Abby Lee Miller: I Was 10 Minutes From DEATH!

After well over a year of surguries, painful treatments, and intense physical therapy, Abby Lee Miller was able to walk again this month.

Those few steps were a major accomplishment, and only now is Miller revealing how bad things truly got.

Before her emergency surgery, she wasn’t just at risk of death — she was dying.

Abby Lee Miller spoke to HollywoodLife at the Creative Arts Emmys.

“I lived,” she begins, really setting the tone for how dire her situation was.

Before surgery, Miller reveals, “the doctor said ‘we have 10 minutes or we are going to lose her.’”

“And that is how close to death I was,” she grimly explains.

Burkitt Lymphoma may have a high survival rate, but only among those who catch it in time.

With Miller, it was a very close call for what doctors initially assumed was a mere infection.

“This spinal cord injury, choking my spinal cord and all of that,” Miller says, came close to claiming her life.

Even once she was out of the proverbial woods in that respect, she reveals, she remained paralyzed.

“I can take just a few steps with the walker,” Miller detailed.

Famously, she took a few steps on stage on The Doctors. We have included that video in this post.

“I yell at friends all the time when I get frustrated and upset,” Miller admits.

She explains: “I am like ‘why did you not just let me die? Dying’s easy, you just lay there, you know this is hard, it’s tough.’”

Miller has expressed how her cancer battle made her want to die in the past.

“And,” she continues. “They said ‘he did not give us a choice, he just said I am going in and we said oh, okay.’”

Unless you have a DNR, that’s just how it goes.

“I guess I have some more dreams to fulfill,” Miller reflects.

“I have other things that I want to do,” she expresses.

“And,” Miller reveals. “Doing other shows I am creating.”

“And you know there is always a kid who needs to straighten their legs and point their feet,” Miller reasons.

There’s the Miller we know and … know. Finding purpose in life through terrorizing children into dancing properly.

“I was at the California Rehabilitation Institute. It’s amazing,” she says of her intense therapy to walk again.

Miller shares: “It’s fabulous and you have therapy four times a day, four hours a day, every day, Saturday, and Sunday included.”

“Now once they release you and your insurance says ‘that’s it’, then you’re an out patient and you go for an hour, three times a week,” she adds.

“So you spend an hour getting there, you do it for an hour, and then you leave for an hour,” Miller admits. “And it’s really not the same intensity.”

Even famous people have to deal with our absurd and nightmarish healthcare system.

But through hard work, a refusal to give up, and expert care, Miller is alive and making improvements in her mobility.

Her doctors have admitted that she has missed some screenings, but say that she is cancer-free.

That is good news.

Whatever we may think of her as a human being, no one deserves cancer.

Abby Lee Miller: See Her Walk Again for the First Time!

Abby Lee Miller spent months paralyzed during and after her harrowing battle with cancer. Fans feared she would never stand, walk, or dance again.

Now, in an appearance on The Doctors, Abby is taking a major step — literally — in her recovery.

Watch the video and see her walk again for the very first time!

Abby lee miller walks 1 slash 5

52-year-old Abby Lee Miller returned to Dance Moms months ago to impart some wisdom and some terror upon young girls.

But she very conspicuously did so in a wheelchair.

Abby has made a lot of progress in her lengthy recovery, however.

So much so that she’s ready to go on television and do much more than discuss her cancer battle and the aftermath.

In this clip, Abby rises to standing and even takes her first steps.

It’s a very tense moment — because not even Abby knows if she can do it.

Abby lee miller walks 2 slash 5

“Everybody put your hands together and pray,” Abby asks of her audience.

“This is so scary,” the reality star confesses. “You have no idea.”

Seated along the array of doctors, Abby is of course in her wheelchair.

A walker is placed in front of her to give support and balance.

Abby’s feet touch the ground firmly — a feat that might have proven impossible just one year ago.

Abby lee miller walks 3 slash 5

You can see the focus, the effort, and the concentration on Abby’s face as she wills herself to rise.

Standing after months — or more — of paralysis is not a matter of willpower or personal courage.

But it takes a great deal of both to, after extensive healing and physical therapy, rise up from your chair in front of an audience and numerous cameras.

Abby does it, however, and rises to standing.

That’s not the test, however. The true test is seeing whether or not she can then walk.

Abby lee miller walks 4 slash 5

Abby’s months of hard work during her recovery have paid off.

