Loren Brovarnik SLAMS Facebook: Stop Letting Fans Attack My Baby!

Loren Brovarnik hasn’t even been a mother for two full months yet, but she has already had to smack down trolls who insulted her baby.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance fan favorite is taking aim at an online community who ridiculed her infant son.

“To all those disturbed people at the ’90 Day Fiancé (Unfiltered),'” Loren begins a post on her Instagram Stories.

She accompanies her words with a photo of baby Shai, who was born in early April of this year.

Loren goes on to explain that this is a “@Facebook group who makes fun of babies and other people.”

While she is furious at the people saying cruel things about her precious son, she is also unhappy that they had the opportunity to do so.

loren brovarnik june 2020 baby defense IG 01 of 02

“Shame on you @facebook,” Loren scolds the infamous social media site that many blame in part for the current state of the world.

“This page has been reported multiple times for posting things about my baby (and other people),” she accuses.

“Yet you still allow it!” Loren marvels.

Loren is certainly not the only one outraged that the depths to which people will stoop when they are on social media.

loren brovarnik june 2020 baby defense IG 02 of 02

“Call me crazy,” Loren suggested, “but WHO MAKES FUN OF BABIES?!”

She concluded by declaring that this entire affair is “Absolutely disgusting!!”

She is 100% right about that. Making fun of children is cruel and unacceptable and crosses the line of basic human decency.

Making fun of a newborn is … well, words fail to describe what sort of person would do such a thing.

Loren and Alexei are public figures.

Though they are almost universally beloved by 90 Day Fiance viewers and fans, that does mean that yes, some people may make fun of them.

They are adults who signed up for reality television and who continue to voluntarily air their persona lives on social media.

They even caught viewers up who do not follow them in a recent episode of What Now?

Shai Josef Brovarnik is not even two months old, yet he is also arguably a public figure.

Obviously, he’s not old enough to sign up for anything other than nursing, nap time, and diaper changes.

But famous parents create famous kids — that is simply how it works.

That said, because he is not only a child but a literal baby, ridiculing his appearance is vicious and practically inhuman.

Attacking anyone’s appearance is obviously unfair.

The reason for this is that, no matter how bad or even wretched a person may be, someone else is bound to share the same physical trait.

Attacking someone like Colt Johnson or Donald Trump for their figures may feel justified for the person doing it.

But doesn’t it make more sense to focus upon choices that they make and character traits rather than physical features that good, innocent people may share?

That argument goes 1,000 times for making fun of children and babies.

Ridiculing an adult for their looks may leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Ridiculing a newborn baby is a friendship ender.

Should Facebook allow this kind of discourse on their site?

Considering that they actively allow disinformation campaigns to run rampant so long as they do so under the guise of politics, it’s unlikely that they will stop it.

The First Amendment gives Americans the right to free speech with very few limitations.

That does not mean that people can say what they want without consequences, however.

A beloved internet personality and comedian Justin McElroy famously addressed this in 2018.

Justin McElroy tweet the first amendment protects from the government not the justin

The government may not censor the ridiculing of a baby, and apparently Facebook is content to err on the side of being permissive.

(Unless it pertains to human sexuality or someone dares to show a nipple, of course)

But people who make fun of babies are not immune to being held accountable for their nasty words.

Call people out when they do wrong. Maybe they will use the experience to grow and learn as human beings.

Big Ed Brown BANNED From All 90 Day Fiance Spinoffs?

For what feels like the billionth time, 90 Day Fiance is unveiling a new spinoff.

On Strikes Back, stars from this previous season will confront their haters on camera while filming themselves on iPhones and iPads.

A number of stars, like Tom Brooks, Stephanie Motto, and Baby Girl Lisa Hamme, are reportedly already filming for it.

Other stars, like Avery Warner, are said to have declined.

But reports have been strangely quiet about Big Ed Brown — a man who is usually the first to sign up for an interview and speak his mind.

There’s just no way, fans say, that he would turn down the opportunity to speak directly to his haters like this.

