Julia Trubkina Skewered by 90 Day Fiance Fans Over Judgmental Tell All Comments

Throughout Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, Julia Trubkina was a fan favorite.

She’s funny, her story is sympathetic, she’s beautiful, and in many ways she was very relatable.

But attitudes changed dramatically with some of Julia’s comments at the Tell All.

Did 90 Day Fiance give Julia a flattering edit to trick fans into liking her?

Julia Trubkina reveals she is partially at fault for living situation

Julia had an uphill battle all season long, struggling with Betty, with Ron, and even with Brandon.

Betty and Ron laid down disrespectful, inexcusable “house rules.”

And, as later revealed was to take on some of Brandon’s farm labor, Julia had to feed animals.

Julia didn’t come here to be a farmhand, and Brandon already had a full time job.

This made her in-laws the bad guys.

More than once, Brandon did Julia dirty — like not warning her about their sleeping arrangements.

Even so, the two of them were married, and fans were happy for them.

Their nuptials were heartwarming, especially under the grim pandemic circumstances.

And fans had been charmed all season by Julia’s positive attitude and great sense of humor.

Then came the Tell All, a time for the stars to stand up for and sometimes even redeem themselves.

Somehow, Julia managed to do the opposite.

For a perplexing reason, she chose to be intensely judgmental of anyone getting cosmetic work done.

Julia Trubkina - if you want look better just go gym club

Sometimes people have private thoughts that are, well, bad, and the good sense to not share them.

Not Julia, who shared her judgmental and frankly unscientific point of view repeatedly.

Exercise cannot get rid of wrinkles, cannot absorb excess skin, and in many cases, has its limits for weight loss alone.

Julia Trubkina - people just like more lazy

Exercise also cannot give someone a nose that they want to see or make many other changes.

Even after being called out by others, including her friend Yara Zaya, Julia continued.

She condemned people making these choices about their bodies as “lazy” and objected that it’s “not natural.”

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

Death, cancer, and aging are all natural.

That doesn’t make them desirable, or unnatural things bad.

Unfortunately, the months since the Tell All was filmed haven’t softened her tone.

Julia Trubkina IG - why she'll never need cosmetic surgery

Julia doubled down on her claims, clapping back at fans after the Tell All Part 1.

She said that no, she’ll never get work done, because her mom hasn’t.

That’s just fine … but the core issue was her being judgmental. Julia’s body is her choice.

At the Tell All Part 2, Julia started off fine (and had some genuinely good moments).

Then she seemed bewildered and possibly even scandalized in a surprisingly naive way.

She was not the only one who was inappropriately judgmental of Tarik and Hazel’s polyamorous throuple goals.

Julia Trubkina - all together three have sex?

Simple naivete is surprising, but fine, and maybe understandable from someone from Russia.

Despite her history of working at nightclubs, Russia has a very different (read: worse) culture about sex.

However, Julia appeared to be visibly judgmental of Tarik and Hazel. That’s not okay.

Julia Trubkina is visibly judgmental once again

Things got even weirder when the discussion turned to Mike and Natalie.

Julia, alongside Yara and even Rebecca, was flat out wrong about friendships between men and women.

Unlike Yara, who spoke only of her personal preference, Julia spoke boldly of men and women never needing to be friends.

Julia Trubkina - woman and man be friend

It may be that more of Julia’s previously hidden dark side will come out on Happily Ever After?

We don’t know if she’s going to body-shame or surgery-shame anyone.

But certainly, the teaser makes it clear that she’ll take issue with Brandon’s friend being a girl.

HEA Season 6 tease - Julia Trubkina feels excluded

Whether that’s an insecurity or a cultural difference, it’s something that Julia needs to outgrow.

In the mean time, did none of this weird, judgmental side of Julia really come up on her season (except in Episode 2)?

Or did the network give her a flattering edit because it made for a better narrative and, hey, they liked her?

Big Ed Brown and Liz: Still Together After The Single Life?

90 Day Fiance fans endured watching Big Ed Brown begin to date again on The Single Life.

The franchise villain had set his sights on a woman almost exactly half his age.

Things ended up going shockingly well for Ed on the show.

But … are they still together?

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown tries to kiss

Big Ed Brown is 55. Liz is 28.

That may sound young, but it makes her much older than Ed’s ex.

Liz works at a manager at Ed’s “favorite” local restaurant in San Diego.

Liz is a single mom. She has a young daughter.

She considered Ed to simply be her friend for a long time.

But to Ed, she was exactly his type: the hottest 20-something in the room.

Ed Brown on 90 Day Bares All

Ed eventually asked Liz out for a date.

She was stunned, but did agree to go with him.

It hadn’t occurred to her that he would try hitting on her.

Three dates later, Ed asked Liz to be his plus one to a friend’s wedding.

Liz said yes, and the plan was that they would sleep on separate beds at the hotel.

However, like in a billion pieces of all-too-realistic fanfiction, the hotel could only offer them a room with one bed.

Liz was reluctant at first but then she went with it.

“Last night was off the charts,” he gushed to the camera. “We started snuggling. And we started to kiss.”

“And she is so beautiful and soft and caring,” Ed raved. “She’s a giver.”

90 Day The Single Life Ed Brown - what kind of person?

“OK so, we made love all night. We did it about twice,” Ed announced.

“Liz’s body is amazing. It’s like a surreal dream,” he described.

“It’s just like, it was incredible. Like, incredible,” Ed rambled.

“I’ve never had anyone take over and make love to me in my life,” Ed claimed.

“It will go down in Big Ed history as, yeah, as the event,” he proclaimed.

“I’m just hoping that every time it’s gonna be like that,” Ed expressed hopefully.

“It was really good. It was a good night,” Liz said for her part.

“I had to teach him how to kiss,” she said.

“So I feel like I have to train him to do a lot of things,” Liz added, “but we laughed about it.”

The next day, Ed asked Liz the modern equivalent of whether she wants to “go steady.”

“So, I might as well talk about this now,” he began.

Ed told her: “I think we’re going to look like a couple.”

“I would like to introduce you as my girlfriend at the wedding,” Ed shared.

He then asked the big question: “And so, will you be my girlfriend?” 

“I’ll be your girlfriend just at the wedding,” Liz joked. “I’m just kidding, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

Ed almost sacrificed his relationship with his daughter, Tiffany, while pursuing Rosemarie Vega.

This time, he wanted Liz and Tiffany to meet early on, traveling to Vegas to do so.

Liz worried that it was too soon … and honestly, that Tiffany being a year older would make things weird.

“I just wasn’t prepared for the daughter comment,” Liz told the camera.

“Like I don’t need bad vibes if that comes out, not saying there’s bad vibes,” she quickly corrected.

Liz added: “Just, I know we’re close in age and everything like that.:

“It’s just nerve-wracking and I’m just anxious,” Liz said.

She explained “because I don’t think that should have been brought up just yet.”

That’s a very fair way to feel.

“Liz lights up my world and I’m realizing that she’s who I want to be with forever,” Ed expressed to the camera.

“But if Liz and I are going to work out, she needs to get along with my daughter,” he emphasized.

Ed then affirmed: “So I hope Liz agrees to meet her or it’s possible it’s not going to work.”

So, are Ed and Liz together?

Ed, per his NDA, has not shared photos of Liz on his social media.

LIz’s Instagram is private, but reads “My [red heart emoji] is taken!” in her bio. That sounds promising!

90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 2 Recap: DID Mike Youngquist Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva After All?