Before the audience’s very eyes, she steps forward.

Her movements may be labored, but she’s doing more than just shuffling — she’s really, truly walking.

And yes, she’s walking using a walker — a necessary tool at this stage and a vital safety device.

But that doesn’t diminish this milestone in her recovery.

Abby lee miller walks 5 slash 5

When Abby first reported to the hospital in early 2018, she had noticed a creeping paralysis, particularly in her arm.

Doctors performed spinal surgery, expecting to find and clear out an infection.

What they found instead was Burkitt lymphoma, a cancer that is extremely rare in adults, and usually found among children in Africa.

Abby underwent chemo, radiation therapy, and a second excruciating spinal surgery.

That she even felt well enough to return to Dance Moms was extraordinarily good news.

Abby lee miller stands with pride

While on The Doctors, Abby’s doctor reveals that — though she has missed some screenings — she appears to still be in remission.

(Abby, go to your screenings! No matter how well you feel!)

However you may feel about her demanor on her show or how she treats children, no one in the world deserves cancer.

Her recovery is fantastic news and we look forward to future milestones.

Abby lee miller see her walk again for the first time

Abby Lee Miller: Prison Guards Endangered My Life Because I’m Famous!

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been upfront about how she was mistreated in prison.

Now, she is going into further detail, explaining how the guards allegedly targeted her because of her fame.

What’s more is she says that this same hazing extended to the prison doctor, whom she claims endangered her life by denying her meds.

Abby lee miller on wendy williams summer 2019

The Wendy Williams Show remains on hiatus until September 16 when Season 11 begins.

But that didn’t stop the show from posting an illuminating and recent clip that had slipped under the radar.

Abby Lee Miller came on the show as a guest, and she discussed the grim realities of even a low-security, non-violent prison experience like hers.

Miller explains that prison life “doesn’t soften you, it hardens you.”

She also reveals that the guards “absolutely” gave her a harder time because of her celebrity status — it was with prison staff that she clashed.

In contrast, Miller says that the women with whom she was imprisoned were “wonderful.”

Abby lee miller fought hard to be here

The cancer survivor and Dance Moms villain spoke about how sometimes, it was just little elements of harassment from the guards.

“Do you know how many guards said, ‘Where is that Dance Mom lady at?’” she recalls.

Clearly, they wanted to get under her skin and rile her up.

Miller describes her internal response: “And I was like, ‘You don’t put a preposition at the end of the question,’”

I hate to say it, but I have never related to Miller more in my entire life.

Abby lee miller on inside edition

The harassment, she says, began in 2017 when she arrived at prison.

Guards not only wanted to remove her false eyelashes — they apparently tried to just rip them off of her eyelids.

Miller also notes how every prisoner is allowed to keep a contact page — a single sheet of paper with phone numbers and email addresses.

That page, she laments, “went missing in five minutes.”

It seems likely that someone thought to steal it and sell it to a tabloid to give them celebrity contact info. It’s not clear if that sale ever happened.

Abby lee miller hair photo

“They were ready for me,” Miller describes the guards.

She was big news at the prison, and apparently the guards were determined to not give her special treatment.

(Not the positive kind, anyway)

“I had heard from other women,” Miller reveals. “That for three months prior to my arrival that it was the buzz.”

That should have been enough ttime for tne novelty to wear off, but it didn’t.

Abby lee miller sleeps in the hospital

Before reporting to prison, Miller underwent gastric sleeve surgery in order to facilitate weight loss.

She did lose a dramatic amount of weight, as she had intended.

Unfortunately, she says that the prison doctor used this as an excuse to take her off of some very necessary medications.

She needed to continue taking her thyroid meds and her diabetes meds, but those were discontinued — cold turkey.

As a prisoner, there was little to nothing that she could do about it.

Abby lee miller smiles peacefully

Wendy of course asks if Abby Lee Miller might sue the doctor or the prison (or both) for potentially endangering her life.

Miller notes that she has never sued anyone in her life … but that this may now have to change.

The good news, of course, is that she is now cancer-free, having beaten Burkitt lymphoma even though it threatened her life.


Abby lee miller prison guards endangered my life because im famo

Abby Lee Miller: My Cancer and Paralysis Made Me Want to Die

Dance Moms fans are overjoyed that Abby Lee Miller is cancer free at last.

