Ariela Weinberg: Planning to Set Up Ex Leandro with Biniyam’s Ex Tsion?

Recently, Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre had an important sit-down with their exes.

Yes, their exes. Ariela’s ex-husband, Leandro, and Biniyam’s ex-girlfriend, Tsion.

The focus of the conversation ended up being whether Biniyam had cheated on his ex.

But hordes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers were quickly shipping Leandro and Tsion.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre say cheers

Cutest preemptive double date ever?

That’s what fans have been saying for over a week now, ever since Ariela and Biniyam sat down with Leandro and Tsion.

Tsion, of course, isn’t just Biniyam’s ex-girlfriend. She’s also his dance partner.

photo of Biniyam Shibre dancing with Tsion

Ariela openly speculated to the camera that he invited Tsion to hang out with them in order to exact revenge upon Ariel.

Biniyam’s insecurities, and perhaps some awareness of his own failings as a partner, had made him resentful of Leandro’s visit.

If his goal in inviting Tsion to dinner was to get revenge on Ariela … it backfired.

Tsion about Leandro - ex-husband?

Tsion was surprised, as many in Biniyam’s life were, to learn that Ariela is still friends with her ex-husband.

It’s not a surprise that it was an amicable divorce, but more of a cultural attitude about exes.

However, Tsion quickly noted that Leandro was “cute.” To the camera, Leandro returned the compliment with enthusiasm.

Ariela Weinberg asks if her fiance cheated on his ex

Eventually, the question of why Biniyam and Tsion are no longer together came up.

Ariela ended up asking Tsion, point blank, whether Bini had cheated on her when they were dating.

The answer was … yes.

Tsion suspected her ex of cheating on her

At least, Tsion suspected him of cheating but could never prove it.

This makes her the second of Biniyam’s exes to have accused him of cheating … and we’ve only heard of two exes.

Between that and how Biniyam chooses to treat Ariela, including a lack of communication and often being away from the house, is history repeating itself?

Biniyam Shibre - Tsion is an extremely jealous person

For his part, of course, Biniyam simply claimed that Tsion is a “jealous person.”

That’s interesting, because he has described his ex-wife in the same way.

Ariela says that she herself is a jealous person. Maybe Biniyam just has a type?

Ariela Weinberg to ET Oct 2020 (same room)

“Your husband’s X is extremely beautiful and she likes your X… hook them up,” a commenter recently told Ariela.

“She is beautiful and kind,” Ariela replied, speaking of Tsion.

“But,” she revealed, “she is taken.”

Tsion isn’t just “taken,” either.

In May, Tsion took to her own Instagram to announce that she is engaged.

Ariela even congratulated her on the good news at the time.

Fans have wondered what the endgame could possibly be for Ariela and Biniyam.

For a while, Ariela has insisted that she plans to live with Biniyam and Avi in Ethiopia.

However, a number of facts don’t add up … including Leandro picking up on how it’s not really “home” to her.

Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg tease Season 3 of TOW

Ariela and Biniyam were recently spotted in New York City and were even described as filming together.

That makes it sound like they might be trying for a K-1 visa, though that remains unclear.

What we know for sure is that Ariela had to take Avi to the US for surgery … but that she and Biniyam are clearly still together.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Evelin Villegas’ Sisters Haze Corey Rathgeber After Adultery Exposed!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues with Season 3, Episode 4.

This time, we saw some tender reunions … but trouble brewing beneath the surface.

First up, we saw the aftermath of Evelin’s revelation. Her sisters are angry, and they hate Corey more now.

Ellie is in San Andres and is bracing herself to go to the ruins of Providencia to look for Victor.

With other options worn out (except for the obvious one), Jenny pushes Sumit to finally get his passport.

Kenneth has made progress with Armando’s family, but Armando is afraid to announce the wedding plans.

Steven and Alina are reunited in Turkey, but suspicions and being on different pages about things make things tricky.

Leandro is leaving. We know how Biniyam feels, but Ariela has a lot to think about.

1. Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Evelin villegas looks like youre going to kill me with those eye
In the immediate aftermath of telling her sisters that she’s married, Evelin can feel the anger and disappointment radiating off of Lesly and Lipsy.

2. Why have a secret wedding?

Evelin villegas i agreed to marry him
Corey’s visa was about to expire, she shared, and they were in a good place in their relationship at the time, so … she decided to marry him.

3. There’s even footage

Evelin villegas and corey rathgeber married june 11 2019
They married on June 11, 2019. That is about when her and Corey’s story was first airing on our screens. It was before so many things, very likely including the filming of the Tell All.

4. They were sworn to secrecy

Evelin villegas i told no one about this wedding no one
Evelin explained that they had to keep it quiet because her family is extremely anti-divorce. (Ecuador is about 75% Catholic with another 17% of the population being some form of Christian as well, and according to polls, the remaining 8% is simply not religious … so you can see how that level of opposition to divorce might exist in her family)

5. So by keeping it quiet, she kept her options open

Evelin villegas then we would divorce quietly
She wasn’t quite ready to marry Corey, despite loving him. If worst came to worst, she could then divorce him as quietly as she married him and no one would have been the wiser.

6. W. T. F.

Evelin villegas sisters lesly and lipsy horrified processing inf
Lesly and Lipsy are left processing this information, as they feel betrayed. She’s their sister and she didn’t tell them this. This would have been a year and a half — at least — of marriage without telling them.

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Brittany Banks Roasts Big Ed Brown: You Sexist Smelly PERV!

Love him or hate him, we all know that Big Ed Brown is difficult to ignore.

Now that Ed is engaged to Liz, he’s an especially hot topic as 90 Day Fiance fans wonder how that happened.

Brittany Banks doesn’t understand, either, judging from what she had to say about Ed.

In a new 90 Day Bares All segment, she calls out Ed in a very unflattering manner. Is she wrong?

90 Day Bares All airs on Discovery Plus, but a sneak peek clip teases Brittany Banks’ latest appearance.

There, Shaun Robinson shows her a spinning wheel of choices, referring to other memorable stars.

Brittany is a rapper by trade, so the challenge is for her to rap about these stars — even if she’s never met them.

The odds are very much in favor of Brittany rapping about Colt Johnson and his cats.

But let’s start with Big Ed, because her lyrics about him were easily the most scathing.

Scathing … but not necessarily wrong.

“Big Ed, you think you know women but be beating your dick,” Brittany raps.

“I couldn’t show up at the Tell All ’cause you’re really f–king scary,” she continues.