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is officially, completely over.

After Part 1 of the Tell All last week, there were still loose ends to tie up.

Most notably, the show had to delve into Amira and Andrew’s drama.

This wasn’t just past drama.

When Andrew wasn’t allowed to direclty confront Amira, he stormed out … and did not return.

Then, Tarik and Hazel spoke about their marriage and plans for the future.

Tarik very rightfully schooled some misunderstandings (and let’s be honest, bigotry) about his polyamorous marriage.

However, he also revealed that he and Minty had spoken earlier that day.

(As Amira’s dad would say, “you do the mistake again!”)

Then, Natalie has long harbored suspicions that Mike cheated with his friend Sarah.

More than once, she has insisted that it’s true.

Finally, fans get to hear from Sarah.

1. We start where we left off

Amira lollysa then he leaves ehh good
Part 1 ended with Andrew’s dramatic exit, one that was slightly spoiled by him turning around and asking if he can get a ride back to his hotel. Amira had said that she didn’t want to speak directly to Andrew, and when production asked Andrew to step away while she spoke and return with his side after, he stormed off in a huff. That works just fine for Amira.

2. Amira does not want to speak to him

Amira lollysa i dont want to see him
Like so many people who have had bitter breakups, she doesn’t want to face her ex. But it’s more than that — she has described verbal and emotional manipulation (and possibly verbal and emotional abuse) and does not want to be subjected to it again.

3. It’s a complicated situation

Julia trubkina and im so sick about him now
Julia feels exactly as Andrew likely wanted people to feel — sympathy for him because he wanted to tell his side.

4. Rebecca has a different perspective

Rebecca parrott points out that andrew only attended to confront
She says that she heard Andrew say, before his departure, that his only reason for attending was to confront Amira. That, to her, seemed alarming — considering that he and Amira were formerly in love.

5. Meanwhile, outside …

Andrew kenton refuses to come back if he cant confront amira
Andrew is in the car but hasn’t departed yet, and he says that he adamantly refuses to come back in and share his side of the story unless he gets to directly confront Amira (through the screen) face-to-face.

6. This is relayed to Shaun

Shaun robinson lets everyone know that andrew isnt coming back
Probably a good reminder that Shaun, while excellent at what she does, is told which questions to ask, when to move on, and when to press people for more details. In this case, the producer in her ear tells her, and she tells the cast, about Andrew’s decision to stay put outside.

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Stephanie Davison Defended by Friends: She’s Not a Pill-Popping Cougar! 90 Day Fiance Lied!

While the members of the other couple were participating in the Tell All, one star was very absent.

Stephanie Davison gave her own Tell All at home, unable to attend because she is suing TLC.

Her video was a rebuttal to her entire portrayal on the show, as we reported.

She also has a slew of direct and character witnesses prepared to tell the world that what they saw was a lie.

Stephanie Davison speaks to the camera about Belize

Stephanie had a tremendous amount to say in her own defense.

She had dumped Ryan Carr, she shared, in August before her Belize trip when he demanded more money.

She described how production had pressured her for days to get back with Ryan and film the rest of her season.

Stephanie Davison cougarcore fashion

Additionally, Stephanie shared why she had contacted Harris Flowers.

That had been, she explained, just to give her enough footage to film the rest of her season.

Obviously, after the sexual assault, she was not going to film with Ryan any further.

Stephanie Davison explains why she's single (bad dad)

One of the ways that production encouraged Stephanie to stick with the show was the fame angle.

Fame can be monetized, especially for someone who is already a successful business owner.

According to Stephanie, she did triple her weight loss clinic business after appearing on the show.

Stephanie Davison lounges beside her cat

However, she says that a team of “complete liars” reframed her time on the show.

She says that they’re behind the “fabrication” that she is “controlling.”

Additionally, she says that it’s only editing and her medical crisis at the time that made her look like she has a “substance abuse” problem.

Stephanie Davison totally boned Ryan Carr's cousin Harris

Pam is Stephanie’s medical assistant. Viewers even saw her on the show.

She spoke to the camera about how, right from “the get-go,” things were less than authentic.

Pam recalls being repeatedly told to “stop and reword that” by producers during filming.

Stephanie Davison shares how much she supports Ryan, his family

Additionally, Pam noted that producers would ask the same questions “over and over again.”

“They seriously were almost trying to trick you into saying things that you didn’t want to say,” she noted.

That is very standard for reality TV. Producers ask leading questions and refilm things to get what they need.

Stephanie Davison hula hoops wearing UV glasses

Of all of the footage that Stephanie’s coworkers, friends, and family filmed, only about 3 minutes aired.

They filmed for seven to eight hours.

Reality TV leaves much, much more on the editing room floor (metaphorically speaking) than anyone ever sees.

Stephanie Davison cousins in a state of shock

Fans also remember Shannon, who appeared alongside her sister on the show.

She shared that she and the others were constantly reminded to speak about Ryan.

Specifically? They were prompted to share any suspcions that they had about Ryan wanting Stephanie’s money.

Stephanie Davison cousin Shannon

Shannon says that they were also asked about the kind of men whom Stephanie dates.

The point of these questions was to portray Stephanie as a “cougar.”

According to Shannon, they were supposed to look unhappy and suspicious about Ryan every time that they appeared on camera.

Stephanie Davison has issues with Ryan, his family

They also, of course, delved deep into Stephanie’s portrayal.

Everyone in her life shot down the claims that she’s an alcoholic or a pill popper.

In fact, there’s a very believable explanation for why Stephanie behaved and acted as she did in Belize.

Stephanie Davison enjoys being told what she wants to hear

First, Stephanie was filming for hours and hours and hours.

A 15-hour day of filming is grueling at any job, but extremely exhausting on camera.

But that was not the only factor that turned Stephanie’s glasses of wine into alarming behavior.

Stephanie Davison clinks her glass with Harris

As we know, Stephanie was bitten by hundreds of sandflies during her time in Belize.

She had a bad reaction and was taking antihistamines to treat them.

Did you know that combining antihistamines and alcohol is contraindicated? It is. 

Stephanie Davison tries to talk her cat into accepting Harris

So Stephanie’s slurring her words and seeming to nod off and look blitzed wasn’t what it appeared.

Many fans think that, no matter what was going on, production should have stepped in and gotten help.

It is frankly a relief to hear this (very believable) medication interaction explanation. 

Stephanie Davison torches Ryan Carr's visa application

This also could explain why Stephanie did not seem at all under the influence during her scenes filmed in Michigan.

Similarly, she seemed just fine when she first arrived in Belize.

Sure, some people do drink excessively on vacation, and that’s their business. But the antihistamine angle makes sense.

Syngin Colchester: I Busted My Ankles & Almost DIED Alone in the Woods!

One serious ankle injury can ruin your life for weeks or months. Two can be even worse.

Two while you’re all alone in the middle of the woods, miles from the exit of a national park?

That potentially deadly scenario is exactly what happened to Syngin Colchester this week.

90 Day Fiance fans are grateful that their favorite himbo is alive, but he has a long recovery ahead of him.

A week ago, Syngin Colchester embarked upon an exciting solo trip.

He was going down and up the east coast.

That he was going alone, without his wife Tania Maduro, caused a stir among fans.

“Howzit everybody,” he wrote in early April.

“I am leaving on a road trip alone,” Syngin announced.

“And,” he shared, “I am planning on having a blast and going down south..”

