Jersey Shore Trailer Teases Tears, Psychics, Parties, and Mike Sorrentino

In September, Mike Sorrentino was finally freed from prison, and was able to reunite with his wife and friends.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation‘s cameras were there to capture it all, and it’s all part of this teaser trailer for the new season.

On top of that, the trailer teases tears, a consultation with a psychic, and some diametrically opposed parties.

Jersey shore trailer still 01

The teaser trailer begins with a shocking moment as Snooki 

“Who do you call? 911? Oh, my God!” she asks while kneeling in the grass.

We then see Deena Cortese weeping openly, though the context remains unknown.

Deena says: “I won’t be able to live with myself.”

Jersey shore trailer still 02

Viewers are then shown Angelina Pavarnick running, and it’s presumably not to fellate an orange buffoon.

This is when Pauly D is heard saying: “Where’s Angelina? She’s an EMT.”

Vinny then says that what happened was just an “accident” and assures Deena that she “had no control over it.”

So it sounds like someone — possibly not a human, given some odd reacitons — was injured or killed. Maybe a bird?

Jersey shore trailer still 03

In a presumably unrelated moment, the gang seeks advice from a psychic woman.

Some of her advice elicits a positive reaction, but not everything goes over well.

We then see this same psychic speaking to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, giving him some secondhand advice.

“The spirit made me feel like if you don’t make this happen, then it’s not gonna end well,” she tells him.

Jersey shore trailer still 04

Then it’s time for Jenni to celebrate her divorce.

Divorce parties are mostly just a thing for reality stars, if largely because regular people getting divorced seldom have a budget for a party.

But she even wears a tiara as her friends toast the end of the marriage.

They all hop aboard what Pauly D refers to as a “DTF Wagon” as they party in town and go clubbing.

Jersey shore trailer still 05

On the flip side, the trailer shows the mounting hype for Angelina to marry fiance Chris Larangeira.

We even get a sneak peek at her wedding dress.

Deena and Snooki join Angelina to party it up in New Orleans to celebrate what’s coming.

Notably, we don’t see JWoww involved, though with the kind of heavyhanded editing that teaser trailers get, that could mean anything.

Jersey shore trailer still 06

Celebrating one friend’s divorce and another’s impending nuptials in a single season is not lost on the gang.

“If I’m DJing her wedding,” Pauly D vows. “I’m not giving her the divorce party for free.”

Well, in that case, let us hope that Angelina has many years to save up.

It is admittedly awkward to cheer for two diametrically opposed milestones, but that’s life.

Jersey shore trailer still 07

Here’s where things get exciting — and emotional.

Lauren Sorrentino picks up her husband, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, from prison.

He not only reunited with his wife, but with his friends, whom he had sorely missed while behind bars.

“Life could get no better,” Mike gushes to the camera. (Awwww!)

We’re all so thrilled to see Mike back with his wife and friends and loved ones, where he belongs.

Jersey shore trialer teases tears psychics parties and mike sorr

Snooki to Jersey Shore Fans: Stop Calling Me a Mean Girl!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been sidelined by pregnancy for most of the current season of Jersey Shore.

And the way things have been going since she returned to the spotlight, we’re guessing Snooks is currently trying to get knocked up again just so she has an excuse to take more time off.

First, Nicole was accused of victim-blaming Jen Harley after she was assaulted by Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

The critics were absolutely right in that case, because Snooki said some awful sh-t, and she should be called out for it.

As for this latest controversy, in which Polizzi has been accused of mistreating Angelina Pivarnick? 

Well — it’s a bit more complicated.

Take a look:

1. Throwback Shade

Snooki tears up
Remember 2010? It was a simpler time when the world wasn’t on fire, and everyone made fun of Snooki all the time.

2. Good Times

Snooki scooter
Well bust out your trucker hat and crank up the Glee soundtrack, because we’re about to engage in some nostalgic trash-talk.

3. On the Defensive

Fing snooki
The big difference is, this time, Snooki might actually deserve all the criticism she’s receiving, as she broke the first rule of being a guido by mistreating a member of her Shore “family.”

4. A Little Background:

In case you’ve fallen behind on the current season of Shore, Jenni Farley and Angelina Pivarnick still REALLY dislike one another.

5. The Effing Guy

Zack carpinello angelina pivarnick
This time, they’re fighting about Jenni’s boyfriend, Zack Carpinello, who drunkenly groped Angelina during then gang’s last night in Vegas.

