90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Larissa Got Arrested (Again)

Sunday night’s new 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was a drama-filled doozy.

The biggest item was, of course, Larissa getting arrested for the second time for “domestic violence.”

Fans have been suspicious about this incident since it went down, and now viewers are getting to form their own opinions.

Chantel’s visit to Pedro continues to not go very well.

Paola is, bless her, losing her entire mind during this pregnancy, and Ashley is spiraling (with good reason) over Jay’s cheating scandal.

The hardest part to watch of the whole episode had to be Elizabeth and Andrrei, who keeps getting worse as the season goes on.

1. Colt and Larissa

Larissa lima and colt johnson in therapy
This time, the drama takes a serious turn, as fans witness the aftermath of a major blowout between this toxic couple.

2. Coltee has bad news

90 day fiance happily ever after 6 slash 16 slash 19 colt shares
“Larissa was arrested … again,” Colt tells fans. To those of us who followed this story as it was breaking last November, this is old news, but it’s still interesting to see the side of it that never made it to social media or police reports.

3. So what happened?

Larissa accuses colt 90 day fiance gif
Larissa and Colt had an argument after Colt had allegedly knocked over things in the living room. Larissa locked herself in the bathroom, and when Colt deactivated her phone, it sent her into a panic and she begged fans on social media to contact Colt to tell him to reactivate her phone (she was terrified). She could still access social media to plead for help. Someone called the police.

4. And yes, she was arrested

90 day fiance larissa colt fight 02
We know that sometimes, people think that reality shows stage arrests for drama. This really happened.

5. For what it’s worth, they made light of it just weeks later

Larissa and a police car
Yes, they shared this photo last November, AFTER Larissa’s arrest.

6. Debbie was absolutely horrified

90 day fiance happily ever after 6 slash 16 slash 19 debbie retu
Debbie had managed to stretch that umbilical cord far enough to leave on a trip. When she returned, she found the house damaged and the general aftermath of her daughter-in-law’s arrest. Colt was playing the part of concerned husband, and Debbie was furious.

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90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Meet Laura and Aladin!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is the newest 90 Day spinoff series, And TLC is helping to build the hype with sneak peek videos of the featured couples. 

Fans have already met Evelin and Corey. Now, they can get to know another The Other Way couple: Laura and Aladin.

TLC just featured the couple in a new sneak peak trailer, and this one is a doozy, folks.

The trailer first introduces us to Laura, a 51-year-old retiree from Toronto who now lives in Florida.

Laura lives with her 21-year-old son Liam, and the two seem to have a very close relationship. At the very least, it’s clear they love playing Bingo together. 

Laura instantly comes off as warm and likeable, and she seems to love her life in Florida. 

But we quickly find out that she’s about to leave her whole life behind to travel half-way around the globe and get married! So far, so good.

But then, the trailer introduces us to her fiance, and we had to take a moment because he is, well, not what we expected.

Aladin is a personal fitness trainer who lives in Qatar. He started “chit-chatting” with Laura over a year ago on social media, much to Laura’s surprise.

“I was just like, ‘Wow, he’s gorgeous,” she recalls. 

Well, she’s not wrong. This is the kind of guy whose every selfie gets the ‘eyes’ emoji from thirsty followers.

But we have to admit the two make a pretty unusual couple. What’s going on here?

“What is he looking at me for,” Laura wonders aloud.

Of course, Laura seems delightful and totally deserving of Aladin’s admiration! But, we see why she’d ask.

At age 29, Aladin is 22 years younger than Laura — and only eight years older than her son! Yikes.

That’s a significant age gap, but if they want to be together, Aladin and Laura are both more than old enough to make an informed, responsible decision about it.

Of course, “informed, responsible decision” is a very relative term on a show where people fly off to marry someone they’ve often never met in person.

Longtime 90 Day Fiance fans may be hearing alarm bells for a different reason.

Aladin is in Qatar but he is originally from Tunisia, just like the infamous 90 Day star Mohammed Jbali. 

Jbali too was a younger man who romanced an older American woman — to Danielle Mullins’ everlasting regret.