“It feels like a dream come true,” Syngin expressed at the time.

“And plus,” he added, “there are no cameras following me.”

Syngin posted his planned route for his fans and followers.

“Let me know if there are place I must see and things that are a must to do down south,” Syngin asked.

“Also I am down to hang with anybody,” he shared. (During a pandemic?)

He invited fans and followers to “just dm me and let me know.”

“I am sure we can get up to some fun stuff,” Syngin wrote.

“I will be camping at state parks along the way,” he revealed.

Syngin observed: “There are so many beautiful state parks in america.”

“And I just paid $75 for 4 days and 3nights hahaha magical..” Syngin wrote.

He expressed: “I just want to be in the wild.”

“I will also be doing covid test on a regular basis just to be safe,” Syngin assured his followers.

One of Syngin’s most recent stops was Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

It would also turn out to be the final fun, outdoorsy stop on his journey.

As you can see in the accompanying video, compiled from shorter videos that Syngin uploaded, it was a disaster.

“I am at the hospital now waiting for my xrays…” Syngin captioned the set of videos.

“Make sure to watch all the videos..” he asked his followers.

“There was no signal on the mountain,” Syngin described, “nobody left..”

“I had to climb my way to safety with 2 sprained ankles, it was so painfull” Syngin shared.

He admitted: “I was a screaming in pain.”

“I was scared because there was Nobody left to help I called for help there was nobody,” Syngin lamented.

“It was me and only me that could get my self out of that mountain to safety…” Syngin described.

“Then,” he shared, “the park rangers found me at the top by the waterfall”

“..thanks sooo much @shenandoahnps they were very helpfull and kind..” Syngin expressed with gratitude.

“I will let you all know what the doctor says…” Syngin promised.

He feared: “This might put a end to my trip.”

His prediction, as he revealed in a subsequent post, turned out to be correct.

“I cant believe this!!!! I think my trip is over..” Syngin wrote.

“Well I cant go home because I cant drive haha..” he admitted.

“So,” Syngin confessed, “I dont know what i am going to do.”

“But everything happens for a reason in life,” Syngin expressed.

“And,” he vowed, “I will take this chance to see why and for what this all happend…”

“Maybe something else was going to happen or to show me something,” Syngin mused.

“But I will keep keeping on even if I have to watch @discovery and @natgeo for 6 weeks to get my nature in hahaha,” Syngin wrote.

This is one of the most Syngin Colchester things that we have ever seen.

He’s had a wrist brace. Tania’s and his brother have both had their legs in gear. It’s part of their vibe.

For no reason at all, I am leaving the definition of a “himbo” here.

If you choose to connect that definition to Syngin, that’s totally your business.

We wish Syngin a swift recovery.

Syngin colchester i busted my ankles and almost died alone in th

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva Engagement Video Stuns Fans: What Went Wrong?

90 Day Fiance fans have placed a lot of scrutiny on Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva’s wedding mess.

But while they are now separated, Mike and Natalie were once head over heels in love with each other.

Thinking back to how much love these two once had for each other, some fans wonder what went wrong.

Others, having seen their toxic relationship, wonder what went right.

Recently, fans were thinking back to an old video of Mike and Natalie.

This was from their engagement, when Mike proposed to Natalie.

The two of them filmed a video in front of the Eiffel Tower, using that unbecoming eyesore as a backdrop for their love.

Fast forward a few years and Mike and Natalie are separated.

It’s February of 2021 and they’re on camera but forced to pretend that they’re still together to not spoil their upcoming season.

But even so, they’re not even speaking at lunch while filming the Tell All. It’s so bitter.

So how did things start?

Mike’s best friend, Matt, dated a woman in Ukraine.

That woman, Svetlana, happened to be Natalie’s best friend.

Matt and Svetlana introduced the two of them.

At first, Mike was so nervous that he was afraid to message Natalie.

She’s a beautiful woman and he worried that she was out of his league.

Things started like most couples start these days — with talking online.

Mike flew out to Ukraine to meet Natalie.

By the end of the trip, he was certain that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Natalie.

That trip to Ukraine included a trip to Paris (the European Union makes international travel very easy).

There, in front of the hideous unfinished scaffolding that is the Eiffel Tower, they documented their love.

And that is where Mike proposed to Natalie. So sweet!

But, on paper, the two had some major differences.

Natalie is a city girl, who — like many of us — associates a small house in the middle of the woods with horror movies.

Mike lives in a small house in the middle of the woods because it’s family land, even if it means a lengthy commute.

It’s unclear how aware they each were of each other’s, shall we say, dietary preferences.

That can matter for relationships more than some people might think.

Mike is a meat and potatoes guy, as they say. Natalie eats chopped carrots for breakfast.

Natalie also doesn’t drink often, which was also a surprise to Mike later on.

The two had a good time, including drinking, in Ukraine.

When Natalie came to the US, she took a more disapproving approach to alcohol.

Natalie’s disordered eating and attitude towards drinking weren’t the direct problem.

The real issue with that was her desire to change Mike to adopt her habits.

Instead, Natalie insisted that Mike try things her way, while viewing any attempt to reverse that as a personal attack.

But those are their problems on paper.

Even in Ukraine, they had real issues.

Minor to moderate disagreements turned into extremely hurtful behaviors.

Toxic moments like denial of affection later centered upon the engagement ring.

Natalie angrily returned it to Mike, throwing it into his luggage as he packed to leave.

Mike may have one day returned it, but part of his love for her died in that moment.

There were other toxic issues, including Natalie’s (frankly bizarre) cheating allegations.

Natalie accused Mike of cheating, though her “evidence” makes sense only to her.

Despite that, she demanded that Mike “admit” to it and apologize for something that he presumably did not do.

Obviously, that, coupled with the dietary conflict and the body-shaming and IQ-shaming, were hurtful.

Mike’s responses were also hurtful and toxic.

He is not fully innocent in this, because his lack of communication and unwillingness to resolve issues were huge problems.

Despite all of this, they went through with the wedding plans.

The first time, infamously, Mike called off the wedding on the morning of.

Natalie was devastated. She was also scared, afraid to fly during the pandemic.

Then, they got married for real, on the very last day of Natalie’s visa.

This wasn’t just about Mike’s cold feet or Natalie’s bizarre behavior.

The toxic issues of their relationship are both of their faults.

Clearly, if they had taken more time before Natalie came here, they could have avoided this.

Instead, they simultaneously dragged thier heels and rushed to marry — paradoxical though it may sound.

And now what? They’re separated, and we’ll all get to watch them make each other miserable on Happily Ever After?

Mike youngquist and natalie mordovtseva engagement video stuns f

90 Day Fiance Spinoffs on Discovery Plus: Is Streaming Worth It?

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premieres later this month.

It looks like this will be the first season to air concurrently on TLC and on Discovery Plus.

But Discovery Plus, the controversial streaming app that includes the 90 Day franchise, also has exclusive content.

Four months after the service launched, what’s on it, and is it worth it?

Discovery Plus’ primary purpose is to stream content to countless potential viewers who do not have cable.

At the same time, the streaming service — with a price ranging from $4.99 to $7.99 a month — is obviously designed to make a profit.

Towards both ends, Discovery Plus hopes to entice viewers with and without cable by offering 90 Day Fiance exclusives.

Brittany Banks on Discovery+

One of the exclusive spinoffs is 90 Day: Bares All, where Shaun chats with current and former stars.

This is a spinoff that takes full advantage of the realities of the new streaming platform.

