Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood Reveals She’s Bisexual, Comes Out To Her Mother ON CAMERA!

Amber Portwood is no longer hiding her truth. The Teen Mom OG star opened up about her sexuality — something she’s never talked about publicly — on Tuesday night’s episode of the MTV series. While sitting down with her producer David, the reality TV personality discussed a book she’s currently writing, explaining that it will […]

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Amber Portwood Comes Out as Bisexual: Gary Wants Me to Stay Closeted!

Last week, it was teased that Amber Portwood was planning to come out.

She is bisexual, but had never shared this part of her identity on screen before.

Teen Mom OG viewers watches as she came out as bi to her mother.

She worries over how Gary will react. Did he really want her to stay closeted?

Amber Portwood first spoke to a producer about her sexuality on this week’s episode.

“People are probably gonna be a bit shocked that I am bisexual,” she predicted.

Amber shared “That I have had a relationship with a woman for 8 months before.”

Amber recalled that she was about 20 years old during that 8-month relationship.

Still, coming out is rarely easy, and sometimes time can make that harder.

Amber admitted: “I’m really scared right now.”

Amber confirmed that her first baby daddy, Gary Shirley, already knew that she is bi.

That doesn’t mean that she expected him to be supportive of her coming out to the world.

“I don’t think he’ll be very open,” Amber admitted.

“I think he’s gonna think it’s bad for Leah, things like that,” Amber alarmingly predicted.

That would be shockingly awful of Gary if true.

Many things related to Amber are bad for Leah. Amber being bi, privately or publicly, does not make the list.

“He doesn’t even like the thought of going to therapy to help with our relationship,” Amber complained.

(We’ll unpack that in a bit)

Amber speculated that “this is just another embarrassment to them.”

Amber stressed that being a parent (sort of) helped to motivate her to come out publicly.

She said that Leah and James were a “really, really big factor.”

“I don’t want them to ever think it’s bad,” Amber explained.

“And,” Amber continued, “I don’t want them to look at other people who are like this like that.”

“Who am I to sit here and hide forever,” she continued, admitting “which is what I was actually planning on doing anyways.”

Amber confessed: “I was gonna go to the grave with this.”

Part of what drove Amber to come out, here and now, on camera was that her sexuality is mentioned in her upcoming memoir.

She didn’t want her mom to find out from a book (or from a leaked report), so she called her mom.

“I was calling you for a reason,” Amber told her mother. “I’m shaking right now, honestly.”

Amber then told her mom that she is bi.

“I’m very attracted to men, but I’m also similarly very attracted to women as well, like both. Over the years,” she said.

Amber explained not coming out earlier, as there had been “so much going on back then, that I didn’t want to put anymore stuff on the family.”

“I think I was just ashamed at the time,” Amber grimly expressed.

She explained that this is “because it wasn’t as open then.”

“People were still using the F-word,” she said, referring to a vicious anti-gay slur.

“My book that’s coming out, I don’t point blank say I’m bisexual,” Amber clarified.

“But,” she detailed, “I do say that I’ve been with women.”

While not everyone needs, wants, or uses labels, they can be helpful, and the label bisexual is conspicuously underused — so it’s good that Amber felt comfortable with it.

Amber’s mother’s reaction was very affirming.

Meanwhile, Amber was more concerned about how Leah would take the news, but her mother reassured her on that, too.

However, we won’t get to see Gary and Leah’s reaction until next week.

We promised to go over Amber’s remark about therapy, because … it needs to be addressed.

Amber is perceived by fans to have this sort of fantasy that if she goes to mother-daughter counseling with Leah, they’ll patch things up.

To put it bluntly, it often feels like she wants a professional to trick Leah into forgiving and forgetting Amber’s countless failings as a mother and a human being.

We don’t think that Gary is “anti-therapy,” but he is trying to protect Leah’s interests.

Leah is not interested in being forced to sit in a room and listen to her estranged mom cry about how she just wants to be loved or whatever.