Unless, of course, TLC has banned him from the show. And looking at his history, you can see why.



1. Has Big Ed been blacklisted?

Big ed brown tries to speak
He’s definitely the biggest breakout star from Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

2. And yet …

Big ed brown faces the truth
So far, when 90 Day Fiance Strikes Back was announced — a show in which the stars of this most recent season clap back against their haters — there has been no sign of Ed becoming part of it. That comes as a shock to some fans, since Ed is such a big deal.

3. The dude is everywhere

Big ed
People who have never watched 90 Day Fiance a day in their lives share memes featuring or otherwise referring to Big Ed.

4. It’s not all flattering

Big ed brown is emotionally wounded
Some if it is a nod to his statements. Some of it is ridiculing his appearance, which is not cool.

5. Ed has a disability

Big ed brown is shocked
Contrary to his self-selected nickname, the 54-year-old is 4 feet and 11 inches tall, even shorter than Ariana Grande. He has Klippel Feil Syndrome, in which fused vertebrae give him a short neck and limited upper spine mobility.

6. Still, he took his chance at love

90 day fiance before ed hugs rosemarie
Though people continue to question hsi motives, he and Rosemarie Vega struck up a conversation on social media and devloped a romance.

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Usman Umar Leaks Texts From Baby Girl Lisa Hamme: She’s SO Hateful!

Just as their wedding aired on the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days finale, the world learned that Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar have split.

Baby Girl Lisa accused Usman of having used her. Now, Usman is sharing his side of the story — and it’s ugly.

“Despite calling ME a romance scammer and constantly using the ‘N’ word on me,” Usman Umar began in his message.

“But,” he continued, “I still made it to this level.”

“Not [because] I want to,” Usman clarified.

He explained “but [because] I want to make you happy.”

“Continue telling people I scammed you,” Usman invited his deeply controversial wife.

“But believe me,” he assured her, “actions speak louder than words.”

“It’s wrong trying use your child to gain pity,” Usman admonished.

Lisa lost her daughter, which is heartbreaking. That does not indemnify her against criticism.

Usman leaked Lisa’s text messages to him, showing any fans who weren’t yet aware exactly what sort of woman she is.

“I am your wife,” Lisa reminded him in a message.

“Contrary to the bulls–t lies coming out of your mouth,” she claimed, “I’m not being mean to you.”

Notably, in addition to hurling slurs at fans on social media, Lisa is accusing of calling Usman the literal worst word in the world.

“But,” Lisa emphasized, “I’m telling you the facts.”

“Apparently you don’t know what I did last night my husband,” she taunted him.

She was clearly making reference to how she went on Instagram Live to explain how bad things were within their marriage.

They had split, in some manner. Lisa confirmed this after Usman had openly expressed his unhappiness.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme texts Usman Umar yikes

“I had lots messages coming to me about you,” Usman wrote back to Lisa.

Lisa was not surprised.

“I bet you do,” she texted in response.

She had, after all, just gone on Instagram Live.

90 day fiance before: lisa kisses usman

“I even watched it,” Usman said of LIsa’s Instagram message.

“But Lisa am ok,” he assured her.

Usman then wrote: “If am wrong I will see it.”

“I warned you. You will see,” Lisa replied ominously.

Baby Girl Lisa’s Instagram Live was emotional — even if fans do not find her as sympathetic as they might have a month or two ago.

“I’ve come here tonight, and this is probably the hardest thing I’m going to have to do in my life,” Lisa told her followers.

“I thought it was bad when my daughter died,” she expressed. “I didn’t think I’d be doing this.”

“To everyone listening here,” Lisa declared, “it is very apparent that I am the victim of romance scam.”

That is something that many people suspected from the first trailer for this season.

“My husband has used TLC, his family, his friends, people around the world,” she accused.

Lisa then said: “I’m going to apologize to everyone here.”

Lisa concluded: “I did not know my husband Usman ‘Sojaboy’ was that desperate to become a singer that he would use me and his family and friends.”

Of course, Lisa also said that she intended to work on her marriage through therapy.