TLC has to abide by specific standards for its brand and its timeslots. Streaming does not.

One example? Viewers know how an unseen arguments between Brandon and Julia ended.

With the camera installed in the car, they made up the old fashioned way.

Specifically, Julia performed a sex act on Brandon … and without nudity, viewers saw a fair amount of that on screen.

90 Day Bares All promo with Shaun Robinson

90 Day Diaries is basically a continuation of 90 Day: Self-Quarantined Edition.

While the pandemic is still in full swing, this spinoff focuses less upon life in lockdown.

Still, the premise is similar — stars from the franchise film themselves at home and keep viewers up to speed on their journey.

Discovery+ promo featuring 90 Day Fiance

Of course, now that we know a lot more about COVID-19 transmission, the production value has gone up.

This means that better cameras and equipment can be used.

The previous iteration literally just involved iPhones and iPads being mailed to the stars.

Shaun Robinson on Discovery+

90 Day Journey is more of a compilation of previously existing footage.

Instead of showing us an ensemble, viewers get to focus upon a specific couple.

You can stream a specific couple’s, well, journey throughout multiple seasons.

Robert Springs and Anny Francisco promo 90 Day Journey

The Other Way Strikes Back is just like the past Strikes Back shows.

On it, stars who appeared on The Other Way can clap back.

It’s a little like a Tell All, but they’re clapping back at the audience, their haters, and how they are perceived.

Love Games is a competition, where couples compete over how well they know each other.

It can be hit or miss depending upon how you feel about the couples.

But if you’re on the fence about it, one of the highest scoring “couples” is … Colt and Debbie. Gross, but hilarious.

90 Day: The Single Life is more or less what fans have been asking to see for years.

It’s a way of following some of the show’s most interesting, polarizing stars after their breakups.

Yes, a couple of stars have double-dipped when it comes to overseas fiances, but they shouldn’t have to to remain famous.

On this spinoff, we’ve seen Big Ed’s trials and tribulations as he attempts to date again.

And while Ed hasn’t changed — he’s still creepily pursuing the prettiest young women he sees — he’s not the only star.

Danielle has come a long way since her season, but as she tearfully confessed, she’s still a little hung up on Mohamed.

Now, some fans have been downright furious that not every single thing in the franchise is on Discovery Plus … yet.

The reason that, for example, Season 8 wasn’t streaming on the app as it aired on TLC was simple: licensing.

Right now, Hulu is licensed to stream Season 8. This is fairly common for new streaming services.

Discovery Plus promo

It looks like Season 6 of Happily Ever After? is going to stream on the app and air on TLC.

If this goes smoothly (we won’t know until the premiere on April 25), it could settle a lot of nerves.

Some subscribers love Discovery Plus, but others have felt like they were conned into subscribing.

Shaun Robinson IG 90 Day Fiance Bares All

The service costs $4.99 per month with ads, and a $7.99 per month without them.

There is, however, a one-week free trial that is probably a great idea for someone who is on the fence to check out.

Discovery Plus delivers plenty of content at a (relative to the industry) okay price. Anyone unsure should test it for themselves.

Julia Trubkina to 90 Day Fiance Fans: I Will NEVER Need Plastic Surgery!

All season long, 90 Day Fiance fans were rooting for Julia Trubkina.

Inexplicably, at the Season 8 Tell All Part 1, Julia threw away a lot of that goodwill.

She shamed her castmates for getting cosmetic work done on themselves.

A lot of fans say that Julia’s opinions will change with time, but Julia says that they won’t.

Julia Trubkina is tired of receiving backlash from fans.

“Many write you will give birth and then you will know, you are still young,” she wrote.

“Here is my mother,” Julia continued. “She is 55 years old and she was pregnant 3 times.”

Julia Trubkina IG - why she'll never need cosmetic surgery

Julia announced that her mother “does not do makeup.”

Additionally, she shared that her mom “never did botox.”

“So let’s close this topic,” Julia asked, “and everyone will remain with their opinion.”

Up until now, everyone “remaining with their opinion” was working out well for Julia.

Her uphill battle against her in-laws (and occassionally her now-husband, Brandon) won her a lot of sympathy.

Julia’s positive attitude and her amazing sense of humor cinched it — she has a lot of fans.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who had identified Julia as their favorite all season are now backing away.

She displayed some toxic, judgmental attitudes at the Tell All that fans cannot easily forget.

Julia has benefitted from fan opinions until now. This time, she’s seeing the other side of things.

Rebecca Parrott shows off new face

It started when Shaun Robinson praised Rebecca Parrott’s looks.

As a treat for her 50th birthday, Rebecca underwent a few procedures.

She got very tasteful lip fillers and rejuvenated her face with a botox-like treatment for wrinkles.

Rebecca Parrott shows off weight loss (down two pants sizes)

Rebecca also stood up to show how she had dropped two pants sizes.

She promised more to come.

Fans and castmates alike were so encouraged by Rebecca’s journey to look exactly like she wants to.

Natalie Mordovtseva - my nose, I want to do my nose

Others chimed in, with Natalie praising her castmate.

Natalie shared that she wants to get her nose done, that she’s been told that it detracts from her face.

Castmates were quick to shoot down that critique of her looks, but affirmed that she can get surgery if she wants to.

Yara Zaya - there is nothing wrong to do with surgery

Yara Zaya, a fan favorite for many all season long, spoke strongly in favor of cosmetic surgery.

She had gotten a nose job in the past and spoke about that, highlighting that it’s about what you accept or don’t accept.

Yara was absolutely right … and Julia, unfortunately, was absolutely wrong.

Julia Trubkina - if you want look better just go gym club

Julia apparently believes total misinformation about biology and weight loss.

She suggested that those wanting to look better should simply “go gym club.”

In reality, age, genetics, hormones, the body’s natural efforts to store fat, and more can make working out to lose weight futile.

Julia Trubkina - people just like more lazy

Exercise, when done safely, is great for you! A healthy diet is good for you, of course.

But that doesn’t mean that either will contribute to weight loss, especially long term weight loss.

And even a caloric deficit can only last for so long, because the human body adapts over time, causing results to taper.

Julia Trubkina - this is crazy people

Julia clearly won the genetic lottery and has not experienced factors like age or pregnancy.

(And, as she says, based upon her mom, maybe even those won’t change things)

For that reason, at least in part, she was very dismissive of why others might want to change.

Julia Trubkina - I say it's my opinion

The bigger problem than Julia’s belief that going to the gym will magically fix things was her attitude.

As Yara pointed out, Julia was being judgmental and weird.

It was sad, as both young women had gotten along very publicly on social media, but they clashed on stage.

Yara Zaya - your opinion sounds like judgment

Rebecca’s husband, Zied, said that he might get a similar procedure to Rebecca’s.

He has a little dad bod going on, and while he exercises, he’s not willing to cut out pizza from his diet.

That sounds great for him! Few can afford to get the bodies that they want, but those who can should go for it.

Zied Hakimi - maybe I do this too

Julia, even after being spoken to about her attitude, was horrified.

For some reason, the fact that this weight loss strategy is “not natural” distressed her.

Death, cancer, arthritis … all of these are “natural.” Natural is not the same thing as good.

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

The truth is that Julia seems to be reluctant when it comes to medical intervention.

After all, she also (as is totally her right) does not use any form of birth control, fearing side effects.

Her beliefs about medicine are unfounded, but her judgmental attitude seems to be the bigger problem.

