JoJo Siwa Was SO Stressed On Dance Moms She Suffered Permanent Hair Loss!! WHAT?!

JoJo Siwa is revealing a major secret! After blowing up Candace Cameron Bure’s life in a silly TikTok challenge earlier this week, JoJo decided to turn the tables and reveal a secret about herself! In a new video on Tuesday, the Dance Moms alum revealed her time on the show made her so stressed out, […]

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Abby Lee Miller Blasts Dance Moms Stars Who Abandoned Her: Shame on You!!

Just a few weeks ago, Abby Lee Miller marked a painful milestone: four years after she last walked under her own power.

The Dance Moms alum had to undergo multiple surgeries for Burkitt lymphoma, and makes use of a motorized wheelchair.

Before her health battle began, she served eight and a half months in prison.

Now, Miller is calling out the families of Dance Mom stars, putting them on blast for never visiting her when she was behind bars.

As far as Abby Lee Miller is concerned, she made people into stars — people who are now ungrateful.

“Shame on you,” she expressed while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

“Shame on you after what I did for you, for your children,” Miller continued, “helped make you a lot of money.”

“You couldn’t come to visit me for eight and a half months?” Miller asked.

“You couldn’t send a card, a letter?” she demanded.

Miller added: “I was getting mail from children in other countries and somehow, twelve-and thirteen-year-old little girls were finding the address.”

“They were getting their cards and letters to me,” Miller said of these international tweens.

“And people here, that I taught their children before the television show,” she said.

Miller described: “They were very happy customers before Dance Moms.”

“And then during it, they were stars, they were making money, they were on top of the world,” Miller continued.

“And,” she lamented, “you’re just going to dump me?”

Miller then claimed that “It’s not hurtful anymore, because you realize real quick who your friends are.”

It looks like part of the motive for Miller’s interview (and callout) was about continuing her work of criticizing children — sorry, teaching dance.

These days, she does it over video chatting software.

“I teach on Zoom all over the world, and I can critique and pick out everything,” Miller explained.

“Last night, at 1:00 a.m, well not last night, but this morning, I was teaching a child in Australia,” Miller added, “fine tuning every step that she did.”

Miller is doing this work from her home in Santa Monica.

While Burkitt lymphoma ravaged her body, Miller says that it was “the failure of six doctors” that ultimately landed her in a wheelchair.

Miller says that she has changed her perspective “immensely’ since she was first diagnosed four years ago.

“I say please and thank you at least 100 times a day and to strangers,” she shared.

“When you are in a store, and I get caught in between the clothing racks,” Miller began.

Miller continued: “getting poked in the eye by the edges of hangers, just dropping things on the floor, dropping my car keys in the parking lot.”

She reasoned: “All of those things become a huge problem. They are problematic.”

Miller noted: “It is an effort for me to bend over and try to pick something up off the floor.”

“I can do it, but I have to lower my chair and lower my feet down and I have to lift up the arm rest,” Miller described.

“I have to bend over and try to grab it,” she detailed.

“I have such a respect for people that are handicapped,” Miller affirmed.

“I had no idea — none before I was in the chair, and you see me out — we bumped into each other at a concert,” Miller continued.

“And I like I said, I go to dinner, I shop, I do this, I do that,” she listed.

Miller expressed: “[I’m] thankful and grateful for the people in my life — the people that stood by me through thick and thin, through all of this.”

Abby Lee Miller Marks Painful Four-Year Milestone of Paralysis, Health Battle

Abby Lee Miller went from reality TV villain to being the victim of a medical tragedy.

Last year, she revealed that she has again become paralyzed, undoing mobility progress that she had made.

The Dance Moms alum was last able to walk under her own power on April 13, 2018.

Four years later, she is reflecting upon her pain, her disability, and where things stand today.

Abby Lee Miller took to Instagram to mark this painful milestone.

“Today, April 13 is the Anniversary of the last time I WALKED,” she noted.

“In horrific pain, I made it into a Doctor’s office,” Miller recalled, “and then across the street to a hospital.”

Abby Lee Miller IG four years after she was last able to walk

Miller detailed that she had made that painful journey to the hospital “for a sedated MRI.”

“On Friday the 13th, 2018 techs had to remove me from the imaging machine after 15 minutes,” she shared.

Miller explained that this was “because my arms & legs were flailing about uncontrollably!”

“My health declined rapidly,” Miller recalled.

She described her hospital experience: “I was admitted and then ignored.”

