Deavan Clegg: Jihoon REFUSES to Divorce Me!!

Deavan Clegg has been in the US for months and blames Jihoon Lee for the downfall of their family.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance star accuses her estranged husband of refusing to grant her the divorce that they both need to move on.

On Tuesday, September 22, Deavan Clegg took to her Instagram Stories and decided to try to get her haters off of her back.

“Woke up to a lot of hate mail,” her post sadly begins.

“I want to say this once,” Deavan writes. “I’ve tried to get the divorce finished.”

Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg cry together

“Jihoon has not yet signed,” Deavan explains for why she and Jihoon are still married, albeit only on paper.

“I’ve been trying,” she protests.

“So,” Deavan asks, “everyone leave me alone about that situation.”

Deavan Clegg IG - Jihoon won't sign the divorce papers :/

So why are people giving Deavan a hard time for … not being divorced? Especially when, so recently, people were giving her grief for not being with Jihoon?

Because she is dating again.

And while fans just weeks ago were seeing Deavan and Jihoon trying to make their marriage work on TV, the reality is different.

Deavan Clegg IG Story with new boyfriend

Deavan and Jihoon had been over for months.

We do not yet know the details of the breakup, but it looks like there are a lot of regrets and hurt feelings in the mix.

But fans, seeing Deavan’s photos with her new mystery man, are giving her a hard time for moving on before being officially divorced.

Here is baby Taeyang in matching shirts with her mystery man — a photo that had her haters frothing at the mouth.

“Everyone is moving on,” Deavan writes on a later Instagram Story post.

“And,” she adds, “everyone is trying to continue our lives.”

“Live is always hard,” Deavan expresses.

“And,” she predicts, life “will continue to be hard.”

Even as Deavan writes this, she adds: “But amazing things happen as well.”

Deavan Clegg IG - everyone is moving on

“I agree,” Deavan begins in concluson, seemingly addressing her estranged husband.

She declares: “No more war with the fan bases.”

It sounds like she and Jihoon are going to try their best to not sic their fans on one another … but let’s be honest, many of these “fans” do it all on their own.

We have to be honest — giving someone a hard time for dating because their divorce paperwork isn’t done yet is nothing short of absurd.

The divorce process can take years in some cases. One party can drag things out almost indefinitely by coming up with new stalling tactics or simply refusing to sign.

Six months is plenty of time to wait before dating again. Honestly, it wouldn’t have been anyone’s business if Deavan had only waited six weeks — it’s her life.

A small portion of the criticisms made of Deavan may come from a “good” place — people worried about her happiness, about how her children will adapt to change, and so on.

But does anyone honestly imagine that directing these messages — concern trolling messages, to be clear — at a young mother of two is going to do anything but contribute to her feeling overwhelmed?

Nobody becomes a reality star because they want free advice, folks.

Larissa Lima Placed in Removal Proceedings, May Be Deported

Over the weekend, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima was detained and released by ICE just before her move to Colorado.

Rumors claimed that she had somehow “faked” this. But the grim reality is that she is at real risk of deportation.

As we reported earlier this week, Larissa Lima’s harrowing run-in with ICE on Saturday, September 19 was all too real — despite rumors to the contrary.

TMZ was able to confirm that Larissa has been “placed in removal proceedings” under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

She has an upcoming hearing that will determine if she must surrender herself for deportation. That is a scary situation for her.

However, despite her understandable anxieties over everything, some have been claiming — without proof — that Larissa “faked” her run-in with ICE on Saturday.

Some say that she must have done it to make headlines, to get attention or even sympathy.

Well, that accusation defies belief for many reasons, and now Larissa herself is taking to Instagram and speaking up about the toxic and vicious way that some “fans” talk to her.

“People are taking advantage of my situation,” Larissa laments, “posting false information and making speculations.”

“Since day one,” she correctly observes, “my name has been on the blast.”

“Daily, I receive threats of all kinds, even rape and death,” Larissa shares grimly, “written in words that would make any sane person go insane.”

“It appears to have become an obsession and even an occupation for some people,” Larissa states, “to constantly post about me in the most degrading and abusive ways.”

She adds: “What was just a site for fans of the show to vent, has turned abusive.”

“Yes, I could fight them,” Larissa acknowledges, “get a restraining order if they are residing in the same state as me, if not it becomes a matter of FBI.”

“I know a handful of people that have overcome the obstacles that I am going through,” Larissa notes. “That gives me strength.”

She adds: “It is also true that I have endless support and love from my family, my friends, and so many fans.”

“It is this support that keeps me moving forward,” Larissa expresses.

Larissa Lima IG - statement on misinformation 01 of 02

“I want to explain everything that has happened in the recent, and in my past,” Larissa writes.

“But,” she admits, “I’m struggling to come up with the right words to type that give my feelings justice.”

“It is my desire to empower all women,” Larissa declares, “and stop the discrimination and stigma of those that work with agencies such as Onlyfans and camsoda.”

“These platforms have helped millions of people going through the pandemic shutdown,” Larissa correctly points out.

“With my YouTube,” she adds, “I will be able to tell my story and shed light for the immigration process I am experiencing.”

“I’ve been gagged many times after telling my followers I am going to talk,” Larissa concludes. “Well, soon I’m removing that gag around me permanently.”

Larissa Lima IG - statement on misinformation 02 of 02

We here at THG often find that 90 Day Fiance and its stars live rent-free in our minds.

But blogger John Yates goes above and beyond that, and has had his ear to the ground in this fandom since I was still having to double check how to spell Anfisa’s last name.

He posted a well-reasoned and thoroughly informed rebuttal of the bizarre rumors that Larissa must have “faked” this whole ordeal

First and foremost, he correctly notes that Larissa does not need any more publicity.

She is already one of the most polarizing, most topical members of the 90 Day Fiance cast — not just of Happily Ever After? this season, but in the show’s history.

Larissa just debuted her new boobs and is one of the Top 5 earners in CamSoda’s history after just one hour and zero nudity.

Larissa Lima - it's very important to me to stay in America

Two, John refers to a “miscommunication.” We might call it “splitting hairs.”

