Scott Disick Still Hurt By Kourtney & Travis But Trying To ‘Let It Go’ For The Kids — DETAILS

Scott Disick is trying to move on following the aftermath of his DM scandal! As you know, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have grown surprisingly serious in the few short months they’ve been dating. Although Scott gave the relationship his blessing in public during the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion, his true feelings eventually […]

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Scott Disick Caught Up In Erratic Instagram Behavior With The Kardashian-Jenners! More Drama Exposed?!

Instagram isn’t real life, but it kind of is when you’re a high-profile reality TV star like Scott Disick! So what he appears to have done on Thursday night — slamming that “unfollow” button a few times — has us wondering what the future may look like for one of reality TV’s funniest, most memorable, and […]

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Scott Disick Unfollows Amelia Hamlin, Kourtney, ENTIRE Kardashian Clan!

Scott Disick is straight up not having a good time these days, it seems.

Early this month, Amelia Hamlin dumped Scott while the entire world laughed at his pathetic DMs to Younes Bendjima.

Scott likes to make jokes. It doesn’t look like he’s enjoying being joke.

He’s cutting public ties — unfollowing exes Amelia, Kourtney, and literally the entire Kardashian clan.

Let’s be very clear: Scott did not simplly unfollow his exes in a quiet move on Instagram.

He even unfollowed Khloe, with whom he has always had a close bond.

Scott even unfollowed Kris. I wouldn’t unfollow Kris if she hit me with a shovel. Harsh, dude.

Amelia Gray Hamlin is busy partying with the (other) hottest people alive, her fellow models, during Fashion Month.

Similarly, Kourtney Kardashian’s steamy photos with Megan Fox have set undergarments aflame across the internet.

With that in mind, one can understand how Scott doesn’t want a front row seat to Amelia’s nipples or Kourtney’s gal pal gallery.

But unfollowing all of them seems a little drastic, especially considering how long ago the breakups were.

He waited weeks to unfollow Amelia.

But … Scott and Kourtney broke up several years ago. Why now?

When we look at his current follows — of which there are 75 — something suspicious comes up.

He doesn’t really seem to be following any real people, just brands — most of which are partnerships with him.

Instead of following exes, he’s following manscaping businesses, self-help brands, beautician accounts, and an AI influencer.

It might not be too much of a leap to guess that Scott is currently following only those whom he is contractually obligated to follow.

This might just mean that he has decided to set aside Instagram and use it only for business … which could, in turn, hurt that business, but whatever.

It could also mean that he’s merely setting aside his public Instagram, and is still living it up on an unseen private Instagram.

We have to assume that Scott is still in communication with the mother of his children.

Consistent reporting in recent years has said that they are dedicated to coparenting Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Scott may have thrown this silent hissy-fit on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that it’s playing out in real life.

Similarly, his latest business promotion actually features Khloe.

It’s likely that he still speaks with Khloe, Kylie, and Momager Kris, among others.

Following someone and caring about them as a person are not the same. One can do either without the other.

One guess for the timing of all of this is that Scott may have accepted that he’s not getting Amelia back.

That’s great news for Amelia, of course.

We all remember how Scott and Sophia Richie would break up, only for him to get her back weeks later. Not this time.

Despite his advanced age (okay, he’s not actually old, but when you date girls half your age, you’re gonna get teased, my guy), Scott may be too sensitive for Instagram right now.

When Amelia bares all on social media, of course he’s going to see it.

Whether she’s thinking of him or not, she’s reminding him of what he’s missing — that might hurt too much for him to stay on the app.

We also have to assume that Scott has been getting roasted by commenters.

He sent petty DMs to his ex’s ex, Younes, to try to build up solidarity in making fun of Kourtney’s PDA with Travis Barker.

It backfired spectacularly, as Younes was not only weirded out by Scott’s pettiness, he shared screenshots with the world.

Honestly, maybe it’s a good thing that Scott is backing away from Instagram.

While there’s no age limit on social media, we would love for him to socialize with more 38-year-olds.

Imagine if he dated an age-appropriate woman? Of course, he might have to do a lot of work on himself before that happens.

Scott Disick Reached Out To Amelia Hamlin After Their Breakup — And It Didn’t Go Well!

Scott Disick has some regrets about how everything went down with Amelia Hamlin! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star apparently isn’t completely at ease with where he and the 20-year-old model left things after splitting in an abrupt, very public way earlier this month. Related: Lisa Rinna Trolls Scott Disick With ‘Happy Dance’ After Her Daughter […]

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Amelia Hamlin Blasts Scott Disick: He Was Toxic and Held Me Back!

In the weeks since dumping Scott Disick, Amelia Hamlin has bared everything except her feelings on the split.

That’s fair. Breakups are weird, even when it was your call, and especially if you’re famous.

