walls that some other 90 Day Fiance couples have encountered.

Though some of the white nationalists who are directing immigration policy want to end virtually all legal immigration, their focus is elsewhere — for now.

Alexei brovarnik and loren brovarnik gender reveal

Loren met Alexei when she traveled to Israel for her birthright trip.

The two of them hit it off right away.

After marrying in Israel, they began the K-1 visa process to bring Alexei to the US.

They soon became favorites among fans who treasured their genuine love for each other.

Loren brovarnik ig teases baby name reveal

Loren and Alexei are expecting a baby born, whose due date is some time this May.

“We will be sharing the name of our baby boy once he is born,” Loren recently answered a curious fan’s question in her Instagram Stories.

Some couples announce the name early. Others take weeks or longer after a birth to tell their fans their baby’s name.

We are so excited for Loren and Alex to welcome their baby boy into the world — at which point, they’ll be a family of three Americans.

Loren brovarnik alexei was finally approved for american citizen

Dean Hashim Quashes Feud with Tim Malcolm: We’re Good, Bruh!

Last month, Dean Hashim seemed to blame Tim Malcolm after he and his brother were abruptly no longer appearing on Pillow Talk.

Now, this once-intense 90 Day Fiance feud seems to run its course. Tim and Dean’s current messages are actually really wholesome.

“2020 means new beginnings no grudges..no bs,” 90 Day Fiance fan favorite Dean Hashim is affirming on social media.

In a new message, he is explaining that he doesn’t want to continue his back-and-forth, positive or negative, with Tim Malcolm.

“Tim, I took my response video down,” he writes.

Dean explains that he did so “because no matter what anyone says, my apology was real.”

“The only reason I made the response vid is because I felt like I needed to,” Dean reasons.

He acknowledges: “I f–ked up by joking on you and that’s it!”

“Anyway, be blessed in 2020, bruh,” Dean expresses.

His wholesome message concludes: “New Year = New Beginnings.”

Dean Hashim has no beef with Tim Malcolm IG

“For the record.. I forgive you @deanhashim90 ….” Tim Malcolm begins his own well-measured response.

He writes: “I believe in an old saying that my favorite boss I ever had taught me. ‘Fix it and move on.'”

In other words, Tim doesn’t wish to dwell upon hurtful things said about him by Dean and others.

That is especially easy now that Dean is laid the groundwork.

“Life is too short to spend it angry or resentful,” Tim correctly states.

He suggests: “If you want to clean your soul for 2020… forgive someone and move on.”

“We are all so comfortable to say mean things to each other on social media,” Tim correctly observes.

Sadly, even among fellow 90 Day Fiance stars, he knows that better than most.

“Do you want to show how tough you really are ?” Tim asks his fans and followers.

He instructs: “Forgive your enemies publicly and tag it #Forgivefor2020 …”

Tim assures readers: “You will feel better I promise you!”

Forgiveness isn’t for everyone, of course, but it’s a fine way to resolve a social media dispute between reality stars.

Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim, Pillow Talk promo

“Don’t drag negativity into a new year,” Tim’s message to his followers concluded.

That wasn’t the end of their exchange, however.

Dean went on to refer to Tim affectionately as his “homeboy.”

In fact, speaking to Tim’s detractors, Dean cautioned them that “anyone mess with him, they gotta mess with me.”

So what was all of the fuss about to begin with?

First and foremost, a lot of people liked to spread rumors about Tim.

People suggested that he must be gay or even trans because he turned down sex with Jeniffer (when offered on camera) and takes care of his skin.

A lot of folks have a pretty one-dimensional view of the LGBTQ+ community, but this was more about toxic masculinity than anything else.

Dean and Tarik cracked similar jokes on Pillow Talk, which Tim accepted because it was literally their job to do so.

Tim was unhappy when some of those jokes spilled over into interviews, which he deemed excessive. He was right.

However, when Dean strongly implied that he had been fired from Pillow Talk, a lot of fans immediately blamed Tim for somehow making it happen.

In reality, Dean has not exposed exactly why it happened, but did allude to what he felt was a betrayal by someone he considered like family.