There is no reason whatsoever for Leah to be in therapy with Amber unless Leah one day decides, on her own, to do that.

And yes, we mention Amber’s numerous failings because her being bi does not erase that.

Bisexuality does not change her past any more than any other revelation about her identity might.

Amber is still who she is, but even so, we’re pleased that so far her coming out was not met with hostility or cruelty.


Probably one of the most sinister things that someone can say when someone comes out as bi is to challenge them.

It’s the fear of that kind of response that keeps a lot of people in the closet.

Bi women are accused of being straight. Bi men are accused of being gay. That bigotry can sometimes come from within the LGBTQ+ community, too.

Some who travel in more bigoted social circles might argue that Amber and Gary and Kristina shouldn’t tell Leah about this at all.

But bisexuality isn’t any more or less appropriate than heterosexuality.

It’s fine for a 12-year-old, or a person of any age to hear about.

Honestly, Leah is in middle school — it’s very likely that she has friends and classmates who are openly LGBTQ+ to her, if not to their parents.

People seldom have to “come out” as straight (by the way, please don’t do this — looking at you, overly eager ally celebs).

But coming out is never the same as discussing your sex life.

Amber is not the sort of representation that anyone in the bi community (or any other) would have asked for.

She is a domestic abuser — and a repeat offender, at that. She’s neither a good parent nor a good person.

But we hope that her coming out receives a positive reception. Biphobic backlash would hurt all of the wrong people, not Amber.

Amber portwood comes out as bisexual gary wants me to

Gary Shirley: I Wish I Could Ban Amber From My Life Forever!

On this week’s Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood didn’t know what to do.

Leah hadn’t fallen for her sob story or her tearful video. She hadn’t even responded.

Gary and Kristina had to carefully consider what the best thing would be for Leah.

But Gary can’t help but admit that, in a perfect world, Amber would be 100% out of his life.

As you can see on the Teen Mom OG clip that we have included, Gary Shirley sat down with Kristina.

“Amber called me up,” he told his wife.

“She apologized for everything,” Gary revealed.

“I did let her know that Leah had seen the video,” Gary shared.

Naturally, Amber asked if Leah had anything to say to her after seeing her mom’s tearful dramatic reading of a letter.

“No, not really,” Gary had relayed accurately to Amber of 12-year-old Leah’s response.

“She did say that she didn’t want to respond,” Gary acknowledged.

“For Leah, it’s just … accumulated so many things that are, like, hard to forget,” he explained to his wife.

“But for me, it’s a start,” Gary said of Amber’s willingness to actually apologize.

Kristina acknowledged that she felt similarly.

“I’ve forgiven her for, you know, the things that she has said,” she told her husband.

“There just comes a time when we move forward,” Kristina explained.

“At some point, I want Leah to be able to see James, I want to see James,” Gary expressed.

“I know that Amber is gonna want to see Leah,” he pointed out.

“So even if it’s, like, a small start,” Gary continued, “I might try reaching out.”

“Would it be acceptable to invite her over here?” Kristina asked.

She asked if that would be okay “even though Leah’s still feeling a certain way?”

The parents determined that this would be fine — but Leah’s interactions with Amber would be optional.

“Just because we apologized to each other and get everything out of the way, it doesn’t mean that Leah’s relationship is gonna be alternately fixed,” Gary reasoned.

“Leah might still need time,” he suggested.

“I know if we’re all getting along,” Gary said, “it will make it easier for Leah.”

But Gary knows his ex all too well. He knows that Amber’s good behavior will not last forever.

“My biggest fear is we’re gonna fix this and it’s a matter of time,” he warned.

Gary explained “because if her relationship isn’t repaired with Leah, it’s gonna be like, ‘Okay, you’re still mad at everything and you’re gonna take it out on us.’”

“Honestly, if I could have my way I would just be done with it,” Gary confessed.