Natalie Mordovtseva Accused Mike Youngquist of Cheating the Night Before the Wedding?!

Mike Youngquist was in the hot seat at the 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All Part 1.

The entire stage watched Natlaie’s devastation when he canceled their wedding the morning of.

While he didn’t offer a better explanation than he had before, he did share one new detail.

Natalie had accused him of cheating the night before. Is it true?

Obviously, Mike was asked to try to explain himself to the audience and to Natalie.

Revealing that he simply wasn’t ready to marry Natalie that day was just as weird now as it was then.

After all, he married her two days later. All of that heartbreak was for nothing.

But this was when Natalie and Mike shared a previously unseen tidbit.

The night before, viewers had seen them go to bed so happy and in love.

And the next thing that we saw, Natalie was in tears. What changed?

It turns out that what changed was that Mike left the house that night.

He was gone for five or six hours in the dark.

Natalie had no idea where he went, and he wasn’t answering his phone.

Natalie asked his neighbor Tamara, who did not know where Mike was.

Natalie asked Uncle Beau, who did not know where Mike was.

One theory, that he was having some sort of bachelor party, didn’t make any sense.

Mike lives in the middle of nowhere in Sequim, Washington.

And Tamara semi-delicately said that, to put it nicely, he wouldn’t really have guests at such a party.

Mike is a busy adult with an agonizing schedule. He doesn’t have a bunch of local friendships.

So where did Mike go?

He shared that he had gone by the water, just five or six miles from the house, to think.

Most people might avoid going into the woods at night, but Mike was just fine. He needed to clear his head.

Pre-wedding jitters are not unusual, even for loving couples without Mike and Natalie’s mountain of baggage.

Mike had been dragging his heels all season.

He had a lot on his mind, and it makes sense that he wanted to get his head on straight before marrying.

However, when he got back, Natalie was understandably distraught.

Her husband-to-be had disappeared for hours without explanation or warning, and was out of contact.

Even a rock-solid relationship could have conflict over a vanishing act like that.

Of course, Mike and Natalie do not have a “better relationship.”

Natalie has been intensely suspicious of Mike in the past, for reasons that don’t really add up for fans.

And the two of them have had an extremely toxic relationship. So yes, things exploded.

Ultimately, that is Mike’s bad.

Even in the best of relationships on a normal week, you let your loved ones (who live with you) know when you’re going.

It’s not about control, it’s just a courteous “I’m running errands” or “I’m meeting friends” or “I’m going for a walk.” Common courtesy.

But some viewers think that Mike’s bad was much worse than just going ghost like that.

Fans watching the Tell All took to social media to share their reactions.

Some claimed that they would have suspected him of cheating, too … yes, even the night before the wedding.

Others took things a step further.

Some fans theorized that Mike must have met up with his hairdresser, the one who clearly likes him, and boned.

It’s not clear what that is based upon other than fertile imaginations, but hey, it’s what people are saying.





Natalie mordovtseva accused mike youngquist of cheating the nigh

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Flaunt Joyous Honeymoon After 90 Day Fiance Wedding

90 Day Fiance fans celebrated as Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina were married on Season 8.

The couple — especially Julia — was a fan-favorite on the season.

But we know that for many couples, marriage doesn’t lead to happily ever after. There’s a whole spinoff about it.

Julia and Brandon, however, are living their best lives on their (delayed) honeymoon.

Brandon and Julia went to Miami for their honeymoon … about a year after getting married.

Ever since their wedding aired, they were finally free to share their lives with fans.

And they have been packing on the PDA and gushing over each other.

Seriously, from the minute that their touching nuptials aired, the gloves came off on their Instagram accounts.

Julia and Brandon have even introduced their fans to their “son.”

We are referring, of course, to their German Shepherd, a gift to Julia from Betty and Ron Gibbs.

Brandon and Julia had to rush their wedding due to COVID-19.

They had to postpone their honeymoon for the same reason.

And of course, with the pandemic still not over, the honeymoon changes some thing for the honeymoon, too.

(Not trying to give Julia a hard time, but please do not put your mask on your chin — it contaminates the inside of it)

Despite the pandemic, many theme parks reopened (way too early).

We’d have said that we can’t imagine who would go right now, but it looks like Brandon and Julia make the list.

Theme parks were not their only destinations on their joyous honeymoon.

Apparently, Julia spent hours swimming in the water off of the beach at Miami.

We’re glad that they have been having a good time.

A good time … and an expensive time, it seems.

According to Brandon and Julia, many of their meals seem to cost as much as $150.

Cities are expensive, but we’re admittedly unsure of how two tiny people could regularly rack up such a bill.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina in the tub for bath tub "spa day"

And yes, they are tiny, as many fans and viewers observed this season.

We’re not being mean. It’s true and it’s not an insult.

They could fit together in a regular home bathtub. That is tiny.

Some fans may worry that Brandon is spending himself broke on Julia, as he did before she arrived.

Remember, he ended up going into debt before Julia arrived.

This is what forced him and Julia into a tight spot where they relied upon his parents and their awful, inexcusable treatment of Julia.

However, things have changed.

Brandon still has his full time job as a pest control technician.

And 90 Day Fiance does pay … albeit not very well. They’re on two seasons, now, plus on Bares All.

However, Brandon and Julia were finally, finally able to join Cameo after their nuptials aired.

This means that they can rake in thousands — or tens of thousands — of dollars from fans.

On Cameo, public figures are paid by fans for custom video content.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina ready for bath tub "spa day"

So yes, they can likely afford to treat themselves.

And if they ever decided to join OnlyFans, well, that would work too.

That’s up to them, but we’re just putting that out there.

Mike Youngquist Allegedly Slid Into 90 Day Fiance Fan DMs: Did He Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva?

On the Season 8 finale of 90 Day Fiance, Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva married.

It was the last day of Natalie’s visa. But this was not the end of their drama.

Less than a year after they married, Mike and Natalie separated.

Now it’s rumored that Mike may have cheated … and some fans claim to have proof.

Famously, Natalie accused Mike of cheating on her during the Season 7 Tell All.

This was before they were married, and fans didn’t buy it.

But just because that extremely unlikely scenario wasn’t true didn’t guarantee them a happily ever after.

Recently, a screenshot has been circulating among fans and bloggers.

It appears to show private messages between a (thirsty) fan and Mike.

While screenshots like this one are laughably easy to fake … fans have to wonder.

Mike Youngquist alleged DMs with fan

Allegedly, these messages are from December of 2020.

In them, Mike tells a fan that he welcomes her sliding into his DMs.

And it is even rumored that he sent her a nude on Snapchat.

When someone messages you and says that they’re not a fan of your wife, there’s an expectation.

Normally, you would defend your wife — or tell the woman that you and your wife are separated.

In these screenshots (which we cannot verify) Mike does neither — while welcoming flirtations.

Rumored screenshots of alleged texts said to be from some time in December aren’t exactly a smoking gun.

Additionally, we don’t actually know the precise date of separation.

Mike and Natalie’s split became public knowledge in early March due to Uncle Beau.

Natalie Mordovtseva meets Uncle Beau

The not-necessarily-the-most-reliable uncle of Mike said that Natalie hadn’t been home in “months.”

That could mean that Mike was freshly separated in December and free to send his dong picks to anyone who asked.

It could also mean that he cheated by flirting with fans online and this precipitated the separation.

We have to consider that the latter, though certainly not proven, is possible.

There is an often unspoken dark side to becoming a public figure.

