Teen Mom OG Trailer: A Wedding! A Divorce! And More!

We hope you’re ready to get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day, reality television fans.

Not on alcohol, necessarily.

But on all the drama that the women of Teen Mom OG are about to bring!

This polarizing series returns with new episodes on that date, and MTV has unveiled a brand new extended trailer that gives viewers an in-depth look ahead.

Which couple is set to exchange vows? Who will be heading into a courthouse? And who is resigned to a divorce?

Scroll down for a summary of all the spoilers and to get a glimpse at the extra revealing and intriguing promo…

1. Here They Come… Again!

Here they come again
The OGs are ready to take over the world. New episodes of the show will return on Tuesday, March 17 on MTV.

2. So… What is Each Cast Member Up to This Season?

Teen mom og cast
Great question! Let’s delve into each woman one by one, okay? Minus Bristol Palin, that is, who is no longer on the show.

3. She Does! Again!

She does again
On the new season of this MTV hit, Catelynn and husband Tyler won’t just go to Hawaii… they’ll get remarried there! Yup, the twosome will renew their vows.

4. That Is, Just, So Sweet

That is just so sweet
We know, right?!? This husband and wife have been through miscarriages, adoptions, divorce rumors and more. And yet… here they are, you guys!

5. Tyler, In All the Tears

Tyler in all the tears
“I love you,” Tyler, 28, tells his wife as they stand on a gorgeous Maui hillside in the first preview for this season.

6. Et Tu, Catelynn?

Et tu catelynn
“I love you too,” Catelynn says in perfect response on her second wedding day.

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Amber Portwood to MTV: Put My New Boyfriend on Teen Mom OG or I Quit!

It’s only been six months since MTV star Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic assault charges after she allegedly attacked her son’s father, Andrew Glennon, with a machete.

But like so many of her co-stars, Amber is not one to remain single for very long. (She’s no Jenelle Evans, but she gives the Carolina Hurricane a serious for her money.)

These days Portwood is dating Dimitri Garcia, a Teen Mom OG fan whom she met on social media. Seriously. Again. This sort of situation always works out so well for Amber!

Obviously, the couple hasn’t been together long, but they’re already getting serious (we wish we were kidding), and Portwood really wants Garcia on MTV.

In fact, according to a new exclusive report from The Ashley at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, she’s willing to risk her own career to make it happen. Yeesh.

Take a look at these ridiculous new developments:

1. Not Taking No For an Answer

Amber on the couch
Move over, Andrew Glennon. There’s a new man in Amber Portwood’s life. And if the Teen Mom OG mainstay has any say in the matter, you’ll be seeing him on MTV along with her VERY soon!

2. Meet Dimitri

Dimitri garcia
You cannot make this stuff up, Teen Mom Nation. Dimitri is a Belgian Teen Mom fan who slid inside Amber’s DMs and really impressed Portwood on social media. So much so, in fact, that she flew him to the United States.

3. Multi-Tasking

Amber on teen mom
Yes, while Portwood was fighting to stay out of jail and win back custody of her son – who’s living with his dad after the aforementioned machete incident – she was also enjoying the company of a foreign visitor.

4. Turning on the Charm

Amber portwood on e
We’re sure Dimitri was impressed by her class, her career, and her level-headed equanimity. Sorry, that was harsh. We don’t know what’s inside their respective heads, but things are getting pretty serious!

5. Belgian Bucks

Dimitri garcia photo
So what does Dimitri REALLY see in Amber? Tough to say, but we’re pretty sure when he looks at her, she turns into a giant paycheck or a vault full of gold coins a la Duck Tales. (Wouldn’t it be great if those really existed?)

6. She Never Learns

Amber on the phone
Yes, it seems Dimitri is eager to start enriching himself by appearing on MTV. And it seems that Amber – likely realizing her own future is tied financially to her reputation as a star on the long-running series – is happy to help him in that respect.