A lot of people use colloquial language to refer to events. For example, people use “prison” and “jail” interchangeably, though these words have distinct meanings.

None of us can fault Carmen for perhaps being less clear than she might have been, but a later clarification using the word “detained” might have laid these ugly rumors to rest.

Larissa Lima - f--k my life

The forgery accusations are laughable. Even if TMZ had not also shared the news, Larissa would be committing a straight-up crime. It would be a foolish move.

Finally, he notes that while arrests make headlines, news of them can do more harm than good to a reality star’s career. It’s not 2008 anymore; there is such a thing as bad publicity.

We have included John Yates’ post in full, as shared by Larissa in her Stories, because it is a well-reasoned take from someone whom we consider to be an authority on 90 Day Fiance.

John Yates defends Larissa Lima IG

No one is demanding that everyone love Larissa. Sometimes her behavior or priorities may seem downright baffling, and that’s fine.

But death threats and rape threats are despicable — and they are crimes.

And the people who are so determined to disbelieve Larissa that they latch onto conspiracy theories may want to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Larissa Lima: Did She FAKE Her ICE Arrest to Highlight Move to Colorado?

As we reported to you while it was happening, Larissa Lima was arrested by ICE on Saturday.

But after she was released from custody, a rumor began to circulate: did she FAKE being arrested as a publicity stunt?

In a word: no.

But the litany of common sense reasons why Larissa would not and did not fabricate such a horrifying experience are falling on deaf ears among those who have chosen to despise her.

Perhaps visual evidence will succeed where reason failed?

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima ICE arrest docs from 19 September 2020

Carmen Nys, Larissa’s friend who first raised the alarm about the arrest, shared a look at the Homeland Security docs.

“When Eric and I went there, the office was closed for the public,” she writes. “They did not allow us to get in.”

“They had only two officers outside,” Carmen shares, “who told us to go home and wait.”

Carmen says that they were told to wait “because if they [didn’t] find anything to charge her, she would be released in 24 hours.”

“This is exactly what happened,” she notes. Fortunately, in Larissa’s case, it was more like four hours.

Carmen concludes her message: “I would never lie about something [involving] a federal agency.”

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima arrested by ICE 19 September 2020

Additionally, TMZ has confirmed the documents, noting that Larissa was “placed in removal proceedings.”

Unfortunately, she has an upcoming hearing that will determine if she has to surrender herself for deportation.

However, Larissa was released under her own recognizance and allowed to continue on her journey with boyfriend Eric Nichols.

“Larissa was taken into custody from ICE early [Saturday] morning,” Larissa’s rep, Lindsay Feldman, confirmed to People.

This happened “just as she was getting into a U-Haul truck with her boyfriend Eric Nichols, while preparing to move to Colorado for a fresh new start.”

Feldman emphasizes that the arrest was due to a “misunderstanding,” and that Larissa and Eric were soon on their way.

Together, Larissa and Eric have moved to the new home that they purchased.

This new house is in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Despite the shaky beginning to their trip, it looks like the rest of the move was relatively uneventful.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima was detained, not charged

Carmen offered further explanation and clarification, noting that Larissa was not charged but merely detained.

We are sure that this was a traumatic nightmare for her — she has made it clear for some time that being ripped away from her life and banished to Brazil is one of her greatest fears.

Saturday’s arrest was a frightening incident for everyone who cares about her journey and has followed her for years.

Larissa Lima - f--k my life

The knowledge that she could be forced to leave has to have left her frazzled. We can only imagine what it feels like ot live with a target on her back.

But for now, it looks like she is getting accustomed to Colorado Springs and her new life.

She plans to share more of her journey with fans on her YouTube channel … after she gets herself situated.

Larissa Lima - it's very important to me to stay in America

Many 90 Day Fiance fans have correctly used this opportunity to note that ICE should be abolished — which is frankly a moderate position to take on this nightmarish agency.

Even those who are not fans or supporters of Larissa are echoing this call.

But for now, it is enough to hope that Larissa’s life does not get turned upside down all because, ultimately, the man she fell in love with and married preferred to cheat on her and play mind games.

90 Day Fiance: Which Couples Broke Up in 2020?

90 Day Fiance is one of those franchises that sounds like it could be full of amazing love stories or just a total trainwreck.

Amazingly, the show manages to be both … which is why people can’t stop watching the TLC show and its 678 spinoffs.

Sometimes, you see couples like Kirlyam and Alan Cox, who met despite being from different continents but found love and happiness, got married, and are growing their families.

Then you have more … infamous couples.

Couples like Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali, who seemed to be trying to out-scam each other until those schemes devolved into mutual loathing.

A lot of the couples fall into the middle somewhere.

Some are a little weird, some seem like soulmates.

Any marriage can go right or wrong, and becoming reality stars during your engagement adds an extra special twist to that.

Honestly, you might be shocked at how many of these couples are still together. And which ones aren’t.

1. Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

Ashley martson and jay smith on youtube
Even before Jay left Jamaica, Ashley was warned that he was cheating on her and that he would continue to do so. Sure enough, he he cheated on her just days after their wedding. Ashley forgave him — because she caught him before he could *physically* cheat. Ashley filed for divorce on January 11, 2019, after Jay banged a random woman in the bathroom. They reconciled less than two weeks later. Ashley filed for divorce in April 2019, after discovering that Jay was cheating with a mistress. They reconciled late that summer, and only revealed that when they once again broke up. Then, in March of 2020, Ashley and Jay revealed that they were back together during the COVID-19 pandemic. In August of 2020, after months of celebrating their renewed marriage and launching multiple business ventures, they celebrated their third wedding anniversary. On September 19, 2020, Ashley announced on Instagram that she and Jay had decided to end their marriage — for good this time — citing that she could not let go of his many, many betrayals and transgressions.

2. Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera

Fernanda flores and jonathan rivera
Fernanda and Jonathan met while Jon was clubbing on vacation. He ended up extending that vacation. Despite an age gap, some homesickness, and a lot of doubts, the two tied the knot. Unfortunately, the couple split around New Year’s Eve after getting into an argument. Initially, Jon said that Fernanda had been hurtful towards him. Months later, Fernanda shared a lengthy video with witness statements, accusing Jon of being controlling, abusive, and a fraud. In 2020, Fernanda dipped her toes back into the dating world via video chats during the pandemic, while Jon became engaged to his new love.

3. Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols

Larissa lima and eric nichols have an announcement
Larissa joined Tinder in early February of 2019, where she saw an ottery hottie. That turned out to be Eric Nichols, a guy in his mid-twenties. Still grieving the end of her marriage, Larissa began dating this total upgrade, eventually debuting him at her divorce party in March of that year. Though the two had their ups and downs, including a September 11 breakup (whoops) that year, they reconciled weeks later and resolved to make it work. Eric tended to Larissa after both bouts of major cosmetic surgeries in 2020. On September 19, 2020, Larissa and Eric embarked upon a road trip in a U-haul to their new home in Colorado Springs after buying a house together. They are still together.

4. Jenny and Sumit

Sumit and jenny together
This The Other Way couple had one of the most dramatic storylines in all of 2020, and Sumit’s secret marriage (and children!) shocked even the head honchos over at TLC. But the two returned for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s second season, and are determined to make it work … if Sumit can actually go through with his plans to divorce.

5. Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez

90 day fiance couple luis and molly
Molly and Luis broke up after a lot of arguments, an attempted reconciliation, and even the implication that Molly was abusive. Luis remarried to a mystery woman just four months after his divorce was finalized. Molly and Luis both claim that the other was using them. Late in the summer of 2020, it was reported that Luis might soon be deported, as his new marriage was not to an American citizen.

6. Angela and Michael

Angela deem and michael ilesanmi first meeting
In late January of 2020, Angela and Michael were finally married, having a ceremony in Nigeria. Despite a lot of ups and downs and controversies, they remain together as of April 2020, even donating handmade masks to McDonald’s workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are, however, not physically together — the pandemic and immigration hurdles mean that their physical reunion is likely years away.

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Ashley Martson: I’m Divorcing Jay Smith … And It’s My Fault

On Saturday, September 19, Ashley Martson had an announcement.

She and Jay Smith are over after more than three years of marriage.

This time … unlike their last three breakups … it’s over for good, she says.

Curiously, the 90 Day Fiance alum seems to blame herself, and not her husband.

When couples break up and one of them is a serial cheater … it’s usually the fault of the serial cheater.

Ashley is now apologizing to her loved ones.

No matter how you felt about this couple, this is a heartbreaking read.

1. It’s over!

Ashley martson and jay smith throwback
On Saturday, September 19, Ashley Martson took to Instagram to share a painful-to-write but important message.

2. Just last month …

Ashley martson ig 3 year anniversary caption
Ashley and Jay were celebrating their anniversary after a “wild” three years. That’s … certainly one way of phrasing it.

3. Just weeks ago, she was clapping back at doubters

Ashley martson ig jay smith anniversary clapback
Anyone trying to give Ashley a hard time about the number of times that Jay cheated on her (once after their wedding, once in a barbershop bathroom, once with an ongoing mistress, once with a girl who claimed to be pregnant by him … and those are just the ones that we know about) got an earful.

4. They had just opened a business together

Ashley martson ig jay smith tattoo shop announcement
The idea that Jay would once again be spending hours on the skin of beautiful young women — a perk of the tattoo trade that he had not hesitated to brag about while in Jamaica — was not lost on fans. Now, Ashley and Jay’s followers are left to wonder how their joint business ventures will be divided up after their new, latest, and possibly final split.

5. Ashley posted this graphic

Ashley martson ig sometimes its no ones fault
“Sometimes things just don’t work out,” the image reads, “and it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just the way things are.” That is true! Though, as you are about to read, Ashley seems to blame herself for an alleged lack of “strength.”

6. She has big news

Ashley martson cries on instagram
It is in the captions of this Instagram post that Ashley shares her news: “Before the stories get all misconstrued, I will just address it myself.”

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Larissa Lima: My Cam Show Made $100K Because I Look Like Kylie Jenner Now!

Before Larissa Lima’s harrowing arrest by ICE over the weekend, she was having a great week.

She debuted her new revenge body in a cam show … and make an obscene amount of money!

Despite assurances from fans, friends, and loved ones for some time, Larissa was very unhappy with her body.

Well, this year she underwent five different surgeries — two in February and three in August — to the tune of $72,000.

These elective surgeries have given her the nose, boobs, butt, tummy, and thighs that she always wanted.

Larissa Lima - [my new boobs] really make a big difference in my life

Larissa’s inspiration for her body transformation may have been Kylie Jenner, but she also felt inspired by the strippers at her 2019 divorce party.

If sex work could be a living for them, why not for her?

So Larissa’s incredible new body made its debut on CamSoda just last week.

Larissa Lima IG CamSoda stream ad 14 September 2020

Now, Larissa didn’t bare all during her livestream.

She made it very clear that her cam work would be a sexy oil show, but not explicitly sexual.

The lingerie show, which lasted for just one hour, ended up raking in huge dough for CamSoda.

According to TMZ, Larissa raked in over $100,000 for the site — not bad for just an hour’s efforts.

Fame has its benefits, as apparently Larissa’s viewing numbers were ten times those of what their biggest porn stars and Instagram hotties usually pull.

Larissa now ranks in the Top 5 for all-time views on CamSoda.

Larissa debuting her new body to thunderous applause was not the only major event last week.

Though she is still recovering from her August surgeries, she and Eric packed up their lives to head to their new home.

The pair purchased a home in Colorado Springs, and packed up their U-haul to make the trip.

Unfortunately, on Saturday morning, things took a turn for the worse.

Larissa’s friend Carmen Nys, who has appeared on the show, broke the horrifying news.

ICE had come and detained Larissa, taking her away. Carmen and Eric raced to the courthouse to intervene on her behalf.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima arrested by ICE 19 September 2020

Fortunately, though the arrest has been confirmed as having taken place, it looks like things did not go too far.

Larissa was freed just hours later. By later Saturday afternoon, Larissa and Eric were once again on their way to Colorado Springs, albeit a little shaken by the experience.