Brittany describes Ed “look like Krueger. I’m like, Freddy, how you sexist and you smelly?”

Big Ed’s treatment of women has earned him widespread condemnation.

Both on screen and off screen, he seems to feel entitled to young, attractive women … no matter how he acts towards them.

Emotional cruelty, lying, mind games, and more have defined much of his time with the franchise.

As for the question of Ed’s smell … well, Brittany was looking at a clip of the guy slathering mayonnaise on his hair.

That odd habit is likely no longer part of his routine, following his catastrophic haircut.

But it will always be part of how fans remember him.

As we mentioned, Ed was not Brittany’s first target.

In fact, even before she rapped about Colt Johnson, she had some commentary.

“He needs to go back and un-learn his whole child,” Brittany comments, whatever she may mean by that.

“I don’t think a man over 20 needs to be living with his mom,” Brittany says. “Especially not at his big grown age.”

(That’s a little extreme — 30, maybe, though our economy makes that iffy, but 20? That’s still college age)

“You seem kind of lazy but I knew your ass was crazy,” Brittany raps, “when you opened up your mouth and then you gave your cat a taste.”

Brittany’s next target, whether she wants to aim at them or not, is Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan.

After roasting Tarik for getting caught texting Minty, Brittany has a suggestion.

Let Hazel get a side piece, let her have some fun,” she raps.

Brittany actually sides with many viewers when she tells Shaun that she thinks that Hazel was only open to getting a girlfriend to make Tarik happy.

Though this accusation seems unsupported by any evidence, many fans have said the same as Brittany did.

Brittany did of course affirm that a throuple can work out, but only if everyone involved is mature.

Brittany banks roasts big ed brown you sexist smelly perv

Larissa Lima: Let Me Outta My 90 Day Fiance Contract! I Need a New Show!

More than a year ago, Larissa Lima was abruptly fired from 90 Day Fiance for alleged breach of contract.

To this day, Larissa still remains bound by her contract with Sharp Entertainment, the production company behind the franchise.

She wants out, and not just for the sake of cutting ties with the company that so casually dismissed her.

Larissa has ambitions to return to reality television and tell the true story of her life — one that we’ve never seen before.

On Thursday, September 16, Larissa Lima took to her Instagram Stories.

“Waiting [for] Sharp Entertainment [to] answer my email,” she announced.

Larissa explained that she contacted her former employer “to get out of contract.”

Larissa wants to sever ties with Sharpa nd TLC “and make another network big!”

“With my true story never seen on television,” she teased.

You can see that Instagram Story announcement for yourself here:

Larissa Lima IG wants out of Sharp contract to go to another network

Larissa also provided a translation for her Brazilian followers.

As you can see, she clearly wants people to know about her struggle.

There could be two reasons for this.

The first may be simply that she emailed Sharp, hasn’t heard back, and is impatient.

You know how you can diligently fill out a form for customer service online and hear nothing, but tweet about it and suddenly it’s fixed?

Larissa may be hoping that by taking her efforts public, she can get a response from Sharp in a timely manner.

Additionally, she may be already working to build up hype ahead of her next career move.

Remember, she spent months of slowly sowing the seeds of enthusiasm for her OnlyFans debut.

When Larissa signed up for the adult media subscription site as a creator, she made tremendous amounts of money.

So what has worked in the past could work again.

People have demonstrated that they are interested in following her, and putting their money where their mouths are.

Now, she wants to return to reality television and continue to tell her story.

Many jobs in the entertainment industry include no-compete clauses that lock people out of moving on right away.

From the perspective of networks and producers, they don’t want another network to come by and scoop up a star and make bank from them.

But most of these clauses and contractual ties have expiration dates … and, well, it’s been a little over a year since they fired Larissa.

Larissa’s options, like her breast size ambitions, are endless.

She could end up going to another network that is in direct competition with TLC.

Of course … that could be exactly what Sharp and TLC are seemingly hesitant to let her go.

We should note that Larissa could be calling them out, not to leave, but for them to instead offer her a new contract.

90 Day Fiance has a hoard of spinoffs, and Larissa’s ex Colt Johnson has appeared on The Single Life.

Larissa would be an amazing fit, now that she’s struck out with Eric, her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

This, many fans suspect, is why TLC has not hired emotionally abusive nightmares like Angela Deem and Big Ed Brown.

Are they entertaining? Yes, but that doesn’t excuse how awful they are as people or how they treat their partners.

But if TLC fired them, we all know that as soon as their contracts allowed it, they’d both be showing up on WeTV or elsewhere.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods: Yes, We’re Really Engaged!

Earlier this month, 90 Day Fiance fans learned to their horror that Ed Brown is engaged to Liz Woods.

It’s never easy to watch creeps live their best lives or watch others make terrible choices.

But that doesn’t mean that fans and critics alike haven’t wanted to know more.

When did this happen? What in the world was she thinking?

Big Ed Brown proposed to Liz Woods on August 28, Us Weekly confirms.

The last that fans had heard before that, they had broken up — and she had exposed his cruelty and emotional abuse.

For reasons that are apparently known only to her, Liz said yes.

Earlier this month, the pair were spotted together at a nightclub in Santa Barbara.

Following that sighting, TMZ reported that the two of them were telling people that they were engaged.

In fact, Big Ed was introducing Liz to people as his “beautiful fiancee.”

While Liz’s beauty is not really in question, that’s the only part of this that isn’t raising eyebrows.

After all, we all saw their absolute mess on Season 1 of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Worse, we saw the fallout from their disastrous relationship play out on social media.

big ed brown and rosemarie "she's my queen"

Viewers were first introduced to Big Ed in early 2020 on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

At the time, he was in a long-distance relationship with Rosemarie Vega.

She was half his age and a single mother living in extreme poverty.

He was feeling nervous about being in a relationship again, and was self-conscious about his disability.

Ed was also lying to Rose about multiple things.

First, he lied to her about his height.

A surprising number of men do this (stop, it always makes you look silly).

We can only imagine that lift is like when your disability impacts your height, so viewers could almost let that one go.

And Ed’s tearful confession that he doesn’t really “believe in love” also was something that he and Rose could have worked through.

90 day fiance before: ed hugs rosemarie

But viewers watched in horror as he was cruel to rose.

He shamed her for her body hair and (falsely) accused her of having poor dental hygiene.

He also grilled her about her sexual history and demanded that she take an STI test … but did not agree to take one himself.

Despite all of that, Ed and Rosemarie stayed together and were trying to make it work.