Even if you became famous through a very public relationship, you will still be inundated with unprecedented attention.

That kind of temptation can be overwhelming for someone who is newly famous.

If Mike did cheat (and again, there is no verification of that), he would not be the first in the franchise to do so.

Infamously, with Larissa and then with Jess, Colt Johnson cheated with online sidepieces left and right.

HEA Season 6 tease - Natalie Mordovtseva - better just leave

Something that can make these DMs harder to resist, of course, is a failing, miserable relationship.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 trailer made it clear that Mike and Natalie have miserable times ahead.

That is obviously never an excuse for cheating, but it could be a factor if any of this pans out.

Mike Youngquist once again faces interrogation over Sara

And if Mike and Natalie were separated by the time that he got these DMs, well …

It may be that he didn’t come right out and tell fans that it was over for a very good reason.

Mike and Natalie are certainly under NDA for Happily Ever After? and not allowed to spoil their season.

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist are married (for now)

In that situation, Mike would not be a cheater.

There are situations in which it is better to appear to be a cheater than to break your contract.

That said, any fans who swapped horny pics with him assuming that he was single may have watched his wedding and felt betrayed.

If Mike truly did cheat on Natalie, it would obviously not be okay.

That applies even if things were no longer going well.

You either get permission (in which case it’s not cheating) or you end things or you make it work; you don’t cheat.

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist actually getting married

It may have come after a whole lot of drama, including Mike’s mom encouraging them to divorce.

We don’t know much about that conflict or how bad it gets before the end.

For that matter, we don’t yet have confirmation that Mike and Natalie separated during HEA filming.

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist are on different pages

Interestingly, Mike and Natalie recorded the Season 8 Tell All on February.

This was nearly a year after their marriage and, per Uncle Beau, at least a month if not more after their separation.

It may be that they were not permitted to share their current status at the Tell All so as to not spoil their upcoming season.

Perhaps we will learn more at the Tell All (make that Tell Some) special.

Perhaps we will learn more by the end of Season 6 of Happily Ever After?

But what will be interesting to see is how Natalie’s version of events, in the end, compares to Mike’s.

Jorge Nava Welcomes First Child With Girlfriend!!

In late November of 2020, 90 Day Fiance alum Jorge Nava had a joyous announcement.

He and his girlfriend were expecting their first child.

Fans were overjoyed at the news, happy to follow Jorge’s journey long after his time on the show.

Now, Jorge has assumed the mantle of fatherhood.

In the early afternoon on Wednesday, April 7, Jorge Nava took to Instagram.

He had a wonderful and wholesome announcement to make.

Together, he and his girlfriend welcomed their first child.

Jorge Nava IG birth announcement 7 April 2021

“There’s no Love that can match what I have for my family,” Jorge gushed.

He raved affectionately: “I Love them more than anything in this world.”

That was it — no name, no measurements. Just love.

Paola Mayfield took to the comments to give Jorge, her former castmate, some well-earned kudos.

“Congratulations,” she wrote. “Best feeling in the world! Many blessings for you little family.”

Russ chimed in with his own: “Congratulations.”

Legendary 90 Day Fiance fan-favorite David Toborowsky also offered praise on behalf of himself and Annie.

“Congratulations Jorge we are so happy to see you in such an amazing place in your life,” he wrote.

David continued: “So proud and wish you and your family the best of health and Happiness.”

John Yates, one of the first people to whom Jorge spoke after his release from prison, also commented.

“Congratulations, Jorge,” the distinguished 90 Day Fiance blogger wrote.

All of these comments poured in during the early afternoon of Wednesday as people were still learning this joyous news.

Jorge Nava and John Yates IG livestream

Jorge’s last relationship was extremely public.

He and Anfisa Arkhipchenko aired their K-1 journey as a couple on television, with all of its ups and downs.

And that was not the end of their time on reality TV.

After starring on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance, they went on to star on two seasons of Happily Ever After?

Jorge and Anfisa had dramatic ups and downs on Seasons 2 and 3, at times seeming to be over.

However, they stayed together … and it was not a breakup or lack of drama that ended their reality careers.

It was Russ and Paola who explained who Jorge and Anfisa were no longer their castmates.

90 Day Fiance pays notoriously low amounts to new stars.

However, those payouts can increase for returning cast members.

According to Russ and Pao, Anfisa and Jorge asked for more.

Russ characterized that they wanted “Kardashian level” payments to continue for another season.

They were appearing on a massively successful franchise and being underpayed. When they were told “no,” they walked.

Jorge and Anfisa broke up while Jorge was unjustly imprisoned in Arizona.

(Not falsely imprisoned, but unjustly — the continuing prohibition of marijuana is a violation of millions of people’s fundamental human rights)

In fact, Jorge found out through the internet when Anfisa had moved on to a new man. Ouch.

With all of that in mind, it is very easy to understand why Jorge is so careful with what he shares these days.

We don’t actually know the date of birth or anything else about this wee baby Nava.

Relatedly, we still don’t know his girlfriend’s name. This is perhaps the clearest photo of her face that we have seen.

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Jorge, his girlfriend, and their precious baby.

Do we want more details, selfishly? Of course.

But we can totally respect Jorge walking that fine line between being a public figure and an open book.

Larissa Lima: My ICE Arrest Was God Telling Me to Go Home to Brazil!

On Saturday, September 19 of last year, Larissa Lima was detained by ICE for hours before being released.

She has spoken very little about that harrowing encounter, but always planned to share more.

This week, Larissa opened up about what it felt like to have her worst fears almost realized.

She had an epiphany. The self-styled queen may self-deport, possibly even going home to Brazil.

Larissa Lima has only shared a handful of videos to her YouTube channel since launching it.

Clearly, she chooses her topics carefully.

But in her first update in about a month, Larissa is addressing her ICE arrest in 2020.

Larissa recently received two letters in the mail.

The first was from immigration court.

The second, she shared, was a request to check in with ICE.

“And I’m still debating if I should self-deport myself,” Larissa shared, as you can see in this clip.

“Or,” she continued, “or wait [and see if] the judge tells me I have to leave.”

“Like I said,” Larissa shared, “I’ve been thinking a lot with Eric — he’s not here.”

“We really want to go visit other countries,” Larissa expressed of her plans with her on-again boyfriend.

“We really want to spend time with my family, my kids, in Brazil,” she added.

“And,” Larissa expressed, “i’m really looking forward to something new happening.”

She’s not kidding when she expresses a willingness to embrace new changes.

Larissa only recently acquired the apartment where she is currently living.

Even so, she says, she’d be happy to move on with her life.

Additionally, as you can see in the clip that we included, her future is secure.

Larissa notes that her (extremely, profoundly profitable) OnlyFans is not limited to the United States.

So she can travel as she needs to (as many OnlyFans creators do, or did before the pandemic) and still make good money.

More than once during the full video, Larissa suggests that her September 19 detection was more than just a scary encounter.

Rather, she says, she felt like it was a “sign” of some sort.

Whether she ultimately decides to move on from the US seems up in the air. 

Part of that may be up to Eric Nichols.

Not only are they back together after their fairly recent split, but Larissa and Eric recently sparked engagement rumors.

Congratulations — we assume — are in order.

It may be that Larissa is discussing the idea of leaving the US temporarily, for a year or two, and then applying for a marital visa.

There is of course no guarantee that she would get one. 

Having been married to Colt made her famous, but it also had multiple negative impacts on her life.