But, just as not all Americans are like Danielle, not all Tunisians are like Mohammed. And just looking at Aladin is enough to see that he’s a very different man.

And as the trailer shows us, Laura and Aladin already have a close, and totally charming, relationship.

We loved watching the satisfaction on Laura’s face while Aladin shows off his abs at her command.

“Are you going to be removing more clothes,” Laura asks him, definitely only half-kidding.

“Come on,” Aladin laughs back at her.

It’s an adorable exchange that had us hoping the camera crew would take a hike and give these two a moment.

It can be very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone you can only interact with over the internet. 

They live so far apart that even scheduling times to chat could be tricky because of the different time zones. 

But these two are certainly making the best of it. 

The trailer shows off a collection of selfies the two lovebirds have exchanged over social media, all with cute photo filters.

Laura explains that after a year or so of chatting, Aladin finally asked if she would like to come to Qatar and meet.

We know she took him up on the offer and the two have met in person. But we’ll have to tune into 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way to see how it goes down.

For the record, we hope it turns out just as sweet as this trailer.

We’ll be rooting for you Laura. For obvious reasons.

90 day fiance the other way meet laura and aladin

Colt Johnson Drops "Sexy" Hints: Does He Have a New Girlfriend?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? stars Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson are very divorced, and fans are relieved.

Larissa has moved on with her new boyfriend.

Despite allegedly being a nymphomaniac, Colt has been taking time for himself and spending time with his mom.

Except that ne now appears to have a special woman in his life.

At least, that’s what fans are assuming based upon a “very sexy” hint that he shared.

Take a look:

1. Colt Johnson has a girlfriend!

Colt johnson is content
At least, that is what fans are assuming based upon the “very sexy” content that Colt just shared on social media.

2. He and Larissa are done

Larissa and colt for 90 day fiance happily ever after
After Larissa’s last court date, she and Colt do not actually have to see each other again. Their divorce was finalized months ago.

3. Even their careers are no longer intertwined

Colt johnson shares larissa lima throwback selfie
It’s been weeks since they filmed the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All, so they likely won’t have to appear on camera together ever again — unless they choose to.

4. Colt’s been pretty single for a while now

Colt johnson art selfie
He did have one date, actually

5. Remember Coltee’s divorce party?

Samantha harris selfie
He and Larissa both held divorce parties at Crazy Horse III, a gentlemen’s club in Vegas. A woman named Samantha Harris “won” a contest to be Colt’s date.

6. She did not have a good time

Colt johnson is deeply frustrated
Eyewitness accounts described Samantha looking bored at best during Colt’s celebration. It probably didn’t help that he allegedly drank so much that his friends had to carry him out. (To be fair, it was his party!)

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Ashley Martson: 90 Day Fiance Star Enters Rehab

Just days ago, Ashley Martson was flaunting a mysterious new ring and having a grand old time.

But now comes a stunning announcement.

RadarOnline reports that Ashley going to enter rehab.

As you can see below, she seriously considered this tep and knows that it is for the best.

After her kids, her health has to come first.

See her reasoning below and you’ll understand that this brave choice was absolutely the right call.

1. Ashley Martson has been through so much

Ashley martson looks majestic
The public humiliations, one health crisis after another, and so much more have taken their toll, and Ashley is checking in to a mental health facility to cope. That is such a smart decision and we support her 100%.

2. Ashley is speaking about her brave choice

Ashley martson gazes into the distance
“At this time,” Ashley said in a statement to RadarOnline. “I’m focusing on my happiness and my future to better myself.”

3. She knows that a lot of people are rooting for her.

Ashley martson on 90 day fiance
“I appreciate the support from TLC,” Ashley affirmed. “And the audience of 90 Day Fiance.”

4. So when is she doing this?

Ashley martson
“Ashley is planning to enter rehab on Monday,” a source familiar with Ashley’s intentions shared.

5. What sort of facility is it?

Ashley martson instagram pic
“It’s a mental wellness retreat for women in North Carolina,” the insider reveals.

6. What is Ashley hoping to address?

Ashley martson bikini photo
According tot he source, Ashley is “depressed.â€�

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Larissa Lima: Did She Just Accuse Colt Johnson of Abuse?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Larissa Lima has been through so much during her relatively short time in the United States.