All of that changed when he revealed the lie that he had been telling Rose for months.

He had no interest in having more children — and was planning on getting a vasectomy.

Not wanting more kids is fine and having a vasectomy is a wise choice.

It’s particularly understandable when Ed’s daughter, Tiffany, was several years older than Rose.

But lying to Rose about it when he knew all along that she wanted more kids … he strung her along and wasted her time.

Ed Brown on 90 Day Bares All

Big Ed moved on to his next victim on 90 Day: The Single Life.

This time, his target was Liz, the beautiful single mom in her late twenties who worked at a restaurant that Ed frequented.

Viewers have wondered if Ed deliberately targets single moms or if it’s just a coincidence.

Liz IG spoils Ed Brown endgame - went our separate ways

Liz never imagined that Ed would ask her out, but he did … and she said yes.

Cameras followed them as they began to date.

We even saw their disastrous first kiss, when Ed went in for one and Liz was not there yet.

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown tries to kiss

Eventually, Liz did get “there” yet.

Apparently, she was the one who ended up making the first move when they first had sex.

It was a classic fanfic trope — the hotel booked them for a room with only one bed.

Liz Marie IG - big ed brown is a narcissist

Intimacy was not their problem.

Instead, their problem was how — in so many ways — Ed treated Liz.

From plowing through her boundaries on camera to being cruel off-camera, he showed her who he really is. 

Liz Marie speaks her mind at the beach to Big Ed Brown (The Single Life)

Big Ed invited Liz to move in with him … but would then demand that she leave when they had a fight.

That’s not just messy — it’s playing games with someone’s housing situation. It’s toxic.

Liz also shared a vicious voicemail that Ed left for her.

Big Ed Brown and Liz fight transcription (tiny blurb)

Big Ed might enjoy being perceived as cuddly or loveable on camera.

Whenever he is called out on his mistreatment of women, he simply makes self-deprecating remarks in the hopes that people will laugh it off.

He’s a grown man in his fifties. When you keep doing the wrong thing at that point, it’s not a mistake — it’s who you have chosen to be.

Big Ed Brown interview early May 2021

We wish that we could explain why Liz would get back with Ed.

If she wanted to make Cameo money or loved being on camera, at least we could understand.

We’re sure that he’s promised to be a better person. But will he? That’s hard to believe.

Julia Trubkina Accused of Being "Coldhearted Hypocrite" Amidst Health Concerns

At the end of Happily Ever After?, some viewers accused Julia Trubkina of being a franchise villain.

One sticking point among 90 Day Fiance fans was how she’d seemed to not address her father-in-law’s health issues.

After labeling her a holdhearted beast, these same fans noted how many were concerned about her health recently.

Is Julia okay? Is she some sort of hypocrite because she didn’t cry on stage over Ron’s condition?

Julia Trubkina mystery ailment header

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs have been appearing on recent Pillow Talk episodes.

This is the latest that fans have seen the couple on screen.

But … is Julia okay?

Noting that she appeared to be a little swollen, many followers reached out to her on social media.

Julia is an avid Instagram user and saw their messages of concern.

Many commenters noted that there might be something up with her thyroid and advised her to get it checked.

Julia Trubkina characterizes how people react to her baby plans

In response to the outpouring of concern and support, Julia took to Instagram.

“Guys after Pillow Talk I have received so many messages of kind people,” she began.

Julia expressed: “thanks for your support.”

“I don’t like to talk about my health with no one,” Julia explained.

We all saw that when her nightmarish mother-in-law tried to intrude in her personal healthcare.

“But,” Julia wrote, “thank you for worrying!”

Julia Trubkina IG health commentary 01 of 03

Naturally, she received many comments.

In addition to a string of heart emojis from her husband, Brandon Gibbs, Julia heard from fans.

While many were supportive, others had questions about her behavior at the Tell All.

Julia Trubkina IG health commentary 02 of 03

“If I don’t say and show everybody what I care about and how I care,” Julia began her answer.

She continued by noting that “it doesn’t mean that I don’t.”

“Not all people put their emotions and actions on display to be heroes,” Julia explained.

Julia Trubkina IG health commentary 03 of 03

Julia wrote: “I have to take pictures and say ‘Look, today I brought Ron oranges, look how great I am.’”

“Do you think this is how it should be?” she asked.

Actually … that’s a really great point about performative care.

Betty brought up Ron’s health at the Tell All, when trying to guilt her son into moving back home.

“We don’t know how much longer we’re going to be able to do this just by ourselves and Ron’s in the process of retiring,” she said.

Betty revealed at the time: “He’s had a few health issues; this might take its toll on him for a while until he’s finished with his treatments.”

Betty Gibbs and Ron Gibbs tune in to Tell All, threaten to buy house next door

Though they did not specify the illness in question, context made it sound serious — possibly even cancer.

Obviously, it is a terrible thing to suffer any ailment at any age, and must be extra difficult at 70.

Of course, as many fans noted at the time, it seems downright sinister for Betty to try to use that to manipulate Brandon.

That’s nothing new for Betty, however, who has worked tirelessly to rob Brandon of emotional independence or confidence.

Julia didn’t reveal what Ron’s illness was or put on a display of agonizing over his health battle.

That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care. It just means that she’s not going to put on a one-woman show about it.

Nicole Nafziger: I’m Done With Azan & I’m Enrolling in College!

After months of strong hints and hype, Nicole Nafziger confirmed her split with Azan this summer.

While many 90 Day Fiance fans were relieved, others are wondering what she’s up to these days.

After all, Nicole spent so many years of her life in this relationship.

What’s next?

“Here’s a couple life updates with me,” Nicole Nafziger began in an informative Instagram caption.

“I made a big decision in my life,” she revealed.

Nicole announced: “I’m enrolled in college at SCF!”

“It has been a challenge going back to school after so long,” Nicole admitted.

“But I am determined to make a better life,” she affirmed.

Nicole wants to build a better future “for me and my daughter.”

Nicole Nafziger IG life updates - enrolled in college, very over Azan

“I am currently working on pre recs to get into the Radiology program,” Nicole detailed.

She gushed: “I’m so blessed to have the supportive family that I do.”

Of her family, Nicole wrote: “They help keep me going on the days that I doubt myself.”

“For those who have asked,” Nicole added, “my relationship with Azan has ended.”

“I am currently concentrating on school,” she continued.

“And,” Nicole concluded, “making sure my focus is on what’s important.”

Over the past several years, 90 Day Fiance viewers have accused Nicole of doing just the opposite.