Now, Miller is back on Dance Moms, making her triumphant return in an emotional Lifetime special.

But she admits that she had a lot of doubt and fear during her cancer battle. At one point, she reveals, she wanted to die.

On Tuesday night, Lifetime aired a powerful documentary, Dance Moms: The Return of Abby.

The title may make Abby Lee Miller sound like monster in a chilling horror franchise, but the only person being terrorized at first was Abby.

Speaking frankly of how she felt during her hospitalization with Burkitt lyphoma, Abby revealed: “I wanted to die. I did.”

“And if I lose dance, there is no point in being here,” she expressed.

“I felt like I lost my purpose,” Abby admitted. “And I needed to find it.”

“I don’t know what I am going to do,” Abby lamented.

She was upset about her cancer diagnosis, but nothing short of dismayed when she learned that she would have to undergo chemotherapy.

Chemo is an agonizing, miserable process — and at times, she wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

“I’m not going to keep doing the cancer treatment if I can’t walk,” Abby at one point announced.

That is heartbreaking.

Then, the Lifetime special follows her as she returns to the studio.

“I have had a miserable year,” Abby admits. “It almost killed me.”

But it’s clear that, by this point, her attitude has greatly improved.

“I will teach again,” she half-vows, half-threatens. “I will create a winning team again.”

“And,” she adds. “I hope and pray that I will walk again.”

Sure enough, we see Abby keeping her promise — teaching again.

“You have to fight to win,”  she instructs them.

“People have talked crap about me for the last two years,” Abby notes.

Try eight years — that’s how long she’s been famous.

“Well I’m back,” Abby says. “And my students are going to be champions.”

“I am definitely a fighter and this is the fight of my life,” Abby acknowledges.

“I’m proud,” she expresses. “I’m grateful that I survived this year.”

People have a lot of opinions about Abby Lee Miller, but we’re definitely glad that she didn’t die of cancer.

“And I am ready to move on,” Abby announces.

She adds that she wants to “get back in the studio, do what I love to do.”

“The audience is going to think I’ve mellowed,” Abby predicts, adding: “maybe I just don’t care enough.”

“It might not be mellow,” she suggests.

Abby offers: “it might just be ‘Eh. You’re not that talented, kiddo, move over.'”

How charming.

“I’m very detail-oriented,” she notes. “I’m the same. I have always said that people don’t change.”

“Circumstances, situations change,” Abby admits. “But people are what they are.”

“Your genetic makeup is what it is,” she expresses. “So, I’m thankful, I’m blessed, I’m appreciative, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.”

“I didn’t maybe think so before,” Abby notes candidly. “But now, after coming close to death’s door, you know, I appreciate Lifetime a little bit more.”

Abby Lee Miller to Lori Loughlin: Listen to Me and You’ll Survive Prison!

Whether she likes it or not, Lori Loughlin will probably go to jail for the college bribery scandal. Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty.

It’s expected that both famous women will spend time behind bars. But what will that be like for them?

Abby Lee Miller recently learned this for herself, and is offering Lori and Felicity some advice.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is speaking about Lori and Felicity’s current plight.

“I have a lot of advice for them,” Miller expresses.

Miller was famous — more or less a household name — when she was sentenced to one year in prison for bankruptcy fraud.

She reported to prison in the summer of 2017, and was released to a halfway house in early 2018.

Miller feels that she has a lot of wisdom to offer “and I would love to talk to them face-to-face.”

At least some of that advice, however, they can find in print.

“They shouldn’t hire one of those [prison] consultants,” the Dance Moms villain insists.

There are consultants for everything. Some of them are invaluable. Some are basically just con artists.

Miller had two.

“My attorneys in Pittsburgh hired one,” she shares. “And Lifetime hired another one.”

According to Miller: “Both were completely wrong on everything.”

In terms of less specific advice, Miller has one major suggestion.

“My advice would be, ‘Take a deep breath,'” she expresses.

And she’s not ruling out all consultants.

“‘And if you need a consultant,'” Miller promises. “‘I’m your girl.’”

Someone, please make this into a TV special — even if Lori and Felicity don’t seem likely to accept any offers right now.

But Abby Lee Miller’s experience in the slammer wasn’t all bad.

She says that she made the acquaintance of a number of “lovely and wonderful” women while she was behind bars.

