What Does Chris Marek Do For a Living?

Just weeks ago, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek took fans on a stroll down memory lane, recalling details of their first date and so much more.

But fans still have so many questions about Chris. For one thng, what is his job?

Chris has been in Amy Roloff’s life for years, now.

The 55 year old earned both affection and suspicion from Amy’s longtime fans when the two began dating.

Some fans were not ready to let go of her 27-year marriage to Matt.

Matt actually appears on Little People, Big World now.

Though this is exciting for fans of Amy who are happy to see her love life again, it has furthered the suspicions of others.

Was he after fame and Amy’s money the whole time?

Last September, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek became engaged, to the joy of most of Amy’s fans.

“I’m so excited, I’m so surprised, I’m thrilled! I never in a million years thought I’d be getting married again,” Amy gushed.

“But I also hoped for it!” she expressed. “Now that it’s happening, I couldn’t be happier or more excited!”

Perhaps the people who fear that Chris is marrying Amy to live an easy life will be relieved to know that, for one thing, he works.

Chris has been a real estate agent for two decades.

In fact, he owns Keller Williams Real Estate, and is a part of the Knipe Realty Group.

So, for those of us who haven’t done a deep dive into the real estate world of the Pacific Northwest?

Chris has sold and continues to sell homes all over Oregon, including Beaverton, Aurora, and Colton.

In addition with success in securing sales, it sounds like he makes a good impression on clients.

He has been widely rated as a great salesman and praised for his professionalism and for going above and beyond.

“Working with Chris was amazing! We appreciated his great communication skills and professionalism,” one 5-star review reads.

The same review emphasizes: “We would highly recommend working with him!”

How wealthy has this made Marek?

We honestly don’t know. He is very new to being a public figure.

Additionally, the nature of the real estate world is that income is directly proportional to how many homes are sold and their value.

Amy, in the mean time, is worth an estimated $4.5 million.

(Well, that’s her estimated net worth — Little People, Big World fans know that she is absolutely priceless)

Some of that comes from money that she already had, some of it comes from her reality TV income, and some comes from her share of the Farm.

We need to acknowledge that the conspiracy theories about Chris’ motives for dating Amy were never rooted in his occupation.

Learning that he has a potentially lucrative, established career won’t make those folks hush.

As we said, part of their motive was an unhealthy attachment to the Roloff marriage despite their divorce.

But another factor was, sadly, a simple prejudice that exists even among fans of Little People, Big World.

Some of those accusing Chris of ulterior motives were speaking from a place of suspicion because Amy is a little person.

Deep down, some of them simply do not believe that a person of average height would fall in love with a little person purely for who they are.

Amy herself admitted that she once felt this way — that she feared that a person of average height might never go for her.

Fortunately for her, and for Chris, they were wrong.

We are so happy for them as “Amy’s Second Act” continues.

Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Spill All: First Date! First Kiss! And More!

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have been together for over three years.

They’ve been in the spotlight for nearly this entire time, appearing on numerous episodes of Little People, Big World.

As a result, many viewers of this popular TLC program likely assume they know all there is to know about Amy and Chris, who got engaged this past September.

But… you know the saying about what happens to those who assume, right?

In a new interview on Facebook, the mother of four and her fiance delve into a myriad of personal topics, opening up in detail about their long-term romance.

HOW DID THEY MEET, for example?

“Chris and I met at a wine and art event,” Amy says in the footage here, explaining that she organized the event as a way for singles to mingle.

Amy and Chris didn’t speak too much at the gathering, but it was followed by a pool party a short time later, which Amy hosted and Chris (along with others) attended.

This is where the eventual girlfriend and boyfriend truly bonded.


Uhhh, ummmm, hmmmm…. neither Amy nor Chris were entirely sure of the answer to this one.

However, Chris theorized that the two exchanged a very quick and basic goodnight smooch after he took Amy out for her birthday years ago, and Amy agreed.


“At first, it was very unusual,” he admits in this video, saying he was trying to get to know Amy while the cameras were watching and, as you can easily understand, that was a tad awkward in the beginning.

At this point, though, both parties are very much used to it and Marek knows he can go off on his own for some privacy when the need arises.


“Engaged life is going pretty good,” Amy says, while Chris adds: “There’s little ups and downs, quirks that we’re getting used.”

As previously mentioned on this website, Amy and Chris aren’t living together — but it sounds very much as if this is only a temporary arrangement.

“We’re easing into it,” Marek says. “We’re slowly moving stuff in together… slowly making the house hours. I like that it’s going at a slow and steady pace.”


2021. And that’s all the cute couple knows at the moment.

There’s no venue and no date, but the plan right now is to get married in warm weather next year, so that they can exchange vows outside.

Sounds very romantic to us!

Check out the full interview now!

Amy roloff and chris marek reveal all first date first kiss and

Tori Roloff Claps Back at Troll Accusing Her of HATING Amy!

Earlier this week, Litlte People, Big World viewers saw Zach Roloff learn that his mom is engaged. His reaction was … awkward.

Now, fans are accusing his wife of being downright rude to Amy. 

For the briefest of recaps, Amy sat down with Zach and Tori Roloff for what seemed like a casual, albeit on camera, chat.

She told her son and her daughter-in-law about her house closing and how she is eager to make it a home.

Amy then revealed that, one day earlier, Chris Marek proposed to her but she was now engaged.

Zach’s response was a stunned silence … and Tori herself just blurted out “what???”

Honestly, Zach didn’t just look stunned. He looked downright annoyed.

Accompanying his resting bish face was Tori’s astonishment.

These are not the kinds of reactions that you give when someone whom you love gets engaged.

At least, not when you’re happy for them.

Tori Roloff IG clapback at fan hate

“I saw last night’s episode and saw how you are your husband reacted to Amy’s engagement,” a furious commenter accused Tori this week.

“And I have to say, you both are very rude,” the troll declared.

“That woman deserves the world,” the hater correctly stated before continuing.

“And for your husband to be so selfish to not accept the fact that she made that decision..” the commenter fumed.

“[at] least you, as a mother, could have been somewhat happy for her,” the harsh critic’s tirade continued.

“You both were sitting there,” the troll described.

“And,” the gripe went on, “didn’t even say ‘congratulations.’”

The comment continued for some time.

“You clearly didn’t watch the whole episode,” Tori replied in a short but sweet comment.

She then included the peace sign, making it clear that her clapback was not intended to be cruel.

Tori then strongly affirmed: “[We] were stoked for @amyjroloff and love her so much.”

She even tagged her mother in law in the comment, making it clear that she is happy to announce her feelings to the world.

Not only does Tori absolutely love Amy, but her and Zach’s reaction had nothing to do with Amy’s actual engagement.

Rather, as they explained, it had to do with Amy sharing the announcement while they were filming.

“I told my mom and dad, ‘Hey, [there is one thing] I don’t want to talk about on camera,'” Zach recalled.

He continued: “‘My one out of bounds is your guys’ relationship.'”

“‘And if that relationship goes anywhere else beyond where it is now,'” Zach explained.

“I don’t want to be surprised by any news of those relationships on camera,” he reasoned.

“And then,” he griped, “she went on camera and surprised me with that news.”

Zach expressed that he did not feel that, after 15 years of sharing more or less his every life event, setback, and milestone, that this was unreasonable.

Zach is, of course, absolutely right. So why exactly did Amy make the announcement on camera?

Was she just trying to make her son uncomfortable, because she’s some sort of glutton for unhappiness?

Was she putting him on the spot for the good of the show, as a coldly calculated move for ratings?

No, of course not. Amy just forgot. She was excited about her engagement and she forgot.