In other words, he would just cut Amber out of his life forever and not have to deal with her nonsense.

“But,” he acknowledged, “it’s not the case.”

“We have a kid together,” Gary reasoned, not mentioning that they’re also castmates on a reality series together.

“We need to make sure that that kid’s happy and healthy,” he stressed.

“So, I’m gonna call her,” Gary shared, “and see if she wants to come over.”

Gary shirley i wish i could ban amber from my life forever

Amber Portwood: Leah Didn’t Buy My Sob Story! It’s Gary’s Job to Fix This!

Last week, viewers saw Amber Portwood claiming that Leah had been turned against her.

Some people are always on the lookout for someone to blame, and don’t seem to own mirrors.

On this week’s Teen Mom OG, Amber despaired after her tearful video didn’t work as intended on Leah.

Amber already showed Leah who she really is, and Leah believed her. Where could they possibly go from here?

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” Amber expressed to a producer.

“I’m still trying,” she insisted.

“But it’s very unwelcoming,” Amber complained, “that’s all I can say.”

“I sent a video apology and I didn’t get a response,” Amber recapped.

Dismissively, she added: “I got something from Gary that day saying they watched it.”

Apparently, this did not meet the fantasy that Amber had entertained of how her tear-jerker would pay off.

“They would see the raw emotion of a human being that is pouring their heart out,” Amber explained of her shattered hopes.

“I just want my relationship with my daughter,” she added.

“She’s losing time with her mom,” Amber said, “and she’s not wanting time with her mom.”

Meanwhile, at Gary’s home — where Leah actually lives and is nurtured by parents who are there for her — Gary and Kristine discussed the situation.

“So Amber called me up, she apologized to me about everything and then I did let her know that Leah had seen the video,” Gary told his wife.

“She said, ‘Did she say anything?’ [I said] ‘No, not really,” Gary admitted. “She did say she didn’t want to respond.”

Gary explained that Leah didn’t fall for Amber’s video for a simple reason.

The 12 year old has “just accumulated so many things that are hard to forget.”

But, he added, “it’s a start.”

Kristina echoed that she has forgiven Amber for many things.

She opined that “there just comes a time when you move forward.”

Gary hatched a plan to invite Amber and her son, James, whom she was recently accused of abusing, for an indirect visit.

Gary did express the fear that Amber would, well, Amber it up again. 

“My biggest fear is we’re gonna fix this and it’s a matter of time,” Gary suggested, referring to how Amber might make this harder.

He explained “because if her relationship isn’t repaired with Leah, it’s gonna be like, ‘Okay, you’re still mad at everything and you’re gonna take it out on us.'”

“If I could have it my way, I’d just be done with it, but that’s not the case,” Gary explained of severing ties with Amber.

“We have a kid together,” he said, “and we have to make sure that kid’s happy and healthy.”

So yes, Gary and Kristina invited Amber to come over with James so that the brother and sister could spend time together.

Amber felt overjoyed, gushing that she couldn’t “wait to see Leah” after months without contact.

“Don’t care if she looks at me, rolls her eyes and goes upstairs. I don’t give a f–k,” she claimed.

Amber declared: “As long as I see her and say, ‘I love you, bye.’ We’re still moving somewhere.”

“It just takes time,” Amber told herself. “She’s not going to hate me forever.”

She told a producer that she excuses her own failures as a parent because she had been “self-medicating.”

However, Amber believed that telling Leah was off the table due to her age.

Of course, the get-together could not be filmed, because James was there.

Andrew Glennon would have to sign off to allow James to film for reality television.

Wisely, for James’ well-being, safety, and personal development, James did not.

Instead, we just saw Amber’s assessment of the visit as she spoke to her own mother after the fact.

She called the get-together “kind of fine” but acknowledged that it was “a little awkward” for Leah that she was there.

Well, yes. Leah clearly isn’t interested in contact with Amber, but her own family aren’t letting that happen.