Miller cited: “Over the next 24 hours my blood pressure dropped to 23 over 17, my Kidneys started to fail, and I became paralyzed from the Neck down.”

“It was too late to transfer me…” MIller acknowledged.

“Emergency surgery had to be performed…” she noted, referring to the surgery on her spine that first uncovered her Burkitt Lymphoma.

Miller lamented: “I have never walked on my own again.”

“It is only befitting,” Miller remarked, “that today I film the final footage on my very own Documentary.”

She has filmed a documentary “talking about everything that happened to me… Coming to you Soon.”

Miller concluded her caption: “Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.”

It wasn’t so long ago that Miller was showing off her ability to stand and take a few steps on her own.

That was, however, before last year’s setback.

It’s no understatement to say that she has had a very difficult several years, plagued with misfortune.

Miller had just been released from prison and was living in a halfway house when she was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma.

Noting creeping paralysis, she went to the hospital, where she had the experience described in her Instagram post.

Surgeons had to shave away part of her spine in order to see what was attacking her nervous system.

Initially, doctors had assumed that Miller had some sort of infection in her spine.

Instead, it was something worse — a rare form of cancer normally found in children in Africa, not in adults in North America.

While the prognosis for Burkitt Lymphoma is usually promising, nothing about Miller’s case was normal.

Miller has undergone radiation therapy, additional surgeries, and other treatments aimed at beating the cancer and restoring her mobility.

Now, she makes use of mobility aids such as her motorized wheelchair in order to go about her life.

Everything in her life has been changed for the worse following one sudden bout of illness.

It will be interesting to watch Miller’s documentary at some point.

We have admittedly been critics of Miller’s demeanor with children, long before her racism scandal resulted in the end of her reality career.

But we would not wish cancer upon anyone, or the effects that this has had upon her body.

Abby Lee Miller Sues Hotel for Disability Discrimination, Seeks $8 Million in Damages

Several years ago, Abby Lee Miller exited prison only to be diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma.

The Dance Moms alum has suffered setbacks, recently revealing that she was once again paralyzed.

Only now, through a lawsuit, is the world learning of just how bad Miller’s experiences have been.

She is suing a hotel for discrimination and false imprisonment, asking for more than $8 million.

RadarOnline got their hands on court documents showing that Abby Lee Miller is suing the Hampton Inn and Suites in Santa Monica.

The lawsuit cites negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, unlawful discrimination, discrimination against individuals with disabilities, and false imprisonment.

Notably, a couple of those accusations also sound like descriptions of crimes.

In the lawsuit, Miller explains how she came to have limited mobility as a paraplegic with a neurogenic bladder.

Burkitt Lymphoma is a rare form of cancer, normally found in African children.

It was a shock to her surgeons in early 2018 when they discovered the cancer in her spine, impairing her ability to move.

Miller makes use of an electric power wheelchair in order to move from place to place.

From March 2020 until October of 2020, Miller resided at the Hampton Inn and Suites.

According to her, she was injured, faced discrimination, and was denied full and equal access during that time.

According to the lawsuit, Miller checked into the hotel in March of 2020.

She at one point voiced concerns about accessibility, an important topic for any disabled person.

She was moved from an assigned room to another room, which was located down a long hallway — and difficult to access.

Miller writes in the lawsuit that she suspects that this was retaliation for her intial complaints about accessibility in the original room.

In the new room’s bathroom, Miller says that her wheelchair was caught under the sliding bathroomd oor.

Unable to free herself, the door — weighing over 300 pounds — fell directly onto her left shoulder and struck her in the head.

Miller found herself screaming for help for 12 minutes with the crushing weight of the fallen door on top of her.

In the lawsuits, she says that she sustained lasting and painful injuries from this.

She was eventually rushed to the hospital, and even now continues to undergo therapy to recover.

So far, most of that sounds like unfortunate choices and disastrous accidents.

However, Miller accuses the staff of refusing to help her in general.

The laundry room was too small for Miller’s wheelchair, but she says that housekeeping refused to find a way to accommodate her disability.

Miller also accuses housekeeping of blocking her door with their carts, which would be odd at any hotel.

She accuses staff of placing her handicapped toilet seat on top of the toilet lid because she could not reach it there.

Miller alleged that the bathroom pipes had issues that made things dangerous for her.

Miller also described not being able to access the pool or pool area because she was physically unable to open the door.