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Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon Let Our Son Get Attacked By a Dog!

Back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges after an incident in which she attacked then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete.

Not surprisingly, the altercation gave Glennon the upper hand in the custody battle that followed, and these days, he has full custody of baby James, while Amber is limited to supervised visits.

Now, she’s claiming the judge got it all wrong, as it’s actually Andrew who represents a threat to their 1-year-old’s safety.

As proof, Portwood cites an incident that happened over Christmas that she says resulted in her son being hospitalized.

Take a look at the latest development in this extremely messy situation:

1. Mama Bear Mode

Amber portwood and son james
Amber Portwood is lashing out at her ex again. And this time, she insists that her child’s safety is on the line!

2. Busted Again

Amber portwood mugshot 2019
Amber was arrested on the morning of July 5 after she allegedly attacked Andrew with a machete and struck him while he was holding their child.

3. A History of Violence

Amber portwood mug shot new
This didn’t come as much of a surprise to Teen Mom OG fans, as Amber has a history of domestic violence and run-ins with the law.

4. Scot-Free

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
This time around, Amber was able to avoid jail time AND keep her job with MTV. But her abusive behavior wasn’t completely without consequences.

5. Safety For James

Andrew glennon with son on instagram
James was placed in Andrew’s care, and Amber’s interactions with her son are now limited to supervised visits.

6. Out of Harm’s Way

Andrew glennon with baby james
Amber was recently able to prevent Andrew from moving back to Malibu with James, but it may be a very long time before she regains custody rights.

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Amber Portwood Responds to Rumors of Drug-Fueled Tantrum

To the surprise of many, Amber Portwood was able to avoid jail time after pleading guilty to assaulting then-fiance Andrew Glennon back in July.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time that the Teen Mom OG star narrowly avoided doing time on assault charges.

Back in 2010, Amber was arrested for attacking then-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

She was sentenced to probation for the on-camera altercation, but she was later imprisoned after violating her probation by possessing controlled substances.

Now, some fans think history is repeating itself — and Portwood is speaking out against the allegations as only she can.

Take a look:

1. Up to Her Old Tricks?

Amber portwood stares
Is Amber Portwood back on drugs? Some fans think the Teen Mom OG star’s recent behavior is an indication that she’s fallen off the wagon.

2. A Short Hiatus

Amber portwood takes a selfie
During her trial, Amber was less active on social media than usual. Following her sentencing, she indicated that she would be taking a hiatus from communicating with fans — but that didn’t last long.

3. Back At It

Amber portwood cant heart you
In late November, Amber reiterated that she’s through with social media. That same day, she attacked Andrew Glennon as a liar in a lengthy Twitter tirade.

4. The Hypocrisy Continues

Amber portwood in good light
In the past, Amber’s bizarre Instagram videos have landed her in trouble. Fans hoped that even as she returned to social media, Portwood would refrain from speaking on camera.

5. Good Advice

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
Some went so far as to post comments discouraging Amber from speaking about her split from Andrew or her recent court case.

6. Loophole?

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
Amber has mostly followed that advice, and she seems to have realized there’s nothing to be gained by continuing to harass her assault victim. But that doesn’t mean she’s done posting videos.

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Teen Mom OG Trailer: Amber Portwood Arrest … and a PREGNANCY SURPRISE?!

It’s that time of year again, friends …

Time for one Teen Mom show to wrap up and another to begin!

It feels like Teen Mom 2 has been airing for so long now, and while it’s been fun to see what that crew has been up to, there’s just something special about those OG girls, you know?

Luckily for us, the new season of Teen Mom OG is set to premiere in just a few weeks … and we have the first sneak peek right here!

1. What a Ride

Maci catelynn amber and cheyenne
When we last saw the Teen Mom OG girls in the last season finale … well, let’s just say a whole, whole lot has happened since then.

2. A Look Back

Amber portwood stares
Amber, of course, comes to mind first — in the finale, we saw her complaining about Andrew and how he doesn’t understand her struggle with mental health. Yep, that’s how long ago the finale was filmed.