We’re not sure how that would work if she really believes that Usman is a scammer.

It’s clear that she’s really hurting right now, though fans would find her more sympathetic if they didn’t know the vile things that she says to Usman.

Rosemarie Vega Gets Flirty and Wild: I’m Free from Big Ed Brown!

After Big Ed Brown’s lies were exposed, Rosemarie Vega dumped him and calmly ghosted without saying goodbye. Good for her.

Now, the 23-year-old 90 Day Fiance star is showing off her flirty side on social media.

Rosemarie Vega shared a couple of photos of her chilling out in the pool.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a photo of herself emerging from the crystal clear water.

“Life is too short to never appreciate the beauty of your surroundings,” she captioned the image.

She is not wrong.

Getting a little flirtier, Rose shared this photo of herself baring her midriff.

The young beauty had clearly been enjoying her time in the pool.

With this image, she included the caption: “Your beauty is define by you and not by others.”

Now that her story with Ed has played out on TV, we can expect to see a lot more from her.

Rosemarie wanted a partner. She wanted a father for her son, Prince. She wanted to be Ed’s wife.

Big Ed, however, was hiding secrets from her.

Lying about his height — always a red flag when a potential partner lies about their appearance — turned out to be just a prelude.

Only after wasting so much of her time and sleeping with her did Ed confess the secret that he was hiding.

Ed strung Rosemarie along for ages before finally opening up that he was not prepared to have more kids — that he was barely ready to be a father to Prince.

He didn’t want to have two kids with Rose.

Instead, he wanted a vasectomy.

When he finally told Rose that he had been lying to her this whole time about his intentions, she told him that he was a bad person. It was over.

Even weeks ago, before the finale aired, Rose took to Instagram to counter Big Ed’s PR campaign.

“People don’t believe him,” she implored her followers on Instagram Live.

“He doesn’t really care about me,” Rose informed them.

She accused: “He just wants to be famous, that’s why he’s doing that.”

“He did not even give me any gifts except bra and panties,” Rosemarie announced.

She characterized: “All the words out of his mouth are lies. It’s not at all true.”

“He did not care about me,” Rose lamented, “especially my son.”

“I always talk about you. You are always liar,” she said, directing her comments towards Ed himself. “You are a liar. It’s fake. All this is lies.”

Rose has also launched her own YouTube channel with the intention of telling all about Big Ed.

Naturally, she did not immediately tell everything — she had already risked breach of contract with TLC with her Instagram Live.

But during and after the Tell All, we’re sure that we can expect even more.

Rose has a lot to say about the man who broke her heart.

After all, Ed Brown is one of this season’s breakout stars, even though he is also one of the season’s villains.

He is memed everywhere. Even people who have never watched 90 Day Fiance a day in their lives know his face.

That has to be difficult for Rosemarie, especially given how many interviews he gave over the past few months.

Seeing your ex blabbing only his side of the story is never fun.

But even before Rose learned about Ed’s lies, viewers — who already knew Ed’s intentions — were disgusted with him.

He interrogated Rose about her sexual history.

Big Ed demanded that she get an STI test — which might be fine, if he hadn’t declined to take one himself.

The way that he insulted her breath and her leg hair further horrified viewers.

Rosemarie is not an object to be molded to Ed’s specifications, even if that’s how he seemed to treat her.

She’s a person. She’s a single mom. And one day, we’re sure, she would like to be in love again.

We’re glad that she is able to share her photos — especially the hot ones — and speak her mind on social media.

Rose has already had a lot to say.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: Here’s How We Fixed Our Marriage!

Back in March, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith got back together and even spoke about the idea of having a baby together.

90 Day Fiance fans continue to watch the couple’s story unfold with fascination ever since TLC first introduced us to them.

Now, Ashley says, after all the ups and downs, she and Jay are taking steps to cement their newfound commitment.

Originally, they married in 2018, but so much has happened between them (and others) since then.

It’s time for a fresh start.

That means a lot of things, but first among them – it’s time for renewed vows … and brand new rings.