Throughout her relationship with Azan, they accused her of putting him first to the detriment of her daughter, May.

Major points of contention were her monetary gifts to him, her trips to see him, and taking May with her.

Viewers were especially divided when Nicole, then planning on spending the rest of her life with Azan, had May treat Azan like a stepdad.

By all accounts, the two did bond — but that was sort of what viewers feared.

Because fans did not trust Azan’s intentions, they worried that May would be impacted by the inevitable split.

Fans were downright relieved when Nicole did not take May with her on her trip to Morocco last year.

The visit was supposed to last just two weeks.

May spent that time with Robbalee, Nicole’s mother.

But the trip, long-planned and beginning in early March, did not last two weeks.

As you can imagine from the time frame, the COVID-19 pandemic hit just one week into Nicole’s visit.

Suddenly, her cute vacation to see her fiance turned into a global lockdown.

Nicole ended up remaining in Morocco for five months, returning late that summer.

(As we reported at the time, there were ways to get home … but not as easily as some fans seemed to think)

May was perfectly safe with her grandmother, and she and Nicole were overjoyed to be reunited.

Obviously, no one — aside from some very wise but tragically ignored epidemiologists — knew what was coming.

Nicole and May were not the only families separated during the pandemic.

For that matter, they weren’t the only 90 Day Fiance alums with that experience — Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya were apart for four months.

As happy as we are for Nicole and May and this college enrollment news, not everything is good right now.

Nicole’s father, Tyler Nafziger, was originally Azan’s sponsor for the K-1 visa … a visa that was never actually granted.

Tyler has a troubled history with crime and law enforcement, and was recently convicted for grand theft.

Tyler was arrested on September 7 for misdemeanor trespass.

As a known shoplifter, he was banned from Home Depot but allegedly trespassed anyway.

He was spotted and arrested by police without any major incident during his apprehension.

In addition to this being a potential trespassing charge, Tyler is also on parole.

This arrest was a parole violation for his recent grand theft arrest.

It is heartbreaking to consider how Tyler’s poverty — he is reportedly experiencing homelessness — is so inescapable that he cannot avoid arrest.

Syngin Colchester Teases Return to 90 Day Fiance: Did He and Tania Split?

When we last checked in on 90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester, he had almost died in the woods.

Don’t hike alone in the middle of the woods with no way of getting home.

From his latest photo, it’s not clear if he’s gotten that message, because he’s once again adventuring outdoors.

Syngin teases that he’ll be back on television pretty soon … but will he be on The Single Life?

Syngin Colchester job interview

“Arizona is awesome!!!” Syngin captioned an Instagram post featuring him in the desert.

He apologized: “Sorry I dont share my hole life on a social media platform…”

We’re sure that he meant his whole life and is not apologizing for not being on OnlyFans.

Syngin Colchester IG - I'll be back on TV in like two months

“But I do miss my people so much…” Syngin expressed.

“I will also be back on tv in like 2 months hahahah..” he promised to fans.

Syngin concluded with a tease: “oooo f–k s–t went down..hahahah..”

Tania Maduro says she and Syngin Colchester go back and forth on kids

Before we get into the timeline stuff, “oooo f–k s–t went down” is unsurprising.

He and Tania Maduro have been messy from the start.

(I say that as a genuine fan of the two of them — the sheer chaos is enough to make you want to lapse into a coma)

Syngin Colchester excited to see former roommates

So it’s no surprise to hear that there was a lot of drama.

Since they’ve been through this before, we could be looking at more conflict with a resolution.

We could also be looking at a messy breakup that could see Syngin appearing on The Single Life, as some fans are speculating.

Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro in the car

There have been hints in that direction, including some cryptic social media activity surrounding Syngin’s injury this spring.

Dating profiles using his image cropped up around that time … though anyone can use a famous person’s pics.

That’s kind of the whole basis of catfishing, but it could mean that there was a breakup (or worse) around that time.

Syngin Colchester - name card

Syngin did not confirm or deny anything in the comments, save to say that he “can’t say.”

He doesn’t need to violate his NDA to drop hints, but he’s clearly being coy.

So … about the timeline of Syngin returning to TV “in like 2 months.” 

It’s true that The Single Life has reportedly been filming recently and likely still is.

This will be the second season of the Discovery Plus series (while Season 1 is now playing on TLC, many months later).

The spinoff follows stars who loved and lost on the franchise but are getting another shot at love … or trying for one.

Here’s the thing: filming now doesn’t fit the timeline for a premiere “in like 2 months.” At all.

On average, most 90 Day Fiance content is filmed more or less 8 months ahead of time. Sometimes more.

Case in point: Ellie and Victor’s storyline is airing right now, and it was filmed last November. That’s 10 months.

A safe guess is that The Single Life will premiere early next year.

If it follows in Season 1’s footsteps, probably around February.

But there is a 90 Day Fiance show that will begin airing “in like 2 months” from now.

We are referring, of course, to original recipe 90 Day Fiance — which will return soon for Season 9.

Syngin and Tania probably filmed very early this year (possibly even before his accident, but maybe not).

That doesn’t mean that Syngin and Tania haven’t split … but if they did break up, we might see it all play out on screen.

Corey Rathgeber Comes Clean with 90 Day Fiance Fans: I Married Evelin YEARS Ago!

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Evelin fessed up to her sisters.

It turned out that she and Corey had secretly married.

At the time, she said that it was about “a year ago,” opening questions as to whether it was before or after Corey cheated.

But Corey himself just let something slip: they married even earlier than Evelin let on.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas have had ups and downs for years.

On Season 3, Episode 3, we saw Evelin attempt to plan her wedding.

As she got her sisters to help her look at wedding dresses, Corey was … less than helpful.

Later, she went shopping for actual dresses (instead of reusing a prom dress, as he had suggested) with her sisters.

Her disapproving sisters didn’t trust Corey and couldn’t believe that she was still planning to marry him.

She confided in them, at the very end of the episode, that she had been keeping something from them.

Evelin’s sisters know her — they know that she can be, well, kind of blunt.

So if there was something that Evelin wasn’t just blurting out in a deadpan tone, it must be huge.

They were right, because Evelin dropped a total bombshell.

About a year earlier, she shared, she and Corey went to Guayaquil.

While in Ecuador’s largest city, the two decided to go ahead and get married.

They tied the knot … and have been secretly married ever since.

In the aftermath of the stunning revelation, Corey took to Instagram to address — and confirm — Evelin’s words.

