Amy Roloff Wishes Matt Had Taken "Higher Road" in Roloff Rift

Little People, Big World fans don’t have to be told that the Roloff family feud just plain sucks.

It sucks for Matt, who seems to have taken on the villain role. It sucks for his kids, especially Zach and his wife Tori. The fallout from it sucks for the grandkids.

Amy knows all of those involved about as well as any person conceivably could, and is publicly weighing in.

She wishes that her ex-husband were handling this better … but she knows that it’s out of her hands.

Amy Roloff weighs in on Roloff rift

Amy Roloff had an extensive conversation with Us Weekly about the farm feud.

“I don’t know a lot of the details of the negotiation that went on between Zach and Matt,” she freely admitted.

All that she knows for sure is that she’s not thrilled with how the results are playing out.

“Matt is still the father, still ‘the adult,'” Amy pointed out.

“I don’t care how old your kids are,” she reasoned, “sometimes there are things they may need to learn.”

“But,” Amy continued, “you know as an adult, as a father, you may have to take the higher road.”

Amy expressed that it is “sad that it’s come to this.”

She does recognize that her ex-husband can be “grinding.”

Infamously, their conflicting personal styles and personalities were a major contributor to their divorce, perhaps even more so than Caryn.

“Parts of me are not exactly surprised,” Amy admitted.

She explained that this is “because I’ve dealt with Matt over the years.”

“And,” Amy characterized, “he can be tough.”

Like the rest of the family and all of their viewers, she is aware that the children have spent their lives being told that the farm will remain part of the family legacy.

Now, a massive chunk of the farm is being sold.

Ultimately, she hopes that something good can rise from the ashes of this bitter conflict.

“Change happens,” Amy acknowledged.

“It’s not always happy,” she understated.

“But eventually,” Amy expressed, “maybe this will be a step where we can all move forward and see how we can come back together.”

That is easier said than done, and Amy knows that.

Everyone involved would need to not only talk things out, but forgive each other, if they’re going to move forward.

That’s not just Matt and Zach. It especially includes Jeremy and Audrey, who have coveted Roloff Farms for many years.

Amy understands — perhaps better than Matt does — why there are so many hurt feelings that will not easily go away.

“We’ve heard over time this was going to be part of the family,” she acknowledged.

Amy recalled hearing countless times that “this was going to be the legacy.”

“And now to see the end result with a ‘for sale’ sign,” Amy went on.

That must have been crushing for all of them.

 This Roloff rift will not go away on its own, but even if fences end up being mended, Matt’s choice has forever shaped the destiny of the family.

Little People, Big World Preview: A Feud, A Fire and The Future of the Farm

TLC has dropped the the very first trailer for Little People, Big World Season 23.

And it’s pretty clear, based on the footage below, that a whole lot is on tap this spring and summer for the Roloffs.

Early on in this video, we see Amy and Chris Marek looking happy and festive, rocking a pair of matching Christmas pajamas and kissing on the lips and acting like the blissful newlyweds they are.

But then things take a turn a bit for the mother of four.

Amy reveals on camera that ex-husband Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, gifted her and Marek plane tickets to Arizona… as they proceed to fly down and spend an awkward few days with the couple.

“I still struggle with the fact of being married to someone for so long and to then to hang out with my ex and his girlfriend,” Amy explains reasonably in the preview, adding:

“There’s too much history for me.”

Zach and Tori, meanwhile, later surprised the former’s mother with photos from the latter’s ultrasound, stunning Amy with the following great news:

“We are expecting our third baby,” Zach says.

The spouses will be dealing this season with an issue regarding their first baby, however, as viewers also watch Jackson get wheeled into for leg surgery.

Elsewhere, we get a glimpse of a fire that hit Roloff Farms in Oregon, while this property turns into the focus of the promo.

“After the farm deal fell apart, there has been some tension between us,” Zach says of where things stand between himself and his dad in the wake of Matt NOT selliing Matt the land.

“I was extremely uncomfortable,” Tori adds of a visit she and her immediate family took to the farm one day in order to hang out with Matt and Caryn.

Matt, meanwhile, talks broadly about his plans for the lot, which has been a tourist attraction and which has been in the family for decades.

“This process has been filled with emotions and angst,” Matt teases in a confessional of what he wants to do with all his land, prior to stating in ominous fashion:

“I think life on the farm is gonna change forever… if the kids decide they wanna hate for for this, there’s nothing i can do about it.”

To what is Roloff referring here? We don’t know!

Little People, Big World kicks off Season 23 on Tuesday, May 17.

Check out the intriguing trailer here and scroll down to read the official network synopsis…

The Roloffs face big changes and challenging times as a rift in the family causes an unexpected divide that sparks the beginning of a new and very different chapter.

Amy and Matt continue to find friendship in unexpected ways as the two, along with Chris and Caryn, spend more time together and even share a trip to Arizona.