Amber portwood leah didnt buy my sob story its garys job to fix

Amber Portwood: Leah Turned on Me! We Haven’t Talked in MONTHS!

One of the hooks of Teen Mom OG has been watching troubled teens blossom into thoughtful, capable adults.

Not everyone has that growth, however. Amber Portwood seems more interested in announcing that she’s “changed” than actually doing it.

On this week’s episode, Amber again claimed that Leah has been turned against her and shared that they haven’t spoken in months.

Amber also turned things up a notch, sending a tearful video message to try to guilt Leah into reaching out.

“It’s been a while since Leah and I have spoken,” Amber said during the episode.

“I’ve been giving her space,” she claimed, “but I think it’s time to try something new.”

Amber then told a producer that it had been “a couple months” since she last spoke to Leah.

“I feel like I’m never gonna win,” Amber complained.

“I wanted us to have a great co-parenting family,” she expressed.

This was something, Amber said, “that I thought we had until it became weird.”

“And then all of a sudden, Leah started acting weird and turning on me,” Amber characterized.

While continuing to act as if this had nothing to do with her own behavior, she said that Leah began to “ignore” her.

Amber also once again expressed the belief that she should just be able to reach some milestone in therapy or apologies to make Leah like her.

“Even if I take responsibility for every single wrongdoings I’ve ever done, it just feels like it’s never enough,” Amber griped.

“All I can say is sorry and try to move forward,” she complained.

“I can’t sit here and have her think things that aren’t true about me,” Amber continued, “because I am her mother.”

Amber decided to write out a letter to Leah, but that wasn’t enough in her mind.

The letter’s role was “explaining how much I want our real relationship back.”

Amber also opted to record herself reading the letter — and send the recording to Gary to show to Leah.

“I’m scared that on her phone, I’m blocked,” Amber theorized. “I don’t even know.”

She added: “I would love to send it directly to Leah. They can both look at it.”

As always, Amber complained: “How many times do I need to apologize? They don’t hear me. How many times do you need to apologize? I’m trying?”

Later in the episode, we saw Gary delicately ask Leah about watching the video.

Leah opted that they watch it together, since that would be easier and simpler.

“To my beautiful daughter, I’m so proud of the young lady you have become,” Amber read through tears in the video.

“I know I missed some very important times in your life,” Amber acknowledged.

“Times that a mother should not miss,” she admitted, “while I was still trying to understand my own life.”

Amber added: “I am so sorry for the things I did that kept us apart. I never ever wanted to hurt you.”

“I think about you every day and I will never stop trying to mend our relationship, no matter what it takes,” Amber added ominously.

“I will always love you,” she concluded. “You are my heart, no matter what.”

Leah was the first to admit that she was unsure of how to respond.

“I’m sure we have good memories, but I couldn’t tell if the crying, if that was fake, so I really don’t know what to think of it,” Leah stated reasonably.

“I don’t know if I can forgive her and especially not now,” she expressed.

Leah described: “She was making videos and stuff, I didn’t like it because Amber did say bad stuff about Kristina.”

Gary, deciding to take this whole co-parenting thing more seriously than anyone would really ask him to, went to bat for Amber.

He told Leah that someone can make terrible mistakes but still love someone … but that’s not really the point.

This isn’t even about Amber and Leah so much as it is about Amber’s inability to behave herself.

“But I love Kristina and she tried to hurt somebody I love,” Leah reasoned, referring to Amber’s cruel posts about Kristina.

“I can’t love somebody who tries to hurt other people,” she affirmed.

Leah expressed that she doesn’t feel that her situation with Amber needs to be “fixed.” Leah is wise beyond her years.

Amber portwood leah turned on me we havent talked in months

Amber Portwood: Leah Won’t Call Me Back! Her "Bonus Mom" Turned Her Against Me!

To hear her tell it, Amber Portwood is the most unfairly maligned person on the face of the planet.

