Josh Duggar’s Wife Stands By Him & Smiles At Courthouse — After Major Loss In Child Porn Trial!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content] Josh Duggar and his wife Anna were spotted walking out of an Arkansas federal courtroom together on Tuesday — but the way they were smiling, you’d think these two former reality stars were stepping out on the red carpet. As seen in news footage (below), the Counting On couple were holding […]

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Anna Duggar: Is Jim Bob Avoiding Her Kids Amidst Family Feud?

With a little luck and a lot of justice being done, Josh Duggar will be convicted and sentenced in a few months.

Until then, of course, he remains under home confinement and is free to spend time with his inexplicably supportive wife, Anna.

Anna has been busy doing exactly two things: leaving her kids with her in-laws to visit Josh, and feuding with those same relatives.

Now, it looks like the feud is trickling down to her kids — who are being left out of Duggar activities.

Earlier this month, the Duggar Family shared on Instagram that they were visiting Farmland Adventures.

At that time, it was clear that some of Anna and Josh’s children were there with their cousins.

Now, it looks like something has changed.

On September 20, the Duggar family social media accounts again shared photos from a Duggar trip.

The family visited South Dakota, seeing sights like Mount Rushmore.

Jim Bob, Michelle, and a number of the younger members of the Duggar brood were present and accounted for.

Duggar family FB visit to South Dakota Sept 2021

But for some reason, none of Josh’s children appeared to be part of the trip.

It is possible that they were with their mother, Anna, during one of her breaks from attending to Josh as he awaits trial.

After all, perhaps she didn’t want her children traveling out of state while their father cannot accompany them.

At the same time, fans are speculating that Anna and Josh’s children might have been with another relative.

One name that came to mind was Jana, Josh’s overly put upon sister who has endured the onerous chore of raising numerous children who are not hers.

No one would put it past Anna, Jim Bob, or Michelle to saddle Jana with six of her niblings to watch for a while.

Anna was once a fairly frequent user of social media.

These days, she has gone dark — and she’s not alone.

In the wake of Josh’s arrest, numerous members of his family have posted less or not at all.

With Anna being so extremely offline these days, the world has had to rely largely upon reports from those close to the family.

Some of these reports have been very consistent, matching up to paint a very clear picture of where things seem to stand after Josh’s arrest.

None of it looks good for Anna.

First of all, Anna very clearly seems to believe that Josh is innocent.

While it’s possible that her views have evolved over the past half year, early reports were grim.

Not only did she believe that Josh was innocent, but that he was some how set up, being persecuted, or even being framed.

Conspiracy theories — at one point, allegedly blaming President Joe Biden — are not a sign that someone is coping well with reality.

Instead, Anna seems fixated on being an aggressively devoted wife (if possible, even more so than before).

This is the purpose for which the cult into which she was born trained her, but it is sickening to watch.

Anna has also reportedly blamed Jim Bob on some level for Josh’s arrest.

While it’s certainly the case that the Duggar family, church, and IBLP cult contributed to an ideal stalking ground for a predator, that didn’t cause his arrest.

Anna’s volatile emotional reaction to Josh’s arrest has led her to clash and be unwelcome at the Duggar house.

We don’t know if her children are truly being iced out like their mother, but it’s possible.

It’s also possible that, as we suggested earlier, Anna simply didn’t want them traveling out of state.

That said, it’s a shame that she seemingly cannot advocate for her children in the way that she does for her repulsive husband.

Anna Duggar Got Notification Every Time Josh Peeped Porn Online: Report

This week, court documents revealed that Josh Duggar allegedly told a coworker about his “porn addiction.”

For a guy facing charges of downloading horrific photos and video of the sexual abuse of young girls, that won’t help his case.

Apparently, Josh went to great lengths to convince his family that he wasn’t a menace.

That included an infamous program designed to alert his wife, Anna, whenever he looked at porn.

In most cases, speaking to your coworkers about porn — basically at all — is a no-no.

There are jobs when it’s relevant, from news reporting to, well, actual sex workers at their jobs.

Telling your coworker that you have an “addiction” to pornography is usually crossing the line. 

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Josh Duggar told his coworker even more than that.

He’s not blabbing to tabloids, either.

This is what he told federal investigators when they questioned him about Josh.

On November 8, 2019, Homeland Security executed a search warrant on Josh Duggar’s car lot.

Josh and a male employee were present at the Arkansas dealership.

So, too, was a regular customer — which is apparently a thing, even with cars.

During that search, investigators seized both an HP computer and an iMac laptop.

The computer, which was located and removed from Josh’s office, contained illegal photos and videos.

Though the sexual abuse of children should not be characterized as “pornography,” this material is colloquially known as “child porn.”

The images and video of young girls’ lives being ruined was located through a secret program hidden on the device.

The program required a password.

As we have previously reported, the password to access this vile content was the same that Josh uses for his Instagram account.

Josh is accused of many things.

Being some sort of criminal mastermind has never been one of them.

Investigators did not limit themselves to digital evidence, however.

The employee who spoke to investigators confirmed that he did not have access to Josh’s computer.

In fact, the employee — who had worked there for months — shared that Josh was the only person to use the device.

Sometimes, colleagues share certain electronics if their jobs are not entirely computer-based. Clearly, that was not the case here.

“This individual also told law enforcement that he was very inexperienced with computers,” documents shared.

“And,” court records revealed, “did not have social media accounts.”

“After obtaining his consent, law enforcement manually reviewed the contents of the individual’s phone on scene without the use of a forensic tool,” documents added.

According tocourt records, investigators “found no evidence of criminal activity on it, and returned the device to this individual.”

They could not say the same about Josh’s device, however.

Following that, investigators spoke to a former employee of Josh’s to see what they could confirm of this employee’s account.

The former employee worked there from 2017 until September of 2018.

According to what he told investigators, internet at the car lot was password-locked and inaccessible to customers.

Though he revealed that he had used Josh’s computer during the time that he worked there, he had never used it to access porn of any kind.

That might sound like someone trying to save his own skin … but he didn’t work there when the crime took place.

“Someone” who used Josh’s computer in Josh’s office and a program with Josh’s password accessed the material in the spring of 2019.

That would not be an employee who had stopped working there more than half a year earlier. Obviously.

It was the former employee who told investigators about a different program on Josh’s computer.

The program is called “Covenant Eyes,” and it’s just as creepy as the name makes it sound.

The program would monitor activity on the computer and notify Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, if he accessed porn.

This former employee, in whom Josh had confided about having a “problem” with pornography, seemingly did not elaborate.

However, Covenant Eyes is more or less what it sounds like — designed for evangelical Christians who believe that pornography is immoral.

The program is likely designed to look for traditional pornography — to alert a spouse if someone visits Pornhub or OnlyFans.

It seems unlikely that the program is specifically designed to look for heinous material involving children.

According to previous testimony, Josh is accused of using a file-sharing program to download the illegal material that investigators found.

This is a normal way to download software updates or to pirate Game of Thrones, but — like anything — can be misused.