Now, she’s sharing pieces of information with fans on social media — passages about abuse.

Followers are alarmed and worried.

Is she just trying to educate fans about what she learned after her assault trial?

Or is Larissa exposing what really went down with Colt and why she’s so, so grateful to be out of that toxic marraige.

Take a look and decide for yourself:

1. Larissa Lima posted a callout

Larissa and colt
At least, that’s what it looks like to fans. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether Larissa is just trying to educate her followers … or inform them of what was happening behind closed doors.

2. Is this about Colt?

Larissa lima ig stories breaking the cycle of abuse
On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Larissa shared snapshots of her pamphlet on breaking the cycles of abuse.

3. Control is a form of abuse

Larissa lima ig stories control as a form of abuse
Larissa drew the attention of fans to certain parts of the pamphlet. She didn’t name her ex-husband, but to many, the implication seemed clear: she was calling out Colt for his behavior during their turbulent marriage.

4. She also editorialized

Larissa lima ig stories healthy communication self love
Larissa wrote about the importance of self-love over passages about healthy communication styles.

5. It’s no secret that there was some unhealthy communication

Larissa lima says who is against the queen will die
In addition to loud verbal fights, Larissa and Colt both spoke unkindly to each other and seemed to disregard the other’s feelings and dignity. Sometimes, viewers (yes, us included) gave Colt a pass on that because he spoke in a quieter voice.

6. She also clashed a lot with Debbie

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 larissa lima says colt should mediate
Debbie and Colt have a transparently dysfunctional relationship. Many believe that they are codependent. It was not surprising that she and Larissa argued, but the intensity of their animosity was a little alarming.

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Nicole Nafziger Reveals Partial Wedding Date to Azan Tefou!

If you talk to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans, you know that they have all sorts of strong opinions about Nicole and Azan.

Even though Nicole isn’t his sugar mama anymore, some still cling to the conspiracy theory that he’s just using her for money.

Others aren’t sure what to believe, except that they’re adamant that they shouldn’t get married.

(Yes, some critics of their marriage are thinly veiled body-shamers; yes, some others are racist or Islamaphobic; but others have real concerns)

Nicole dropped several hints recently that, when combined, revealed her plans for a summer wedding.

Now, Nicole is putting at least part of a date on those plans.

Take a look!

1. Nicole and Azan are still engaged

Azan tefou and nicole nafziger
Fans have howled and gnashed their teeth and Nicole’s family has done the same, but this engagement is moving forward … however slowly.

2. But when is the actual wedding date?

Azan tefou nicole nafziger and may
Over the weekend, Nicole shed some light on the exciting details.

3. Nicole and Azan have been doing this dance for a long time

Nicole nafziger may 16 q and a 11 90 year fiance
Fans have been calling it “90 Year Fiance” because they still haven’t gotten married. Even Nicole knows that it’s been a while. In fact, she knows better than anyone — it’s her life.

4. How long HAVE they been a (long-distance) couple, anyway?

Nicole nafziger q and a 3 and a half years
Just a little earlier this year, Nicole informed her fans that she and Azan have been together for three-and-a-half years. Some marriages don’t even last that long.

5. Some think it’s been long enough

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 nicole nafziger stepdad 02
Nicole’s family has expressed real concerns that Azan is just stringing Nicole along — maybe for money, maybe because he doesn’t want to admit that his family doesn’t approve.

6. Her stepdad is not mincing words

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 azan has no intention of marrying nico
Fun fact: this is not the correct pronunciation of the name “Azan.” It’s also not the right way to pronounce “Hassan,” his real name.

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Ashley Martson Flaunts Mysterious New Ring: WTF?!?

The marriage between Ashley Martson and Jay Smith is over, right?

After all, Ashley filed to divorce her cheating husband.

But in Ashley’s most recent Instagram photo, fans have spotted something interesting — and potentially alarming.

She’s wearing a conspicuous band around her left ring finger — a finger usually reserved for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Has Ashley found someone new already?

Or, worse, are she and Jay trying to make it work yet again?