She doesn’t blame Leah directly for ignoring her endless messages, but she doesn’t take the hint, either.

Amber thinks Leah was poisoned against her by her real parents, Gary and Kristina Shirley.

On this week’s Teen Mom OG, she laid all of the blame at the feet of Leah’s “bonus mom.”

There are lots of difficult jobs that leave you feeling dirty, physically or mentally or both.

One of those is being a producer who has to lend a sympathetic ear to Amber Portwood as she complains about her life.

This week, in the aftermath of treating herself to a hotel stay after not hanging with Leah on Easter, Amber griped to a producer about how hard things are.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen her,” Amber said of her 12-year-old daughter.

Notably (and to the world’s everlasting relief) Amber does not have custody of Leah.

“She hasn’t even answered any of my text messages,” Amber complained to her producer.

“She’s not going to answer my phone calls,” Amber admitted.

“But she has a Bonus Mom, so …” she continued scathingly, in a transparent jab at Kristina Shirley.

Even Amber realized that she’d gone too far on camera, and added: “ridiculous way to speak, I’m sorry.”

Credit where credit is due — Amber did catch herself and apologize, at least to the producer.

That is growth, and not the first bit of growth that Amber has shown.

But you only need to follow Amber’s story to know that it’s still not as much growth as she needs to show.

What follows is a montage of glimpses at how a rift has grown between Amber and Leah.

Leah is old enough now to realize the many ways in which Amber has failed her.

Time and time again, however, it seems like Amber still doesn’t realize that — and is eager to blame others instead of looking inward.

Amber notes that she has been in therapy for six years.

(That is genuinely a good thing and we’re so glad — and we hope that she keeps with it)

She wants to do therapy with Leah, and is convinced that it would help them repair (or build) their bond.

“We talked about therapy and stuff with Leah,” Amber shared.

“But,” she continued, “Gary wasn’t for it at all.”

Amber opined: “Therapy is a good thing to get you and your mother back together.”

“Having that mediator can help get her to open up and understand a bit,” Amber insisted.

The way that she is framing this makes her intentions so, so painfully obvious.

“I think she’ll be happier in life,” Amber added.

Amber said that Leah will be happier “when it comes to understand a bit more of what the past was.”

She continued: “where things happen today and how I am today.”

“And,” Amber added, “that it’s okay to have a mom that’s been through these things and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that.”

“Therapy is something that needs to happen,” Amber insisted.

“But,” she lamented, “there’s nothing I can do about it because he does have the primary custody of her.”

Amber declared: “I want my daughter back.”

Fortunately, Gary saw right through Amber’s intentions and chose to put his daughter first.

“I’m not gonna sit here and make Leah go somewhere because it’ll help Amber,” he reasoned.

“How can I encourage Leah to do something she doesn’t wanna do,” Gary asked, “if her mom’s not doing what she needs to do?”

“Leah’s 12. She’s not gonna get back the years she missed,” Gary accurately noted.

“If there’s gonna be any kind of reuniting,” he suggested.

Gary went on: “It’s gonna have to be like, ‘Hey, Amber’s really dug deep and really done what she needed to do to be the mother she needs to be.'”

Gary affirmed: “I want to protect Leah, I want to make sure she’s not gonna get hurt.”

Therapy is a wonderful tool for so many reasons.

It’s not a gambit to hypnotize your child into forgiving the unforgivable. No responsible therapist would even try.

Amber portwood leah wont call me back her bonus mom turned her a

Amber Portwood: Leah Won’t Text Me Back! She’s Been Poisoned Against Me!

We all knew that Amber Portwood’s tense relationship with Leah wouldn’t magically go away on its own.

On this week’s season premiere of Teen Mom OG, Amber was sure to bring it up.

As we have come to expect from her, she wasn’t exactly taking responsibility for how she has failed her daughter.

Instead, Amber ranted about how other people must be turning her 12-year-old daughter against her.

On Tuesday night’s premiare of Season 9B, Amber griped about how much distance has grown between the two of them.