Meanwhile, tensions arise from a heated farm negotiation between Zach, Tori, Matt and Caryn.

When the negotiations fall through, Zach and Tori decide to move and make their new home away from the farm while also expecting their third child.

And in the midst of everything, Matt makes a decision that could change the farm – and the family – forever.

Little people big world preview a feud a farm and the future of

Amy Roloff: I’m So Happy with Chris! I’m So Glad I Ditched Matt!

This week, the Little People, Big World audience got to witness Amy Roloff’s wedding special.

It was heartwarming, sweet, and even funny at times.

For Amy, marrying Chris Marek is not just a love story, but a tale of triumph and self-love.

If she had never divorced Matt, Amy wouldn’t have gotten her next chapter and her happily ever after.

57-year-old author, reality star, and grandmother Amy Roloff spoke to Entertainment Tonight in a new interview published this week.

“So many women can look down upon themselves,” she lamented.

Amy noted that some women come to believe “that they’re not worthy.”

“They’re not good enough,” Amy continued, characterizing how some women feel after divorce.

“Something must have been wrong, or whatever the reason may be, and I came out of it,” she added.

“It’s something that broke,” Amy said. “It’s something that didn’t work out.”

Amy may have experienced some of that.

“But,” she affirmed, “I’m still good.”

“I’m a good person,” Amy correctly stated. “I have a heart.”

“Something got lost along the way,” Amy acknowledged.

“But to end a relationship like that in the public eye and still come out,” she remarked.

“I’m OK with just me,” Amy emphasized. Good for her.

“If I never have that opportunity to find someone, I’m good with me,” Amy said.

She added: “I like being with me.”

Amy also very much likes being with Chris Marek, who is now her husband.

“I hope what people see throughout this whole thing is a love story,” Amy expressed.

“This is my second one,” she noted.

“And,” Amy continued, “this is Chris’s first.”

“But I think just the growth of our relationship, through the episodes and prior seasons,” Amy noted.

“And now,” she added, “being able to be part of this wedding special.”

“I just hope they see a love story that has grown, has solidified,” Amy expressed, “and I don’t know, just happy.”

“We all know relationships take work,” Amy said.

“But,” she admitted, “it’s so worth it.”

Their happiness is palpable, so when it comes to Amy and Chris, we are certainly inclined to agree!

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly learned that Amy and Chris had a plan for the wedding special.

Instead of cozying up by the TV at home and reliving their wedding, they had other ideas.

The couple vacationed in Hawaii this week as the special aired.

“Chris told people on a tour at Roloff Farms that he and Amy are going to Maui and leaving on November 9,” a witness revealed.

The witness, who had toured the farm, noted that this was “the same day their wedding special airs on TLC.”

The witness added: “He told a fan that they are pretty much winging it, but he is excited to go snorkeling. They’re going for about a week.”

Interestingly, Amy acknowledged in this interview what her friends Deb and Lisa pointed out in Amy’s kinky conversation.

This is Amy’s second love story. She does not have a lot of relationships to which to compare, well, anything.

So even though she is a mother and grandmother and a very accomplished woman, some things in her love journey with Chris are still very new.

Amy Roloff Talks Kinks with Bridesmaids: I’ll Never Let a Man Tie Me Up!

On Tuesday night, Amy Roloff’s wedding special finally arrived.

The long anticipated two-hour Little People, Big World event included tears, cheers, and countless sweet moments.

Ahead of the wedding, Amy and her friends delved into an important but sensitive topic.

Amy was actively cringing, visibly uncomfortable discussing kinks and bedroom antics … and her friends understood why.

If your friends don’t lovingly embarrass you a little as you prepare for your wedding, are they really friends?

Well … yes, but that doesn’t mean that Lisa and Deb’s couples’ sex trivia game wasn’t a fun diversion.

But it’s clear that these “racy” discussions are not Amy’s favorites.

“They really want me to kind of, I don’t know, talk about [my] love life,” Amy laments, “or personal stuff.”

First, she is asked to describe her love life with Chris Marek in terms of “hot sauce.”

Mild, medium, or spicy? Amy is clearly unsure of how to answer.

Amy notes that Lisa and Deb have brought up these topics before.

In part because it’s fun (and normal) for people who are comfortable with one another to discuss their love lives.

But, clearly, part of it has to do with the joy of sharing new information to an astonished or even shocked Amy.

The special flashes back to a previous trip, during which Lisa and Deb explained the Mile High Club.

They didn’t go into detail about the mechanics of high altitudes improving orgasm.

Amy was scandalized enough by the idea of two (or more) people going at it on an airplane bathroom.

“I never feel comfortable about that,” Amy expressed to the camera with a smile.

The dynamic that is at play here is very apparent.

Amy’s friends enjoy nudging her out of her comfort zone because it’s a fun way to impart their experiences.