April wasn’t the first time that she filed to divorce her cheating husband this year. Last time, she took him back.

Is history repeating itself? Read our post below to find out what Ashley revealed:

1. Ashley Martson is taking time for herself

Ashley martson enjoys the simple life and a ring
She uploaded this new photo to Instagram, tagging it “#simplelife #lake #nature.” It’s great to see her relaxing after all that this year has put her through.

2. But … what’s this?

Ashley martson mysterious new ring zoom
We’ve zoomed in a little for you — as much as we could without sacrificing image quality. That’s definitely a ring on Ashley’s finger. On her ring finger of her left hand, no less.

3. WTF?!?

Ashley martson pic
Ashley has been spotted with a couple of very hot guys in the almost two months since she went public with the demise of her marriage to Jay. But she said that they were just photos, and that she wasn’t dating anyone seriously.

4. She had a lot of healing to do

Ashley martson looks majestic
Ashley has lost months of her life trying to fix a marriage that was broken within days of the nuptials.

5. It’s not that she can’t find another man

Ashley martson bikini photo
Ashley is hot, has an entertaining personality, and doesn’t seem to be short on cash, either. Of course she can find any man she likes.

6. But …

Ashley martson gazes into the distance
Ashley needs time to heal and recover before she moves on from Jay.

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Larissa Lima’s Husband is a WHAT?!

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continues … and we’ll start off with that fight.

Larissa Lima confronted Coltee about living with Debbie, something that she says he had promised was only temporary. She doesn’t mince words, either.

Nicole’s family pleads with her to see Azan the way that they do, but she walks out of the room, refusing to listen.

Russ and Pao are dealing with pregnancy drama while Jay and Ashley shared very different versions of Jay’s Tinder scandal.

Chantel’s meeting with Pedro’s mom goes about as well as Andrei’s meeting with Elizabeth’s mom.

But Andrei does something that chills Elizabeth to her core, and viewers were scared, too.

1. Colt and Larissa

Colt johnson and larissa lima face each other
It looks like all of that TV therapy didn’t pay off, because this troubled couple went right back to fighting. After Larissa clashed with her sister-wife … we mean, mother-in-law … Debbie, Colt just stood on the sidelines and equivocated. Not helpful.

2. Larissa wants Colt to step up

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 larissa lima says colt should mediate
She feels that he should act as mediator when she and Debbie argue. Unfortunately, this leads Larissa to say some very unkind things.

3. 90 Day Fiance 9 June 2019 – Larissa says Colt is a p–sy

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 larissa says colt is a p sy
“You are a p–sy … I will make the shirt, ‘My husband is a p–sy,’â€� Larissa taunts Colt. “I’m not happy to live with Debbie because I can’t be Colt’s wife.” Meaning that Debbie acts as an emotional surrogate in so many ways, as many fans have observed.

4. Colt puts on his “I’m so reasonable” face

90 day fiance 9 june 2019 colt johnson adjusts his glasses
Colt tells Larissa that she should treat him with respect. Keep in mind that this was filmed before Colt’s massive cheating scandal in December, so he still had a leg to stand on in that regard.

5. Larissa was not happy

Larissa lima is unhappy
The way that she spoke to Colt was not okay, but her frustrations are understandable. At the same time, the dysfunctional relationship between Colt and Debbie means that neither of them are sure of what life would be like if they lived without each other.

6. Nicole and Azan

Nicole nafziger and azan tefou for 90 day fiance happily ever af
Nicole’s meetup, which should have been a sexy vacation, fell through under mysterious, Azan-related circumstances. So … what now?

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Sneak Peek: Pedro is Pissed to See Chantel

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? returns on Sunday, and it’s anyone’s guess whether Chantel and Pedro can make it work.

After the way the Pedro betrayed Chantel, she knew that she had to come see him for herself — over his stern objections.

In this sneak peek, we see her frosty reception at the airport. Oh dear. …

Chantel is on her way

“My parents think that it’s a bad idea for me to follow Pedro,” Chantrel candidly informs the camera.

She says that The Family Chantel is of this opinion “because Pedro’s family is not on good terms with me.”

That is a massive understatement.