“Its finally revealed that we did actually get married years ago…” he acknowledged.

“Stay tuned because so many of the long awaited questions will be answered very soon!” Corey teased. “Are you guys ready?”

The primary purpose of Corey’s caption was clearly to tease the next episode.

The secondary motive was of course to confirm that, no, Evelin isn’t making things up for drama.

But one little detail of his caption betrayed that, if anything, Evelin was understating things.

He didn’t say “we actually did get married a year ago.”

Corey wrote “years.”

We previously took a look at the timeline … and now we have another piece of the puzzle.

90 Day Fiance and its various spinoffs is of course filmed many months in advance.

Often, we find an average of about 8 months, give or take.

They don’t all film at the same time, but within the same (often 90-day) time frame.

So, these episodes are airing in early September.

It might be a very safe bet — until we get more details (like a milestone or holiday) — that this filmed very early this year or late last year.

That would put Corey and Evelin’s wedding date some time in early 2020 or late 2019, with some variation.

We note that there is room for variation because, after all, “a year” doesn’t always mean 12 months exactly.

The timeline for this isn’t just a matter of idle curiosity.

Because Corey spent a month in Peru, and we have a better timeline on when that went down than we do for the wedding.

Corey spent about a month in Peru after he and Evelin went on a break of some kind.

During that time, he hooked up with Jenny, and was not forthcoming with Evelin about everything when he returned.

In fact, when he returned, the plan was to return to pack his things and move on from Ecuador … until pandemic lockdown changed all of that.

Corey and Evelin ended up “stuck” together.

Unlike so many other couples who fractured during this pandemic, this actually helped them.

Trapped together, they decided to stick with it.

Initially, some fans (us included) wondered if this wedding took place after lockdown.

If Evelin filmed herself looking at dresses early this year, then a post-lockdown wedding could be roughly a year earlier, right?

That would be a sweet story — they spent time apart, got stuck together, and then married in secret as soon as they could.

There’s just one problem with that narrative.

A marriage in 2020, however early, would not be “years” ago.

That almost certainly means that Corey and Evelin married in 2019, albeit in late 2019.

What does that mean?

It means that Corey and Evelin were almost certainly married when he had his walkabout in Peru.

Going “on a break” is all well and good, but boning a woman while you’re a married man and haven’t filed for divorce … yeah, that sounds like cheating.

A lot of people have given Evelin a hard time for telling her family about Corey cheating on her.

After all, she was the one who wanted a “break,” so there needs to be nuance in the conversation … right?

With the illuminating detail of them being married when this went down, Evelin’s feelings are easier to understand. If that’s the real timeline.

Corey rathgeber comes clean with 90 day fiance fans i married ev

Megan Potthast Talks Making $1k a Day Selling Feet Pics on 90 Day Bares All

Last month, we all watched in horror as Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast fought.

That bitter moment of violence on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? tore apart the Potthast family.

Charlie is on the outs with his entire family. So is his wife, Megan, who didn’t even attend the Tell All.

While Megan was relaxing alone at the hotel during the Tell All filming, she kept busy … selling feet pics.

On 90 Day: Bares All, Elizabeth’s sister-in-law Megan is baring her soul.

Wait, sorry, her sole.

But she only flashes her feet to paying buyers, as she explains to Shaun Robinson.

“Megan, we mentioned the Tell All,” Shaun began delicately.

“Jenn joined us on the Tell All. Becky decided not to,” she noted. “You were not there, but you were in New York.”

Shaun set the stage: “During the Tell All, you were at your hotel. I understand you’ve got a little side hustle going.”

“I was actually selling foot pictures,” Megan revealed with an awkward laugh.

The show edited in a series of examples, which are included in the video.

If feet are your thing, more power to you, live your truth, and please enjoy the included clip to your heart’s content.

“I get requests for different pictures,” Megan explained of how this business works.

“And I sell them,” she continued, “and I make money.”

Though she later detailed a lot about what sorts of photos — some featuring shoes, others dirty — Shaun had a more pressing question.

“How did you get into that?” Shaun asked.

In response to this, Megan turns her head and literally points the finger at the couch — where her three sisters-in-law are sitting.

“Actually the girls,” Megan answers. “Yeah.”

“All three of them?” Shaun asks, seeking clarification.

“Many months before me, by the way,” Megan adds.

“So they can call me trash all they want,” she continues, “but they started this before me.”

“Let me just clarify,” Becky announces, “I have never in my whole life took a picture of my foot or feet and sent it to a random person, in my life.”

“So don’t ever say that ever again,” she lectures Megan, “because that is false.”

“And I will f–king hit you with a lawsuit,” Becky threatens.

Megan goes on to defend her choice to sell foot photos, noting that she had never imagined that it could be so lucrative.

She doesn’t need to defend herself for that or any other kind of sex work.

Sex work is work and it’s valid. This is her own body — she can share photos of it if she wants.

There’s a lot of name-calling and general weirdness that follows.

Clearly, the main point of contention isn’t Megan’s harmless choice to sell pics of her feet — or her boobs.

The issues at play relate to Megan and Charlie’s actions that have fractured the family.

Not everything is about Megan or Charlie, however. The problems run deeper than that.

In the same interview on Discovery Plus, Becky revealed that she has been iced out of the family business since the Maryland trip.

Her dad doesn’t talk to her about work anymore. He goes to Andrei for everything. Something has to change.

Megan potthast talks making %241k a day selling feet pics on 90 da

The Family Chantel Trailer Teases New Feuds, Implants, and MORE Brawling!

The Family Chantel is known for its endless chaos and fights. Actually, that was true even before the spinoff began.

In many ways, what put Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno “on the map” was a massive interfamily brawl.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance alums and their misbehaving relatives are back for Season 3 … and they are still acting up.

In addition to multiple fights, the new trailer teases Pedro’s search for his father, a lot of boob talk, some romance woes, househunting, and more.

As this Season 3 trailer begins, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are househunting.

It has long been the case that the primary issues in their marriage are not normal interpersonal struggles, but all family-related.

That clearly holds true.

Pedro suggests to Chantel that his mother, Lidia, and his sister, Nicole, could live with them and stay downstairs.

Instead of bursting out laughing at this audacious suggestion, Chantel agrees … except to say that they would be kept in crates.

Obviously, Pedro isn’t thrilled at Chantel’s characterization of his family as untamed animals in need of cages.

Speaking of Pedro’s troublemaking sister, Nicole, she shows off her breast augmentation.