“[They were] some of the most intelligent, intuitive, wonderful people that I’ll ever meet,” Miller gushes.

That makes a lot of sense.

Our nation’s incarceration rate may be absurdly, immorally high, but that doesn’t mean that all or even most of the people behind bars are evil.

Some crimes reflect momentary lapses in judgment that harm no one. Some “crimes” shouldn’t be crimes at all.

Miller went to prison for brankruptcy fraud.

Fraud is bad, though she of course disputed the veracity of the charge.

But Lori and Felicity are accused of using their wealth to try to game the system to sneak their children into college.

This is so outrageous because it flies in the face of countless marginalized people who overcome great odds to apply.

How many deserving people from disadvantaged backgrounds have been waitlisted to make room for a rich kid?

College is a great experience, but it’s not for everyone, and if you can’t get in on your own merit, you’re not going to have a great time.

Ultimately, their kids would have been better off and probably happier with a hefty cash gift.

But fortunately, Lori and Felicity are probably looking at similar — and, in Felicity’s case, probably shorter — prison experiences to Miller’s.

It’s no fun. Someone else decides when you wake up, when you go to bed, and you’re stripped of your freedom and dignity.

But it should be the sort of experience that they can survive.

Abby Lee Miller Screams "Your Kid Sucks!" in New Dance Moms Trailer

Even though Abby Lee Miller may be putting her health at risk to do it, she has returned to Dance Moms for Season 8.

And as the new trailer makes very clear, she is back. The new season looks as dramatic and toxic as ever.

Longtime viewers will be reassured that nothing has changed once they hear Miller scream that a child dancer “sucks.”

Abby lee miller holds a heart on dance moms trailer

The trailer for Season 8 begins with an intense start.

“As a dancer, you put your heart out there every day,” Miller warns the gathered group of children.

For dramatic effect, she is holding a life sized model of a human heart in her hands.

Miller warns: “Somebody is going to stab it.”

To drive home the message, she mimes driving an imaginary knife through the heart.

Abby lee miller stabs a heart

For a year, now, Abby Lee Miller has been fighting Burkitt lymphoma, a type of cancer that has impaired her mobility and threatens to paralyze her.

Despite grueling treatments of chemo and radiation therapy, she has returned to television.

“I fought hard to be here,” Miller emphasizes on the Season 8 trailer.

She uses her story to convey a powerful message to the hopeful dancers.

She affirms: “You have to FIGHT to be a champion!”

Abby lee miller fought hard to be here

Of course, the controversial Dance Moms stars is infamous for her toxic attitude and particularly for the way that she treats children.

“Stop crying! Stop it!” she yells cruelly at one moment during the trailer.

Obviously, no one should ever speak to a child — or an adult, for that matter — with those words or in that hostile tone.

At another point, Miller insists: “You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“Your kid doesn’t have a chance,” she taunts a parent in another scene. “She sucks!”

Abby lee miller yells on dance moms season 8 trailer

Miller also delivers some important messages about kindness and teamwork.

“Jealously has poisoned this team.” Miller laments in another moment.

Speaking of a young male dancer, she says: “How dare any of you run this kid off the team!”

We agree! Kids shouldn’t be antagonizing a young dancer until he drops out.

That’s Miller’s job.

Abby lee miller lectures on dance moms season 8 trailer

“It’s not about you!” Miller yells in another part of the trailer.

“It’s about the dancing,” Miller explains. “It’s about the team.”

“This is my livelihood,” she says. 

“It’s fine to do whatever I want to do,” Miller announces. “And I will do whatever I want to do.”

She then issues a warning: “Watch out!”

Abby lee miller on the dance moms season 8 trailer

We of course wish Abby Lee Miller the best in winning her cancer battle.

That does not mean that it’s endearing to see her bullying children to the point of tears. Nothing makes that okay.

Of course, the trailer also reminded everyone of the true villains of Dance Moms: the actual dance moms themselves.

They’re the ones who signed their children up for the show in the first place. They know who Miller is.

After a while, you stop getting mad at the child-eating alligator and start getting mad at the parents who keep tossing their kids in the gator’s lake.

Abby lee miller screams your kid sucks in new dance moms trailer

Abby Lee Miller: Is Dance Moms Putting Her Health at Risk?

Though fans were thrilled to see Abby Lee Miller’s triumphant return to Dance Moms in the latest trailer, she still has cancer.