She is seeking more than $8 million in her lawsuit for the harm that she describes having suffered.

It is unclear what her chances may be, but if these allegations are true, she may have a strong case.

Huh!? Abby Lee Miller Sues Hampton Inn And Suites, Says Falling Door Crushed Her!

Abby Lee Miller is making some serious allegations against Hampton Inn and Suites after an allegedly nightmarish stay! In a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ on Tuesday, the Dance Moms alum alleges that she suffered a scary incident in her hotel room that left her trapped for an extended period of time! According to court […]

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Abby Lee Miller Reveals She Again Became Paralyzed by Painful Spinal Condition

Abby Lee Miller has seen better days, in more ways than one.

Amidst Dance Moms survivors reliving their trauma and being fired for racism, her health has also been in decline.

A rare cancer left her almost fully paralyzed. Cancer treatments and multiple spinal surgeries later, she’s still not okay.

Complications from recent surgeries have left her in worsening pain and with reduced mobility.

In 2017, Abby Lee Miller went to prison. In 2018, she was released to a halfway house.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma — a rare cancer usually found in children in Africa.

The cancer was causing a creeping paralysis as it exerted pressure on her spine, and she had to undergo surgeries as well as cancer treatments.

Miller has made use of a wheelchair ever since, and had her ups and downs on her “horrible” health journey.

This week, she spoke to HollywoodLife to share that she has undergone two more surgeries more recently.

Unfortunately, additional surgeries have led to additonal complications that are turning her life upside down.

“[During COVID I had] another surgery on my spine,” Miller revealed.

She shared that this surgery was on “my lumbar region that was the original problem years ago.”

“And,” Miller continued, “that’s why I went to that doctor.”

Miller said that she knew that she needed medical attention “because my leg was going numb when I was driving in all this LA traffic.”

“So,” she reasoned, “I knew something was wrong.”

Miller shared that she developed Spondylolisthesis which grew “worse and worse.”

Spondylolisthesis is an agonizing condition.

When one of the lower spinal vertebrae slips forward and onto the bone directly beneath it, it hurts.

In addition to pain, almost any condition impacting the spine like that can cause temporary or even permanent paralysis.

This isn’t something for which someone can take medication and move past.

Instead, Miller had to go into in-patient rehab therapy.

She also had to undergo restorative surgery — yes, yet another surgery on her spine.

One would think that this is enough of a health catastrophe for an entire town, let alone one person.

But Miller was not done.

In Florida, Miller went on to break her leg in two places.

After this, Miller was admitted to the Level One trauma unit.

Per her doctor’s orders, she had to put no weight whatsoever on that leg for three entire months.

However, Miller affirmed that she is now “standing in place” and “marching.”

Before her second surgery, Miller was able to take 150 steps with the aid of a walker.

She does, however, plan to return to being able to walk that far … but it won’t come easily.

“I need me to coach me,” she joked. “I need an Abby Lee person to whip my butt into shape and make me the best I can be.”

Miller expressed that this has been a “very emotional” journey.

Her goal is to be able to take those first steps while using her walker soon, but not right away.

The current timeline for that progress is, she hopes, “after the holidays.”

“I need to get back to that 150 steps and standing without my hands and standing with brushing my teeth,” Miller stated.

She detailed: “I’m starting that now — all that stuff.”

Whatever we may think about Miller as a person, no one deserves these medical setbacks. We wish her a swift and easy recovery.

Dance Moms Star Zackery Torres Announces They Are Transitioning!

Such an important and inspiring life update from Zackery Torres! The former Dance Moms star announced on Sunday via TikTok that they are transitioning, and has updated their pronouns to they/she to reflect the amazing news! Related: Caitlyn Jenner Comes Out AGAINST Transgender Girls Competing In Sports… Sigh… Dancing while Dua Lipa‘s hit song Levitating played on in the background, […]

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Dance Moms Survivors Relive Abby Lee Miller Trauma on TikTok!

Dance Moms villain Abby Lee Miller isn’t exactly known for her nurturing personality. Kind of the opposite.

Now, the chidren who endured Miller’s abhorrent bullying are memeing about their Dance Moms trauma.

The TikTok meme’s format is simple.

“Bulletproof” by La Roux plays while a Dance Moms survivor silently listens.

The text on screen then reads “Think you can hurt my feelings? I was on Dance Moms.”

JoJo Siwa - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme

“And was meme of the month October 2018,” JoJo Siwa recalls in her iteration of the meme.