Dean is a fan-favorite, so we hope that fans who have been parroting homophobic and transphobic jokes about a straight, cisgender man listen and cut it out.

Ashley Martson: After What Jay Did, I Can’t Trust ANY Man!

Just days before the end of 2019, Ashley Martson posted a tearful photo and confessed that she still loves Jay Smith.

No, they’re not back together, a fact for which we thank our lucky stars.

In fact, Ashley is talking about dating again!

That’s the good news, at least.

The bad news is that she’s already pessimistic about how her next romance will go.

It’s not just that she’s hung up on Jay — that will take time and therapy to overcome.

It’s that, after all that she experienced with Jay, she’s going to need a little more than good vibes from a guy before she can trust him.

1. Poor Ashley

Ashley martson on 90 day fiance
She’s a polarizing figure within the 90 Day Fiance fandom, but she really went through the wringer in 2019. But it’s a new year and she’ll have new chances at happiness and love … right?

2. Ashley is learning to laugh it off

Ashley martson ig will be forever alone
Ashley has made no secret about how much emotional hell she went through, even after breaking up with Jay for the final time. Joking about how a social media filter decided that she would be forever alone is a sign that she is beginning to heal.

3. She hasn’t actually given up on love

Ashley martson ig background check for next bf
But in her Instagram Stories, Ashley says that her agent is laying down some ground rules for her future love life. Her next prospective boyfriend will need to pass a background check and will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

4. To be fair …

Ashley martson
Yes, Ashley LOOKS like she’s just ruling out her next romance. But, though we’re not mind-readers, it is possible that Ashley is just saying that the concept of signing an NDA and getting a full background check will scare off guys whom Ashley doesn’t know that well yet.

5. Ashley’s hot, but

Ashley martson in a burgundy bikini
… When you match with somebody on Tinder, you’re not necessarily planning to fill out paperwork on the first date. You’re either planning to get to know someone or to bone. Paperwork can be a life-saver, but it kind of kills the mood.

6. Then again …

Ashley martson and jay smith in happier times
Ashley’s agent may be the one insisting, but fans think that if Ashley had known a bit more about Jay before they first hooked up, maybe she could have spared herself a lot of heartbreak, humiliation, and emotional turmoil.

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Emily Larina: Sasha is NOT a Serial Impregnator!

If you’ve been following our 90 Day Fiance spoilers, you know a lot about Emily and Sasha.

Emily is from the US. Sasha is from Russia. They met over there while she was teaching.

One thing led to another between the American and the fitness hunk, and she ended up pregnant with baby David.

There was just one problem: Sasha had already fathered two other children … with two other women.

Is Emily fated to just be another notch on his baby belt, as Sasha’s ex suggested? When Sasha got with her, was he cheating on his ex?

Emily is answering all of that and a lot more in her Instagram Stories. Take a look:

1. Emily and Sasha are a couple to watch

Emily and sasha for 90 day fiance season 7
Between Sasha’s health nut tendencies (and lack of boundaries) and his clearly potent sperm, fans have had questions about him since day one. Emily’s doing her level best to answer those questions.

2. Fans have some concerns

Emily larina ig q and a new year 01
Emily Larina isn’t really disliked by anyone — at least, not compared to castmates like Tania — but a lot of viewers were alarmed when they saw Sasha remove Emily’s sister’s perfectly good food from cabinets and start throwing it away because he’s a health nut and she’s, like, a normal person. But Emily says that he’s not doing that anymore, which is a relief.

3. Emily held a Q&A

Emily larina ig q and a new year 02
Obviously, a lot of her messages were just praise from fans. That’s not a conspiracy — it’s just because people who like her are more likely to follow her.

4. Which parent does her son resemble

Emily larina ig q and a new year 03
That’s an easy one, Emily points out, showing cute little David in the arms of Sasha.

5. Rude!!!

Emily larina ig q and a new year 04
People who have an issue with chunky babies should never, ever be responsible for children. A fat baby is a healthy baby and a slender baby needs to be rushed to the hospital. Anyway, David is adorbs.

6. How big is he?

Emily larina ig q and a new year 05
Emily has stated in the past that David was in the 99th percentile on a lot of charts, but began to slim down as soon as her started moving around on his own.

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