3. Oooh

Amber portwood mugshot 2019
At the end of the episode, MTV shared the news of her July arrest without any actual footage of it, of course — the posted a headline about the events of that night and Amber’s mug shot, then went to Gary and Kristina for a quick chat about what happened and what might happen next.

4. Hey, Maci!

Maci bookout on the gram
Down in Tennessee, Maci was helping Bently, who’d been having trouble focusing in school. She blamed the issue on everything that’s been going on with Ryan, which seemed fair, and got him an appointment with a therapist.

5. Surprise!

Ryan and mackenzie edwards pic
Oh, and we found out that Mackenzie Standifer was pregnant with her second child with Ryan Edwards, which was … a choice.

6. Carly Time!

Catelynn lowell with ty
Catelynn’s segments in the finale revolved around a visit with Carly — so exciting! The drama was that she and Tyler were pretty late to a zoo trip with her because they were trying to make a scrapbook for her and they left everything to the last minute. However, Cate said that Carly loved the scrapbook and that they had a great time together, so that was nice.

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Amber Portwood Is Dating a Belgian Teen Mom Fan (And We’re Praying For His Safety)!

It’s been less than six months since Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges following an altercation with her now-ex.

The allegations are familiar to fans by now, and they are scary. 

She is accused of attacking her then-partner, Andrew Glennon, with a machete. While he hid in the bathroom from her, with their baby.

One might think that given the tumultuous circumstances, she might take some time to pause, reflect and cool it on the romantic front.

But Amber has never been one to remain single for long.

(In fact, there’s been more than a bit of sketchy overlap between a few of her relationships, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

In any event, it should come as no surprise that Amber is already dating a new guy. Nor is it shocking how the new couple first met.

Like her previous fiance, Matt Baier, it seems this dude is a big Teen Mom fan who first began his relationship with Amber online.

But that’s where the similarities end … and this honestly shounds pretty wack, even by MTV reality star standards. Take a look:

1. Off the Market

Amber portwood takes a selfie
Amber Portwood has already found a new man. As we discussed above, the longtime Teen Mom OG star ended her previous relationship with Andrew Glennon over the summer after she was arrested on domestic violence charges.

2. Moving On

Amber portwood stares
Now, UK tabloid The Sun is reporting that Amber has already found herself a new man thanks to the Internet. And this time, she’s going international in her search for cyber-love!

3. Meet Dimitri

Dimitri garcia
Meet Dimitri Garcia. He’s a Belgian citizen and a big Teen Mom fan. Oh, and he’s also dating Amber Portwood.

4. A Transcontinental Romance

Dimitri garcia photo
Dimitri and Amber reportedly hit it off after he reached out to her on social media. Not long afterward, he visited her in Indiana.

5. Instant Connection

Amber portwood cant heart you
“They hit it off. She really likes him,” a production insider tells The Sun. (Apparently he’s cleared whatever low bar Amber Portwood sets for herself during the 2-3 hours she’s single in between serious, long-term relationships.)

6. International Man of Mystery

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
Little is known about Dimitri at this point, other than the fact that he’s 39 and has at least one child himself. (Hey, Matt Baier had between 7-9, depending on who you ask, so if he’s got fewer than about four, this should be downright easy for her to wrap her head around.)

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Amber Portwood: I’m Done with Social Media, Suckers!

Amber Portwood has been at the center of some rather scathing allegations of late.

Most notably, she’s been accused of attacking her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, with a machete.

You’re almost definitely familiar with that story if you’re reading this article right now, but you may not be aware of an allegation Portwood just made herself.

She claims she’s done with Instagram — for the foreseeable future at least.

Why would the disgraced reality star make such an assertion?

What has driven her to arrive at this decision?