She continues: “And get made fun of 24/7 for my hairline.”

“And,” JoJo cites, “get called a giant toddler every other day.”

JoJo Siwa - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme comment

“And had strangers shout out awful things to me in public all the time,” JoJo points out.

“HI, I’m JoJo,” her TikTok caption reads, “and … I’ve heard it all.”

That is sad — what is worse is that she is not alone.

Chloe Lukasiak - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme

Chloe Lukasiak also gets in on the meme.

Like most of her fellow Dance Moms escapees, she did not cite quite as many examples as JoJo.

But she certainly has a lot to say in her caption.

Chloe Lukasiak - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme comment

“My experience was so traumatizing,” Chloe reveals, “I don’t remember those four years.”

“It’s an actual coping mechanism,” she explains, then crediting Mackenzie and Nia for the idea to do the meme.

She’s right, but it’s important to note that childhood trauma can still have lifelong consequences, even if it is forgotten.

Mackenzie Ziegler - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme

Mackenzie takes an even more spartan approach to the meme.

Instead of really commenting, she lets the simple, brutal statement do the talking for her.

Someone’s childhood reality career should not have left them so numb to future trauma … but it has.

Brooke Hyland - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme

Brooke Hyland did a “duet” with Mackenzie.

That’s just TikTok’s name for two videos appearing side-by-side.

There, she simply echoes Mackenzie’s sentiments. You don’t need to put an original twist on a meme to contribute.

Nia Sioux - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme

But Nia’s version does have a distinction from that of the others.

“You think you can hurt my feelings?” she asks in a text bubble.

“I was the only Black girl on Dance Moms,” Nia points out.

Nia Sioux - I was on Dance Moms tiktok meme comment

Nia made it very clear that she is talking to one specific person with her post.

“And that’s on being bullied by the biggest bully in America,” Nia writes.

She could only be talking about one person.

Abby Lee Miller was fired by Lifetime for a long history of appalling racism.

She was already infamous for her vicious verbal abuse of children. It was a key part of Dance Moms‘ brand.

So, during the reckoning for racist institutions and individuals in June of this year, Black moms and producers spoke about Miller’s racist bullying.

It’s sad that it took the atmosphere of the largest civil rights protest in the history of the world for Miller to get sacked.

A more enlightened society would never have given her a platform in the first place — or allowed those children to be exploited.

But at least she will no longer be rewarded for or financially encouraged to berate and traumatize kids.

Childhood trauma has lifelong repercussions.

Even those who process their worst experiences live in fear of repeating those behaviors one day.

And just because people can say “this doesn’t bother me, because I’ve been through worse” doesn’t mean that what happened to them was okay.

Abby Lee Miller Sues Her Ex-Attorneys for $2.5 Million: You Sabotaged Me!

Long before Abby Lee Miller was fired from Dance Moms, she took a break from the show to serve her prison sentence and then undergo cancer treatments.

Now, Miller is filing a massive lawsuit against her own attorneys — saying that they ruined her chance to seek justice.

Abby Lee Miller has filed a lawsuit against her former attorneys at The Claypool Law Firm and specifically Natalie Vallejos.

She is seeking compensation and damages to the tune of $2.5 million.

She says that the amount is to compensate her for both emotional distress and for otherwise irreparable financial loss.

According to Miller’s lawsuit, she is accusing the defendants of professional negligence.

She also accuses them of breach of duty and of legal malpractice.

Why? The short answer is that Miller wanted to sue over some heinous mistreatment … and says that her attorneys totally dropped the ball.

As fans may recall from our reporting, Abby Lee Miller was released from prison on March 26, 2018.

She alleges that, as she was being released, “a female prison guard forcefully kicked her in the head with her boot.”

“Shortly thereafter,” the lawsuit describes, “Plaintiff was transported to a half-way house in Hollywood, California.”

Miller has also lamented having been allegedly deprived of her thyroid medication and diabetes medications, both being essential to her health.

“The removal of these medications lowered Plaintiff’s immune system,” the lawsuit notes.

The suit accuses that this deprivation had the effect of “significantly contributing to the looming health crisis she would soon face.”

That medical crisis first reared its ugly head on April 1, 2018, when Miller began to feel ill.

Within the week, she was taken from her halfway house to urgent care in Beverly Hills.

There, she was prescribed a simple Z-Pak.

But the following day, Miller went to a dentist because her jaw had become numb overnight.