We are sure that this traumatic event will haunt Larissa, but it is now — like Vegas itself — behind her.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa LIma RELEASED by ICE 19 September 2020

Larissa made sure to update her fans and reassure them that she was okay.

She thanked her friends and attorneys for their swift work on her behalf.

Addressing her fans, she thanked them for theri concern, prayers, and well wishes during her ordeal.

The epic highs and lows of 90 Day Fiance fame aside, moving is a huge deal, and many are unsure of how Larissa will take to Colorado Springs’ weather or community.

Vegas is Vegas, and it will be interesting to see how Larissa adapts to a new environment.

Fingers crossed — hopefully we’ll get to continue to follow her story on future seasons of the show! If not, there’s always Instagram and her new YouTube channel.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: It’s Over! Probably For Good This Time!

Just a little over a month ago, 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson marked her anniversary with Jay Smith.

It’s been three years. At least four “second chances.” And now … it’s over.

Ashley Martson took to Instagram on Saturday, September 19, sharing the graphic that you can see below.

“Sometimes things just don’t work out,” the image reads, “and it’s not anyone’s fault.”

The message concludes: “It’s just the way things are.”

Ashley Martson IG - sometimes it's no one's fault

In the captions below the graphic, Ashley shares some news about her marriage.

“Before the stories get all misconstrued,” she begins, “I will just address it myself.”

Ashley announces: “Jay and I have made the decision to separate for good.”

“I thought I was stronger and more forgiving,” Ashley writes, “but I’m not.”

“Sometimes when trust is broken,” she adds, “it just cannot be repaired.”

“I wish Jay the best,” Ashley declares, “and we are both on the same page with this.”

In a truly shocking revelation, Ashley declares: “No one cheated.”

“No one did anything,” she adds. “I simply couldn’t get over the past.”

Considering the past that she finds inescapable, we’re not surprised. Some would say that it’s a good thing that she couldn’t sweep past wrongs under the rug.

“I gave my all to this marriage,” Ashley affirms, “and as I type this I’m heartbroken.”

“This isn’t how I envisioned my future,” she confesses.

We don’t want to distract from Ashley’s emotional hardships in any way, but … in 2020 especially, she is far from alone.

Ashley Martson IG - breakup with Jay Smith 19 September 2020

“We want to thank everyone who has supported us,” Ashley writes, “and were rooting for us.”

“Have a good weekend everyone,” she expresses.

“To my close friends and family,” Ashley concludes, “I’m sorry you’re finding out this way but I just don’t have the strength to talk about it. Please forgive me.”

We know that Ashley is heartbroken at this point, and we really do feel for her. 

But we disagree when she says that this breakup happened because she wasn’t “strong” enough to overlook the many inexcusable incidents from their relationship’s past.

Rather, we’d say that she had the strength of character to hold on to the truth of what has happened to her. It’s so sad that she thinks that this is a failing and not a positive trait.

The question of whether Jay Smith was cheating on her in Jamaica is honestly moot, because he did cheat on her right after their wedding.

Jay downloaded Tinder. Just three days after their wedding, Ashley caught him video chatting with a(n 18-year-old) high school girl.

He would later claim that he thought that the app was for “making friends.” Despite her on-screen declaration, Ashley decided to give him a second chance (1).

Months later, Ashley discovered that Jay had boned a total stranger in a barbershop bathroom.

She was told about the tryst, even seeing video evidence of the aftermath and speaking with the girl on the phone.

She kicked Jay out and, on January 11 of 2019, filed for divorce.

Just 11 days later, Ashley withdrew her divorce papers and took Jay back, giving him a second chance (2).

She and Jay weathered an Instagram scandal and Jay looked after her after two different medical events.

It seemed that they had patched things up.

Then, in the spring of 2019, Ashley revealed that she and Jay had once again split.

This time, she had uncovered evidence that he had been having an ongoing affair.

We’re not sure if having a dedicated mistress or a random bathroom hookup is “worse” from a spouse’s behavior, but Ashley was devastated.

Months went by, and Jay even spent most of July of that year behind bars after violating Ashley’s protective order.

When Jay was bailed out by his then-boss, he reunited with his mistress-turned girlfriend.

But their happy reunion only lasted for weeks before they broke up. And she was one of the first to voice a suspicion that Jay and Ashley were back together.

Late that summer, Ashley and Jay did get back together — Ashley opting to give Jay a second chance (3).

Of course, the world did not learn about it until the two broke up, which happened in the fall.

They managed to keep things under wraps … well, everything except for Jay’s penis.

See, this time, the breakup happened after a girl contacted Ashley to say that Jay had knocked her up.

Jay insisted that no one was pregnant by him … but the core issue was that he had once again cheated.

Ashley begged him for a divorce, and in December, he pretended to grant her one … but wrote the wrong date on the documents, rendering the papers invalid. Ashley was still stuck.

Then, in March of 2020, Ashley participated in a TikTok meme and used it as the vehicle for her announcement: she and Jay were back together.

At this point, fans didn’t find yet another reconciliation any more unbelievable than Jay cheating. Both seemed as certain as the sunrise.

So yes, Ashley explained, she and Jay were working on their marriage for good this time, and she was giving him a second chance (4).

So now, Ashley and Jay’s reenactment of The Scorpion And The Frog is over.

We have a lot of questions about how their joint business ventures will be divided up.

For now, we hope that Ashley takes the weekend for some self-care. Realizing that your life isn’t working out like you had planned is hard for anyone.

Larissa Lima Released by ICE, Now on Road Trip to Brand New Home!

On Saturday, Larissa Lima was arrested by ICE, fulfilling her worse fears.

She has now been released, and is reassuring fans that she is okay.

Larissa lima makes a yikes expression

As we reported earlier, it was Larissa’s friend, Carmen Nys, who broke the awful news of Larissa’s arrest.

“Hi everyone,” Carmen’s message began. “I am here with Eric Nichols right now.”

Not wanting to leave readers in suspense, she confirmed: “Larissa just got arrested by ICE when she was about to leave their house and move to Colorado.”