“But,” she notes. “He’s mentioned starting a business … divorce.”

“Now,” Chantel expresses. “I’m feeling like I really need to go there and find out for myself what’s going on.”

Pedro jimeno chantel was coming no matter what

“I’m here in the airport in Santo Domingo,” Pedro narrates to the camera.

He explains that he is “waiting for Chantel because she’s coming today.”

“I feel so disappointed,” Pedro admits.

He feels disrespected “because we talk about this one, and I telling her that I need my own time in the Dominican Republic.”

Pedro wanted time “with my friend, with my family..”

“And she say, ‘No,'” he observes. “She say only, ‘I gonna come there.'”

Pedro jimeno once saw chantel as the most perfect woman

“I [brought] some flowers and a balloon for her,” Pedro explains to the camera. 

He says that he did so “because that’s the way I do it every time when Chantel comes to Dominican Republic before.”

“In the beginning,” Pedro recalls. “Chantel and me, I say, ‘I have the perfect woman in the world. I feel like heaven.'”

“But now it’s so different,” he laments.

“But, even though I’m disappointed with Chantel, that she coming,” Pedro emphasizes. “I want her to know that I love her anyways.”

Pedro jimeno i want chantel to know that i love her always

Pedro is admittedly sending some very contradictory signals when Chantel arrives.

His balloons say “Te quiero,” meaning I want you. It’s the Spanish-speaking equivalent of I love you (because te amo comes on way too strong).

But his intense resting b–chface is, well, frosty to say the least.

Chantel is all smiles when she sees her husband, but Pedro is cold and standoffish, turning his head when she tries to kiss him.

He barely says anything (on camerra at least) in terms of welcome, saying “hi” and “we can go?”

That’s … pretty harsh, dude.

Chantel everett has concerns

But even that unfeeling reception was apparently a positive sign in Chantel’s book.

“You really surprised me by showing up,” Chantel says with a smile.

“The fact that Pedro did bring me flowers and a ballon,” she says to the cmaera. “Makes me see a glimmer of hope.”

Chantel hopes that “he may want to put forth the same effort that I’m putting forth.”

But she makes it clear that making an effort with Pedro does not mean that she’s making an effort with his family.

Pedro jimeno sends mixed messages

“While I’m in the Dominican Republic, I’m not going to stay with Pedro’s mom and sister,” Chantel promises.

She explains that this is “because I don’t trust them with anything. I’m just going to leave it at that.”

That’s probably a smart decision.

That said, given the recent horrific news stories of hotel guests in the DR being assaulted and murdered, maybe The Family Pedro isn’t the worst option.


90 day fiance happily ever after sneak peek pedro is unhappy to

Nicole Nafziger: I’m Not Azan Tefou’s Sugar Mama Anymore!

There’s a lot of drama on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? No couple is immune.

But we absolutely love Nicole Nafziger and we applaud her for the way that she tunes out the haters.

Few stars in that franchise have had to defend their romantic choices for as long as she has.

Fans — even those who seem to really care about her — continue to concern troll her about her engagement to Azan Tefou.

Some think that he’s just scamming her, stringing her along so that she’ll send him money while he lives the easy life.

But this week, Nicole spoke out and made it 100% crystal clear that she’s not his sugar mama. Not anymore, anyway.

1. Is Nicole Azan’s sugar mama?

Nicole nafziger in huge sunglasses
Some fans have said, if not in so many words, that Nicole has sent too much money to her fiance, Azan. Others have said, in much less kind terms, that they think that Azan is only dragging out this farce of an engagement because he wants to keep the money coming. Nicole is SO tired of hearing this BS, and is here to set the record straight.

2. Nicole has spoken out a lot on social media

Nicole nafziger beautiful new haircut
“Y’all only see a TV show that is about my ROMANTIC life,” she reminded her followers on Instagram. “Not my ENTIRE life.”

3. She’s not a fool, she’s just in love

Nicole and azan affectionate
“I am not delusional. I am not ‘mental.’ Yes, I am all here,â€� Nicole affirmed after people suggested that she was disconnected from reality for believing that Azan isn’t just leading her on.