Scroll down for the latest…

1. Wait, Why Has Amber Even Been on Social Media This Whole Time?

Amber portwood stares
It’s a great question. Portwood’s attorneys have been pleading with her for months to get offline because she keeps posting inflammatory things, often aimed at Glennon, that only hurt her custody case.

2. But Amber Has Been Ignoring These Pleas

Amber andrew glennon
Because of course she has, right?

3. And She’s Been Making Life Worse for Herself

Amber james and andrew
As predicted, you know? Most recently, Katie Joy, host of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog, told authorities that Amber has been issuing threats against her online after Joy shared multiple recordings that seemed to featured Portwood verbally abusing Glennon… a lot.

4. What Did Amber Actually Say?

Amber on tmog
A spokesperson for the Marion County District Attorney in Indiana told TMZ that Joy went to the police and cited these threats, specifically saying Portwood told her that she “knows her address,” a statement Joy interpreted at a PHYSICAL threat.

5. Is She a Moron?!?

Poor amber portwood
No comment… but we can only assume that Portwood reaching a plea deal to avoid prison sadly empowered the reality star, making her think she can now just say or do anything without legal repercussions.

6. But Here’s the Thing:

Amber portwood in therapy
First, Amber is on probation. She has to actually NOT break the law for the next two-and-a-half years if she wants to avoid prison.

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Amber Portwood: Going to Prison After Violating Probation with Threats?!

Amber Portwood does not do a great job at obeying the law.

It’s sort of why she’s a convicted felon.

In the past, she’s been in trouble for domestic violence, domestic violence in front of a kid, drug stuff, assault … really just a lot of really bad stuff

More recently, of course, she got into some domestic violence again.

Because of that, she’s on probation right now, which means that she has to be on her best behavior or she could potentially go to jail.

And we all know that Amber’s best behavior isn’t all that good …

1. Yeah …

Amber portwood cries
So Amber has proven herself to be a pretty violent person, right?

2. Such a History

Amber portwood in rehab
Who could forget those times that she assaulted then-boyfriend Gary Shirley right there on Teen Mom?

3. Convictions

Amber portwood crying
The domestic violence was part of why she went to prison several years ago — she was convicted of three counts of domestic violence, got probation, then violated it by getting caught with drugs after getting into a fight with someone else.

4. A Changed Woman?

Amber portwood as one of the ogs
After she was released from prison in 2013, she convinced many Teen Mom fans that she’d changed.

5. Yay?

Amber portwood and matt baier selfie
Like, we never saw her assault Matt Baier on the show, which was admittedly a step in the right direction.

6. However …

Farrah abraham in big apple
Although she did swing at Farrah Abraham during a Teen Mom reunion a couple of years ago, so it was clear she still had some fight left in her.

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Amber Portwood: Everyone is Lying About Me! I am SUCH a Victim!

Amber Portwood has never been great, you know?

Like it’s been nearly ten years since the first time she was arrested for domestic violence, and she’s currently on probation for doing it again.

It’s bad. It’s all bad. Really, really bad.

In addition to the domestic violence, Amber also has a bad habit of staying on Instagram Live for hours going off about any old thing.

That’s what she did today, and man live, some (or pretty much all) of the things she said in real time were really just unbearable.

Unfortunately for us, we listened to every last word of it. This was a time in our lives we will never get back. But for you all at home?

We’ve got the crazy rundown for you. And it is crazy.

1. The Beginning

Amber portwood winces
Amber Portwood has messed up a lot in her life. This is not news to longtime card-carrying members of Teen Mom Nation. But she really, really screwed herself over on the night of the Fourth of July, Two Thousand Nineteen.

2. Amber, Amber, Amber …

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
You’ve heard the story, and you may have heard the audio which was leaked more recently, but the long and short of it is this: Basically, Amber went off on the father of her son James, Andrew Glennon, because they weren’t able to see some fireworks, and she went off HARD.

3. Man Oh Man

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
Andrew has said that she beat him with a shoe, and that later she threatened to kill herself and then chased him with a machete, all while he was holding their one-year-old son.