Coraima praises the significant boost in her friend’s cup size.

Naturally, the conversation steers to Chantel’s impossible-to-miss breasts.

Unlike her sister-in-law, Chantel’s breasts are natural and organic.

We don’t just have to take her word for it … because Pedro begins to jiggle them merrily on camera.

He clearly takes a lot of pride in his wife’s, um, accomplishments.

On the other side of things, Chantel’s mother, Karen, is speaking to River.

River has a new girlfriend and things are getting serious, but he insists that it’s not his mother’s business.

She counters that it absolutely is, because all of her adult children’s relationships inevitably end up impacting her life.

Speaking of which, Winter is back with Jah, who has found himself a new religion.

(Okay, I have a guess as to what this is and I hope that I’m wrong … let’s just wait until the reveal and give him the benefit of the doubt until then)

Jah says that he now follows a “biblical diet” and tries to give Karen grief for eating shrimp, accusing her of thinking “like a bottom-feeder.”

We also see Pedro come face-to-face with Alejandro, his sister’s boyfriend.

Alejandro is in a long-distance relationship with Nicole … and also happens to still be married, not to Nicole.

Pedro thinks that that’s bogus and wants to understand the man’s intentions.

Alejandro fires back by insulting Pedro and Pedro’s mother … which of course also means insulting Nicole’s brother and Nicole’s mother.

If you suspect that Pedro is the sort of guy who would not respond well to a “yo mama” joke, you are correct.

To Chantel’s (eventual) chagrin, things escalate from there.

On the street, we see Alejandro straight up threaten Pedro — seemingly with physical violence.

He vows to “f–k you up.”

Pedro doesn’t appear to take the bait … but then, he doesn’t have to.

It is Alejandro who ends up lunging at Pedro, charging at him and leaping.

While physical contact is clearly made, it doesn’t look like things get quite as bad as they could have.

But then, this is only a trailer, teasing us with what is to come.

Switching gears, when Pedro is in Santo Domingo, he tries to understnad more about his absent father.

He speaks to his mother about his deadbeat dad’s disappearing act.

While they talk, Nicole cries in the back seat. This is a sensitive topic for everyone involved.

Pedro also cries while speaking to the confessional camera.

However, he emphasizes that he is not crying about his dad.

Rather, he is crying about the situation that his father’s actions created. He’s splitting that hair awfully thin, but he’s splitting it.

Nicole is upset that Pedro got into a physical altercation with Alejandro, her married boyfriend.

She notes that Chantel has hurled many verbal insults.

But, as she reminds Coraima, she has never physically attacked Chantel.

But she does want revenge, which is clearly on her mind when she walks up to Chantel and her family.

In front of her brother, Chantel, and the rest of the Everetts (well, the ones who traveled there), she makes an announcement.

“Pedro had sex with Coraima,” Nicole declares triumphantly.

It looks like Nicole returns and throws something, though it’s unclear exactly what happened in this sequence of events.

What happened next is basically her being very gently tackled and removed from the situation.

It also appears that, per Karen’s wishes, police were called. Yeah, this season’s going to be a doozy.


The family chantel trailer teases new feuds implants and more br

Colt Johnson Confesses to Jess Caroline: I Was Boning Vanessa the Whole Time!

Earlier this year, Colt Johnson confessed to the camera that he cheated on Jess Caroline their entire relationship.

Naturally, part of his storyline on 90 Day: The Single Life involved confessing that to Jess herself.

Jess knew most of it, but she needed to hear it for herself from someone whom she would believe.

Now that The Single Life is airing on TLC for its second run, some viewers are seeing this mess for the very first time.

Jess caroline colt is trash man of course

Some of us are rewatching The Single Life, while others are seeing this mess play out for the first time.

We all knew that Colt was a cheater long before he ever divorced Larissa or met Jess Caroline.

But when Jess met him, she didn’t know that he was a “trash man” or a “liar.” 

Jess caroline hes liar

Jess had received a warning from Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Lima, warning her that Colt was a “demon.”

But having been assured that Larissa was just his “crazy ex,” she brushed off the warning.

Larissa had experienced Colt’s manipulations firsthand. But some lessons have to be experienced firsthand.

Jess caroline and hes very gaslight

In the episode of The Single Life that aired this week (Season 1, Episode 11), Colt met up with Jess.

They’ve both moved on — Colt dating Vanessa Guerra, Jess marrying Brian Hanvey.

But what Jess needs (and what the show needs to happen) is some closure … and a rare dose of honesty.

Colt johnson lied about vanessa being in love with her

As the four sit down for history’s most awkward double date, Colt comes clean.

He lied to Jess the entire time that the two were dating, even when he met her family in Brazil.

In particular, he lied to her about his relationship with Vanessa — and about loving her.

Jess caroline because you lie too much i cant trust you

Jess wants to hear what happened … but not from Colt.

He has lied to her so many times (and those are just the times that she knows about), at times seemingly without purpose.

From sending out his dick pics to everyone to boning Vanessa and beyond, she knows that he cannot be trusted.

Jess caroline tell me what happened

So Jess turns to Vanessa, as you can see in this clip, and asks her what happened.

Vanessa was Colt’s side piece and knew exactly what role she was playing, but it’s not like she was Jess’ friend.

With that in mind, Jess figures that if she can trust anyone sitting across from her, it has to be Vanessa.

Vanessa guerra and colt johnson started talking while he was mar

Vanessa acknowledges that she and Colt started “talking” while he was still married to Larissa.

(Colt infamously cheated via chat and photo swapping with Instagram side pieces during his marriage, but we now know that Vanessa was also in the picture)

However, Vanessa claimed to not be interested in dating him, and actually got with someone else.

Colt johnson admits he slept with jess to make vanessa jealous

Unfortunately for Jess, Colt’s response to this was to get angry and to sleep with someone to make Vanessa jealous.

That someone whom he selected was Jess, whom he boned.

His gambit worked, and Vanessa could apparently no longer resist his … charm.

Vanessa guerra started sleeping with colt about a month after co

Vanessa even offered up some painful specifics in a show of honesty.

She started taking Colt to pound town just one month into his relationship with Jess.

It was, they specified, kicking off around when he returned from visiting Jess in Chicago — and before he went to Brazil.

Jess caroline so you lied to me all the time

Jess was horrified — just because she needed to hear this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t painful.

These days (spoiler alert) Colt and Vanessa are married following Colt’s on-screen proposal to Vanessa.

Their marital bliss was almost immediately marred by Colt flirting with female fans, but honestly, who was surprised by that?