“Why have no clue why,” Carmen lamented, knowing that followers had questions.

She simply stated: “I want to let her family, fans, and friends know that we are going there right now.”

“And,” Carmen’s heartbreaking Instagram Story message said in conclusion, “as soon as I have more info, I will keep you guys posted.”

Larissa lima eric nichols and a u haul

As soon as this scary news broke on Saturday, fans were frantically wondering what would happen.

Carmen and Eric raced to advocate for her, and her legal team confirmed that they were on it.

Fortunately, a little over three hours later, Larissa’s story took a brighter turn.

Carmen nys ig larissa lima released by ice 19 september 2020

Carmen Nys revealed that Larissa was no longer being held and is free.

Larissa was once again on the road with boyfriend Eric Nichols, en route to their new home in Colorado Springs.

While leaving Vegas behind (with just one more traumatic memeory to haunt her), Larissa recorded a video to share the good news — and reassurances — with her fans.

Larissa lima is free

“High everyone, I’m outee!” Larissa says, waving into the camera from the passenger’s seat of the rented U-haul.

She thanks everyone for their help and support during this scary incident, as you can hear for yourself in the video that we have included.

“The people from the ICE are very nice,” Larissa claims, “so I’m good to go.” She then gives the camera a thumbs up.

Larissa lima in september 2020

While we are grateful for Larissa’s release, this was a scary incident and we — like many of her fans — have more questions.

(And while the people from ICE are not “nice” or they would not work for that organization, we do not blame Larissa in the slightest for refusing to badmouth the folks who could ruin her life on a whim)

In the mean time, she and Eric are on the road again, though she admits that she is very anxious right now. Who could blame her?

Larissa lima and eric nichols ig excited to move

The two announced this week that they have closed on a new home in Colorado Springs.

This will represent a big change for Larissa, and some fans are questioning how well she will adapt to the change of scenery.

But given this and other traumatic experiences in Vegas, we can only imagine how excited she is to leave the desert city in her wake.

Larissa lima poses after surgeries

During Larissa’s ordeal, multiple people showed her support, from fans to her friends in Vegas to Jess Caroline and, of course, Eric.

It is good to remember that the same people who helped her make bank on CamSoda this week (she raked in $100,000 for the site!) like Larissa for more than just her brand new body.

As we acknowledged, we still have questions about what happened, but for now, it’s enough to know that Larissa is safe and on her way to her new home.

Larissa lima released by ice now on road trip to brand new home

Larissa Lima Arrested; 90 Day Fiance Star in ICE Custody

This week, Larissa Lima debuted her new body and prepared to move to her new home with Eric Nichols.

Tragically, she has now been arrested by ICE. (See the update below!)

It was Larissa’s good friend, Carmen Nys — with whom she had previously lived for a time — who broke this awful news on Saturday, September 19.

“Hi everyone,” she begins. “I am here with Eric Nichols right now.”

Ripping off the bandage, Carmen writes: “Larissa just got arrested by ICE when she was about to leave their house and move to Colorado.”

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa Lima arrested by ICE 19 September 2020

“Why have no clue why,” Carmen laments.

She shares: “I want to let her family, fans, and friends know that we are going there right now.”

“And,” Carmen’s devastating message concludes, “as soon as I have more info, I will keep you guys posted.”

Larissa Lima - f--k my life

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates boosted Carmen’s heart-shattering news.

TMZ confirmed the arrest, and even spoke to a rep for Larissa.

“Larissa’s legal team is working meticulously on her release,” the rep shared, “and clearing up this misunderstanding.”

Larissa Lima - it's very important to me to stay in America

This is devastating news, not only because we have gotten to know Larissa so well over the years, but because no one deserves this horror.

ICE is a horrific organization created just 17 years ago. It has terrorized communities of color, particularly latine communities, living in the US.

The stories of abuse, neglect, and sub-standard conditions in ICE’s various internment camps are more than just cause to disband the heinous organization — it is a clarion call to prosecute every single member.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols IG excited to move

When it comes to Larissa, specifically, this comes at a heartbreaking time — not that there is any good time to experience such a horror.

Larissa and Eric had just closed on their new home in Colorado Springs.

The two had been celebrating the happy news on social media.

“Hey guys! September 30th you will be able to see everything about my life on my YouTube channel,” Larissa teased this week.

She revealed: “I will be talking about my children in Brazil, as well as my arrests. I want to apologize to all of you for the delay in my answering questions.”

“These are personal and delicate topics,” Larissa expressed, “which I have to be sure I share with necessary sensibility.”

Larissa was so excited to unlock this bold new chapter in her life, continuing to live with her boyfriend, Eric.

For months, Larissa has talked about her plans to leave Vegas behind her.

To have something like this happen with no warning or explanation, just moments before a road trip like this … we wish Larissa the very best.

Carmen Nys IG - Larissa LIma RELEASED by ICE 19 September 2020

Update! On Saturday afternoon, Carmen revealed that Larissa has been released from ICE after she, Eric, and Larissa’s legal team advocated for her release.

We do not know the details behind what led these goons to arrest her.

Fortunately, she is not only free again but back on the road with Eric and en route to their new home and new lives in Colorado Springs!!

Nicole Nafziger: I Can’t WAIT to Make Babies with Azan!

A month ago, Nicole Nafziger was gushing to fans about her “baby fever” shortly after returning to the US from Morocco.

Now, she’s being much more direct as she addresses the topic to the 90 Day Fiance fandom.

Yes, she wants babies with Azan.

That’s not a euphemism for looking forward to being intimate with him again, either.

She is excited to give baby May younger siblings with the man she loves.

There is a specific milestone that she’s waiting for.

Nicole has a lot more to say — check it out below.

1. It’s baby-making time!

Azan tefou and nicole nafziger stuck together
Well, not right away, but as Nicole says — as you can see below — she is looking forward to growing her family with Azan.

2. Nicole is a proud aunt

Nicole nafziger holds her newborn niece
Adriana is still a little baby, and Nicole is delighted to spend time with her precious niece.