4. The Arrest

Amber portwood mugshot 2019
He sent a text to 911, police arrived and arrested her, and then the next phase of his mess began: the court battle.

5. Good for Him

Andrew glennon with son on instagram
Andrew went for sole custody and he also got a no contact order against Amber.

6. Wow

Andrew glennon with amber
He even started opening up about what his relationship with Amber had been like … and it wasn’t pretty.

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Amber Portwood Accused of Threatening YouTuber Who Reported on Andrew Glennon Abuse: I Know Where You Live!

As you’re probably aware, Amber Portwood was arrested back in July after she assaulted her then-boyfriend Amdrew Glennon.

Portwood is now on probaton, and she’s been to jail before, so she knows exactly what’s at stake.

Not only that, Amber will soon fight for custody of her son in court, and the odds are very much against her.

In other words, he woman has every reason in the world to keep her nose clean and control her emotions.

But is she doing that?

Of course not. In fact, she’s been accused of doing the exact opposite — threatening a YouTuber who’s been reporting on her legal entanglements.

Here’s what we currently know about this bizarre situation:

1. Back On Her BS

Amber on teen mom
Amber Portwood is at it again. This time, the Teen Mom OG star stands accused of threatening a YouTuber who’s been reporting on the allegations that she repeatedly assaulted Andrew Glennon.

2. Bad Things

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
Glennon claims that on July 5, Amber brandished a machete and attacked him while he was holding their child.

3. The Evidence

Andrew glennon with baby james
Throughout Amber’s trial, Andrew’s claims were supported by evidence obtained by Katie Joy, host of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog.

4. Threats and Violence

Amber portwood to andrew glennon i will kill you
First, Joy posted audio of Amber threatening Andrew that had apparently been recorded by Glennon.

5. Escalating Abuse

Amber portwood verbally abuses andrew glennon
Joy proceeded to post several more clips, and Amber’s abusive behavior seemed to get increasingly worse with each one.

6. Mysterious Source

Amber portwood attacks andrew glennon theres more to come you fa
Joy has not revealed her source for the recordings, but she has stated that they were given to her by someone close to Glennon.

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Andrew Glennon: I Was Told NOT to Report Amber’s Abuse Because I’m a Man!

Domestic violence takes many forms.

Its victims come in all shapes and sizes, and they belong to every demographic under the sun.

The fact remains, however, that most victims of spousal abuse are women, and so, men who have been assaulted by a female partner might be reluctant to report the crime due to the common belief that only women can be victims of violence in the home.

The nightmare scenario for a man who’s been abused by a former partner is that he’ll be laughed out of court for the simple fact that he’s physically capable of defending himself against his smaller ex.

And according to Andrew Glennon, that’s basically what happened to him when he reported that he had been abused by Amber Portwood.

Take a look at the latest development in this increasingly bizarre saga:

1. The Downward Spiral

Amber portwood and andrew glennon throwback
Back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic assault charges after allegedly attacking Andrew Glennon in the former couple’s Indiana home.

2. A Short Fuse

Andrew glennon and family
By now, the story is familiar to Teen Mom fans. Amber and Andrew had planned to take their son James to a local fireworks display, and Amber became irate when they missed the event.

3. Another Mugshot

Amber portwood mugshot 2019
Portwood was arrested (yet again) after Andrew reported that she had threatened him with a machete and attacked him while he was holding James.

4. The Proof

Amber portwood attacks andrew glennon theres more to come you fa
In the months that followed, video and audio evidence that Portwood had been abusive toward Glennon piled up non-stop.

5. Case Closed?

Amber portwood machete attack caught on tape
TMZ even obtained audio and photos that seemed to corroborate the key details of Amber’s story, including the fact that she brandished a machete.

6. Getting Away With It

Amber portwood plastic surgery photo
Despite all of that, Amber got off with a slap on the wrist after a reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

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