90 Day Fiancé Shocker! Paul Reveals His Children With Karine Are In CPS Custody After Missing Persons Report!

90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle found himself in the center of some serious drama once again. As viewers know, Paul and his ex-wife Karine Martins have had plenty of ups and downs throughout their reality TV-generated relationship. Shortly after getting into a brutal fight that resulted in the police being called, Karine filed a […]

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Patrick Mendes Admits to Cheating on Thais Ramone: It’s in the Past!

On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Patrick Mendes left that nice house in Austin for his new home in Dallas.

Thais Ramone was less than happy with the move, mostly because John would still be living with them.

From the start, fans have been concerned about Thais, especially over her intrusive tracking of Patrick’s phone.

Now, however, we know why she went to such extremes to keep track of Patrick: he cheated on her.

In this sneak peek clip of Season 9, Episode 9 of 90 Day Fiance, Patrick Mendes gives Thais Ramone a gift.

It’s not a Christmas present, he says, but a welcome-to-America present: a new phone.

The phone does come with one caveat: he will not be giving her access to his location at every moment anymore.

Thais is very clearly less than pleased.

Though she is still going to accept the phone (he tells her that he could always refuse the gift), it feels almost like a trick.

Meanwhile, Patrick explains that the time of her tracking his location should now be over.

Patrick — along with some seemingly random bar patrons during his first episode — understood the desire to track him when she was in Brazil.

Now, though, she doesn’t have to guess when he’s asleep in his bed, because she’s in the same bed.

“This gives me a lot of anxiety, love,” Patrick explains to her.

“It feels bad when I’m with somebody and they’re the love of my life,” Patrick explains.

“And they don’t trust me,” he continues. “It doesn’t feel good.”

This is when Thais reminds Patrick that her concern about his faithfulness was not conjured out of thin air.

Thais notes that Patrick once gave her a reason to not trust him.

Patrick dismisses this as “in the past,” but she presses him to admit on camera why she is so concerned.

This is when he says that he simply “spoke to a girl” early in his relationship with Thais. But is that the truth of it?

But if all that he did was speak to another woman, then the only thing that he would have done with his mouth is, you know, form and vocalize words.

That is not the case, Thais says, since he hooked up with her.

Patrick objects, revising his story to say that all that they did was “kiss,” but a kiss is not talking, Patrick.

Patrick tries to do some mental gymnastics: “I think it’s different, like when you kiss a girl between have sex with a girl.”

One, hooking up is a deliberately vague (and downright inclusive) term that can mean everything from four-person shower sex to making out.

So, yes, they hooked up.

Two, you don’t generally get to decide that what you did physically with another person was not cheating.

You and your partner(s) set those boundaries together.

So, yes, it was cheating, even if some relationships wouldn’t consider a kiss to be cheating — that has nothing to do with Thais and Patrick.

Patrick is not taking this seriously, it seems, but Thais is clearly hurt.

On the one hand, she can’t and should not hold this over his head forever — either let him earn back your trust, or leave him.

At the same time, he needs to take her feelings seriously, even if that does not include her tracking his location anymore.

Patrick is a handsome guy who makes good money, so his behavior would have to be wildly out-of-line for the majority of 90 Day Fiance fans to dislike him.

(Case in point: Bilal and the Lifetime movie plot that he’s putting Shaeeda through)

But that doesn’t mean that Thais (who, as an attractive young woman with an accent, is baiting the fandom’s worst elements) is a bad guy, or even unreasonable.

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Deavan Clegg Explains GoFundMe for 3-Year-Old Taeyang’s Cancer Battle

Late last month, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Deavan Clegg revealed her son’s leukemia diagnosis.

Taeyang’s condition was only identified after Deavan repeatedly brought him to doctors until they could diagnose him.

Now, he is undergoing treatment (and not a moment too soon) and is said to have a good prognosis for recovery.

Deavan is raising money to go to her son’s care. She is also explaining to fans what the funds are for.

Deavan Clegg header (9 May 2022)

Less than a week after a GoFundMe for Taeyang’s healthcare was established, Deavan Clegg posted an update on Instagram.

“We are almost to $20,000 raised on gofundme in just 4 days,” she shared.

“The support for Taeyang has really touched us,” Deavan expressed. “Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.”

Deavan Clegg IG gofundme update, insurance explain

The GoFundMe, which has now crossed the $20,000 mark, was not created by Deavan.

Her mother, Elicia, created it to support her grandson’s care.

The goal is $50,000, meaning that they are less than halfway to the mark.

Taeyang GoFundMe 8 June 2022

As encouraging as Deavan’s update was, some had questions.

“Insurance pays for everything,” claimed one commenter, who asked: “So what is the Go Fund Me for?”

Deavan gently corrected the commenter: “Insurance does not cover everything.”

As many Americans traveling abroad have learned firsthand, most developed countries would charge someone little to nothing for a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

In the United States, even someone lucky enough to have a good insurance plan would still find themselves facing steep bills.

While there are charities entirely devoted to helping cover costs for children’s cancer treatments, the staggering and often artificially inflated numbers on hospital bills are daunting.

In late May, Deavan revealed that Taeyang had been diagnosed with “B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia just a few days ago.”

Deavan specified. “He has already undergone multiple procedures.”

“And,” she continued, Taeyang had “started chemotherapy treatment just two days ago.”

“This is every parents absolute worst nightmare,” Deavan acknowledged in her heartbreaking post.

“And I’m trying hard to stay strong for Taeyang, Drascilla, and my baby in my tummy,” she noted.

As we previously reported, Deavan is pregnant with her third child, by partner Topher Park.

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia can be fatal if left untreated for months or even for weeks.

Deavan’s trips to the hospital, being sent home with things like iron supplements, continued until she found an answer for her son’s sudden illness.

3-year-old Taeyang’s treatments are not, and will not be, easy, but his road to beating this is laid out before him.

Deavan Clegg was awarded full custody of Taeyang after a two-year, albeit one-sided, custody battle with Jihoon Lee.

Though Jihoon was demonstrably irresponsible and also under investigation for child-abuse, apparently the main reason that Deavan got custody was even simpler:

She was taking care of Taeyang and wished to continue to do so. Jihoon reportedly lost all interest in even communicating with his son, let alone seeking custody.

Fortunately, Taeyang has a strong support system with Deavan’s family, and with Topher.

Deavan even shares that her son “cries for” her boyfriend more than he does for her.

They have been together for nearly two years, which is the majority of Taeyang’s young life. We wish this family the best as they grapple with Taeyang’s health crisis.