Ashley Jones OFFICIALLY Replaces Chelsea Houska, Shares First Teen Mom 2 "OMG" Moment!

It’s out with the old and in with the new over at MTV!

When Chelsea Houska announced that she was quitting Teen Mom 2 late last year, many fans worried about the future of the franchise.

Chelsea was the most popular Teen Mom, and many feared the worst when it became clear that MTV had plans to replace her.

There were rumors that the franchise would revisit a very dark place by re-hiring the likes of Farrah Abraham or Jenelle Evans.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Instead, a fan favorite was called up from the minors to the big leagues.

Yes, Ashley Jones, of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant fame has been chosen to replace Chelsea.

Producers shared the news on the show’s official Instagram page back in December.

“Ashley Joins Teen Mom 2!” the post read.

“Surprise! @ashleysiren is officially joining the #TeenMom2 family. Here is the most special look at what’s to come for her next season!”

But for many fans, the move didn’t feel official until this week, when Ashley introduced her first preview clip with the help of frequent reunion show host Nessa.

“I’m so excited to join Teen Mom 2. I can’t give too much away but check out this ‘OMG’ moment from the upcoming premiere,” Jones told fans.

From there, we saw a brief montage of Ashley interacting with her daughter Holly and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Bariki Smith.

At first, it seemed as though this would be a standard introduction for fans who weren’t already familiar with Ashley.

But the end of the preview clip offered an unexpected twist.

To the sound of audible gasps from the studio audience, Bariki got down on one knee and popped the question to Ashley.

“I’ve messed up the other ones and I want to apologize and tell you that I appreciate you,” he said in the clip.

“You’ve been with me through a lot.”

Ashley became so overwhelmed with emotion that she could barely bring herself to look at Bariki.

But did she accept his proposal?

Well, it looks like you’ll need to watch the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 in order to find out.

But if you’re eagerly shipping these two and you just can’t wait that long, we’re afraid we have some bad news:

As far as anyone knows, Ashley and Bariki are not currently together.

So not only did their engagement go bust (assuming Ashley accepted), they went so far as to call the entire relationship off!

Currently, we’re clueless as to how it all went down, but we’re sure all of the Ashley vs. Bariki drama will be featured on TM2.

So in the end, were producers able to find a suitable replacement for the incomparable and much-beloved Chelsea Houska?

Well, Ashley has already amassed a large and loyal fan base, and in some ways, she might actually improve upon Chelsea’s presence.

After all, if it’s drama that keeps you tuning in, a fully contented, married mother of four from South Dakota might not fit the bill.

Ashley jones officially replaces chelsea houska shares first tee

Briana DeJesus vs. Ashley Jones: Teen Mom Feud EXPLODES on Twitter!

When the Teen Mom franchise first premiered on MTV, it focused on the relatable struggles of far-flung, mostly small-town young women as they faced the challenges of new motherhood.

These days, the show has taken on a very different tone, due in large part to how famous its stars have become.

Gone are the days when the OG moms and their successors struggled with finances and career frustrations.

As the ladies of Teen Mom became wealthy and well-known their financial and family issues gave way to a different sort of conflict as the stars began to publicly lock horns with another.

Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones are the latest moms to clash on social media, and it’s looking like we may be in for the franchise’s most epic feud to date.

Here’s what we know so far about this epic clash of the titans …

1. Innocent Beginnings

Briana dejesus a selfie
It all started with a single tweet. On Saturday night, Briana sent this message out to the world: “I f-ckkkkkkkeddddd uppppppppp.”

2. Cryptic Words

Briana d pic
It’s still not quite clear exactly what Briana meant by that, but one fellow MTV star was quick to chime in with her interpretation.

3. Ashley Sounds Off

Ashley jones photo
“By f-cking Javi,” Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones tweeted in reply to Briana’s mysterious remark.

4. Kail Gets Involved

Kail gets involved
Naturally, Bri’s original rival, Kailyn Lowry, couldn’t resist expressing her approval of Ashley’s comments.

5. Talking Trash

Ashley jones pic
At first, Briana didn’t respond, so Ashley kept baiting her by clashing with fans who stepped in to defend DeJesus.

6. Making Herself Clear

Ashley jones modeling
“I’m referring to her fuxking her co workers / friends ex husband,” Jones tweeted to one fan who dared to defend Bri. “Good try tho. I’m unbothered. Also. This tweet was to @_BrianaDejesus. Not you. Don’t like it. SCROLL.”

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