Colt johnson confesses to jess caroline i was boning vanessa the

Larissa Lima Claps Back at Body-Shamers After Latest Surgery: This is My Dream!

90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima is many things.

She’s ambitious. She’s dramatic. She’s a staunch defender of boobs, including her own.

Larissa has undergone a series of dramatic cosmetic procedures, several of which enlarged her breasts.

Fans have voiced their concerns about her ever-growing chest, but Larissa is clapping back.

Her body, her choice, Larissa is reminding fans.

The unforgettable 90 Day Fiance alum’s breasts are currently fitted with eye-popping implants.

Even when she had “only” enhanced her cup size with 690 cc implants, they were positively huge.

Larissa Lima tweet - 690 cc implants "small"

Since then, Larissa has gone up considerably in breast size.

She currently has 1,500 cc implants … which by our estimation, is roughly the equivalent of ten cup sizes of enhancement.

That’s not exact for a number of reasons, but … just look at the results for yourself:

Larissa Lima tweet - 1500 cc implants

Obviously, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about Larissa’s body transformation.

Many have taken to social media, some with compassion, some with lust, some with envy, and some with concern trolling.

Larissa has taken to Instagram to reply to them all.

“I appreciate all the love and concern you send my way regarding my surgeries,” Larissa began.

“But for me,” she explained, “the ideal beauty is Aletta Ocean and the Anastasia doll.”

Larissa continued: “or the others beautiful busty women I follow on my Instagram.”

“I always followed beautiful busty women,” Larissa noted.

She continued: “or women with surgical enchanted ‘Kardashian look.'”

Larissa revealed: “This is something I wanted for my own body since I was 18 years old.”

“Do not tell me what to do,” Larissa asked her fans and followers.

“I’m Larissa,” the self-styled queen reminded them.

“And by now,” she wrote, “those that are familiar with me know that I do what I want to do without advice.”

“Something important to consider, is that my target audience are male adults,” Larissa wrote.

“And,” she continued, “others that may be attracted to my type.”

Even if you find that unthinkable, remember that many people have many types. Every body has an audience.

“I do not care about the opinions from the women that hated on me long before my surgeries,” Larissa affirmed.

“This is not who I care to please,” she emphasized.

Some have made a sport of bombarding Larissa with hatred for years. She’s not catering to them.

“I choose not to lie about my body,” Larissa pointed out.

“It’s interesting that many of the women that berate me are botoxed,” she observed.

Larissa added that many of these haters are “plumped, filled with silicone, and highly filtered on IG.”

“I’m not going to claim I got my stomach from the gym and a low carbohydrate diet, or say my photos are unfiltered,” Larissa wrote.

“Larissa chooses to tell the truth,” she proclaimed.

“For those that wish me the most horrible things in messages,” Larissa asked, “shall I wish you back in double??”

“No…because you will leak how hateful or sensitive I am,” Larissa predicted, “with the ‘free bully speach argument.'”

She then added: “But for you that wish me good things, I wish you triple good.”

Larissa concluded with a simple statement: “I’m not going to sugar coat who I am.”

Danielle Mullins: Did She Ever Get the Closure She Needs with Mohamed Jbali?

Early this year, Discovery Plus debuted a brand new spinoff, 90 Day: The Single Life.

Finally unshackled from established transnational relationships, the series follows stars whose relationships didn’t pan out.

The interest in these stars is so enduring that The Single Life is now airing on TLC, its first run outside of streaming.

Viewers are reminded of Danielle Mullins’ bitter struggles. Did she ever get the closure that she craves?

Everyone, from fans to critics to their own castmates, have credited Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali with a lot.

They are the ones who, as Paola and Russ Mayfield put it, “put 90 Day Fiance on the map.”

There have been many interesting couples on the series, but Danielle and Mohamed were can’t-miss television.

Never was this truer than on that fateful, painful Tell All special.

Mohamed declared that no one would want to be with Danielle — meaning as a sexual partner.

He accused her of having an intolerable genital odor, horrifying castmates and humiliating Danielle.

As we all saw on The Single Life, either earlier this year or as it played on TLC this week (or both), that was not easily forgotten.

Having an ex say something cruel about your body can haunt your for life.

Having your ex announce that cruel thing on television to millions of viewers … there’s no living that down.

That Tell All aired in 2016.

Even in 2020, when The Single Life was filmed, Danielle was still brought to tears by the memory.

As you can see in the clip that we have included, she tearfully confessed how it continued to impact her.

“Ever since Mohamed said those things talkin’ about the way someone smells, or what they do down there,” Danielle said.

She confided in her friends: “I built a wall up.”

As she explained, this didn’t just impact her self-esteem — it also impaired her ability to truly move on.

“That’s why I haven’t really took dating serious,” Danielle admitted.

“And,” she continued, “I tried to stay close to home.”

Danielle confessed that this is “because it has affected the way I see men and dating.”

What Danielle wanted and needed was closure.

Viewers of The Single Life who haven’t seen the full season on Discovery Plus or followed our coverage may wonder if she got it.

Danielle, like everyone else, deserves to move on.

Initially, when Danielle confronted Mohamed, he became defensive.

This is a habit of his, particularly when he is on camera.

He even tried to insist that Danielle owes him apologies, as well.

But Mohamed did offer her an apology.

It was not ideal, but it was enough.

Danielle has since characterized their relationship as “friends.”

Late this spring, Danielle reflected upon her ex-husband’s past and present bond with her.

She acknowledged that he had not been a good partner to her.

However, she shared that she now trusts him as a friend.

Many have voiced criticism of the franchise for (once again) exploiting Danielle, whom many believe to be emotionally vulnerable.

While it is true that she is can’t-miss television, we have to remember that this role was likely a tremendous help to her financially.

Just a few years ago, she had to start a GoFundMe to move her trailer home. Now, with Cameo and a return to the screen, we hope that she’s much better off.

Danielle mullins did she ever get the closure she needs with moh

Anny Francisco and Robert Springs Reveal Name of Baby #2!

Last week, Robert Springs and Anny Francisco welcomed their second child.

They are not the only 90 Day Fiance fan favorite couple to recently welcome a second son together.

Now, Anny has revealed the name of Baby #2 alongside precious photos.

Take a look below and get ready to say awwwww!

“I present to you my prince Adriel Hassan,” Anny captioned this sweet photo — and others.

She shared that her second child was “born on 9/7/2021.”

Adriel Hassan was born “of 9 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches,” she wrote.