“Leah and I are still struggling with our relationship,” Amber revealed to the cameras.

“My relationship with her has changed a lot,” she added.

“I haven’t seen her in quite some time,” Amber detailed.

Leah of course lives with Gary, her father, and Gary’s wife, Kristina.

It is Kristina whom Amber has consistently (and loudly) accused of driving a wedge between her and Leah.

Amber spoke to her own mother during the premiere.

She expressed her hurt feelings over Leah’s characterization of their bond, which were made last season.

As we all remember so clearly, Leah said that they didn’t have much of a mother-daughter bond, that Amber “just birthed” her and then “left.”

“What she said about me was very hurtful,” Amber expressed.

“I was a bit shocked,” Amber’s mother replied.

Amber then insisted that “someone is in her ear.”

This is of course another example of Amber accusing Kristina, and possibly Gary, of influencing Leah against her.

Amber teared up, possibly in the hopes of eliciting sympathy from viewers.

“And,” she complained, “it’s not right.”

Amber attempted to see Leah on Easter (telling us how long ago this was filmed), but it didn’t end up happening.

“I feel very stressed right now,” she lamented to production. “A little sad.”

“They haven’t been answering any of my phone calls or text messages,” Amber complained. “I was ignored.”

Come to think of it, Amber made a lengthy post vowing to “make things right” with Leah around that time this past spring.

It’s always interesting to see what the on-camera side of Amber’s social media mess looks like.

Amber had more to say … though how she continues to blame others for all of this remains a mystery.

“All I do is text Leah all the time,” Amber told the camera.

“I don’t get anything back,” she complained. “Never. Not anymore.”

Amber went so far as to show her phone to the camera, including plenty of messages with zero replies.

Instead of taking the hint, Amber merely confessed that it has been “a long time” since she actually spoke to Leah.

“I can’t count the days,” she expressed.

Amber explained: “It’s just going to make me more depressed.”

After everything that Amber has done, she just doesn’t get it.

“I don’t understand why I’m getting treated this way right now,'” Amber whined.

She then threatened: “I’m not going to give up on her.”

It’s important to remember that Amber isn’t just a bad partner and an ill-behaved person.

Amber is also a bad mom. That’s not really debated by anyone other than Amber and her most devoted fans.

Her total inability to take true responsibility for her actions, including but not limited to her failings as a parent, have led her to this place.

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Amber Portwood’s Daughter Lashes Out: I’ll Never Forgive Her!

Amber Portwood doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to telling the truth, so it can be difficult to tell what’s going on with her.

Lately, she’s been trying to create the impression that her life is on the upswing.

But not everyone is buying it.

Obviously, amber would prefer that we all focus on the progress she’s made in recent months.

And to be fair, she has started being nice to Gary and Kristina Shirley, which we guess is an improvement.

But really, that’s the very least we should expect of her.

After all, those two have been raising Amber’s 12-year-old daughter, Leah, for most of the girl’s life.

And for every Good Thing in Amber’s life these days, there’s an equal and opposite Bad Thing.

For example, just last week, Andrew Glennon accused Amber of abusing their son, and she has yet to respond to the allegations.

Maybe she only has the energy to get along with one baby daddy at a time.

And frankly, even the Gary situation isn’t going as well as she would like us to believe.

A trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG was released on Thursday, and judging from the Amber-related clips, her life is as messy as ever.

First, the good news:

Amber got accepted to Purdue University.

She’s quite excited about the news in the trailer, even holding her phone to the camera so that we can all see her acceptance letter.

That’s sort of unnecessary, as it’s not like we would have thought that Amber was lying,

Sure, she has a long history of BS, but this isn’t like when Farrah Abraham claimed she was going to Harvard.

Anyway, despite her bright educational future, it seems that Amber is still having a tough time in just about every other area of her life.

She’s trying to make amends with her daughter for being a horrifically crappy mother for most of the girl’s life.