3. Nicole is already a loving mother

Nicole nafziger and may who just lost a tooth
6-year-old May is excited to no longer be the “baby” of the family and adores her newborn cousin.

4. Adriana is Taylor’s baby

Nicole nafziger and sister taylor
Taylor is Nicole’s sister. Their mother, Robbalee, posted this throwback pic to announce the happy news early this summer.

5. Of course, Nicole wasn’t here at the time

Nicole nafziger and azan tefou enjoy a night out in morocco
She was in Morocco, as her two week vacation to see Azan (real name Hassan M’Raouni) was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and stretched into a 5-month extended stay.

6. At least she got to have fun

Azan tefou and nicole nafziger goof around
It wasn’t what she had hoped, of course, but she made the best of an impossible situation.

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Charlie Confronts Elizabeth Potthast: I Won’t Let You STEAL Dad’s Money!

This last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? left us all wondering if Andrei was going to beat up Charlie.

As you can see in this video, things are looking more complicated than that … because Charlie is just as mad at his sister right now.

In this sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5, Episode 15, Chuck narrates the apparent aftermath of Andrei and Charlie’s confrontation.

“Him and Charlie confronted each other,” he explains to his concerned daughter, Elizabeth.

“He didn’t want to get in a fight with Charlie,” Chuck continues, “so he was like, ‘no, not now. And he walked away.”

“And so,” Chuck explains to Libby, “right now, he was the bigger man.”

It sounds as though he is speaking up in defense of his layabout of a son-in-law. That, folks, we did not see coming.

Charlie … is not doing himself any favors, here.

Poking his father in the chest but addressing Elizabeth, Charlie says “He’s soft! He’s soft!”

“He, like, f–king, like, bends over backwards for you guys,” he accuses.

Keep in mind that Elizabeth’s brother has been drinking all evening.

“This is my daughter’s wedding!” Chuck points out, explaining why he wants things to go well.

“I don’t give a f–k!” Charlie retorts. “I don’t give a f–k!”

Oh, Charlie, this is not a good look. And it gets worse.

“Going forward,” Charlie slurs, “I am going to protect him.”

Still referring to his father, he declares: “And y’all aren’t stealing any of his money.”

A perplexed Elizabeth replies: “Nobody’s stealing anybody’s money.”

“This is my night, like, this is my night,” Elizabeth emphasizes to her inebriated brother.

She implores him: “Please, don’t ruin it.”

Charlie then walks away, vanishing into the crowd.

“They don’t pick the right place or the right time to do any of their bullsh–t,” Elizabeth expresses to her father.

“They have zero regard,” she laments.

“And,” Libby continues, “I just want to dance and have a good time.”

“I don’t want to do this right now,” Elizabeth says.

“Forget about it,” Chuck stresses to her. “Forget about it.”

It is his turn to plead: “Don’t let it ruin your evening.”

Reassured to some degree by her father’s words, she walks off and joins her husband, Andrei.

“A part of me worries that, what if my family never gets along with my husband?” Libby tells the confessional camera.

“Like, what if they always have this constant tension and drama and negativity?” she openly fears. “Like, what if it doesn’t end? I just … I don’t know.”

On the one hand, we can more than understand the root of her fears.

Andrei’s piss-poor attitude and his refusal to take generous job offers from her family have rubbed everyone the wrong way.

But her fears in this moment may be misplaced.

It sounds like Charlie’s conflict isn’t just about Andrei, but about Elizabeth herself, too.

He sounds insecure about his role in his family’s finances and resentful of what Chuck has spent on Elizabeth.

He is also, well, drunk. He’s not going to be drunk at every family gathering for the rest of time. At least, we assume not.

As for Chuck, he is actually Team Andrei at the moment, an almost unbelievable prospect.

He was praising Andrei’s behavior to his daughter and is clearly embarrassed by Charlie’s behavior.

This is all seemingly in the aftermath of Charlie’s confrontation with Andrei, so we take it from this that nobody got beaten up. That’s good.

Charlie confronts elizabeth potthast i wont let you steal dads m

Darcey Silva Confronts Florian’s Side Piece on Darcey & Stacey

We have all been asking if Florian Sukaj cheated on Stacey Silva … and the answer is looking grim.

In this teaser for Darcey and Stacey, seeking answers only leads Stacey to heartbreak.

Florian has moved from Albania to Connecticut.

His goal was to be with Stacey.

The way that this coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic means that, well, he’s not exactly going anywhere any time soon.

However, that is not to say that things have been smooth sailing for Florian and Stacey.

No one in her family trusts Florian.

Especially after the found photos of Florian with another woman on social media.

Even her father was initially skeptical of the photos, figuring that their must be an explanation if he’s posting them.

But when Darcey explained to him that no, the woman posted the cozy looking pics, he faltered.

Everyone wants answers — and Darcey wants to look out for her twin.

So, in this teaser for the rest of the season, Darcey reaches out to this woman over FaceTime.

“This is becoming a very, very draining situation,” she admits.

Darcey continues: “And I just want to know what happened.”

“Just keep it simple, honey,” Darcey asks of the woman at one point.

At this line, the woman hits back: “I am not your honey, OK?”

“And,” the woman declares, “it’s not my fault that Florian’s sugar want to taste my honey.”

Darcey is shocked, and asks: “Sugar?”

The woman’s metaphor is an odd one, but everyone understands her meaning — including Darcey.

Whether Florian sealed the deal or not is unclear, but it seems obvious that the woman is claiming that he wanted to bone her.

Stacey can be seen breaking down over this situation.

“What is happening right now?” she asks her twin through sobs.

Stacey confesses: “I want to believe him.”

Of course, it’s no surprise to anyone that Stacey is not the only Silva twin having trouble with her hunky boy toy.

“I’m too old to have to be worrying about other bitches,” Darcey expresses to Georgi.

In turn, he expresses frustration and clearly doesn’t want to talk about this anymore.

It’s then Darcey’s turn to have a breakdown in Stacey’s arms.

These trust issues betwen her and Georgi aren’t going away any time soon.

And Darcey looks to the future … and things are looking uncertain or even bleak.

“I want to build a life,” Darcey announces. “I want to build a future.”