6. The Throwdown

Jwoww vs angelina fight
The situation came to a head on this week’s episode when the Shore crew returned to Seaside.

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Angelina Pivarnick to JWoww: Your Fugly Man is Dying to Bang Me!

In retrospect, we should’ve seen this one coming.

When Angelina Pivarnick re-joined the cast of Jersey Shore, we should’ve known it would only be a matter of time before she would butt heads with Jenni Farley.

But to be fair, we never could’ve guessed that the spat would involve a pierced nipple and a failed attempt at a threesome … gotta hand it to them on that one.

Obviously, we’ve seen some vicious Shore fights over the years. This show’s cast members have never minced words, which is part of why people adore them.

Several notable brawls have involved JWoww removing her comically-oversized earrings in order to get physical. But we have never, ever seen this brutal of a verbal exchange.

Yes, it was that bad … we wish we were kidding.

Check out the footage and decide for yourself:


1. 24 + 3 = Trouble

This is zack carpinello
As longtime fans of the cultural phenomenon that is Jersey Shore probably know, Angelina and JWoww have never been friends, but the bad blood really reached a boiling point this season thanks to some shady behavior from Jenni’s new boyfriend, Zack “24” Carpinello.

2. She Knows How to Pick ‘Em

Jenni farley and zack clayton carpinello
Carpinello, as you may already know, is … what’s the word we’re looking for … oh, yeah, a douchebag. As far as we can tell, he’s not that into Jenni, and is merely using her to advance his pro wrestling career. (We’re guessing his alter-ego for the ring is named Lord Douchington.)

3. Making Moves

Zack clayton carpinello and jenni
Zack is a moron in many respects, but does seem self-aware enough to realize that he has to stay with Jenni a while in order for this promotional stunt to pan out, so he’s found ways of keeping himself entertained while he bides his time.

4. Enter Angie

Zack carpinello angelina pivarnick
While visiting Jenni in Las Vegas recently, Zack clearly decided to try and turn the pre-existing hostilities with Angelina into sexual tension and execute a threesome. Seriously, dude thought this was a good plan. Like we said, he’s a moron.

5. So Crazy it Just Might Work?

Angelina pivarnick in jersey
To be fair, that strategy isn’t quite as dumb as it sounds, as Angelina often uses hostility to conceal her attraction to members of the opposite sex. (For further examples of this, see her every interaction with Vinny.)

6. Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Angelina pivarnick on mtvs jersey shore
Also, to be clear, Angelina is not blameless in all of this. Pivarnick never knows when to leave well enough alone. At the same time, there’s no question that JWoww should definitely be MORE pissed at Zack after the way all of this played out.

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Jersey Shore Trailer Teases "All-Out War" Between These Fools

This Just In:

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is not the only Jersey Shore cast member involved in a controversial relationship.

We all know about the many ugly issues between Ronnie and Jen Harley, of course, but a newly-released trailer for upcoming episodes of this popular program makes it evident:

Things may not be perfect between Jenni Farley and boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello, either.

In an explosive look at what’s on tap for these often-drunk and chaotic reality stars, Angelina Pivarnick accuses Farley’s young lover of making a move on her.

“What happened in Vegas?” Angelina’s fiancé, Chris Larangeira, asks as a flashback clip plays of Zack greeting her with a hug in the video featured here.

In response, Angelina admits:

“I just feel his hand go right on me,” as she slaps her hand on her butt, much to Chris’ shock and irritation.

Later, Angelina says her engagement is in jeopardy, presumably as a result of this alleged incident.

From here, the stars attempt to get to the bottom of this romantic mess.

Chris refers to Zack as a “clown” and threatens to “knock this guy’s teeth out.”

In a confessional, Vinny Guadagnino says he is “seriously worried about the next time we’re gonna be together.”

“It’s like Zack’s word against Angelina’s,” Pauly D says in a deep conversation with Vinny and Ronnie.

Meanwhile, Jenni claims at one point that everything is reversed and that Angelina is the one who acted inappropriately with Zack.

“We need to figure out what happened,” Snooki says calmly, to which Jenni fires back, “She f-cking kissed him!”

Cut to a group meal and Angelina pressing Jenni over whether she’s “trying to be grimy now,” which prompts Jenni to jump up in a blazing fury and pound on the table.

She repeats, “Grimy?! Grimy?!” in stunned disbelief.

Important takeaway here: Never refer to Jenni Farley as grimy apparently.

“Now it’s an all-out war,” Vinny says.

For the record:

Angelina and Chris have been engaged since January of 2018, while JWoww started dating Zack in March amid her divorce from Roger Mathews, which the ex-couple finalized in August.

