Audrey Roloff Lists 10 Ways Her Daughter is… Breaking Her Heart?

Audrey Roloff is expecting her second child in very early 2020.

The former reality star will give birth to a son in January.

But Audrey hasn’t forgotten about her firstborn, that’s for sure, often sharing photos of little Ember on Instagram and now giving followers a detailed update on what the two-year old has been up to.

What sort of tricks does Ember do these days? How does she make her mommy and daddy smile?

What, specifically, are the 10 things Audrey wants supporters to know about Ember?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Let’s Delve Right Into the Cuteness!

Audrey roloff at 32 weeks
“10 things Ember has been doing/saying lately that break my heart (in the best way),” wrote the podcast host and author as a recent caption to a picture of the two-year old.

2. Fun! Do Tell!

Such a sweet smooch
1. The random “Mama I love you” followed by a giant neck squeeze, Audrey wrote to kick off her list of things Ember has been saying and/or doing of late.

3. What Else, Audrey?

Im at 30 weeks
2. Grabbing my face and kissing my cheek while we are reading or coloring by the fire at night – having “fire time” as she calls it.

4. So Very Helpful!

Three happy roloffs
And item #3? “When she hugs my leg in the kitchen while I’m making dinner and says, ‘Help you mama?'”

5. And So Very Caring!

At the farm with ember
4. How she puts her babies and stuffed animals to bed, tucks them in, and kisses them each goodnight! (Editor’s Note: AWWW!!!!)

6. And Item #5…

Thanks ember
… drumroll please! ‘Her excitement when she poops on the potty and how much she loves her big girl underwear!”

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Audrey Roloff Shares Gender Reveal Pics: It’s a Boy!

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff aren’t just expecting a baby in January.

We now know they are expecting a baby boy, following the couple’s exciting gender reveal a few days ago.

“Still can’t believe we are having a baby boy,” wrote Audrey after the major news was broken, adding:

“Ember is very excited to meet “baby brah” (brother) and of course so are we. But now…. what to name him….”

LOL, hold on, Auds. We’ll deal with that issue shortly.

For now, we just wanna click through the multitude of gender reveal photos you just shared on Instagram, okay?

Great! Thanks! Let’s do this…

1. Singing the… Blues

Singing the blues
We’re feeling blue! For the most amazing and special of reasons, you guys!

2. In Gleeful Shock

In gleeful shock
“Still can’t believe we are having a baby boy,” wrote Audrey to open her caption to this collage of images.

3. Such Family Excitement

Such family excitement
And she added: “Ember is very excited to meet “baby brah” (brother) and of course so are we. But now…. what to name him….”

4. The Scientific Evidence

The scientific evidence
And here’s the proof! We’re not doctors, but we presume this sonogram proves Audrey and Jeremy are having a boy.

5. Yummy Paint

Yummy paint
HA! Look at little Ember in this photo. We sure hope that blue paint is edible.

6. It’s a Boy, Guys

Its a boy guys
Audrey and Jeremy kept things a little more serious with this simple snapshot of their sonogram.

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Audrey Roloff: How Much Do You Know About My Marriage?

Audrey Roloff is putting her fans to a test.

Don’t worry, though, she says, it’s going to be a fun test.

And there’s actually a way to cheat and get the answers, too: Just read a copy of her and her husband’s new memoir!

For her latest Instagram post, the former Little People, Big World star has shared FIVE tidbits about her and Jeremy.

But only FOUR of them are true.

Which is the falsehood? That’s the game, folks! You must analyze, think and decide.

Scroll down if you’re prepared to  play…

1. Audrey Shared This Gorgeous Image on Her Page…

A loving pair of gazes
… and she wrote as a caption: “Let’s play a game… 4 of these things are true, one is a lie. Can you guess which one is a lie?”

2. Think You Can Ace This Test?

Adorable roloff family
Ready? Get set? Let’s do it!

3. #1

Audrey and jeremy roloff hello
We met because we were set up on a blind date by our friends who where dating at the time. We bonded over Stand By Me and I ordered a glass of milk with dinner.

4. #2

Audrey roloff and jeremy roloff in utah
Before we started dating, Jeremy ran a half-marathon in vibrant 5 finger shoes, having not trained one single day, just at the hope of seeing me during or after the race.

5. #3

We adore these two
I said “I love you” first, one year before Jeremy said it back…

6. #4

Jeremy was there of course
Every year we write each other letters on our anniversary that we read the following year.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣

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