4. The love is mutual, folks

Azan tefou and nicole nafziger
“Crazy as it seems,” Nicole said, we imagine bitterly. “Azan loves me just as much as I love him.” Some pointed to the multiple canceled weddings and other issues as evidence to the contrary.

5. She deserves happiness

Nicole nafziger looks great
“Yes,” Nicole wrote. “I know I am worthy to be loved by someone who treats me well.” We have to say that we think that some of the appalling hate that Nicole receives is from people who don’t think that Nicole, who is beautiful, is worthy of love. That’s false — and heartbreaking. Clearly, some people think that Nicole is chasing Azan out of a lack of self-worth.

6. It’s not that she CAN get a man who loves her — she already has

Nicole and azan
“And,” Nicole insisted to her followers. “Azan is that man.” Some of her own fans have tried to urge her to find love elsewhere. Possibly even in the US.

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Jonathan Rivera: I NEVER Cheated on Fernanda Flores!

Now that Jonathan Rivera has reportedly signed divorce papers, ex-wife Fernanda Flores says that he’s dead to her.

Rumors about their marriage and breakup — including some wild, hurtful accusations — have circulated about this couple.

Jonathan says that he is tired of hearing lies about himself, and wants to set the record straight.

Jonathan Rivera has heard what fans and followers have been whispering about him, and enough is enough.

“To set the record straight,” Jonathan’s comment begins. “I never cheated on her.”

“I met my girlfirend months after our separation,” he shares.

It was only in May that Jonathan revealed his girlfriend on social media as the two shared a sexy, romantic cruise.

“I never ‘abused’ her,” Jonathan adds. “I never neglected her.”

Jonathan Rivera insists that he never cheated on Fernanda

“I gave her everything I had,” Jonathan writes.

“And,” he continues, he “treated her with nothing but respect.”

“I was patient,” Jonathan insists. “But knew it had to end when she showed me who she really was.”

Well, that is certainly ominous-sounding.

It is also intensely and frustratingly vague coming from someone who signed up to be a public figure and has no known NDAs in effect.

Jonathan makes it clear that he has heard enough rumors about how his marriage came to an end.

“I will no longer be responding to these outrageous allegations,” Jonathan affirms.

Once again, for those in the back, he repeats: “I have officially signed the divorce papers.”

He means that Fernanda is now out of his life, forever.

“I am happy,” Jonathan concludes. “And moving on with my life.”

Jonathan and Fernanda broke up in December of last year.

So much remains (frustratingly!) unclear about their split, but they had a bitter argument.

According to Jonathan, Fernanda said things to him that he didn’t feel that he could ever unhear or that she could truly take back.

He also cited Fernanda’s desire to live in a city, rather than in Lumberton, as a factor behind their marital friction.

It has been said on social media that it was “common knowledge” that he cheated on her, but Fernanda has never actually made that accusation.

Fernanda has said a lot of other things, however.

Just this week, and notably only after Jonathan had signed his divorce papers, she accused him of not being as wealthy as people assume.

She said that he owes more to the government than he makes.

Fernanda emphasized that she was not trying to defame or degrade her ex-husband, and that she took no pleasure in dragging his name through the mud.

Instead, she said that she was simply tired of being viewed as a gold digger and wanted to clear the air.

But she also said that he was dead to her. There’s no love lost between these two. Not anymore.

Jonathan responded to Fernanda’s posts by suggesting that he’d see her on his next vacation in Mexico.

He met her while on vacation in Mexico City, and it seems obvious that he was trying to imply that she would be deported.

However, as we have already reported, Fernanda posted a celebratory update about her legal residency back in April.

She even recommended an immigration attorney to others. So … it’s not clear if she’ll actually leave the US any time soon.

For now, we’re just a little disappointed in them both. Not for breaking up, but for not handling it as well as they might have.

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno: Are They Still Married?

Fans and viewers of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? watched in horror as Pedro betrayed Chantel during his indefinite visit to the DR.

What was already a bad situation got worse, and fans have been wondering if they’re together or if they have finally divorced.

Despite contractual obligations to keep certain things a secret, Chantel has been dropping major hints about her current relationship status.