It is hard to look forward to that when there is nothing but drama.

“I’m sick of it,” she expresses. “I’m f–king tired of it.”

Towards the end of the teaser, Darcey tells the camera that she has been harboring a huge and possibly dark secret.

“There’s one thing that’s come to the surface being in quarantine with Georgi,” Darcey confesses to the cameras.

She admits: “I haven’t said anything to anybody — not even you guys.” The teaser does not divulge Darcey’s secret, so we’ll have to watch to find out, and you’ll have to keep up with THG‘s coverage.

Stacey silva confronts woman who cheated with florian

Nicole Nafziger: Trust Me, Azan Really DOES Love Me!!

Once again, Nicole Nafziger is trying to clear up misconceptions about Azan.

This time, she’s explaining to fans why she gushes about Azan, but he never seems to post about her.

To say that 90 Day Fiance fans have a lot of questions about Nicole and Azan’s engagement is an understatement.

Some of them think that the romance is fake, or that Nicole is delusional, or that if she’s not lying to herself, she’s lying to them.

Questions are understandable, but sometimes commenters are downright mean. There’s no reason for that.

Some of the questions — both gently phrased and cruel — are about social media.

Nicole has posted a number of photos and even videos of herself with Azan, over the years and earlier this year during her trip to Morocco.

Azan (whose real name is Hassan M’Raouni) seems to use Instagram very differently.

Mostly, he posts thirst trapping gym selfies. And look, nobody’s complaining about this.

But the last time that he posted a photo of Nicole was in May of 2017.

Thirteen months later, he posted a throwback photo of little May, Nicole’s daughter.

Azan Tefou Instagram feed sample

Since then, his Instagram feed has been nothing but weights, biceps, and his gym-honed tiddies, as the youths would say.

While he’s not the most active Instagrammer, his latest thirst trap is from September 7. The previous two were both in August.

So why, fans want to know, is Azan only posting about his arms and not about his fiancee?

Nicole addressed this question very delicately in a Q&A in her Instagram Stories.

“There are people (men and women) who feel they don’t need to post pics of their significant other on social media to show love,” she begins.

“As long as he shows it to me,” Nicole states, “that’s what matters.”

“I’m a person who likes to post pictures and do the social media thing,” Nicole characterizes.

In contrast, she notes, “It’s not a big thing for him.”

“That doesn’t mean he loves me any less,” Nicole concludes.

Nicole Nafziger IG Q&A - why Azan doesn't post pics of her

Her characterization of how some people and couples operate is … not inaccurate.

Among those of us who are not reality stars, it’s very common to have an online brand that doesn’t include mushy “I love you!!!” posts.

However, because so many reality stars are very performative of any relationship that they aren’t keeping secret, it’s a surprise to many to see Azan not engage.

Others, wannabe “truthers” about Nicole and Azan, think that Nicole is lying to her fans — and possibly to herself.

Some of them think that she pays Azan for the meet-ups and photos that she shares.

While she has admitted to sending him money in the past (what Millennials do not regularly send money to friends and loved ones?), the idea that he’s her rented boytoy are a bit much.

Others think that Nicole simply shares old photos and that she and Azan have broken up.

Folks, the pics that she shared in March of this year, before going into lockdown, looked very authentic.

The photo quality, the way that Nicole looked and styled her hair, and more … none of that appeared to be a throwback in disguise.

The final theory is that Azan is “ashamed” of his relationship with Nicole and tries to hide it.

First up, her photo is still right there on his Instagram page, even if it’s not recent.

Second of all, do you know how many fitness models, influencers, and Twitch streamers play their romances low-key to avoid driving off horny fans? That seems like a simpler explanation.

Or, you know, there’s the explanation that Nicole has offered.

We’re not saying that no one is allowed to have questions about Nicole, or that anyone thinking that all of the love in the world isn’t worth it with a relationship with so many obstacles.

But Nicole’s answer seems reasonably plausible. Unless Azan says something different, Nicole would know better than, well, any of us why her relationship is like it is.

Larissa Lima Flaunts INSANE Transformation After 5 Plastic Surgeries

We have reported on Larissa Lima’s extensive plastic surgeries and on her brand new OnlyFans account.

Now, she is offering more detail on the surgeries, her motivation behind getting them, and her goals as a budding sex worker on OnlyFans.

Larissa has undergone five cosmetic surgery procedures.

In February, she received a nose job and a boob job, as was documented on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5.

Then, in August, Larissa received liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a fat transfer — losing just a few pounds from her midsection during an abdominoplasty.

Larissa Lima before photo 01 of 02

One pound of fat each went into her butt cheeks, but the transfer was not all that happened with ehr booty.

Dr. Lane Smith also included fillers and Sculptra in her butt.

Larissa is opening up about the procedures, her decision to undergo them, and of course her brand new OnlyFans account.

Larissa Lima updates fans on revenge porn case

Speaking to Life & Style, Larissa explains the extra ingredients that went into her butt.

“It’s kind of like fat transfer but it’s a different product they inject in the butt,” she shares.

Larissa clarifies: “It’s very safe, it’s not illegal, it’s hydrochloric acid.”

The reason that Larissa chose do undergo these surgeries only six months apart was so that she could get them out of the way and continue her work as an influencer.

“It was a little bit, ‘Right now, let’s do it right now, but I need to hurry because my job [is] on social media,’” Larissa explains.

“But now,” she declares, “I’m almost [fully] recovered.”

Larissa Lima before photo 02 of 02

Larissa is also wearing Bellami hair extensions.

“Now I have long luscious hair I can’t live without,” Larissa raves.

She is also reassuring fans who were worried after they saw her struggle to wake up after her February surgery.

Larissa Lima hears - Larissa, wake up for me

“The thing that you watched is a little tricky because [when you] wake up from anesthesia, [you] wake up like, ‘Uhhhh, where I am? What am I doing here?’” Larissa explains.

She adds: “They put a thing inside your mouth so they ask you, ‘breathe, breathe.'”

“So the show has some kind of drama, you know,” Larissa notes. 90 Day Fiance does love to make things look worse than they are.