Amelia dove headfirst into work and the social scene (barely distinguishable from one another during Fashion Month).

Now, however, it looks like she’s processed a lot … and is ready to talk.

Amelia Gray Hamlin still isn’t dropping the S-word, but she doesn’t have to.

(To be clear, the S-word in this context is “Scott”)

But with the message that she shared to her Instagram Stories, it doesn’t take a lot for him to come to mind.

“The longer you entertain what’s not for you,” begins the message.

Amelia’s Instagram Story wisdom continues: “The longer you postpone what is.”

The message concludes: “Read that again.”

Amelia Hamlin IG the longer you entertain what's not for you ...

Obviously, it was a repost of a previous post that has likely circulated many places in many forms.

But it was still a conscious choice on Amelia’s part to share it.

Given the recent events of her life, well, it doesn’t sound like she’s commenting about London Fashion Week.

Rather, it sounds like she’s talking about her breakup with Scott Disick and the relationship itself.

Was Scott the thing that was “not for” her?

Did Amelia “postpone what is” for her by dating him?

It’s not difficult to imagine.

After all, she is a gorgeous 20-year-old model with a blooming career.

She wasted nearly a year of her fleeting youth with a bitter man twice her age who’s still hung up on his ex.

On the other hand, was that necessarily wasted time?

Amelia was already a famous model with famous parents who’d appeared on reality television.

But there is no question that she has made more headlines since slipping it to Scott. That can’t hurt her career, can it?

Ultimately, there’s no way to know for sure how Amelia feels about Scott except that she’s over him.

That much has been consistently laid out in reports following their breakup.

As for whether Amelia was talking about Scott in this particular post … we think so, but your guess is as good as ours.

It’s a difficult thing to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t your precocious maturity that that drew an old ass man to you as a teen.

Scott can joke about how his immaturity puts him on the same level of the barely legal models he loves to bone, but it’s not funny anymore.

Dating one teen model could have been a fluke. Now that it’s more than one … it’s creepy.

It’s also more than a little sad.

It’s sad for Scott since he obviously has fundamental issues that a grown woman won’t put up with.

But it’s sadder for girls like Amelia and Sofia, who squandered valuable years of early adulthood on Scott’s nonsense.

They didn’t choose this. They thought that they just had an older boyfriend.

But Scott has made it very clear, especially in those pathetic DMs to Younes Bendjima, that he’s kind of a manbaby who’s hung up on his ex.

Good for Amelia for saying goodbye to the one thing that was holding her back — whether or not it was Scott.

Amelia Hamlin SHADES Scott Disick With New Cryptic Instagram Post!

Amelia Hamlin has more to say about her sudden Scott Disick breakup, but in classic fashion, she’s saying it via a cryptic Instagram upload! On Wednesday, the model added a quote to her IG Story that seems to hint at her breakup with the Talentless founder. Just two weeks after the couple split, she shared: […]

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Amelia Hamlin Bares All in Mind-Breaking Sheer Outfit

It has become abundantly clear that Amelia Hamlin doesn’t miss Scott Disick after dumping him.

But can he say the same?

Judging by the most recent photos that Amelia has shared, he must be in serious withdrawal.

Her new photos leave absolutely nothing to the imagination in a tantalizingly sheer ensemble. Thank you, ma’am.

20-year-old model Amelia Gray Hamlin’s eye-popping look was on full display over the weekend.

She was attending a London Fashion Week party for Perfect Magazine and for NoMad London.

The mesh ensemble included a hatler top and a slit skirt that exposed plenty of skin … and was also largely see-through.

Amelia’s body is more jaw-dropping than her outfit, which is saying a lot.

She has put it on display both in and out of glamorous clothing on social media and in real life.

This time, she teased her ensemble with a caption reading “Free the nipple I guess” on her Instagram Story.

Notably, her “I guess” addition is a nod to the way in which “free the nipple” is both an important cause on its own but can rub some the wrong way.

Some feminist critics have accused the movement, which protests how Instagram and society at large police women and their bodies, as being white feminism.

White feminism often focuses upon superficial ideas of empowerment while ignoring more serious social justice issues impacting women of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

So maybe Amelia used “I guess” to indicate that she knows that there are more important things than what she can show on Instagram.

Or maybe she was just acknowledging that, well, you can see her nipples through her top.

Regardless, her sister Delilah Hamlin commented on the actual post: “I’ll borrow this next plz.”

Amelia has been thoroughly enjoying Fashion month, both in New York and in London.

The gorgeous young model of course missed usual events that had to be postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While that deadly pandemic continues to ravage much of the world, it is at least theoretically possible to have safe gatherings now. That’s something.

Amelia has been making headlines all over the place for nearly a year.

She was hardly anonymous before that, with modeling gigs and reality TV appearances.