And while she is focused on recovery, she is also working hard on the show. Maybe too hard.

A new report says that Abby is wearing herself out on Dance Moms — and that her health could take a turn for the worse as a result.

A concerned inside source warns RadarOnline that Abby Lee Miller is pushing herself too hard on Dance Moms.

“She is stretching herself too thin,” the insider fears.

According to the source, “she is working from 8am to 8pm.”

Most of us have probably worked days that long or longer at one job or another, but we know that it’s not healthy — especially for a cancer patient.

“Her doctors are telling her to stop,” the insider reveals.

“But,” the source notes with resignation. “She needs the show and the money for a comeback.”

Medical experts had similar warnings back when Abby began filming.

“Abby is acting very tough,” an insider praised.

“But,” the source said. “Doctors are not confident it’s the right time to leave her treatment in Los Angeles to head to Pittsburgh for a TV show.”

“She is going against doctors wishes,” the insider revealed. “And going back to work.”

A source described Abby’s condition as “weak.”

“Her body is not ready to be back in it,â€� the insider cautioned at the time.

The source elaborated, saying: “They are scared it’s too much work and traveling.”

“She needs more physical therapy,” the insider suggested.

Her cancer battle is ongoing, and the source emphasized: “It’s still a long road for Abby.”

Just because she herself is not physically dancing does not mean that she isn’t overworking herself.

The good news, at least, is that Abby Lee Miller has support and medical supervision no matter where she is.

“She has a doctor in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh,” the insider noted.

And it sounds like experts in both places are coordinating to her benefit.

“The Pittsburgh doctor will report back to the team in Los Angeles,” the source revealed.

You definitely want everyone to stay on the same page when someone’s body is being ravaged by cancer.

In the new Dance Moms promo, Abby acknowledged that her health battle is really taking its toll.

“I was ready to go back to work and start my life over,” Abby noted. “And now I can’t even walk!”

“I need to go back to teaching and I need to get back to screaming at children,” she joked.

That is, after all, the sort of inexcusable behavior that got her the well-deserved label of reality television villain.

“You have to fight to be a champion,” she explained.

That’s … one way of explaining why you so often get into conflict with people.

Abby Lee Miller was released from prison last year and into a halfway house, only to notice a creepy paralysis.

Doctors performed emergency surgery, believing that they were going to find an infection causing her immobility.

Instead, they found that she has Burkitt lymphoma, a non-Hodgkins lymphoma more common in children, where patients have a 90% recovery rate.

Adults, among whom the cancer is rarer, have a somewhat lower recovery rate.

We of course hope that Abby Lee Miller makes a full and swift recovery.

Cancer is just the absolute worst.

Abby Lee Miller Makes Triumphant Return in Dance Mom Promo

The landmark Lifetime reality series Dance Moms will finally return with new episodes in June.

This would be exciting enough news for fans of the long-running program, but there’s more.

Oh, there is more.

But they have an entirely different and inspiring reason to look forward to Season 8, as teased in the trailer below:

Abby Lee Miller is back!

She isn’t just back on the show, following an emotional resignation in 2017. She’s back from a very serious battle with cancer.

Having battled a number of health issues over the past several months, Miller comes across as more determined than ever.

Scroll down to watch the video now and also to relive all that the controversial 52-year-old star has been through of late:

1. Boom! Everything is Different Now

“In an instant, your life changes completely,� Miller says in the clip, which is followed by candid footage of her fighting back tears in a hospital bed.

2. Best Laid Plans Gone Awry

“I was ready to go back to work and start my life over and now I can’t even walk,” she says.

3. Simply Heartbreaking

Even for those who have been critical of her conduct over the years, it’s impossible to watch this footage and not tear up along with Abby.

4. But She’s Ready to Fight!

“I need to get back to teaching and I need to get back to screaming at children,� she says in the trailer. “I need to get back to my roots. I’m going to take these kids right back to the turf.�

5. What Actually Happened?

In April 2018, a day after undergoing emergency surgery for what was initially believed to be a spinal infection, the reality star was preliminarily diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.

6. She Almost Died

Abby lee miller aska for prayers
Miller went into the emergency room after she experienced “excruciating neck pain� and weakness in her arm. From there, her condition deteriorated over the next couple days, prompting a need for surgery for a multi-level laminectomy.

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