Larissa Lima double-checks her boobs

“My bra size was 34A and now it’s 34 double or triple D,” Larissa announces.

Though she acknowledges that she had a hard time recovering from that operation, she adds: “I am very happy with the results.”

”When I went to Victoria’s Secret I could fit into double D or triple D but the one I chose was triple D,” she shares.

Larissa Lima - when I look like her, i will stop the surgery

In a similar yet opposite vein, Larissa enjoys that she has now gone down two pant sizes after her abdominoplasty.

As for why she went under the knife, Larissa shares: “The reason that I did it because as you know, I have a family in Brazil.”

“I have a boyfriend who is 28 years old and I am exposed daily on social media,” she adds.

“People have haters but the lovers, they ask you what procedures you use, what clothes that [you have] on,” Larissa notes.

“So, she reasons, “I want to look good for myself and to make money to send to Brazil and to make a living here.”

Additionally, having given birth to son Arry and daughter Luana, her abdominal muscles had separated and no amount of exercise could fix them — but surgery could, and now it has.

Larissa Lima IG - abdominoplasty psa

“We use filters and Photoshop all of the time,” Larissa says.

She shares: “I was using filters to make my waist look skinnier, so this surgery brings me freedom.”

All told, she reportedly spent over $70,000 on surgery … but Larissa is on track to recoup those expenses, and then some.

Larissa Lima - to be a perfect doll

$30,000 of that came in the form of a loan from Eric, as we all saw, because Larissa was not yet allowed to legally work in the US.

That changed when she got her work authorization and could then be paid — in particular, paid for doing Cameos.

Larissa reveals that she has raked in $50,000 in Cameo money to date, and saying of Eric: “I paid [him] back for everything.”

Larissa Lima models her future bust

Now, Larissa has added another revenue stream — just this week, she created her OnlyFans account.

“It’s going to be in addition to Cameo,” Larissa confirms.

“I don’t have time to always film for all the requests I have,” she shares, “so I want to be more like take a photo and post it, very quick and I’m done. I don’t need to interact, it’s very quick.”

Larissa Lima OnlyFans profile

“OnlyFans is a platform that people make a living, buying houses, buying cars,” Larissa observes.

She predicts: “I believe I’m going to be okay with OnlyFans.”

As for what inspired her to join a number of 90 Day Fiance castmates, including her boyfriend Eric, on OnlyFans, it dates back to her divorce party.

Larissa Lima - when I look at the blowup dolls (episode)

In early 2019, Larissa was thrown a divorce party at Crazy Horse III, a Vegas gentleman’s club, where she felt inspired by the sex workers who were working there as strippers.

“I started to realize, I understand their job as a sex worker, but I can do something softer and still make money,” Larissa recalls.

“Some of the girls have houses of one million dollars,” she adds.

Larissa Lima IG CamSoda stream ad 14 September 2020

Larissa continues: “So I say, ‘Wait, I don’t need to do [anything] pornographic, but I have [followers] on my Instagram [who are] kids, teenagers, grandmothers.'”

“‘Sometimes I want to take sexy photos, show myself feeling good,” she notes. “The OnlyFans can give me the money and the exposure too.”

Larissa once again emphasizes that she won’t be doing anything explicit, saying: “I want to be sexy but more high-end, like Maxim, everything is tasteful and I’m embracing my new look.”

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi: Living Together in the US?

Despite calling off the wedding countless times, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were married in Nigeria.

That was many months ago. Has Angela been able to secure a visa and bring Michael to the US?

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi kiss as wife and husband

On Sunday, September 13, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers watched Angela Deem marry Michael Ilesanmi.

The two were actually married on January 27, 2020 — nearly eight months earlier.

After three years, the pair got married in Nigeria … for better or for worse.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi wedding in Nigeria

Angela and Michael quickly began addressing realities and logistics.

First of all, Angela would soon be going back home to Georgia — disappointing, since things were going so well with Michael.

But they also spoke about plans to make it so that Michael can follow her ot the US.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi kiss

Angela and Michael first met on social media, where despite their age gap and some other factors like Angela’s politics, they fell for each other.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers watched their first meeting, as it was filmed.

This also meant that viewers could follow along as the couple faced heartbreak as their K-1 visa application was denied.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi cross arms and drink in crowns

We all watched Angela and Michael go to a local bar where, wearing crowns, they discussed what comes next.

“I’m ready to start the spousal visa right away, Michael,” Angela expressed, largely for the benefit of the camera.

“We wasted enough time with this K-1 and money,” she added. “It’s time for you to come home. I know this is your home, but our home.”

Michael Ilesanmi kisses Angela Deem through her veil

She is talking about the CR-1 visa, which allows the non-American spouse of a US citizen to legally enter the US.

The spousal visa confers permanent residency.

Generally, it is less likely to be rejected than the K-1 visa application … but it is by no means a sure thing.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi wedding poster

“Hopefully the Lord’s on our side,” Michael replied.

“You’ll get it within six to eight months is what I’m praying,” Angela stated.

“I pray too,” Michael added. “Let’s have faith and be positive and pray.”

Angela Deem smokes in her wedding dress

Unfortunately, it was not long before Angela received some truly heartbreaking news.

Her elderly mother, who had been in very poor health even before Angela headed to Nigeria, had been unresponsive at home.

Angela’s adult daughter called to inform her that her mom had been taken to the hospital and was now in the ICU.

Angela Deem mom - go get married or whatever

Just a little over a week after Angela’s wedding, her mother passed away.

It is unclear at this time if Angela had time to file for the CR-1 visa.

But as we all know, USCIS placed a hold on all visa applications and interviews when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US in March.

Angela Deem as the bride

On top of that, Angela’s beloved leader, Donald Trump, placed a ban on immigration from Nigeria.

This, part of his not-at-all-veiled efforts to appease his white supremacist base (and advisors) through what is effectively a Muslim ban, adds an additional hurdle to Angela and Michael’s hopes.

Perhaps this wait will give Angela time to seek therapy to address the toxic and verbally abusive way that she treats Michael. No one deserves to be spoken to or treated in such a manner.