Unfortunately for Amber, a simple apology can’t make up for years of shoddy parenting.

We see her in the trailer tearfully begging forgiveness on a FaceTime call (seems like the sort of thing that should’ve been done in person, but maybe Covid complicated things), but unfortunately for Amber, young Leah seems uninterested.

After Amber apologizes for “the things that kept us apart” (ie., Amber’s behavior), Leah tells Gary Shirley:

“I don’t know if I can forgive her.”

Harsh but fair, considering how much Amber has done to drive a wedge between herself and her daughter.

Will Leah eventually decide to give her mom another chance?

We don’t know, but either way, we hope she continues to make Amber work for it!

Elsewhere in the trailer we see Maci struggling with PTSD after witnessing a shooting, and Tyler and Catelynn learning that they’re having another girl at the world’s saddest gender reveal party.

(It was only attended by the two of them, and they’re both visibly saddened by the news.)

But hey, Catelynn and Tyler welcomed their rainbow baby last week, and they appear to be overjoyed by the girl’s arrival.

So maybe there really are more Good Things than Bad Things in the world of Teen Mom OG.

Unless you’re Amber Portwood, of course — that woman just can’t stop inviting negativity into her life.

Amber portwoods daughter lashes out ill never forgive her

Amber Portwood: I’m Being Nice to Gary and That Homewrecker Kristina! Honest!

Though it has been no great surprise to fans, Amber Portwood has recently been at war with both baby daddies.

Having gotten into trouble with the law for assaulting both men in separate instances, things could be worse.

But fans have worried about how this pointless conflict has been impacting Amber’s children.

Now, Gary and Kristina have managed to make peace with Amber and even find some common ground. Will wonders never cease?!

For the first half of this year, Amber Portwood was totally at odds with Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina.

Her intense jealousy over the bond that they share with Leah did not drive her to be a better mother.

Instead of trying to win her daughter’s admiration, she simply lashed out at the people who already earned it.

However, Amber has now revealed to The Sun that things have changed both dramatically and for the better.

She gushed that things are “amazing actually.”

Amber detailed: “We literally just went to a fair, all of us together, the whole family.”

While COVID-19 is a weird time to go to a fair in any context, that outing is a clear sign that things are on the mend.

“We are in a much better spot than we were,” Amber added.

“We are doing good,” she affirmed, “and we are in contact.”

“I see my kids,” Amber continued, “so obviously I have to see them.”

That is an awkward way of phrasing it, but not unreasonable.

It sounds like she resolved to make the best of a bad situation.

“We are seeing each other as much as we can,” Amber expressed.

“But Kristina and me are both in school actually,” she noted, citing a bit of common ground.

“And,” Amber added, “the kids are in school now too.”

“I struggled a bit,” Amber admitted.

“But,” she shared, “I found something to kind of get me out of my head and busier with school.”

More time studying means less time bashing your baby daddy and his wife, one supposes.

Early this year, Amber went on a vicious and frankly unhinged rant — hardly her first — about Gary and Kristina.

She called the two “two-faced” and “liars.”

This had followed the season premiere of Teen Mom OG, when Kristina had joked about Amber’s role in their lives being akin to a teenage daughter.

That was of course an unfair comparison.

Stereotypes and anecdotes aside, there are many teenage girls who are emotionally mature and of course non-violent.

That was not the end of the clashes with Amber, however.

Amber went on to, just days later, accuse Gary of speaking to her inappropriately in an effort to cheat on Kristina.

She even accused him of touching her sexually, accusing him of being “gross” and a cheater … which she also said of Kristina.

Things escalated later that spring.

Amber spiraled on scoial media, calling Kristina a “home-wrecker” and a “whore.”

Apparently, in her mind, Gary deciding to leave his abuser was not a decision that he would have made on his own.

She also attacked the couple for parenting Leah, accusing them of “spoiling” her in order to win her affections. Charming.