Anny Francisco IG - baby Adriel Hassan name reveal

“I thank God that he took care of me,” Anny expressed.

“And,” she continued, “everything went well.”

Congratulations to her, to Robert, and to the adorably excited Bryson.

Anny Francisco IG baby name reveal comments 01

Congratulations poured in from the 90 Day Fiance fandom, and not just from fans.

Here is a small sampling of replies that Anny swiftly received from stars, both loved and hated, both current and legendary.

We’re talking about Armando Rubio, Larissa Lima, and Darcey Silva.

Anny Francisco IG baby name reveal comments 02

Amira Lollysa and Brittany Banks both showered Anny with love and congratulations.

So did Larissa Lima’s (former) friend, Carmen Nys, with whom Larissa stayed for a time after her divorce from Colt.

And so did universally beloved fan-favorite, Gwen Eymard, mother of Jovi and mother-in-law of Yara.

Robert Springs IG congratulates Anny Francisco on Baby #2

“Much love and respect to my wife who’s the true warrior,” Robert wrote on his Instagram Story last week.

He praised Anny after she “Gave birth to our baby boy.”

That was how he broke the news, but he let Anny share the first photos and the name: Adriel Hassan.

As for the name itself, it is a beautiful choice.

Adriel is a Hebrew name.

The simple, direct meaning of the name is “God is my help.”

Interestingly, there are seemingly two conflicting accounts of Adriels in the Tanakh and Old Testament.

However, modern scholars have concluded that one may have been a copying error, made by a fatigued copying millennia ago and perpetuated since then.

The use of the suffix -el to mean “God” may also mean that the name predates Judaism, when suffixes like -bel and -el came to have monotheistic meanings.

Hassan is a familiar Arabic name, which can mean “handsome” or “doer-of-good.”

The latter is often translated as “benefactor.”

Notably, there are multiple ways of pronouncing Hassan according to emphasis, and we’re not yet sure which Anny and Robert chose.

Robert and Anny were given a “gold digger but there’s no gold to dig” edit by 90 Day Fiance.

After all, Robert had only known Anny in person for all of eight hours before he proposed.

It was, the show’s skewed depiction of their life together suggested, not meant to be.

But what we see on screen is often just a slice — a carefully edited slice — of people’s real lives.

The truth is that Robert and Anny were married in a small, even humble ceremony in Florida and remain together.

They live with the two babies whom they have had together and with Robert’s son, Bryson, who was very excited to help “announce” this pregnancy. So sweet!

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas Secretly Married: Did He Cheat?!

This weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way revealed a total bombshell.

Evelin Villegas confided in her sisters that she and Corey Rathgeber had secretly married.

This wasn’t a recent development. The two quietly eloped an entire year earlier.

The exact timeline is unclear, but … does that mean that Corey was married when he boned that girl in Peru?

Evelin Villegas - I actually need help for this

Okay, before we get ahead of ourselves, here is what went down on Season 3, Episode 3.

Evelin asked for help from her sisters, Lesly and Lipsy, in preparing for her wedding.

Specifically, she wanted help picking out wedding dresses — important for most weddings, no matter the size.

Corey Rathgeber interrupts Evelin Villegas with a terrible idea

Corey made the unfortunate decision to offer up a “suggestion.”

Namely, he had an idea in mind for the wedding dress that Evelin could wear.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just an issue of the groom not traditionally having a say. It was much worse.

Corey Rathgeber suggests his sister's prom dress

Corey’s, um, bright idea was for Evelin to wear a prom dress.

That’s right — a prom dress that happened to be white.

Corey wanted to cut costs, and his sister had worn a white prom dress.

Evelin Villegas - it is embarrassing to have my sisters present

Some people would happily wear a bathrobe or a cocktail dress or nothing at all to be married.

But it would have to be the bride’s idea and something that she’s okay with. Evelin is not.

In fact, she was humiliated by Corey pushing this idea while her sisters were there.

Evelin Villegas' sisters - I mean, you want something cheap

Her sisters knew that Corey was trying to cut corners to reduce the cost of the wedding.

They were thoroughly unimpressed — perhaps even more than they were before Corey’s suggestion.

Evelin knew that they already didn’t trust him, so this was another blow to their confidence in the engagement.

Evelin Villegas - now I have to tell you something

Evelin did go out and try on real wedding dresses, still with her sisters along to help.

They emphasized to her that they didn’t trust Corey.

After a bit of drinking, Evelin was finally ready to tell her sisters something important.

Evelin Villegas' sisters - what?

Evelin is a fairly direct person and seldom shy about saying how she feels.

So when she was so hesitant to tell her sisters something, they knew that it was something major.

One year ago, she revealed, she and Corey went to Guayaquil (Ecuador’s largest city) and got married.

Evelin Villegas - and got married (one year ago in Guayaquil)

They did not tell anyone — even Evelin’s own sisters, let alone their fans.

This news left her sisters reeling just as it did viewers.

But here’s our question: when did these two marry, and how does that timeline pair with Corey’s trip to Peru?

As of late 2019, reports were very clear that Evelin and Corey were not married, not even secretly.

There were rumors about them, even then, but those claims were shot down.

We know that Corey went to Peru and spent a whole month there right before the pandemic, returning to Ecuador only to end up on lockdown with Evelin.

Coray Rathgeber "with this Jenny in Peru"

So when did he “meet” Jenny in Peru? Was this break before he and Evelin married?

Maybe, but also … maybe not.

If we guess the timeline here, it all adds up to Corey and Evelin marrying before taking a break … possibly right before.

It’s a safe bet that Corey and Evelin’s Season 3 story was recorded early this year.

Often, 90 Day Fiance works on a (roughly) 8-month delay, as do many other reality shows.

So far, these two have not offered any clear milestone events (birthdays, holidays, major events), unlike Ellie and Victor clearly filming in November.

One possibility is that Corey and Evelin married in very late 2019 or very early 2020.

Then, after some difficulties, they had a “break” and Corey spent a month in Jenny — sorry, a month in Peru.

He returned, thinking that things with Evelin were over for good, only to go on lockdown with her and for them to resolve to stay together during that time.

There is a somewhat less cheat-y explanation for the timeline, given that “a year” is pretty imprecise in conversation.

It is possible that Corey and Evelin married as soon as lockdown in Ecuador ended, which would make it after what went down in Peru.

That said … a legal marriage or not doesn’t seem important to their issues. Honesty and mutual respect seem much more pressing than any timeline.