(And her parents are both genuinely famous people — Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin aren’t exactly no-names)

But Amelia really became the focus of many when she was first romantically linked with Scott Disick.

At first, she and Scott claimed to just be friends, even though as a 19-year-old model, she was exactly his type.

Soon, the pretense faltered and fell apart. They were boning. They were dating.

All of that changed somewhat recently, however.

In the wake of Scott’s humiliating, bitter DMs being exposed Younes Bendjima, it was more than apparent that he’s still obsessed with Kourtney.

You don’t text your ex’s other ex to complain about her PDA unless you’re still hung up on her. Especially if you and the other ex never got along.

This came after months of friction in the relationship, according to reports.

You date a guy who’s about twice your age and you’re bound to run across some problems eventually.

Sometimes, it’s just societal. But sometimes it’s just, well, that the guy’s a creep and there’s a reason that he’s picking up teens.

Amelia is hot and living her best life while not letting Scott waste another moment of hers.

She got her merit badge for helping him cross the street or whatever, and she can go back to her beautiful fun life.

We wish her and her eye-popping, mind-numbing ensembles the very best.

Amelia Hamlin Apologizes To Dad For SUPER Revealing Nearly Naked Dress!

Amelia Hamlin is gonna wear what she wants to wear… but that doesn’t mean she’s not concerned about dear old Dad! On Sunday night, to celebrate the Perfect Magazine party for London Fashion Week, the 20-year-old model showcased an incredible new look with a sheer chainmail two-piece dress on top of… nothing! The braless shocker certainly got […]

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Lisa Rinna Says She ‘Tried Really Hard’ To Support Amelia Hamlin’s Relationship With Scott Disick! LOLz!

While she may not have been the biggest fan of Amelia Hamlin’s relationship with Scott Disick, she “tried really hard” to get on board with their romance before it ended. Or so she says. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday, the 58-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star […]

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Amelia Hamlin: I Don’t Miss Scott But I DO Miss His Kids!

We have all had a week or so to celebrate Amelia Hamlin dumping Scott Disick.

He keeps wasting the time of teenage girls who are half his age. This creepy behavior, like Scott, is getting old.

According to reports, Amelia was so done with his nonsense even before Scott’s bitter DMs were leaked.

But there’s just one thing that she misses about her manchild ex: his kids.

An inside source opened up to Life & Style about how Amelia Hamlin is adjusting to the breakup.

According to the insider, she does sometimes feel “nostalgic” about the relationship, which spanned nearly a year.

The two did have “fun times” and enjoyed “amazing trips” together, the source acknowledged.

But looking fondly upon the past is not the same thing as feeling regret for leaving it behind.

The insider shared that Amelia “has been doing well” with the split.

Additionally, the source added that she has been “staying strong” rather than chasing any urges to go running back to him.

The insider confirmed that Amelia “still believes” that she made the correct choice.

Dumping scott “was the right thing to do,” the source explains of her perspective.

“And,” the insider added, Amelia “has no regrets.”

That said, the source admitted that Amelia “does miss” Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

One of the things — be it a benefit or a drawback — about dating a DILF is that they come with kids included.

In this case, it was a benefit, as the insider affirmed that “she developed a close bond with [them].”

These days, Amelia is living the single life as a ridiculously beautiful 20-year-old model.

According to the source, she is currently “focusing on the positive.”

That includes “her booming career and hanging out with friends.”

Recently, Amelia’s world has been tied up with New York Fashion Week.

According to the insider, this has served as a “good distraction” amidst the breakup.

Throwing yourself into your work is a classic way to deal with life changes, though it’s only a bandaid.

But just because Amelia is handling this split with maturity and grace doesn’t mean that everyone is.

We are referring, of course, to her ex.

Scott Disick didn’t see this coming … and he’s reportedly not taking it well.

A separate inside source shared that Scott is currently “heartbroken” after being dumped.

Apparently, Scott “wasn’t expecting” Amelia to “dump him.”

The insider reported that Scott is “desperately trying to win her back.”

Reports have said that Amelia was already headed to splitsville in her heart before Scott’s DMs were leaked.

The source confirmed that the romance “had been a little bumpy over recent months.”

The insider added, however, that Scott’s childish message to Younes Bendjima “is the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Yet another source of course acknowledged that Amelia “wasn’t happy about the DM leak.”

According to the insider, “She questions whether Scott still has feelings for Kourtney.”

“And,” that source emphasized, Amelia “doesn’t like the idea of being dragged into their feud.” Who does?

Why Kourtney Kardashian Saw Scott Disick & Amelia Hamlin’s Breakup Coming!

Kourtney Kardashian isn’t batting an eye over Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin’s breakup — probably because she knew it was inevitable! As we reported, the 38-year-old father and 20-year-old model decided to call it quits over the weekend after dating for nearly a year. Sources said that although the duo seemed to be going strong, […]

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