Some fans are saddened to hear that Larissa might leave, especially since it sounds like part of it may be out of fear of deportation.

ICE is an organization established by George W. Bush.

It was one of the programs that he created by using the horror of 9/11 as an excuse to effect harmful changes to America.

With that in mind, fleeing due to anxiety about ICE might feel like, well, letting the terrorists win.

However, though ICE should not exist as an organization and many of its members belong in prison, Larissa doesn’t hold a grudge.

In fact, though she could say very little about her case, Larissa did share that the agents with whom she interacted were very professional.

Meanwhile, of course, Larissa’s critics are likely to have a field day.

Whether their motive was personal, general xenophobia, or both, a lot of trolls have been loudly demanding that Larissa return to Brazil for years.

At the moment, Brazil is being ravaged by COVID-19 due to the worst leadership imaginable.

Jair Bolsonaro is, and I do not say this lightly, worse than disgraced former president Donald Trump.

His leadership is not an ideal time for Larissa to return to her home country, if that is even what she decides to do.

Hopefully, in the future, she will be able to come and go from Brazil and the US as she pleases. She has a lot of fans here.

Larissa lima my ice arrest was god telling me to go home to braz

Fernanda Flores Teases New Love Story: We Can ALL Do Better Than Our Exes!

Viewers have seen happy and sad moments from Fernanda Flores on 90 Day: The Single Life.

The 90 Day Fiance alum is opening up about what viewers can expect to see from her this season.

She is also sharing how she recovered mentally and emotionally after her divorce.

The breakup took its toll, but Fernanda hopes that she can inspire other women to strive for better.

Fernanda Flores opened up to E! News about the ups and downs of her post-Jonathan journey.

“Every split and especially a divorce is a heartbreaking situation,” the 22-year-old acknowledged.

“For me,” Fernanda admitted, “it was difficult to realize that my marriage ended so quick.”

“It was hard,” Fernanda expressed.

“But,” she noted, “I was very blessed with my support system in Chicago.”

Fernanda shared that this was a support system “including my family and friends.”

“I also pushed myself forward to get back up on my feet,” Fernanda related.

“It wasn’t easy,” she acknowledged.

Fernanda explained: “But I focused on the good and good things happening for me.”

Fernanda shared that she struggled with anxiety, depression, and stress.

This prompted her to speak to a therapist. That is always a good idea.

To further her healing and recovery, Fernanda did not seek any contact with her ex-husband.

“I have no communication at all,” Fernanda says of the state of things wtih her and Jonathan Rivera.

“I’m very focused on the things happening for myself,” she affirmed.

That sounds great!

Additionally, Fernanda eventually began dating again, including rubbing elbows with Bachelor Fam member Clay Harbor.

“We got to know each other but it was not time for me,” Fernanda detailed.

“I was not ready for a relationship,” she explained. “I didn’t invest in that situation. It was just me having fun.”

Fernanda Flores and Clay Harbor on Self-Quarantined

Fernanda would later go on to meet a man named Robbie.

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, he treats Fernanda to a special date.

Fernanda teased: “There was definitely a physical attraction and he asked me out.”

We of course do not necessarily know how Fernanda and Robbie end up.

However, fans have speculated that she may have moved on.

For example, Fernanda recently posed with Noel Mikaelian, a professional boxer.

Fernanda is not divulging anything about that however, saying only that she is in a good place.

“People can watch my struggle with dating and opening my heart on the show,” she suggested

“I find myself really happy,” Fernanda expressed. “I am able to have a healthy relationship. I’m happy.”

Fernanda is the first to admit that, well, being on reality TV and sharing so much of her life has had positive and negative impacts on her life.

However, she explained that she hopes that her story can inspire other women to not settle and to strive for more.

Fernanda has some advice for anyone who might feel encouraged by her experiences.

“For any women who find themselves in an unhappy relationship where they don’t feel respected or happy,” Fernanda addressed.

She suggested: “focus on yourself and what you want and follow your gut feeling. Don’t be afraid.”

“My fear was to feel that failure in my marriage,” Fernanda admitted.

“Afterwards, it’s hard but it was the right decision and it was good for myself,” Fernanda recalled.

“Sometimes,” she sagely offered, “we have to be selfish and do what’s best for us.”

She is certainly not wrong about that.

Mike Youngquist vs Natalie Mordovtseva: Who’s the REAL Villain?

90 Day Fiance has couples who are in love but must overcome obstacles, and toxic couples.

Sometimes, fans go back and forth over which party is responsible for the toxicity.

Rarely is that as dramatically the case as with Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva.

Who’s the good guy? Who’s the bad guy? Are these even the right questions?

To answer this — and we think that we have a pretty good answer — we’re going to cover both.

Viewers have gone back and forth on Mike and Natalie’s behavior during Season 8.

We’ll start with Natalie … and the exact moment that and Mike were reunited.

Natalie Mordovtseva - why this color? (flowers)

Their touching reunion when Natalie stepped off of the plane had a sour moment almost immediately.

Why? Natalie somehow had a problem … with the flowers that Mike brought her.

She didn’t like the color. Weirdly, she brought it up more than once.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I didn't like the flowers

An even more insidious trend began on their first meal together at Mike’s home.

Nobody blamed Natalie for her discomfort of being isolated in the wilderness. But that changed at breakfast.

“It’s not healthy,” she she declared, scraping the french toast into the trash so that she could eat raw carrots.

Natalie Mordovtseva - it's not healthy

It’s not that fans were blaming Natalie for her obviously disordered eating (orthorexia, maybe?).

She can eat what she likes. What was not okay was how she treated Mike.

Natalie sought to control Mike’s every habit, from his food to his drinking, and acted like he should be thanking her for the privilege.

Natalie Mordovtseva - yesterday you have wine, today you have beer

Alcoholism can be a real problem, but Mike has any actual issues with alcohol, they were never apparent to viewers.

So sure, fans have acknowledged that maybe Natalie (who almost never drinks) saw something that they did not.

Of course, this is the same woman who thought that he was trying to trick her with a root beer float.

Natalie Mordovtseva - you need to lose some more weight

Natalie body-shamed Mike as she tried to pressure him into altering his diet to match hers.

Up to a point, it worked, as he relented and agreed to only eat meat every other week.

Well … most meat. For some inexplicable reason, Natalie thinks that seafood isn’t meat.

Natalie Mordovtseva - you forgot you promised me not to eat meat

That awsn’t the end of it, however.

Natalie would continue to move the goalpost, turning cute couples dinner moments into pointless fights.

Her need for control, whatever its origins, turned simple meal prep into a battle of wills.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I don't want you to eat pasta at night I'm sorry

To Natalie, the idea of what was for dinner and how it would be prepared was predetermined.

When Mike tried to negotiate, viewers saw Natalie become crueler.

“Okay, you will never lose weight,” Natalie announced one night when Mike wanted to make the meal she selected via stir fry.

Natalie Mordovtseva - okay, you will never lose weight

As we said earlier, Natalie would later complain, as if she were doing Mike a favor.

“And I’m pushing him not to eat, exercise,” she told the camera.

Yes, viewers were very aware of this controlling behavior.

Natalie Mordovtseva - and I'm pushing him not to eat, exercise

Even when Natalie seemed to try to work on their relationship, things would turn hostile.

She’d point out that they lacked mutual respect.

Unfortunately, she would follow this with insults.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I feel like we don't have respect for each other

Natalie challenged Mike on his education, his level of exposure to cultural experiences.