Miller laments that the dentist allegedly failed to warn her that this could be a neurological symptom and was not necessarily a dental problem.

This was not the end of the troubles of Miller’s escalating medical mystery.

The next day, Miller was finally put back on her diabetes and thyroid medications by another doctor.

She received a B-12 shot and reports not having felt the injection at all.

Miller regrets that the doctor at the time allegedly did not delve further into her mysterious symptoms.

Over the next few weeks, Miller’s health issues continued to emerge, prompting a series of Urgent Care visits.

Describing the experience, Miller accuses the staff of a dismissive attitude towards her.

She perceives some of the staff as “insinuating that she was fabricating her symptoms to get out of the half-way house.”

It wasn’t until April 13, 2018 that Miller says that she finally saw a doctor who insisted on her undergoing an MRI.

During the MRI, she experienced involuntary limb movements that she could not explain.

By the end of the scan, her blood pressure had plummetted and she was admitted to the ICU to address the life-threatening situation.

Over the course of the first half of April, what began as numbness became paralysis as Miller became immobilized from the neck down.

“Additionally,” court documents describe, “Plaintiff temporarily lost the ability to feed herself and her words became slurred.”

These are clear signs of a rapidly progressing neurological condition of some kind.

Finally, Abby Lee Miller was diagnosed after spinal surgery revealed that what was believed to be an infection was something else entirely.

The cause, of course, was Burkitt Lymphoma, a cancer that is extremely rare in adults in the United States.

Between APril 2018 and November 2018, she underwent 10 grueling rounds of chemotherapy.

Abby Lee Miller says that she reached out to Brian Claypool of The Claypool Law Firm because she wished to sue.

Her goal was to “address all the catastrophic medical failures which led to her paralysis.”

Paying $7,000 to get them working on her case, Miller wished to sue the government for what she described as medical negligence during her incarceration and time in the halfway house.

In her lawsuit, Miller accuses her attorney of all but ghosting her for months, giving her no updates.

Then, on April 16 of 2019, she says that Natalie Vallejos, an associate of the law firm, sent her an email.

The email reportedly informed her that the statute of limitations had run out on Miller’s claim and thus the firm was no longer able to file the suit.

This means that Miller will never be able to bring her assault and battery claims against the government.

To be clear, according to the lawsuit, Miller obtained legal counsel and hired them to do one job.

Instead, she says, they took her money and then twiddled their thumbs until the clock ran out, preventing Miller from ever seeking justice.

These days, Abby Lee Miller is a paraplegic and despite many months of intense physical therapy, she requires the use of a wheelchair.

“She requires daily assistance with routine tasks such as dressing and bathing,” the lawsuit points out.

The suit continues: “She will require extensive physical therapy for the remainder of her life.”

“On average, Ms. Miller will have uninsured costs of at least $70,000 every year for the rest of her life,” the lawsuit notes.

Additionally, court documents mention: “Ms. Miller has experienced difficulty finding housing that is handicap accessible.”

Stating the obvious, it adds: “Ms. Miller earns her living as a dance choreographer.”

“And while she has an optimistic outlook and tires to make the best of every day,” the lawsuit notes.

The documents continue: “There are limitations on her ability to teach dance without the use of her legs, thus impairing her ability to earn a living in the only career she has known.”

That last part may not directly impact her lawsuit against her erstwhile attorneys, but it may go to show how urgent the suit that she had intended to file was.

Abby Lee Miller: I Was 10 Minutes From DEATH!

After well over a year of surguries, painful treatments, and intense physical therapy, Abby Lee Miller was able to walk again this month.

Those few steps were a major accomplishment, and only now is Miller revealing how bad things truly got.

Before her emergency surgery, she wasn’t just at risk of death — she was dying.

Abby Lee Miller spoke to HollywoodLife at the Creative Arts Emmys.

“I lived,” she begins, really setting the tone for how dire her situation was.

Before surgery, Miller reveals, “the doctor said ‘we have 10 minutes or we are going to lose her.’”

“And that is how close to death I was,” she grimly explains.

Burkitt Lymphoma may have a high survival rate, but only among those who catch it in time.

With Miller, it was a very close call for what doctors initially assumed was a mere infection.

“This spinal cord injury, choking my spinal cord and all of that,” Miller says, came close to claiming her life.

Even once she was out of the proverbial woods in that respect, she reveals, she remained paralyzed.

“I can take just a few steps with the walker,” Miller detailed.