1. They want a fresh start

Ashley martson and jay smith throwback
Ashley and Jay have revealed that they’re giving themselves a clean slate when it comes to their marriage.

2. It started off so happily

Ashley martson and jay smith wedding photo
Ashley was in Jamaica when she met Jay. He was tall, hot, and in the club with her.

3. They were 13 years apart

Ashley and jay in black and white
But Ashley didn’t know that at first. She met this tall man in a club and had no idea that he was a teenager until she had to get his documents from his mother as they made plans for their wedding and his K-1 visa.

4. They married anyway!

Ashley martson and jay smith wedding day photo
First, they had a ceremony in Jamaica so that Jay’s family could be in attendance. Then, on 90 Day Fiance, they got married in the United States.

5. Then, Jay cheated

Ashley martson is done with jay smith
Jay downloaded Tinder almost immediately after their wedding. It was just a few days later that Ashley caught him video chatting with a high school girl. Yes, they were both adults (and just a few years apart), but … Ashley was furious.

6. Ashley decided to let it go

Ashley martson and jay smith 90 day fiance tell all special
Despite some understandable anger on her part, Ashley declared at the Tell All that she was giving Jay another chance — since he’d been caught before he could meet up with the girl, he hadn’t physically cheated.

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Big Ed Brown Apologizes to Daughter on Tearful 90 Day Fiance Finale

Big Ed Brown traveled far to be with 23-year-old Rosemarie Vega, but after his lies were exposed, she dumped him.

During the finale, Ed returned to the US with his tail between his legs, and tried desperately to make amends to his daughter.

29-year-old Tiffany Brown was not happy when her father traveled across the Pacific to be with Rose.

Probably because Rose is 23. Ed is 54. Tiffany herself, his daughter, is 29.

The fact that Big Ed was lying to Rosemarie about his real plans for her and their future the entire time … well, that’s why viewers are peeved.

Tiffany felt like he completely blew her off to go bone a young, desperate single mom. Ed wanted to make ti right.

“I’m just ready to mend my relationship with my daughter,” Ed explained to viewers.

He explained: “Tiffany and [my] relationship, before I left [to visit Rose in the Philippines], was pretty much over.”

“She thought I was making a devastating mistake,” Ed announced.

If his goal was simply to become famous, then he didn’t make a mistake. If he wanted real love, then it was a catastrophe.

“I’ve been wanting to tell her what happened,” Ed claimed to the camera.

“But,” he admitted, “I’m not really sure what Tiffany’s gonna say to me or how she’s going to react.”

Despite his past behavior, Ed described Tiffany as “most important person his life.”

He confessed that it had been “really hard” as she ignored him.

Ed gave his daughter a watered-down version of events.

To hear him tell it, he made some goofy mistakes and struck out after a good faith attempt at love.

“I tried to warn you,” Tiffany told her father.

Ed had refused to listen at the time.

““I was upset that [you are] old enough to be her dad,” she told him.

“And I was like, ‘What are you doing?’” Tiffany added.

She explained: “I’m 29. What do you have in common with her?”

That is a very fair question. Rosemarie being an adult doesn’t mean that she and Ed make sense as life partners.

“Like, I just … It was hard,” Tiffany said, expressing her hurt feelings.

She explained that she felt slighted “because you were blowing me off.”

Tiffany said that it felt like Ed was ignoring her “and essentially saying, ‘Eff you. I don’t care, I’m just gonna do whatever.’”

“I was selfish, and I’m sorry,” Ed confessed to Tiffany.

“One thing I definitely want you to know is that you were and are and have always been the love of my life,” he affirmed.

“And,” he continued, “we have such a great foundation.”

A foundation that he admits that he nearly destroyed.

“I did realize, ‘Wow, I just probably flushed that all down the toilet,’” Ed confessed to Tiffany.

“And,” he continued, “that’s what scares me the most.”

“But, for what it’s worth,” Ed expressed, “I’m sorry for not listening to you and the fact that I hurt you.” A

He then acknowledged that he is a “dumbass,” but Tiffany accepted his apology.

