Amelia Hamlin: I’m Not Jealous of Kourtney Because I’m Not Insecure!

We are all so acutely aware that Scott Disick is dating Amelia Hamlin

She is not the only 19-year-old model from a famous family he’s dated.

His previous serious girlfriend was Sofia Richie, who fit that description exactly.

But there’s one major difference between the two: Amelia doesn’t give a flying flip about Kourtney.

Scott is always going to have Kourtney Kardashian in his life.

Why? Well, they have years of history together and their brands and careers are intertwined.

More importantly, they share three children. That will always link them.

That was a problem, according to numerous reports and Scott’s own statements, for Sofia Richie.

She gave it her all, going on “family vacations” with Scott, Kourtney, and the kids and more.

But in the end, Scott’s bond with Kourtney was too much … and when he refused to make her the priority, it was over.

But it sounds like Amelia, despite her many superficial similarities to Sofia, is cut from a different cloth.

She is reportedly not jealous of Scott’s friendly co-parenting relationship wtih Kourtney.

It sounds like she doesn’t take issue with his “rich manchild dilf” lifestyle in general.

Scott has a foot in two worlds.

On the one hand, he’s a 37-year-old millionaire in apparent denial about his age.

On the other hand, he’s a devoted father of three who wants to put his kids first.

Those can be two tricky sides of a coin to juggle.

What gets even trickier is the sort of women Scott is interested in dating.

It turns out that not many barely legal 19-year-old models are interested in competing for his attention with three kids and an ex.

But reports say that Scott is currently focusing on how Amelia feels about Kourtney.

It’s not just their personal feelings, but how she feels about their dynamic, their history, and their whole situation.

He and Amelia are more serious than ever, so how good of a fit she can be in his life is now a much bigger deal.

Scott and Amelia recently spent Easter weekend together.

Amelia was spotted at a family dinner with Scott and his kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Things looked totally amicable … because Amelia reportedly has no issues with the arrangement.

“Amelia’s not bothered by Kourtney,” an inside source told Us Weekly recently.

“Scott and Amelia have been enjoying spending a lot of time together,” the insider continued.

“And,” the source detailed, they have been “hanging out with their friends.”

“Their relationship has been heating up,” the insider characterized.

“And,” the source observed, “you can totally tell they’re serious.” 

Part of the key to that seems to be Scott making deliberate choices to put Amelia at ease.

“Scott’s relationship with Amelia is different from his last,” the insider revealed.

The source detailed “in that he’s spending more time with Amelia and not Kourtney.”

Hmmm … we wonder how long that could last.

“Sofia got jealous of his relationship with Kourtney,” the insider acknowledged.

“And this time around,” the source added, “it’s not an issue.”

When Scott is no longer avoiding Kourtney, will that non-issue change? Only time will tell.

Sofia Richie, for her part, has moved on.

She and her age-appropriate, 27-year-old boyfriend Elliot Grainge are now Instagram official.

Sofia and the music executive don’t have to contend with any baby mama drama, which is for the best.

Amelia Hamlin Is ‘Not Bothered’ By Kourtney Kardashian’s Presence In Scott Disick’s Life

The KarJenner family gossip spin cycle is in full effect this week, and one big winner is being crowned: Amelia Hamlin. The 19-year-old model is being praised by insiders for her cool, confident attitude towards boyfriend Scott Disick and his longtime ex-partner and baby momma Kourtney Kardashian. But if Amelia’s the big winner, then there must be […]

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Amelia Hamlin: Behold Her Hottest, Most Tantalizing Looks!

On June 13, 2001, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin welcomed Amelia Gray Hamlin into the world.

Not all celebrity kids go on to become celebrities themselves.

Amelia, however, entered adulthood and became a successful model.

Lisa has shared that Amelia’s career boom has seen her make more than her parents.

Being a busy, super famous model can be a lucrative career.

And Amelia has the skill, the training, and the attitude for modeling.

She is also outrageously gorgeous, whether she’s modeling or just snapping a selfie.

(At times, it’s difficult to tell the difference)

Take a look below at some of Amelia’s most jaw-dropping photos of all time:

1. Amelia!!

Amelia gray hamlin photo
She has a stunning profile from any angle, and she knows it.

2. Oh my …

Amelia hamlin snaps a bed selfie
Amelia snapped this bed selfie, looking anything but lazy in this flattering white top.

3. Ah, the great outdoors?

Amelia gray in the shower
Amelia stands here in a semi-outdoor shower. She’s not “dressed” for a shower but in that barely-there bikini, she’s most of the way there.

4. In lingerie

Amelia hamlin flaunts her body in lingerie
Amelia isn’t just a run-of-the-mill hot celebrity kid — she’s a professional model, as this snap from a lingerie promotion proves.

5. Blue is so her color

Amelia gray hamlin
This particular cobalt is flattering to her skin tone and to her hair and eyes.

6. Or is it … red?

Amelia hamlin in red
Amelia is also a total knockout in red, as you can clearly see in this sweltering snap.

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Amelia Hamlin Accused of Blackfishing, Thanks Fans for Educating Her

Amelia Hamlin was posting thirst traps long before she hooked up with Scott Disick.

The 19-year-old model has seen a significant boost in interest since their entanglement began.

However, fans are now worrying that the worst that the Kardashians have to offer is rubbing off on her.

Amelia is responding to accusations of blackfishing, thanking fans for educating her.

Amelia shared photos to Instagram this week in which she is showing off, well, brown skin.

It’s not just a tan that has eyebrows raised and alarm bells going off in her comments, however.

Her overall look, from the styling of her hair into one long braid to the spray by her hairline, feels … at best, Kardashian-style.