In a recent photo, Chantel Everett looked cute in a dress in a kitchen in Ecuador.

“In the ‘kitchen of your life’, you have a choice as to what ingredients you want to use to build yourself up,” Chantel quoted in the captions.

She attributed the quote to Selorm Betepe Alfred.

In another photo, she pet an extremely good dog.

“Akita is one of my favorite dog breeds,” Chantel wrote. “I had 2 growing up named Tsunami and Petra R.I.P.”

Chantel expressed that she “was grateful to be able to pet one on my walk in Ecuador.”

Chantel is helping at-risk folks in Ecuador for her medical Spanish certification and nutrition elective for Nursing.

Aside from showing Chantel’s cultural experiences, what do these two photos have in common?

Well, for one thing, Pedro is nowhere to be seen in the pics.

But for another, Chantel is bending over backwards to make sure that her left ring finger is prominently displayed in both pics.

And on that finger? We still clearly see her wedding band. Here, we zoomed in for you.

Chantel Everett wedding band closeup split June 2019

Now, some people continue to wear their wedding bands even when they are no longer married.

Some people’s fingers just feel naked without them. Some are still holding onto hope of reconciliation.

A stunningly beautiful woman like Chantel might wear a ring just to ward off creepy dudes who have more respect for an imaginary husband than they do for her.

But given that she is posing with the ring in photographs that she herself is uploading, none of those explanations fit.

She’s either dropping hints that she and Pedro are still together, or she’s trying to trick followers into believing that their marriage endures.

Our guess? Pedro remains a member of the family Chantel.

Why is their relationship so in doubt that Chantel may be risking breaking her NDA to shout the truth to the world?

Well, fans very recently saw footage from last year in which Pedro visited the Dominican Republic for an indefinite stay.

(Pedro left Chantel behind; most people would call that a trial separation)

He unwisely allowed his friends to remove his ring, and then he started drinking.

Pedro had a lot of fun. Too much fun, in fact.

Different couples have different boundaries, but it’s hard to imagine Chantel being okay with the way that Pedro danced with Coraima.

Now, some dirty dancing is not the same as sex — anyone who isn’t a school dance chaperone or an old-timey preacher can see that.

But Pedro was breaking marital boundaries, flirting with a girl who’s crushing on him, and being encouraged by his sister who loathes his wife.

That’s a sign that things are seriously wrong in a marriage.

Now, maybe Chantel and Pedro have thoroughly patched things up since then.

We hope so. Although …

… We very selfishly hope that they haven’t laid all of the drama to rest.

After all, as was announced earlier this year, Chantel and Pedro are getting their very own spinoff series: The Family Chantel.

Chantel’s family is wary around Pedro ever since the brawl last year.

Pedro’s family doesn’t like Chantel and isn’t shy about making it known.

We hope to see that and more in on this new spinoff.

That said … maybe one Chicken Feet Incident is enough. That doesn’t need a repeat.

Ashley Martson: Jay’s Mistress Was Just Another Victim of His Lies!!

Ashley Martson may still love Jay Smith on some level, but their marriage is over. It’s for the best.

He cheated on her — using Tinder right after their wedding, and again later during their marriage.

And based upon what Ashley has said on social media, that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

But she has, on screen and on social media, expressed a lot of anger towards the women who were on the receiving end of Jay’s extramarital affections.

Now, Ashley has wisened up. She’s no longer crusading against “homewreckers.”

In a new post, Ashley declares one of Jay’s alleged “other women” as being innocent.

1. Ashley is laying the blame where it belongs

Jay smith and ashley martson for 90 day fiance happily ever afte
We’ve seen Ashley, on social media and on screen, express her fury at Jay’s mistresses. In a new Instagram Story, Ashley tells her fans that she no longer feels that way.

2. Ashley and Jay are over

Ashley martson reveals that jay smith cheated again
On April 15, Ashley took to Instagram to accuse Jay of having screwed up yet again … and to gloat about his likely deportation.

3. They broke up

Ashley martson april q and a larissa revealed the breakup
Larissa didn’t announce, technically, that she and Jay had split. Larissa did it for her.