We have to say — Tiffany makes a great impression in this episode.

We are the first to admit that we are curious about what she will think of her father after the season has aired.

He glossed over some of the uglier details of his relationship with Rose.

One wishes that Ed had been thinking that his daughter would one day see his behavior … or better yet, that Rosemarie is a person with her own feelings.

Big ed brown apologizes to daughter on tearful 90 day fiance fin

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Finale: Who Got Married? Who Broke Up?

We have previously reported on many spoilers from this season’s 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All special.

But we could only work to fill in the gaps between what we had seen thus far and the end of the season to come.

Sunday night, the season finale aired on TLC.

Who got married? Who got engaged?

Who got DUMPED? Now we know.

There’s a lot to unpack here, that’s for sure. Take a look below and see where all of the Season 4 couples stand:

1. Yolanda Ballard and “Williams” are DONE

Yolanda on 90 day fiance
The season finale may have had plenty of twists and turns, but we didn’t get a real resolution from Yolanda.

2. That’s because he was a catfish

Williams to yolanda im so ready
Yes, 90 Day Fiance’s careful editing made David Murphey’s lady love, Lana, look like a catfish for the longest time.

3. But “Williams” was the real deal … in terms of being fake

Yolanda and williams
We have heard so much speculation about the mind — or minds — behind Williams, and the voice behind his “British” accent.

4. Soon, we’ll know more

Yolanda speaks to williams
Yolanda filmed the Tell All with a catfishing expert, so we will hopefully learn more about that whole situation … and maybe Yolanda will be better prepared for scammers in the future.

5. Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega are DONE

Rosemarie vega sits while big ed brown walks away crying
Ed was arguably this season’s biggest breakout star … and also one of this season’s villains. As had already been made clear, Ed and Rosemarie are over.

6. He is brokenhearted

Big ed
“It broke my heart. I spent a lot of time, a lot of money but I just wanted to be happy,” Ed expressed during the finale.

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Larissa Lima: I Want Half a Million to Do Porn! No Money, No Honey!

Last week, it was reported that Larissa Lima is getting into porn. Larissa’s announcement demonstrated a reversal from her previous stance.

Now, she has announced the hefty price to be paid before “The Queen” bares it all for fans.

Larissa Lima is a 90 Day Fiance legend, and we are positively beside ourselves with excitement.

After all, next month, she will be returning to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? as a divorcee.

She and Colt have gone their separate ways, as he moves on to his next Brazilian model (poor Jess Caroline deserves better).

But Larissa has also made another, stunning announcement.

Larissa Lima IG Story OnlyFans "soon"

After showing a series of DMs from someone who appears to have been harassing her to join OnlyFans …

(Seriously, dudes, do not harass people like this)

… Larissa wrote the word “soon” in massive, unmissable letters, seeming to indicate that she will be signing up.

OnlyFans is an adult media site where subscribers pay a set price each month for access to titillating content, from artistic nudes to raunchy videos.

Larissa Lima: Would I Do Porn 01

In the past — just a little over a year ago — Larissa had indicated that no, she was not interested in porn.

Her somewhat cryptic answer suggested that she likes to choose whom she bones.

In traditional porn — where you sign up with a studio that arranges your production schedule — you’re not really choosing your partners.

However, OnlyFans is very much a la carte. In fact, many OnlyFans stars never feature another person in their videos.

Interestingly, however, Larissa’s more recent Instagram activity seems to indicate that fans (and we here at THG) misunderstood her message.

Discussing her upcoming OnlyFans account on Instagram Live, Larissa says that she plans for the content to be “sweet” and “sexy.”

She does, however, plan to figure out what she likes and wants for the account before the begins.

That is smart. And that’s not all that Larissa had to say.

“So I came here because I got a lot of questions,” Larissa announced on the livestream.

“This and that, people posting that I was going to be a porn star,” she noted.

“Driving me nuts,” Larissa expressed. “It’s not true.”