Famously, she took a few steps on stage on The Doctors. We have included that video in this post.

“I yell at friends all the time when I get frustrated and upset,” Miller admits.

She explains: “I am like ‘why did you not just let me die? Dying’s easy, you just lay there, you know this is hard, it’s tough.’”

Miller has expressed how her cancer battle made her want to die in the past.

“And,” she continues. “They said ‘he did not give us a choice, he just said I am going in and we said oh, okay.’”

Unless you have a DNR, that’s just how it goes.

“I guess I have some more dreams to fulfill,” Miller reflects.

“I have other things that I want to do,” she expresses.

“And,” Miller reveals. “Doing other shows I am creating.”

“And you know there is always a kid who needs to straighten their legs and point their feet,” Miller reasons.

There’s the Miller we know and … know. Finding purpose in life through terrorizing children into dancing properly.

“I was at the California Rehabilitation Institute. It’s amazing,” she says of her intense therapy to walk again.

Miller shares: “It’s fabulous and you have therapy four times a day, four hours a day, every day, Saturday, and Sunday included.”

“Now once they release you and your insurance says ‘that’s it’, then you’re an out patient and you go for an hour, three times a week,” she adds.

“So you spend an hour getting there, you do it for an hour, and then you leave for an hour,” Miller admits. “And it’s really not the same intensity.”

Even famous people have to deal with our absurd and nightmarish healthcare system.

But through hard work, a refusal to give up, and expert care, Miller is alive and making improvements in her mobility.

Her doctors have admitted that she has missed some screenings, but say that she is cancer-free.

That is good news.

Whatever we may think of her as a human being, no one deserves cancer.

Abby Lee Miller: See Her Walk Again for the First Time!

Abby Lee Miller spent months paralyzed during and after her harrowing battle with cancer. Fans feared she would never stand, walk, or dance again.

Now, in an appearance on The Doctors, Abby is taking a major step — literally — in her recovery.

Watch the video and see her walk again for the very first time!

Abby lee miller walks 1 slash 5

52-year-old Abby Lee Miller returned to Dance Moms months ago to impart some wisdom and some terror upon young girls.

But she very conspicuously did so in a wheelchair.

Abby has made a lot of progress in her lengthy recovery, however.

So much so that she’s ready to go on television and do much more than discuss her cancer battle and the aftermath.

In this clip, Abby rises to standing and even takes her first steps.

It’s a very tense moment — because not even Abby knows if she can do it.

Abby lee miller walks 2 slash 5

“Everybody put your hands together and pray,” Abby asks of her audience.

“This is so scary,” the reality star confesses. “You have no idea.”

Seated along the array of doctors, Abby is of course in her wheelchair.

A walker is placed in front of her to give support and balance.

Abby’s feet touch the ground firmly — a feat that might have proven impossible just one year ago.

Abby lee miller walks 3 slash 5

You can see the focus, the effort, and the concentration on Abby’s face as she wills herself to rise.

Standing after months — or more — of paralysis is not a matter of willpower or personal courage.

But it takes a great deal of both to, after extensive healing and physical therapy, rise up from your chair in front of an audience and numerous cameras.

Abby does it, however, and rises to standing.

That’s not the test, however. The true test is seeing whether or not she can then walk.

Abby lee miller walks 4 slash 5

Abby’s months of hard work during her recovery have paid off.

Before the audience’s very eyes, she steps forward.

Her movements may be labored, but she’s doing more than just shuffling — she’s really, truly walking.

And yes, she’s walking using a walker — a necessary tool at this stage and a vital safety device.

But that doesn’t diminish this milestone in her recovery.

Abby lee miller walks 5 slash 5

When Abby first reported to the hospital in early 2018, she had noticed a creeping paralysis, particularly in her arm.

Doctors performed spinal surgery, expecting to find and clear out an infection.

What they found instead was Burkitt lymphoma, a cancer that is extremely rare in adults, and usually found among children in Africa.

Abby underwent chemo, radiation therapy, and a second excruciating spinal surgery.

That she even felt well enough to return to Dance Moms was extraordinarily good news.

Abby lee miller stands with pride

While on The Doctors, Abby’s doctor reveals that — though she has missed some screenings — she appears to still be in remission.

(Abby, go to your screenings! No matter how well you feel!)

However you may feel about her demanor on her show or how she treats children, no one in the world deserves cancer.

Her recovery is fantastic news and we look forward to future milestones.

Abby lee miller see her walk again for the first time