As they address later in the accompanying clip, they know exactly why Amy seems so sheltered.

So they want to broaden her horizons, even if she doesn’t want to try any of these things in real life.

They’re not pushing Amy to try out these kinks, they’re just helping her know a little bit more about the world.

Up next, Amy is asked what she believes the most common injury attributed to sex acts.

While collecting data on that kind of thing is tricky to impossible to do reliably, the question comes with multiple choices.

The options are “bruising, rug burns, bites, pulled muscles.”

Interestly, Amy immediately becomes analytical — which we have to say, sounds typical of a mom.

“Well that means you’re going strong and hard,” she says, eliciting a delighted laugh from Deb.

“And the other one means you don’t have enough lubricant,” Amy suggests.

Lisa is astonished that Amy mentioned lubricant out loud, which is funny in its own way.

Amy is clearly thinking of “injuries” related to sex in terms of accidental mishaps, akin to falling off of a bed.

She is surprised to learn that the answer is “bite marks,” as she is visibly confused about why anyone would bite each other.

“No, I’m not having him bite me, or me bite him,” says a bewildered Amy.

“Those people are weird,” she says, sounding scandalized.

Oh, Amy. The ladies also apply face masks to themselves to treat themselves. Fun!

Honestly, Amy’s naivete is a great reminder of how different some people’s experiences are.

Many people indulging in “kinks” think of their sex lives as fairly vanilla. Some people with vanilla sex lives think that they’re kinky.

It’s all very relative and it’s all on a spectrum. Because so many people aren’t honest with others or themselves about sex, it’s hard to say where anyone falls.

Except for Amy, who is clearly very much on the vanilla end of things.

Lisa and Deb explain that they understand that Amy has only had two men in her life — Matt and Chris.

She is not especially experienced or worldly (and they both adorably say “not like” and name the other woman before laughing).

Amy confirms as much, more or less, when she speaks to the confessional camera.

There, she says that she has felt limited in her dating pool because she is disabled.

Before and during her marriage to Matt, she never imagined that she might end up with someone of average height.

Only meeting Chris changed that, but it seems clear that Chris is not especially kinky.

That is, to be clear, perfectly okay — you can have sex with no one, one person, a handful of people, or you can attend weekly orgies. You do you.

We’re glad that Amy felt comfortable enough to have these laughs with her friends before her big, beautiful wedding to Chris.

Amy roloff talks kinks with bridesmaids ill never let a man tie

Amy Roloff Breaks Down in Trailer for TLC Wedding Special

Here comes the bride?

Yes, absolutely.

But not just yet.

TLC has released a trailer for LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD: AMY & CHRIS’S HAPPILY EVER AFTER, the upcoming special that will take viewers behind the scenes of Amy Roloff’s wedding to Chris Marek.

The ceremony and reception took place in late August on the family farm — but there’s plenty that went into planning for the occasion that fans have not yet seen or heard about.

But they will when this episode premieres on Tuesday, November 9.

At various points in the trailer featured here, the mother of four grows very emotional, recalling, for instance, the challenge of moving off the farm for the first time in 30 years.

“I went through some major life changes and it was wonderful to have Chris by my side,” she says in a confessional.

The camera switches in this scene to footage of Chris comforting a bawling Amy and telling her: “We’re gonna find you another home.”

Elsewhere, we’ll see how Roloff reacts to a tragedy.

The reality star’s rescue dog, Felix, actually died two days before her wedding, a tragedy she didn’t address with followers at the time.

“I was devastated and couldn’t believe he was gone. After a month and a half, I’m still so sad. I miss him so much,” Roloff recently wrote on Instagram.

Back to the wedding itself, though:

To make things both easy (in terms of planning), but also awkward, Amy and Chris agreed to get married on property now owned by Amy’s ex-husband, Matt, who could not have been more accommodating throughout the process.

Despite not even being invited.

“Here we are, working with my ex-husband and getting married on a farm that I left behind,” Amy shares before the promo cuts to a clip of her, her formerr husband and her future husband all driving around the property in Oregon.

“Amy’s sandwiched between the old husband and the new husband,” Marek says with a laugh.

To his credit, Matt — who was married to Amy from 1987 to 2016 — went above and beyond by having a brand new barn constructed on his property in time for the wedding on August 28.

Viewers will get to see how Amy and Matt moved on after their split, as well as how she fell in love with Chris along the way.

“After I got divorced, I never thought I would be dating again but through the help of friends, I met the most amazing man,” Amy says in the teaser.

“I’m surprised that I’m getting married again.

“It is the one day that you just really wanna make special because it doesn’t last just a day, it will hopefully last the rest of my life.”

Amy and Chris’ Happily Ever After airs on TLC on Tuesday, November 9 at 9/8c.

Check out the official preview now!

Amy roloff breaks down in trailer for tlc wedding special