We’re admittedly a little confused about what her OnlyFans is going to be, but maybe we’re using different definitions of porn.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima - where are this money

Larissa observes that “people are posting in the press that I’m going to be a porn star.”

“No, I’m not going to be a porn star,” she clarifies.

“Half a million dollars,” Larissa names as her price for doing porn.

“$500,000,” she continues, “I would do.” Elsewhere, she writes: “No money, no honey.”

Okay, so from what we have seen, a lot of OnlyFans accounts charge a monthly subscription of $14.99.

Some more, some less, but let’s say that Larissa creates one and charges that.

In order to make $500,000 per month, the easy math says that she would need 33,356 subscribers paying that rate.

But since OnlyFans takes a 20% cut, she’d need to make $625,000 per month, which means that she’d need 41,695 monthly subscribers.

At this point, we’re being a little silly, but if Larissa doesn’t need to make a cool half a mil each month but each year, the math is different.

That way, she would need only 3,475 monthly subscribers paying $14.99 each month.

That’s still a tremendous number of subscribers and would mean raking in a sizable, upper class income each year.

But if enough of Larissa’s fans are interested in seeing a side of her that they’ve never seen before, well, she could pull it off.

Larissa Lima got bleached

As we suggested earlier, it may be that something is being lost in translation here.

Perhaps, to Larissa, “porn” only refers to hardcore pornography featuring multiple people engaged in various sex acts.

Others might consider whatever tastefully sexy content that Larissa has in mind to be “porn.” Language is complicated.

If fans and Larissa are using different definitions of “porn,” that would explain confusion over her OnlyFans plans.

If Larissa did opt to do full-on hardcore content, as many OnlyFans stars do, she wouldn’t have to recruit a porn star.

We’re sure that some fans would love to see her ottery thirst trap of a boyfriend, Eric Nichols, get involved.

But no matter what fans want to see, it’s important to respect Larissa’s bodily autonomy.

She’ll make an OnlyFans if, when, and how she likes. If you want to have a say in it, you better fork up half a million.

90 Day Fiance Tell All Spoilers: Who’s Together? Who’s Not? Who Got BANNED?

Despite everything, TLC got creative and was still able to film the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4 Tell All special.

They filmed just days ago, over the first weekend of May.

As you can imagine, they had a lot to discuss.

This season has had some big stars — like Big Ed and Baby Girl Lisa — and some big scandals, most notably Geoffrey Paschel.

The amazing sleuths at FraudedByTLC were able to get some inside information about what went down.

Some of the couples are together. Others are broken up.

One couple did not show up at all.

Some of the couples had split between the season wrapped filming and the Tell All.

And a couple of the stars found out that they weren’t nearly as popular among their castmates as they are with their own fans.

Beware the 90 Day Fiance spoilers below!

1. The Season 4 Tell All went down!

90 day fiance before the 90 days season 4 title card
It was filmed just a few days ago, over the weekend. Given the pandemic, it was not a standard Tell All, but the amazing folks at FraudedByTLC were able to get their hands on a lot of information about the drama that went down. Who was together, who was broken up, and who was BANNED.

2. By the way …

Shaun robinson in red
Despite the circumstances and rumors that she would not be able to host, Shaun Robinson — truly part of the heart of the franchise — once again played host, this time for 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4.

3. Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens

Erika owens and stephanie matto on instagram
These two beautiful women were the franchise’s very first (and long, long overdue) same-sex couple … which made it a real shame that they got along like oil and water.

4. Seriously, they fought for most of the season

Erika owens is confused
As sometimes happens with long-distance relationships, Erika and Stephanie found that their intercontinental love did not translate to in-person compatibility. And honestly? There’s no telling how much the presence of the camera and production crew impacted things.

5. So, after all of that awkwardness, how was the Tell All?

Stephanie matto eats awkwardly
It turns out that Stephanie and Erika are emphatically not together, not now in real life and certainly not on the Tell All.

6. In fact …

Erika owens
That antagonistic fighting that we’ve seen during Stephanie’s visit Down Under? It continues at the Tell All.

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