She called him low class, and brought up her own looks multiple times.

Weirdly, she also tried to drag IQ into it.

Natalie Mordovtseva - my IQ was I think 110

Yes, later, Natalie would apologize. Then she would start up again.

Even in front of Mike’s mother, her apparent need for control would rear its ugly head.

Famously, at a restaurant for dinner, she scolded Michael: “try not to eat butter.”

Natalie Mordovtseva - try not to eat butter

We cannot for the life of us explain her issues with butter.

No one has to eat anything that they don’t want to, but again, she hated when Mike ate it.

“I hate butter,” she hissed while Mike prepared his own food that was none of her business at all.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I hate butter

But enough about Natalie being the food police. How about her weird paranoia about Mike’s fidelity.

She accused him, confrontationally and repeatedly, of having cheated on her.

Why? Because he spent the night on a friend’s couch one night right before that friend’s wedding.

Natalie Mordovtseva - you cheat and you lie!

No, it doesn’t make sense to us, either. Maybe, as Mike suggested, it was a cultural misunderstanding.

But if Natalie was so sure that the scenario that she imagined was true (even though it didn’t make sense), why stay?

She flew out to be with Mike on the K-1 visa, seemingly intent upon hounding him about his fabricated wrongdoing.

Natalie Mordovtseva - Michael you had sex with her, you did

But, as fans increasingly noticed during their season, Mike had his own share of problems.

First and foremost, he would see the issues with their relationship.

But he made none of the moves to fix them that someone fighting for his romance would be making.

Natalie herself asked for them to go see “a psychology.” Mike shot her down immediately.

In his mind, getting a professional relationship counselor wasn’t as good of a plan as fixing their problems themselves.

Unfortunately, as far as viewers could tell, his strategy for fixing those problems unaided was just to keep doing nothing.

Mike Youngquist once again faces interrogation over Sara

Then there was Mike’s behavior whenever Natalie would bring up, well, just about anything.

Constant eye-rolling and dismissive behavior.

Maybe it was a defense mechanism, but it was rude and unbecoming.

Mike also flatly refused to plan the wedding, only going so far as to set a tentative date with pressure from his mother.

Even after that, Natalie would try to bring it up, and he would change the subject. Nothing.

He didn’t even give Natalie the ring back until they were months into the K-1 visa.

Natalie Mordovtseva - Michael said that he doesn't love me

When Mike and Natalie finally went to counseling (after advice from his hair dresser, of all people), he made an admission.

Mike confessed that he didn’t love Natalie as much as he once did, after their bitter breakup on their previous season.

That was a screwed up thing to admit, and it led Natalie to make a genuinely great point.

Natalie Mordovtseva - then you shouldn't have bring me here!

If Mike was so unsure, if Mike didn’t love her as much as he once did … why bring her over?

Why spend thousands on the K-1 visa process if he wasn’t even willing to set a date or give her the ring?

And then, worst of all, was Mike’s cold feet turning to ice on the morning of the wedding.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I got rejected two hours before the wedding

Mike and Natalie were going to hold a last minute wedding, literally two days before Natalie’s visa expired.

That morning, he called it off. Guests (there were only ever going to be two) had already arrived.

Natalie was tearful and distraught and was forced to pack her bags. After all of that, Mike had the audacity to ask for the ring back.

Mike Youngquist - I would like the ring back, please

Then, just hours after Natalie departed, Mike was already experiencing regret.

He commented to the camera that it was “weird” not having Natalie at home.

Not knowing what you want is fine until you make that someone else’s problem.

Mike Youngquist - her damn slippers

Somehow, after years of dating and three months of cohabitating, Mike still felt that it was “rushed.”

He sent Natalie packing during the pandemic.

And somehow, even that wasn’t the end of it.

Mike Youngquist - I just feel like everything's so rushed . . .

Natalie was forced by circumstances (okay, hotel policies and a continuing pattern of poor planning) to return to Mike’s house.

With maybe a day and a half left to go, they resolved to try to make it work.

Even then, Mike tried to push for Natalie to just say past her visa … an extremely dangerous situation that the attorney with whom they spoke discouraged.

Natalie Mordovtseva to immigration attorney - no, you don't understand

After all of this, we know that they got married and that they ended up separating less than a year later.

It’s a disaster through and through.

But which of them is the villain?

Factoring in all of this information, the answer is clear:

They are both villains. They had genuine love for each other, but both brought different toxic traits to the table.

There are one-sided toxic couples on 90 Day Fiance. But Mike and Natalie both sabotaged their own happiness.

Yazan Abo Horira Confesses He Called New Girlfriend Brittany Banks’ Name: OH NO!

On 90 Day: Bares All, Shaun Robinson is quizzing her guests as they play Bingo.

She’s asking them different questions on the Discovery Plus spinoff about their experiences.

This is what prompts Yazan to make a stunning confession.

He called his new girlfriend “Brittany.” And she was furious.

Like we said, this began with a game of Bingo that various stars were playing.

Some couples were there in person.

Others were dialing in from home, for space reasons, convenience reasons, and most of all for pandemic safety.

Early on, before this clip, Shaun asked if anyone had been accused of cheating.

She didn’t even wait for a reply from Yazan Abo Horira, telling him to go ahead and mark that square.

To prevent anything from being lost in translation, Adam — a fan-favorite translator — was present on Yazan’s end.

This is when Jess Caroline, one of Colt Johnson’s many exes, spoke up.

She revealed that Colt had accused her of cheating, but had of course done so in error.

In reality, Colt cheated on her, not only sending his dick pic to a multitude of women, but physically cheating with Vanessa.

Shaun selected the next question at random and placed it where the camera could zoom in.

“Have you ever called a partner the wrong name?” Shaun asked.

In the clip, Yazan admitted that yes, he had.

“Yeah, I called Leena ‘Brittany,’ and she humiliated me,” Yazan replied.

With a little help from Adam, Yazan’s reply continued.

“I spent two days consoling her,” he detailed.

“I wanna said ‘baby,’ but I said ‘Brittany,'” Yazan shared.

“And she said me, ‘F–k you! Why you tell me Brittany?!'”

Everyone had quite a laugh about that.

Shaun told Yazan that Brittany would be entertained when she heard that.

Essentially, because she was living rent-free in her ex-fiance’s head.

“No! I’m not thinking about her!” Yazan fired back.

Fernanda admitted that she, too, had called someone by the wrong name.

Apparently, she called someone “Jonathan” after their breakup and bitter divorce.

It sounds like it may have been during intimacy, though Fernanda did not get specific.

Shaun had to poke the hornet’s nest, asking Kalani Faagata if her husband, Asuelu Pulaa, had ever called her the wrong name.

Kalani’s response was absolutely perfect.

“He’s still living, right, Shaun?” she quipped. Shaun cracked up at that.

Calling someone by the wrong name is common, and it’s not always an ex’s name (or a side piece’s name, either).

In some families, a brother, a son, an uncle, a husband’s name might be used interchangeably.

And siblings are often called by each other’s names.

There is a lot of speculation into the psychology behind this phenomena.

As much as Freudian psychoanalysts might enjoy making these slip-ups into dissertations on the subconscious, the reality is that it’s just a mix-up.

If you flick the wrong light switch and turn on the bathroom fan instead of the light, it’s not because you’re secretly craving the fan. It’s just an accident.

Yazan abo horira confesses he called new girlfriend brittany ban