4. Who was Ashley to deny it?

Larissa lima any who is against the queen will die
Real talk: we’re not sure if that’s usually a safe way to get around an NDA, but fans still have enough questions about Jay’s cheating to keep watching the show to find out what happened.

5. Jay cheated again

Ashley martson divorce 20 doc 05
Ashley didn’t just insinuate it on social media — she put it there, in writing, on page 5 of her divorce filing.

6. Ashley’s fury didn’t just extend to Jay

Ashley martson homewrecker caption
After the word was out, she took aim at his alleged mistress, accusing her of being a homewrecker. That is, of course, not a thing — Jay could be accused of it, but a third party cannot be blamed for the end of their marriage.

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Paul Staehle and Karine: 90 Day Fiance Couple Fight on Instagram Live

Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle are the only familiar couple on this first season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Unfortunately, some of their antics in real time — as in, over the past few days — have been a little too familiar for the comfort of fans.

The two had a vocal fight on Instagram Live, where Karine accused Paul of “going crazy.” Where was their baby during this?

Karine staehle selfie with husband paul

On Sunday, Karine Staehle went on Instagram Live to broadcast a fight.

According to witnesses who caught the video — only a fragment of which was recorded — there was a lot of “fighting and screaming.”

As 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates notes on Instagram: “Usually I don’t fall for Paul’s attention seeing drama, but she tells me it was pretty intense.”:

“Karine went live on her account without Paul’s knowledge,” Yates describes. “Where he was saying that she was drinking alcohol and packing her things.”

There was a dispute over the packing of bags and, eventually, Karine began speaking in Portuguese.

Paul and karine staehle on instagram

Fans responding to the Instagram Live were, as always, begging Karine to leave Paul.

“She was crying and visibly shaking while talking to him while his head was poked through the door,” John Yates describes.

“There was a loud sound and then the live ended,” he notes. “Not before Paul reprimanded Karine for breaking NDA.”

At some points during the video, Paul appeared to be speaking, in English, to someone outside of the room.

A small mercy is that their baby, Pierre, was nowhere in sight — though that just raised more questions.

Karine staehle instagram live fight with paul fan explains

The good news is that some of the people who caught the Instagram Live spoke Portuguese.

As one fan notes, apparently Karine said that she returned from a sleepover at her parents’ home, only for Paul to allegedly go crazy.

It looks like they’re both accusing each other of having made a mess out of the packed up luggage.

Baby Pierre was said to be still at her parents’ house.

John Yates notes that he reached out to Paul, who said that “things weren’t good and that Karine is with her parents.”

Karine staehle instagram live fight with paul john yates update

We have a strong suspicion that Paul and Karine may have been filming for 90 Day Fiance.

Yes, they are currently on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, though this latest episode may explain why they were packing to go to the US.

That would explain why Paul was speaking in English to people in the other room, and why he mentioned Instagram Live and the NDA.

It’s June — last year, during this month, original recipe 90 Day Fiance was filming.

Maybe Paul’s family finally decided to help him sponsor Karine to come to the US?

Karine and paul staehle

So, as you may recall, Paul’s original plan was to go to Brazil, be with his much younger bride, and bring her back to the US to live.

That didn’t work out, in part because Paul didn’t have the cash to cover the K-1 visa process for Karine.

Instead, the new plan was for him to remain in Brazil and just live with Karine and their baby, Pierre, together.

Except that, on the latest episode, we found that his bid for residency was denied — on the grounds of “terrorism.”

Paul was very upset over the unexpected denial and the unexplained charge.

Paul staehle

We think that we can explain that.

See, Paul had a criminal history long before he ever came to Brazil.

Specifically, he committed arson back in 2007. In fact, when last we checked, he’s still on “shock probation” and will be until April 2020.

Then, in 2013, Paul was arrested for violating a protective order — which is a huge red flag.

The order may have been issued over domestic violence concerns.

Paul’s long history of throwing up red flags left and right has led many 90 Day Fiance fans to hope that Karine takes baby Pierre and runs.

Maybe this huge fight that the two had in public mark the end of their relationship. But … we won’t hold our breath.

Paul staehle and karine fight on instagram live is it over