“I never in a million years thought I would be dating someone younger than me,” JWoww told Angelina and Mike Sorrentino’s wife, Lauren Sorrentino, on a recent episode, adding in extreme detail:

“We’re completely different. … Not my style at all. But then he turns into this fcking monster in bed. I was like, ‘Are you an escort? What’s going on?’ It wasn’t normal.

“I had to look up positions and stuff.”

Well… okay then!

Check out the new trailer now.

Jersey shore trailer teases all out war between jenni and angeli

Jersey Shore Recap: Let’s Talk About Airplane Poop!

A trio of important subjects took center stage on Thursday night’s Season 2 finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

1. Cancer.

2. A home invasion.

3. The final destination of poop on an airplane after one flushes it down the toilet.

We don’t mean to make light of the first two topics listed above; we’re just commenting here on the often random nature of Jersey Shore storylines and conversations.

Ready to see how the cast wrapped up the latest season?

Scroll down for a recap!

1. A Broken Home

A broken home
A broken INTO home, we should say, as Jen Harley called Ronnie and claimed their house in Las Vegas had been burglarized overnight. She and daughter Ariana were safe, however.

2. What? Why???

What why
“Jen’s telling me that somebody broke into the house,” Ronnie said during a confessional. “Basically, the guy came in through the back door, and he ransacked the house. She was laying in bed, she heard shuffling, he saw that she moved and just f-cking ran out the house.”

3. For Real, Though???

This is such bs
Let’s just say that Ronnie’s friends had some doubts about Jen’s story here.

4. What Was Taken?

Jen harley and ronnie together again
According to Harley, only her phone (which means she called Ron from someone else’s phone and not from her blocked phone) and her friend’s laptop.

5. We’ve Got a Sketchy Situation Here, Alleged The Situation

Yes befuddled is a word sitch
“This whole situation with Jen is crazy,” Mike told the camera. “There is a calamity or crisis once a week, like clockwork. She was moved out of his house. Now, a day later, she’s moving back in the house because of this ‘home invasion.’ If you ask me, it’s always an inside job.”

6. Think About This, Ron-Ron

Think about this ron ron
When the fellas tried to bring up to Ronnie the possibility that Harley could be lying, he refused to believe it. “She wouldn’t do that with the baby, bro. If there was no baby, then I’d be like, it’s probably a made-up [situation],” Ronnie argued.

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Jersey Shore Recap: Ronnie vs. Jen! Yes, Again!

I can’t wait to find a guy to raise your child the way you can’t.

This is what Jen Harley texted Ronnie on the latest episoode of Jersey Shore, as tension continued to mount between the volatile couple and viewers watch it all unfold in awkward agony.

Just when you thought things between them would be calm and normal…

Wait, what’s that? You never thought things between them would be calm and normal? Fair enough.

But how did they get out of hand this time around?

Take a deep breath, pity their poor young daughter and scroll down to find out:

1. I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

Oh ronnie
“There goes my life. Nothing about this is good. Nothing good can came from this ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.” Ronnie told himself as he took a shower early in the episode with the woman known as Jewish Barbie in his bed,.

2. Really? He Didn’t Sleep with Her?

Really he didnt sleep with her
No, not based on the footage we saw. Ron Ron left the bathroom and went downstairs to smoke a cigarette on the porch. By this point, it was already morning and he continued to get text messages from Harley.

3. For the Record?

Ronnie is shirtless
Ronnie had previously said he didn’t cheat on Harley with Jewish Barbie. It’s just… we didn’t believe him.

4. It Was All Innocent

It was all innocent
Ronnie eventually made his way upstairs to where Angelina and JWoww were just waking up. Jewish Barbie had gotten into Angelina’s bed and told her Ronnie was very sweet to her and didn’t make any sort of move on her.

5. Ron Ron for the Win Win!

Ron ron for the win win
“I’m actually shocked. Ron is grown up,” JWoww replied when she was told nothing sexual transpired.

6. Did Ronnie Sleep at All, Though?

Did ronnie sleep at all though
Nope, he told Angelina, explaining himself as follows: “Dealin’ with drama. Apparently, I’m single ’cause she’s crazy. She’s very disrespectful, telling me, ‘I can’t wait to find a guy to raise your child the way you can’t.’ Sending me screenshots of f–king Sam and her new boyfriend, saying, ‘That’s how happy I’m gonna be next year when I find somebody.’ Super disrespectful.”

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