If you were to look at Amelia’s photos from just a couple of weeks ago, you’d be seeing something very different.

Her parents are both white. Amelia herself is, too.

And in all of her past photos, you would not have to guess about that.

To put it bluntly, it appears that Amelia has styled herself to more closely resemble a Black woman, from her makeup to her skin tone.

This is such a disturbingly common phenomenon that it has a name — blackfishing.

The play on the word “catfishing” distinguishes this immitation of style and look from plain ol’ blackface.

Blackface has a history rooted in the mockery and dehumanization of the Black community.

In contrast, blackfishing is an attempt to appropriate Black features that are (finally) seen as desirable by fashion trends.

The primary culprits are Instagram influencers, most of whom are white, many of whom make followers believe that they are biracial.

There’s more to blackfishing than one’s skin tone. It’s about the makeup and hair.

Sometimes there is a verbal component — appropriating AAVE into Instagram captions, though Amelia did not do that part.

As you can imagine, she received a hefty barrage of comments, some gentle, some firm.

“I’m receiving a lot of comments in regards to my latest photo,” Amelia acknowledged.

In her Instagram Stories, she wrote: “I am being told that I am ‘black fishing.'”

“Thank you all for educating me on this topic,” Amelia expressed.

Amelia Hamlin IG response to blackfishing accusations 25 feb 2021

“I recently went on vacation in the sun,” Amelia explained.

She continued: “And with my Italian heritage I tan very easily.”

“There is no self tanner involved,” Amelia emphasized.

“Or,” Amelia continued, “intention of looking darker than my own natural skin color.”

In conclusion, she stressed: “I had a lot of fun creating this look with no malice intention or offense.”

We can all read things and miss them, but we did not see an explicit apology in there.

Amelia has not deleted the photos.

Admittedly, immediately deleting bad photos is not always the best call.

However, in addition to leaving them up, she has deactivated comments under the images.

We get it — Amelia is 19, she’s a model, she was dabbling in looks, and her parents are firmly entrenched in the celebrity bubble.

No one is reasonably accusing her of being a bad person, but she did make a mistake that she can correct.

Frankly, there should be a service where a team of normal people sit down with celebrities and tell them about the world, so that they won’t do this stuff.

The spectrum of her natural skin tone is beautiful, and that’s fine.

The stylistic choices accompanying her tan were a problem.

Yes, the Kardashians do this to. That is not a good thing. We can all be better than that.

Amelia Hamlin Thirst Traps Fans: No Clothes Required at Scott’s House!

The relationship status of Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin has gotten a lot of scrutiny for the past few months.

Their initial “friendship” claims didn’t hold much water.

Eyes were popping over Amelia’s latest underwear selfie, as the 19-year-old snapped a pic in a bathroom mirror.

But eagle-eyed fans recognize exactly where she was. Care to guess?

Amelia Gray Hamlin is mind-numbingly hot, and she knows it.

She wore Skims and Calvin Klein … and only those two undergarments … in a tantalizing mirror selfie that sent pulses racing.

She shared it on her Instagram Stories, as you can see here:

Amelia Hamlin mirror selfie in Scott Disick bathroom

It is positively jaw-dropping, not unlike every single photo of Amelia.

But if you can tear your eyes away from the sight of Amelia flaunting her incredible body and divert your mind from the thought of an infinite corridor of mirror Amelias

… Take a look at that bathroom. It’s nice, right? Look familiar?

That particular bathroom was featured on Architectural Digest in September of 2019.

The bathroom in question is located in Hidden Hills.

You probably do not have to guess who owns the house that contains the bathroom. It’s not Amelia or one of her parents.

That’s right. Like so many 19-year-old girls before her, Amelia has once again been photographed at Scott Disick’s house.

This has happened before, as you can see in the Instagram Story below.

She posed in an identifiable white room (devoid of all color because some rich people live in a soul-sucking void) next to a positively identifiable painting.

Amelia Hamlin IG Story on Scott Disick's couch

Of course, this pic was presumably snapped by Scott himself.

The underwear photo was a mirror selfie, though we’re sure that Scott would have been beyond thrilled for the chance to snap such a pic of her.

Once again, Amelia is flaunting her relationship — such as it is — with Scott, but without verbal commentary on it.

It’s not that Amelia and Scott are trying to keep their association secret from anyone.

The more famous that you are, the harder it is to keep things under wraps, but there are steps that they could have taken to keep the world in the dark.

Step one would be not being photographed together, not going places together, and not taking underwear selfies in each other’s homes.

Rather, Amelia and Scott seem to enjoy not defining what they have going on to the world.

On the one hand, maybe they’re just trying to be private.

Not every famous person wants to broadcast the exact details of their romance — or less-than-romance — to the entire world.

They absolutely both have a right to privacy, but … why keep it private?

It’s weird to essentially bait fans with photos that could have easily been taken elsewhere, and then explain nothing.

It’s allowed, but it’s strange. Which brings us to option number two.

Maybe Scott and Amelia themselves are not yet sure of where they stand.

Is Amelia prepared to waste years of her youth dating a much older f–kboy with limited emotional maturity? Is she ready to be a 19-year-old stepmom?

Is Scott prepared to be put on blast for making it official with a 19-year-old? Oh, wait, that ship sailed long ago. It’s a pattern with him. The dude’s a certified creep.

All of the reports say the same thing: they’re enjoying each other’s company and have great chemistry, but aren’t taking this too seriously.

Remember, for rich people, going on vacation is no big deal. For us peasants, vacations are expensive, so you wouldn’t waste one if you have any uncertainties.

Most of the world is nauseated at this pairing, because Amelia deserves better. Maybe Scott’s next girlfriend could be old enough to drink. Is that too much to ask?

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